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Kendall: I said no comment, and I meant it. Oh. Oh. Greta. Sorry. I'm sorry. It's just the press -- they're calling me nonstop. They're driving me crazy. Yeah. No, I haven't forgotten about Spike's surgery. I have been stressed, but I haven't completely lost my mind. Yes, you know what? You can tell Dr. Norton that Spike and I will definitely -- we'll be there. Ok. Ok, now, you know what we need?  We need nature. Yeah, we need --

TV Reporter: Slater's blood was found on the scene on the seat of his car.

Kendall: Kangaroos and all sorts of

TV Reporter: While no one has reported finding Slater's body, police sources are saying the longer a person is missing, the less their chances of survival.

Tad: What is it, World War III?

Krystal: J.R.'s in one hell of a mess.

Lily: My dad was really sad all throughout Thanksgiving. He's really worried about Greenlee.

Erica: Yes, we all are.

Lily: I think he would have been less sad if you would have been there.

Erica: I wish I could have been.

Lily: Why weren't you?

Erica: Well, I -- I really had to be with -- with Kendall and the babies. Thanks. And actually, Lily -- um -- your dad and I are taking a little break from each other.

Lily: Again?

Erica: Well, he's very angry at me.

Lily: What did you do this time?

Erica: As you said, Lily, I think your father is very upset about Greenlee, and -- and I think maybe he's just taking that distress out on me and -- and us.

Lily: I wish I could help him feel better.

Erica: That's really why I called you down here today. Lily, I'm planning to do something very special for your dad, something that only you can help me with.

Aidan: So, Greenlee started here. She got this far, she dropped her cell phone, which is not too far from Sylvester's house.

Jack: Right, right, right. We've been over this.

Aidan: And we're going to have to go over it again. Greenlee must have spotted his place. The questions, Jack, did Sylvester spot her?

Jack: Well, he said no, and searching didn't turn up a damn thing.

Aidan: Yeah, but nothing on the inside. What about the surrounding property, which this guy is guarding at gunpoint?

Jack: So we get a court order.

Aidan: But we can't. We can't involve the police now.

Jack: That's right -- I keep forgetting my daughter's a dangerous fugitive who should be shot on sight.

Aidan: We're going to have to find another way in there.

Jack: What other way, Aidan? What other way? While we're standing around here pushing pins into a map, Greenlee's out there, and anything could be happening to her, anything at all.

[While Zach sleeps in the bomb shelter, Greenlee sits and thinks]

Greenlee's voice: What are we going to do about Greenlee? We set her up.

Zach's voice: We're not going to do anything. We already did what we had to do. If I had to, I'd do it again. Greenlee got exactly what she deserved.

Greenlee: Hey, Zach. Hey, Zach, wake up.

[Zach groans as Greenlee slaps him]

Greenlee: Zach, darling?

Zach: Mm-hmm?

Greenlee: Don't sleep.

Zach: Hmm?

Greenlee: It's me, Kendall, your wife, right here beside you.

Zach: Hmm.

Zach: Kendall?

Kendall: Talk to me, sweetheart.

Zach: Please don't leave me.

Greenlee: I'm not going to leave you. I'd never leave you. Nothing will ever come between us. No one will ever come between us, not even Greenlee. Did you know she saved your life? She literally saved your life. So how come you're not grateful?

Aidan: I want to go out there, Jack, and I want to burn Sylvester's house down and go over every inch of that guy's land. But it would be a total waste of time.

Jack: What, this -- this isn't?

Aidan: Look, this is connecting the dots, all right? Putting whatever clues that we have together so we know where --

Jack: All right, all right.

Aidan: To start looking.

Jack: You're right. I'm sorry. I'm just --

Aidan: Greenlee's dad.

Jack: Yeah.

Aidan: I know, and you're worried about her, Jack. I get it, all right? We're going to find Greenlee, I promise you.

Jack: Are we going to find her in time, Aidan? Huh? I mean, what -- why hasn't she tried to contact us, huh?

Aidan: I wish I knew.

Jack: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Montgomery.

Lily: Dad, hi, it's Lily.

Jack: Sweetheart, you all right?

Lily: Yeah, I'm fine. I was looking for the family photo albums. I noticed this morning that someone had moved them.

Jack: Yeah, I -- they're -- they're on my bedside table.

Lily: Oh, you were looking at pictures of Greenlee. That makes sense.

Jack: What do you want them for, sweetheart?

Lily: I don't. Erica does, for her show. Thanks, Dad.

Jack: Lily? Lily?

Lily: I know where the pictures are. I'll bring them to you.

Erica: Oh, Lily, thank you. Thank you so much. And hurry, ok? Because it's really important.

Lily: Ok.

Erica: Ok.

Babe: I'm here to see J.R. Chandler.

Officer: Take a number.

Babe: Surprise seeing you here, Ava.

Amanda: No surprise seeing you.

Babe: J.R. is my son's father.

Ava: What, do we need a membership card to get in or something?

Amanda: No. But why not have buttons made? "Fabulous women foolishly connected to a terminal slime."

Ava: Well, I don't think that would fit on a button, though, would it?

Amanda: Hmm, you're so young.

Ava: Bite me.

Babe: Ok, do you mind?

Officer: There's still time to disconnect, ladies. Seems like the prisoner already has a visitor.

Tad: I used my stepfather card to get in to see you.

J.R.: First one in line to ream me out? You win the prize. Let it rip.

Tad: The booze -- I can understand the kind of fight that'll be for you, and, hell, it might take you down every once in a while. But the drunk driving? I was kind of hoping you'd be past that.

J.R.: Hope? It is lost on me.

Tad: The taking responsibility? Stepping up and saying "I could be guilty, and I don't deny it"? That's something else. That made me proud.

Kendall: My sweet boys. You're calm now, because you know in your hearts your daddy is coming home. He always comes home.

Zach: Ah, Kendall --

Greenlee: I'm right here.

Zach: Don't go.

Kendall: Of course not. I'd never leave you. We're talking about Greenlee, and the terrible things that we did to her.

Zach: Greenlee --

Greenlee: Doesn't it haunt you, all the lies we told about her?

[Zach sighs]

Zach: I want to make you happy, that's what I want to do.

Greenlee: I mean, we hurt her for no good reason. Shouldn't we just do what's right and tell the truth?

Zach: Let's -- let's not talk about Greenlee anymore, ok?

Greenlee: She feels so sorry about what happened -- what happened that night. She lost her mind that night for 15, 20 minutes, but she was doing the right thing. She was turning around to bringing Spike back to you.

[Zach sighs]

Greenlee: She would never purposely hurt Spike.

Zach: I want you safe. You and our children.

Kendall: Greenlee is no threat.

Zach: No one touches our family, no one.

Greenlee: Just snap out of it, Zach. Snap out of it!

Zach: I will kill whoever tries.

J.R.: You're proud of me?

Tad: Yes, I am.

J.R.: You used to have standards, Tad.

Tad: They're still there. Top of the list -- owning what you do.

J.R.: No matter who dies?

Tad: We're not sure that Zach is dead or not. We're not even sure that you're the one who hit him.

J.R.: No, no, he just stole my car, he bled all over it, skipped town with his mistress and a bottle of tequila.

Tad: Do you remember anything?

J.R.: Yeah, you and Mom -- you and Mom every single day from the day that I could talk. "Tell the truth, J.R. Just tell the truth." It's scratched into my brain.

Tad: J.R., just tell me if you remember anything about that night.

J.R.: I remember The Comeback bar and the parking lot, and that's about it.

Tad: Ok. So there's a lot missing?

J.R.: Not really. Not if you look at my track record. I rammed Amanda over with my car. Would have left her on the road, too, if it wasn't for Babe. I tried to squash my wife under a construction site.

Tad: Well, why would you go after Zach?

J.R.: Because I was pissed! We had a deal, and he reneged.

Tad: Ok. Exactly. So why would you hit him, drag him into your car, and drop him someplace else?

J.R.: I don't know. I wasn't there, thanks to an exquisite bottle of Scotch. Say, why don't you ask the booze what I was thinking? What my plan was, if there even was one. And while you're at it, ask him where Zach Slater's body is, because he's obviously dead. Otherwise, he'd be back by now.

Greenlee: Zach -- Zach, please wake up. Don't leave me here alone.

[Zach groans]

Zach: Do you remember the lobster? Hmm?

Greenlee: The lobster -- yeah. How could I forget?

Zach: Beautiful starry night. Hmm.

Greenlee: I remember everything. I miss Greenlee. Zach, I miss my best friend. I was such a monster to her.

Zach: I adore you, always.

Greenlee: She suffered, Zach. She's suffering because of what she did to your son -- to our son. She's probably going to suffer for the rest of her life.

Kendall: Thank God kids can sleep through anything. Apocalypse, maternal meltdown.

TV reporter's voice: The longer a person is missing, the less their chances of survival.

Kendall: No!

[Turns on TV]

Erica: Your entire family lost in a terrible fire. My goodness, how did you even manage to go on?

Woman: Well, I realized that I hadn't lost everything, that there was something left, and that something was me. And the grief and the pain -- that was harsh and real -- never completely go away. But standing in front of a canvass, I was able to let it go for a while.

Erica: And now, Lauren Asher's paintings hang in Pine Valley's Museum of Fine Arts, not to mention, Manhattan's Museum of Modern Art. On a much lesser level, I actually can relate to your process, because at the darkest point of my life, I actually wrote my -- my third memoir -- "Erica Kane -- Beyond the Pain."

Kendall: And your diamond-studded ego saved the day again.

Erica: Not that my loss was nearly as horrendous as yours. I mean, there's no comparison between my grief and yours. But I will say that -- that writing -- writing saved me from an addiction to pain killers.

Kendall: Your husband didn't die, Mother! He didn't disappear!

Erica: Lauren's experience demonstrates that creativity can be an escape from despair.

Lauren: It certainly has been for me.

[Turns off TV]

Kendall: Fine. Fine! You know what? I'll weave potholders. That's what I'll do. I will weave potholders, and that will help me forget about the -- the man that I love, the family that I've lost. That's right. You know what I'll do? I'll get Spike to help me. That's right. Spike, we'll -- we'll do potholders together. And Ian -- when Ian gets old enough, he can help us, too. We'll have -- we'll have an entire potholder industry. That's right, and maybe if I'm truly creative, I'll forget that there ever was a Zach. Yeah!

Tad: Hey. Hey, darling, I knew you'd be here.

Babe: How is he?

Tad: Oh, not so good, I'm afraid. He's kind of resigned. He doesn't remember anything. What's worse, I'm afraid he's giving up.

Ava: Doesn't look so good for him, does it?

Tad: I'm not so sure. Why the hell would J.R. drive out in the middle of nowhere? Especially that time of night?

Amanda: Because he was stone dead drunk and didn't know where he was going or why? It's just a guess.

Tad: Well, you should be able to do better than that. I mean, you two are practically living together. You must have seen him at some point that night.

Amanda: I'm sorry. I can't help you. We broke up.

Ava: Why?

Amanda: What difference does it make?

Ava: Nothing, I -- I just -- I saw him after that.

Tad: And?

Ava: And he was a little out of it.

Tad: Well, something's wrong. There's definitely something missing.

Amanda: Good luck finding it.

Ava: So, which one of you lovely ladies gets to go first?

Amanda: Babe.

Babe: Why? I got here last.

Amanda: Seniority.

[Door opens]


[J.R. sighs]

J.R.: Whatever you're here to say, don't say.

Babe: How are you?

J.R.: Well, isn't that the question of the day?

Babe: Seriously, J.R.

J.R.: Been there, done that, right?

Babe: I didn't come here to talk about any of that.

J.R.: Why did you come here, Babe? Lord knows, I've done enough things for you to erase me out of your life.

Babe: I care about you, J.R. You're my son's father. I want to help if I can.

J.R.: You are a beauty. You know that? In all ways. You always deserved better than me.

Babe: No, don't talk like that.

J.R.: Just make sure our son gets it right. If you have to raise him alone, will you make sure he's a good boy? You promise me that?

Amanda: Too bad Babe wasn't with you this time to scrape up Zach the way she did me.

J.R.: Direct hit. Two points.

Amanda: Or whatever was left of Kendall's husband.

J.R.: Yeah. Make it four.

Amanda: It's really all a blank?

J.R.: Maybe five. It's called a blackout, Amanda.

[Amanda recalls meeting J.R. in front of The Comeback]

J.R.: You seem surprised.

Amanda: I guess I am, a little. The J.R. I know always fights back.

J.R.: "The J.R. you know." The J.R. you know has taken his last speeding curve right off the grid. Yeah. Enjoy this, sweetheart. Payback's a bitch. You having fun?

Amanda: Not quite yet.

[Door opens]

J.R.: Well, well, well. The gang's all here. Did you have an appointment?

Ava: No. But you look like hell, again.

J.R.: Thanks. What did I ever do to deserve that, other than feel you up a couple of times? Is this a sadistic thrill for you, or what?

Ava: "Or what?" God. You're an ass. I'm here because I don't think you did it.

Aidan: J.R.?

Tad: Yeah. I just saw him. He doesn't remember anything.

Aidan: Oh, dear.

Tad: How about you? Any progress?

Aidan: Well, let me show you. Greenlee's cell phone -- found it in the gully here. Sylvester's house is here, and that's where the trail ends.

Tad: Zach's car. Right?

Aidan: Two miles away.

Tad: Yeah, but it's close enough.

Aidan: Yeah, we've been over that ground already, though.

Tad: Yeah, I know, but maybe we didn't go over it well enough.

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: All right. All right, well -- ok, Zach's car, two miles away.

Tad: Right.

Aidan: It's the same night, but what else do we have?

Tad: Ok, so, Zach -- he's injured, he's unconscious, right? He's crawling around in the dark. Greenlee -- she's on the run. She's scared to death in a cold sweat. She doesn't know where she's headed. They both disappear.

Aidan: Well, how do you read it?

Tad: Whoever hit Zach carried him off somewhere.

Aidan: The blood in the car.

Tad: Right. Well, who knows? Maybe they -- the crawling Zach ran into the running Greenlee, or the running Greenlee tripped over Zach.

Aidan: Huh. That's a big coincidence.

Tad: Yeah, but it's possible.

Aidan: Yeah, all right. All right, so it's possible.

Tad: Ok, so if I'm correct, the trail for both of them ends right there. The trail for both of them ends right there.

Zach: Paradise -- our paradise -- I swear, I'll find it.

Greenlee: How are you going to find paradise with a guilty conscience?

Zach: Guilty of what? Why?

Kendall: Framing Greenlee. Destroying Greenlee.

Zach: Greenlee belongs where she is.

Erica: Lauren, I would actually love to cover your art exhibit. And so we will talk soon.

Lauren: Great.

Erica: Thank you. You were wonderful.

Lauren: Thank you.

Erica: Ok. Well -- hello there.

Jack: Hi. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need a moment.

Erica: More than a moment. After the show, we'll sit down.

Jack: Actually, this won't wait.

Lily: Dad, you came. Did Erica tell you about the surprise?

Jack: No, honey, she didn't.

Pam: Lily brought us a perfect selection. Beautiful candids of Greenlee.

Jack: I want those photos back.

Erica: Of course you do, after the show.

Jack: I want those photos back now.

Erica: Jack, I'm doing something really good. You'll see.

Jack: Erica, what you and I consider good is worlds apart.

Erica: Oh, Jack, please --

Jack: No, I me it, stop it. If this is another attempt by you to further scorch Greenlee's reputation, I guarantee you, I will see that you regret it.

Krystal: Come here.

Babe: Mama --

Krystal: Hey. I figured I'd find you here. How is he?

Babe: Well, he's -- he's sad and --

[Krystal sighs]

Babe: Confused. Afraid. What am I supposed to tell him, Mama? What am I supposed to tell Little A?

Kendall: This is much better, Amanda. Thank you so much. You and Babe have been holding down the fort since Greenlee and I have been away. I mean, you've been doing two and three times the amount of your normal work.

Amanda: It's no problem. And feel free to snap my head off anytime if it helps.

Kendall: Well, it doesn't. It makes me feel worse, actually.

Amanda: J.R. says he doesn't remember anything. That's what he says, and I actually believe him.

Kendall: Forgetting, huh. One of life's many escape routes. Like sleep. Something I'm not getting much, either, these days. I just can't -- I can't turn my mind off. I can't stop thinking about Zach. Where is he? Is he hurt? Is he -- is he in terrible pain? I mean, is somebody going -- going to find him at the right time? Will anybody ever find him?

Amanda: Don't go there, Kendall, ok? You cannot go there.

Kendall: Well, how am I -- I mean, how -- how can I stop? You know, my mom today -- I was watching her show, and she had this -- this artist on "New Beginnings," and the woman said that she lost her entire family, but she claims that painting helped her survive. Yeah. Day after day, painting after painting, she says that it kept her sane. Oh, God. Oh. I'm sorry, I -- I completely blanked on your mother. I knew -- I knew that Janet painted. I did. I'm sorry.

Amanda: It's fine. It's ok.

Kendall: No. You see? You see what happens, when -- when you're obsessing? I'm -- I'm so focused on -- on my own life.

Amanda: Not everyone at the asylum is as sick as my mother. Sometimes they get better and they go back to their lives. Sometimes with canvasses or sculptures or poems. Who knows if they're any good? But I don't think it's the finished product that matters. It's the doing that helps somehow.

Erica: Jack, you honestly think that I'm launching an attack on Greenlee?

Jack: Where would I get an idea like that, huh? Maybe from the commitment papers that you forged for Greenlee, or the way you reluctantly shredded her in front of your media hounds, or this -- using Lily to destroy what's left of her sister on national TV? Just give me the photos back, Erica.

Erica: Jack, you don't understand. You really don't.

Pam: The stills are mounted, and we're ready to roll. We're back in five.

Jack: Stop this. Stop this --

Erica: Jack --

Jack: Right now.

Erica: Jack, I'm doing this for you. I'm doing this for you and for Greenlee.

Jack: What, are you kidding me? Greenlee means less than nothing to you, but let me ask you something -- if I ever meant anything to you, if you really, really cared, I'm asking you to stop this. So what are you going to do, Erica?

Aidan: So frightened Greenlee and half-dead Zach -- they meet up in the middle of the night. Then what? I mean, Greenlee loathes the man.

Tad: Yeah, with just cause, but do you really think she's the kind of person that's going to leave a severely injured man to die in the dirt?

Aidan: Well, Greenlee's nice, so in this case, unfortunately not, so, ok, Greenlee and Zach connect. She drags Zach along with her and the jerk slows her down.

Tad: Right.

Aidan: Is that --

Tad: So where would she be headed?

Aidan: Well, Greenlee's aiming for Canada.

Tad: Not anymore.

Aidan: All right, so -- ok, so she's all turned around because maybe she's trying to help Zach. Right?

Tad: Yeah. And your friend -- well, your new friend, Mr. Sylvester's out there gunning for IRS agents, right? Well, I checked him out. I mean, he's a little eccentric, but he's not crazy. I mean, his record is clean except for the tax evasion.

Aidan: Tad, the tax man doesn't show up in the middle of the night dressed as a hit-and-run victim.

Tad: He doesn't know that. In Sylvester's imagination, the tax man could show up at any time dressed as anything.

Aidan: So, what -- so Sylvester liquidates both of them? Is that what you're trying to say?

Tad: No. No, no, not necessarily, but, I mean, he might have something to do with it. I -- you said yourself, he saw somebody lurking on his property, or thought he saw somebody lurking on his property.

Aidan: Yeah, well, I already found out it's not Greenlee, and it's not Zach.

Tad: Ok, so fine, it's somebody else. So now we've got Greenlee, we've got Zach, and we've got a Mr. X, and that's why they disappeared.

Aidan: Sylvester's land is the only common denominator. I have to go back there.

Tad: If you do, he's going to start shooting at you.

Aidan: Well, I will shoot back.

Tad: No, no, no. I got a better idea. It's insane, but, you know --

Aidan: What?

Tad: It doesn't involve bloodshed.

Aidan: What is it?

Tad: It's over the top. But it -- it could work.

Krystal: I don't know. I don't know what you tell your son. I mean, the truth, eventually.

Babe: Well, I wish I knew what that was.

Krystal: I'm worried about you. I am worried that that big old heart of yours is going to take on more than you can handle -- with J.R. and Richie --

Babe: Come on, Mama, you can't compare J.R. and Richie.

Krystal: Oh -- ok, I won't. But one of them is in jail, and one of them just came from there. And I know -- before you even say it, I'll say it myself. I'm a lousy role model for staying away from the bad boys, but, Babe, you'd be wise not to follow my lead. Ok? Come on, be smarter than your mama.

J.R.: Let me get this straight. You're a model, and a detective?

Ava: Ok, so there was blood in your car, right?

J.R.: I already went over these details with the cops. Thank you for your input, Ava. Now go do something strange.

Ava: Ok, blood in your car, but none on you.

J.R.: Look, I'm really not up for this blood chat right now, ok, Ava?

Ava: J.R., I saw you at The Comeback. You had no blood on your hands or your clothes. Look, if you would have hit Zach and drug him into your car, don't you think you would have been dirty? How'd you get so clean?

J.R.: I showered, and I changed.

Ava: No, J.R., I saw you -- before and after the accident. You were wearing the exact same clothes. Work with me here. You're innocent.

Erica: "New Beginnings" is usually about providing hope for our viewers. But today, I'm the one who needs some help. Two people very close to me are missing. The first is my son-in-law, Zach Slater. He's the devoted husband of my daughter Kendall and father to their two very precious little boys. We believe that he may have been hit by a car a few nights ago near the border of Pine Valley and Montpelier. So please, if you see him, contact "New Beginnings" immediately. He may be seriously hurt. The other person in my life who is missing is Greenlee Smythe, my former stepdaughter. She may be frightened and -- and she may be very reluctant to be approached, but please try to impress upon her that her father is worried sick about her. Please urge her to come home or to call "New Beginnings." Please contact "New Beginnings." Contact "New Beginnings." Please help me bring these two people home. Please call the number below. 

[215-555-0100 appears on the screen at the bottom of pics of Zach and Greenlee]

Kendall: "Creative therapy" -- do you -- do you really think that helps?

Amanda: I have a sketch book. I think it helps.

Kendall: Well, yeah. Actually, when -- when Greenlee and I -- we were putting together the whole spring look book, working on it, it did help me forget about other things.

Amanda: You two did a really beautiful job.

Kendall: Yeah. We did, didn't we?

[Zach groans]

Greenlee: Greenlee belongs where she is? It's not how I feel, Zach.

Zach: Leave it alone, Kendall.

Kendall: It doesn't have to end this way.

Zach: Nothing else to be done.

Greenlee: We could tell the truth.

Zach: Too late.

Greenlee: Why is it too late, Zach?

Zach: Because we did what we did. There's no turning back. Not like you wanted to in court. I can't believe you wanted to confess.

Tad: Oh.

Aidan: You know this is mad, right?

Tad: Yeah. That's why we bothered with the bulletproof vests. Remember?

Aidan: Yeah.

[Tad knocks on door]

Tad: Is he in?

Sylvester: Back again, huh? With company.

Tad: Company with money. A lot of money. I would like to offer you cash for this house and all the outlying property.

Sylvester: House isn't for sale.

Tad: You don't know how much yet.

Sylvester: Go away!

Aidan: Oh, we'll go, but there are two missing people wandering around, so the next people you point your gun at might be a squad of FBI agents with bigger guns.

Tad: He's right about that. Before you know it, there's going to be police swarming all over this place, ok? Maybe the FBI, maybe even the IRS.

Aidan: North Dakota -- that's where you belong, Sylvester.

Tad: Yeah. From what I hear, they don't mess with people out there. Take a look at the envelope. Count the money. I'm sure you'll find there's at least twice what this place is worth.

Sylvester: This ain't no trick, is it?

Tad: No, it's -- it's not a trick. We're here, you're here, you got the gun. You want it, that money is yours. But you got to go now.

Aidan: I told you, mate. I told you he was crazy.

Tad: Well, he's crazy enough. If I'm lucky, I just acquired 47 acres of mud.

Aidan: I really appreciate it. I owe you big-time.

Tad: Don't thank me till we find them.

J.R.: Look, it sounds nice of you to try and help me. I don't know why. Everybody knows that I hate Zach Slater, and now I have his blood in my dented-up car, and that's all they need to convict me.

Ava: Right, so you're just going to lie down and take it?

J.R.: Why do you care?

Ava: I don't. I just -- I don't like being thought of as stupid. So I better prove I'm right. This is one bad thing you didn't do.

Erica: With your help, my loyal audience, I know that we can bring Zach Slater and Greenlee Smythe safely home.

[Cheers and applause]

[Theme music plays]

Pam: That's a rap. Beautiful. Excellent.

Erica: So? Do you understand now, Jack? You misjudged me.

Jack: I thought you were going to slander Greenlee. Instead, you've made matters worse -- you've made her a bigger target.

Kendall: What do I need?

Greenlee: I was going to admit to framing Greenlee?

[Zach groans]

Zach: Come on, Kendall, you remember standing up in court.

Greenlee: Well, why didn't I? Why didn't I tell the truth?

Zach: Greenlee?

Greenlee: Yes, Zach, it's me.

Zach: But I --

Greenlee: No, no "buts." Why? Why didn't Kendall tell the truth? Why didn't she confess and clear my name?

Zach: Because I wouldn't let her.

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