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[Monitor flatlines]

Angie: Get me a damn crash cart! He's in cardiac arrest. I need you to take over the compressions.

Dr. Sigman: Got it.

Angie: Set it at 360.

Julia: We're charged.

Angie: Clear!

[Angie applies the defibrillator paddles to Frankie's lifeless body]

Zach: Whoa -- easy -- where's the fire?

Aidan: Where's Greenlee?

Zach: I thought she'd be here.

Aidan: Well, obviously she's not.

Zach: All right, slow down, ok?

Aidan: They're supposed to let me know if anything changes, all right? I left them three numbers -- what the hell else am I supposed to do?

Zach: You're supposed to calm down -- hey.

[Aidan sighs]

Zach: She's somewhere in the hospital, so calm down, let's go look for her. Are you ready?

Aidan: All right.

Zach: All right.

[Monitor flatlines]

Angie: Hit him again, same charge.

Julia: Come on, Frankie.

Angie: Get them the hell out of here!

Kendall: No -- no -- don't even think about it.

Angie: Clear!

Julia: Nonreactive.

Angie: Come on, Frankie. Come on, baby, I need you to fight, ok? I need you to fight, Frankie -- I need you to fight!

Greenlee: Oh, my God, Kendall. That could be me.

[Monitor beeps normally]

Angie: Heart rate?

Julia: 120.

Angie: He's out of v-fib.

Greenlee: Does that mean he's ok?

Kendall: Yeah, he's breathing again. I can hear it on the machine.

Greenlee: Oh, thank God.

Orderly: Miss, I really have to get you to your test.

Greenlee: Hey, back off. That guy saved my life -- the least I can do is make sure he's still breathing.

Kendall: It's ok -- Greenlee? It's ok -- Frankie made it. He's alive. It's ok.

Dr. Sigman: Pulse is steady and regular.

Angie: Get me 100 of Lidocaine for an IV push and set up a drip.

Julia: Got it.

Angie: Dr. Sigman, I want an echocardiogram, stat.

Dr. Sigman: Yes, Dr. Hubbard.

Angie: That was a close one, Frankie. But you pulled through, baby. Mama is very, very proud of you. I love you so much.

Aidan: Oh, thank God -- where were you?

Zach: Hey.

Greenlee: I went to see Frankie.

Zach: How is he?

Greenlee: I don't know. They just got him out of cardiac arrest.

Kendall: Frankie's fine. He's -- he's stable right now. It just shook us up a little bit.

Aidan: What caused it?

Greenlee: They gave him a drug that's supposed to make us better, and it almost killed him.

Aidan: Hey -- you don't know that.

Greenlee: I was there, Aidan. He flatlined.

Aidan: But he's ok now.

Greenlee: Yeah, for how long? This thing is eating us alive. I need to go take another test.

Aidan: What? What -- what kind of test?

Greenlee: The kind that's supposed to tell the doctors what they don't know, only they take all these tests, and they still don't know.

Aidan: Hey. It's all right.

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Aidan: I'll take you, ok?

Greenlee: Thanks.

Kendall: She's so scared, Zach.

Zach: I know.

Kendall: You should've seen her face when Frankie stopped breathing. It was like she was looking at a picture of herself. And she even said it -- she even said "That could be me." Well, it can't be, Zach -- it can't. We can't lose her now.

Angie: What do you see?

Dr. Sigman: Frankie's cardiac episode may not have been caused by his reaction to the poison.

Angie: Which means it could be a direct result of the antitoxin.

Dr. Sigman: Mm-hmm, but without another human test study --

Angie: Yeah, I -- I know, doctor. We can't really be sure if the antidote is working at all. So, what would be your recommendation, Nick?

[Nick sighs]

Nick: Wait for the patient to build up his strength and try a different dosage.

Angie: Well, that's going to take time, which we don't have at the moment.

Nick: I'll go check on that echo. Dr. Hubbard? For what it's worth, it's been a real privilege working with you. I've learned more about infectious diseases in a week than I did in four years at med school.

Angie: Thanks.

Babe: The "Go Red for Women" Campbell's heart-healthy fashion show is Fusion's biggest event of the year. No, no, no -- I don't need excuses, I need those numbers!

Ava: Whew, today is not the day to be on Babe's bad side.

Amanda: When I left her last night, she was fine.

Ava: Yeah, well, something's got her freaking out.

Babe: Has anybody seen the stat sheet for the "Go Red" campaign? Finally! Thank you.

Amanda: Oh -- I bet I know what this is about.

Ava: Well, dish, dish.

Amanda: Richie Novak.

Ava: Oh, Annie's psycho brother?

Amanda: Actually, he's kind of hot.

Ava: Hmm -- hot and psycho. Sounds like a perfect match.

Babe: Am I the only one working today, ladies?

Ava: I guess so.

Amanda: Babe, what's wrong? I mean, you seem a little --

Babe: Overworked?

Amanda: I was going to say "tense."

Babe: "Tense"?

Amanda: Yes, Babe -- tense. Look, I know I left you with Richie last night -- my bad. Did something happen?

Babe: Yeah, yeah -- he just saw the rest of his life go flying out the window.

Amanda: What? What do you mean?

[Babe sighs]

Babe: Richie needs a bone marrow transplant. Annie was going to be a donor, but she wasn't a match.

Amanda: Wow, that really sucks.

Babe: Yeah.

Amanda: Have you talked to Annie?

Babe: I called. Anyway, I -- I'm really, really sorry I'm in such a crappy mood today, ok? There's just not a lot of good news flying around Pine Valley these days.

Angie: Are these the latest of the CDC lab approvals?

Julia: For the first round of tests, yeah.

Angie: All right -- why don't you go ahead and initiate another full panel?

Julia: I'll call that in.

Angie: All right, thanks.

Julia: Angie? What happened back there? It seemed like Frankie's electrolytes were leveling off, but then --

Angie: And then he arrested. It could've been the poison, could've been the antidote -- we're working in the dark here, Julia. Joe?

Joe: Yes? Oh --

Angie: I'm sorry to keep you waiting. It's been a little bit intense out here this morning.

Joe: Yes, well, it's perfectly understandable. Dr. Angela Hubbard, Matthew Tassler, one of our toxicology lab technicians.

Angie: Yes, Matt -- we've spoken on the phone.

Matthew: It's a pleasure.

Joe: Yeah. Sharon Black, one of our new interns.

Sharon: It's an honor to be working with you, Dr. Hubbard.

Angie: Oh, it's good to have you here, too. Listen, I asked Julia to join us.

Matthew: Hi.

Joe: And you all know Nurse Keefer.

Julia: Yeah.

Joe: Ok, let's get started.

Angie: Well, you've done some good work here, Sharon -- though there's another piece of the puzzle. Patient one, male, mid 20s -- he just suffered a cardiac incident and had to be resuscitated.

Joe: He what? I had no idea. Is -- is Frankie all right?

Angie: Uh, he's -- he's stable for now.

Joe: Yeah? Everyone, could you please give us a few minutes alone?

Julia: Yeah.

Joe: Please?

Julia: Come on, guys.

Joe: Why didn't you page me?

Angie: There wasn't time.

Joe: It's not going to work out. You're here, you are having to treat your own son -- that doesn't --

Angie: Look, he was dying, Joe, ok? Frankie was going to die if I -- if I didn't react, so I don't need you to stand here and -- and give me some speech about medical ethics! I don't want to hear it, because I did what I had to do -- I did! I did! Oh, my God, I almost killed him!

Joe: Hey.

Angie: Oh, Joe, I almost killed my own son!

Greenlee: Ah, well, if I knew being sick would get me this much attention, I --

Kendall: Yeah, yeah -- the spotlight's always on Greenlee.

Greenlee: Well, I hope it keeps shining bright for my big finish, because this could be my last performance, ladies and gentlemen.

Aidan: That's not funny.

Greenlee: Hey, would you guys relax? They say morbid humor is good for you.

Aidan: Listen, I'm going to -- I'm going to call Jack, give him an update, all right?

Greenlee: Ok. I love you. Guys get so weird when you're sick, don't they -- like they want to fix everything, only this time, they can't.

Kendall: Well, I think Aidan is worried about you, that's all.

Greenlee: I know. I'm worried about me, too.

Kendall: Can I do anything for you?

Greenlee: Yes -- go to that meeting with your publisher.

Kendall: No, no, forget it.

Greenlee: What are you going to do instead? Sit around here and watch me die?

Kendall: That's not funny.

Greenlee: You have to go, Kendall. I discovered you as an author, and if you don't show, it'll make me look bad. Ahem -- besides --

Kendall: No, I got it.

[Greenlee coughs]

Greenlee: Besides, "Charm" is going to be a big publicity coup for Fusion.

Kendall: See, of course -- you're in a hospital bed, and you're still the queen of spin.

Greenlee: Hmm. And you promised I could go on the book tour.

Kendall: True.

Greenlee: Make sure they know I only fly first-class and that I'll need a suite at all the hotels.

Kendall: Ok. Anything else, madam?

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah -- tell them to throw in George Clooney. Now, seriously, you're going to be late.

Kendall: No, Greenlee --

Greenlee: Get out of here.

Kendall: Greenlee, no! I'm telling you I'm not going to leave you like this -- I won't, ok?

Zach: Would I be a suitable replacement for you?

Greenlee: Oh, listen, your wife has important book business to attend to. Will you kick her out of here for me?

Zach: You heard her -- get out. We got bomb shelter stuff to talk about.

Kendall: Right.

Greenlee: And awful, awful jokes.

Zach: Yeah.

[Greenlee chuckles]

Kendall: Ok, well, then I guess you're in good hands.

Greenlee: The best.

Kendall: Ok, I'm -- I'm going to call you, ok -- are you sure?

Greenlee: Kendall!

Kendall: All right, ok! I'm going -- books, glory, all that fun stuff. I am leaving. Goodbye.

Zach: I'll call you -- bye.

Kendall: Yes, please call me?

Zach: We'll call each other.

[Greenlee sighs]

Greenlee: She was hovering.

Zach: She didn't want to leave you.

Greenlee: Yeah, but I needed her to. I mean, I want Kendall here, but sometimes I just need to --

Zach: Come here. Come here.

[Zach holds Greenlee while she cries]

Zach: Ok. It's ok.

Joe: It's all right.

Angie: Oh, gosh. I'm sorry. Um -- that was pretty unprofessional, wasn't it?

Joe: You don't have to hide your feelings from me.

Angie: Frankie almost died, Joe.

Joe: Yeah.

Angie: He was in v-fib.

Joe: Yeah, and you pulled him back.

Angie: Well, we might not be so lucky the next time.

Joe: It had nothing to do with luck. It had everything to do with your skill as a physician.

Angie: With a specialization in toxicology and infectious diseases --

Joe: Yeah.

Angie: Not that it's doing us any good right now.

Joe: Ok, ok. I admit, this case is baffling. I still think you are the best doctor for the case. And we are going to beat this thing, huh?

Angie: We'd better --

Joe: Yeah.

Angie: Because we've got two lives depending on it. The patient is becoming more hypertensive. His liver enzymes are elevated and there's been a decrease in urine output.

Julia: So both his liver and his kidneys have been compromised?

Angie: Worse. They're shutting down completely.

Matthew: What about his blood panels?

Angie: Uh -- his recent co-ag studies are off, and his platelet count is steadily declining.

Joe: And now with the heart attack --

Angie: His cardiovascular system has clearly been affected.

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: But there's been a divergence in the way the two patients are reacting to the poison.

Julia: I read about the water hemlock study in the CDC files. Two patients were infected with the same toxin, but reacted differently.

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Angie: I'm familiar with the study.

Sharon: How were they cured?

Angie: They weren't. Both of the subjects died.

Joe: Still, in those cases, the onset of the symptoms was much quicker than our cases.

Angie: Unfortunately, that doesn't help us here.

Joe: Yeah.

Sharon: So, what do we do?

Angie: We keep the patients alive as long as we can. And we hope that science or one of God's miracles falls in our laps.

Greenlee: Oh! Oh, God, I hate crying. Oh. I feel like the last few months, I've just become the biggest, like --

Zach: You're such a baby, getting stuff all over me.

[Greenlee chuckles]

Greenlee: Hey.

Zach: Here.

Greenlee: Thanks. You know I love when you pick on me.

Zach: You know I like doing it.

Greenlee: Still, no one will tell me anything around here. They keep whispering in corners and acting like they're not talking about me when I know they are.

Zach: It's all about you, huh? Such an egomaniac -- where do you get that?

Greenlee: I'm serious.

Zach: So what? You've got a big mouth -- use it. Ask them.

Greenlee: Yeah. Oh.

Nick: Could I have a moment alone with the patient?

Zach: I'll be back.

Greenlee: Oh.

Nick: Hi.

Greenlee: Hi.

Nick: All right.

Greenlee: Oh.

Nick: Ok. All right. Now, just breathe normally.

Greenlee: So -- doc, I was thinking that maybe we could be on a first-name basis.

[Nick chuckles]

Nick: Breathe.

Greenlee: I'm Greenlee, and so that would make you --

Nick: Nicholas.

Greenlee: Nicholas.

Nick: My friends call me Nick. How you feeling?

Greenlee: Not so great, but I'm still here. Huh.

Nick: You tired?

Greenlee: Yeah, and my throat's still a little sore from that --

Nick: The tube down your throat?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Nick: Yeah.

Greenlee: But I'm talking better, which is the good thing -- and the bad thing for some people.

Nick: That's good.

Greenlee: So, Nick, Frankie had a heart attack. Does that mean that I'll have one?

Nick: Your conditions are similar, but not identical.

Greenlee: So, is that a yes or a no?

Nick: Well, for now, it doesn't appear as if your heart's been affected by the toxin.

Greenlee: Ok. I'll take that as a positive sign.

Nick: Good.

Nurse: Doctor?

Nick: Yeah. Thank you.

Greenlee: Is that about me?

Nick: Yeah, just some new blood work.

Greenlee: You don't like what you see? I'm a big girl, Nick -- I can take it.

Nick: You know, I'm -- I'm just going to consult with Dr. Hubbard on this. For now, just sit tight, get some rest and try not to worry, ok?

Greenlee: Yeah, sure. That'll happen.

Babe: Ooh -- I really like this one.

Amanda: Oh, me, too.

Babe: You know, why don't we do a Fusion Green tie-in? We could give a shout out to saving the planet while helping women get healthier.

Amanda: Works for me, especially the women getting healthier part.

Babe: Yes.

Amanda: I like that one.

Babe: Yeah, that's really hot.

Amanda: Hey, Kendall, how's Greenlee?

[Monitor beeps]

Angie: Thank you.

Nick: Dr. Hubbard?

Angie: Her enzyme levels are rising too rapidly.

Nick: And there's decreased kidney function and anemia. She must be bleeding internally.

Angie: Damn!

Nick: Should we go in and try to find the source?

Angie: We can't risk a surgery, Nick. She's too weak.

Nick: Dr. Hubbard, if I can be candid, this patient is deteriorating even faster than your son, all right? Our only other choice is --

Angie: The antitoxin -- I know that. But I need to see a full workup on the overall effects before I can use it again.

Nick: I don't know, Dr. Hubbard. Right now, this drug might be the best chance for her to survive.

Angie: We have to at least try to explore other options. I've already risked Frankie's life. Now, I need the test results before we gamble with Greenlee's.

Aidan: Is it that bad?

Angie: Unfortunately, yes.

Jack: Angie, I just want to know everything, ok?

Angie: Why don't we go in here where we can talk privately, ok?

Jack: All right.

Angie: Will you check on Frankie's labs for me again?

Nick: Yeah, I'm on my way.

[Angie sighs]

Angie: Layman's terms -- Greenlee's organs are shutting down. We need an antidote to help counter the effects of the toxin.

Aidan: Yeah, well, I just heard you telling your colleagues that it might kill her.

Jack: Aidan --

Angie: This is an unknown drug. Now, there are several variables that we're dealing with here.

Aidan: Angie, I don't get it, all right? You've been working with your team in the lab for -- for days now, all right? You've consulted the CDC, Poison Control, the Department of Agriculture. I mean, are you telling me that you can't find a simple cure in this day and age --

Jack: Hold it down.

Aidan: With modern medicine for a simple poisonous plant?

Angie: Please, have a seat. Come on. I wish it were that simple. The toxin has mutated. It's binding to selective cells and assaulting Greenlee's entire system.

Jack: Angie, just, you know -- spare us the science and just tell us what are our real choices here, ok?

Angie: We've developed an antitoxin. We gave it to Frankie.

Aidan: Yeah, and it gave him a heart attack.

Angie: We can't be sure what brought on Frankie's cardiac episode.

Aidan: Oh.

Jack: Ok, so you're saying it might not have been this -- this antidote, right?

Angie: Well, I -- his system was very weak. He may have had a pre-existing condition that we weren't aware of.

Jack: Ok, just -- just to make sure I understand what you're saying, you're saying that this -- this antitoxin, it might still work for Greenlee?

Angie: Not until I see the full results from Frankie's trial.

Aidan: But quite clearly, Greenlee is running out of time.

Angie: Look, I know that this is an ugly disease. And I know how frustrating it is to hear "I don't know" as a doctor and as a parent.

[Pager beeps]

Angie: That's Dr. Sigman.

Aidan: Listen, Angie, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm losing it.

Angie: It's -- it's ok. I -- we're doing everything we can. Everything -- trust me.

Jack: Thank you, Angie.

Angie: Sure.

[Monitor beeps]

Jack: How is she?

Julia: She's resting.

Jack: Maybe I should just let her sleep.

Julia: I think she'd like to see you.

Jack: Yeah?

Julia: Yeah. Just be positive, keep her strong.

Jack: Absolutely, of course I will. Of course -- Aidan, do you want to go in?

Aidan: No, I'm fine. I'll wait here.

Jack: Thanks. Thanks, Julia.

Jack: Hey, kiddo -- huh.

Greenlee: Hey.

Jack: How you feeling?

Greenlee: Like I just fell off the roof. That was supposed to be funny. Don't go getting all emotional on me, Jack.

Jack: Huh -- all right, I promise you something. I won't get emotional if you don't forget you made me the promise to call me Dad.

Greenlee: Ok -- Dad.

Joe: So the lab confirmed it was a cicutoxin?

Angie: But we're still guessing at the drug.

Joe: All right. Well, then, it's your call, Angie.

Angie: The only chance that we have to save them both is if we inject Greenlee right away. It's a crap shoot, and I'm not even sure it's ethically or morally the right thing to do.

Joe: Yeah.

Angie: I don't know, my instincts tell me that both Frankie and Greenlee will die if we don't at least try.

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Angie: No pressure, huh?

Joe: Yeah, well, you trust your instincts, that's going to be their best chance.

Jack: Can I get you anything?

Greenlee: Hmm -- oh, actually --

Jack: What?

Greenlee: My barrette.

Jack: This? Well, that's a pretty thing, huh?

Greenlee: Yeah. Kendall gave it to me. It was her Grandma Mona's.

Jack: Mona's?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Jack: Mona was a great lady.

Greenlee: Kendall knows I hate the way hospitals make me feel, so the little things help.

Jack: You bet. Let me help you with that, huh?

Greenlee: Huh.

Jack: Here you go.

Greenlee: Huh.

Jack: Here you go.

Greenlee: Boy. This is really awful.

Jack: I know it is.

Greenlee: I mean, the hell of it is, you know, I just got everything back -- my family, my friends, Aidan.

Jack: Well, it's those people, the people who love you, who are going to help you through this. I -- huh. I called your mother.

Greenlee: What? Jack, why did you do that? Nothing good ever happens when she is in the picture. She's either going to ignore this -- my prediction -- or she'll show up with her latest boy toy and make this all about her. Sorry -- no, thank you.

Jack: Greenlee, I agree with everything you say, but I did feel that she had a right to know, ok?

Greenlee: It's ok. -- I'm just scared.

Jack: You're going to make it through this, because you're a Montgomery. Montgomery's -- they don't give up easily, so don't you.

Kendall: Where is she now?

Zach: She's in with Jack. So far, so good.

Kendall: Uh, how's Aidan?

Zach: He's had a rough morning, but he's going to be all right.

Kendall: God, Zach, I hate this. I hate that she made me take this stupid meeting.

Zach: Well, you heard what she said. You know, Greenlee thinks it's kind of her book, as well.

Kendall: Yeah, I know. But this feels so unimportant right now.

Zach: Well, it is important because you're important to her.

Kendall: Yeah, well, clearly, I'm not the only one. Sorry, uh -- that didn't sound good. I'm -- I'm glad that the two of you are, you know, joking around and finishing each other's sentences and -- I think it's great.

Zach: Hey, hey, she needs all the help she can get right now.

Kendall: Will you call me if there's any change?

Zach: You know I will. I love you.

Kendall: I love you.

Kelly: Kendall Hart --

Kendall: Hi, Kelly. Hi.

Kelly: So, is "Charm" like the greatest thing in your life, or what?

Aidan: Are those Frankie's lab results?

Angie: Unfortunately, the test results are still inconclusive.

Joe: Which means that under normal circumstances, we would take more time to assess Frankie's reaction to the medication.

Aidan: Yeah, but these aren't normal circumstances, are they? Greenlee's running out of time.

Angie: That's my concern.

Jack: Angie, what can we do?

Angie: We can administer the antitoxin to Greenlee.

Aidan: Yeah, the one that almost killed Frankie.

Angie: Yes, but we did learn some things from his most recent results. And we've made some adjustments.

Jack: But the bottom line is, you still don't know if this will work.

Angie: No.

Jack: So what you're saying is, you want to put a little bit of this in my daughter, a little bit of that, and you don't even know what's going to happen when you do?

Joe: Jack, nobody wants to see Greenlee suffer.

Angie: But the clock is ticking. And if we don't do something soon, I'm afraid the possible side effects won't matter.

Aidan: Because she will die?

Angie: Yes, she will die. Greenlee's system is failing more rapidly than we anticipated. She could crash at any moment. Now, I know this is an impossible decision. I just had to make it myself for Frankie. But when I tell you that this is her only chance, I mean it. Now, yes, Greenlee may die with this antidote, but she will definitely die without it.

Greenlee: So, they're saying if I agree to this new treatment, I could die. But if I don't do it, I'll die, anyway?

Jack: It's a little more complicated than that, but yeah, that's basically it.

Aidan: We don't have much time to decide.

Greenlee: Well, this is literally a do-or-die situation.

Aidan: What are you thinking?

Greenlee: I'd like to talk to Zach.

Kendall: This looks great. Ok, so it'll go out today?

Amanda: Babe and I have it covered.

Kendall: Thank you so much, Amanda.

Amanda: No problem. Sorry about the interruption. Love the book cover, by the way. Kelly: Thank you.

Kendall: Ok, so, where were we?

Kelly: We were looking at the cover. Your friend is right, you look fantastic.

Kendall: Thanks. Wow, that's a -- that's a big picture.

Kelly: For a big book. Our readers are going to love it. Which is why we want to get you out there on the road to meet them ASAP.

Kendall: Oh, right. You're talking about the book tour.

Kelly: Face time with the public sells product.

Kendall: I know, I -- look, I think this is great. All of it is great. But I have two small children at home. And -- I run a business. And my business partner and my best friend is very ill. So, I would love to help out with this, but I don't really know --

Kelly: I -- I understand completely. And my prayers are with Greenlee. We will make this work, Kendall. You just leave the scheduling to me. Fans everywhere are going to want to meet the woman who wrote such a fun, fabulous, and sexy story.

Kendall: Thanks. So when does the book come out, exactly?

Kelly: February 5, but you can already preorder it online.

Kendall: That's just a few days away.

Kelly: We're planning a lavish premiere party. I hope Greenlee will be able to make it. We were so thrilled when she brought your book to us.

Kendall: She'll be there. We do everything together. She wouldn't miss it for the world.

[Aidan sighs]

Jack: What is it, Aidan?

Aidan: Nothing.

Jack: Are you angry because Greenlee asked for Zach?

Aidan: If Zach can help Greenlee through this, then I shall kiss his ring. I'm angry because Greenlee's going through this.

Zach: So you're in a bit of a tough spot.

Greenlee: Again.

Zach: We've been through worse.

Greenlee: For five weeks, you willed me to survive in that bomb shelter. I need your help one last time.

Zach: Let's figure it out.

Angie: You got to pull it together, Angela Hubbard. You got to pull it together, girl. You got work to do. Hey. Hey, baby.

Frankie: Mom -- my chest --

Angie: You had a setback, but everything is fine. You're doing ok. Mama's here. I'm going to take really, really good care of you, ok?

Jack: No, honey, there hasn't been any change. Yes, Greenlee knows you hate hospitals just as much as she does, so -- you bet. I'll tell her that, ok, ok hey, I love you. All right, bye.

Greenlee: You make it sound so easy.

Zach: Yeah, well, it's not going to be easy, but I know that the girl that climbed out of that little bunker is a lot stronger than the one that fell into it.

Greenlee: You mean the one who freaks out at snakes and corpses?

Zach: Uh-uh. The one who told a tough guy like me that I will see my family again.

Greenlee: Well, that was easy. You love Kendall and the boys.

Zach: Well, this is bigger than that. I do care about you. And I want you to live. Because all those silly dreams you told me about, all those silly, little -- I don't know, I just -- I want those dreams to come true for you. I know you're scared. I'm scared, too. Because who knows what this thing is that we're fighting here? But we'll do it. You'll do it. You're going to grab it by the neck and throw it down and beat it. Because that's what you do. I've seen it. Wouldn't be here without that.

Greenlee: So, you think I should just roll the dice and do this thing? I mean, not like I have any choice.

Zach: It's a piece of cake.

Greenlee: Yeah?

Zach: Yeah.

Greenlee: You have that much faith in me?

Zach: I do. So come on, let's beat this thing and go home.

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