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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 1/22/08


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Aidan: You're suggesting that Zach and Greenlee slept together? Huh. There's no way.

Kendall: Ok, I'm not saying that they did.  I'm just saying that it's possible.

Aidan: Why? Why, because you and me did it?

Kendall: This isn't guilt, Aidan.

Aidan: Yes, it is guilt, all right, and it's got a little bit of paranoia mixed in.

Kendall: Oh, oh, come on, Aidan. Don't tell me you haven't thought about that. I mean, for -- for God's sake, Greenlee and Zach, they used to hate each other. And now, when my husband storms off, the only one who has any idea where he might be is her!

Aidan: So Greenlee has some idea of what makes Zach tick. Big deal -- they spent five weeks together in the bomb shelter. It doesn't mean that they slept together.

Kendall: And if you're wrong?

Aidan: I'm not.

Kendall: Ok, let's just say that you are. Could you honestly look me in the eye and tell me that you would not be jealous or upset if you found out Greenlee and Zach did the exact same thing that we did?

Zach: How you doing?

Greenlee: I think it's passing.

Zach: Good.

Greenlee: There's something seriously wrong with me, Zach.

Zach: Yeah, and we're going to fix it. You're not going to die -- I won't allow it.

Greenlee: What did I tell you about control?

Zach: You said something like I don't have as much as I think I do or something.

Greenlee: Don't make promises you can't keep, ok?

Zach: I can keep this one.

Greenlee: How?

Zach: Well, you're tough, and you're strong, and you got too much to live for. And I'm selfish.

Greenlee: Selfish?

Zach: Mm-hmm. I can't let you die -- wouldn't know what I'd do without you.

Adam: Thank you.

[Adam coughs]

Colby: Hmm.

Adam: Hmm. I'm the one with the sore throat. Why so quiet?

Colby: Tad and Krystal getting remarried, Zach Slater trying to kill you -- gee, Dad, you really know how to throw a party.

Adam: Zach Slater is a fool if he thinks he can get away with this. I had half a dozen witnesses.

Colby: If he's a fool, then what does that make me?

[Krystal remembers]

Adam's voice: This -- this could be a win-win for all of us, for everyone. Tad gets his kid back, you get your real life back with me. Why couldn't you accept my deal? Why?

Krystal: Yeah, it's Krystal. I need to talk to you.

Tad: Hey, Pop. How's your patient? He going to pull through?

Joe: Ahem -- I sure hope so. It's Frankie Hubbard.

Angie: Where have you been?

Frankie: Around.

Angie: "Around"? That's the best you can do, Frankie? Why -- why didn't you call me?

Frankie: Ma?

Angie: Or at least tell me where you were, that you were all right? I was worried sick about you -- we all were!

Frankie: I'm sorry.

Angie: Oh, Frankie, my baby. Don't you know that I thought I would never see you again?

Frankie: It's good, Ma, really. I -- I feel a lot better now.

Angie: Don't lie to me, Frankie.

Frankie: I'm not. This thing, whatever it is, it -- it comes and goes.

Angie: "This thing," as you call it, is an unknown agent that's affecting every organ in your body and according to the chart Joe sent me, you not only just had a seizure, but you've been suffering with it for a long time.

Frankie: A while.

Angie: And you still didn't -- how long is "a while?"

Frankie: A few weeks, maybe a month.

Angie: You feel listless, stomach cramps?

Frankie: Yeah, all of that and lately I've been having some problems swallowing, too.

Angie: Ok.

Frankie: Listen -- hey. I really am sorry. I didn't want to worry anybody. I just needed some time to chill, you know? Huh -- a lot happened over there.

Angie: Frankie, I begged you to tell us about being in Iraq but you wouldn't. Instead, you shut us out -- I mean, just left us a note with no forwarding address?

Frankie: Oh.

Angie: I promise you I won't go on like this forever, but I do need to get it out of my system. You were wrong to do that to us. You have a family who loves you, who wanted to understand.

Frankie: I get it, Ma. Ok? I get it. How's Cassandra?

Angie: Worried sick about you.

Frankie: What do you want me to say, Mom?

Angie: I don't know. I don't know, I'm -- where else does it hurt right now? Tell me that because I'm a doctor -- at least I can do something about that.

Frankie: It's like I keep saying, this thing just --

Angie: What?

Frankie: Oh, man.

Angie: Frankie?

Frankie: Uh -- Ma?

Angie: I need somebody! Get me two milligrams of lorazepam.

Julia: What happened?

Angie: Get the pressure cart, stat.

[Frankie groans as he seizes]

Joe: He was going by the name of "Quentin" -- yeah, and he was living in the woods --

Tad: Yeah?

Joe: Where they found Zach and Greenlee, yeah.

Tad: "Quentin"?

Joe: Yeah, yeah. I didn't know it was Frankie until I walked into his hospital room.

Tad: Well, how sick is he?

Joe: Well, that's the thing -- we don't know. Some kind of toxin, organism that attacks different parts of his body. That's why I called in Angie. I mean, who could tell it was to treat her own son? Should've seen the expression on her face when she first walked in that room. I mean, I kind of blindsided her.

Tad: Oh, come on, Pop. You can't blame yourself -- it was hardly your fault. I'm sure in some way, she's grateful that Frankie found his way here.

Joe: Incidentally, how did Angie find you?

Tad: Oh, that was courtesy of Adam Chandler.

Joe: What happened, huh?

Tad: Well, to make a long story short, Krystal and I end up, you know, exchanging our vows all over again in front of a bunch of stunned friends, nobody more stunned that the old silver-haired devil himself, who was so upset he turns around and goads Zach into strangling him half to death.

Joe: What do you suppose he had in mind?

Tad: Oh, Pop, come on. It's Adam -- who cares? Whatever it is, this is over -- thank God.

Joe: Yeah.

J.R.: Krystal? Sure, come on in.

Krystal: Close the door, J.R. I don't want anybody to know I'm here.

J.R.: Ok. What's the deal?

Krystal: I need you to do something for me.

J.R.: Name it.

Krystal: You just -- you have to promise not to tell anybody.

J.R.: Krystal, what is with --

Krystal: J.R., just -- just promise me.

J.R.: Ok, I promise. What do you want me to do?

Krystal: I need you to tell your father the mother of all lies.

Adam: You're not a fool, Colby.

Colby: It sure feels like it to me. First, you get me to throw a party for Tad and Krystal, and then you lock everybody out and then everyone starts freaking out.

Adam: I honestly wanted to bury the hatchet with Tad Martin and give Tad and Krystal the wedding they deserved.

Colby: That is so much crap!

Adam: Colby!

Colby: Tell me the truth, Dad! For once in your life, give me that respect, would you? I deserve it.

Adam: Huh -- all right. All right, you want the truth? It's not pretty but here it is. I just wanted to show off a little bit tonight.

Colby: Show off? Why?

Adam: Because everybody in that room -- with the exception of you -- had swept me under the rug like so much dust off their shoe, and I just wanted to show them that Adam Chandler was back, that Chandler Enterprises was up and running, and if anybody thought that I was through in this town, they'd better re -- better reconsider.

Colby: Ok. I -- I understand, I get it.

Adam: You see, it was just really a public relations maneuver, which I must admit didn't go as I planned.

Colby: No, Dad. What it was, was pathetic.

Greenlee: Are you saying you need me?

Zach: What? No. I -- I said that somebody sometime may think that you could grow on them after a while, that's --

Greenlee: Oh, you sweet talker, you.

Zach: Yeah. Come on, let's get you warm. Let's get you better.

Greenlee: Huh -- don't change the subject, Slater.

Zach: I mean --

Greenlee: And besides, you know I like it out here.

Zach: It's nice.

Greenlee: I'm fine.

Zach: I just -- I thought maybe if you got warm, maybe that would help you a little bit. You can use my coat. It's not yours to keep, you can --

[Greenlee laughs]

Zach: You can borrow it, ok, for a minute. There.

Greenlee: You know, you're not awful, either -- for the record.

Zach: Wow, that is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me -- thank you. Feel better?

Greenlee: Yeah, thanks.

Zach: It's a nice coat, right?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm, nice.

Zach: Good.

Greenlee: Oh, yeah.

[Zach chuckles]

Greenlee: Can I ask you something, without you thinking I'm completely certifiable?

Zach: Go ahead.

Greenlee: Do you ever miss being down there, in the shelter? I mean, not the snake and Sticks McGee and the lack of food and the water and the claustrophobia and, ok, I'm sounding crazy, even to myself.

Zach: There was a -- a quiet simplicity, and I do miss that.

Greenlee: Yeah. Down there, it was like the outside world didn't even exist.

Zach: Right. And now, we're thrown back into it and it's -- I don't mean that. These are people that love us and they -- they care about us.

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah, and they want to help know what it was like down there, but we can't explain what it was like down there, because they weren't there, so how could they possibly understand? And then we feel guilty for feeling that way, because Aidan loves me, and Kendall adores you, and we should want to talk to them.

Zach: But we want to talk to each other.

Greenlee: Right. So, what do you think it means?

Zach: I don't know. We did share something and it -- it was unique and -- profound. And I guess maybe we're not ready to let it go yet.

Aidan: You want to play the game, let's play the game.

Kendall: This is not a game, Aidan. This is a question that you obviously don't have an answer to.

Aidan: Look, if, right -- and this is a really huge "if" -- Zach and Greenlee did do it down there in the bomb shelter, well, then I would understand.

Kendall: Bull.

Aidan: Look, you wanted an answer -- there you have it.

Kendall: Well, I -- I don't believe you.

Aidan: Well, I guess that solves that, then, doesn't it?

Kendall: Well, I wouldn't be so understanding.

Aidan: How can you say that? Don't you think that's being a little bit hypocritical?

Kendall: Yeah, maybe.

Aidan: Yeah.

Kendall: Yeah. Well, the fact is that what happened between you and me -- it was one night that we thought we lost the two people that we loved. We thought we'd lost them, it -- and it was physical. This thing between Zach and Greenlee, it's emotional.

Aidan: Well, what do you think happened down there -- they had some big love affair? Over 50-year-old biscuits and water.

Kendall: I don't know, Aidan -- I have no idea. The only thing that I do know is that Zach went off on Adam, and then he took off without telling me.

Aidan: And I said to you, "it's a guy thing." Sometimes when you lose it, you lose control, you just want to be by yourself.

Kendall: Well, Zach is not by himself -- that's my point. That's what I'm saying -- he's with Greenlee.

Aidan: And you and Greenlee have a long, long history of going after each other's boyfriends. Is that the real issue here, Kendall? That you're frightened that history is repeating itself?

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: So, am I right?

Kendall: Oh, Aidan, if you think this is some catty girl thing between me and Greenlee, you're missing the point.

Aidan: And what exactly is your point?

Kendall: My point is that Greenlee and I, we -- we love each other like sisters. But as you've seen, we are completely capable of really hurting each other and sometimes without even realizing that we're doing it. I mean, Ryan and Greenlee started out as friends. Ryan was mine and then he was hers.

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: I -- I know that.

Kendall: Yes.

Aidan: I know this.

Kendall: So, it -- it makes perfect sense to -- to go back there, especially when you know things haven't been the same.

Aidan: Things haven't been the same between you and Zach?

Kendall: No, and -- and the same with you and Greenlee. I mean, you just said so yourself.

Aidan: Yeah, well, that's because Greenlee's been ill.

Kendall: Ok. Greenlee's been ill, and Zach has been a bottle of rage, and the two of them are commiserating with each other. You just -- you just made my point. You keep making my point.

Aidan: So when exactly was it that Greenlee seduced Zach? Was it when she was dying of starvation? Was it when she was bitten by the snake? In fact, you know what? I know when it was -- it was when they come across the corpse and, you know, one thing led to another.

Kendall: Oh, would you stop? You're being ridiculous.

Aidan: No, you're being ridiculous, Kendall, and you always do this. You're working yourself up over nothing, all right? I hate it. It's just it -- I don't want to be a part of this anymore. It really annoys me. If you don't want to believe the best in people, well, then you do that, you go ahead, but I like to trust people, all right? I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Kendall: You do? Well, look how well that's worked for you so far.

Greenlee: I've told Kendall things that I should've been telling Aidan.

Zach: Very different -- that's girl talk. That's not even the same.

Greenlee: No, no, I didn't want to hurt his feelings. He's been treating me like I might break at any second, and how could I tell him it was making me crazy?

Zach: But he's not wrong.

Greenlee: Yeah, there is that.

Zach: So, when were you going to tell him that you're not feeling well?

Greenlee: Like, never?

Zach: Oh.

Greenlee: Bad idea?

Zach: Yeah. You got to be straight with people, and especially Aidan and doctors. You got to tell them what's going on.

Greenlee: Joe Martin knows that I've been weak and dizzy, and it's probably because I'm so dehydrated and malnourished from being down there for so long.

Zach: Then why are we here? What are we doing? Let's get you home, get you well. Come on.

Angie: Come on, Frankie. Hang in there, baby!

[Monitor beeps quickly]

Julia: He's stopped breathing.

Angie: I can see his cords but he's not breathing. Something's lodged in his airway. Hand me an ET tube. I can feel it but I can't get past it. It's too low. Oh. We're going to start losing brain soon -- we're going to have to do a tracheotomy. Give me a scalpel.

Angie: He's stable. Nice work.

Julia: It's "Julia," by the way -- Julia Keefer.

Angie: Yeah, we spoke on the phone. Tad told me about you. Angela Hubbard.

Julia: Nice work yourself, considering --

Angie: He's my son?

Julia: I don't know that I would've been as steady if it were someone as close to me.

Angie: Oh, believe me, there was a volcano going on inside.

Julia: That should help him sleep through the night.

Angie: What else can you tell me about his case?

Julia: Um, not much -- other than what's in Frankie's -- I mean, Quentin's chart. We had never seen anything like this here.

Angie: Have you looked into some type of local virus that could be circulating?

Julia: We're tracking everything.

Angie: What about blood screens?

Julia: Not yet.

Angie: Make it a priority. We need blood screens of every patient who has been in Pine Valley Hospital in the last year checked and cross-checked to Frankie's.

Julia: Ok.

Angie: We're looking for similar symptoms -- antibodies, mutations, anything that connects to Frankie's blood work.

Julia: All right, I'm right on it. Is there anything else?

Angie: Frankie's middle name is Quentin -- Franklin Quentin Hubbard.

Julia: I'll pass it along. And I'll get on those blood screens.

Angie: Thank you, Julia.

Adam: Perhaps I'm not as on top of my game as I thought I was.

Colby: I don't think you were making a big splash for everybody. I think it was for Krystal -- you still love her.

Adam: That's beside the point.

Colby: Well, do you?

Adam: It doesn't matter! She's married to Tad Martin. They have their great big, happy family, which, if I'm not mistaken, you're still a part of.

Colby: Yes! And I am a part of this one, too, only that you won't allow there to be two families in the world. So you're either in or you're out.

Adam: That's not true.

Colby: Oh, sure it is. And every time you do something like you did tonight, you make their family look better.

Tad: Ah --

Joe: Yes.

Tad: Joe. The perfect end to a perfect day.

[Joe chuckles]

Joe: You look tired.

Tad: I feel tired. All this excitement will do that to you.

Joe: Yes, it will. Of course, meeting Angie must've brought back memories.

Tad: Oh, yeah -- the good old days, Angie and Jesse, Greg and Jenny, you know, me and --

Joe: Dixie.

Tad: Yeah. Angie apologized -- she said she was sorry that she missed the funeral. Whenever -- whenever anybody mentions the funeral, I start thinking about Dixie. When I think about Dixie, I naturally think about Kate.

Joe: Yeah.

Tad: And I start wondering, you know, where she is, what she looks like, if she's all right, if I'm ever going to meet her.

Krystal: Listen, I think we can both agree that your father has done some pretty despicable things.

J.R.: Yeah, we wouldn't have enough time to list them all.

Krystal: Exactly.

J.R.: But I do have a list.

Krystal: Well, so do I.

J.R.: Anyway?

Krystal: Tonight, your father added to that list. Tonight, he said something that just sounded so outrageous and so beyond even Adam's capacity for cruelty that I have to know if it's true.

J.R.: What?

Krystal: When he locked you all in that room and he pulled me out in the lobby, he offered me a deal. If I moved back in with him, then he would give me some information that he had. If I would become Mrs. Adam Chandler, he would tell Tad where Kate is -- your little sister.

Aidan: You know what? For what it's worth, I haven't had the best track record in relationships since I've arrived in this town, but you know what -- neither have you.

Kendall: I know that.

Aidan: And you always do exactly what you're doing now -- you blow up at people, you don't trust them, and you leave them before they leave you.

Kendall: I'm not leaving anybody.

Aidan: No, exactly. You're right here, and you're acting like an -- like an ass.

Kendall: Oh, I am? Thank you so much. Wow, you're -- you're using up your apology there, real quick.

Aidan: Get your coat.

Kendall: What, are you going to throw me out again?

Aidan: We're going for a walk.

Kendall: Oh, that sounds familiar.

Aidan: Don't you ever say anything directly?

Kendall: You know what? You are just like Zach. Whenever you want to shut Kendall up, take her out for a walk. Ok, why don't we just -- can we arm-wrestle or something, something different, please? It is so cold out there, it's freezing.

Aidan: Yeah, and you're really hotheaded, all right? It's freezing cold outside and maybe that will chill you out.

Kendall: Oh, come on.

Aidan: Look.

Kendall: Fine.

Greenlee: I'm not going to the hospital tonight.

Zach: Why not?

Greenlee: Because I can't be sick.

Zach: You are sick. It's nobody's fault, but we got to fix it. We got to get you better.

Greenlee: No, no. I have to just get through another day and then today and then tomorrow and then, in a week or a month, everything will be back to normal.

Zach: Oh, ok, doctor. And ignoring everything and not telling Aidan's going to make things better.

Greenlee: I told you because I thought you'd understand.

Zach: I do understand. I understand you're stubborn and no one can drag you to the hospital, but I also understand that you're a smart girl, and you want to keep living for a while longer, you know, and annoy people like me, so eventually you're going to do the right thing. Why are you looking at me like that? Whoa. Hey.

[Greenlee hugs Zach]

Greenlee: Hmm.

Zach: So, does that mean I get to take you to the hospital?

Greenlee: No, that means that you get to take me home.

Zach: All right, that's a start. I'm going to keep bugging you -- you know that.

Greenlee: Hmm. Do I expect anything less?

J.R.: So, you're telling me that my father knows where Kate is?

Krystal: So he says. But we know that Adam has a pretty sticky relationship with the truth, which means we can't always believe what he has to say. Then again, why would he say that?

J.R.: To get you to come back. You just said so yourself.

Krystal: I would never stick around if I knew it was all a lie, and Adam knows that, which makes me believe there's something to it.

J.R.: Well, there's one good way of finding out.

Krystal: What?

J.R.: I'm going to go over there right now and pound the truth out of him.

Krystal: No, J.R., come on, don't. Use your head. There's another way, a better way.

J.R.: I assume you already have one.

Krystal: Adam wants you home. He wants that more than anything, even me, I think.

J.R.: So you want me to pretend like all is forgiven? "Sorry, Dad, didn't mean to say all those terrible things to you. Sure, I still love you."

Krystal: You do, don't you?

J.R.: I can't do this.

Krystal: J.R., look, I -- I know that I'm asking a lot.

J.R.: Do you?

Krystal: And I would never even ask you if I thought there was another way, but -- come on. This -- this is for Tad. We'd be reuniting a family, your family. And I think you're strong enough to be the man to do it.

Adam: Well, I believe you've made your point, Colby. I mishandled the entire evening.

Colby: Hmm, you think?

Adam: And I'm tired. And I do have a sore throat. And I would appreciate a break in all the slings and arrows.

Colby: Fine. No more piling on. But no more using me to fight your battles, either.

Adam: Agreed.

Colby: Thank you.

Adam: Are you staying here tonight?

Colby: Yeah.

Adam: I'm never sure.

Colby: Dad, I know where my home is, ok?

Adam: Yeah. I love you so much, sweetheart.

Greenlee: Oh! God, I can barely feel my face.

Zach: All right.

Greenlee: Oh.

Zach: Sit down. Come on.

Greenlee: Oh.

Zach: Put this on you. Here you go.

[Greenlee giggles]

Greenlee: Ah.

Zach: A little better?

Greenlee: Yeah, perfection. Ooh. No answer?

Zach: Hmm? No, voicemail.

Greenlee: Hmm. Well, she's probably still with Aidan. I left him a message. Thanks for driving me home tonight.

Zach: And thank you for finding me. It helped -- the talking part.

Greenlee: And arguing, kind of?

Zach: Didn't argue. I was just giving you my opinion on what maybe you should do.

Greenlee: I know, I know. Tell Aidan the truth and see the doctor, but --

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: Truthfully, Zach, I'm starting to feel better already. I think talking to you was the best medicine of all.

Zach: Talking to me? That's -- don't kid a kidder.

Greenlee: I wouldn't think of it.

Zach: All right, I'm on to you, and I can be a real pain in the butt, you know that.

Greenlee: Tell me about it.

Zach: How about a hot chocolate?

Greenlee: What, am I, like, 5? With marshmallows?

Zach: Yeah. How else would you drink hot chocolate?

Kendall: Ok, ok, so -- so you were right. A walk was exactly what I needed.

Aidan: Well, thank you, ma'am.

Kendall: Yeah. I'm sorry for being such a bitch and -- and for being paranoid and being all the things that my evil twin can be. We still friends?

Aidan: Come here.

Zach: Hey. What's going on here?

Kendall: I've been worried to death.

Zach: I'm sorry, I -- I --

Kendall: You're sorry? You took off again without telling me, and all you can say is you're sorry?

Greenlee: Hey, hey. I found him, just where I thought he would be.

Kendall: Well, maybe you could have told me where the hell you were going to find him so that I wouldn't have been worried that he was lying dead on the side of the road.

Zach: Hey, hey, hey, calm down, calm down, calm down. If you're going to be angry at somebody, be angry at me, not Greenlee.

Aidan: Guys, why don't we take this inside, ok?

Zach: That's a good idea.

Greenlee: I -- I didn't know exactly where Zach was, or I would've told you. You and Aidan.

Aidan: I think the important thing is, is that we're all home, and we're safe.

Zach: Yeah. Let's take this show on the road. Come on, Kendall.

Greenlee: Kendall, are you ok?

Aidan: I think these two just, you know, need some time to talk.

Zach: And you two probably need to work some stuff out, too, so we're leaving.

Greenlee: Hey, you -- this is supposed to be a happy moment. No security guards outside, nobody in the hospital, nobody missing. The kids are all safe and sound in their little beds. Why aren't we all happy?

Kendall: We're happy. Sorry. I'm sorry. I just -- Aidan and I -- we were just really worried, that's all.

Greenlee: And I should've told you where I was going.

Kendall: Yeah, you should have. And can I ask where that was?

Greenlee: Why don't you tell her?

Zach: Come on. Good night.

Aidan: Good night.

J.R.: Have you told Tad about this?

Krystal: No.

J.R.: Why not?

Krystal: Because Tad would have the same impulse you had, and he's going to want to throttle Adam, only I don't think he would stop once he got started.

J.R.: What if Dad's lying?

Krystal: It would break Tad's heart -- to have that hope taken away from him, which is why we need to know for sure what Adam knows, and you're the only one who can do that.

J.R.: Back to the Chandler Mansion --

Krystal: J.R., you can't tell anyone the reason, not Tad, not Babe, not anyone.

J.R.: So I'm just supposed to let everybody think that I caved? "J.R. went back to the mansion with his dad"? You know, when Tad came to the jail, he told me that he was proud of me for taking the responsibility to not let my father lie to get me out of jail.

Krystal: I know. I know -- that was a big step for you, I know.

J.R.: He said it meant I could take my father on any playing field.

Krystal: He's a pretty smart guy, your stepfather.

J.R.: Maybe we should road-test his theory.

Krystal: Thank you. Thank you, J.R.

Joe: Well, look, it's a new year. Maybe you ought to take some time off and devote everything, you know, to the search.

Tad: That's an excellent idea.

Joe: Well, I'm glad to hear you think so.

Tad: What do you mean?

Joe: Well, son --

Tad: You are always right.

Joe: I am, of course. Well, I'm going to go out on that note.

Tad: Ok. All right. Thanks, Pop.

Joe: Ok. Anytime. Bye.

Julia: How's our patient?

Angie: Better. Thanks.

Julia: I have those blood screens you asked for.

Angie: Did you find anything?

Julia: Well, there were three cases similar to Frankie's. These two.

Angie: Similar symptoms.

Julia: And unresponsive to our initial course of antibiotics.

Angie: But eventually, you did make a diagnosis.

Julia: Right. But this case is still open.

Angie: Greenlee Smythe?

Aidan: Hey. Are you all right?

Greenlee: Yeah. Couldn't be better.

Krystal: Hey.

Tad: Oh, hey.

Krystal: I thought I'd find you here.

Tad: Yeah.

Krystal: Mmm.

[Krystal snickers]

Tad: Oh, boy. Ok, what's that for?

Krystal: Let's just say I have a feeling it's going to be a really great year.

Tad: Ok.

Krystal: Ok?

Tad: Well, in that case, ready to go home?

Krystal: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Adam: Hello?

J.R.: Dad --

Adam: J.R.? What a surprise.

Colby: Be nice.

Adam: Uh -- what -- what can I do for you?

J.R.: I need to talk with you.

Adam: Good, I'm listening.

J.R.: Not on the phone. Alone, in person.

Adam: All right.

J.R.: Listen, I'll stop by tomorrow.

Adam: Is this about anything in particular?

J.R.: Yeah, it's -- it's about a truce.

Adam: Tomorrow it is. See you then.

J.R.: Good night.

Adam: Good night, son.

Colby: Well?

Adam: I think your brother may be ready to come home.

Julia: Long day.

Angie: That obvious?

Julia: From one mom to another, yeah.

Angie: How many?

Julia: One.

Angie: Oh. Oh. She's beautiful.

Julia: Thanks.

Angie: How old?

Julia: 5.

Angie: 5 -- 25 -- they'll always be our babies.

Julia: Mm-hmm. Have a good night.

Angie: Good night, Julia. I don't want you to worry, baby. Mama is going to find out what's wrong with you, and she's going to fix it.

Greenlee: Can I tell you something -- without you getting mad?

Aidan: Yeah, of course, you can.

Greenlee: I've been lying to you.

Aidan: About what?

Greenlee: Getting better, feeling better. It's not happening, Aidan, and it's making me a little scared. No, a lot scared.

Aidan: Come here. Why didn't you tell me?

Greenlee: Because I didn't want to worry you.

Aidan: Hey, we're -- we're a team, right? And teammates don't keep secrets from each other.

Greenlee: Right.

Aidan: How are you feeling now?

Greenlee: Truthfully, tired. I know I need to check this out, but tonight, I just want to sleep in my own bed -- with you. Ok?

Aidan: Ok. We're going to take care of this first thing in the morning, all right?

Greenlee: Oh, God.

Aidan: Come here.

[Greenlee squeals when Aidan picks her up]

[Aidan chuckles as he carries her to the bedroom]

Kendall: So, you went to that place where the bomb shelter was? Why?

Zach: I don't know. I got in the car, I started driving, and that's where I ended up.

Kendall: And Greenlee knew right where to find you.

Zach: Yeah, she did.

Kendall: Ok -- um -- I have to come clean about something.

Zach: Go ahead.

Kendall: I'm feeling a little left out of your life right now, and I don't like it very much.

Zach: I'm sorry, I didn't -- I didn't mean for --

Kendall: No, you don't have to say "I'm sorry." Don't apologize. I just -- I need you to look into my eyes and know that you can tell me anything. I don't care if it's -- if it's bad or good. It doesn't matter what it is. I just want us to be as close as we've always been. Can we do that?

Zach: Sure we can.

Kendall: Ok. So, then what was tonight really all about?

Zach: Tonight was about your husband being a horse's ass. Come on. I didn't spend five weeks in a hole, so I could come out here and fight with you. I love you. Always have, always will.

Kendall: Well, that's all I needed to hear.

Zach: Come here.

Kendall: It's cool.

Zach: Yeah?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

[Kendall and Zach kiss]

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Angie (to Greenlee): I'm the specialist that Joe Martin called in to take a look at your case.

Ryan (to Zach): How do you feel about spending the next three months in Africa?

Woman (to Kendall): I'm here to see the author of our new romance novel, by Kendall Hart?

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