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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 1/16/08


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[Ryan plays his guitar]

Josh: Isn't it a little late to become a rock star?

Ryan: What are you talking about? It's never too late. Hey, how are you?

Josh: I'm good.

Ryan: Welcome. Thanks for coming.

Josh: Thank you. So, you wanted to talk about liquidating some of your Cambias investments, huh?

Ryan: Not "some," Joshua -- all of them. We're clearing the decks, man.

Josh: It's your money.

Ryan: Ah, it's just fuel to keep the engine running, and now the engine's going in a different direction. More importantly, how are you, man? Serious, we never get a chance to talk or anything like that. I hardly know anything about your life.

Josh: I'm -- I'm doing good.

Ryan: Are you?

Josh: Yeah, but do you mind if I ask you a question?

Ryan: Yeah, sure, go ahead.

Josh: You're not in any trouble, are you?

Annie: How are we doing?

Babe: We are almost set.

Ava: Everything looks great so far.

Annie: You need any help?

Amanda: No, we're good. The glasses are salted and my kick-ass blend of margaritas are iced and ready for mass consumption.

Annie: Great. They should be here any minute.

Amanda: All right.

Ava: Oh, I hear the elevator.

Annie: Everyone ready?

Babe: Ready.

All: Surprise!

[A huge banner declares, "Welcome back, Kendall and Greenlee!"

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Annie: Welcome back, you.

Greenlee: Oh, hi, hi, you guys. I can't believe it. This is like --

Kendall: Yeah, it is.

Greenlee: Like we're really back.

Kendall: And nothing can separate us.

[At the cabin in the woods, Aidan recalls his night with Kendall]

Kendall: What is this? You guys did such a great job!

[Music plays]

Kendall: Hey. Are you ok?

Greenlee: Yeah, I'm just grateful to be here. I mean, for a while there, I didn't think Zach and I would make it out alive.

Kendall: Well, thank God you did.

Greenlee: I guess I thought, you know, we'd make it out of the hole, a night in the hospital, and I'd be back to the old me.

Kendall: Ok, well, it'll take some time.

Greenlee: Well, I'm sick of waiting. I've never been much of a shrinking violet.

Kendall: No, you're more like a Venus flytrap.

Greenlee: Huh. No, I just -- I want to feel strong again.

Kendall: Ok, Greenlee, you are one of the strongest women I have ever met.

Greenlee: Besides you.

Babe: Somebody turn up that music!

Amanda: Oh, I got it, I got it.

Greenlee: So we agree -- no more fighting?

Kendall: Oh, we'll fight.

Greenlee: Well, undoubtedly.

Kendall: But I do promise no more setups and no more back-stabbing.

Greenlee: And most importantly, no more secrets.

Annie: All right, come on, guys. If this is a celebration --

Greenlee: Well, then let's make sure it's a party.


Annie: Here you go. Ooh.

Greenlee: All right.

Kendall: One of these -- thank you.

Greenlee: You heard it here first, ladies -- Fusion is back for good.

All: Whoo!

Richie: Hmm. Painless needle, great bedside manner, and to top it off, gorgeous, dark eyes that I could stare into all day.

Julia: Ok, that's it for now.

Richie: Well, does that mean you have to go?

Julia: If you need anything, you know where the call button is.

Richie: Oh, ok. I get it -- you're a professional. That doesn't mean I have to stop, though.

Joe: Well, Richie, I wanted you to know that since your father's not a viable donor, I've put you on the national list.

Richie: Well, that is a long list of people waiting to die, isn't it, doc?

Joe: Hmm. Your sister is still your best chance for a full match.

Richie: Well, I guess I'll just have to make Annie understand that she doesn't have a choice.

Dre: Whoa. Man, this place is tricked out.

Colby: Dre, are you ok?

Dre: Oh -- yeah, I was just checking out this place. You know, the tunnels would make a hot after-hours club.

Colby: A band playing at 4:00 a.m. is not exactly stealth.

Dre: Huh -- you know you'd come.

Colby: Yeah, I probably would, but I bring you good news -- your dad's PI checked out of his hotel.

Dre: Well, Colby, you rock! Wow -- oh, what can I do for you?

Colby: BJ's has the best burgers ever!

Dre: Oh, man, it's going to feel so great to get out of this place. So, burgers it is. You can invite your boy Sean.

Colby: What's the point? He's been blowing me off lately.

Dre: You two still haven't talked?

Colby: The truth is, I have no idea what Sean's been up to these days.

J.R.: The documents have already been signed. That's great. But, listen, I -- I want to get this deal closed by today. Yeah, see if you can make that happen. You look like hell.

Sean: Back off, J.R.

J.R.: Something going on with you and Colby?

Sean: I'm just getting some takeout.

J.R.: You know, it's funny because I know that look. What the hell did you do to my sister this time?

[Knock on door]

Aidan: Hey, what's the matter?

Quentin: Ah -- I don't -- I don't feel so good.

Aidan: Come in, sit down.

Quentin: At first, I was just feeling a little weak -- ah! And then, my stomach just --

[Quentin coughs]

Amanda: Hey, this one's almost kicked. Do you want the last glass?

Babe: Oh, no thanks.

Amanda: Hey, why are you looking at printouts for Campbell's?

Babe: Oh, a little something I'm working on.

Amanda: Oh, yeah? What's up?

Babe: I'm ok, I don't need your help.

Amanda: Got it. White elephant, right here in the room. If I can see it, I know you can, too.

Babe: Listen, I don't want to get into it today, Amanda. Today is about Kendall and Greenlee.

Amanda: And what's going on between you and me is about J.R.?

Babe: Well, what'd you expect -- that I'd forget that you set him up to take the blame for Zach's accident?

Amanda: Look -- uh -- ok, making J.R. sweat was lousy. Karma's a bitch and so am I. J.R. got what he deserved. But you and I -- we still have to work together.

Babe: Not today, we don't.

Amanda: It's going to be a long day.

Ava: Hi, Amanda. Here's the thing I don't get -- why are you still here?

Amanda: Excuse me?

Ava: I mean, you let J.R. go to jail to blackmail his father, all of those millions of dollars.

Amanda: And your point is?

Ava: My point is you don't really need the job, so maybe it's time for you to get lost for good?

Amanda: Listen up, you wig-top, pasty-faced --

Ava: Ok, porcelain skin and supermodels?

Amanda: Oh, my God, for like five minutes --

Ava: Whatever, I'm the face --

Kendall: Lies? Hello. Come on, you guys -- hello? So much for our "Kumbaya" moment, huh?

Amanda: I'm sorry, Kendall. I was just --

Kendall: You were what? You were having a Fusion friendship moment? Yeah -- no, no, no, no. That's ok, that's -- I've been there before. But, you guys, we're a team, ok? So we have to start acting like one.

Greenlee: Look at that. The numbers on Fusion Green are way over projections.

Annie: Yeah, we had a huge sales push over the holidays.

Kendall: All work and no play makes Greenlee very dull

Greenlee: No, don't say it. I'm never dull.

Annie: Ah -- I should know.

Greenlee: What does that mean?

Kendall: Uh, well, you -- you did try to steal her man.

Greenlee: Well, who hasn't tried to get with Ryan? He's like Pine Valley's resident Prince Charming.

Annie: Hmm, and he's all mine.

Greenlee: Turns out I got one, too. Aidan and I had the most amazing night.

Kendall: Really? Well, so did Zach and I actually. It must be something in the air.

Greenlee: Oh, he taught me this new massage technique called reiki, we were on the floor, it was --

Kendall: Well, we we were by the fire.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Annie: We did it in the snow.

Kendall: In the snow?

Annie: Yeah.

Kendall: Nice -- ok. Ok, you know what I think? I think we need to have a toast for us getting lucky, right?

Greenlee: Yeah, I agree.

Kendall: Yes, and actually, speaking of the man who saved my life, how is Ryan?

Annie: He's a whole new man.

Greenlee: Well, the old one wasn't so bad, either.

Annie: Oh, but, seriously, though, it's like that bullet made Ryan fall in love with life all over again.

Ryan: Why would you think I'm in any kind of trouble?

Josh: Well, I didn't say that. It just -- it seems --

Ryan: Like I'm crazy?

Josh: I didn't say that.

Ryan: But you were thinking it.

[Ryan chuckles]

Ryan: It's all right, man. It's all right. I've been getting a lot of that lately, really. But I'm not crazy, for what it's worth, I'm not. It's just -- I don't know. Ever since I got shot, I'm just rearranging my priorities a little bit, that's all. And money's one of those things, and Annie and I believe that we have enough. So does Zach, by the way, so I plan to have a little chat with your boss about giving some of his back, too.

Josh: Hmm. I'll be sure to let him know.

Ryan: All right. Let's check out the paperwork. Wow.

Josh: Yeah. This is a lot of money, Ryan.

[Ryan chuckles]

Ryan: Good, because I'm going to need a lot for what I have planned -- a lot.

[Knock on door]

Richie: I'm here to see my sister.

Ryan: Well, she's not around right now. But you know what? Why don't you come on in? I've been meaning to talk to you.

Richie: You've been meaning to talk to me?

Ryan: What do you think, I'm going to shoot you with this? Come in, relax. Have a sandwich.

Aidan: Quentin? What happened?

Quentin: I was camping. I needed to get out from the cold.

Aidan: Listen, man, you're burning up, all right? I'm going to have to take you to Pine Valley Hospital.

Quentin: No.

Aidan: We'll be there in 40 minutes.

Quentin: No, no doctors, no hospitals, all right?

[Quentin groans]

Aidan: Listen, if you won't let me take you to the emergency room, at least come back to my place where it's warm, and you can rest.

Quentin: I don't need no help. I'm doing fine on my own.

Aidan: Yeah, I can see that.

[Quentin coughs]

Aidan: Listen, you helped me save Greenlee's life, ok? I owe you. Now, get up on your own two feet, or I'm going to carry you out of here -- you hear me?

Quentin: Look, I'm fine.

Aidan: Listen, come on. Let's go.

Quentin: Ok.

[Quentin coughs]

Ryan: Josh Madden, you know my brother-in-law, Richie Novak?

Josh: By reputation only.

Ryan: Ah, you hear that, Richie? Another potential buddy lost. So, what do you say -- want that sandwich?

Richie: Ha -- I am not hungry.

Josh: You know what, Ryan? We can do this some other time. I'll get the ball rolling, and we can talk later this week.

Ryan: Excellent! And make sure you tell Zach that I am on my way to see him, try and shake some change out of his pockets, all right?

Josh: Will do.

Ryan: Ok. Nice guy. So, you are here to talk to your sister?

Richie: That's right.

Ryan: Well, I can only imagine why that is at this particular time. I'm going to take a guess -- and the answer is no.

Richie: Excuse me?

Ryan: Annie will not be your bone marrow donor, Richie -- not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Greenlee: I think I may have had one too many of Amanda's margaritas.

Babe: Well, you need to be careful. You haven't been out of the hospital that long.

Greenlee: I'm fine. What's up?

Babe: Well, I just got off the phone with our new promotional partner.

Greenlee: Uh -- talk to me.

Babe: It's Campbell's.

Greenlee: Like the "mmm, mmm, good" people?

Babe: Yes. Actually, they have a lot of brands. They have Campbell's Select, V8, Prego. Anyway, they want to sponsor a fashion show with us.

Greenlee: Not that I wouldn't have killed for can of chicken noodle when I was in that fallout shelter, but what does spaghetti sauce have to do with fashion?

Babe: Well, it's actually more about our health. I was reading in the press packet that heart disease is a leading cause of death for women today.

Greenlee: Seriously?

Babe: Yes. They're doing this whole "Go Red" campaign to promote their line of heart-healthy foods.

Greenlee: Well, it's a perfect tie-in. I mean, Fusion is all about female empowerment, making women stronger, happier. Why not healthier?

Babe: Yes. The problem is, is we have almost no turnaround time. We're going to be working around the clock.

Greenlee: Well, I'm all for anything that helps women live long, healthy lives -- especially if they look fabulous doing it.

Kendall: You know, this new packaging is amazing.

Annie: And it is made of 60% recyclable materials.

Kendall: Very good -- that's even better than our first one.

Annie: Got to save the planet, right? We have kids to think about.

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, you know, my -- my kids are lucky to have a mom. If Ryan hadn't have jumped in front of that bullet --

Annie: Huh. He's glad he did.

Kendall: He's really ok?

Annie: Yeah, he's -- he's better than ok. All he wants to do is -- is dance with me.

Kendall: Oh, no -- Ryan? Wait, wait -- what do you mean, he's doing the tango? That's weird.

Annie: I -- you know, it's crazy, and he's also learning how to play the guitar.

Kendall: Oh, no. Oh, yeah, I've been through that -- it's not good. You're in for a lot of headaches, trust me.

Annie: I know. I know, but I don't care. My husband is alive.

Ava: Kendall, could you look at the proofs from my latest shoot?

Kendall: Yes, of course. I'll be right back.

Annie: Go for it.

Babe: I'm -- I'm glad to hear you sounding so happy.

Annie: Thanks.

Babe: Any chance you'd share the wealth with your brother?

Richie: Look, I know you hate me.

Ryan: I don't have time for hate, Richie.

Richie: Well, that's good, because you would want to know that I already went to Annie and I told her that I don't want to hurt her anymore.

Ryan: You did a pretty good job of that already.

Richie: No. See, that's all in the past, I promise you. I don't want this bad blood between us -- we're family, man.

Ryan: We're family, huh?

Richie: Yeah.

Ryan: Well, isn't that convenient? Look, Richie, this is how I see things, ok? You're a violent guy. You're violent, and you're unpredictable, and you've got a really bad cruel streak in you, and that is a dangerous combination.

Richie: Ok.

[Richie claps]

Richie: I'm out of here.

Ryan: No -- hold, hold, hold on, please. Don't go yet, please have a seat. Please. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I just survived a shot to the head, and I really don't want any more trouble for my family.

Richie: Referring to me?

Ryan: So there's no way that I can let Annie be your donor, Richie. There just isn't.

Richie: Well, Ryan, with all due respect, I do think that's Annie's decision.

Ryan: With all due respect, we are married, and we make our decisions together.

Richie: You are one arrogant bastard, aren't you? How can you sit there so calm with that silly little grin on your face while you sentence me to death?

Ryan: Just because Annie can't help you, Richie, it doesn't mean that I won't.

Richie: I don't understand.

Ryan: I will personally find you a donor, and I will even pay for all of your hospital bills.

Richie: You're serious?

Ryan: If you do it my way, Richie, you just might live.

Annie: Have you seen the latest quarterly report on the nail line?

Babe: Yes, I sent them up to accounting.

Annie: Great.

Babe: So, you're not going to answer me about Richie?

Annie: It's personal, Babe.

Babe: I know, I know -- he's your brother, and he's dying. I mean, you're his one shot at a full life, Annie.

Annie: It's more complicated than that.

Babe: At least get tested. I mean, that way if you're not a match, the decision is out of your hands.

Annie: I'm sorry, but Ryan is my only concern right now.

Kendall: This is great. This is about women and health.

Greenlee: "Campbell's presents Fusion's heart-healthy fashion show."

Kendall: It's great! It's great!

Greenlee: Did we just high-five?

Kendall: Yeah, we did. I guess we are officially back in the zone.

Greenlee: Real partners again.

Kendall: Yeah. So, speaking of partners, you and Aidan -- you're sounding pretty good.

Greenlee: If I don't mess it up. You know me -- I can be impossible.

Kendall: Well, I thought that you said that -- you know, I thought that everything was great with you guys, I mean, the sex and everything.

Greenlee: Yeah, but it didn't start that way. You know, like I was telling you before, he was treating me like I might break if he even touched me, and so I basically told him to go to hell.

Kendall: Well, that's pretty harsh.

Greenlee: I know. But somehow, he made it work for both of us. He lit these candles, and then when I questioned him about it, he just said, "Shut up and let me do what I do best" -- with that accent. But you know how romantic he can be.

Kendall: What does that mean?

Ava: So, Amanda, with -- really, with all that money, it doesn't seem like you're very happy.

Amanda: Oh, great -- now she's playing shrink.

Ava: No, I'm -- look, J.R. really hurt you, didn't he?

Amanda: Clearly I'm not the only one.

Ava: Ok, I maybe had a thing for him for, like, two minutes max.

Amanda: Yeah. None of us knew that.

Ava: What can I say? I mean, J.R. Chandler -- what a ladies' man. Women just keep crawling back.

J.R.: Leaving so soon? You know, that just ain't polite.

Sean: Look, what happens between me and Colby is -- is our business.

J.R.: If it involves my sister, then it is my business.

Sean: Look, I haven't seen your sister in days.

Colby: What's going on?

J.R.: Why don't you tell me? Your boyfriend here looks like he hasn't slept in weeks.

Colby: He's right. Sean, are you ok?

Sean: Look, could we go somewhere and talk, alone?

J.R.: Whatever you have to say to my sister, you can say right in front of me.

Colby: Oh, hey, J.R.? It's fine. Will you give us a second?

Dre: You ask me? That guy's a player.

J.R.: Yeah, no doubt. But he showed up. Sometimes all that extra effort is worth the payoff.

Sean: Listen, I'm sorry I haven't returned any of your calls. Things have been -- complicated.

Colby: Sean? It's us. You could tell me anything.

Sean: You know that woman, Hannah -- Nichols, the one who died at Miller's Falls?

Colby: Yeah, I heard about it on the news. Tad knew her.

Sean: We hooked up, Colby. Hannah and I slept together.

Aidan: Hey. Here you are, drink that.

Quentin: You got any aspirin?

Aidan: Something tells me you got a lot more than a headache, Quentin.

Quentin: Oh, I don't know. I think I just need to sleep it off.

[Knock on door]

Quentin: Who is that?

Aidan: It's a friend. Don't worry. Julia, come in. Thanks for coming.

Julia: Yeah, your text -- your text sounded urgent.

Quentin: Look, I done told you, I don't want to see no doctors.

Aidan: Which is why I called a nurse. Julia, this is Quentin -- he's the one that helped save Greenlee's life.

Julia: It's always nice to meet a hero.

Quentin: I'm no hero.

Julia: But you're obviously sick. Do you mind if I take a look?

Quentin: Look, I don't want to see any doctors or a nurse.

Julia: I promise I'll be gentle.

Julia: So, what are your symptoms?

Quentin: I've been feeling a little weak lately, like I'm going to pass out -- hot, cold. My head feels like it's going to split open and my stomach is queasy.

Aidan: Do you think it could be the flu?

Quentin: Hmm. Ooh! Oh -- ah.

Julia: Well, whatever it is, we need to get you to the hospital.

Quentin: Oh, no, no. I'm not going anywhere near PVH, no.

Kendall: Yeah, can you tell the kids I miss them? I miss you, too, Zach. I love you.

Greenlee: Everything ok?

Kendall: Yeah. We just -- the kids are just taking a nap.

Greenlee: No, I meant with us. You got a little weird on me back there.

Kendall: You know what? Have you seen this, this spread for the new lip-gloss? It's very good.

Greenlee: It's fine. I didn't mean to gross you out with all those details about Aidan. I just figured since you were together once, you'd know how romantic he could be.

Kendall: That's ancient history.

Greenlee: Well, then what got you so freaked out? Hey, we're back again, remember? Buds -- tell me what it is.

Kendall: The truth? Yeah. Uh -- I know I'm supposed to be this -- this big, high-powered, I don't know, businesswoman, you know, who has it all and can do it all. But, really, I just love watching Ian sleep. And I love watching little Spike chew on that little Red Wings puck that Zach gave him.

Greenlee: You miss your family?

Kendall: Yeah, I do. But that doesn't mean I don't want to be here.

Greenlee: I understand. I miss seeing Aidan, too. Maybe we could get together later, just the four of us.

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, that's -- that's a good idea. We can meet at the -- the Valley Inn where Krystal and Tad are having their party.

Greenlee: I would love that.

Kendall: Good.

Annie: Hey, Kendall?

Kendall: Yeah?

Annie: You have a phone call on line one.

Kendall: Ok, I'll be right there. So, we're good?

Greenlee: Sure.

Babe: I know it's not my fight, Mama, but if I don't help Richie, who will? All right, just tell Little Adam I love him, ok? All right, bye.

Annie: Hey, can you guys make sure these get shipped by tonight?

Woman: Sure.

Annie: Thank you so much. Is there something else?

Babe: Annie, I just -- I just don't understand how you can be so selfish.

Annie: Listen, Babe. I know that you care about my brother, but I am not going to be bullied into making this decision, ok? So just back off.

Amanda: I like this picture of you. It's a side of you I've never seen before.

Ava: Thanks, I guess. Uh -- do I look human to you?

Amanda: You look honest.

Ava: Thanks. And thanks for making me that virgin margarita. I'm sure you could sell that recipe to ConFusion.

Amanda: Huh. Actually, it's not mine to sell. Don't laugh, but J.R. taught me how to make those. He was actually doing ok for a while.

Ava: You don't blame yourself for him falling off the wagon, do you?

Amanda: Uh -- no. J.R. can pretty much get into enough trouble on his own.

Ava: Yeah, that's for sure.

Amanda: What?

Ava: Jonathan and I broke up.

Amanda: Because of J.R.?

Ava: Because of a lot of reasons. I don't really want to talk about it -- ahem.

Amanda: Are you sure?

Ava: Yeah -- why? Are we becoming best friends now or something?

[Ava chuckles]

Amanda: Yeah -- probably not.

Kendall: This is fantastic -- I love this -- yes!

Annie: And the red. The red is good, right? It's for Valentine's Day.

Kendall: Yes, it is and, I mean, it's all about a healthy woman and a woman who has a healthy heart is a woman ready to love. So, actually, I have an idea. Hey, guys? Guys and gals, can you guys gather around, please, and -- and bring your glasses. Yeah. Bring your glasses, bring your drinks. Oh -- I'm sorry. Yeah, I'll take one.

Annie: Thank you.

Kendall: Ok. -- I think today deserves an official toast. So, I'm going to tell you a little story -- just a little story.

Greenlee: Yikes.

Kendall: Yikes.

Annie: Uh-oh.

Kendall: Ok. Well, Fusion started from a dream, a dream about a group of smart, driven women with similar goals working together to make something really big happen. So, all of us here, we each bring something different to Fusion. Greenlee -- Greenlee lends us her insight and her vision. Yeah. Annie and Babe keep us organized, thank God --

Greenlee: Yes, thank God.

Kendall: And passionate. Amanda -- Amanda always offers a fresh opinion, a wonderful fresh opinion when all of our ideas run dry. And Ava -- let's see, what can I say about --

Amanda: Oh!

Kendall: What can I say about Ava?

Ava: Say something nice for once!

Kendall: Ok, yes, yes, yes. You know what, Ava?

Ava: What?

Kendall: You, my dear, aside from being beautiful, you challenge us. But that's a good thing. It's a very good thing because Fusion has always been about women working to their fullest potential. And I am just really, really happy to be a part of this. So -- ok. Uh -- to Fusion.

All: To Fusion!

Kendall: And what it means to every single one of us here.

Greenlee: Whoo!

Annie: Salud, salud.

Greenlee: Salud!

Kendall: Yes, I'm going to have that right now. Ok, um -- actually, I have -- I have one more thing to ask for.

Annie: What?

Kendall: I would like to go and visit the man who saved my life. You think Ryan's up for it?

Annie: I think these days, Ryan is up for just about anything.

Kendall: Cool.

Annie: Cool.

Kendall: Ok. I'm going to run, I'm going to go, so can you hold down the fort?

Greenlee: Of course.

Kendall: Ok, great. Great! See you guys.

Annie: Have fun.

Kendall: Bye.

Annie: Bye!

Greenlee: Oh -- wait. Kendall? Kendall, you -- oh. "Charm"?

Richie: You've been watching way too many daytime talk shows.

Ryan: I'm just trying to learn how to live my life again, Richie, that's all.

Richie: You see? That's what I want, too -- a second shot at life. And Annie is probably my best shot for that, so despite everything that I put you guys through --

Ryan: Richie, you make it sound like you borrowed the car and you put a dent in the fender, man. You terrorized Annie her entire life, you stalked her. You even tried to make her kill you so she would go to prison.

Richie: Well, hey. Turnabout's fair play, wouldn't you say?

Ryan: You know what I think, Richie? I think Annie did the world a favor by testifying against you and putting you in prison.

[Richie claps]

Richie: Ok. So that offer of yours is just another one of your little tricks?

Ryan: No, Richie, the offer is real. And it is so much more generous than you deserve, but it is real. But I cannot allow Annie to be part of your life again -- I can't.

Richie: This isn't over.

Ryan: I say that it is. Now, get out of my house and stay away from my wife.

Babe: I -- I left the financial breakdowns for the fashion show on the desk over there.

Greenlee: Great.

Babe: Ok. I'll see you tomorrow.

Greenlee: Good, ok. Oh, and major score on that Campbell's concept, Babe. Great work.

Babe: Thank you.

Amanda: Bye-bye, my sweet margarita.

Ava: Well, I advise that you eat a banana for the potassium. It helps with a hangover. My mom was a drunk -- I know a lot of tips.

Amanda: Well, my mom is mentally ill. She put my dad in a freezer.

Ava: After he died? Or did she just put him in there?

Amanda: She killed him and put him in a freezer.

Ava: Oh, my God. You -- you win.

Amanda: Yeah, so -- I guess we have more in common than we thought we did. So here's to surviving our crazy mothers.

Ava: To never being friends.

Amanda: Never.

Ava: And to J.R. Chandler, the one that got away.

Amanda: Thank God.

Ava: What a shame.

J.R.: Sean is a loser. Just forget about him.

Colby: It's not that easy. We really cared about each other.

J.R.: Maybe not so much on his part.

Colby: Oh, thanks a lot, J.R. That's exactly what -- what I want to hear from my big brother.

J.R.: I just don't want you going back to him. Colby, you deserve so much better.

Colby: Well, as far as I'm concerned, Sean can go back to Seattle. God. I truly thought he would change after Ava.

J.R.: Men don't normally change. It takes an exceptional person to -- Sean just wasn't exceptional.

Colby: But you are?

J.R.: Well -- yes.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: I'm trying to reform.

Colby: Because you love Babe?

J.R.: And I know that I don't deserve her. But I'm going to try like hell to be the man that she does deserve, and be the father that Little Adam needs. Not to say that I'm not going to make mistakes, because I make a mess of them. But I'm going to try to do what's right. That's what being a grownup's all about.

Colby: That doesn't sound like you.

J.R.: Good.

[Colby chuckles]

J.R.: Let's face it -- if you love somebody enough, you do whatever it takes to get them back.

Colby: But how do you know if you're really in love?

J.R.: If you have to ask that, then it's not love. Come here.

Dre: You really running away from her?

Sean: Dude, you have no idea what's going on with me and Colby.

Dre: Well, I see her crying. I know you've been blowing her off.

Sean: Well, it's not like we were some power couple or anything.

Dre: You were tight. Colby thought you were her boyfriend.

Sean: Yeah, well, if I was, I'm not anymore. Maybe it's what you were hoping for all along.

Colby: Can we go? I'm not hungry anymore.

Dre: Yeah, sure. Let's get out of here.

J.R.: Look, if you ever hurt my sister again, then I'm going to hurt you.

Aidan: Hey, all we're trying to do -- calm down, all right? We're just trying to help you out, that's all.

Quentin: Look, I just want to get back to my camp.

Aidan: To your camp? It's in the middle of nowhere, far away from town. It doesn't make sense.

Julia: Are you hiding from someone?

Quentin: I like my privacy.

Aidan: Julia, I think -- I think you should go.

Julia: But he needs help.

Aidan: Yeah -- Quentin's a bit riled up at the moment. Maybe you should just go, all right? I'll make sure that he gets the help he needs.

Julia: Ok. You know where to find me.

Aidan: Right. The nurse is gone, so now you can settle down.

Quentin: Look, I'm sorry, man. I -- I shouldn't have stepped out of line.

Aidan: It's all right. I'm sorry, too.

Quentin: For what?

[Aidan knocks Quentin out]

Julia: How hard did you hit him?

Aidan: Just hard enough.

Julia: I'll call Dr. Joe.

Aidan: All right. I'm just going to go get my coat.

Julia: Joe? It's Julia. I'm going to be bringing in a patient that you need to look at right away. This man -- he's a friend of Aidan's.

Joe: Ah. Get him in here as quickly as you can, all right?

Julia: I'll be there in a few minutes.

Amanda: It's good to have you back, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Oh, thanks for your help while I was away.

Amanda: Yeah.

Greenlee: Whew.

Amanda: You ok?

Greenlee: Yeah, I guess you weren't kidding when you said those margaritas would kick my butt.

Amanda: Actually, I didn't put any alcohol in yours. I figured since you just got out of the hospital --

Greenlee: Oh, I guess I just got up too fast.

Amanda: Ok. You -- you want me to stay?

Greenlee: No! Enjoy your night -- go.

Amanda: You sure? Ok.

Greenlee: Yes.

Amanda: All right.

[Greenlee sits down and reads the manuscript for Kendall's new book, "Charm."]

Greenlee: Whew. Kendall, Kendall. Kendall, where do you come up with this stuff?

J.R.: Looks like you could use an extra set of hands.

Babe: What did you do?

J.R.: I leased the condo across the way. I'm your new neighbor.

Richie: Annie?

[Annie gasps when Richie surprises her in the parking garage]

Annie: What do you want?

Richie: I want to live, and you're going to make that happen.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Just a sec.

Kendall: There's my hero. How are you doing? How are you feeling?

Ryan: Oh, I missed you so much!

Kendall: Oh, you did?

Ryan: I missed you. I missed you.

Kendall: Thank you. Uh -- it hasn't been that long, but that's --

[Ryan welcomes Kendall with a big smooch]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Adam: Here's to the newlyweds. Is it all right if I kiss the bride?

Tad: No.

Greenlee: If you're looking for Kendall, you just missed her.

Zach: I came by to see you.

Kendall: Are you ok? Ryan, what's wrong? What's the matter?

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