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All My Children Transcript Thursday 1/17/08


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Adam: Everything has to be ready by 8:00 -- that's when the honored guests will be arriving.

Waiter: Yes, Mr. Chandler.

Adam: And if everything is ready on time, there'll be a nice gratuity in it for you.

Waiter: Thank you, sir.

Adam: Oh, Erica, as beautiful as always.

Erica: Thank you, thank you, Adam.

Adam: Let me get you a drink -- it's club soda and a twist of lime?

Erica: No, no, thank you. I'm actually meeting a date.

Adam: Really? Let me guess -- Jackson Montgomery?

Erica: No, as a matter of fact, no. It's someone else. I've moved on, Adam. You should try it sometime.

[Greenlee laughs]

Greenlee: Kendall, Kendall, Kendall, where do you come up with this crazy stuff? This is wickedly good. I wonder what "Charm" means.

Zach: They say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.

Greenlee: Huh. Well, then call me mad. Hey, you.

Zach: Hey.

Greenlee: If you're looking for Kendall, you just missed her.

Zach: I came by to see you.

Babe: You leased that condo?

J.R.: Yeah. It's great, right?

Babe: Why?

J.R.: Well, I figured it'd be easier to hang out with Little Adam. I can take him off your hands if you need a break.

Babe: Oh, J.R., you are so full of it. The only reason why you leased that condo was to keep an eye out for Richie.

J.R.: Who? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, the -- the convict. Well, now that you mentioned it, I actually do have a problem with him hanging around you and our son.

Babe: Richie isn't hanging around anybody, and that's my business, isn't it?

J.R.: Little A is our business.

Babe: J.R., the man is dying!

J.R.: Yeah, he's dying to get in your pants! I'm sorry.

Babe: Yeah, you should be. Richie Novak has leukemia, and nobody seems to give a damn whether he lives or dies, including his own sister. Are you happy now? So -- so you don't have to worry about Richie anymore. You know what? You can take that lease, and you can shove it!

Richie: I want to live, and you're going to make that happen.

Annie: We've had this conversation, Richie.

Richie: Let's have it again.

Annie: Well, now is not really a good time.

Richie: Tick tock, Annie. Time's wasting -- at least, it is for me. So, please, let's just have this conversation again, right here, right now.

Annie: Or what?

[Annie gasps when Richie grabs her arm]

Ryan: Oh, I missed you so much! I did, I did, I did. I missed you, I missed you.

Kendall: Put me down!

Ryan: Yes, yes, of course.

Kendall: I'm getting dizzy!

Ryan: Absolute, anything you say -- there you go.

Kendall: Whoa. Ok.

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: All right.

Ryan: Hi.

Kendall: Hi. Um -- Annie said that you were a changed man, but I had no idea.

Ryan: I'm a changed man? No, new man. New man -- bullet to the head will do that to you, I'm telling you.

Kendall: Yeah, I see that.

Ryan: Whoa.

Kendall: Are you ok?

[Ryan groans as he holds his head]

Kendall: Ryan, what's wrong? Ryan, what's wrong? What's the matter? Ryan -- Ryan, are you all right?

Ryan: No, no, I just -- I just got a sudden pain. I got a little --

Kendall: Well, you know what? Sit down, sit down. Just walk slowly. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Ryan: Agh.

Kendall: Ok, ok, what can I do? Can I get you something? Can I get you aspirin, or -- or should I call your doctor?

Ryan: Ah -- I got you.

Kendall: What do you mean?

[Ryan laughs]

Kendall: Are you -- I hate you! Are you kidding?

Ryan: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I couldn't resist, I'm sorry.

Kendall: That's not funny!

Ryan: I know, it's not. It's not funny, it was a bad joke.

Kendall: It really was.

Ryan: I'm having a good time. I'm very happy these days.

Kendall: Ok, great. I'm really -- I'm glad that you're happy. I'm really glad that you're happy, but that was -- it was a close call. This was a close call, for both of us.

Ryan: Ah. I know. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, ok, I'm sorry. You're right, it was, but we're here, we're alive, all right? And life is so good, life has never been better.

Kendall: Yes.

Ryan: Ok?

Kendall: Right. So, what's with the guitar --

Ryan: Yeah!

Kendall: Van Halen? Jimmy Page?

Ryan: The guitar -- Jimmy Page -- thank you very much. Do you remember a few years ago when I was trying to learn how to play? Do you remember that?

Kendall: Oh, do I remember? I wish I could forget. You were horrible!

Ryan: Yes, I was.

Kendall: You were horrendous.

Ryan: I sounded a lot like a cat trying to claw his way out of a paper bag.

Kendall: No, no --

[Ryan strums guitar]

Kendall: No, that's not what you said. I think you -- I think that's not what the cats were doing, actually.

Ryan: No, it wasn't. How did you ever put up with me?

Kendall: Because I loved you.

Ryan: Hey -- what's with that? What's wrong?

Kendall: I don't know, Ryan. I mean, you almost died.

Ryan: I know I did, Kendall, but I survived -- and I'm playing the guitar.

Kendall: Yes, you are. You are playing the guitar. Yeah -- um -- well, I just -- I just want to say thank you for saving my life.

Ryan: "Saving your life"? No, you got it all wrong, Kendall -- you saved mine.

Greenlee: Here you go, sir. One margarita on the rocks, no salt. The girls threw Kendall and me a little welcome-home party.

Zach: Ah -- nice.

Greenlee: Yeah, it was -- nice to be liked again, or at least tolerated.

Zach: I think you were right the first time.

Greenlee: Oh --

Zach: How you doing?

Greenlee: Me? Fine. But you know how it is when you've been away from the office for a month and stuck in a bomb shelter -- the work just seems to pile up.

Zach: Ah. It's just me here. How you doing?

Greenlee: Truth?

Zach: Truth.

Greenlee: Tired, stomach hurts sometimes, but whatever you do, please don't tell Aidan. He'll start treating me like a rare porcelain doll again, and I can't stand that.

Zach: Ok, well, you got to take care of yourself, all right? Deal?

Greenlee: Deal. Ok, enough about me. God, did I just say that?

Zach: Yeah.

Greenlee: Um -- how are you?

Zach: I'm ok. Just I can't get this image out of my head, you know? I keep thinking about Hannah, and I'm holding her, and then I just don't know what to do, you know? And I'm looking down and looking at her face, and when she lets go, she -- she almost seems at peace.

Greenlee: Maybe she was.

Zach: Yeah, maybe she was -- and I'm having nightmares about it.

Greenlee: Really?

Zach: I'm holding on to Hannah, and -- and then I look back, and it's Kendall.

Greenlee: And then she fell? Been there. You want to know what the shrinks will tell you it means?

Zach: No. Why would I -- no, it's random. Why do I care what they think?

Greenlee: I know I shouldn't say this. I should say something comforting and sweet.

Zach: But you're not going to, are you?

Greenlee: No.

Zach: What are you going to say?

Greenlee: Well, you know how bad things happen in threes? I can't help wondering what's going to happen next.

Annie: Let go of my arm, Richie.

Richie: I'm sorry. I am sorry.

Annie: Yeah, yeah, like hell you are.

Richie: I don't know what comes over me. I just --

Annie: You ever grab me like that again, I'll give you a taste of your own medicine -- again.

Richie: What are you talking about?

Annie: What, you don't remember? Remind me -- how'd you get that scar, Richie?

Richie: My sister went crazy, and she bit me -- it's not a big deal.

Annie: Oh, really? Your interpretation of the facts -- not quite accurate.

Richie: Who cares?

Annie: You know what? I care. Especially when you do stuff like that, it reminds me of those old things.

Richie: You don't forget a damn thing, do you?

Annie: No, I don't, not when it involves you. I remember everything, Richie.

Richie: Well, do you really hate me so much that you won't go take one simple little test to see if you could actually save your only brother?

Annie: You know what? "My brother"? Don't even insult me with that.

Richie: Annie, you may be my only chance. And I know you hate me, and I don't --

Annie: I wish -- I wish I hated you, Richie. I wish it were that simple. God knows you deserve it.

Richie: I'm going to die, ok? I'm going to die.

Annie: Yes, and you know what? I'm the one you tried to kill.

[Pounding on door]

J.R.: Babe! Now, this is real mature. Open the door -- please. Ok, don't talk, just listen.

Babe: What is it, J.R.?

J.R.: I know that you're upset about Richie, I get that.

Babe: Oh, really? Congratulations.

J.R.: But you also have a knack for taking in strays -- present company included. But Richie -- he is the mangiest stray in the yard. And he's -- you know, he's a dying psychopath -- which, by the way, is a con's con if I've ever heard one.

Babe: Excuse me?

J.R.: Well, he's lied before. It's not out of the realm of possibilities he's lying about this, too.

Babe: Trust me, J.R., the man is dying.

J.R.: Yeah, if you say so.

Babe: You know what? Just -- just go home.

J.R.: What is it with you and this guy? Is it some sort of weird fixation?

Babe: Oh, that's what really bugs you, isn't it?

J.R.: The guy's got nothing going on anyway, he's dying. What -- what if he does something to you? What if he does something that you don't like, or what if he does something to Little Adam?

Babe: Or what if I sleep with him -- that's what you're really worried about, isn't it? You know what, J.R.? I'm not married to you anymore, I'm not your possession, so I can sleep with whoever I please!

J.R.: What did married have to ever do with it? It didn't stop you before.

Babe: J.R., you should not even talk.

J.R.: It was you and Jamie first.

Babe: Oh, how about you and everybody else in town?

J.R.: What about Josh Madden, that freak of science?

Babe: Oh, well, since we're on the subject of freaks, I married you, didn't I? Just go home, and pull out your binoculars, and why don't you just start spying on me?

J.R.: Come on, will you stop it?

Krystal: Did we -- uh -- come at a bad time?

Erica: Oh, Marshall.

[Marshall chuckles]

Erica: Well, how nice to see you again.

Marshall: Oh, Erica, I was so surprised to get your call -- pleasantly so.

Erica: Yes, of course. Well, should we go to our table? Thank you.

Colby: Sorry I'm late.

Adam: Oh, no, no, no problem. I managed to hold down the fort while you were gone. Are -- are you still upset about Sean?

Colby: I just can't believe he did this to me.

Adam: Sweetheart, the fact that that boy just jumped casually into bed with a neurotic like Hannah Nichols is everything you need to know about Sean Montgomery -- and the people he came from.

Colby: You're not helping, Dad.

Adam: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you're upset. I'm sorry.

Colby: Thank you. So, what's left here to do?

Adam: Well, nothing that I'm aware of, but it occurs to me that if you could run by the manager, ask him if there's anything that needs to be taken care of. I'll order for you.

Colby: Thanks.

Adam: Ah.

Marshall: So you can imagine when they found out that my family actually owned the vineyard, they stopped extolling the virtues of that "sprightly cabernet."

Erica: Ah.

[Marshall laughs]

Erica: Yes, I -- I can imagine. Will you excuse me? I think that I left my cell phone at the bar. Adam?

Adam: Hmm?

Erica: I need you to rescue me.

Adam: That bad, huh?

Erica: Ooh, you have no idea.

Adam: What are friends for?

Erica: Ah. Thank you, God bless you. Well, what do you know -- I found it. I had it with me all along. Sorry. So, you were saying?

Adam: Barry -- Barry, it's Adam. Yeah -- no, no, no. Everything's fine, nothing's wrong. I'm doing a favor for a friend, and you can help me out if you just stay on the phone for a few minutes and help me, ok? Yeah -- um -- mm-hmm. What? That's terrible. That's -- that's a disaster. Of course, of course. I'll tell her -- I'll tell her right away. Erica, I'm -- I'm sorry to interrupt.

Erica: You're not interrupted at all. I mean -- Adam Chandler, this is my friend Marshall Logan. What is it, Adam?

Adam: Yes, I'm afraid -- I'm afraid we're going to have to regroup. That business deal I got you into is about to implode.

Erica: Oh, my God, no!

Adam: Yeah, yeah, it's -- it's millions, millions we're talking about here. I'm sure you can understand?

Marshall: Well, yes, certainly I can understand, but Erica and I were --

Erica: "Millions"? Oh, Marshall, um, you wouldn't be too upset, would you?

Marshall: No, of course not. I -- sure. Deal with your business, and I'll call you.

Erica: Oh, thank you, thank you, good night. Oh, Adam, you just saved me from an interminable evening of -- of conversation about stock options and family crests and -- I owe you.

Adam: Ooh, I like the sound of that.

Erica: Ah. Ok, then. Whatever it is, just ask away.

Adam: All right, I will. Erica, will you marry me again? I mean, again-again?

Palmer: Over my dead body.

Babe: Sweetie, we weren't really fighting.

J.R.: No, that's right, buddy. Mommy and Daddy -- we were just talking.

Tad: Kind of loud.

Krystal: As grownups often do.

Babe: And it didn't mean anything.

J.R.: Because mommy and daddies can be mad at each other but still love each other, too, right?

Babe: So, why don't you into your room and --

J.R.: Play.

Babe: Yes.

Little Adam: Ok.

Tad: Just for a while.

Krystal: Yeah, that -- that's a good idea, ok, Little A? We'll be right out here if you need us.

Tad: So, what the hell did we walk in on?

Babe: Oh, you want to know? You -- you really want to know?

J.R.: Babe --

Babe: For starters, my ex-husband decided that he was going to lease the condo next door -- can we say "invasion of personal space"?

J.R.: Can we say "overreacting"?

Krystal: Ok! I guess we got here just in time. J.R., you want to step outside?

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: Whew.

Tad: Well, looks like it's you and me, kitten.

J.R.: Yeah. I leased it for a good price.

Krystal: You think so, huh?

J.R.: Yeah.

Krystal: I don't think you realize how much it's going to cost you.

Tad: So, I'm guessing that you're pissed.

Babe: You have no idea. Tad -- I mean, him being here is just sort of --

Tad: Cramping your style?

Babe: Yes. And it's not that I'm seeing anybody or -- or even thinking about seeing anybody. He's just --

Tad: He's there.

Babe: Right.

Tad: Mm-hmm. Well, why don't you try setting some boundaries? I mean, let's face it -- just because he lives across the courtyard doesn't mean he's going to be here every night for dinner.

Babe: So you want me to set boundaries like you and Mama did?

J.R.: This thing with Richie Novak -- it's got me worried as hell. He came over, told Babe that he has a shot at staying alive, in case she wanted to know -- and he came over the other night.

Krystal: And so you made this dumb move in response to that?

J.R.: No, not "dumb," "proactive."

Krystal: Oh, it's dumb. Dumb, dumb, J.R. And listen to me, if you keep pushing Babe away from Richie, she is going to go all Florence Nightingale on you, and she's going to nurse him as long as he lives.

Richie: So the new Annie truth is that I tried to kill you?

Annie: Sociopaths are so good at deflecting responsibility.

[Richie whistles]

Richie: Never happened, ok, but you do have a great imagination.

Annie: Please, please, Richie. You always thought you were so tough, you always counted on the fact that you were bigger and stronger than me, but it never worked, because I always fought back. I wanted to kill you back then, and I often think back about how different things would be now if I had.

Richie: Well, you'd be in jail.

Annie: And you'd be dead.

Richie: And you still might get your wish.

Annie: That's right. There's always that.

Richie: But I'm not seeing a happily-ever-after here, Annie. Or have you taken a real good look at your husband lately?

Annie: This has nothing to do with Ryan.

Richie: Oh, I don't know about that.

Annie: What -- what did you do to him?

Richie: What did I do to him? I didn't do anything to him, Annie -- you're so predictable. But as someone who's spent a minute or two with people society deems as crazy, I'd say that big brother Ryan just jumped straight to the head of the class.

Annie: Wow. Well, this -- this is unbelievable -- you trying to convince me that Ryan is the crazy one.

Richie: Yeah, well, it could just be a temporary thing -- I mean, he did just take a bullet to the head.

Annie: Yeah, he did, and you know what? It humbled him. It reminded him how precious life is. So if Ryan showed you some kindness, it's just because he realized his life is too short to waste on grudges and anger and hate. Maybe you could learn something from that, Richie.

Richie: Ok. Maybe I'll just build a statue in his honor -- how's that?

Annie: Hey, you know what? This is just a waste of my time.

Richie: Time -- now, there's that word again -- "time." I need to know, one way or the other.

Annie: And I've already told you -- I haven't decided if your life is worth saving yet.

Richie: That's harsh, sis.

Annie: Yeah, well, you've earned it, Richie. Goodbye.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Thank you. Thank you very much. I -- honestly, I haven't laughed this much in a long time.

Ryan: You're welcome. I'm glad I could be of service.

Kendall: Oh, God. Ok -- so, all of this energy and lust for life -- this comes from giving all of your money away?

Ryan: Yes, and don't tell Zach, because I'm going to hit him up, too. Between the two of us, I think we can really make this happen.

Kendall: Oh, really?

Ryan: Yes.

Kendall: Ok, good luck with that.

Ryan: I have phenomenal powers of persuasion, Kendall -- phenomenal, thank you.

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: Yeah, I think I'm actually -- I'm getting the idea.

Ryan: Yeah?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: It's just that we have so much, we have enough money, our families are secure. We don't need -- We can spread it around a little bit, that's all I'm saying.

Kendall: Ryan, you are --

Ryan: Clinically insane?

Kendall: Yes, yes.

Ryan: Yes.

Kendall: Yes, you are, but that's not what I was going to say. I was going to say that you're amazing.

Ryan: No, it's -- it's just you have no idea how a close brush with death can make you appreciate life even more -- I mean, Zach must be feeling a little bit of that.

Kendall: Yeah, Zach is feeling a lot of things, but good luck at getting him talking about them.

Ryan: How's he holding up?

Kendall: Well, if you ask him, he's doing great. I mean, he's -- he's fine. So what if he just watched the mother of one of his children fall to her death? And so what if she tried to kill his wife? Doesn't matter -- he's good, he's got it all under control.

Ryan: You resent him for that?

Kendall: No.

Ryan: But you still wish that he would talk to you about it?

Kendall: I just -- I know that what happened to Hannah is eating him up inside, but he just -- like, he's just keeping everything in.

Ryan: Really? Even from you?

Kendall: Yeah, he's keeping everything from me, but I know it's there. And I want to help him, but he won't let me. Zach is a master at hiding his feelings -- from everyone.

Zach: I got to be strong for Kendall, she's been through a lot.

Greenlee: And you haven't?

Zach: I'm a guy -- it rolls off us, it's not the same.

Greenlee: Oh, you know what? Don't make me hit you. Oh -- I think I know Kendall pretty well, and I think she can handle anything that you can dish out.

Zach: You think I'm underestimating my wife?

Greenlee: That guy that I met in the bomb shelter -- the one that was annoying and arrogant and almost lost it when his cell phone battery died, and he lost the pictures of his wife and kids? That guy -- I think Kendall might want to meet him. Letting her know that the great Zach Slater doesn't always have all the answers and that he might even need a hug once in a while isn't going to rock her world.

Zach: A hug, huh?

Greenlee: Yes, a hug.

Zach: Ooh.

Greenlee: You do know what that is, right?

Zach: No, I know from hugging. I'm --

Greenlee: Good.

Zach: I got a question for you -- when did this happen? When -- when did you get to have all the answers?

Greenlee: I think somewhere between the bad jokes and Sticks McGee and the bad sushi, I might've learned something -- what do you know?

Zach: Hmm.

Adam: This has nothing to do with you, Palmer, so butt out.

Palmer: Mm-hmm. You have preyed upon the innocent women of this town far too long. I shudder to think what you did to my niece, and now Krystal? Krystal -- well, you have hurt her irrevocably.

Adam: Stop panting after her like a schoolboy.

Palmer: And now she's run into the arms of -- of Tad Martin, of all people? Well, if you think I'm going to stand by idly while you try to ruin Erica's life again --

Erica: Palmer, he couldn't even if he tried. But thank you, I really appreciate it. I'll handle Adam and his offer.

Palmer: Yes, I'm sure you can do that, but watch your back.

Adam: Palmer doesn't have a clue. My intentions are genuine.

Erica: Adam, you can't possibly be serious.

Adam: No, on the contrary. I think "we" is a brilliant idea.

Erica: You're really talking about you and Krystal, aren't you -- like last time?

Adam: No, no, no, no, not -- no, that's not true.

Erica: Oh, it is so true. Because every time you -- you are at war with the woman you really love -- Krystal -- you come and propose to me. And even if you were serious, Adam -- and I don't for one minute believe that you are -- I certainly wouldn't be willing to play second fiddle to Krystal Carey.

Adam: Krystal Carey Martin.

Erica: Yeah, but you're not angry.

Adam: I'm only half kidding, Erica.

Erica: Well, you better talk to the other half, because we would kill each other.

Adam: Oh, it would never be boring -- you and I. You and I, an alliance, we can conquer the world -- or at least our little pocket of it.

Erica: You've really thought about this, haven't you?

Adam: Well, from time to time, yes.

Erica: Adam, let's face it. You and I -- we can talk about alliances and mergers and all the rest of it. But the truth is we need to be in love.

Adam: Ah.

Erica: It's how we're made, it's what makes us tick, it's who we are. And in your case -- for some unknown reason -- it happens to be Krystal Carey.

Adam: Well, the same could be said about you and Jack Montgomery.

Erica: Well, then we are just prisoners of our passion.

Adam: I'm going to write that down. Well, if you won't marry me tonight, would you at least be my date for the evening?

Erica: Ah -- are you invited?

Adam: "Invited"? I -- I'm the person who threw this surprise party for Tad and Krystal.

Erica: Are you, now?

Adam: Yeah. And I think it promises to be a very interesting evening.

Colby: Hi, Erica.

Erica: Hi, Colby.

Colby: Here you go, Dad.

Adam: Oh.

Colby: I took care of everything. You're still coming to the party, aren't you, Erica?

Erica: Oh, Colby, I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Zach: Ok. Thanks for the advice.

Greenlee: Anytime, boss.

Zach: Kendall and I are going to some party that Tad and Krystal are throwing at the Valley Inn. We're going to get a bottle of champagne and toast our good fortune.

Greenlee: And not wait for the other shoe to drop?

Zach: Right. Come here.

Greenlee: Ooh -- hug.

Zach: I told you I knew how.

Greenlee: Can I ask you something, Slater?

Zach: What?

Greenlee: Um -- is there a reason that a charm would be important to Kendall?

Zach: I don't know. I -- I got her a couple of good-luck charms before we went missing, but --

Greenlee: Oh.

Zach: Why?

Greenlee: Nothing.

Zach: Ok.

Greenlee: Ok.

Zach: Can I leave now?

Greenlee: Yes.

Zach: All right. I'll see you later -- don't disappoint me.

Greenlee: "Charm" -- now I get it. That would make a great title for --

Erica: A surprise party for Krystal and Tad, thrown by you? Adam, I must say I'm stunned.

Adam: Well, I don't want all the credit because it was Colby's idea.

Colby: Oh, dad, stop being modest -- he thought of it all by himself.

Adam: No, no, no, no, no, I -- there was so much friction between Tad and me that it was starting to affect Colby. So I thought in the -- well, in the interest of peace --

Erica: Oh, my goodness, how incredibly noble of you, Adam.

Adam: Huh.

Colby: It's hard, but he's trying -- aren't you, Dad?

Adam: Absolutely.

[Colby chuckles]

Adam: Anything for you, my darling.

Colby: Hmm.

Erica: Well, I like to make my contribution to the festivities.

Adam: Well, that's not necessary, Erica. Your presence is contribution enough.

Erica: I insist -- because, Adam, you can't throw a wedding reception without flowers, can you? So, Colby, will you please call Alice Marcus for me, see if she can do a rush delivery, and please be sure to let her know it's for me. See if she can't whip up some fabulous bouquet that just screams "Krystal."

Colby: Ok. I'm right on it.

Erica: Thanks.

Adam: That was very generous, Erica.

Erica: Oh, generosity had nothing to do with it, Adam. Colby may think that you're trying to change, but I know you way too well. So why don't you tell me, Adam -- what kind of surprise do you have planned for this evening?

Tad: Babe, you do understand that Krystal and I never intended for things to work out this way? Marriage was never even in the picture.

Babe: But it happened anyway.

Tad: Yeah, and you know why -- I had to keep Adam away from Jenny -- and I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Babe: And that works for you two, I'm glad, but -- but I don't need protection, Tad.

Tad: You sure? I mean, we are talking about Richie here. It's not as simple as just trying to be a Good Samaritan. Sometimes you got to know the difference between doing something good for somebody or doing something for somebody you shouldn't -- and leaving him expecting more.

Babe: I do.

Tad: Hmm. Ok. Message received and noted. Here's to independent women.

J.R.: So you think that I'm pushing her to Richie?

Krystal: I think you're headed that way.

J.R.: Well, that's not giving Babe a hell of a lot of credit.

Krystal: Oh, and you moving in next door as her gatekeeper does? Let me ask you something -- do you love Babe?

J.R.: Of course I do.

Krystal: And do you think she loves you?

J.R.: Yeah, you know, I think when she's being herself.

Krystal: Well, let me tell you something -- there's a reason why they say "absence makes the heart grow fonder." You get me?

J.R.: Yeah, I get you.

Tad: Agh! You two cold enough out here yet?

Krystal: Uh -- yeah, we're just about ready to wrap things up, weren't we?

J.R.: Yes. Thank you.

Krystal: You're welcome.

J.R. and Babe: I'm sorry.

Tad: Oh -- you. Listen, your sister is planning a congratulatory honeymoon celebration for us at the Valley Inn. Why don't you guys suit up and attend?

J.R.: Yeah, well, count me in.

Babe: You know, I was just going to stay close to home tonight.

Krystal: Oh, no, no, no, no. You grab a babysitter and put on your party dress! We are a family, so we're going to go out and act like one.

Kendall: Ok, so I'm very, very -- I'm -- I'm very sorry that I interrupted your practice. Um -- so I -- I just really wanted to say thank you.

Ryan: You really didn't need to do that, Kendall, it's ok.

Kendall: Yes, I --

[Playing stops]

Kendall: Please, I -- I beg you to stop.

Ryan: It's so good, though.

Kendall: No, no, please listen.

Ryan: It's very good.

Kendall: Just stop -- I know it's good. Um -- I just -- I just have to tell you that I know you don't like being called a hero, but you are, and you have been mine many times. And no bad, horrendous guitar playing and stupid, stupid jokes can take away the fact that you did save my life. So, please, just accept my thanks, please.

Ryan: You're welcome.

Kendall: Ok. You know, Annie is a lucky girl.

Ryan: No, I'm the lucky one.

Kendall: Oh, you know what you are? You're the master of deflection -- aside from a horrendous guitar player -- that's what you are. So I'm going to leave you with your toy, and I'm going to go.

Ryan: Ok, you know what I'm going to do -- I'm going to play you a song so you can leave by.

Kendall: Please don't.

Ryan: No, it is, it's a good one -- it's called "Kendall, thanks for coming by today, have a great day."

Kendall: Don't play anything anymore -- please, I --

Ryan: I've been working on -- I want you to hear this one!

Kendall: I'll pay you lots of money to not play.

Ryan: You just got to listen. Sing along, Kendall.

Kendall: I'm not going to --

Ryan: You're ruining my song.

Kendall: Ryan, stop -- Ryan -- Ryan, stop -- stop it!

Ryan: This is my goodbye song. I've been working on this --

Kendall: I will break your guitar.

Zach: All right, I didn't know there was a concert -- I would've worn something a little more casual.

Kendall: It's a really bad concert, it's bad.

Ryan: What?

Kendall: What are you doing here, honey?

Zach: I came to surprise you and pick you up.

Kendall: You did.

Zach: Where's Annie?

Ryan: You want me to play you a little something?

Zach: No, no, no. Is Annie making T-shirts for the concert?

Kendall: No, no -- listen -- well, Annie's at Fusion. Ryan --

Ryan: Yeah?

Kendall: The big, bad boss lady of Fusion -- me -- I -- I made your wifey work. So while we're out partying with our friends, she's doing a special project.

Ryan: Really? What kind of special project?

Kendall: A top-secret special project. She'll fill you in when she gets home.

Ryan: Sounds a little suspicious.

Kendall: No, no, no, it's not. Not at all.

Ryan: Anything bad?

Kendall: No, not at all, no. Um, actually, it's totally in line with your new attitude.

Ryan: Aha.

Kendall: It's good. Trust me, it's good. See you later, enjoy your guitar.

Ryan: Ok, I will -- I have been.

Zach: Oh, no -- yes, we will --

Kendall: Yeah, we --

Ryan: Do you want me to play a song to exit?

Zach: No, no, no --

Kendall: We're -- we're going.

Ryan: You sure?

Zach: Rock on. We'll see you later.

Kendall: Nice seeing you.

Zach: Ok, play again in five minutes.

Ryan: Ah. I trust you, Kendall.

Adam: Can't a man do a good deed without the suggestion that he's up to something?

Erica: Well, yes, a man could, but not you, Adam. The wounded look doesn't become you. Adam, you never do anything -- good or otherwise -- without some sort of an agenda. Actually, it's something I've become quite fond of in you.

Adam: Really? Well, I will tell you this -- that a party is not a party without a theme.

Erica: And tonight's theme is --

Adam: You'll have to wait and see. But I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Colby: Flowers are on their way, and so are Tad and Krystal.

Adam: Well, ladies, here's to a wonderful evening.

Annie: Oh --

Ryan: Hey, you!

[Annie chuckles]

Ryan: Wow. What's with all this? Let me check it out.

Annie: No -- hands off.

Ryan: What?

Annie: You will see.

Ryan: Oh, wow. Those have anything to do with the bogus reason that Kendall gave me that we can't go to the party tonight?

Annie: What did she say?

Ryan: Nothing really specific, just that it was all good.

Annie: And that is all you need to know for now.

Ryan: Really? Come on, tell me something.

Annie: I have a better idea -- why don't I show you instead? Grab your coat.

Ryan: Ok, I'll grab my coat. Where are we going?

Annie: Well, you're not the only one that can plan a surprise, but I will give you a little hint.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: We are going back in time -- to where it all began.

Greenlee: Aidan, it's me. I'm still at Fusion finishing up a few things. Hey, um, we're invited to the Valley Inn tonight with Zach and Kendall. Let's go, ok? We deserve a little fun. Call me. Love you. Hi, Kelly? Oh, I'm so glad I got you. It's Greenlee Smythe. I'm good, I'm good. Listen, I have got a fabulous manuscript, I just know you're going to love it. Have I ever disappointed you before? Yeah, yeah, it's called "Charm," and it is going to be a bestseller. No, no -- me? I didn't write it, no. My best friend did -- Kendall Hart.

Erica: Adam? The two gentlemen who just arrived -- are they part of this evening's surprise festivities?

Adam: Yes, yes, they are.

Erica: You know, part of my New Year's resolution was to start focusing more on my own life, so on second thought, I think I'll go.

Adam: You'll regret it.

Erica: I doubt it -- keep the flowers.

Adam: Erica -- wait.

Colby: Hey, you guys.

Krystal: Hey.

Colby: Come with me, I'll show you our table.

Kendall: Hmm.

Zach: I know what I was going to tell you.

Kendall: Oh, what, what, what, what, what?

Zach: You look incredible tonight.

Kendall: Thank you. You're looking pretty hot yourself for an old married man.

Zach: I don't look that old. I'm going to get rid of this.

Kendall: Ok, ok. Oh, yes -- I'll take this. Thank you very much. Mmm.

Zach: All right, here we are.

Kendall: Ok, let's do this.

Zach: See what this is about.

Kendall: Yeah, mm-hmm.


Krystal: I remember that.

Tad: What, is there some kind of special event going on? You know anything about this?

Adam: Here's to the newlyweds.

Krystal: Oh, my God.

Colby: Surprise!

Krystal: Colby, what is going on here?

Colby: It's a wedding reception from me and my dad.

Adam: So let's raise our glasses to the bride and groom. Is it all right if I kiss the bride?

Tad: No.

Krystal: Colby, I know you had good intentions, but the fact that your father is celebrating our marriage -- I'm not buying it.

Adam: Oh.

Krystal: Let's get out of here.

Kendall: Ok, if this isn't a real surprise party, why the hell are we here?

Zach: If we hang out long enough, we'll find out.

Adam: Krystal --

Man: Sorry, sir. Our orders are no one leaves the room until Mr. Chandler says it's ok.

Colby: What?

Krystal: Oh --

Krystal: All right, Adam, you have my full attention. What the hell is going on here?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ryan (to Annie): This is the best day of my life, Kendall.

Adam (to Krystal): I'm going to make you a deal. I have a lead on where Tad can find Kate.

Angie (to Tad): What does an old friend have to do to get a hug around here?

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