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Tad: You --

[Knock on door]

[Tad speaks baby talk to Jenny]

Tad: Oh, look at you.

Hannah: Ok, I'm here. What do you need?

Tad: Well, you can start by grabbing that.

Krystal: I know J.R.'s in jail, and I know it's tearing you up, but those wheels that are turning -- the ones grinding away at a plan on getting him sprung -- you put the brakes on, pronto.

Adam: I am not trying to get J.R. sprung, no.

Krystal: You're not working a plan to get your son out of trouble?

Adam: I am trying to fathom why he won't let me try to get him out of trouble, you see. I don't understand why a man would turn himself into the police without an alibi. What -- what kind of man does that?

Krystal: The kind that wants to be a better man.

Guard: Hey, Chandler. Go on. You got a visitor.

Ava: Hi. Aren't you going to come say hello?

J.R.: Well -- hello. Huh.

Ava: J.R., you don't belong in this cell. You're innocent, and I'm here to prove it. My bra, J.R. -- put your hand in my bra. Do it and we will prove that you did not run over Zach Slater.

Kendall: Both my boys are sleeping like angels.

Rachael: Yeah, I'm so glad Ian's home.

Kendall: Oh, me, too. I just wish that Zach --

Rachael: I know. My prayers are with your husband. Here. It's chamomile. You should take it up to bed, get some rest.

Kendall: Oh, gosh, Rachael, thank you so much, but I think I need to stay down here and decompress a little bit, clear my head.

Rachael: Of course.

Kendall: Thank you.

Kendall: I cannot go to bed without you. I can't be in our bed alone. This coat is not enough. I need to feel you next to me to know that you're ok. Where are you, Zach?

Aidan: Greenlee! Greenlee! Can you hear me? We have to work together, darling! Just give me a clue! Help me find you! Greenlee! Greenlee! Oh, my. What's going on here? This soil's been turned over. Like someone's been here recently. Like someone's been digging. Or out to try and bury something.

[Leaves rustle under shoes]

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: What are you doing here, Devane? There's plenty more acres out here to search. What are we going to find here, apart from Sylvester's trash, or some old pay stubs, man, that he tried to hide from the IRS? Come on, this is -- it's a waste of time. A waste of bloody time.

Kendall: Zach! Zach! Zach, can you hear me? Zach, where are you? Zach. Zach? Come on, honey, can you hear me? Where are -- ah, ah!

[Kendall pants as she dreams of finding Zach in the woods]

Kendall: Zach?

Zach: Kendall, I need you.

Kendall: Zach?

Zach: Kendall, I need you.

Kendall: Oh, thank God, thank God.

Zach: I need you, Kendall.

Kendall: Zach, I'm right here. I'm right here.

Zach: Kendall, I need you.

Kendall: I'm trying. I can't. I'm trying, Zach. I'm not going to -- I'm not going to leave you. I promise, I won't leave you.

Tad: Hmm, wonder what you want. Look at that. Yep, you're right.

Hannah: You know, Tad, if -- if you wanted to see me, all you had to do was ask.

Tad: Well, I'm not exactly at --

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: The top of my game lately. Come here. I don't know who would be. I mean, first, I had to deal with Krystal and Adam. Now, J.R.'s been arrested for hitting Zach with his car. And that means that your ex-lover's missing in action, presumed injured, and my stepson is a mess. Under the circumstances, the thought of asking you for help is a lot more honest than inviting you over to make popcorn.

Hannah: Yeah, well, I would have come either way.

Tad: I know. That's another reason why I called you. The way I see it, I owe you an apology. I just didn't want to get into it at Thanksgiving.

Hannah: Ok, I accept.

Tad: You don't even know why I'm apologizing.

Hannah: Well, I figured you'd tell me.

Tad: Oh, I'll just keep talking, is that it?

Hannah: Yeah.

[Hannah laughs]

Tad: Well, it can't have been easy for you to have confided in me that you were spying for Zach or being blackmailed by Adam.

Hannah: Oh, God, you know what? I don't really want to go down that path --

Tad: Yeah, well, I do, ok? You trusted me enough. You cared enough about me to give me the truth, and I walked away. That was a lousy thing to do.

Hannah: No, it wasn't. You know, I was using you to find Greenlee for Zach, not to mention, just unloading all this stuff about me sleeping with Zach's father, the man who murdered the love of your life. I mean, you had every right to be upset. You really did.

Tad: Let's try this again. I was a jackass. Turning my back on somebody like you is a mistake which I regret. I'm -- I'm very sorry.

Hannah: It's all right.

Tad: So, have a seat. Let's try this again. Would you clear that off, please?

Hannah: Yes, I will.

Tad: How are you doing?

Hannah: How am I doing?

Tad: Mm-hmm. Well, Zach is missing. How are you feeling?

Hannah: Well, you know, we're doing fine at Cambias. We're meeting the quarterly projections, and our stock is -- it's holding on its own.

Tad: I didn't ask you how Cambias was doing, I asked you how you were doing. I don't really care about your past, I care about you. You really expect me to believe that you don't deserve to have your feelings?

Adam: J.R. would rather do hard time than accept my help, and that's not just stupid, that's -- that's insane!

Krystal: If he wants to take responsibility for once in his life, Adam --

Adam: No, for something he didn't -- doesn't even know he did! No! He's -- he's -- there's not one ounce of -- of proof indicating that he had anything to do with Slater's hit-and-run.

Krystal: They found a huge dent in the front of J.R.'s car.

Adam: Somebody backed into it. Or maybe a deer ran across the road.

Krystal: Oh, please -- a deer? With Zach's blood in the passenger seat?

Adam: Yeah, that'll never hold up in court. But he turns himself in to Derek Frye and his merry band of morons.

Krystal: Rather than get bailed out by his daddy with some phony alibi.

Adam: Well, maybe he's innocent.

Krystal: Oh --

Adam: Shouldn't I try to protect him? Shouldn't I be allowed to try to protect him?

Krystal: Ok, maybe you're right. Maybe J.R. did nothing wrong. But maybe -- maybe he hit Zach. Maybe he even killed him.

Adam: No -- no, no, no --

Krystal: J.R. was drinking. No, he -- he was drunk, Adam. He was so drunk, he blacked out.

Adam: God, I was so close. Everything was going so well. Everything was coming together. J.R. was sober, little Colby was spending a lot more time here at the house. And you -- Krystal, you were back in my life. How did everything go so wrong so fast? Am I a fool for trying to save my family?

J.R.: No, I don't think so. Where's the paparazzi, out in the hall?

Ava: No, J.R., there's no paparazzi, ok? Don't you want to know why I really came here -- why I'm sticking my neck out on the line for you?

J.R.: Honey, that ain't your neck.

Ava: Oh -- J.R., I would break your face right now if it didn't mean I would end up in here with you.

J.R.: Oh, you'd love to be in here with me.

Ava: J.R., the other night at The Comeback, if you can remember, after you supposedly ran over Zach Slater, we talked. We talked, like for real, about real stuff. And then for the first time underneath all this slime, I saw a decent guy that really needed a friend that would believe in him. But I guess I made a huge mistake.

J.R.: Ava, wait. I'm a jerk.

Ava: Yeah, huge jerk. Hey, I can't blame you for staring. These babies are your ticket out of here.

J.R.: Look, they're fabulous, but they're not that fabulous.

Ava: Once again, you're wrong.

[Hiding from the security cameras, Ava takes blue containers out of her bra]

Ava: Look, see?

J.R.: Thank you for sharing your beauty secrets with me. Now stop stripping.

Ava: Keep -- keep your voice down, J.R.

J.R.: Yeah, keep your shirt on. And put your bra back together.

Ava: It's not a bra, it's booze. You got to get drunk.

Ava: Look, it's single malt. Only the best for you.

J.R.: What are you thinking?

Ava: Look, J.R., I told you, remember? I -- I know drunks. Guys that drink a lot -- they have this weird memory thing, but if they're drunk, they can remember all the stupid things they did when they were drunk, and if they're sober, they remember all the sober stuff. Come on, I looked it up online and everything.

J.R.: Ok, maybe I'm just thick, but I don't understand why you brought in an 80-proof bra.

Ava: Because, J.R., you could have that same kind of memory thing. I mean, sober, you don't know if you hit Zach Slater. But if you down these, it all comes coming back to you. I mean, don't you want to know? Or are you afraid you actually did it?

Zach: I need you, Kendall. Kendall, I need you.

Greenlee's voice: I'm here.

Kendall: Greenlee?

Zach: I need you, Kendall.

Greenlee: I'm here.

[Kendall sees Greenlee holding a gun on Zach]

Greenlee: I'm right here. I'm right here.

Kendall: No! No. No. No!

Aidan: You must be close to the Canadian border by now, all right? And it's snowing up there badly. Huh? And you haven't called me because the phone lines are down. Is that right, Greenlee? And your hair is messed up, and you got no makeup on. And you feel you look terrible, but you don't. Nobody on the run looks good. All right? You're beautiful. That's what I love about you. You're beautiful. And I'm going to find you soon. I'm going to be real close to you. Everything is going to be fine. Everything's going to be ok. I promise you.

[Aidan pants as he digs in the dirt and finds equipment for a meth lab]

Aidan: No. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no. No, no, no.


Kendall: Zach -- Zach, I'm here!

Greenlee: I'm here.

Kendall: Zach, I'm coming. I'm coming to get you. I'm coming, I'm coming. Zach?

Zach: Had to be done.

Tad: You and Zach had a lot of serious history together.

Hannah: Yeah, he's my boss.

Tad: Well, he's also the father of a child that you lost. And now he's missing. It's got to affect you somehow.

Hannah: You know what? I have moved on. Look, besides -- with what Kendall and Zach have been going through, it would be an insult to think of myself.

Tad: No, no, don't do that again. Don't turn things around. You've had to deal with some pretty nasty things yourself lately. Namely, Adam Chandler.

Hannah: Hmm.

Tad: Otherwise known as "His Highness, The Prince of Darkness."

Hannah: Yeah, and whose fault is that? You know, if it wasn't for my mistakes, Adam could never blackmail me in the first place. I am no saint. So let's just leave it at that.

Tad: Yeah, but you're not the worst person in the world, either. I meant what I said -- it took guts for you to lay it out the way you did -- about Zach and Adam and Alexander. I'm not offering you some kind of pity. I mean, the truth is we do have to own up to the mistakes we've made, the choices we've made. But you know, that you chose to be honest about something -- it's very painful for you. That's got to be worth some kind of recognition. So, you know, for my part, maybe what I should have said --

Hannah: You know what? Hold on, hold on. No, you don't need to explain yourself. You were angry.

Tad: Yeah. Of course, I was angry, but not because once upon a time you slept with the man that eventually would murder Dixie. Men like Adam, Alexander -- they're put on this planet to ruin lives. It's what they do best. Don't kid yourself. Even Zach is nobody to mess with if you back him into a corner. And you chose to deal with that alone. I know you're tough. That's perfectly obvious. But giving up everything that's good in your life because of a guy like Adam -- that's hell. And I know, because I've been there. I just wish I'd been there for you in some kind of way.

Hannah: Thank you. Hmm. I'm all right now, though.

Tad: I'm not saying that you aren't. I'm saying that you matter. I'm saying that you deserve the right to fight back against anybody that threatens you in any way. You treat people with respect. Therefore, you deserve to be treated with respect. More importantly, you deserve the right to feel your feelings.

Hannah: You know, for such a lousy pool player, you got a great aim.

Tad: I'm not a lousy pool player.

[Hannah laughs]

Hannah: You're not?

Tad: I'm not. Besides, it helps to know what you're aiming at. And I've been there. A lot. It's just such a mess. It's -- not to mention ironic.

Hannah: What?

Tad: Think about it. If Zach's not here, then you can't be blackmailed. So the good news is, at least for now, you're free of Adam.

Krystal: Your family is everything to you, Adam, but you -- there's no fault in trying to put that back together.

Adam: I'm doing a bang-up job, aren't I? Huh.

Krystal: You're frustrated. You're frustrated, I get that. The people that you love, the life that you want to share with them -- it's just -- just out of reach. But that doesn't mean we give up.

Adam: I drove my son away, again, and he hit bottom, again -- all because of this war that we've been waging against each other for God knows how long.

Krystal: So end it. Take responsibility for your share and break the pattern.

Adam: That's exactly what J.R. told me the night he moved out. He said he was -- he wanted to stop trying to be me. And -- and he -- so he left the company, he gave me back all his shares. And I was so glib and sarcastic. And my son -- my son was in such pain.

Krystal: What J.R. did took real courage. You see the good in that now, right?

Adam: I called him a traitor and a failure. I set up all sorts of -- of outrageous expectations. And then I'd blame him when he fell short. And I guess the only choice he had was to jump ship.

Krystal: No. No, Adam, J.R. just had a plan. He had a plan, and -- and it was working -- this idea of his. This -- this Ava network. It wasn't half bad.

Adam: Oh, no, come on, it was ludicrous, just another one of his harebrained schemes, like -- like faking his own kidnapping. I can only imagine how desperate he was to go into business with that tramp. I -- I want a drink just thinking about it.

Krystal: J.R. is going through a rough patch. But he's not a lost cause.

Adam: Oh, no? He's back on the bottle again. And he's going to prison. I'm sorry, J.R., I -- oh, God. I am so sorry.

J.R.: All right, you know, this memory thing -- it's legit. Yeah, we'll just do it as an experiment, a one-time deal, and hope that it works. I mean, if it doesn't, what do I got to lose? We're talking about my life here, right?

Ava: Right.

J.R.: Yeah. Ok, ok. I'm good. You can leave now.

Ava: No, who -- who's going to ask you the questions?

J.R.: Will you go get something pierced or shaved? Go.

Ava: No, J.R., when was the last time you ate?

J.R.: I don't know.

Ava: Ok, so you're drinking on an empty stomach, which means you're going to get wasted a lot faster, which means I'm not going anywhere.

J.R.: Fine.

Ava: J.R., don't worry, ok? I really believe that you're innocent.

Krystal: Ok, you listen to me, Adam. J.R. has problems and maybe he always will, but he has finally grown up. And this move of his to get out from underneath your thumb is not desperate -- it's smart and it's right, just like his decision to turn himself in. He is a changed man.

Adam: No! He not going to change -- he's not going to change! He's never going to change. Same with Hayley and Skye, they're -- there alcoholics, and they will always be alcoholics.

Krystal: Oh, just -- just like you were and always will be the son of a coal miner? Come on, Adam. That defeatist attitude is not you, and it is not what you taught your kids.

Adam: I tried to give a very good example for my children. And I've tried to give them everything they need, but this fighting and -- and drinking, and these terrible mistakes. Tell me -- is there something I can do to keep this from ripping my family apart?

Krystal: You really want an answer?

Adam: Yes.

Krystal: Less than a year ago, I was going along just fine and then the next day, I was at Pine Valley Hospital and Jeff Martin was telling me that Babe was dead.

Adam: Oh. I remember.

Krystal: Yeah. Thank God she wasn't. But that experience taught me one thing -- never, ever take for granted one moment with my children. Terrible tragedies can happen in this world and things can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye, and I am not saying that to scare you, Adam. I am telling you that because you need to realize that you don't have forever. Nobody does -- not even the great and powerful Adam Chandler.

Adam: Oh, oh -- I'm not immortal? Oh, shucks. What does that have to do with me protecting my family?

Krystal: You protect your family by putting them first, Adam -- supporting them, encouraging them, letting them be who they are. Now, most of all, just love them -- no exceptions and no conditions. You just love them --

Adam: Yeah.

Krystal: No matter what.

Adam: You just, like, love Colby even when she wrecks a yacht?

Krystal: Yep.

Adam: And J.R. when he -- when he tosses himself out a window?

Krystal: You betcha.

Adam: Yeah.

Krystal: And you might have to hold your tongue once in a while, swallow your pride. You do it, but don't shut them out, Adam. It's not worth it, because heaven forbid, something could happen and --

Adam: Stop being so melodramatic. My kids aren't angels.

Krystal: Nobody's are.

Adam: Yeah, what -- what happens when they make me angry? When I don't agree with their position, ok? Am I allowed to voice an opinion?

Krystal: No. No, not the way you do it, no.

Adam: Bull!

Krystal: Ok. I knew it -- see? You don't want an answer, do you?

Adam: What, was that an answer? I thought it was new age mumbo-jumbo.

Krystal: Look, I know I've made mistakes with Babe that I will regret for the rest of my life, but I have never made the mistake of pushing her away. If anything, I messed up by keeping her too close.

Adam: Oh, so you're allowed to slip up, but I have to be perfect -- is that it?

Krystal: Forget it, Adam. Forget it. No, you do whatever you want. So you lose a kid or two -- no big deal, right?

Adam: No, I'm not going to lose a kid or two! I'm not going to lose J.R.!

Ava: What are you doing? Don't you want to drink it?

J.R.: Yes, I do. That's the problem.

Tad: Come on. You can do it.

[Tad speaks French]

Tad: Oh. My boyish charm, isn't it? No, I'm serious -- it's a curse, because there -- somebody like you, you know, you're plotting your next corporate takeover or something and, suddenly it's like, "Hey, how are you? How's that statement?"

Hannah: No, no, no.

[Tad chuckles]

Hannah: Actually, no, I wasn't thinking about work.

Tad: No?

Hannah: You were wrong about me being free of Adam.

Tad: How so? I mean, if Zach's not around, he -- Adam doesn't have any hold on you.

Hannah: Well, my secrets do. I -- I meant what I told you that day. I -- I don't want to live like this anymore. I'd like to come clean with Zach and Kendall, be friends with them if they'll let me. You know, and if not, I'll just tell them I'm sorry and bow out gracefully. But I'm afraid I'm never going to get that chance.

Tad: You will. You'll get your chance -- soon.

Hannah: Soon?

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Hannah: I thought I'd get my chance with Ethan. You know, and I kept telling myself to be patient and keep thinking about him and loving him. It wasn't enough. I don't know how you do it. No, I mean, how do you -- how do you survive once they're gone?

Tad: You know, it's interesting. Ever since Dixie died, everybody acts like if they say her name, I'm going to shatter into a million pieces, that is going to kill me.

Hannah: Doesn't it?

Tad: No. I mean, I miss her -- every day, something awful. But as far as I'm concerned, you know, I'm -- I'm one of the lucky ones, because I got to say good-bye. I got to tell her I love her one last time.

Hannah: What about all those things you never got to say? When you think about Dixie, I mean, don't you ever think about those moments you'll never have with her?

Tad: No, I -- I think about the moments that I'm going to have -- that I better have, or she's going to kick my ass.

[Hannah chuckles]

Tad: No, I'm not kidding. I mean, I don't know whether it's her spirit or her soul or something or, you know, the -- even the star we used to wish on but, you know, she's -- she's with me every day, a thousand little ways telling me to get busy, you know, to -- to take care of J.R., to write to Jamie, play with Jenny, find Kate. Yeah, she -- she's out there somewhere telling me to live. I'm sure if you listen really closely, Ethan's telling you the same thing.


Kendall: Why, Zach?

Zach: It had to be done.

Kendall: No, but I was wrong. I made a mistake.

Greenlee: It had to be done.

Zach: Kendall, I need you.

Kendall: No!

[Kendall pants as she wakes up]

Kendall: I'm coming, Zach. I'm coming to find you.

Aidan: Drugs. It's just drugs. Everything you need to make crystal meth -- no wonder you're paranoid, Sylvester. Damn it, Greenlee, where are you?

Tad: You know, sometimes in life I think the best you can do is just put one foot in front of the other and try not to bump into the furniture.

Hannah: Oh. Oh, yeah.

Tad: And don't think about things too much.

Hannah: Ok, or you'll end up in that bad place, so what's the point, right?

Tad: Oh, well, that's easy -- that's a no-brainer. She's the point -- protecting her, keeping her safe. Well, she needs me, and I'm -- I don't intend to let her down.

Hannah: Well, she's very lucky.

Tad: Hmm -- no. I'm the lucky one. She's given me the chance to do something I've never done before.

Hannah: What's that?

Tad: Stop Adam dead in his tracks. All my life, I've suffered because of him. He's turned Krystal's life into hell -- I mean, that's what he does. He preys on women and children, innocent babies. Not my daughter. No way -- he's not doing it with Jenny.

Hannah: What if he did come after her?

Tad: Then he'd run smack into me. And when he does, I'm going to destroy him. You know, if he ever comes circling around again, you -- you give me a call.

Hannah: And if he doesn't?

Tad: Give me a call anyway.

Hannah: Ok.

J.R.: I want that booze so bad, I could lick the inside of those pipes.

Ava: Then why did you pour it out?

J.R.: How much do you love Lily?

Ava: My sister? More than anything.

J.R.: Yeah. I love my son just as much, and he deserves a father who won't choose alcohol over him.

Ava: That's not what you were doing.

J.R.: Every time I pick up a bottle, whether I hit Slater or not, that's not the kind of father that he deserves. I -- I turned myself in, because I want him to be proud of me. If I drink, I disappoint him. I'm not going to do that to my son. I can't do that to my son, not anymore.

Ava: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry. I -- I tried to help, but I just ruined everything.

J.R.: Come on, Ava. It's not your fault.

Ava: I'm -- I'm the world's biggest idiot.

Guard: Huh -- you got that right. You are in violation of code 16-80.

Ava: What -- what does that mean?

Guard: That means that you smuggled contraband into the jail cell.

Krystal: I have to get going.

Adam: Yeah, sure, ok. It's -- it's late. Krystal? Don't go. I need you.

Krystal: I'll call Tad.

Adam: Like hell you will. Tad is not your husband or your father. You don't need his permission to stay with a man you claim to love.

Krystal: Tad is the father of my child, a child that I won't be seeing until the morning, because I'll be with you.

Adam: You're staying?

Krystal: As long as Jenny's daddy knows where I am, that's the deal, Adam. Now, is that enough of a win for your ego or not?

Adam: Make the call, yeah.

Krystal: Huh.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Martin/Carey residence.

Krystal: Yeah, Tad, it's -- it's me.

Tad: Ok -- Carey/Martin residence.

Krystal: How's Jenny?

Tad: She's perfect. Should I tell her you're headed home?

Krystal: Not yet.

Tad: Oh. Well, ok. Well, you know, I'm -- I'll be up for a while, you know? Take an hour, take two.

Krystal: Um -- it'll be a little longer than that.

Tad: I see. Well, in that case, I have -- I have Jenny covered, so, you know, you have fun. Party till the break of dawn, you know?

Krystal: Are you sure?

Tad: Oh, yeah. Yeah, you -- you knock yourself out.

Hannah: Krystal?

Tad: Yeah. Hey, you know, as long as Jenny's here, then Mama's free to do her own thing. Come to think of it, so are we.

[Tad snaps his fingers]

Hannah: What would you like to do?

Tad: Oh, I got lots of ideas.

Hannah: Like?

Tad: Yeah -- oh. Um -- well, for starters, how about we make a little popcorn?

Hannah: I like popcorn.

Tad: Hmm.

[Ava chuckles]

Ava: You know who I am, right?

Guard: Oh, yeah. You're the fool that tried to sneak liquor into the prisoner.

[Ava sighs]

Ava: Well, uh -- it was just a one-time thing. I'll be good from now on, officer. Just let it slide.

J.R.: Yeah, come on, man. It was a joke.

Guard: Or I can book you if you don't back up.

Ava: But I -- how am I supposed to know what code 16-whatever is? I'm not a senator or a judge or a cop or anything.

Guard: Ok, let's just go.

Ava: No!

Guard: Come on, let's go.

Ava: No, get your hands off me!

Guard: Just come on.

Ava: You are going to regret this.

Guard: Oh, yeah.

Ava: J.R.!

[Door closes]

J.R.: Thanks for stopping by, Ava.

Ava: Ugh!

J.R.: Come back soon.

Aidan: Whew.

[Hearing footsteps, Aidan turns around and sees Kendall]

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Aidan (to Kendall): After what you've done to Greenlee, there's not a chance that I'm teaming up with you.

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