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Bianca: Is it too late to say "Merry Christmas?

Babe: Huh, Bianca, It is so great to see you.

Bianca: Yeah, you, too.

Babe: And who is this big beautiful girl?

[Babe chuckles]

Babe: Little A, look who came to visit.

Winifred: I have a toy waiting for you. Come on, come on!

Bianca: Oh, a toy!

Winifred: Hi!

Bianca: Go get the toy.

[Winifred chuckles]

Bianca: We're heading back to Paris this afternoon, but I just wanted to come by and say hi to you guys before we left.

Babe: Yeah.

Bianca: Oh -- for Little A from Zoë.

Babe: That is so sweet. How is she?

Bianca: Oh, God, you know Zoë. She's always got a million and one things going on, and every single one of them is a priority, but she's good. She's happy.

Babe: I'm glad, and how are you?

Bianca: That's a complicated question these days.

Babe: Yeah. Yeah, tell me about it.

Erica: What do you want, Adam?

Adam: Well, are -- are you this charming to all of your on-air guests?

Erica: Look, I thought things were getting better. The charges have been dropped against J.R., you have Krystal back.

Adam: J.R. can go to hell. Krystal can go to hell, and she should take her new husband with her.

Erica: Husband? Excuse me?

Adam: Mrs. Krystal Martin.

Erica: Tad married Krystal?

Adam: Mm-hmm. Oh, yeah. They better enjoy this little honeymoon time, because they're sure as hell not going to live happily ever after.

Tad: You know, most people, when they get married, they get a day off.

Krystal: Well, you know we're not most people, Tad.

Tad: Ok, well, if it's so crowded in there, I can mix a mean martini.

Krystal: Oh, please, thank you, because it's going to be packed.

Tad: Ok. Well, just being a good hubby.

[Tad laughs]

All: Surprise!

Man: Congratulations!

Second Man: Whoo!

Tad: What is this?

Kyle: Congratulations, guys. Really, this is awesome news.

Tad: You want me to mix a drink for you while I'm at it?

Krystal: That'd be a good idea.

Tad: Yeah, I think so.

Kyle: Come on, Tad, give her a kiss, man.


Krystal: I guess the customer's always right. Yeah --

[Tad chuckles as he leans toward Krystal then kisses her]

Man: Whoo! All: Whoo!

Kendall: I will not let them send you to prison, Greenlee. This is all my fault.

Greenlee: Kendall --

Kendall: No, please, please. I need to say this, and you deserve to hear it. It was all me. I set you up. I pretended to be your friend to pull you in, so that I could accuse you of -- of kidnapping my son. And you said -- I mean, you swore up and down that you didn't want to take Spike, but I didn't believe you. And I wanted you to pay for what -- for what I thought you did to my son. I'm sorry.

Greenlee: You know, it's not your fault -- not completely. I mean, you pretended to be my friend, and I believed you. I was such a fool.

Aidan: Greenlee can't go to prison.

Zach: Neither can Kendall.

Aidan: So these charges -- they need to disappear. Greenlee's kidnapping and Kendall's setup.

Zach: I'm on it. I just got to get out of here first, that's all.

Aidan: Zach, I know you're going to do what it takes to get Kendall out of this mess. But tell me you're going to do the same for Greenlee.

Kyle: Well, congrats again, guys. I mean, we had no idea.

Tad: Well, it was sort of a whirlwind type of affair.

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, this one just sort of swept me off my feet.

Tad: Listen, you want me to deliver that one for you?

Kyle: Yeah, actually, there's a woman who just came in a few minutes ago, by the pool table.

Tad: Ok.

Kyle: With the reddish hair over there.

Krystal: Mm-hmm.

Tad: It'll be my pleasure.

Kyle: All right.

Krystal: Yeah, you dog.

Tad: Yep, got to go with your strengths. Here you go. Vodka Gibson for the lady.

Woman: Thanks.

Tad: Is there anything else I can get for you?

Woman: I don't know. What have you got?

Tad: Oh, well -- um -- where do I start?

Woman: Uh -- how about with your wife?

Tad: Ahem. Hmm. That was fun. Are you ok?

Krystal: Oh. Comeback moonshine. The problem is any time I look at it, I can't help but thinking about my wedding night with Adam.

Tad: Oh, I bet that must have been a picture.

Krystal: Why can't I just put him on the shelf, you know? Let him collect dust --

Tad: Well --

Krystal: Forget about him?

Tad: As your new husband, I should be able to help you with that. I'd say it's time that we 86 the old moonshine. We'll pour this gasoline right down the drain. Done, done, and done. On the other hand, it might not be that easy, huh?

Krystal: I just don't know how to pour Adam Chandler out of my heart.

Erica: Adam, have you considered waiting it out? The marriage won't last. Tad deserves better.

Adam: Watch what you say about Krystal.

Erica: Oh, Adam, you have your opinion about Krystal and I have mine.

Adam: Yeah, well, keep yours to yourself, all right?

Erica: Ok, Adam, why don't you just give it some time? I'm sure things will work themselves out.

Adam: Like you and Jack have?

Erica: Well, it may take a little time, but I'm optimistic.

Adam: Ah. Forgive me if I see your glass as half empty right now.

Erica: Well, then you better take a better look, because Jack and I can and will reconcile. It's my New Year's resolution.

Jack: Well, thank you for doing this, Julia, and thank you for not hurting me.

[Julia chuckles]

Julia: Well, it's lucky you and Greenlee have the same phenotypes.

Jack: Yeah.

Julia: Ok, fist -- squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Jack: Ok.

Julia: The blood bank would have had a hard time getting this.

Jack: Yeah.

Julia: And Greenlee is going to need this blood. I was going to say, you're a good dad.

Jack: Well, I think I'm just doing what any father would do.

Julia: Well, she's lucky to have you.

Jack: She'll be lucky if I can keep her out of prison.

Julia: Your family's had enough drama lately.

Jack: Yeah, once I can get these charges against Greenlee dropped, she can have her life back.

Julia: Well, you, too. If you can get Greenlee taken care of, maybe you can focus on yourself for a second.

Jack: Me? Well, I'm fine.

Julia: Well, you've had quite a run -- Greenlee, Lily, and --

Jack: Yeah. Well, you know, I think it'll all fall back into place as soon as I can get Greenlee home.

Julia: What about you and Erica? You think that's going to fall back into place?

Babe: So -- so you can really tell me to shut up, but -- but are you and Zoë --

Bianca: Oh -- no, we're not.

Babe: I'm sorry, Bianca.

Bianca: Thanks. We're friends. We -- we talk, and she always comes to visit Miranda when she's in Paris. We'll be close friends forever, but she's still getting used to the idea of being Zoë.

Babe: Yeah.

Bianca: So every day's an adventure.

Babe: Boy, timing.

Bianca: Yeah, yeah.

Babe: You know, I -- I met this guy a couple of months ago who I thought would be this -- this fun, easy person to -- you know, to go out with, but -- yeah, it turns out he's an ex-convict, not to mention Annie's brother. They -- they hate each other.

Bianca: Wow.

Babe: He's dying of leukemia.

Bianca: Whoa.

Babe: Yeah -- see what I mean about complicated? And to make things worse, I go to bed with J.R. God. I really needed somebody to talk to, didn't I?

Bianca: Do you want to come hang out in Paris for a while?

Babe: I would love to.

[Bianca chuckles]

Babe: You know, it's -- it's weird, isn't it? You know, us talking like this, like friends.

Bianca: Yeah, I know. It hits me sometimes, too. No, thank you.

Babe: It all seems like 100 years ago, doesn't it? I mean, at least it does for me.

Bianca: No, for me, too. Because when I look at you now, all I see is the woman who held this place together when my sister was going through hell. Kendall loves Fusion. It would have killed her to lose it, and she might have if it hadn't been for you.

Babe: Thank you.

Bianca: So, you really slept with J.R.?

Babe: Yeah.

Greenlee: I actually believed we were on our way back. That all the hurt and the anger -- that it was starting to fade. Guess I was pretty stupid.

Kendall: Greenlee, there were so many times where I wanted that, too.

Greenlee: And then, what? You would come to your senses? "Let's get rid of big, bad Greenlee"?

Kendall: I was wrong, ok? I hate what I did. And there were so many times where I -- I really, really wanted to give you a second chance. Where I wish that I could have someone that I trusted.

Greenlee: You did. You just -- you wouldn't accept it.

Kendall: Oh, come on, Greenlee. When you came back to town, you weren't exactly showering us with -- with chocolate and flowers.

Greenlee: Well, you weren't exactly throwing me a welcome-home party, either.

Kendall: Yeah, true. But the whole time -- the whole time, when I was --

Greenlee: When you were setting me up, when you were framing me, remember?

Kendall: Yes. Yes, yes, I do. The whole time I was doing that -- this sounds weird, but I -- I actually wanted to tell you. I wish I could have told you. But I thought that you were trying to take Spike again.

Greenlee: How can you believe that?

Kendall: Well, I -- I heard you talking to Aidan. I heard you -- you -- you said something to him about getting Ryan's baby.

Greenlee: Kendall, I was talking about Zach's revenge plan with my embryos.

Kendall: I know that. We were wrong, both of us. And I promise you that I will make it up to you. But right now, I have got to get you out of this mess with the police.

Greenlee: Well, you know, you can't do it alone. I mean, you -- you can't. We were a team once. Maybe we can be one again.

Kendall: You really think we can be?

Greenlee: Yeah, I do. I mean, you and me -- we turn things around, that's what we do. When everyone thinks we're going to lose, we win. That's what happened when we created Fusion. Hell, it happened when we became friends. We can do this together, Kendall. We can win this one together.

Zach: I will do whatever it takes to protect Kendall, and Greenlee.

Aidan: That's good. So -- so what's the plan, then?

Zach: I told you. I got to get out of here first and find my wife -- make sure that she shuts up and not talks to everybody. There's a lot of guilt with what happened to Greenlee, and she's bound to do something stupid.

Aidan: Well, there's a lot of that going around at the moment.

Zach: We have to protect them both.

Aidan: You keep talking about protecting both of them, Zach, but I'm not so sure you want to protect Greenlee.

Zach: We were trapped in a hole for a month. Neither one of us would have made it without the other. I'm not going to let her hang.

Aidan: So you say.

Zach: I'm not going to let her hang, Aidan. Trust me.

Colby: I can't wait to hear you guys play New Year's.

[Colby laughs]

Sean: Do you guys have any new songs coming out?

Corrina: Yeah, maybe one or two.

Ren: Oh, yeah, by the way, we got a sound check that morning, guys.

Corrina: Ok.

Dre: I can't go.

Corrina: Um, all right. Well, that's cool. We'll just play a track.

Dre: No, I can't do New Year's, either.

Ren: What do you mean?

Dre: Sorry, man. Family stuff.

Corrina: Dre, we've had this scheduled for weeks.

Ren: Come on, man, what's so freakin' important?

Dre: Look, it has nothing to do with you or the band or music, so why don't you back the hell off?

Colby: Hey, what's up?

Dre: Nothing.

Colby: Well, you just don't go off like that over nothing.

[Doorbell rings]

Sean: Ah, sweet. Pizza, dude.

Sean: Where's the pizza?

Man: I'm looking for André Woods.

Greenlee: We have to get past all the bad stuff, Kendall. Zach and I did that in the bomb shelter. You and I, we have to do that now.

Kendall: Well, you both managed to make it in there without killing each other.

Greenlee: True, but, um, man, those first few days -- whew -- those were iffy. I mean, we drove each other crazy, and I was a basket case.

Kendall: Like when we were in the cave?

Greenlee: No, worse. I mean, the cave -- at least there was an opening, but this shelter was just completely sealed. I was sure we were dead, but Zach wouldn't go there.

Kendall: It's not his style.

Greenlee: No, I mean, he said we would survive. He was right. Here we are. He was amazing.

Kendall: Of course, he was.

Greenlee: I mean, even when I fought him, yelled and screamed and would only want things to be my way, he just -- he stayed patient, and he kept me strong. He kept me focused. I was shocked.

Kendall: Zach does that for people.

Greenlee: Yeah. I mean, before the bomb shelter, I just -- I had him pegged as this arrogant, selfish pig. I've never been more wrong.

Zach: Greenlee and I didn't crawl our way out of one hole, so I could throw her into another. So what do you say -- you with me?

Aidan: Yeah, all right. I'm with you.

Zach: All right. Ok.

[Zach groans]

Zach: Hey, this is Zach Slater. Do me a favor -- find Dr. Martin for me. I need to see him ASAP in my room. Thank you.

Zach: I know you don't trust me, and I don't blame you. It's horrible what I did, telling Greenlee that her embryos still exist.

Aidan: You need to tell that to Greenlee.

Zach: I did tell that to Greenlee, now I'm telling you. No more excuses. Life's too short.

Aidan: You did a really good job, all right, keeping Greenlee alive.

Zach: She kept me alive. She could've left me in that ditch, and she didn't. She saved my life. And who knows, maybe I saved hers. We're even.

Greenlee: You know, when we first fell in the hole, Zach spent all day just looking at your picture on his phone.

Kendall: Really?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. You and Ian and Spike -- he just -- he hated being away from you guys. And then when his phone died, when he lost the pictures, he just -- he literally -- he freaked out, completely lost it. He actually started talking about his feelings. It was kind of crazy, you know?

Kendall: Not to me.

Greenlee: Well, no, of course not. And then, well, towards the end, he really started talking, you know, about his life, about how fearful he was that he was going to go crazy like his father and how hard it is for him to admit when he's wrong. Really heavy stuff.

Kendall: He told you all of that?

Greenlee: Yeah. I had no idea he was human.

[Greenlee chuckles]

Kendall: You guys got really close when you were down there.

Greenlee: Yeah, we really did. I guess miracles happen. But I didn't take advantage of him. Kendall, what's wrong? You're as white as a sheet.

[Kendall recalls the night of passion she spent with Aidan]

Adam: The last time we talked, Erica, you weren't so sure about Jack.

Erica: You were right. I should get everything I deserve to have.

Adam: Oh. Say that again.

Erica: I should get everything I deserve to have.

Adam: No, not -- the other part.

Erica: You were right.

Adam: Ah. You don't say that nearly often enough.

Erica: Jack was upset. I mean, Greenlee was missing, he couldn't deal with that and our issues. But Greenlee's back now and she's alive.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, you really think it'll make things easier?

Erica: Jack and I celebrated Christmas together -- the way we should. It may take some time, but Jack and I belong together.

Jack: Nothing is happening with Erica and I. We're not getting back together. Too much has happened.

Julia: Well, what about Christmas? You and Erica and all the kids were here.

Jack: Yeah, well, that was Christmas. That was -- that was different.

Julia: Hmm.

Jack: Thanks.

Julia: You know, it was really nice of Erica to throw that whole party together at the last minute.

Jack: Yeah, Erira can be very thoughtful. She can also be very stubborn and selfish.

Julia: And jealous.

Jack: Jealous? Of what? Oh, I don't want to ask, but go ahead.

[Julia chuckles]

Julia: Well, she didn't come right out and say it --

Jack: Oh.

Julia: But in her subtle way, she -- she made it clear she didn't -- she didn't like us spending time together.

Jack: I wish she would just accept that it's over and just move on with her life. That's what I'm trying to do.

Julia: Well, sometimes it's not so easy. I keep waiting for that special guy to come into my life and Kathy's life. No luck so far.

Jack: Well, whoever it might be would be a lucky guy to have you.

Julia: Well, maybe it's a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. And maybe Tad and Krystal have the right idea.

Jack: What idea do Tad and Krystal have?

Julia: Uh, they got married.

Jack: They got married?

Julia: Yeah. Christmas Eve, they eloped -- to keep Adam out of their lives for good.

Jack: Oh, I'm not so sure that's a plan that's going to work.

Julia: Well, they did it to protect their daughter. And when all is said and done, that kind of love trumps everything.

Bianca: Do you ever worry that all this stuff our kids have been through is going to mess them up?

Babe: All the time.

Bianca: I'm finding myself becoming increasingly paranoid and protective of Miranda as though I could shield her from all the bad things in the world.

Babe: Well, you know, it's our job. It never ends. Just ask Mama.

Bianca: I heard about her and Tad.

Babe: Yeah.

Bianca: What's the story with that?

Babe: Well, you know Jenny, my baby sister -- it was all about keeping the family together for her.

Bianca: You know, I think that's why Zoë and I drifted apart. Because she loves Miranda, of course, but kind of as a wild, crazy friend, not as a parent. And I -- I really want that for Miranda, a real family. She deserves it. And she's going to have it, too.

Babe: She already does.

Kendall: I -- I was just thinking about the two of you in that hole. It just freaks me out.

Greenlee: Yeah. Well, I mean, it's over now, so --

Kendall: Yeah, it's in the past.

Greenlee: Hey, what about you and Aidan?

Kendall: What do you mean?

Greenlee: Well, he just --

Kendall: What -- what about me and Aidan?

Greenlee: You spent so much time together searching and --

Kendall: Yeah, he was -- he was desperate to find you.

Greenlee: Did you, um -- did you see all those things in him that I see?

Kendall: No, I -- what I saw was a man completely in love with you, Greenlee. I mean, Aidan is madly in love with you. You have to know that. This man would do anything in the world for you. He would -- he would die for you.

Zach: I haven't thanked you for everything you did -- tried to find us and -- thanks. Word on the street is that Tad bought that whole property, huh? What was that all about?

Aidan: Yeah, well, you know, we couldn't exactly search the land with -- with a paranoid owner running around with a gun, so --

[Zach chuckles]

Aidan: Anyway, finally, Tad can have his American dream -- farm, grow corn -- whatever.

Zach: Yeah, whatever. Everyone says you did great with Kendall. I know how she gets when -- when she gets worried. She -- she gets anxious, you know?

Aidan: She's not the only one.

Zach: And then if it's one of her loved ones, it's even worse because she just -- she'll do whatever she needs to, man. She won't take no for an answer.

Aidan: We both wanted the same thing. We wanted to find our loved ones, and we did whatever it took to get to you as soon as we could.

Zach: What did you do? How'd you find the shelter?

[Aidan recalls how Kendall found the tube of plans under a chair after they'd made love on the floor]

Kendall's voice: What is this?

Aidan: We found the blueprints, um, in the house, and they came with a map, so --

Zach: Map? What map? Map to the shelter?

Aidan: Well, the date it was designed, the location, so we went and searched for it right away, and we found you.

Zach: I'm glad you did.

Aidan: Yeah.

Zach: You know, it's -- what a weird time, huh? There's my family, people I care about more than anything in the world -- my wife and Ian -- I knew he was coming home, and I wasn't there. Spike had an operation. I knew that. I wasn't there. Kendall was all alone.

Aidan: She wasn't alone. I mean, she was, um, she was with her friends and -- and her family.

Zach: And you. I'll always be grateful for that.

Joe: Zach.

[Zach groans]

Joe: You wanted to see me?

Zach: Yeah, I need to be discharged right away.

Joe: Well, I'd like to keep you another night at least for observation.

Zach: That's very nice, Joe, but I'm leaving. I got to get out of here.

Joe: It's against medical advice.

Zach: All right. I appreciate all your help, but it's time. We got work to do, don't we?

Greenlee: Hey, you know, Zach and Aidan, you and I -- we could go on some double dates, you know, dinner, movies. Normal-people things. Does Zach ski, because how much fun would a trip out west be?

Kendall's voice: It never should've happened.

Aidan's voice: And it's forgotten. So how about we just, um -- we just -- we don't talk about it again?

Greenlee: Hit the slopes by day, do fireplaces and hot chocolate at night?

Kendall: No, no, Greenlee, we can't -- we can't do that.

Greenlee: Oh -- no skiing? Ok, um --

[Greenlee gasps]

Greenlee: A beach vacation. Spas and swim-up bars and --

Kendall: No, no, no, Greenlee, no. We -- we can't just be best friends again like -- like none of this ever happened. You can't just forgive me like that.

Greenlee: Um, why not?

Kendall: I never should've done it.

Greenlee: Kendall, we're ok, I promise.

Kendall: No, no, no, Greenlee, listen to me. That cop is outside because of me. You -- you were stuck in a hole underneath the ground because of me. I mean, you and Zach almost died because of what I did. So this has got to stop, and I'm going to make it stop.

Sean: André? Does anybody know an André here?

Ren: Sorry, no. No André here.

Corrina: You must have the wrong house.

Man: He plays in the band that practices next door.

Ren: Oh, you mean Dre?

Colby: André, Dre -- sorry, we didn't know you meant Dre.

Man: This isn't a joke, kids.

Sean: What do you want with Dre?

Man: He's needed on family business.

Colby: You're family?

Man: Is he here?

Ren: Um, Dre used to play with us and then he got all bigtime and moved with the Sidewinders to Chicago.

Corrina: Yeah, we had four gigs lined up, and he just blew us off.

Sean: Loser.

Colby: You know, I think he went to Cleveland.

Ren: Oh, you may we right. You know, I can't remember.

Sean: You know, if we hear from you, we'll be glad to tell him you stopped by. You would be?

Man: I work for the family.

Ren: Sorry, man. No Dre. You won't see him around here anymore.

Julia: You know, Kathy's only been in my life for about a year now and already she's everything to me. I would do anything to protect her.

Jack: Welcome to parenthood.

Julia: When she was sick for the first time -- I mean, really sick --

Jack: Yeah?

Julia: It hit me that I had no medical history, nothing. There was just this hole where her past and her relatives should be. And I was so scared, because there could be a threat appear out of nowhere to threaten my little girl, and I just couldn't take that.

Singer: My best friend he just married someone he just met

Tad: Oh, they don't leave much to the imagination, do they?

Krystal: Wow. Kind of -- kind of feel dirty watching them.

Tad: Yeah -- but it's a good dirty.

Krystal: Yeah. But, unfortunately, that is about as close as I'm going to get.

Tad: Hmm. I know what you mean. This is something I didn't expect. This whole marriage thing might just crimp our style a little bit.

Krystal: I didn't think about that. You know, I am not going back to Adam, but I tell you what -- I mean, I'm a passionate woman. What?

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: Tell me something I don't know.

Krystal: Well --

Tad: So, how do you -- how do you suggest we deal with our newfound frustration?

Kyle: Ok, Krystal, who ordered the club?

Krystal: Ah. Got it.

Kyle: Ok, um --

Krystal: Eat through it, my husband. Dig in.

[Krystal shoves a piece of break into Tad's mouth, then her own]

Adam: You do deserve to get everything you want, Erica, even if it is Jack Montgomery.

Erica: Adam, have you ever considered letting Krystal go?

Adam: No. You never gave up.

Erica: Jack hasn't married someone else.

Adam: I can get Krystal back if I want.

Erica: Well, good luck, then.

Adam: Luck? Luck has nothing to do with it.

Bianca: Hey, Miranda, are you ready to get going?

Miranda: No.

Bianca: Mm-hmm. Sorry, sweetie, we have to. We're going to say goodbye to everybody and then get on a plane and go to our house.

Miranda: Will we ever come back?

Bianca: Of course, we will. This will always be our home.

Winifred: I'll do it -- ok?

Bianca: Oh, thanks, Winifred.

Winifred: Let's see, one --

Bianca: And you just remember that no matter how crazy it gets around here, Paris is not that far away.

Babe: Don't worry, I won't forget. Thanks for coming over here today, Bianca. It really meant a lot.

Winifred: Here you go.

Bianca: Thanks. All right. Are you ready to say goodbye to everybody?

Miranda: Bye.

Babe: Bye, sweetheart.

Bianca: Let's go to the elevator. Do you want to press the button? Yes, you do? Good work. Aha. Here we go. Wave bye-bye. Bye-bye.

Babe and Little A: Bye!

Sean: Would you like to leave a message for Dre or --

Man: Tell him his father is looking for him.

Colby: Doubt we'll see him, but we will.

Sean: Don't let the door hit you -- he's a private investigator.

Ren: Couldn't Dre's dad just call him?

Corrina: Dre, get your butt out here.

Colby: Why would he send someone to look for Dre?

Sean: Dre, man -- he's gone.

[Music plays]

Tad: However, you are going to have to help me find another outlet for my carnal urges.

Krystal: Help you find another outlet for your urges? Uh, I think you can handle that by yourself, don't you?.

Tad: Why don't you pull your mind out of my jeans for five minutes? I was talking about something like skydiving. You know, people say that's a thrill.

Krystal: Oh, yeah, yeah, except I don't like heights.

Tad: Hmm.

Krystal: Hmm. Well, you could go to a strip club.

Tad: Yeah, I could, but that's a little like drowning a man who's dying of thirst.

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: How about yoga?

Krystal: Yoga?

Tad: Yeah.

Krystal: Let's see, the last time I did downward dog I was with a guy named --

Tad: Krystal, too much information.

Krystal: You know, Tad, um, it's been a long time since you and I sat around thinking about the next time we were going to have sex.

Tad: Yeah. If memory serves, we were too busy doing it. Didn't have to worry about it.

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: Yeah, now that we can't do it, it's --

Tad: It's all you can think about.

Krystal: Yeah.

Singer: But all the pleasure and pains we were tried for

Krystal: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Tad: I don't know. What are you thinking?

Krystal: I am thinking of the big, giant pink elephant in the room.

Tad: Well, if he gets to be too much of a pain in the neck, we could just shoot the sucker.

Krystal: Or we could --

[Krystal kisses Tad]

Singer: When everything around me starts to fall

Kendall: What are you doing here?

Hannah: I came to check in on Zach, see how he's doing.

Kendall: The hell you did.

Hannah: Huh. Excuse me?

Kendall: I thought I was clear last time you showed up. Zach is my husband. This is my family here. Now get out.

Hannah: You have no right to do that, Kendall.

Kendall: I said get the hell out -- before I call security.

Hannah: You're making a big mistake.

Aidan: Kendall's setup -- we can get rid of that evidence. But what about the kidnapping charges that Greenlee's facing?

Kendall: Hi.

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: Hey, um, can you come to Greenlee's room right now?

Aidan: Why, what's wrong?

Zach: What's up?

Kendall: No, nothing's wrong. There's just something that I have to say in front of all of you.

Zach: What are you doing?

Kendall: Just be patient, ok? You'll hear with everybody else.

Zach: I'd like to hear it now. Why don't you talk to me?

Kendall: No, honey, please, just trust me. I know what I'm doing.

Bianca: Hey. Sorry, we're running a little bit late.

Erica: No. No, I've decided -- you are not going anywhere. You are staying right here -- right here where you belong.

Bianca: Mom --

Erica: I hate this. I hate saying goodbye, I hate not having you here close by, so I can see you whenever I want to.

Bianca: I know. And I love you.

Erica: You come back and see me, please.

Bianca: Ok.

Erica: Soon, ok?

Miranda: Ok.

Erica: Ok, beautiful girl? You come and see me again soon, ok? Or I'm going to come see you in Paris, baby girl, ok?

Miranda: Ok.

Bianca: Ok. Goodbye, Mom. Have a very Happy New Year.

Erica: Oh, honey, you, too. God knows this family deserves it.

[Bianca chuckles]

Erica: Bye.

Bianca: Bye.

Erica: All right, bye.

Bianca: We're off.

Erica: Bye, baby.

Bianca: We're off --

Miranda: Bye.

Erica: Bye.

Bianca: To the airport

Erica: Have a safe trip, honey. Call me.

Bianca: Ok.

Erica: Ok. Bye.

Miranda: Bye.

Woman: This just came for you.

Erica: Ok, thank you.

Tad: Mrs. Martin, what in the world was that about?

Krystal: Do you want me to spell it out for you, Tad?

Tad: It might be nice.

Krystal: I want you to make love to me.

Nurse: Mr. Montgomery?

Jack: Yeah, I'll talk to you later. Yeah, that's me.

Nurse: This was left for you.

Jack: Thank you. "Meet me at the Yacht Club tonight."

Hannah: Excuse me. Can you make sure Zach Slater receives this? Thank you.

[Hannah imagines kissing Zach as he leaves the hospital with her]

Hannah: Ok, you ready?

Zach: Ready.

Hannah: Yeah?

Zach: Thanks.

Hannah: For what?

Zach: Getting Kendall out of my life.

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: Good, good. Hey, all right, everyone is almost here.

Greenlee: What's going on, Kendall?

Kendall: Just -- just a minute.

Zach: I need to talk to you outside.

Kendall: Yes, just -- can we wait, please? I -- I've reached a decision.

Aidan: Before you say anything, we've come up with a few ideas, right?

Kendall: Ok, ok, hold that thought. Derek, just in time.

Derek: Just in time for what?

Zach: Don't do this.

Kendall: Derek, drop the charges against Greenlee. She's not the guilty one.

Zach: Don't say another word.

Kendall: No, no, Greenlee did -- Greenlee did not kidnap Spike. I lied to the police. I'm the one who's guilty.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ryan: Happy New Year.

Annie: Hmm.

Aidan (to Kendall): Do I have to worry that you're going to tell the truth that we slept together?

Erica (to Jack): We're fated to love each other.

Tad (to Krystal): You sure know how to seduce a guy.

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