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Erica: You've been here all night.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I have. What are you doing here?

Erica: Greenlee called me to ask me to bank blood for Greenlee. How is she?

Jack: Well, she made it through the night, thank God.

[Jack sighs]

Jack: These doctors, they're frantic scrambling around trying to find a way to counteract this poison.

Erica: Oh, well, I'm sure that they're going to find something.

Jack: They're running out of time.

Kendall: How is she?

Angie: Greenlee is stabilized. We've extubated her. She's breathing on her own again.

Kendall: Thank God. Uh -- can I see her?

Angie: Just keep it short and sweet.

Kendall: Got it. Thank you for everything, Dr. Hubbard.

Angie: Please, call me Angela.

Kendall: You must be exhausted. How's your son?

Angie: Listen, I got to run. I'll get back to you as soon as we know anything more.

Kendall: Thank you.

Ryan: Hey.

Kendall: Hey. Um -- I want to go so see Greenlee, actually.

Ryan: Hey, do you mind if I go in there first, and I give her the good news?

Kendall: Sure. I'll call Aidan.

Ryan: Ok.

Kendall: Ok. Hey, don't get her all riled up in there. Doctor's orders.

Greenlee: Do I look hot, or what?

Ryan: You look beautiful.

Greenlee: You say that to all the girls?

Ryan: No. Just the pretty ones.

Babe: You should've seen the look on Richie's face when he found out Annie wasn't a match.

Krystal: I can imagine. So what happens next?

Babe: Well, he stays on the list for a bone marrow transplant. God knows how long that'll take.

J.R.: Oh. Poor Richie. Some guys just can't catch a break.

Richie: Hey, sis. Ahem.

Annie: Richie? What are you doing out here so early?

Richie: Oh, you know, couldn't sleep. Felt like taking a walk. Who is this pretty little girl?

Emma: Hi, Uncle Richie.

Richie: Hi. You want to help me feed the birds, huh?

[Richie chuckles]

Richie: Come here, give me a hug.

Emma: Yes.

[Richie growls]

Richie: Come on. [British accent] Sit right here with me. [Normal voice] And we'll feed the birds.

Annie: Are you ok?

Richie: Huh. Yeah. I'm just do for a blood transfusion -- go back to the blood bank. I am their best customer since Dracula.

Emma: Can I go play with Michelle, Mommy?

Annie: Um -- oh. Sure, yes. Go, sweetie, but no jumping off the swings this time. Ok? Not today.

Richie: Huh.

Annie: Ok, go have fun. Hey.

Annie: I -- I'm sorry that it worked out this way, that I wasn't a match.

Richie: Hey -- can I ask you a question?

Annie: Sure.

Richie: If it would've been a match, would you have gone through with the transplant?

Annie: Yes. I would have.

Joe: This antidote -- what about possible damage to the central nervous system?

Man: Minimal, but --

Woman: Again, I stress this is all based on hypothesis at this point. We're basically dealing with an unknown.

Joe: You have never tried this particular combination?

Woman: No, we haven't.

Man: No.

Joe: What about interaction with cardiac stimulants that he's on?

Man: We don't know.

Joe: You don't know -- well --

Angie: Here's what I know. We've got two very sick people who aren't going to make it if we don't step in with something, and one of them is my son!

Joe: Now, all right -- um -- would you please excuse us for just a moment? Please? Just stay here and --

[Joe sighs]

Joe: Angie, I'm sorry.

Angie: For what?

Joe: I put you in a terrible position. I should've gotten another doctor.

Angie: That's my son. I'd be making the decisions either way. So option A, we go with a new drug we barely know, which could kill him. Or option B, we do nothing and continue to watch him deteriorate. Let's do it.

Adam: If my father had only known that the Chandlers had such a handsome family crest --

Man: I was concerned with the order being such a rush. But I do think it came out nicely.

Adam: Uh-huh. You always do excellent work, Carlos.

Carlos: Thank you, Mr. Chandler.

Adam: Yes, yes, and now, you know what else to add.

J.R.: What? What? What's that look for?

Babe: Do I even have to explain?

J.R.: I am sorry, Babe, but I can't scare up a bucket of tears for Richie just because he's not going to be able to spend an extra couple days on the planet.

Babe: Ok, why are you even here, J.R.?

J.R.: Kendall's calling everyone to donate blood. She's even gone to the list of the people that she can't stand. I was on the bottom.

Krystal: That was very nice of you, J.R.

J.R.: Yeah, well, we have our moments.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: Look, if you want me to apologize, I will apologize, ok?

Babe: You don't -- you don't have to do anything you don't want to do, J.R.

J.R.: I don't like the guy. I don't like the way he comes sniffing around you, I don't like the way you let him. I don't like it at all.

Babe: And?

J.R.: And what?

Babe: Great apology, J.R. That's right.

J.R.: Whatever. I got to get going anyway.

Babe: Oh, and where is that, J.R.? Where is home for you these days?

J.R.: Why, what do you mean?

Babe: Well, you -- you made such a big deal about moving in next door, and now -- and now suddenly, you're gone.

Krystal: Well, I think J.R. has a pretty good reason, right? I mean, you found a better deal.

Babe: What? And -- and you knew and you didn't bother to say anything? Well -- where are you living?

J.R.: It's just like Krystal said. A better place. Cheaper.

Babe: Please tell me that you did not move home.

J.R.: Well, I don't like to consider it my home, but yes, I moved back into the Chandler Mansion.

Babe: My -- my God, J.R., that is the last place you should be.

Annie: Richie, I am sorry that I lied back then about what happened. I truly wanted you to get help. I did not want you to go to jail.

Richie: Look, you did what you thought you had to do. I'm over it now.

Annie: Do you mean that?

Richie: What's the point of lying now?

Annie: Well, you know, and maybe you can find a match.

Richie: Yeah, maybe.

Annie: I want that for you, Richie. I really do.

Emma: I want hot chocolate, Mommy.

Annie: Oh -- oh, really? And what do we say?

Emma: Please.

Annie: Please, ok. You stay here, I'll be right back.

Richie: You know what? I used to like hot chocolate, too. Did you know that? Hmm? Did you know I was sick?

Emma: Leukemia?

Richie: That is right. Very good. You say that very well. Your mom must have explained it to you.

Emma: She told me no one else can catch it.

Richie: And that's right. That's right. But you know what? I know someone who can make it all better. Did you know that?

Erica: Hmm. I don't mind giving blood, but the juice they make you drink afterwards --

Jack: Horrible, ain't it?

Erica: Oh, terrible.

[Jack chuckles]

Jack: Thank you so much. I really appreciate you coming down here like this. I do.

[Phone rings]

Erica: Well, I --

Jack: Look, if you -- if you need to get some work done, I understand. It's ok. You know, you can go.

Erica: No, I don't want to leave you, Jack. Oh.

Jack: Erica, you have been just great about all of this, really. But I don't expect you to drop everything for me.

[Phone vibrates]

Jack: You need to get that, you go ahead and get that.

Erica: No. No, no, no, no, no, it can wait.

Jack: Who is it?

Erica: Ok, it's Warren, my financial advisor. First, I can't get him on the phone, and now, he just won't leave me alone.

[Phone vibrates]

Erica: Oh, my goodness.

Jack: Talk.

Erica: Ok. Hi, Warren. No, actually, no, I'm not at the office right now. Can I get back to you? I see. All right. Oh. He needs some more paperwork from me.

Jack: Erica, I told you, you need to take care of this. You need to take care of this. Go, take care of this. I'll let you know if there's any changes, all right?

Erica: Ok, ok.

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: Just -- one more thing. Look, I know that Greenlee and I have had our -- our moments, and we get under each other's skin, and I'm sure that we always will. But she's strong and she's determined, and she has a lot to live for.

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: And -- she has the best father in the whole world right by her side.

Jack: Thank you for saying that.

Kendall: What do you think?

Ryan: Greenlee? She's not going anywhere unless it's kicking and screaming.

Kendall: That's our girl.

Ryan: Yeah, it is. Wow. We really have been through it all together, haven't we?

Greenlee: Stop the wedding! Tell me you just asked why -- if -- if anyone knows why this couple should not be joined in unholy matrimony and let me rip!

Kendall: Now, Greenlee, get the hell out of my way!


Greenlee: Save my sister! Save my baby!

Ryan: Hold on to me, hold on to me. One, two, three --

[Ryan grunts]

Ryan: Up you go. I got you, I got you, I got you. I'm coming back! I can't leave him alone again! I can't!

Ryan: My personal favorite has got to be -- has got to be the Jacuzzi.

Kendall: Oh, you mean when I tried to sabotage your wedding? Hey, Greenlee, get out! No. Uh -- excuse me, but you were right there with us.

Ryan: No, I got -- I got pulled in. I wanted nothing to do with that.

Kendall: Lies! You're lying.

Ryan: No, not lies. You have a way of doing that, you two, you and Greenlee -- pulling people into whatever drama you have going on.

Kendall: That's funny, I have not thought of that stuff in so long.

Ryan: Really?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: I have.

Angie: Hey. Everything's going to be fine, baby.

Frankie: Hmm. Sure. Now, forget that you're my mother and tell me what's going on.

Angie: We've put together a treatment for the poison you ingested -- me, Joe, Department of Agriculture, Poison Control. We've been working all night. I'm very confident.

Frankie: Yeah?

Angie: We have every indication that this will work.

Frankie: You -- you wouldn't lie to me, would you, Ma?

Angie: No. No way. Now, I want you to listen to me. You need to save up, because you're going to need all the strength that you have.

Joe: Angie. Antidote is ready. We shouldn't wait.

Angie: Ready?

[Angie injects Frankie]

Babe: Why, J.R.? Give me one good reason why you're back with Adam? I mean, what part of "it's a bad place for you" don't you understand?

J.R.: I know what I'm doing. I can handle it this time.

Babe: Where have I heard that before?

J.R.: What do you want me to say, Babe? You want me to say that I'm weak? That my old man pressured me? I came crawling back to him? You know what? You believe what you want. I'm out of here.

Krystal: Babe, don't you think you were a little harsh?

Babe: No, Mama, I don't. And, you of all people know how poisonous that place is, especially for J.R., and here you are practically encouraging him.

Krystal: Yes, I did encourage him. In fact, I asked him to do it.

Carlos: That should do it.

Adam: Let me see.

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: Splendid.

Carlos: Thank you. I think your son will be surprised.

Adam: Oh, yes, he'll -- he'll be very surprised. Mm-hmm.

Angie: Frankie, guess what. You weren't dreaming, after all. Your daddy really is alive.

Frankie: Huh.

[Frankie gasps and coughs as he wakes from his dream and starts pulling off his IVs]

Erica: Val -- Val, I have a little project for you.

Val: Anything.

Erica: Ok. I want you to go through my financial correspondence and find out if I ever got some letter from -- well, it was regarding Leeman Krauss.

Val: From this month, or this year?

Erica: Um -- I have no idea.

Val: Ok. Well, I'll get right on it.

Erica: It's not even about that much money, for heaven's sakes.

Pam: Good morning. Glad you're here. How's Greenlee?

Erica: Oh, she's better, thanks.

Pam: Great. I need you to take a look at these profiles ASAP. We got to book guests for the next two weeks. Once we nail that, then I can get the b-roll footage going. You ok?

Erica: Oh, I'm fine. I just -- I'm a little woozy after giving blood.

Pam: Well, you want to lay down for a minute?

Erica: Oh, absolutely not. Of course not, Pam. Don't be so dramatic.

Val: Erica?

Erica: Yes, Val?

Val: Um -- there's about -- um -- 20 folders of financial documents that don't seem to be in any particular order.

Pam: Well, what are you looking for?

Erica: Something that may have been sent to me.

[Phone rings]

Pam: Uh, got to run. The swim therapist -- he's asking about the setup. Get me your pics today. We got to book people.

Erica: Yes, Val?

Val: I'm really sorry, but, you know, is there a subject line that I should be looking for or a dollar amount?

Erica: Well, I'm a talk-show host, not an accountant.

Angie: Oh, God, Frankie!

Frankie: Get me out of here!

Angie: Frankie, it's -- it's ok!

Frankie: Get me out of here!

Angie: Come on, baby, come on!

Frankie: I want out!

Angie: You want out of here. Totally normal, totally normal. Well, guess what -- I want you out of here, too, and I promise you that's going to happen, but right now, I need you to stay with this, ok, baby? Let all these people take care of you, ok? Come on. Come on, it's ok. It's ok. It's ok, Frankie.

Nurse: Shall I get restraints?

Angie: Are you crazy? No! That's the last thing he needs!

Nurse: I'm sorry, Doctor, I just thought that maybe --

Angie: No, I -- I'm sorry. You're right. Have them ready, just in case. But I'm hoping we won't. Listen --

Nurse: Yeah?

Angie: Stay with him.

Nurse: Ok.

Angie: I'll be right back. I'll go get them. Please -- please let this be ok. Please.

Kendall: She's going to be ok, right?

Ryan: Absolutely.

Kendall: Ooh. Please get better, little lady. Please. Um -- how's Annie?

Ryan: Who?

Kendall: Annie. You know, 5'3", brown hair, hot little chick who lives with you. Annie?

Ryan: Right. I'm sorry. She's great, actually. She's good -- no -- she's not. She's actually going through a tough time still. Sorry -- um --

Kendall: Well --

Ryan: You know, with her brother and all that, so --

Kendall: What else is happening? What's going on?

Ryan: She got herself tested to see if she would be a match for his bone marrow transplant and it turns out that she wasn't.

Kendall: Oh. Well, how's she doing with that?

Ryan: She's having a tough time with it, you know? The guy is a maniac, but he is still her brother. Personally, I'm just happy that my family is out of it.

Richie: Hey, Emma, you know in gardens, sometimes there's the old dried-up, ugly brown plant? And then there's the healthy, green, pretty plant. Well, with plants like these, sometimes gardeners -- they'll take soil from the healthy plant, and they'll give it to the sick plant, and then the sick plant could be all better. You know, you could do something like that for me.

Emma: Give you dirt?

Richie: Yeah, kind of. Kind of, and I would be so happy. And we could come here, we could hang out, get hot chocolate -- whatever you want --

Emma: Ok.

Richie: For a long, long time, ok? Ok. But you got to tell your mom and dad. And they might say no.

Emma: Why?

Richie: Well -- hmm. Oh.

[Richie chuckles]

Annie: What did I miss?

Richie: Oh, not much. Little Emma was just teaching me about gardens and plants -- things like that. You know, you're a very smart little girl.

Emma: Thanks, Uncle Richie.

[Richie chuckles]

Annie: Here.

Richie: Oh, no, I got to get running. Hmm. Hey -- you take care of yourself, ok?

Emma: Ok.

Richie: Ok. Ahem. Later.

Emma: I like Uncle Richie, Mommy. Isn't he nice?

Annie: Yeah, sweetheart, he's nice. He's very nice.

Babe: So you asked J.R. to be a spy in Adam's house?

Krystal: Only to find out about Kate.

Babe: But how do you even know that Adam's telling the truth about knowing where she is?

Krystal: I don't. I don't, but I just dot think Adam would've gone to all that trouble to get me back if there wasn't something. Honey, J.R. wants this.

Babe: Does -- does Tad know?

Krystal: No, no. I -- I can't tell him, no. I mean, if this turns out to be a bust, it -- it would break his heart. But J.R. is determined -- I mean, Kate is his sister.

Babe: Ok, Mama, look, I -- I know that your hearts are both in the right place, but I am still afraid that you just sent J.R. on a suicide mission.

J.R.: Too late to catch breakfast?

Adam: No, no, no, we got time for that, plenty of time for that. Um -- come, come on in. Come on in, sit. I have something for you.

J.R.: Sure. What is it?

Adam: You know how I always said that my old man never gave me anything?

[Adam chuckles]

J.R.: All the time.

Adam: Well, I was wrong. This morning, I found something that he had given me once. I'd forgotten all about it.

J.R.: A piece of coal?

Adam: No -- a ring, the Chandler family crest. My father was a coal miner. But he had his dreams, and one of his dreams was that someday the Chandler family would be rich enough and powerful enough to have their own family crest. I want you to have it.

J.R.: Are you sure?

Adam: Yes. Um -- it's not valuable, of course, but it is a link to where we came from -- the only one I have, unfortunately. It would mean a great deal to me if you would -- and to your grandfather -- if you would wear it.

J.R.: I'd be honored. Thank you for asking me, Dad.

Erica: Charles, hi. No, I -- I haven't found the paperwork yet, but I am working on it -- along with a thousand other things. Ok, Pam, where were we?

Pam: The pastry chef.

Erica: From Chicago?

Val: I'm sorry, um --

Erica: Yes?

Val: But you've got statements and papers from 10 years ago mixed in with stuff from this year.

Erica: Oh, that's not good, is it? Huh. Well, listen, Val, can you try to just make some sense of it, sort it out, ok? Thanks. What else?

Pam: Well, there's Samuel Woods.

Erica: Who?

Pam: U.S. Attorney, running for Senate.

Erica: Oh, Pam, you know I hate politicians.

Pam: Yeah, well, this one's supposed to be the real deal, plus he's seriously hot -- in a political kind of way.

Erica: Ok, lend me his bio. I'll -- I'll get back to you. Val, I'd like to order some lunch -- I'd like to get it delivered. Oh, no, no, no -- not here, not to me. To Jack -- to Jackson Montgomery at Pine Valley Hospital.

Angie: Jesse, it's me. I need your help. Our boy's in trouble, honey -- real trouble. Jesse, I know -- I know that you want to see Frankie again but, please, please don't take him away. We just found him again and I -- I don't want to let him go. He -- he's got a lot more to do right here. And he's been so strong, baby -- you would be so proud. Will you help me be strong? Help me keep him alive, give me the wisdom and the strength to keep him alive? I know I'm asking for a lot, but, hey, you know me -- never too shy to ask for what I want. Hello?

Val: Erica, I'm sorry to bother you again, but -- I couldn't find that correspondence you were looking for.

Erica: Really? Huh. Ok, Val, look, I hate to ask you to do this. I know it's all been very tedious, but could you call Charles Dansforth for me and tell him that we can't find the letter?

Val: Oh. Ok.

Erica: I mean, what else can we do? I mean, we've given it our best shot.

Val: Well, do you want me to refile everything in a different way?

Pam: I'm sorry, but we've got to get this schedule ironed out. I need you to eyeball a few clips.

Erica: Yeah, of course. Val, thank you so much -- I mean, thank you for all your hard work.

Val: Right.

Samuel: What I hear about most from people, from your average American citizens, are questions about the big divide in this country -- not along political lines, not along racial lines. It's a division between --

Erica: Is that him?

Pam: Hmm.

Samuel: The privileged few and the rest of us.

Pam: What did I tell you?

Samuel: So why is it that the rich and powerful continue to get away with business behavior that often is unethical, and more often than not, is in fact illegal? Well, no more. I have spoken personally with the president. I've been given the green light to set up a task force. My office, the FBI, and the SEC will be all involved. There will be no more free lunches handed out in the boardroom.

Kendall: Oh. Hi. Sorry, I -- I didn't want to wake you. The doctors said to let you rest.

Greenlee: That's all I'm doing these days.

Kendall: You feeling better?

Greenlee: I don't feel worse. That's progress, right?

Kendall: Of course.

Greenlee: What's happening with Frankie? Is he doing ok?

Kendall: Yeah.

Greenlee: Did they give him the antidote yet? If it works on him, it'll work on me.

Kendall: It will -- it has to.

Greenlee: Fusion needs a new chemist. Any of them available or are they too busy trying to keep me and Frankie from kicking it?

Kendall: Would you stop? Why -- stop talking like that.

Greenlee: Hey, I'm fighting this. Don't worry. If I stop being a smart-ass, then you'll know I'm really on death's door.

Kendall: Ok, smart-ass -- well, joke away. Come on.

Greenlee: You don't really want to hear any of my jokes.

Kendall: You're probably right.

Greenlee: I don't think you can handle them.

Orderly: Hi. I'm here to take you for your full body scan?

Kendall: Um -- well, I -- I want to go.

Orderly: You can't be in the room.

Kendall: Ok, well, then I'll go as far as I can.

Greenlee: You don't have to.

Kendall: No, I'm going -- let's go. Let's go.

Orderly: Ok.

Ryan: Oh, hi! Hi, hi, hi.

Annie: Hi.

Ryan: Hey! How are you? You ok?

Annie: Yeah, I'm -- I'm ok. We just -- just ran into Richie. He looked pretty ragged, it just kind of got to me -- that's all.

Ryan: I'm sorry.

Annie: I just can't believe after everything we went through, there's no way to help him.

Emma: Uncle Richie said I could help him, but you won't let me.

Krystal: Look, when Adam offered the trade -- me for everything he knows about Kate -- I considered it. Tad could've found Kate.

Babe: Yes, and you could've lost Jenny. God, what a bastard Adam is!

Krystal: Yes, he is that. You know, maybe you're right about sending J.R. in there. I -- I should be the one to take the risk --

Babe: No, no, no, Mom --

Krystal: No, I wasn't thinking it through. I was being selfish.

J.R.: Hey.

Krystal: Hey, look -- we need to talk. Can I see you?

J.R.: Sure. Uh -- is everything ok?

Krystal: Well, I don't know -- you tell me. How's it going over there?

J.R.: It's, um -- it's kind of surprising.

Krystal: Did you find something?

J.R.: No. But Dad gave me a ring -- said it was his father's.

Krystal: I didn't know the old man left Adam anything at all.

J.R.: Yeah, he said he forgot all about it. I was actually kind of touched by it.

Krystal: Just be careful, J.R.

J.R.: I know what I'm here for. Don't worry about me.

[Adam listens in on the conversation]

Ryan: What exactly did Uncle Richie say to you?

Emma: He said I could save his life like a sick tree in the garden.

Annie: I had no idea. I -- I left for two minutes.

Ryan: Oh, no, that's ok. There's no way that you would've known that he would do something like this.

Emma: Why won't you let me save Uncle Richie's life?

Ryan: Well, um -- come here, Emma. Come here -- come here and sit next to your dad. Ok! See, the thing is this decision -- this decision that Uncle Richie is asking you to make -- this is a grown-up decision. It's not a decision that little girls make, you know? One of the best things about being a little girl really is that all you have to worry about is just playing with your friends and -- oh, I don't know -- going to school and teaching your brother how to ride his tricycle.

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Emma: I'm good at all that stuff.

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: You are, you're --

[Ryan chuckles]

Ryan: You're very good at all that stuff -- you're great at it.

Emma: Well, does that mean I can't help Uncle Richie feel better, too?

Ryan: Uncle Richie will get help. He'll get the help that he needs, but he's going to get it from another grownup.

Annie: But it -- it is so sweet that you want to help, honey.

Emma: Will he be mad that I can't?

Ryan: No.

Annie: No.

Ryan: No, no, no, he's not going to be mad. I'm going to have a little chat with Uncle Richie, and I'm going to make sure that he understands all of that, ok? But right now, you know what we have to work on?

Emma: What?

Ryan: We have to work on flying lessons!

Annie: Oh -- flying?

Ryan: That's right -- whoo-hoo! Your flying lesson of the day!

Annie: Yeah!

Ryan: Look at you looking fantastic!

Annie: Whoo!

Ryan: Look at you go -- oh, my goodness! How was that?

Emma: I'm dizzy.

Ryan: I'm dizzy, too. Give your dad a hug. Give me a hug, you little boo. Give me a big hug.

Samuel: I just received a letter recently from a 75-year-old widow -- retired schoolteacher. She'd lost her life savings. Now, it wasn't a lot by business standards -- it was $40,000. But it was everything she had. So how'd that happen? How did $40,000 just disappear overnight? A little sleight-of-hand stock manipulation -- business as usual. Well, no more. I'm putting you on notice. Anyone who would steal money from a 75-year-old retired schoolteacher, playtime is now over.

[Erica turns TV off]

Erica: He's not that good-looking.

Pam: Hmm -- you've got to be kidding.

Erica: Why don't you get his number?

Kendall: I want to take you to a spa when we get out of here.

Greenlee: Oh, amen to that -- both of us. Hey -- Doctor, whatever is that you're giving me, keep it coming. I feel much better.

Angie: I'm glad to hear that.


Angie: That's my son! Get me a crash cart! Ok. All right, Frankie. All right. Ok. All right, Frankie -- just hold on, hold on. Come on. Come here.

[Frankie has a seizure while Greenlee and Kendall watch]

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Greenlee (to Jack and Aidan): This is literally a do-or-die situation.

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Greenlee (to Zach): For five weeks you willed me to survive. I need your help one last time.

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