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Ryan: Hey, beautiful.

Annie: You know, if I get that reaction every time I'm coming here, I may never let you come home.

Ryan: You just try keeping me away.

Annie: So --

Ryan: Hmm?

Annie: I talked to Joe, and as of now --

Ryan: Mm-hmm?

Annie: You are released.

Ryan: Yes!

Annie: Happy?

Ryan: Yes! Very happy, ecstatic.

Annie: Oh, good. We're so lucky, Ryan. This could've been --

Ryan: Hmm, but it wasn't. Right? Because from now on, we only think about the positive side of things, all right?

Annie: Amen to that.

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: So, when were you going to tell me that Richie is going to live?

Richie: Yeah, I need to know if Dr. Chambers got my message. It's very important. Oh, he did? Good. Very good. Uh -- are you ready for me now?

Doctor: Yes, we are. Take a seat, Richard.

Richie: Ok. Well, then fire away. I really want to go home, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

Babe: No -- would you stop it?

J.R.: What?

Babe: Doing -- doing this.

J.R.: Come on, Babe. What's the problem?

Babe: Huh -- the problem is, is that we keep making the same mistake over and over again. Sex will solve everything -- well, guess what, J.R. It doesn't -- not for us, and definitely not for me.

Jack: Where is Zach meeting Hannah?

Aidan: I think it's best for you not to know.

Jack: Don't do this to me.

Aidan: That's all you're going to get from me, Jack. I need you to keep it quiet, as well.

Jack: You better be right about this.

Aidan: I am right, and I know what I'm doing.

Jack: Whoa. Oh -- sorry.

Kendall: Oh, what is -- what's going on out there?

Jack: Nothing, nothing, nothing. Uh -- one of the members of the security team, uh, doesn't feel so good. He has a personal emergency at home and, um, so Aidan's just taking his place -- just for a little while, then he'll --

Erica: Jack? Come on. You've never been a very good liar. Come on, tell us. What -- what's really going on?

Hannah: Hello, Zach. Glad you could make it. Well, I bet you're pretty upset with me right about now.

Zach: You tried to kill my wife.

Hannah: Yes, I did.

Zach: Why?

Hannah: Oh, I think you know why. I wanted to live the life that she got to live with you.

Zach: It's not going to happen. It was never going to happen. And this little fantasy about our love affair -- it ends right here, right now.

Hannah: Ok. Let's end it.

[Hannah points her gun at Zach]

Kendall: Come on, if you know something --

Jack: I don't, I don't. I don't know anything. Really, I -- honestly, I don't.

Greenlee: We're not a bunch of helpless females who can't handle the truth. What's going on here?

Jack: Aidan thinks he might have a lead on Hannah.

Kendall: Well, what kind of a lead?

Greenlee: Does he know where she is?

Kendall: Is -- is Zach with her?

Jack: Kendall, look, will you --

Greenlee: Wait, you let him go after her?

Jack: Greenlee, Greenlee --

Greenlee: No, Dad! Hannah has a gun, she's crazy! She's shooting people! You let the man that I love go out into the middle of this?

Kendall: Is Zach involved, too?

Jack: Now, look, I tried to talk Aidan out of this, but he wouldn't listen to me, ok?

Greenlee: Well, then, you should've told me, because I would've convinced him.

Jack: Really? You really think that's the way it would've played out? Look, Zach and Aidan have gone through hell trying to protect their families and keep them safe. And now, they feel it's their responsibility to bring all of this to an end.

Erica: And they know what they're doing.

Zach: So that's it? That's how you're going to solve the problem -- you're going to shoot me, so you don't have to see my face again?

Hannah: What, you don't think I'll do it?

Zach: No, I know you'll do it. But I thought you called me up here to talk. You must have a lot on your mind.

Hannah: Trying to play me again, hmm?

Zach: I'm not trying to play you, you're too smart for that. I know I've hurt you, I understand.

Hannah: Wow -- bravo. Three cheers for stating the obvious.

Zach: But I never made you feel that there was anything between us. You came here, you came into town, you wanted a baby with me. I told you it's not going to happen. You told me you needed help. And this whole time, you were working with Adam Chandler.

Hannah: Adam was a way in, yeah, so I took it.

Zach: Why? You double-crossed both of us. So, what -- what was the point? I didn't give you what you wanted, so you decided you had to punish me -- by taking the woman that I love. Well, you're right -- Kendall's in my heart. This delusion you have about a great love affair between you and me -- that never happened. And Kendall will be the last person that I think of.

Richie: Who was I so angry at? I'll be honest with you -- my sister, Annie. It was her testimony that sent me to prison. Did you hear about this? I was innocent, but she -- she still wanted me to go away. And when I got out, all I could focus on was that there was a lot of payback coming my way, at least that's what I thought. But I don't think that way anymore. You see, they told me I have a -- a second shot at life, and I don't want to waste any more time trying to make people pay. I want to live, doc. How do I feel about Annie now? Well, despite everything, despite all this, she's my sister. I love her. And I forgive her -- I really do.

Annie: Ryan, you've just been so up, so happy. The last thing I would want to do is drag you into Richie's world.

Ryan: So would you be the donor?

Annie: What?

Ryan: Well, from what I understand about these things, um, you know, family usually is the best match.

Annie: I don't know.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: I'm sorry I -- I didn't say anything.

Ryan: Annie, it's ok -- really. New rules from now on -- nothing brings the Lavery family down, nothing. All right? Honestly, I couldn't really give a damn about your brother. I don't want you connected to him in any possible way, but I don't want to spend any more time talking about him. I really don't.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: You know what I want to spend time talking about instead? Your eyes. And -- and your lips. I definitely want to spend time talking about your lips. Do you have any idea how incredibly beautiful you are? Come here.

Hannah: You think you know me so well. Look at me.

Zach: I am looking at you.

Hannah: No, you're seeing the woman I am now, what I've become. Look deeper. Do you see anyone else?

Zach: I'm trying. I'm trying to see a beautiful 17-year-old girl that I met a long time ago.

Hannah: She's still there somewhere. She's scared and she's pregnant with your child.

Zach: I didn't know about Ethan -- I was in school.

Hannah: I know, but your father did.

Zach: Yeah, he did.

Hannah: I used to pray for you to come home. I prayed every day, every night. Then one day, he caught me. And I looked up, and he was laughing at me, saying that no prayer would ever bring you back. He was right, Zach. You didn't come back for me. And he made -- he --

Zach: He made what?

Hannah: His hands were so cold. He thought it was funny that I jumped when he touched me. He was so used to taking what he wanted. So he did.

J.R.: Ok, I get it -- sex doesn't solve everything. But it's a hell of a conversation starter.

Babe: J.R., if you're not going to take this seriously --

J.R.: It was a joke, Babe -- like ha-ha, funny.

Babe: Come on, Little A.

J.R.: Get it?

Babe: No, J.R., it's not funny.

J.R.: Look, look, nothing bad happened today. We had a great day playing in the snow. We got carried away for, like, two seconds, then we stopped.

Babe: No, I stopped.

J.R.: Ok, you stopped. You're more mature or you've got more restraint than I do. Look, I love you, Babe. I don't care if it freaks you out -- it's true.

Babe: It doesn't freak me out.

J.R.: You could've fooled me.

Babe: It's just I don't think that what happened once should happen again.

J.R.: You mean us having sex?

Babe: Yes, that's right.

J.R.: Ever again?

Babe: Oh, my God.

J.R.: Ok, I get it, I get it. I'm -- I'm not a great catch, ok? I'm -- I'm a drunk, I don't have a job, I got no prospects, I got nowhere to live. Win a date with J.R. Chandler!

Babe: You know that's not how I think of you, J.R.

J.R.: Exactly -- for some reason, you don't. Just shoot me, but for some reason, that encourages me.

Babe: What do you want, J.R.?

J.R.: I want you to feel like you're safe with me. I mean, you do, right, right now?

Babe: Well, I -- I did up until a few minutes ago, yeah.

J.R.: So do you think we could at least try it for a little while? You know, friends and parents, and then keeping our mind open for anything else?

Babe: I don't know.

J.R.: Just tell me I have a shot. That's all I want, Babe -- just a shot.

Kendall: Wait a minute. So Zach and Aidan are out there together, dealing with God knows what?

Erica: Kendall, Kendall --

Kendall: And -- and we have to wait and find out if there's good news or bad news?

Greenlee: I am so pissed right now.

Kendall: You are? Greenlee, Zach almost died a couple of weeks ago.

Greenlee: Kendall, I was there, remember?

Kendall: Right. Sorry, yeah -- of course, you were.

Jack: Listen, if I could just interject here as --

Kendall: Yeah, I mean, Aidan, Aidan -- he's just -- he's always been so stubborn.

Greenlee: Right, and the only way to get him to do something is to make him do the exact opposite.

Kendall: Yeah. See, I have one of those, too.

Greenlee: Right -- Zach's way or the highway.

Jack: Ok, yeah. Could I just say one --

Erica: Shh, shh, shh.

Kendall: No, you know --

Erica: They're working it out.

Kendall: They -- they think they always know best.

Greenlee: Even when they don't.

Kendall: But then, sometimes they do and --

Greenlee: Then I'd just like to throw something at them.

Kendall: I have.

Greenlee: Me, too.

Kendall: Yeah. But, then, there's times -- oh -- and we would never admit this in a thousand years -- but we do count on them.

Greenlee: Yeah. I mean, in the bomb shelter, I freaked out left, right, and center, but Zach? He -- he kept talking to me, he -- he stayed with me. He kept me going even though I was so ready to give up.

Kendall: Well, Aidan, he -- he fought really hard to find you, too.

Greenlee: But so did you. I mean, Zach and I wouldn't even be alive right now if you two hadn't gotten together. And it's got to be what makes me believe that we'll get through this, too.

Kendall: Together.

Greenlee: Right -- together, because -- because we've gotten through worse.

Kendall: Yeah. Hmm.

[Doorbell rings]

Sean: Hey, Uncle Jack, Erica -- everybody.

Erica: Hi, Sean, hi. What brings you here?

Jack: Well, Sean's got a little bit of a personal problem he wants to discuss with me, so we're going to do that. We're going to go outside here, we're going to discuss this. Excuse us.

Sean: Ahem.

Jack: I want you to explain to me one more time -- what the hell were you doing with Hannah Nichols?

Zach: I didn't know about my father. I didn't know.

Hannah: No. No, of course not.

Zach: Tell me what happened. I want to hear everything.

[Zach spots Aidan hiding nearby with his gun aimed at Hannah]

Babe: Ok. I'll give us a shot.

J.R.: Thank you.

Babe: But just as friends with no privileges -- can you handle that?

J.R.: All right. All right. Is that ok?

Richie: Uh -- yeah, I did meet a girl -- Arabella -- but everybody calls her "Babe." And I'm telling you, she -- she really is one. I mean, she is all that and more. She's sweet, she's smart, she's beautiful. She's -- she's everything a guy could ask for, and I don't have a clue what she sees in me. All I know is when I got the good news, she was right there like -- like it was meant to be, you know? Anyway, you know, now that I know I'm going to live, I've got plans. I've got big plans, and hopefully -- yeah, hopefully Babe will be a part of that. Anyway, uh -- are there any more questions?

Doctor: No, Richard. I think we've heard enough.

Richie: Well, if you do need anything, you can always call Dr. Chambers. He was my shrink in prison.

Doctor: Dr. Chambers?

Richie: Yeah, he was a good guy. He's -- he's always had my back, from day one.

Doctor: Richard, we tried to contact Dr. Chambers before the session this afternoon, and we were informed that he was killed today.

Richie: What -- what?

Doctor: Apparently, there was an altercation in the prison yard. An inmate stabbed him.

Richie: He saved my life, and he was a good guy.

Doctor: I'm sure he was.

Richie: Well, I hope whoever did this -- they get ahold of him and bring him to justice. Look, I'm sorry. Uh -- I get a little emotional. It just -- it meant a lot, ok? Uh -- this is just terrible. This is terrible.

Ryan: You know, your brother and I do have one thing in common.

Annie: And what would that be?

Ryan: That we both got a second chance.

Annie: Hey.

Joe: Here's your meds for the next 10 days.

Ryan: Thank you, Joe. Fantastic.

Joe: Annie explain the drill?

Ryan: Yes, she did, yes, she did. It's very, very technical, but I think I can handle it. I got to rest, rest, and then some rest.

Joe: Well, that's it -- you got it. Looks like this guy's ready to go home.

Ryan: Those are the words I was waiting to hear -- fantastic. You know, if I knew that a hole in the head felt this good, I probably would've drilled one myself --

Annie: Do you hear what I listen to?

Joe: Ok, I'll just order you a wheelchair.

Ryan: No, I -- I don't need one. I'm good, Joe.

Joe: Too bad -- hospital rules.

Ryan: Oh. Yeah.

Joe: Dr. Martin here. Would you please send a chair up to Mr. Lavery's room? He's being discharged. Thank you. Now, I take it you'll see to it that he gets home safely?

Annie: I will. Thank you, Joe.

Joe: Yeah. Ok. See you next week.

Ryan: Ok, thanks, Joe.

Annie: Bye.

Joe: Bye.

Annie: Thanks again, Joe. Whoa -- ah! What are you --

Ryan: Ah! To hell with hospital rules -- let's get out of here, come on.

[Annie squeals then chuckles as Ryan picks her up and carries her out]

Sean: Well, like I said, I ran into Hannah at the park and -- well, actually she ran into me, but -- only I had no idea who she even was, let alone what she tried to do. I mean, what -- is Kendall ok?

Jack: Don't change the subject. Just tell me what happened next.

Sean: Well, you know, we -- we hooked up.

Jack: You know, I'm a little unclear on this whole "hooked up" thing. What the hell does that mean?

Sean: You want me to draw you a picture, Uncle Jack? Hannah and I went to a hotel room, and we had sex, ok?

Erica: Oh, my God.

Kendall: God, I hate this.

Greenlee: Right back at you.

Kendall: Are you ok?

Greenlee: Yeah, I'm just -- I'm tired. Joe says it's probably just my body still recovering from such major trauma.

Kendall: And you tell him or call him --

Greenlee: Many, many, many four-letter words. They're going to be fine.

Kendall: Our boys?

Greenlee: Yeah, our -- our heroes, you know? They're -- they're doing what they do best, they're -- they're out there keeping the world safe.

Kendall: Yeah. Only who takes care of them, right?

Greenlee: You know, in the -- in the bomb shelter when Zach was really sick, when he had his fever --

Kendall: Well -- wait, he never told me about that.

Greenlee: Oh, yeah. It was -- oh, man, it was really intense. He -- he was hearing things, he was seeing things. He thought that I was you. He looked me in the eyes, he grabbed my hand, and he called me "Kendall." He -- he told me he loved me and that he wanted to. That's when I started to -- well, I didn't hate him so much.

Kendall: Well, I guess you'd never seen that side of Zach, huh?

Greenlee: Yeah, never. I thought if -- if he could love so much, then, well, he probably can't be so bad.

Kendall: You know, Aidan loves you like that, too.

Greenlee: Yeah.

Kendall: What?

Greenlee: I know Aidan loves me. He's -- he's great. But since the rescue, he's, um -- well, something's changed.

Kendall: What's changed?

Greenlee: Him, or him with me. I -- I don't know, it's different. He's -- he's not the same with me.

Hannah: When I told your father I was pregnant with your child, he told me to stay, and he'd take care of me. And he did, his way. Huh. He'd come into my room at night -- to talk. And then, even that pretense stopped. I got through it. He kicked me out, and he called me a whore.

Zach: Why didn't you run? Why didn't you leave after the first time?

Hannah: I had to stay, because I knew you'd come back for me. But you never did. You never did.

Little Adam: Is the snowman ok?

J.R.: Yes. Of course. Those snowmen -- they love the cold. And don't worry, we're going to see him real soon. Ok? Here, let me get your jacket off.

Babe: Hey -- hey, Little A, why don't you come over here, and we'll get you all warmed up? How about that?

J.R.: Um -- do you mind if I take a shower before I have to get out of here?

Little Adam: Does Daddy have to go now?

Babe: No. No, sweetie. Um -- Daddy can hang out for a little while if he wants to.

J.R.: Yeah, he does. Um -- I'll be right back.

Richie: Oh, hey, Mace. What's up, man? Oh, yeah, I just got sprung. Uh-huh. Oh, they brought up Chambers. Yeah, I showed them some real emotion. It worked. Yeah, thanks for taking care of that for me, man. I owe you.

Ryan: Oh, it is so good to be home.

Annie: It's so good to have you home.

Ryan: Hey -- mistletoe is still up. That must mean that it's still Christmas.

Annie: I guess I forgot to take it down.

Ryan: Yeah, I guess you did. I'm sure we can put it to good use.

[Annie chuckles]

Ryan: I love you.

Annie: I love you, too. Listen, Rachael has the kids. I thought you could use some peace and quiet your first night back.

Ryan: Ah.

Annie: So I'm going to go call and check on them and put all this stuff away.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Ok? I'll be right back.

Ryan: Ah. You made it, Ryan Lavery. You're alive.

Greenlee: Look at me. I look terrible.

Kendall: No, you don't.

Greenlee: It's ok. I'm just -- I'm not -- I'm not right. I'm not back yet. But Aidan -- he -- he won't touch me. He -- he's acting like I'm some piece of rare china that's going to break.

Kendall: He loves you. He's just being careful.

Greenlee: Too careful. I want him to grab me and kiss me and throw me down and have good old-fashioned, crazy, throw-down sex.

Kendall: Oh. Well, that -- that'll come back.

Greenlee: Great, because I'm really patient, as you know.

Kendall: Oh, yeah?

Greenlee: So are you.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, I am. Um -- it'll be good again with Aidan. I know it will.

Erica: Sean, excuse me. Are you really saying that you had sex with that woman?

Sean: Uh -- yeah.

Erica: When?

Jack: Evidently, they met in the park.

Sean: I -- I didn't even know about the shooting until I heard it on the news. I -- that's when I called.

Erica: Well, did -- did Hannah -- just -- thank you.

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: Did she say where she might be going?

Sean: No, I don't think so.

Jack: Sean, did she say anything -- anything at all?

Sean: Uh -- well, yeah. You know, after we, you know -- she asked about girlfriends. You know, what we like to do, where we like to go -- things like that. Uh -- so, you know, and I said some of us like to hang by the rocks, and she seemed really interested in that for some reason.

Erica: The rocks?

Jack: Yeah, that's out near the waterfall.

Sean: She said it sounded like a cool place, quiet, romantic, no one around. You know, I didn't think anything of it at the time, but -- what?

Hannah: You heard enough?

Zach: After my father threw you out --

Hannah: I somehow got it together to find Ethan a good home, so Alexander wouldn't find him. And -- and I started my own life. Became the successful businesswoman you see right here.

[Hannah cries]

Hannah: Oh, God! It was all a lie! I mean, I never stopped becoming that scared 17-year-old who just wanted to be rescued! And it turns out, I'm the only woman in your life that wasn't.

Zach: You give me too much credit.

Hannah: No, don't be modest, Zach. Let me list them for you, ok? There was Maria. Then Erica Kane. You rescued her in Las Vegas. Julia Santos. Dixie Martin. Greenlee? Someone you despise? And let's not forget your beloved Kendall. What did she do to deserve such a savior? I mean, you -- you brought her baby to term when she was in a coma. You saved her from Dr. Madden.

Zach: He was an evil son of a bitch.

Hannah: Yeah, well, so was your father! And you didn't rescue me! And you didn't save our child! You know, she should have been punished, and maybe you and I -- you know, we could have had a chance. I just -- I just couldn't watch you save her over again and again.

Zach: I didn't know. Let me make it up to you.

Hannah: You can't.

Zach: I think I can. Let me rescue you now.

Jack: It's still not much to go on.

Erica: Well, but it's a clue. I think the police need to know.

Kendall: Need to know what, Mother?

Erica: Hmm.

Kendall: And don't even try to lie to me, because if you do, I will know.

Erica: Look -- oh -- we have reason to believe that Hannah called Zach and asked him to meet her at -- at the rocks.

Greenlee: Where Leo died? Oh, my God.

Kendall: How -- how do you know?

Jack: That's a long story, one which Sean here is about to share with the police.

Sean: But, Uncle Jack --

Jack: Don't "Uncle Jack" me. I want you to go down to the police station and find Derek and tell him everything you know. Go on, go on.

Sean: Yeah.

Kendall: Ok, I'm going. I'm going right now, and I'm going to go find my husband.

Greenlee: I'm going with her.

Zach: Let me help you.

Hannah: It's too late, Zach.

Zach: It's not too late. My father destroyed everything he touched. Don't let him do it. Don't give him the satisfaction. Hannah, please.

Jack: Greenlee, listen to me. You are not going anywhere.

Greenlee: Yeah, like hell I'm not. Aidan is there -- I'm not waiting for the police, Jack!

Jack: No, no, no, no, no -- listen to me, you almost died. You just got out of the hospital, and you're still sick. The answer is no.

Kendall: Um -- you know what? Actually, Jack is right. I -- you know what? What were we thinking?

Greenlee: What? No!

Kendall: I mean, really, what were we thinking? You're sick, and I'll probably just get in the way.

Erica: Finally, finally. Kendall, you're making so much sense.

Kendall: You know what we'll do? We will just wait for the police to take care of things.

Erica: Great. Great idea.

Jack: Good.

Greenlee: All right. Fine, fine. Fine. I'm sorry, Dad.

Jack: Honey, it's ok. I understand. Just thanks for listening, that's all.

Kendall: Jack, do you mind taking my jacket?

Jack: Not at all. And -- and the minute I hear a thing from Derek, I'll let you know, ok?

Kendall: Yeah, we're just going to -- we're -- we're going to sit around here, and we're going to wait for some -- for some good news.

Jack: I just appreciated it.

Kendall: Yeah.

Jack: I'll get that for -- huh?

Kendall: No, I've got it.

Jack: Whoa! Wait a minute --

Erica: What? Hey!

Jack: Don't you -- no, no, no!

[Greenlee and Kendall lock Jack and Erica in the closet]

Greenlee: You are brilliant.

Jack: Open the door!

Erica: Honey, the door!

Kendall: Careful, careful! I don't want to fall down on my neck.

[Banging on door]

Greenlee: See you later, alligators.

Kendall: Ok -- um -- I got to get my stuff.

Jack: Greenlee, open this door!

Greenlee: Ok. My purse.

Kendall: Later.

Hannah: Don't. Don't come any closer.

Zach: Hannah --

Hannah: Don't pretend that you care about me. Or you would have come after me.

Zach: It was a long time ago.

Hannah: Not for me. It never ended for me. I just -- I wanted you to come home and -- and take me in your arms and say, "I love you, Hannah," and tell me it was going to be all right.

Zach: I just came home from school. The old man's not going to hurt you again, I promise.

Hannah: But I'm scared.

Zach: I know. But it's ok. I'm going to protect you. Nothing's going to happen to you. Please. Come on. Just let me hold you. Come on.

[When Hannah lowers her gun, Zach holds her while she cries]

Zach: It's ok. It's ok.

J.R.: Babe? I can't find the shampoo. I'd rather not use this peach stuff. Babe?

[When the doorbell rings, J.R. answers it wearing only a towel]

J.R.: Hey, Babe, you going to get that? Oh, my --

Babe: Richie? What are you doing here?

Richie: Did I come at a bad time?

J.R.: Does this look like a bad time to you?

Annie: We should go to bed. You're probably so tired. Ryan?

[Annie finds Ryan standing on the balcony in his shorts collecting snow]

Annie: Ryan? Ryan?

Erica: How did you let this happen?

Jack: "How did I let this happen?" Am I the only person in this closet, Erica?

Erica: The only reason I am in here is because your daughter pushed me in here.

Jack: Yeah, after your daughter gave her the signal to do it!

Erica: I knew they were up to something.

Jack: Oh, did you? Oh, did you? Well, that's great. Why didn't you stop them before they got away? Can I get back there, please?

[Hannah sobs]

Hannah: I -- I wish we could stay like this.

Zach: We can. Sure we can.

Hannah: Yeah?

Zach: Yeah. It'll be all right.

Hannah: Oh -- ok.

Zach: Come on. It's all right. It's ok. Come on.

[Hannah takes a step backward and loses her footing off the large rocks as Kendall and Greenlee arrive]

Hannah: Don't -- don't -- no, no, no!

Kendall: Zach!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R. (to Richie): Is it just me, or did Babe kick you to the curb?

Annie (to Ryan): Can you hear me?

Erica (to Jack): Close quarters seems to agree with us.

Zach: You hold on to me. Hurry up!

[Zach is unable to keep holding on to Hannah and she slips from his grasp, falling off the cliff]

Hannah: Goodbye.

Zach: Hannah!

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