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All My Children Transcript Monday 12/3/07


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Ryan: Is it just me or do I smell candy? Wait a minute, not just candy.

Annie: I think it's something better than candy.

Ryan: Yes, it is better, it's --

Emma: Chocolate, chocolate.

Annie: Oh, no, I really think your daddy's talking about hot chocolate.

Ryan: Hot chocolate!

Corrina: Do you want to get some hot chocolate, Emma?

Annie: Yes.

Corrina: Come on.

Emma: Grandpa, you're here.

Richie: How are things in the rat house?

Michael: You seem awfully smug for a man on his death bed.

Richie: I'm just happy to see a friendly face, doc. Sorry I haven't called. This dying thing really takes it out of a guy.

Michael: Yeah. Try not to die too soon, ok? You have unfinished business, remember? I got you out of prison early in exchange for a very big favor, and now it's time for you to pay up.

Tad: You know, if we ever actually find Zach and Greenlee, I think I'm going to convert Sylvester's 47 acres into Jenny's personal Neverland.

Aidan: Well, I'll spring for the Ferris wheel once Greenlee's safe.

Tad: I just wish to God we'd actually found something out there that could lead us to her, and/or Zach.

Aidan: It was just a quick look around. I'm going to go over it inch by inch, all right, once I'm finished here.

[Knock on door]

Erica: Tad, we've come to hire you.

Kendall: We are going to find my husband.

Zach: Careful. Don't lose your balance -- you're almost there.

[Greenlee groans]

Zach: Can you see what's covering the hole?

Greenlee: I'm not looking up.

Zach: Then don't look up. Just hold on to the ladder and put your hand up there, see if you can feel something.

Greenlee: I'm not letting go of the ladder!

Zach: Greenlee? Just try.

Greenlee: No, I have to --

[Greenlee pants]

Greenlee: I have to get higher. Ok. I'm going to climb higher up.

Greenlee: Oh!

[Debris falls with a crash, then Greenlee comes tumbling down] 

Zach: Hey. Hey, come on. Ah, come on. Wake up.

Greenlee: Oh.

Zach: You're ok. Open your eyes -- you're all right.

Greenlee: Oh.

Zach: Ah -- oy.

Greenlee: Oh. Oh, what happened?

Zach: The ladder came off the wall, and you fell.

Greenlee: Oh. How -- how -- I landed on you?

Zach: Yep -- hmm.

Greenlee: Oh, God. Sorry.

Zach: It's all right. You'll get my dry-cleaning bill. What'd you see up there?

Greenlee: Oh -- nothing.

Zach: Nothing?

Greenlee: Nothing. I felt some air, a breeze.

Zach: You felt air -- ok. Well, that's -- that's our way out, let's do it, come on.

Greenlee: No, Zach.

[Zach groans]

Greenlee: That was our way out. The ladder -- it's in pieces. We have no other options.

Zach: No, that's ok. We'll get it -- we'll get out. We're going to find a way out.

Greenlee: How? You going to whittle me some stilts with your teeth? Your cell phone doesn't have a signal, I can't find mine. What, you going to build a fire and send some smoke signals?

Zach: Oh, just be quiet for a second, let me think.

Greenlee: You know, everyone in Pine Valley could be looking for us. They could search every inch of Pennsylvania, but no one's going to think to look underground, and the one guy who knows that we're down here -- well, he covered the opening as soon as he found out it was you stuck down here. Chances are he's not going to tip anyone off that you're actually down here --

Zach: Just shut up for -- can you just shut up for one minute?

Greenlee: Oh, my God! We're going to die down here! We're going to die down here! Do you know this isn't my first time stuck in a hole? It's why I'm claustrophobic!

Zach: Calm down, just take a breath -- just calm down.

Greenlee: Oh, God, and I survived the mine shaft accident, that nightmare, and now I'm stuck here with you of all people! Help! Help, please get me out of here! Get me out of here! Please! Oh, my --

Zach: Hey. Look at me. Look at me! Stop. Calm down. We'll get out of here. We'll find a way out. Find a way out.

Richie: Here, I thought you came all this way because you liked me.

Michael: This deal was your idea, Richie. You talked me into it.

Richie: Let's be honest, doc -- it didn't take a whole lot of talking.

Michael: I've put my neck on the line, so you better come through.

Richie: Or what? Or what -- are you going to kill me?

[Richie chuckles]

Richie: Chill out, doc. I'm still breathing -- it's not too late.

Lily: Richard. Hi. Well, I -- I just happened to be here, and I happened to walk by this room and saw you in the window. I didn't know you were a patient here. Did something happen? Are you -- are you ok? Was there an accident? Is that why you didn't show up for our date?

Richie: Date? What date?

Lily: We had -- had a date to meet each other at B.J.'s. Remember?

Richie: Uh -- wait. You're -- you're the girl from the Yacht Club, right?

Lily: Right, and -- and we were supposed to have coffee at B.J.'s, and I waited until it got dark, but you never showed up.

Richie: I'm -- I'm sorry, sweetheart. What -- what is your name?

Lily: It's Lily.

Richie: Lily -- right. Ok, Lily, I am -- I'm sorry about the whole coffee mix-up or whatever. But I'm -- I'm having a conversation here with my doctor, a private conversation.

Lily: Private?

Richie: Yeah.

Lily: So you want -- want me to leave?

Richie: That would be great.

Lily: Ok.

[Lily steps into the hallway]

Lily: He doesn't even remember my name. How can he be my -- my boyfriend if he doesn't even remember my name?

[Lily runs into a woman holding red roses]

Lily: Don't touch, don't touch!

Woman: Gee, I'm sorry.

[Lily runs into a closet]

Lily: Red! No red, no red! No red, no red. No touch, no -- no red, no red. Two is the first prime number which is divisible by one which can be divided by itself and then three and then the next is five, seven, 11 --

Corrina: Come on, Emma.

Ryan: That was very nice. You certainly didn't have to do that.

Annie: You know what, sweetie? Why don't you and Corrina sit on that bench over there, ok? Grandpa will be right there. She's really excited you're here.

Walter: She seems like a sweet girl.

Annie: She doesn't know about our problems. She doesn't know how you feel about me. Look -- hey. Don't take your feelings towards me out on her. If -- if you do, you'll never see her again.

Walter: Ready for seconds?

Emma: Not yet.

Corrina: Hmm.

Emma: If you're deaf, how can you hear me?

Walter: I can't. I have to read your lips.

Corrina: How cool is that, Emma?

Emma: Can you teach me how?

Ryan: You know, if you want to take her home, we can --

Annie: No, it's -- it's ok. I -- it's just he -- ahem. He used to do that -- that trick with me when I was little. I used to love it.

Ryan: Hmm. It's ok to miss him, you know? I mean, that's how he used to be with you.

Annie: You know, it just -- just makes me wonder if maybe things could be ok with us again -- you know, maybe after --

Ryan: After Richie dies?

Jack: So I come out of the police station into the alley, and here's Greenlee. She had cornrows in her hair, and she's got fake tattoos all over her body, and she's wearing a scrap of leather -- julia, you could not make a wallet out of this thing and that's her top? She says to me, "Don't let anybody know I'm your daughter." I'm thinking to myself, "Right now, honey, that's the last thing I'd want anybody to know."

Julia: Greenlee doesn't exactly do subtle, does she?

Jack: No, she doesn't.

Julia: Thanks.

Jack: All right, please -- thanks.

Waiter: Please enjoy.

Julia: Oy. All right. She really doesn't deserve all this.

Julia: No, she doesn't.

Jack: You know, when you said that, you sounded like you mean it.

Julia: I do.

Aidan: We're not taking on any new crimes at the moment, so --

Kendall: Was I talking to you?

Aidan: Well, Tad and I are partners, so, yeah, you were talking to me, and I'm telling you we can't help you, so if you don't mind --

Kendall: No, no, I'm not going to let you brush me off, Aidan.

Tad: Actually, he is telling the truth. We are stretched a little thin here, but the good news is I know for a fact that Derek is working overtime to find Zach.

Kendall: Well, I know for a fact that you must be, too, Tad. Now, J.R. is accused of running him down, so don't tell me that you're not trying to help his case.

Erica: All we're asking is that you keep us in the loop, Tad.

Tad: Erica, if I had any information to give you, I --

Erica: Leave J.R. out of the equation. He has nothing to do with this. Kendall just wants her husband back.

Kendall: Wait. What is -- what is this? What is that?

Aidan: This is none of your business.

Kendall: No, what do all of those pins mean?

Aidan: Kendall, I asked you nicely to leave. Right now, get the hell out.

Annie: If things were different, this would be such a beautiful moment. I mean, Emma and my dad -- in the park, sipping hot chocolate, laughing. I mean, look how happy she looks.

Ryan: Emma loves everyone, she loves people.

Annie: Yeah, but this is different, Ryan. I mean, Emma's been asking about her grandparents since she could talk. I mean, this is a huge deal for her. And I love that it makes her happy, but --

Ryan: But what?

Annie: It's going to sound selfish, but it kind of breaks my heart, because I know no matter how he feels about Emma, that man hates me. And one day in the park with his granddaughter -- that's -- that's not going to make that go away.

Ryan: I really wish that wasn't true. I wish that he would realize how he's treated you these years. I wish that he would cross over here right now and apologize to you for the way that he's treated you, but I think you're right. I think Richie has so poisoned your father against you.

Annie: Right. And him spending time with Emma -- it's not going to magically make us a family again, is it?

Ryan: Not while Richie's in the picture, no.

Lily: Richard is -- is sick, Richard is -- is very sick. Sick is "afflicted with disease or ailment." And most people that are sick are treated in a hospital. Most are given medication to help them recover, and some side effects come from medication. Such side effects could be memory loss -- maybe that's why he forgot my name. Another side effect could be irritability, and that could explain why he was so angry when I walked into his room. When I get angry, I -- I count and use numbers. It makes the red in my head go away, and Richard understands numbers, so maybe he just needs someone to help him make his anger go away. Maybe I -- I could help Richard feel better.

Michael: You say "there's still time," but I don't know what that means. Tell me when, tell me how. Now, you made a deal with me, and I expect you to live up to your part of it.

Richie: Oh -- oh, I got to get help.

Michael: What is it?

Richie: I got to get help.

Michael: What is --

Richie: Back off. I know about our damn deal, I haven't forgotten a thing. It's you who seems to have forgotten, doctor -- you're talking to a dead guy. So your little threats, they don't mean a thing. Now, I'm going to get you what you want, but we're going to do it at my schedule. I'm calling the shots.

Greenlee: Ok, I mean, someone's got to come by and rescue us. They'll walk by, and they'll hear a noise, or they'll -- they'll see the cover over the opening and come down and save us -- oh, what am I talking about? We're in the middle of nowhere! No one's going to come and save us, we're going to die! We're going to die down here! What are you doing?

Zach: It's chipping off pretty easily, isn't it?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Zach: Let's see -- we can't climb out of here. Maybe we can do something else.

Zach: It's worth a shot.

Greenlee: Ok, not to be a -- um -- downer or anything. I mean, you're attacking that wall with all the strength you have left -- which, uh, granted, because you survived a major head wound, it's a miracle you have any strength at all. But again, not -- not to be a major downer, I just want to spare you needless suffering, Zach. I mean, you're hardly making any headway. Oh, my God! Whoa, Zach, look -- look out!

Tad: Come here, come here. Would you please try and stay calm? Just let me handle this, all right?

Aidan: We'll handle it by showing them the door. I mean it, Tad, I don't want them near this investigation.

Tad: Well, then maybe you should stop jumping down Kendall's throat every time she opens her mouth. All you're doing is egging her on.

Aidan: Kendall's the whole reason why Greenlee's in this mess.

Tad: Stop. She's never going to leave if she thinks you're holding out on her, right?

Aidan: Fine. All right.

Tad: Sorry, Erica, where were we?

Erica: You were about to tell us what you know about Zach's disappearance.

Tad: Well, unfortunately, I know about as much as you do.

Kendall: J.R. doesn't remember a damn thing about that night, and you didn't deny that you're conducting your own investigation in hopes of -- of getting him off.

Tad: Of course, I am. Look, I would love to clear my son's name, I would love to prove he wasn't the one driving that car -- that doesn't mean I have any answers.

Erica: Well, then just tell us where your investigation is headed, Tad. I mean, surely you must have some hunches, some leads you're going to follow?

Kendall: Ultimately, we all want the same thing -- we want Zach home alive and safe.

Aidan: Well, actually, Kendall, I don't give a rat's ass where your husband is, all right? We're trying to find someone else at the moment, someone whose safety you don't give a damn about. So the longer you stand there, the longer you're keeping us from that.

Kendall: Ok, all right, you know what? You want to hate me? Fine, Aidan. Go ahead and hate me. Hate my guts -- I really don't give a damn -- yeah. But all the hate in the world will not stop me from finding my husband. Now, I want Zach home, and I want him safe -- now.

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Julia: What is -- what is that look? Is that befuddled or -- what is that?

Jack: Probably. Actually, I'm sure it is. I mean, when you said that you agree with me that Greenlee doesn't deserve all this, I think it maybe blew a fuse in my head here or something.

Julia: Well, maybe I should clarify.

Jack: Ah. I thought it was too good to be true.

Julia: No, no, no, no, I'm not going change -- I'm not going to change what I said. But I -- I don't know Greenlee that well, but I do know Aidan, and I trust his judgment. Aidan really does love your daughter.

Singer: Say you love me

Jack: It kind of caught me by surprise, too.

Julia: Well, I don't think that Aidan or Greenlee saw that one coming. I don't know -- call me old-fashioned, but I'm predicting a happy ending for them. I think it's just weird not to be destiny, you know? And they say that true love conquers all.

Jack: Yeah, that's what they say.

Julia: You're not a believer.

Jack: Julia, I just seem to find that true love lately is a -- a very rare commodity.

Singer: Say you love me

Annie: It's so strange watching him with her -- seeing him laughing and smiling. It seems like forever since I've seen my dad happy.

Ryan: Is that how he was when you were little?

Annie: Yeah, for the most part.

Ryan: A part of you wishes that you could have that time back? I mean, as bad as my childhood was, we had our good moments, too, you know? It sounds kind of silly, but we called them "blue sky days."

Annie: That's nice. I just -- I never would've imagined this when I was a kid, you know?

Ryan: I swear to you that Emma never, ever will ever have to go through what we went through.

Annie: How can you be so sure?

Ryan: Well, because we don't ration out love like our parents. I mean, we've already given Emma way more love than we ever got when we were kids. What we give her -- the kisses, the hugs, the love -- that's not earned, it's just -- you know, it comes natural. Spike and Emma are our world, and they know it -- they always will know it.

Annie: I hope so.

Ryan: What we have with Emma is real, and nobody can take that away from us.

Richie: If you don't stop worrying, you're going to end up in one of these babies. You don't want that, do you, doc -- end up in an early grave like me?

[Lily comes out of the closet and listens at Richie's door]

Richie: Come on, doc. You know me better than that. You know it'll take more than this to do me in.

Michael: It had better.

Richie: Look, I swear to you the murder's going to happen exactly like I played it out for you.

Lily: Murder.

Ryan: What?

Annie: I know that look. Something's bugging you.

Ryan: No, I was just -- I was just thinking about seeing Richie's old prison shrink at the hospital. I mean, maybe it's just me, but it seems kind of weird that the guy would travel all that way just to visit a former prisoner.

Annie: Well, Richie does have a way of drawing people in.

Ryan: You ever remember Richie or your dad talk about Dr. Chambers?

Annie: No, the first I heard his name was from you when you said you talked to him at the prison. You said you got a bad vibe from him then, too.

Ryan: Yeah. I mean, I can't put my finger on it, but something's not right about this guy. I mean, he's definitely up to something.

Annie: Well --

Emma: Uh-oh.

Annie: Oh. Oh. That's ok, sweetheart. It was an accident. Give me --

Walter: Would you like another one?

Emma: Show Mommy the finger trick.

Annie: Um -- sweetheart, I've actually already seen that trick. Grandpa used to show it to me when I was a little girl. It was my favorite thing.

Ryan: How tough is it to get a transcript of a parole hearing? I'm looking for the testimony of a doctor who argued in favor of an early release of a prisoner. And also, if you can, I'd love to get copies of the visitor logs. I can't give you the exact dates. I'll call you back with those, but it did span a pretty decent amount of time. Right. And do me a favor. Find out everything that you can about this Dr. Chambers.

Lily: No, no murder. Murder, no.

[Trays crash to floor]

Lily: No, no -- no, no. No, no, no.

Richie: Well, would you like to check and see what that was?

Michael: Someone knocked over a tray. I want to believe you'll come through for me, Richie. With any luck, this'll be the last time you see me.

Richie: While I'm still living, I hope you're right. But as soon as I'm on the other side, I'll see you in hell.

Zach: Oh! Great!

Greenlee: Are you ok? Wait.

[Zach groans]

Greenlee: Come up slow. Slow, slow, slow, slow.

[Zach grunts]

Zach: Yeah.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. Zach, oh, my God, you're a rock star! You did it!

Zach: Stop, stop. Stop, stop -- don't.

Greenlee: Wait, I thought this was the point.

Zach: Come here.

Greenlee: What?

[Zach groans, sighs]

Zach: There's too much sand in there. It's pretty unstable. Give me that.

Greenlee: So, what, we're back to square one?

Zach: No, we're not. We just -- we got to be a little careful, that's all. This wall's only about, what, four or five inches of cement, no rebar. Think we can break it down and cut some hand holds in the dirt, climb out of here. Won't be easy, but I think we can do it.

Greenlee: Ok. Great, tell me what to do.

Zach: I told you what to do. Shut up -- two minutes. Because I'm going to have dinner. Agh! Catch my breath. And then we'll get going. Ah.

Greenlee: Hey, what do you think she's thinking right now?

Zach: Who?

Greenlee: Kendall. I mean, you told me she was going to confess in court. She was going to admit to setting me up. She's got to be worried you're missing, but with the both of us gone -- do you think she cares? She got what she wanted -- me out of the picture. You think she's happy?

Kendall: You want Zach gone, Aidan. Why don't you just admit it? That's the reason why you won't look for him.

Aidan: No, maybe you missed the part, Kendall, where I said I got more important things on my mind.

Kendall: No, no, you hold Zach responsible for Greenlee being arrested -- that's why you want him to suffer. You want him dead, I know you do.

Tad: That's not true. That's not true. Nobody wants to see Zach harmed.

Erica: That's right, nobody wants to see Zach or Greenlee in danger. I mean, surely you heard about the appeal I made on my show. I asked my audience to call up with information about both of them.

Tad: That's right, that's right. We both saw it.

Aidan: Oh -- you can't say you're doing that out of the goodness of your own heart, Erica.

Kendall: Don't you talk to her like that.

Aidan: Look, everyone knows that she just threw Greenlee's name in there, so she can get back on Jack's good side.

Erica: That's not true.

Aidan: Oh, please. You don't care what happens to Greenlee any more than she does.

Kendall: How can you work with him?

Tad: I apologize. He's a bit on edge. He didn't mean any of that.

Kendall: Oh, the hell he didn't.

Erica: Look, I don't really care what Aidan Devane thinks of me or anything else. We're here for answers about Zach. And I've known you a long time, Tad. I know when you are withholding information. So please, what aren't you telling us?

Julia: I know -- I know every parent says this, but sometimes I cannot believe the things that come out of my child's mouth.

Jack: Yeah, right.

[Julia laughs]

Jack: How old is Kathy?

Julia: She's 5, going on 20.

Jack: Yeah.

Julia: Oh.

Jack: Enjoy these years. I missed all my kids' early years. How long has she been with you?

Julia: Wow, believe it or not, it will be a year this Christmas.

Jack: Oh.

Julia: Yeah.

Jack: Well, you certainly seem happy.

Julia: I am blessed. I have a wonderful family. And I have a terrific job, and I have great friends. And I have a little girl that I could not imagine loving any more. I -- I have everything.

Jack: No mention of romance, I notice.

Julia: Oh. Well, maybe someday. But right now, this is enough.

Jack: Enough? Well, that sounds really great.

Zach: I don't think Kendall is happy about much right now.

Greenlee: Well, I know she's probably going out of her mind worrying about you. I just -- I wondered if she cared that I'm missing, too.

[Zach chuckles]

Zach: Ay-yi-yi -- well, I hate to burst your bubble, but I think any feelings that Kendall had for you, be it love or concern or admiration, has all been replaced by fear.

Greenlee: Kendall's not afraid of me.

Zach: Ok. Oh! Maybe she's not afraid of you, but she's afraid of what you're going to do next.

Greenlee: Well, that's ridiculous.

Zach: Let me tell you what's ridiculous. When you escaped, she locked her whole family in Ian's room, because she thought you were going to come after her kids.

Greenlee: What?

Zach: Uh-huh. And now, she probably thinks that you killed me, maybe out there somewhere on the run. What? What is that look? You're surprised by that? You think Kendall made up this dark and evil Greenlee? No, you did that -- by hating and hurting and lashing out at everyone that got in your path.

Greenlee: Yeah, but that was before.

Zach: Before what? It's now, it's always, it's permanent. If Kendall watched you die, she'd still -- she'd put a stake in your heart, she'd set you on fire, and even then, she would have to look over her shoulder every time your name is mentioned.

Greenlee: No.

Zach: No?

Greenlee: No.

Zach: Yes. She hates you that much.

Jack: You sure you don't want another drink?

Julia: Oh, you know, as nice as that sounds, I've been sitting here bragging about how much I love being a mom, I -- I think I should go home and spend some time with my kid.

Jack: You know what? Me, too. Tonight's the night that Lily cooked supper for all of us, and I don't want to upset the schedule.

Julia: Oh, yeah. Well, tell Lily I said hi.

Jack: I will. Thanks for this. I -- I really needed this.

Julia: Well, Jack, you'll see Greenlee again soon. Just have faith, she'll be ok.

Jack: I believe that. I have to.

Erica: Tad, I can understand your not wanting to say anything in front of Aidan. But he's gone now.

Tad: That's not going to change my answer, sweetheart.

Kendall: This is a map of all of the places where Greenlee was last seen.

Tad: Kendall, please -- Aidan told you he doesn't want you looking at that.

Kendall: No, Tad -- Tad, this is where Zach's car was last found.

Erica: Oh, let me see.

Kendall: That means that you think that there's a connection between the two of them. You think that Greenlee was somehow involved in Zach's disappearance.

Greenlee: You know, if anyone has the right to be afraid, it's me because of what you and Kendall did to me.

Zach: We did what we had to do to keep our family safe.

Greenlee: Safe from what? You were fighting an enemy that doesn't exist. Just because I want to be a part of Kendall's life, it doesn't make me a threat. I mean, I -- I was starting to move on, I was forgetting about the past, and I finally found someone who convinced me that there's more to life than Ryan and Kendall! God knows why, but Aidan loves me, flaws and all, and he made me forget about my old dreams. I don't want anything anymore from you or your family.

Zach: Wow -- that's a nice story. Real nice, and I am moved by it. And if any of it's true, it's just a horrible twist of fate. But it doesn't erase what you did when you came back here.

Greenlee: Good -- this again? When am I ever going to live that down?

Zach: "Live it down"? What do you think you did -- you put a dent in someone's car? No. You tried to destroy Ryan's life, and when that didn't work, you went after Kendall -- again and again. When that didn't work, you took some little boy's hearing away. And then you forced another little boy into this world before he could even breathe.

Greenlee: And I live with that every single day.

Zach: And so do I. And so does Kendall, and so does Ian, and so does Spike. Who the hell do you think you are pointing a finger at anybody? Who do you think's going to forgive you -- ever?

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals sing: Yesterday he said my eyes were fading fast away I said, "Well, what do you expect? You asked me not to stay" and if it all weren't for the best I wouldn't feel this way he said apologies

[Greenlee groans]

Zach: You ok?

Singer: Apologies

Greenlee: Yep.

Singer: Apologies

Kendall: This map is proof that you are investigating Zach's disappearance, too. You think that -- that he and Greenlee somehow have crossed paths.

Erica: And what could that mean, Tad?

Tad: Ok. There might be a connection between Zach's disappearance and Greenlee's, but I'm sorry. That map means nothing, because I don't have any proof.

Kendall: See, I -- at first, I thought that Greenlee was the one who hit Zach, but now it -- it seems that J.R. was the one who hit him.

Erica: What connection are you looking into?

Tad: Please, Erica, I just can't get into it.

Kendall: Please, Tad, this is my husband that we're talking about -- you have to tell me what you know.

Tad: It would be pointless. There's -- look, all I've got is a couple of theories, it means nothing. I swear to you, ok? I swear to you, the second I have anything that holds water, I will contact you.

Erica: Look, won't you at least tell us what your thoughts are?

Tad: Don't you think she's freaked out enough? You really want me to throw in a bunch of meaningless theories into the mix?

Kendall: I can handle it.

Erica: No, I -- maybe Tad's right, sweetheart.

Tad: Your mother is one of my oldest and dearest friends. I mean it -- when I have something, I'll tell you about it.

Erica: I think he means it, honey.

Tad: We all have a stake in finding Zach -- and Greenlee. That's exactly what we're going to do -- we're going to find them.

Jack: Lily? Hey, Lily? I just talked to Sean, he's not going to be able to -- Lily? Lily, sweetheart -- sweetheart, what's wrong? Honey? Lily?

Annie: Is he doing scissors? Yeah. Good girl.

Annie: Good job.

[Corrina chuckles]

Annie: Good, you won that one. Yay.

Ryan: Careful, Annie. Don't drop the ball -- Richie isn't through with us yet.

Richie: Are we done here? I don't plan to drag my feet, doc. This disease has its own timetable I'm up against. All you need to know is that our plan will happen before it beats me -- cross my heart and hope to die.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Krystal (to Adam): You're not working a plan to get your son out of trouble?

Adam: I am not trying to get J.R. sprung.

Ava (to J.R.): You're innocent, and I'm here to prove it.

Aidan: Greenlee? No. No, no, no, no.

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