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Ryan: Kind of a dump, huh?

Jonathan: Yeah, kind of. And obviously this guy is hard up for cash -- he sells life insurance policies to dying men.

Ryan: You know the drill, right?

Jonathan: I do.

Man: Enter.

Man: May I help you, gentlemen?

Ryan: Agent Schmidt, FBI. My partner and I would like to ask you a few questions.

Man: FBI? Well, what did I do?

Ryan: A little business with a man by the name of Richie Novak.

Richie: Hey, sis. I remember how much you liked this when we were kids. I didn't touch it.

Annie: Joe says you're going to be ok.

Richie: Yeah, if you call having leukemia "ok."

Annie: I mean from pneumonia. You could've died.

Richie: But I didn't -- and whose fault is that?

Annie: God, it's always somebody else's fault, isn't it, Richie -- even for all the sick, twisted things you've ever done.

Richie: Let's be honest, that's not what's bugging you. You hate that I'm still breathing, and you have no one else to blame for that but yourself.

Annie: You asked me to poison you, Richie.

Richie: Because I was suffering.

Annie: No. No, it's more than that. For once, why don't you be honest with yourself? What's the real reason you asked me to kill you?

Richie: The question is, why didn't you do it, and how much do you hate yourself for not killing me when you had the chance?

Aidan: What the hell are you doing here? I told you to stay away.

Kendall: Yeah? Well, this is me telling you to go to hell.

Aidan: That's a cute little crowbar you got there.

Kendall: Thanks. So, have you searched the grounds again, because I am still very certain that Zach is around here somewhere.

Aidan: I'm not in the market for partners, so you can give Pine Valley my regards.

Kendall: I am not letting you throw me out again, Aidan. I'm sticking to your side like glue until we find Zach and Greenlee.

Aidan: The hell you are.

Kendall: No, I suggest you get back to work right now, because the sooner we find them, the sooner you will never have to see my face again.

[Greenlee coughs]

Zach: Maybe we should take a break.

[Greenlee coughs]

Zach: Hey.

Greenlee: Oh, no.

Zach: What happened?

Greenlee: Just -- I can't breathe.

Annie: If anybody could make a case for justifiable homicide, it's me.

Richie: You wouldn't have had to make a case for anything if you'd just taken me up on my offer. No one would've suspected you, they'd have blamed my death on the pneumonia. Clean, simple, it was perfect -- if you only had the guts to pull it off.

Annie: You know what? After everything you have done, Richie, I promise you it took a lot more guts for me not to kill you.

Richie: Fine, good. I'm still alive and kicking, and you came to see me why?

Annie: The doctors say that you're going to be released soon. When you go home, you're going to need somebody to take care of you.

Richie: And you're offering? Huh -- how sweet.

Annie: Actually, I am. It was Babe's idea, really, for us to take care of you.

Richie: Of course, it was Babe's idea. No way you'd have thought of looking after your own brother.

Annie: Anyway, I've spoken to Ryan, and he agreed to hire a rotation of nurses to watch over you.

Richie: You two are all about the personal touch, huh?

Annie: Well, you didn't think that we were actually going to do it ourselves, did you?

Richie: Why do it at all?

Annie: Because of Emma. Because Emma, because one day she's going to ask about you, and she's going to wonder what I did to help you before you died.

Richie: By hiring people to change my sheets and get me my meds?

Annie: Instead of poisoning you, yeah. Emma's never going to know how bad it was between us, Richie, I'm going to make sure of that. Because she has a brother of her own, and I want her to know how sacred that relationship is.

Richie: Speaking of relationships, it looks like Dad made a new friend while I was away.

Ryan: You're right, Stan -- I can call you "Stan," right?

Stan: It's my name.

Ryan: Selling insurance is obviously not a crime, usually, but this is a RICO investigation.

Jonathan: Do you know what that means, Stan?

Stan: Mafia.

Ryan: Exactly. Now, we can't give you the details, but our friend Richie Novak is connected with the mob.

Stan: But I never knew.

Ryan: I would hate to see you get dragged into this mess, Stan.

Jonathan: Slapped with a big conspiracy charge.

Ryan: Or worse, Stan.

Stan: On my mother's grave -- whenever she dies -- I swear, no clue Novak was connected.

Ryan: Remind me again what you were telling me on the way over here about Stan's insurance license.

Jonathan: Mm-hmm, that's right, suspended three times.

Stan: You know, that's not as big a deal as it sounds.

Ryan: Stan, you seem like a reasonable guy -- you --

Jonathan: You're wasting our time here.

Ryan: I don't think so, I don't think so. I don't think so, because if Stan wants to talk, I'm going to listen. Ok, and now, if you're a smart man, you'll tell me everything that I want to know.

Julia: Which doctor saw Lily? Oh, yeah, Jack, he's -- he's one of the best. Well, at least she's sleeping now, huh? Ok, will you call me if there's any change? Ok.

Tad: Here, try this. If there's sugar in it, it's mine.

Julia: Ok. Ahem -- thank you.

Tad: You ok?

Julia: Yeah. Oh, yeah, I was just talking to Jack. I don't know if you've heard, but Lily's had a setback.

Tad: No, I didn't. Is it bad?

Julia: Well, nobody's been able to pull her out of it. It just breaks my heart, everything that Jackson's going through right now -- the divorce, and Greenlee, and then -- now this.

Tad: He's getting it from all sides and that's a fact.

Julia: Just tell me, honestly, is this what I'm in for -- being a new mom? Am I just destined to a life of worrying?

Tad: Yeah.

Julia: Great.

Tad: Sorry. Well, there are certain things you can do to lighten the load. You can promise yourself you'll remain single until Kathy's at least 30. That way, there's no chance you could expose her to the evils of a bottom feeder like Adam Chandler.

Julia: I told you that there was a chance that Adam and Krystal would get back together.

Tad: Yeah, and I told you she could have anybody she wants except for Adam.

Adam: Doctor? My wife has cut her hand rather badly -- uh, she needs help.

Doctor: Of course. Follow me.

Krystal: Stop calling me your wife.

Adam: You are my wife.

Doctor: Have a seat right here.

Krystal: Look, I'm sure it's no big deal, I probably just need a big old Band-Aid.

Adam: Oh, she needs more than a big old Band-Aid -- look at all that blood.

Krystal: My ex-husband is overreacting.

Doctor: Well, your ex-husband --

Adam: Husband.

Doctor: This man was right to bring you in. You have a very deep cut.

Krystal: Oh.

Adam: Yeah, you hear that? You hear that?

Doctor: Sir, this could take a while. There's a baby carrier right there if you want to put your daughter down.

Krystal: She isn't his daughter.

Adam: She isn't my daughter.

Krystal: How long is it going to take?

Doctor: You're going to need stitches.

Krystal: Oh.

Adam: Oh, you hear that, Jenny? Your mama needs stitches.

Krystal: I can't get stitches, Doctor. I -- I work at a bar, I use my hands all the time.

Doctor: Well, you should be able to work, as long as you keep the wound covered while it heals. Just hold this tight, I'm going to go get some supplies.

Krystal: If you think this somehow justifies you coming over my house uninvited, you are so mistaken.

Adam: Yeah, well, I -- I saw you were hurt, and I brought you to the hospital. You're welcome.

Krystal: Oh, Adam, I told you not to come over, and you completely ignored me. If you want to do me a favor --

Adam: Anything.

Krystal: Just leave.

Greenlee: I just -- I can't -- the walls are closing in on me and --

Zach: No, just take a break.

Greenlee: No, I just -- I can't breathe, and there's not enough air down here.

Zach: There's plenty of air and the walls are not closing in -- you're just hungry.

Greenlee: No.

Zach: Don't be so picky about the food.

Greenlee: Oh, God, Zach, the food down here is so gross.

Zach: It's fine. Have a look, maybe you'll find something you like.

Greenlee: You're just saying that to distract me from having a panic attack.

Zach: Humor me.

[Greenlee coughs]

Greenlee: Applesauce.

[Greenlee groans]

Greenlee: 50-year-old instant coffee.

[Greenlee coughs]

Greenlee: Fruit salad. Fruit salad. More fruit salad. Hey -- what's this? I think I found some old letters.

[Greenlee opens and reads one of the letters]

Greenlee: Oh, wow. I think -- oh, wow, I think these are love letters.

Aidan: So how many of these leads are the cops actually pursuing? All right, well, as soon as you hear anything, let me know. Bye.

Kendall: Well, who -- who was that? What did he say?

Aidan: The cops keep getting anonymous tips all the time, but nothing's panned out.

Kendall: Well, what sort of tips?

Aidan: If you really want the details, why don't you ask? In fact, that's a really good idea -- why don't you go down to the police station and talk to them personally?

Kendall: No, they're -- they're not going to tell me anything, Aidan. Besides, I'm not leaving here. I know that Zach is out here somewhere. Why -- why are we even standing in here fighting like this? We should be out there right now searching for them.

Aidan: Well, what do you want to do, huh, just randomly search 47 acres, wandering around?

Kendall: Well, it's a hell of a lot better than sitting in here staring at maps all day.

Aidan: Listen, Kendall, I have been in and out since dawn, all right? I have a system in place.

Kendall: Well, then clue me in. Come on. You want chocolate or glazed? All right, fine, suit yourself. I will have one now and the other one later. So, are you going to bring me up to speed, or do I have to call Derek?

Aidan: You would do that, wouldn't you, huh? You're the reason that Greenlee's in this mess, and you admit it. But knowing you, Kendall, you would still sic the cops on her, wouldn't you?

Kendall: I admitted to Greenlee that I did set her up, yes. But she also admitted -- at least to me -- that she really was kidnapping my son that first time -- yeah, your girlfriend. So, if you can love a felon, you can work with one. Now, where were we?

Aidan: Say I do allow this. Apart from a major attitude and a few doughnuts, what do you really bring to the table, Kendall?

Kendall: A premature son just brought home from the hospital, who is missing out on critical moments with his dad. I got another son who's getting ready to go in for surgery. Zach and I just bought a home together, Aidan. We're -- we're planning our future for ourselves and our children, and suddenly he's not here to be a part of it. No one -- no one is more invested in bringing him home than I am -- that's what I bring to the table.

Aidan: All right, what'd you leave me -- glazed?

Krystal: Adam, you really don't have to stay around here any longer, I'm going to be fine.

Adam: I'm not leaving you here.

Krystal: I'm going to live, ok? The doctor said so, didn't you?

Doctor: She's going to live.

Adam: But she does need a ride home -- I drove you here, remember?

Krystal: Give me the car seat, I'll take Jenny on her first ever cab ride.

[Jenny cries]

Krystal: Oh -- oh, wait --

Doctor: I'm afraid that's going to have to wait.

Krystal: Come here, sugar. Oh --

Doctor: That's going to have to wait.

Adam: Oh, there you go, everything's ok. You could be -- stop being so darn stubborn. Hello, baby. Ok, I'm going to hold you while your mommy's getting her hand fixed, and then everything will be just fine, ok? Ok.

Tad: Krystal's a dynamite mother, I know she is. She -- she loves Jenny.

Julia: Oh, yeah, she's nuts about her -- I've seen that.

Tad: Which leads me to wonder, am I being unreasonable, right? I mean, it's her life, if she wants to spend it bedding down some toad like Adam, then who am I to stand in her way?

Julia: It's a valid question.

Tad: Until I hear his name. All I got to hear is "Adam Chandler" -- I start foaming at the mouth, you know, I get absolutely rabid. I can't help myself. I've had -- I've had three decades of that jerk. You know, look at his kids -- all of them. I mean, they're all tortured, they're all alcoholics, except for Colby -- give her time, another couple of years.

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: J.R.'s sitting in a jail cell even as we speak. I cannot be expected to just sit back and do nothing while -- while Jenny is subjected to an influence like that. I'm not going to.

Julia: I get that. But no matter how good your intentions are, it still comes down to what Krystal wants. She may not be able to stay away from Adam. Or, more importantly, she may not want to.

Tad: Well, if she can't do the stopping, I'm just going to have to do it for her.

Walter: "Not so long ago, before she could speak --"

Emma: "Words."

Walter: "Words, Trixie went on an errand with her --"

Emma: "Daddy."

Walter: Yes, her daddy.

Richie: This must be blowing your world. Bet you never thought Emma would be getting close with Dad. How'd you pull it off?

Annie: I didn't pull anything off, he asked to spend time with her. Does that bother you -- seeing them together?

Richie: No. I think it's great, long overdue.

Annie: Maybe.

Richie: Ah. Look, uh, thanks for the nurses and everything, but I think I need to be getting some rest.

Annie: Ok. Well, I'll be calling you with their information and phone numbers to coordinate times and everything.

Richie: Great, thanks. Do me a favor -- send Dad in? I want to say good-bye before he heads back to Chicago.

Emma: Daddy.

Annie: Richie wants to see you.

Walter: Keep the place warm, ok?

Richie: Hey, Dad. You getting ready to head back soon?

Walter: Now that you're better, I thought I would.

Richie: What are you thinking, getting chummy with that girl?

Zach: What makes you think those are love letters?

Greenlee: "I love you so much. I think about you constantly. Tell me you miss me as much as I miss you."

[Zach groans]

Greenlee: I don't know why I think that.

Zach: Ok. Probably from whoever built this place.

Greenlee: Hey -- maybe -- maybe there's some information in here about the bomb shelters, like some -- some information on -- on how we could get out.

Zach: Yeah, no, you're right. "I love you, there's a trapdoor leading to freedom." Maybe, just keep reading, it might be in.

Greenlee: Well, you know what? At least reading them distracts me from knowing we're dying down here.

Zach: Please, go ahead.

Greenlee: Oh, wow.

[Zach grunts]

Greenlee: Listen to this. "Sometimes I think I've forgotten what you look like, and it's the worst feeling in the world. I try to close my eyes and picture you, to make myself remember. I imagine your hair -- how it curls, how it smells, how it feels running through my fingers."

Zach: What I meant was maybe you could read them to yourself.

Greenlee: "Sometimes I pretend you're looking into my eyes, and if I concentrate hard enough, it's like you're almost really here."

Zach: Ok, stop.

Greenlee: "And that helps take away some of the pain, but nothing is the same as holding you in my arms --"

Zach: I said stop! That's enough.

Aidan: I divided 47 acres into 50 zones, and I've already searched 24 of them.

Kendall: Ok, well, where did you leave off?

Aidan: Right there, just before you showed up. I followed the trail of smoke to a manmade fire right in this area here.

Kendall: You mean, like -- like a campfire? You think that -- that Zach and Greenlee started it?

[Phone rings]

Aidan: I don't know. Hello. Devane. What, in Toronto? Are you sure, have you checked it out yet? Well, check it out, and then get back to me. All right. Someone matching Greenlee's description was spotted alone in a shopping mall in Toronto, so one of my guys is checking it out.

Kendall: A shopping mall? That -- that -- it could be Greenlee.

Aidan: No, it can't be Greenlee, because if she had crossed the border, then she would've already called me. She wouldn't be at some mall shopping or starting a new life.

Kendall: Yeah, I guess you're right. All right, well, then if you don't think that it's them, who else would've started that fire?

Aidan: I don't know, I don't know -- whoever it was didn't want to be found, because he took off as soon as I got close. In fact, the only thing he left was this -- his penknife. So if you want, you can stick it in that box there with all the other stuff.

Kendall: Ok. All right, um -- what -- what is all this junk anyway?

Aidan: Sylvester is a former owner, he's a -- he's a bit of a packrat, and his granddaddy was the same.

Kendall: So they kept all this garbage?

Aidan: Yeah, well, some of this stuff now is -- was here already, but the rest of it I found when I was out there searching. I tell you what -- if you want to help me, you can search through this stuff for some clues, all right? Start digging. There's nothing in there that makes sense.

Kendall: I -- I don't know. Aidan, I -- I feel like we're wasting precious time here. Ok, what the hell are we looking for?

Aidan: Well, we'll find it when we see it.

Kendall: Right. I don't suppose it would help by me telling you that I'm sorry, for everything?

Aidan: No, it wouldn't.

Stan: Novak called me up looking for insurance.

Ryan: From prison?

Stan: Well, yeah -- ok, I thought that was weird, too, but business hasn't been so great lately, and I can't be that picky.

Ryan: And no red flags when he told you that he was single with no dependents?

Stan: Yeah, but nothing he said made it look like he was mafia, you know. Why did we have to come out in the hall?

Ryan: I told you that my partner isn't quite as easygoing as I am.

Stan: Then why didn't he come out in the hall?

Ryan: Believe me, you don't want him out here, ok? Now, did Richie say anything about the man that he named as the beneficiary?

Stan: I think maybe I should call a lawyer.

Ryan: I think maybe you should answer the question.

Jonathan: We just got a call. We got to go -- there's a big drug bust in Center City.

Ryan: Are you kidding me?

Jonathan: Now.

Stan: Does that mean I'm free to go here?

Ryan: For now.

Stan: Excuse me.

Ryan: What'd you get?

Jonathan: Pay dirt.

[Jonathan hands Ryan Richie's life insurance policy]

Annie: Was Grandpa reading to you? Yeah, he used to read to me, too, when I was a little girl. He was very --

Emma: How come it took so long for me to meet him?

Richie: After everything Annie's done -- to you, to me, to Mom -- you're going to -- you're just going to let her get right back underneath your skin again?

Walter: I will never forget that Annie lied, sent you to prison -- how that hurt your mother, our family. But that child -- she's our skin, Richie. She had your mother's smile. Her name is --

Richie: Look -- look, Dad, I don't like being the bad guy. But -- but I worry about you. I have to know, because we don't know how long I'm going to be here.

Walter: Don't talk like that.

Richie: It -- it's true. And I have to know, before I die, that Annie -- she won't be able to hurt you again.

Walter: I won't let her.

Richie: Dad, you know -- you know how Annie is. She acts all sweet and innocent, push you out a window, she kills mom, and she -- she locks me up for seven years for nothing. Annie and that little girl -- they are not your family. I am.

Doctor: You're all set. Be sure to keep it clean and dry, and take it easy for a while.

Krystal: Ok, I'll do my best. Thank you.

Adam: You still mad at me for sticking around?

Krystal: Well, I have to admit you were really good with Jenny, holding her and all. But now that all that's over --

[Jenny fusses]

Krystal: Oh, come here, sugar. Come here -- ow.

Adam: Here we go.

Krystal: Oh, I -- come here, baby, come here.

Adam: Oh, no, you got to be careful not to open that wound again. Just let me carry her out, ok? Let's go.

[Jenny fusses]

Krystal: Oh, sweetie. It's going to be ok.

[Adam hums]

Tad: Come here, precious. Come on. Come to Daddy. It's ok. It's ok. You better have a damn good explanation.

Krystal: Tad, I cut my hand and Adam just happened to be there.

Tad: What do you mean, "there"? There, like in the house, there?

Adam: You should be thankful I was there. Look at her hand. There's no way she could have driven here by herself with the baby.

Tad: Yeah. Julia, would you do me a favor, please? Would you take Jenny to the sun porch for me?

Julia: Sure.

Krystal: Look, it's not what you think, Tad. Adam stopped by, and it just all happened so fast.

Julia: Deep breaths.

Tad: I told you. I expressly told you I didn't want him to have anything to do with our daughter. It's bad enough I find out he's been sniffing around dressed as Stuart. Now I have to take her out of his arms, and I find out you let him back in the house!

Adam: Will you get a grip, Martin? I was there to see you, to try to come to some kind of an understanding to end this once and for all.

Annie: Yes, Grandpa is right. There are lots of tall buildings in Chicago.

Emma: Can we go there?

[Annie chuckles]

Annie: To see the buildings?

Emma: With Grandpa, too?

Annie: You really like spending time with him, don't you?

Emma: How come my Uncle Richie's windows are closed?

Richie: Dad, I'm not doing this to hurt you. I know how much it would mean to you to have Emma in your life. It's Annie I'm worried about.

Walter: I know.

Richie: She'll figure a way to -- to use this relationship against you. And I'm afraid that I won't be here to back you up. You know I'm going to fight as long and as hard as I can against this disease. But God forbid, happens tomorrow, I need to know that you're ok. I love you so much, Dad. Hey.

Walter: I love you, too, son.

Annie: Oh, really? That's -- oh. Emma saved your place in the book. I -- I told her you would read to her on the way to the airport.

Walter: I don't need your ride after all. I've decided to take a cab.

Ryan: No way.

Jonathan: Never imagined he'd be the beneficiary, did we?

Ryan: Our good friend Dr. Chambers.

Jonathan: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: This is unbelievable.

Jonathan: So Dr. Chambers obviously recommends Richie for an early release, and this is his payment for doing so.

Ryan: Wait a minute. This doesn't make any sense, though, because these policies don't pay out for pre-existing illnesses. I mean, it says -- it says right here that Chambers only collects if there's an accident or if there's -- Richie kicked the chair out with a noose around his neck. And then he tried to crash the plane. And then he tried to get Annie to give him the poison. It finally makes sense -- I know what he wants.

Adam: Believe me, you made it very clear, Martin, that you don't want me anywhere near your home or your child. But Krystal does, you see? She wants to have me around. So maybe, I thought, well, for the third or fourth time, I'd try to come to some kind of an understanding. Something that will make us all happy, so she won't feel so torn. Well, I can see I'm wasting my time.

Tad: Yeah, do you? You promise, Adam? Is it finally starting to sink in?

Adam: How can you be so selfish? Don't you see what you're doing to this woman?

Krystal: I can speak for myself, Adam.

Adam: I'm no threat to Jenny.

Tad: No threat? No threat? After you passed her into the care of a mental patient before you tried hocking her on the black market?

Adam: No, no, no, no -- let's try to get down to what's really got you fuming. You hate that Krystal chose me over you and your -- your little playhouse you set up for her.

Tad: Is that what it is to you? Some kind of playhouse?

Krystal: No, no, of course not.

Tad: Good -- that's what I want to hear, because I thought we agreed when we started this whole thing, it was a place where you and our daughter could be safe from the likes of him. But I guess if you let this bottom feeder back through the door intentionally, then you aren't that serious about it --

Adam: I have a name.

Tad: You've got a lot of them.

Krystal: Would you just stop it? Stop it. Look, Adam was wrong to come to the house, he knows that, but he is right when he says we have to find a common ground here, Tad, for Jenny.

Tad: No, no -- that man has no say in my daughter's life, none.

Krystal: Well, I do, Tad. And as much as you hate it, and as much as I sometimes hate it, I love Adam. And I can't promise you that I can keep him away from Jenny forever.

Tad: Well, I guess that's what makes it so sad. Because from here on out, I have to look after our daughter's welfare all by myself.

Kendall: You can't scare me, Aidan. I know how stubborn you can be. I saw it up close and personal once upon a time.

Aidan: Kendall, you can't use our past relationship as a way to butter me up, all right? Any fond memories that I had of us have long since faded.

Kendall: Yeah? Well, that makes two of us. My point is I'm not leaving here, not until we find Zach and Greenlee.

Aidan: Well, you have to prepare yourself, all right, for the possibility that Zach and Greenlee aren't together.

Kendall: What -- where did you find this?

Aidan: Give me a look. In the gully by Greenlee's cell phone.

Kendall: Aidan -- look. Look. Zach had this charm personally made for me. You still think that Zach and Greenlee aren't together?

Greenlee: Ok. Ok, I get it. The letters are freaking you out.

Zach: No, what freaks me out is stories about people that love each other and can't get to each other, that's what freaks me out.

Greenlee: You know, you're not the only one who misses the person they love.

Zach: No more stories about Aidan, please. Let's just get back to work.

Greenlee: As much as I absolutely cannot stand you, the one thing that makes you slightly stomachable is your love for Kendall and the kids.

Zach: Well, they're easy to love.

Greenlee: Yeah. Tell me about it. I mean, in spite of everything that Kendall's done to me, a part of me still loves her. I don't know -- I guess it's the -- the sister thing. That bond, it's really intense. Maybe that's why it's so easy to hurt each other.

[Shovel clangs]

Zach: What is that?

Richie: I thought you were taking Dad to the airport.

Annie: What did you say to him?

Richie: "I love you. Good-bye."

Annie: You told him to stay away from us, didn't you? Emma is so excited to have her grandfather in her life, but you saw that as a threat.

Richie: Please --

Annie: You can't stand to see Emma happy, so you're trying to take everything away from her, just like you took everything away from me!

Richie: You're getting awful worked up, sis, and honestly, I'm still so weak. I think you just better go.

Annie: I will not let you hurt my daughter.

Richie: Give little Emma a kiss from her Uncle Richie, ok?

Krystal: This fighting between you two is getting really old really fast, and Jenny does not need to be exposed to that kind of tension.

Adam: He's impossible. Why bother?

Julia: Sorry, I have to get back to work.

Tad: No, I understand.

Julia: Can you go with Daddy?

Tad: Thank you very, very much, Julia, and I'm really, really sorry about all this.

Krystal: Where are you taking my baby, Tad? Tad?

Julia: Adam -- Adam, here -- you dropped this.

Adam: Give me that.

Julia: You know what? There is such a thing called "manners," and if you would ever like a lesson in them, please give me a call. Kathy's better behaved than he is.

Adam: "Certificate of adoption. Kathleen Mershon. Dr. Greg Madden." How the devil did this get under my sofa? Whose child is this?

Richie: Hmm, hmm. Hmm. Oh, the whole family has come by to see me today. You just missed Annie and Emma.

Ryan: Good, because they shouldn't be around for this.

Richie: Oh, Annie told me about those private nurses you were getting me. Can't wait for that.

Ryan: You know, I've met some twisted people in my day, but you beat them all.

Richie: Find a new insult, bro. What's that?

Ryan: It's proof of how sick you are, and I'm not talking about the leukemia, Richie. All this time, Annie and I were worried about what you might do to us, to our family, but you didn't come here to hurt us. You didn't come to Pine Valley so that you would kill Annie or me. You came here so that we would kill you.

Kendall: Aidan, Zach drew this sketch for the jeweler. He must have dropped it when he got hit by the car.

Aidan: Well, yeah -- there's no other way it could be out here.

Kendall: Yeah, exactly. So if you found this in the same place that Greenlee dropped her cell phone, this means that they have to be together.

Aidan: Well, Kendall, this is not absolute proof, all right?

Kendall: Yes. Yes, it is. Aidan, this is 100% proof. This -- this means that Zach and Greenlee are together, they have to be. And if they're together, this means that they have a better chance to survive! This is good.

Greenlee: What'd you find?

Zach: I don't know.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, with our luck, you probably hit a booby trap that's going to make this whole place cave in on us.

Zach: Uh-huh, or maybe it's a whole nother mailbox of love letters in here.

[Zach reaches into the wall ...]

Zach: Hey, I got something.

[... and pulls out a skeletal hand]

Greenlee: Oh, my God! Oh, no!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Richie (to Ryan): I am dying.

Ryan (to Richie): But you're not taking my family with you.

Josh (to Erica): Make the first move. "Jack, I'm sorry."

Zach (to Greenlee): It's time for you to be quiet.

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