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Babe: Richie, aren't -- aren't you supposed to be in the --

Richie: Hospital Psych ward? Come on, you know I don't belong there.

Babe: Well, what did you do? Did you break out?

Richie: Just please tell me I can hide out here.

Babe: Ok -- no, I'm sorry, I --

Richie: No, Babe, don't believe what Ryan and Annie said. I -- you can't really think that I'd intentionally drive my sister to murder me?

Babe: Oh, can't I?

Annie: Who are you calling?

Ryan: I'm calling Derek. With your brother on the loose, I want to make sure the Pine Valley P.D. have got you covered.

Annie: No, no. Ryan, don't. I want Richie to find me.

Ryan: You what? Are you crazy?

Annie: My brother wants me to kill him? He's about to get an early Christmas present.

Adam: Who was that?

Krystal: Donald Sager, the best attorney on the East Coast. He is ferocious when it comes to protecting a mother's rights, and he has agreed to see me tomorrow morning in New York.

Adam: Well, good. I'm -- I'm glad you're coming around to my way of thinking.

Krystal: No. No, Adam, I am not fighting that way, not that kind of ugly. This is my attorney, and I am calling the shots.

Adam: Well, I'm sure your attorney knows his stuff, but I still think you'd have a better chance of keeping Jenny if you let me lead this fight.

Krystal: No, Adam, this is my battle.

Adam: I just want to help.

Krystal: No. I know, and I know you're worried about me, but listen to me. I am going to win this. There is no way that Tad is going to take my little girl away from me.

Father Clarence: Hello, Tad. Nice to see you again.

Tad: Father Clarence? Huh. This is that chapel? Wait a minute, what'd you do, move it? I mean, this -- well, it wasn't here -- last year -- forget it, never mind.

Father Clarence: Well, what brings you by?

Tad: I -- I saw your lights. I thought I'd ask for directions. See, my daughter, she -- you can see, she's a little colicky. She gets a little fussy, so I drive her around. It seems to sooth her, but I -- I guess I got lost.

Father Clarence: Happens to the best of us. Hello, Jenny.

Tad: How do you do that? Yeah, with the -- the names?

Father Clarence: Let's see if we can't get a smile back on your face. And while we're at it, let's get one on Jenny's face, too.

Adam: No, I can't let her go through this alone. No.

[Door closes]

Erica: Krystal almost killed me.

Kendall: They just don't look like the blue prints to this place.

Aidan: No, it's a bomb shelter, designed in the 1960s.

Kendall: It is? Well, was it even built?

Aidan: Well, I don't know. I mean, there's no way to tell, is there? Let's see what else is in here.

Kendall: Yeah, yeah. What is that?

Aidan: This is a map of the acreage surrounding this place.

Kendall: Ok, all right. And look -- look right there. Look at where it's circled.

Aidan: Kendall, we should have found this before. If this bomb shelter does exist, well, then this is exactly where it is on this land, right here.

Kendall: Aidan, do you know what this means? This means that Zach and Greenlee could be in there. They could be in there!

Richie: I don't know where else to go. They've backed me into a corner.

Babe: See, it's -- it's never your fault, is it? Just like it's never Annie or Ryan's fault, and you're all the victims, and I'm finding it hard to believe any of you.

Richie: Just please, let me stay here for a few days? I swear I won't bother you.

Babe: No, Richie. No, I won't break the law that way. Maybe if it was just me, but -- but I have a little boy. You can't stay here.

Richie: You're right. You're right, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking.

Babe: Oh, my God -- are you ok?

Richie: Yeah, I'm -- I just -- I don't --

Babe: You're shaking.

Richie: I'll be ok. I'll be ok.

Babe: No, just come --

Richie: I'm fine, I'm up, ok?

Babe: Come inside for a second. Come inside.

Richie: No, you're right. I shouldn't be here. I'm fine. Look, I'll be ok. I can do this.

Babe: No, Richie, you don't look like you're -- you're doing ok. Just come sit down.

Richie: Ok. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Uh -- thank you.

Babe: Listen, don't be. It's temporary, ok? I'm going to call the paramedics till you get back to the hospital.

Richie: No, don't, Babe, don't.

Babe: No, Richie, don't you. I -- I'm sick of your games. Either you tell me the truth, or you go back to that padded cell. So what's it going to be?

Annie: He said that we would all never be safe until he was dead. You, me, Emma.

Ryan: Annie, you are safe, ok? You kill him, and you won't be anymore. Listen to me -- you're not going to go anywhere near Richie. Look, we're going to let the police catch him, and they'll handle this, ok?

Adam: I'm sure she didn't see you.

Erica: Oh, well, of course, I would expect you to defend her. I heard that you two are back together again. So repulsive. Yes, Pine Valley. I need the number of the Pine Valley Limousine Service, please.

Adam: Erica, I can drive you home.

Erica: I don't want any favors from you. Yes, I am at -- no, no. Wait, wait. No, no, no -- wait, wait -- ugh. Put me on hold.

Adam: Yes, well, while you're waiting, may I remind you that you're the one that suggested I forgive Krystal?

Erica: I was just trying to prevent you from having another heart attack, Adam.

Adam: Yeah, you said that -- that Krystal held the key to my heart.

Erica: You know what? I deeply regret anything nice I might have accidentally said about Krystal Carey, especially after what she just did to me tonight -- and what she's doing to Tad.

Adam: What she's doing? Tad was so jealous that she chose me, that he's trying to steal her child.

Erica: Oh, you mean like you did?

Adam: I deeply regret what I did to Jenny.

Erica: Oh, ha. That's hilarious. Hello, hello? Is anyone there? Hello?

Adam: I've learned from my mistakes.

Erica: So that's why you're pushing Krystal to -- to take little Jenny from Tad all over again?

Adam: I'm not pushing Krystal to do anything.

Erica: Oh, come on. Adam, you have hated Tad since I've known you -- passionately. Even more passionately than you feel about that woman who nearly smeared me all over the road tonight and killed me!

Adam: Well, that's absurd.

Erica: Actually, now that I think about it -- you may have married the wrong person. I think Tad might be your better half.

Tad: You know, Father, you got to admit, it's a little weird running into you like this. I mean, it seems to me I ran into you here last year at exactly the same time. As I recall, I was just about as festive as I am right now.

Father Clarence: Oh, well, last year, you needed to have forgiveness.

Tad: Among other things, yeah. Yeah, last year was -- well, it was last year. And to tell you the truth, the jury's kind of out on this year, too. But at least I've got this little lamb chop with me.

Father Clarence: You're a wonderful father. May I?

Tad: Uh -- yeah -- sure. Here you go.

Father Clarence: There we are. There we are. Ah-ah. Ah. Is it me, or is someone getting a little sleepy?

[Father Clarence lays Jenny down in a cradle]

Father Clarence: Yeah. All right? Sweet dreams, little one. Yeah. There we are. Huh. Now, about these problems you believe you can solve on your own -- it seemed -- ah, what a coincidence. All rise. Court is now in session in the case of Martin vs. Carey.

Tad: "Carey"?

[Krystal walks into the chapel]

Aidan: Looks like the bomb shelter was built in the fifth grid.

Kendall: Zach and Greenlee have to be there, Aidan.

Aidan: Yeah, and we'll soon find out.

Kendall: Please, God -- please let it be them, please.

Krystal: What is going on here?

Tad: Don't look at me. I'm wondering the same thing.

Father Clarence: Come in, Krystal, and take a seat.

Krystal: He knows my name.

Tad: He knows everybody's name.

Father Clarence: That's a pity about your flat tire.

Krystal: He knows about the flat tire, too?

Tad: What flat tire?

Father Clarence: I'm sure we can find somebody to help you with that.

Krystal: Where's Jenny? Where --

Tad: She's -- she's in the manger here.

Krystal: What? What is she doing in there?

Tad: She's fine, ok? Don't overreact. She's perfectly happy.

Krystal: Well, that's not what I meant, Tad.

Tad: You know, she got fussy. What do you want me to say? I took her out for a drive, I ended up here.

Krystal: You took her out for a drive, in this weather? Oh, great.

Tad: I was being more than careful, ok? The people in the slow lane were honking at me. They were cursing me, because I was being so ridiculously careful -- not that I have to explain myself to you.

Krystal: The hell -- excuse me. The hell you don't have to explain to me. I am her mother.

Tad: Well, you might try acting like it.

Father Clarence: Not here!

Tad: I'm sorry if I'm surprised that you want an innocent child to have anything to do with that pile of moral sewage you're sleeping with.

Krystal: Oh, quit pinning everything on Adam, Tad.

Tad: Why shouldn't I? Everything bad that's happened has happened because of Adam.

Krystal: Well, maybe you ought to take a little responsibility for some things yourself, Tad.

Father Clarence: Hold, hold -- don't force me to use this.

[Father Clarence holds up his gavel]

Erica: I know the weather is bad, but you can't possibly be that backed up. I -- all right, fine. Ugh!

Adam: You know that little "ha-ha" joke you told about me and Martin walking down the aisle? It's funny you should do that now, because I was just thinking to suggest that -- the same thing for you and Martin.

Erica: You're kidding. You know Tad and I are friends and nothing more.

Adam: Well, obviously, you're very concerned about his problems, and now that you and Jack are history -- now, come on, don't tell me that you are still pretending to be on the outs for your public.

Erica: I have no desire to discuss Jack with you.

Adam: Ah. I was right. Yes. You're finished. I should have known, particularly with Greenlee missing and you loathing her the way you do.

Erica: I take no joy in what happened to Greenlee.

Adam: Of course, you don't.

Erica: Don't you dare make light of this situation, Adam. What happened is horrible! And Zach is missing, too.

Adam: Oh, I'm so broken up about that one.

[Adam sniffles]

Adam: Hmm.

Erica: Do I need to remind you that Zach is my son-in-law?

Adam: Do I need to remind you that he stole almost everything I own? I hope the man is dead and rotting in hell.

Aidan: Kendall, wait, look. Right here. See that?

Kendall: Oh, please -- please --

Aidan: There's the handle there.

Kendall: Oh, my God! Aidan -- Aidan, this is it! This is it! Ok, come on, come on.

Aidan: Are you ready?

Kendall: We have to get it open. Be careful, be careful. Ok, go.

[Aidan grunts]

Kendall: Got it?

Aidan: It's not moving.

Kendall: No?

Aidan: No.

Kendall: Come on.

Aidan: It's iced over.

Kendall: Oh, God. Ok.

Aidan: Oh, man -- no, let me get the crowbar.

Kendall: Ok. Ok. Please, God. Please let it be them. Please let it be them.

Annie: You want a glass of wine?

Ryan: No, actually, I don't. I want to make sure that you got my message about Richie.

Annie: I don't want to talk about Richie anymore.

Ryan: Neither do I, I don't, but until I know that you're not going to take him up on his offer --

Annie: I just -- I just want this over, Ryan.

Ryan: So do I, Annie, I do. But killing him is not the way.

Annie: I have tried every other way. I spent my entire childhood trying to bond with my brother, trying -- trying to understand him, and I took that relationship to heart. I took that relationship to heart, because we were blood and we were family, and I wanted more than anything for us to be close. But -- but he took advantage of that, and -- and he turned it around so viciously.

Ryan: I know, I know, I know. I know he did, ok? But those days are over. They're over. I promise you the end is in sight now, all right? Look, the cops are going to find him, and they're going to lock him up, and then Richie is going to die in there, without assistance from anybody.

Richie: Annie and I have never been close, and her sending me to prison -- I blamed her for a long time. I still do. You see, I don't have much time as it is, and Annie took away seven years of my short life for nothing.

Babe: So you came back here to get even with her?

Richie: It's more complicated than that, but --

Babe: You know what, Richie? You always say that. "It's complicated." But whose life isn't? You know, whatever the complicated stuff is -- whatever it is that brought you here, you need to let it go. You know you don't have to stay here, Richie.

Richie: I can't leave.

Babe: Why not?

Richie: Because you're here.

Tad: You want to know why I'm suing her for custody, Father, I'll tell you. It's because I just don't trust her with our daughter's safety.

Krystal: Oh, you're crazy --

Tad: No, he asked me a question, I'm answering it, all right? Seems to me you've been putting your satisfaction ahead of her needs, plain and simple.

Krystal: Oh, really? You can spend the night out, but I can't?

Tad: Hey, you know what?

Krystal: Is that what you're saying, it's a double standard?

Father Clarence: Stop it! Now, don't force me to use this. Now, let me rephrase the question. What do you feel for your daughter? Krystal?

Krystal: I love her, of course.

Father Clarence: Why do you love her?

Krystal: Because she's my daughter.

Father Clarence: I think the judge needs more specifics.

Krystal: Huh. Ok. How do you describe love for a child? When I had Babe, I was very young. I had no money. I had no husband. So as hard as it was, none of that mattered. I loved that little girl from the first time I set eyes on her. And I was dirt poor. I mean, we didn't have anything, and so as much as I wanted to give her a little brother or sister, I knew I couldn't. Babe grew up, and I didn't think I would ever have another child. Boy, has my life changed.

[Jenny stirs]

Krystal: And Jenny was born. When I looked at her, that same rush of love just fell over me. There's nothing else like it. You did that to me, Jenny girl.

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: Hey.

Tad: Hey. What do you want? What do you want? Want your -- no, I don't think she wants it. She -- well, I just, you know -- it's kind of funny. She did the same thing to me. Didn't you, peanut? I'll never forget the first time I picked her up. I got that rush, you know? Big old rush of feeling. It felt like -- I don't know -- all the damage -- all those parts of me that were missing, you know -- pieces of my heart that chipped away over the years just sort of fell back into place. There's a God looking after us. He put me back together himself, just so I could look after you. Just so I could love you.

Erica: Wishing death on Zach? Well, that's not only sickening and cruel, it's also stupid, considering that your son is the one who ran Zach down.

Adam: No, no. Hogwash.

Erica: Oh, yeah. I'm sure you pulled some strings, Adam. But you won't be quite so jolly and glib when your son is arrested for manslaughter.

Adam: J.R.'s done nothing wrong, and I can prove it.

Erica: Really? And where is this proof, Adam? I'd really like to see it.

Adam: Oh, you will. Everybody will when the time is right.

Erica: My God, Adam, you say that you're sitting on this evidence that's going to clear your son. It could also give us a clue -- help Kendall find Zach. Wow, you are just more interested in orchestrating some custody battle just to save your marriage!

Adam: Well, you wouldn't know anything about pulling strings to save your marriage or one of your children. Do you remember that you asked me to get Greenlee committed, so she wouldn't bug Kendall so much?

Erica: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Adam: Yeah, because Kendall beat you to the punch. You know, if it's true what I'm hearing, that Kendall tried to pin those kidnapping charges on Greenlee, then the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree, does it?

Aidan: Come on. Come on!

[Aidan grunts]

Kendall: Oh!

Aidan: Ah, yes.

Kendall: Good, good. Thank God!

Aidan: No, stand back.

Kendall: Ok, all right.

Aidan: I'm going to try and take this thing off.

Kendall: Ok. Come on. Be careful, be careful, Aidan. Come on. You got it? You got it.

Aidan: Zach! Greenlee!

Kendall: Zach? Zach, are you down there? I don't know -- I don't know.

Aidan: Give me the flashlight.

Kendall: I can't see. Here. Here. Ok, ok. Do you see anything?

Aidan: It's them.

Kendall: What? Zach! Zach! Zach, we're here, honey! Zach, we're here! We're coming to get you, ok? Honey, we're here! We're going to pull you up nice and safe, ok? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no. No, they're not. They can't be -- no, they're not.

Aidan: All right, we need to call an ambulance, Derek, Ryan. We need as much help out here as we can get.

Kendall: All right, ok. It's dead. Aidan, the phone is dead.

Aidan: It's dead?

Kendall: Yes.

Aidan: Damn it. That's because of the storm.

Kendall: I don't know. It was working yesterday.

Aidan: I don't know. I mean -- I don't think we can wait.

Kendall: Ok, you know what?

Aidan: If there's no line, we have no time.

Kendall: Well, can we go -- can we go help them ourselves?

Quentin: Hey. Well, what's going on?

Kendall: Who are you? Aidan, who is this?

Aidan: Quentin -- this is Kendall Slater, Zach's wife.

Quentin: Looks like you found something.

Kendall: Yeah.

Aidan: Yeah, they're in the bomb shelter in the fifth grid. I don't know whether they're alive or not. Are you in?

Quentin: You know it. Let's go.

Aidan: We have to go now.

Kendall: Come on.

Aidan: Let's move.

Kendall: Got everything? Let's go.

Tad: You know, Father, that moment Krystal was talking about -- the first time your child looks at you? That's for real, man. That's true. I know. I'll never forget it. Because, you know, the doctors, they're there saying don't make a big deal out of it, you know? Because she's too young to know what she's looking at. Yes, you are. Or that her, you know, pupils are too new to focus on anything, but, yeah, we know differently, don't we? I'll never forget it. It speaks to you. It really does. Yeah. It cuts right through you. I swear, she knew who I was before she ever got here.

[Jenny fusses]

Tad: Yep. And you chose me anyway, because you had bad taste. No. Yeah. Sometimes, I swear, if she could -- if she could talk, she'd say, "You know, Pop, I know you're hurting, I know what you've been through. But yesterday -- yesterday's over. Today, you got everything you're going to need. It's all going to be all right. Because I'm here."

Krystal: I'll never forget how we both ended up in a room watching her sleep.

Tad: Yeah. Hard to believe that two such flawed people could make anything so perfect.

[Jenny fusses]

Krystal: And then when she'd get fussy --

Tad: Like right now?

Krystal: Tad would sing to her.

Tad: Oh, what, now you're going to accuse me of child abuse?

Krystal: No, no, she loved it. She did.

Tad: Well, that's because she's got her daddy's tin ear, that's why.

Krystal: No.

Tad: Yeah.

Krystal: Oh. She's getting a little fussy right now, aren't you? It's ok.

[Jenny cries]

Krystal: Tad, why don't you sing to her?

Tad: What, are you high?

Krystal: No, come on.

Tad: I'm not going to sing to her.

Krystal: What?

Tad: Not here.

Krystal: Please, Tad, come on.

Tad: Krystal, we're in a church.

Krystal: Tad --

Tad: Ok. Ahem.

Tad: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

[Jenny quiets]

Tad: You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away

Ryan: Look, I know you're desperate to get rid of your brother. You've reached your limit with him, and I get that, I honestly do, but with all the terrible things that he's done to us -- with all of them, he's never come close to destroying our love or our family. He can't, all right? He never will.

Annie: I'm so lucky to have you.

Babe: Now, why don't you go take a hot bath, and I'll fix you something to eat?

Richie: That sounds great. You won't -- you won't regret it.

Babe: There's an extra towel behind the door.

Aidan: You ready?

Kendall: Go, go, come on. Come on. Come on, be careful.

Aidan: All right, give me some slack.

Quentin: Hey --

Kendall: Ok, careful, careful! Careful. Come on, come on.

Aidan: All right.

Quentin: I got you.

Aidan: Ok, let's go.

Kendall: Please, please, please, please, please. Please let them be ok. Please let them be alive. Please let them be ok, please. Come on, hurry! Zach, Aidan's coming down to get you! You're going to be just fine. Just -- just hold on. Hold on, please.

Aidan: Quentin, I'm almost there. Greenlee? Greenlee -- I'm almost down. I'm down.

Kendall: Hold on, Zach, please! Please, honey, hold on!

Aidan: Greenlee -- Greenlee -- Zach -- Greenlee, it's Aidan. Can you hear me?

Kendall: Aidan, are they ok? Tell me that they're ok, please!

Annie: Are you sure Ian woke you up? You sure you didn't accidentally wake him up, because you're so excited about Christmas? Hmm?

Emma: I don't think so, but maybe.

Annie: Oh, "but maybe," right.

Ryan: Look who else is excited about Christmas. Hey, guys. Hey. Hey. What do you got there?

Emma: Read us a story.

Ryan: Read you a story? It sounds like a great idea. Look who I have here. You want to say hi to your little brother right here? Ok. Yeah. Oh, that's nice. Yeah. Yeah, ok. Here we go. "'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."

Kendall: Aidan, will you please tell me something? Is Zach alive?

Aidan: I'm checking! Greenlee's got a pulse.

Kendall: Oh, thank God. Ok, all right, what about Zach?

Aidan: Yeah, he does. But it's weak.

Kendall: He's alive. He's alive.

Quentin: Right, it's all right.

Adam: Want some eggnog?

Erica: No.

Adam: It's nonalcoholic.

Erica: I hate eggnog.

Adam: Yeah, you hate me. It's Christmastime. We're alive, we're healthy. Come on, let's celebrate.

Erica: The only man I want to celebrate the holiday with is -- is Jackson.

Adam: Oh, well, ok. Well, you don't just sit there looking sorry for yourself. Go tell him that you're sorry and that you can't live another day without him.

Erica: I don't think it'll work. Not this time. He told me he doesn't love me anymore.

Adam: Oh-ho. He is so full of it. Who are you?

Erica: What?

Adam: Who are you? What's your name?

Erica: Erica Kane.

Adam: "Erica Kane." Ah. Don't say it like that. Look, you're rich, you're beautiful, and you're powerful. Now, let's hear it again. Who are you?

[Erica chuckles]

Adam: Who are you? Who the devil are you?

Erica: I'm Erica Kane!

Adam: You're Erica Kane! Good, you're -- and what does Erica Kane deserve?

Erica: Whatever she wants!

Adam: You bet.

[Adam laughs]

[Phone rings]

Adam: Well -- ya. Yeah, hello. Yeah, ok. It works. Your car is waiting outside, Erica Kane.

[Erica chuckles]

Adam: Now -- go. Go get Montgomery.

Erica: I will. Thank you, Adam. Oh, Adam, stay the hell away from Tad and his baby.

Tad and Krystal: You'll never know, dear how much I love you

Krystal: Please don't take my sunshine away

Father Clarence: I have difficulty in understanding what the problem is here.

[Krystal sighs]

Tad: Come on, Krystal, what is it now?

Krystal: He's right. You're a great daddy.

[Jenny coos]

Krystal: Jenny's lucky to have you.

Tad: Well, she's lucky to have you. You're a fantastic mother. You're a lot better singer than I am.

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: Tad, I don't want to take Jenny from you.

Tad: I don't want to take her away from you, either.

[Tad and Krystal hold hands]

Aidan: Ok. Watch her, watch her --

Kendall: Be careful with her head.

Aidan: Watch her.

Kendall: Come on.

Aidan: It's ok, Greenlee.

Kendall: Ok.

Aidan: We got you now, darling. We got you now. Ok, she stopped breathing. Come here, darling.

Kendall: Come on, Aidan. Hey, hey -- my husband is still down there, I've got to get him.

Quentin: Look, I can go, but I need Aidan's help with the --

Kendall: No, no, I will get him!

Quentin: But you don't know what you're doing.

Kendall: No, listen to me. Zach is alone, ok, he needs me. Please -- do I have to climb down there myself? Come on!

Quentin: All right.

Aidan: Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

[Jenny coos]

Krystal: The priest is gone.

Tad: Yeah, that's sort of how Father Clarence does things. He sticks around long enough for you to get the message and then just --

[Tad snaps his fingers]

Tad: Poof. Come on, you.

Krystal: Well, watch her halo.

Tad: Oh.

[Tad and Krystal chuckle]

Tad: I got her. Come on, monkey.

Krystal: You were right. I was putting myself first. Adam doesn't belong anywhere near this little angel. From now on, I am going to do my best to keep her away from Adam, whatever it takes.

Tad: You got those custody papers I gave you?

Krystal: Yeah.

Tad: Do me a favor. Give them back to me. I think I'm going to shred them. Let's go back home. You and me and Mama. Time to go home. What is it?

Krystal: I don't know how these got in there.

Tad: What are they? Let me see.

Tad: You know something? This might be a godsend in more ways than one.

Adam: Krystal, will you call me back when you get this? Yeah, I'm worried about you, sweetheart. I've called the airport. They said none of the flights are going to be taking off until the weather clears. So why aren't you answering your phone?

[Father Clarence stands outside Chandler Mansion looking in the window]

Richie: Oh, wow. That was so great. You said something about a hot meal? Why don't you let me cook for you? I'm actually pretty good at it. Is something wrong, Babe?

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Thanks for the call. Hey, Richie.

Aidan: 28, 29, 30 -- come on, Greenlee.

[Greenlee coughs]

Aidan: Oh, baby, you're back.


Aidan: Thank God. I'm so sorry. I love you. I love you. Quentin, we've got her. We've got her, man.

Quentin: Good. Now, get over here and help me out. Your friend went down the hole.

Aidan: Listen, man, they've been digging down there. Surge walls are not stable, all right? You need to get down there as soon as you can.


Kendall: Zach? Zach, it's ok. You're ok, honey. You -- you're going to be ok. You're going to be ok. I'm here. I'm here for you, ok? Ok, we're going to get you out of here. We're going to get you out of here, and then I'm going to take you home to your boys, ok?

Aidan: Kendall!

Kendall: Take you to your boys.

[Debris falls on top of Kendall and Zach]

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Ryan: I'm taking you back to the Psych ward, Richie.

[Adam stares as Father Clarence makes his picture fall off the wall and the safe door spring open]

Father Clarence: Oops. Huh.

Joe: Code blue!

[Greenlee's monitor flatlines as Aidan watches helplessly]

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