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Erica: Yes, Val, you heard. Just fine. She's expected to make a full recovery. Yes, yes, it is wonderful.

Waitress: Hi.

Erica: Absolutely, Val. 2008 is going to be a year all about new beginnings for everyone -- exactly. Oh, speaking of which, Val, I think it's time for me to move. I mean, I'm not exactly sure yet where, but I have some ideas. So why don't you just, you know, get the ball rolling with my accountant, and then I'll get back to you?

J.R.’s voice: Babe, you've got to stop worrying about everything. I know what I'm doing.

Adam: So do I, J.R. So do I.

Babe's voice: Look, I -- I understand why you moved back into the Chandler Mansion, J.R. It was for a good cause -- I get that -- but I just -- I just don't like Little Adam spending any more time with Adam than necessary.

J.R.: It's a sleepover. It's one night.

Babe: Well, if it were up to me, he wouldn't see Adam at all.

J.R.: Look, you want me to find out if my dad knows anything about Kate, don't you?

Babe: Yes, of course, I do.

J.R.: Then I have to act like it's business as usual at the house. Otherwise, my old man's going to realize something's up.

Babe: I suppose.

J.R.: I know.

Babe: Ok. I know you're doing a good thing, J.R., for Tad and Dixie and I admire you for it.

J.R.: Oh. You do, huh?

Greenlee: Ryan and Kendall. It's like Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara meet Bonnie and Clyde -- fireworks, passion, payback, intrigue.

Zach: Ok, I got it. Thank you, I got it.

Greenlee: But nothing compares to what you and Kendall have.

Zach: No? That's a nice try. I'm not worried about Kendall. We all have things in our closet we don't want to talk about, you know, but Ryan, he's --

Greenlee: Poor guy.

Zach: Yeah, poor guy who thinks he's engaged to my wife.

Greenlee: Ryan would never do anything to Kendall -- that, I know.

Zach: Right now, I don't think Ryan knows what he's capable of doing.

Kendall: You're right. There are a lot of memories up here.

Ryan: Huh. Yeah, for you they're memories. For me, they just happened.

Kendall: Why did you come here?

Ryan: Oh, I don't know, Kendall. Just -- trying to clear my head, I guess, just trying to make a connection. And it worked because you came. What?

Kendall: Nothing.

Ryan: Are you afraid of me?

[Kendall hugs Ryan]

Kendall: Of course not, Ryan. I could never be afraid of you. Kind of chilly out here.

Ryan: Oh -- yeah, right. I'm sorry.

Kendall: Just, um --

Ryan: Here, here, here, here.

Kendall: Thanks, thanks, thanks. Yeah.

Ryan: Ah.

Kendall: Thank you. It just must be really, really weird for you, huh?

Ryan: Well, if you call misplacing four years of your life "weird," then yeah.

Kendall: Is there anything I can do to help make it better?

Ryan: You can marry me.

Kendall: Seriously.

Ryan: Who says I'm not serious? I mean, you want to know what I want? What I want is for it to be 2004 and for me to have just picked you up from work, because we have reservations at the Valley Inn. And I even preordered your favorite chocolate soufflé. And then after that -- maybe I shouldn't talk about what would happen after that.

Kendall: I remember.

Ryan: Yeah, so do I.

[Music plays as do scenes from the past]

Ryan: Who the hell are you? Kendall! Ah. You all right? Kendall?

Kendall: Is this your idea of foreplay, Lavery? Get your rear in gear and let's go.

Ryan: Where are we going?

Kendall: To raise a whole lot of hell. Ah -- corn dogs and cotton candy, my favorite meal. You got any mustard? Yes! You rock. You, me, and a corn dog -- the ideal date.

Ryan: Damned if I know why, but I do care about you.

Kendall: What we had four years ago was unbelievable.

Ryan: Then why did it end?

Zach: When the hell are -- are we, all of us -- my family, you -- when are we going to get some peace and quiet? Huh?

Greenlee: What, bomb shelters and near-death experiences aren't your idea of fun?

Zach: No. Do you believe in karma?

Greenlee: I -- I guess so. Why?

Zach: Well, just -- Kendall does, you know, and she says if you do something good, then something good will happen. If you do something bad --

Greenlee: The universe will pay you back.

Zach: Something like that, yeah.

Greenlee: But you're not buying?

Zach: No. No, I -- I don't live my life like that. I -- I don't believe in the -- the great answer somewhere. I -- I do what I need to do and then deal with the consequences. That's my philosophy.

Greenlee: So, now you're reconsidering?

Zach: Yeah, there might be something to it, right?

Greenlee: Because?

Zach: Because every time I turn around, I look up, and I see this black cloud on top of me -- what is that? What'd I even do to piss off God or the universe and what do I need to do now to make amends?

Richie: Here, here -- let me help, let me help.

Annie: I don't need your help, Richie.

[Richie chuckles]

Richie: Look who got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Annie: What are you doing here?

Richie: Copies of my medical records, everything I need for a nice, long road trip.

Annie: Am I supposed to guess what that means?

Richie: What do you think, Annie? I'm leaving Pine Valley. Admit it -- I just made your day, didn't I? Come on.

Annie: To tell you the truth, Richie, right now I don't give a damn what you do.

Babe: Not a good idea.

Krystal: Ok, someone has been asking for his mama!

Babe: All right.

J.R.: Hi!

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: There she is.

Babe: Come on to Mama. Yep! Ooh.

Krystal: Ah. So --

J.R.: So. Your daughter's a very tough nut.

Krystal: Hmm. Just because she won't hop into bed with you every time you bat those baby blues? She comes by that honestly, you know.

J.R.: Hmm.

Krystal: Most of the time. How -- how's it going with Kate?

J.R.: Well, whenever I start looking, Dad suddenly pops up.

Krystal: You don't think he's on to you?

J.R.: No. He's actually being nice to me, believe it or not.

Krystal: No, I don't believe it, J.R. Adam is a snake.

J.R.: Yeah? Well, that snake offered to back my internet business -- totally hands-off.

Krystal: Just -- just remember who he is, ok? Adam will just as soon cut your heart out and eat it for breakfast when he finds out that you're crossing him. The minute he starts acting nice, that's when I start worrying.

Adam: You call me a snake? You convinced my son to slink his way back into my house, to spy on me to get information on Tad's lost brat? And you have the nerve to call me -- call me names?

Erica: Ahem.

Adam: Oh.

[Adam chuckles]

Erica: You know, they say that talking out loud to oneself is the first sign of madness. So, Adam, tell me -- are you certifiable? Or are you just up to something?

Annie: I've got to go.

Joe: Oh, Annie -- Annie? Oh, I'm glad I caught you. I've drawn up a list of specialists in the area who work with patients suffering memory loss --

Annie: Thanks.

Joe: Long-term and short-term, ok?

Annie: Ok, thanks, Joe.

Joe: Now, I'm sure any one of them would be happy to see Ryan, but if you need a referral, you just let me know, ok?

Annie: Thank you.

Joe: Ok.

Richie: So, Ryan lost his memory?

Annie: That's right. Ryan thinks that it's 2004, so he doesn't remember me or Emma. What? I'm waiting. No jokes, no -- no wise cracks?

Richie: Huh -- God, Annie, I'm just sorry.

Annie: No, no. Don't you dare feel sorry for me.

Adam: I am not talking to myself. I'm dictating a letter. The new technology my people came up with -- it's totally unreliable.

Erica: May I?

Adam: Huh -- be my guest.

Erica: Hmm.

Adam: What can I do you for today?

Erica: Actually, Adam, I'm thinking about buying a new house. You still own those riverfront condos, don't you?

Adam: Just what are you after, Erica -- the ex-wives' discount?

Erica: Well, Adam, how generous of you to offer.

Adam: Take two -- they're small.

Erica: Yeah. What's eating you?

Adam: Nothing! It's business.

Erica: Adam, you need to get out more -- really. You need to smell the roses, sweep some unsuspecting damsel off her feet.

Adam: No -- no, thank you.

Erica: Well, loneliness is highly overrated.

Adam: Perhaps that would explain your complete change of direction with Jackson Montgomery.

Erica: Check your sources.

Adam: You and Jackson are not together now?

Erica: His daughter Greenlee recently suffered a major health crisis -- almost killed her.

Adam: Yes, I heard.

Erica: But miraculously, she's pulled through.

Adam: Hmm. Damn those miracles.

Erica: My point is that I was there for Jack, of course. But we're just friends, just like you and I.

Adam: Try telling that to somebody who doesn't know you as well as I do. That poor fool -- you'll have him reeled in before he tastes the hook.

Erica: Oh, just like you did with Krystal? Well, she's married to Tad, isn't she -- how could I forget? But I bet you wish you could.

Babe: Ok. Here's Daddy.

J.R.: Hey, buddy! You ready for an overnight with your old man? Yes? Hey, look at this. Your granddad gave that to me. Hey, Kyle? How about a burger and fries to go?

Kyle: All right, you got it.

J.R.: All right.

Krystal: Well, I know that look.

Babe: What look?

Krystal: That "I'm thinking about taking that guy back" look. Or -- is this the guy you're thinking about taking back?

[Krystal holds up a picture of Babe and Richie]

Kendall: Why did we break up? How much time do you have?

Ryan: Apparently, four years. So what happened?

Kendall: This is -- this is going to sound so crazy. I mean, we were so in love with each other. You stood by me through everything. Even when I was on trial for murdering Michael Cambias, the man who raped Bianca, you were there for me. We survived a murder trial and God knows how many other things. But the one thing that we couldn't survive was Greenlee. Your friendship with her -- that was the end of us.

Ryan: But -- but how? I don't understand.

Kendall: Well, you -- you kept telling me that you were just friends with her, but I -- I wouldn't believe you. I -- I couldn't trust you.

Kendall's voice: Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee?

Kendall: And so I pushed and pushed and eventually, I pushed you right into her arms. I lost you to Greenlee. And the two of you got married.

Ryan: I married Greenlee?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: And -- and you two are still friends?

Kendall: Yeah, we'll always be friends -- when we're not trying to kill each other.

Ryan: Huh. And what about your husband? What about Zach?

Kendall: What about him?

Ryan: Oh, I don't know -- I mean, he must be a pretty good guy.

Kendall: He is. The two of you are friends.

Ryan: Yeah, that's what she said. That's -- what Annie said.

Kendall: God, Ryan --

Ryan: Look, I'm sorry, Kendall. I know life has moved on, I know everybody has moved on, but I haven't. I'm still stuck in 2004 when I was in love with you, ok? And I don't know what you want me to do about it.

Richie: I'm not feeling sorry for you, Annie. I just said that I am sorry.

Annie: Ryan's memory loss, it's -- it's a temporary thing.

Richie: Ok, ok.

Annie: But I would appreciate it if you didn't talk about it to anybody.

Richie: And who am I going to tell?

Annie: I'm -- I'm just asking you, Richie.

Richie: Ok, whatever, fine. I -- I will not say a word, I promise, to the people that I don't know. Anyway, I'm leaving just like I said.

Annie: Where are you going?

Richie: Mexico.

Annie: What's in Mexico?

Richie: Oh, a doctor who says he has a drug that may catalyze a remission.

Annie: Is this legitimate?

Richie: Beats me, but what do I have to lose, right?

Annie: Well, what --

Richie: I'm just going to offer myself up as a guinea pig -- why not, right?

Annie: What about the National Donor List? You're just giving up on that completely?

Richie: We both know that's a long shot, and I don't have that kind of time anymore.

Annie: Well, I hope Mexico works out for you.

Richie: Really?

Annie: Yes. You know what I really wish, Richie? I wish that we were a real family, a brother and sister who actually honestly cared about one another. I wish that I could tell you about how I am feeling right now, and I wish that you could tell me that you're probably really scared right now, and I could comfort you, and I could hold your hand and -- and you could do the same for me. That's what I wish. But it just isn't us. It'll never be us. So -- so, yeah, yeah, I wish you luck, Richie. That's the best I've got.

Richie: Uh --

Greenlee: I do not believe this.

Zach: What?

Greenlee: Zach Slater, eastern philosopher? What's next -- past-life regression?

Zach: Come on, don't make fun of me.

[Greenlee laughs]

Zach: All right, stop. So we're in 2004, and Ryan loves my wife, and what about you? Where do you fit into this whole thing?

Greenlee: Um, well, I was Ryan's best friend.

Zach: Yeah?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Zach: I thought that was you and Kendall forever and ever.

Greenlee: My -- no. It hadn't happened yet. Kendall and I were Fusion business partners. Ryan and I, uh -- think super hero and his trusty sidekick.

[Ryan chuckles]

Ryan: Look, why don't you let me help you, ok?

Greenlee: Huh. Don't just help me -- start the damn thing!

Ryan: Greenlee, we're going to have a two-bedroom suite deluxe, and we're not going to pay a penny for it.

Greenlee: We're going to run a con?

Ryan: I have a reservation.

Agent: Name, sir.

Ryan: Smith.

Agent: And we'll need a credit card for security.

Greenlee: Sir, you had your wallet at the last stop.

Ryan: You calling me an idiot?

Greenlee: Greenlee du Pres, the brains behind Fusion, and you, my two handsome geniuses, just blew our cover and tanked a very expensive project. Between you and this meatball, we never had a chance.

Ryan: No matter how many villains I vanquish, no matter how many narrow escapes, there was always something missing that the real stories had.

Greenlee: What's that?

Ryan: A partner. And after all these years, I found a perfect partner. May I?

[Greenlee chuckles]

Greenlee: I'd be honored to be Mrs. Dynamite Kiddo. And I promise you -- I won't let you down.

Zach: I'm having trouble seeing you as anybody's sidekick.

Greenlee: I wasn't -- I was the superhero.

Zach: Oh, oh.

Greenlee: The truth? It went back and forth -- too many times as it turned out, and it made Kendall crazy.

Ryan: So, tell me about him -- Zach Slater, your husband.

Kendall: What do you want to know about him?

Ryan: I don't know -- just, you know, whatever you want to tell.

Kendall: Well, Zach is strong and loyal. Protective. Is that too much information?

Ryan: No. He would have to be all those things to be with you.

Kendall: Ryan, you're with someone just as wonderful.

Ryan: Annie.

Kendall: Yeah. She adores you so much. And the two of you have a beautiful little girl together. Plus, Annie is a great stepmom to Spike.

Ryan: To who?

Kendall: Spike -- our son.

Ryan: You and Zach's?

Kendall: No. Our son, Ryan -- yours and mine.

Ryan: We have a son?

Kendall: Yes.

Ryan: How old is he?

Kendall: Almost 2. It's complicated.

Ryan: I don't -- I don't believe this.

Kendall: Ryan, he is a beautiful little boy, and he loves you so much.

Ryan: Do you -- do you have a picture of him?

Kendall: Yeah. Ryan? Our son is deaf.

Ryan: Oh, my God.

Kendall: That's ok. It's ok. He just had surgery. He got a cochlear implant, so he'll be able to hear again before you know it.

Ryan: I'm sorry, I just -- I just --

Kendall: I know, I know.

Ryan: I have a son. We have a son.

Annie: "Annie, 'Charm!''s book party was a smash. Sorry you missed it. See you tomorrow, Amanda."

Annie: Whew.

Ryan's voice: But I got to be honest with you. I mean, whenever I look at Kendall, all I see is the woman that I love.

[Annie sighs]

Nurse: Excuse me, Mr. Novak? Dr. Martin really needs to speak with you. He said it's important.

Babe: I don't have the hots for Richie, Mama, if that's what you're still thinking.

Krystal: Well, I'm thinking he still has something for you, and you're still carrying his picture around.

Babe: There's more to Richie than you think.

Krystal: All right, let's see. You're right. He's a liar, he is an ex-con, he has an insane feud going on with his sister, and he's dying of leukemia. What else is there to know?

Babe: It's not like you to be so close-minded.

Krystal: And it's not like you to be so --

Babe: What, what?

Krystal: Nothing.

Babe: What, what? Stupid? Naive? Dumber than a bag of hammers? Come on, Mama, tell me what you think, all right?

Krystal: No, all right, all right -- ok, all right. Why don't you sit down? Sit down, because I am going to be open-minded, and I am going to let you tell me what I need to know about Richie.

Babe: Look, I know that he wasn't honest with people when he first came to Pine Valley, and he made a lot of bad decisions. But it just seems like, no matter how hard he tries, he just can't catch a break.

Krystal: Maybe he doesn't deserve one.

Babe: Look, he talks to me, ok? He trusts me, I guess. I don't know why. Maybe -- maybe there was an attraction once. Maybe there still is. I don't know, but the one thing that I do know is that he's trying to change his life, Mama. Little by little, he's trying to do the right thing and be a better person, and -- and I guess I'm just rooting for him to make it.

Krystal: I think I finally get it. When you look at Richie, you don't see romance, you see yourself.

J.R.: Hey, Kyle, could you put some extra mustard, ketchup, and some pickles in there?

Kyle: All right, no problem.

J.R.: Ok, buddy. All right, I'll let you hold it, but you have to be very careful. Your granddad gave it to me, right after his dad gave it to him. And once you're a little bit older, I'll give it to you.

Kyle: All right, here -- oh -- there you go, J.R.

J.R.: All right. Ok, let me see that. Here, got to give that to me.

[The ring falls down the drain]

Erica: Personally, I will never understand the pull that Krystal has on you.

Adam: No, read my lips, Erica. Anything -- and I mean anything that ever existed between me and Krystal is officially down the drain.

Erica: Whatever you say.

Adam: She and Tad Martin can go out and raise a whole litter of babies, for all I care.

Erica: Adam, please take this in the spirit in which it is intended. Bull. So, now, what was that insider discount you were offering on the riverfront condos?

Adam: Name your price.

[Adam chuckles when Erica hands him a price on a napkin]

Adam: Done.

Erica: Well -- Adam, you can be such a sweetheart. Now I know why I married you twice.

Adam: Hmm. Watch what you wish for, Erica. Those condos are white elephants. Huh.

Erica: Hi, Val, it's me. I have a price on one of those riverfront condos. Yeah, I know, I know. You just tell them that Adam Chandler ok'd this.


J.R.: Krystal, the ring that my dad gave me -- Little Adam accidentally knocked it down the drain.

Babe: Oh, it's ok, sweetheart. It's ok.

Krystal: Ugh. Well, I don't feel anything. Kyle, get a wrench, ok?

Kyle: All right, I'll do that.

J.R.: Damn it!

Babe: It's ok.

J.R.: I'm sorry. My dad's just going to have a field day with this one.

Babe: We'll just have another one made. He'll never know the difference.

J.R.: Are you serious?

Babe: Yes.

J.R.: Babe, that is positively devious.

Babe: Well, there were a few things that I learned being married to you.

Zach: So after all that, you and Ryan got married?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. Only we didn't count on what a sore loser Kendall was.

[Music plays over scenes from the past]

Greenlee: Ryan, come save me!

Simone: Greenlee?

Greenlee: Simone? Oh, bless you. Bless you, Simone.

Ryan: Greenlee, what the hell happened to you?

Greenlee: Your psycho bride happened!

Kendall: You stood right here and you kissed me. You held me so tight, I couldn't breathe. Now, how can you marry her when you're in love with me? The way you looked at me, the way we danced together? I'm the one you love, Ryan. I'm the only one.

Greenlee: You're playing a losing hand, Kendall. It's time to fold. But you know what the hell of it is? If you had genuinely apologized, asked me to step back and let Ryan make his choice, I would have. But you blew it. There's only one woman who's taking Ryan to be her wedded husband, and it won't be you.

Kendall: You stupid bitch.

[Greenlee screams as Kendall dunks her under water]

Ryan: I, Ryan Aloysius Lavery, take you, Greenlee Smythe du Pres to be my wife.

[Back to the present]

Greenlee: Earth to Slater.

Zach: What? Oh, quite a story. That was great.

Greenlee: You asked me.

Zach: No, I didn't. I did?

Greenlee: Didn't you?

Zach: Hmm.

Greenlee: Anyway, those were the adventures of Ryan, Kendall, and Greenlee, a long time ago.

Zach: Not for everyone, apparently.

Greenlee: Well, do the doctors think that Ryan can get his memory back?

Zach: They don't know.

Greenlee: He's going to need his friends, Zach.

Zach: He'll have them.

Greenlee: You don't sound so sure.

Zach: Well, I'm sure I'll do whatever I can to make sure Ryan's ok, but I'm also going to make sure that my wife is ok. She needs a rest from all this karma business. And I'm going to make sure she gets it.

Ryan: He is perfect.

Kendall: He is. He is amazing.

Ryan: He looks like a Spike. He looks like a little tough guy. You know, I like the name.

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, the name does kind of fit him, doesn't it?

Ryan: Huh.

Kendall: And -- and Emma -- I mean, look at her. She's just a beautiful little girl, isn't she?

Ryan: Yeah, she sure is.

Kendall: You know, Zach thinks that she looks like Annie. I kind of think she favors you a little bit more.

Ryan: I know that she's my daughter, Kendall. I know that. I know that Annie is my wife. I know that you are with Zach now. I know that Aidan is with Greenlee now. I know all of that. I know it up here.

Kendall: It's just going to take a little time. But I promise you, Ryan, whatever you need from me, I'm here for you, I promise.

Ryan: Don't make any promises, Kendall, because what I need, you can't give me. What I need is for you to love me the way you used to. That's what I need.

Kendall: Come here.

Annie: Ryan?

Kendall: We were just -- I'm sure the two of you need to talk. Oh, here.

Ryan: Ok. Kendall --

Kendall: Yeah?

Ryan: Can I keep this?

Kendall: Of course.

J.R.: You know how to plumb?

Krystal: Well, of course, I do. Where I come from, we had to learn how to take care of things around the house without a man. Right, Babe?

Babe: Oh, I never learned how to plumb.


Krystal: That's because you weren't so handy with a wrench and a screwdriver, huh?

Babe: Yeah.

[Water sprays]

Kyle: Oh!

Krystal: Agh!

Erica: Thank you. Um --

[Phone rings]

Erica: Hi, Val. So speak to me. Tell me, am I the proud new owner of a riverfront condo?

Val: Uh -- Erica, there's a little problem. Um -- you know the account you wanted to use to purchase the new condo?

Erica: Yes, of course. What about it?

Val: It's been frozen by the Feds.


Adam: What the devil is the matter with this thing?

[Phone rings]

Adam: Yeah, hello? No, no, J.R. Chandler isn't here right now. This is his father. Can I take a message? Huh -- you're -- you're kidding. You're --

[Adam laughs]

Richie: Hey, what's up, doc?

Joe: Good news, Richie. The National Bone Marrow Program contacted us. They've located a possible donor match.

Richie: You serious?

Joe: Yeah.

Richie: Really? Who is it?

Joe: Well, we can't tell you that, but it's someone right here in Pine Valley.

Greenlee: Hey!

Kendall: Hi. Hi. Good, good.

Greenlee: Tell me about the book party, and do not leave out a single detail.

Kendall: Ok -- book party, great. Finding Ryan on the roof and filling him in on the past four years of his life, including the birth of his son, not so great.

Zach: You all right?

Kendall: I don't know. I don't know if I made it better or worse.

Zach: Sit down.

Greenlee: So where is Ryan now?

Kendall: He's with Annie on the roof. You should've seen it, Greenlee. I mean, she came upstairs, and she walked right up there as I was in Ryan's arms. I mean, you know --

Zach: Yeah, of course. I know you're trying to make things better for him.

Kendall: Exactly.

Zach: Did you?

Ryan: I just -- I just came up here because --

Annie: You don't have to explain.

Ryan: I wanted to get back to where my life used to be. You know, where -- where it was.

Annie: I -- I understand.

Ryan: Why? I mean, why do you understand? Why do you feel anything other than just being appalled and upset?

Annie: Because I love you. And because I know, eventually, you will remember us.

Ryan: God, Annie --

Annie: I'm not -- I'm not saying today, or tomorrow, a year from now. But I will still be here. I am your wife, Ryan. We are your family. And I will make you remember. I will.

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Tad: You got any other pictures of Jesse before he died?

Angie: "Before he died"?

Woman (about Jesse): I need an ambulance! This guy's unconscious!

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