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Annie: Ryan, are you guys ok?

Ryan: Yeah, we're fine.

Annie: So what happened? Did you find Tommy?

Ryan: We found Tommy's place.

Annie: But he isn't there. What about Richie?

Ryan: No sign of Richie, either.

Annie: Do you think he has Tommy?

Ryan: Maybe. Or Brennan took off on his own. Either way, I'm sure your brother had something to do with it.

Annie: I'm sorry. Are you coming home now?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm on my way. Ugh!

Jonathan: Ok, hold on. What do you think his next move is?

Ryan: I don't know, but whatever it is, it's not good.

[Knock on door]

Annie: What do you want?

Richie: I came to end things. It's about time, don't you think, sis?

Greenlee: See that house over there? I'm going to drop you off on the doorstep. I'm going to ring the bell, and I'm taking off. I'd -- hey, I'd stick around. I don't really feel like going back to jail, thanks to you and your wife. Let's go.

[Greenlee gasps as she and Zach disappear from sight in the woods]

Kendall: Come on, Zach. Come on, where are you?

Erica: I'm sure he's fine, honey.

Kendall: No, Mom, he's not fine. If -- if everything were fine, he would be here, ok, and he's not. Now, something is wrong, I can feel it.


Kendall: Zach -- Zach, can you hear me?

Erica: I keep forgetting there's no reception here.

Kendall: Mom, we have to do something.

Erica: All right. Ok, this is what we'll do. We'll get in the car, we'll drive back the way we came until we get to a place where I do have reception, and then we'll call 911.

Kendall: No, no, no, I can't leave here, I can't. What if he comes back?

Erica: What if he doesn't?

Kendall: What if he's hurt?

[Siren stops]

Kendall: What if he's out there and something bad happened to him and -- and he's hurt?

Erica: Kendall, Zach is strong. Honey, you know that, you know that better than anyone. Oh, thank God!

Officer: Ladies, is everything ok here?

Kendall: No, no, we're not ok. My husband is missing, and I think he's been hurt.

[Music plays at The Comeback as Ava plays pool]

Singer: So little time

J.R.: I'm sorry, man.

Singer: So little space

J.R.: I'm sorry.

Singer: To leave you in to leave you

J.R.: What?

Ava: What? I didn't say anything.

J.R.: You keep staring at me like I need to be saved or something. I'm fine.

Ava: You don't look fine, J.R.

J.R.: Oh.

Ava: You look like hell.

J.R.: This coming from the queen of the Mohawk hairdo? Tell me, how is the hair growing back, by the way?

Ava: Yeah, just go ahead and do it. Just get all mean and nasty like you guys always do.

J.R.: What? "You guys"?

Ava: So how long have you been on your own little personal booze cruise, J.R.?

J.R.: Ok, you know what? You can just step right off your joke pedestal. You telling me you've never made a mistake -- or 20 -- and that booze wasn't involved with them?

Ava: Well, that's different, and you know it.

J.R.: How is it different?

Ava: Because I'm not an alcoholic, J.R. I'm not a drunk. Drunks are different. Yeah, it might start off all sloppy and fun and carefree. But then it changes fast, and it gets scary. And it's not like everybody else when you can be all over the place, it's like you get super-focused on something. It's never anything good.

Singer: 'Cause there will

Singers: Always be a rule

Ava: Bottom line, J.R., you smell bad, ok? And booze-bags are disgusting. End of story.

J.R.: Actually, it sounds like just the beginning of one to me.

Singer: Two in the room

Erica: You've got to get a search team out here immediately.

Kendall: This car belongs to my husband, Zach Slater. There's obviously tons of damage, and -- and there's blood.

Officer: And your husband?

Kendall: I told you, he's nowhere to be found -- that is what "missing" means, isn't it?

Erica: And -- and here, there is a tire iron, so I'm going to guess that Zach was outside the car changing a flat tire when --

Kendall: When someone hit him, ok? Someone hit my husband, and now he's out God knows where, bleeding to death!

Derek: So you two really did think you were special, above the law?

Jack: Derek, listen to me.

Derek: No, no, no, no, I don't give a damn if Greenlee is your daughter, your girlfriend. She was in custody.

Aidan: Right, for something that she didn't do.

Derek: That's not for you to decide.

Aidan: Oh, and who are we going to leave it up to, then?

Derek: Oh --

Aidan: Kendall?

Derek: You know, him I get. But you? Jack, the former D.A., you should know better.

Jack: And when your daughter's in trouble, who are you first, huh? Are you the chief of police? No, you're a father, just like I am. Now, my daughter's being railroaded, and I'm not going to stand by and watch that.

Derek: I know that it's rough on you, Jack, I understand, but my hands are tied, all right? You know what kind of heat is coming on me. Now, I got to find her, and I'm not going to let either one of you get in my way.

[Officer whispers]

Derek: That's not far from here.

Jack: What's not far from here?

Aidan: Did you find Greenlee?

Derek: Something's come up. We need to make a detour on the way back to the station. Let's go.

Ryan: Annie and I just can't keep going like this -- waiting, wondering what Richie's going to do next. I have to -- I have to figure out how his mind works, for real this time. I got to figure out why he's doing what he's doing, why he's here, what he's up to. And how am I supposed to -- how am I supposed to know what somebody like that is thinking?

Jonathan: He's thinking in tunnel vision right now, Ryan. He's walking one path. He has one goal. It's overwhelming in a way that you can't even imagine. Because this goal of his, this purpose -- it's all that matters to him. It's all that counts.

Ryan: Jonathan, don't -- don't do this.

Jonathan: Ryan, do you want to know what Richie's thinking? Do you want to know all the sick places he's going to in his head? Then ask me, because I've been to every one of them.

Richie: Don't look so worried, sis, I come in peace.

Annie: Richie, just go away.

Richie: Five minutes. Just let me have five minutes, ok? I'm dying, sis, quite literally. Don't you think that could change someone? Please, will you let me come in?

Annie: So, you said you came to end things. What "things," exactly?

Richie: Well, this -- you and me, this family feud, whatever you want to call it.

Annie: After seven-plus years of plotting your revenge against me, you're just going to drop it?

Richie: Yeah, yeah, because --

Annie: Because why? Because you're dying? I don't buy it.

Richie: It's true.

Annie: You were dying when you tried to kill all of us on that plane. If that was an olive branch, I don't want any more.

Richie: I was reacting to a stressful situation which you and Ryan put me in. I've told you all of this before.

Annie: Right, right. What about all that stuff about you being so dangerous, because you have nothing left to live for?

Richie: Maybe I do now. Look, I am trying to call a ceasefire here, ok? I don't know how much time I have left, but I know this -- I want to live in peace, maybe with a friend.

Annie: You talking about Babe?

Richie: Yeah, I so hope so. She's willing to give me another chance, which is -- which is pretty amazing, considering I know what you two have probably told her about me. So what do you think?

Annie: I think that is the biggest load of bull you've fed me yet.

Richie: Why can't you let me have this?

Annie: Have what, Richie -- peace? I haven't had a second of peace since you came to Pine Valley, but you know what? That's ok. I've learned how to handle that. I've learned to know what to expect from you, but Babe?

Richie: What about Babe?

Annie: Babe thinks you're actually a decent human being. But you're going to hurt her, Richie, like you always do.

Richie: Always? Not always, sis. You just like to dwell on the bad stuff.

Annie: Not so easy to forget. If you really want me to believe you, just leave Babe alone.

Richie: Come on. I like her, she likes me, we have fun together.

Annie: What kind of fun? Like "let's go to the movies" fun, or "I'm going to mess with your head and make you crazy" fun or worse?

Richie: You don't really know me at all, do you?

Annie: Oh, please, I know you better than anybody, Richie. And I also know your idea of fun always includes some kind of conquest. That's what Babe is, right -- just one last selfish notch on your belt before you go?

Richie: Why is it so hard for you to believe I actually care for her?

Ryan: Don't compare yourself to him, ever. Annie's brother is the way that he is. He's been that way since he was a little kid, sick and -- and twisted and sadistic, all right? You were physically ill. You had a tumor -- that's why you did the things that you did. He's got no excuse!

Jonathan: It doesn't matter what the reasons were, Ryan. It does not matter. It doesn't change the fact that I know the mindset. I know what's going on inside of Richie's head right now, and I can help you.

Ryan: I don't want you to go back there.

Jonathan: You know that we never talked about what it was like for me -- after I killed Braden and Edmund?

Ryan: Stop, please, stop.

Jonathan: It's ok, Ryan. I never told you what was driving me the whole time when I was abusing Maggie, when -- when I took a shot at you, when I tried to take down Kendall and Greenlee -- and Lily.

Ryan: That is not who you really are, Jonathan.

Jonathan: The surgery saved my life, Ryan. It took the anger away, but it doesn't erase the memories. Ok, if I allow myself, I can remember every feeling, I can remember every bit in that dark place.

Ryan: You don't have to do this, Jonathan, you don't.

Jonathan: Yes, I do have to do this, Ryan, and I have to do it right now for you.

Erica: Derek -- oh, thank heavens you're here!

Derek: What happened?

Kendall: It's -- it's Zach. We found his car, but -- but he's not in it, and we can't find him.

Erica: And -- and there's some blood on the ground.

Kendall: I -- I don't know what happened.

Erica: Derek, you have to bring in every available officer to start searching the area --

Jack: Come on, Derek, can we lose the cuffs? We're not going anywhere.

Derek: You make one move, your butt lands in a cell.

Aidan: I'm not going anywhere.

Erica: Derek, what's going on? Why are they here?

Derek: Jack and Aidan are being held for obstruction of justice and harboring a fugitive.

Kendall: Greenlee. Where is she?

Derek: Still missing. We found Mr. Devane all alone in a house out here with two motorcycles stashed nearby.

Kendall: Wait, you're saying that Greenlee is -- she's been out here tonight?

Jack: There's no proof she's been anywhere near this site.

Kendall: Jack, does she have a car?

Jack: I'm pretty sure she's on foot.

Kendall: So then you don't know? You're not -- you're not sure? Look at this. Look at this, this is blood! If Greenlee saw -- if she saw Zach, she could've gone after him, and she could've hit him!

Derek: Get all available units out here for a search and get a Forensics tech, too. The first thing we need to do is test the blood and find out if it's Zach's. Do you know his blood type?

Kendall: Uh -- O-positive.

Derek: Ok, good.

Kendall: I don't believe this. I don't believe this. She's out -- she's been out here, Mom, she's out here.

Erica: We -- we don't know that yet.

Kendall: No, Mom, listen to me. When I set Greenlee up, I did it by telling her that -- that Zach had been in a car accident. Ok, so she -- so she made my lie come true. She's on the run because of us. So she saw her chance for payback, and she took it.

[Helicopter flies]

Aidan: What if Greenlee was out here, all right, and she bumped into Zach, and he just -- just decided to end it for good this time?

Jack: Aidan, Aidan, Aidan, don't do this, please.

Aidan: Look, Kendall is over there, right, worried about her husband. Meanwhile, that puddle of blood could very well be Greenlee's.

Jack: Stop it right now.

Aidan: I'm -- I'm worried --

Jack: Yeah, I know you're worried. I'm worried, too, all right? Look, let's just not go jumping to any conclusions till we find out whose blood that is.

Aidan: I've got a bad feeling about this, all right? It's just too much of a coincidence. What was Zach doing out here in the middle of nowhere?

Jack: I don't know, I don't know. I'd like to know that myself.

Aidan: You're going to have to convince Derek, all right, to let us go, ok? I can't waste time going in for questioning. I need to be out there, Jack, I need to find Greenlee, I need to find her now.

Kendall: Greenlee hates me, Derek. What better way to get to me than to hurt my husband?

Derek: You're reaching, Kendall. We've got a fugitive on the run and a man fixing a flat. There is no evidence to suggest the two crossed paths.

Kendall: Well, there's no evidence to suggest they didn't.

Erica: What do you think, Aidan? You and Greenlee have grown very close recently. Do you think that she's involved in what happened here? You do, don't you?

Aidan: Until we know whose blood that is, we don't know who's hurt or who's to blame.

[Music plays at The Comeback]

J.R.: So, tell me more.

Ava: About what?

J.R.: About me being an alcoholic. It seems like you're an expert on it, like you've had some experience with some.

Ava: Oh, just drop it, ok?

J.R.: I can't.

Ava: Why?

J.R.: Because maybe if I hear your story, it might help me.

Ava: Yeah, ok.

J.R.: I'm serious. I've obviously hit a low. I'll take the help wherever I can get it. These guys, these drunks -- who where they?

Ava: Well, you know I was scamming before I got into town to get money, right? Stealing guys' wallets to get cash?

J.R.: Yeah. I heard something about that.

Ava: Yeah, well, let me tell you, it's a lot easier when they're wasted. I mean, at first, they're all sloppy and fun or whatever and into it. And then something snaps, and by that time you're already somewhere secluded where you can't get out, and they already think they're going to get some, so --

J.R.: So what happened when they snapped?

Ava: Well, they're all different. Some of them pushed, some of them hit, some of them punched, some of them just screamed at the top of their lungs, but -- but they all lied. "It's not me, it's just the booze. It's -- it's not how I usually am, I'm a nice guy." Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

J.R.: Why did you put yourself in that position?

Ava: I didn't have a choice -- a girl's got to eat. So, J.R., did my sob story help you any? Do you want to get on the right track now?

J.R.: I thought I had it kicked. I thought I'd never go back. That's the problem with booze -- as soon as you get cocky with it, it reminds you who's the boss.

Ava: But you don't have to let it do that.

J.R.: It's not that easy.

Singer: I just stopped feeling

J.R.: You want to hear the worst part?

Ava: Oh, it can get worse?

J.R.: I feel like hell, I look like hell -- I don't even know what time it is -- and all I keep thinking about is having another drink.

Jonathan: The tunnel vision that I was telling you about -- it really is a tunnel. There's only one way to go. There's no way out. All you can do is move forward toward your goal. And it's -- it's not about having a decision. You don't get to choose a path, you don't have options you have this one purpose. You have this one reason for being. And if you don't get there, you will die trying.

Ryan: Even though you know it's wrong?

Jonathan: But you don't. That's what it is -- you're not aware that it's wrong. All I knew was once I reached my goal, that I would be able to breathe again.

Ryan: Your goal? And what was your goal -- revenge?

Jonathan: Yes, it was -- on you, for leaving me to deal with Dad. In my mind, every fist on my face, every belt buckle against my back, every sandwich that he claimed was poisoned -- that all came from you. And I believed in that reality with everything inside of me, and that is what made me so dangerous, because I -- I wasn't wrong, you all were. Kendall and Greenlee -- getting in my way. They kept me from doing the right thing, which in my mind -- in my mind, was taking you out -- even if that meant I was going with you. You ok?

Ryan: I am if you are.

Jonathan: I don't know how Richie intends to end things, Ryan, but I do know that first Annie, and now you, in his mind have been the ones to get in his way. And not for nothing, Richie's dying. I guarantee he plans on taking you both with him.

Annie: You really are insane.

Richie: Lucky for me, Babe doesn't see me that way. No point in convincing you.

Annie: Leave her alone. She doesn't deserve you.

Richie: Me? Doesn't deserve a guy who's into her, who can maybe learn to, you know --

Annie: What? What, love her? Oh, I wish that were possible. But you don't know how to love, Richie. You never did. It was the one thing Mom wanted from you, it was the one thing that could've saved her. But you couldn't give it. And instead, you broke her heart.

[Helicopter flies]

Aidan: What is Zach doing out here anyway, Kendall?

Kendall: He was looking for a house for us to buy, something that he saw online.

Aidan: Oh, yeah, Zach doesn't exactly strike me as a country bumpkin.

Kendall: Lily was the one who told me about it. When's the last time you remember Lily telling a lie, Aidan?

Derek: No sign of Zach at any of the hospitals within a 100-mile radius.

Kendall: Ok, well, how do they know? Maybe he doesn't have his wallet with him.

Derek: No John Doe's match his description, either.

Kendall: Well, then he's still out there.

Erica: Derek, look, there must be something more you can do -- bring in more officers, get the state police involved. Do you want me to get the governor on the phone?

Derek: Leave the investigation up to me. We've got this under control.

Jack: Let me ask you something, Kendall. Were you going to do the right thing when you stood up in that courtroom? You just sat there, and you watched Greenlee put a knife in her heart every time she told one of the lies that constituted her confession, lies you created. Ok. Why'd you have to go after her?

Kendall: Why did you have to defend Greenlee the first time she took my baby? None of this would be happening right now. This -- this would all be over, but it's not, and now here we are.

Jack: You know, you can go back and forth and play the "who hurt who" game from now until the end of time, but the fact is we all -- all of us -- make mistakes, Kendall.

Kendall: Yes, and some of them bigger than others, but none of them bigger than this. Jack, it's over. Greenlee finally won. She did the one thing that she knew I wouldn't recover from -- she killed my husband.

Jack: All right, Kendall, I know how upset you are, so I'm going to let that last comment go.

Kendall: Yes, and I also know how upset Greenlee is -- enough to run down Zach.

Jack: You know what? We have no idea what the hell happened here tonight, but we do know one thing, don't we? We don't need any more false accusations.

[Helicopter flies]

Jack: My daughter has a very rare blood type, it's AB-negative. Did they tell you that?

Officer: They did, sir. We're all through here.

Jack: No, I don't want to hear that you think Greenlee's responsible, so just don't.

Erica: Jack, we don't even know that she was here.

Jack: Oh, come on, Kendall -- she's very certain.

Erica: Because she's terrified -- we all are. Jack, I hope that blood doesn't belong to Zach or Greenlee. I don't want anyone to be hurt here. I hope you know that.

Officer: I have the results. This blood's O-positive.

Jack: Oh, thank God.

Kendall: Right. Right, because this is good news for you, isn't it, Jack?

Jack: All right, all right, Kendall, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way, and you know that.

Kendall: My husband's -- my husband's blood is all over the road here, but we could all breathe a huge sigh of relief because Greenlee is fine.

Erica: Now, honey, I am sure that Jack wasn't thinking that.

Derek: O-positive is a common blood type.

Kendall: Yes, O-positive is also Zach's blood type, and this is Zach's car! Why don't you go celebrate, Jack, go celebrate.

Jack: Nobody wanted this to happen, Kendall.

Kendall: Yes, but it did. It did, and I think your daughter is responsible for this.

Aidan: Hey, listen, you can't blame Greenlee for everything that happens.

Kendall: No, no, only the bad things.

Aidan: We don't even know if Greenlee was here.

Kendall: Yes, but you know what? We know that she's on the run somewhere, and she's scared. And let's face it -- it's not like she's never hurt anyone before.

Jack: All right, just stop it, Kendall, just stop it right there. You know what? You want to start hurling blame at people, why don't you go take a long look in the mirror first?

[Music plays]

J.R.: I haven't really fought the big fight with the bottle in a while. But it knows. The moment you think you got a handle on it, it just comes right back to bite you. And every excuse is an excuse to drink. Crappy days are no longer just crappy days, they're an excuse to get loaded. Like when my network went down in flames because my star backed out -- again, an excuse to get loaded. And when life is a little rough on you, all I could think about was having another Scotch. I can taste it, smell it, like I've never wanted anything so bad in my life.

Ava: Wow, J.R. Sounds like you're talking about a woman or something.

J.R.: Well, it's a lot like that. The lust, knowing that you want something so bad, but you can't have it -- like you.

Ava: "Like me"? What?

J.R.: Yeah, I was lusting after you like I would alcohol. And I -- I wanted you bad, Ava.

Singer: Me, I'm looking for love

J.R.: But then I felt guilty after we did.

Ava: We didn't do --

J.R.: No, but -- but we came close, and it made me feel like I was cheating.

Ava: Yeah. It's like -- it makes you feel awful. Makes you feel stupid and, like, "Why am I risking the best thing that's ever happened to me?"

J.R.: Yeah, it's -- that's how I feel when I take a drink -- like I've just cheated on the only thing that takes care of me, my sobriety. Oh, God, J.R., shut up already. It's not like I'm in a confession or something.

Ava: Hey, J.R.? If you can't talk to the face of Fusion, who can you talk to?

Jonathan: After everything I did to you, you saved my life.

Ryan: Yeah, because I love you -- and so did Erin.

Jonathan: God, I miss her.

Ryan: So do I, every single day.

Jonathan: I owe you everything, Ryan.

Ryan: See, that's not how it works with us. All right? Just having you back is all the thanks that I need.

Jonathan: That's not enough for me. I will keep Richie away from you guys. You just say the word.

Ryan: Thanks, Hockett.

Annie: Don't do to Babe what you did to Mom.

Richie: What I did?

Annie: I mean, they're both so similar -- beautiful women with these big, open hearts. You destroyed Mom, Richie, and now you're going to destroy Babe, too.

Richie: I will never hurt Babe. Babe is the only person who's been decent to me in this entire town, the only person who's given me a chance. I feel like she knows me -- at least, the person I want to be. I used to roll my eyes when I'd hear people talk about someone that makes them feel alive, but it's not a joke. I haven't felt this alive in I don't know how long. Hey, better late than never, right?

Annie: Richie --

Richie: I care about her, Annie. I care about her a lot, and if I'm on my way out, I want her by my side when I go.

[Music plays]

Ava: Hey, remember when you said that Fusion still had its face, but it was looking for its ass?

J.R.: Yes. I'm sorry about that.

Ava: No, no. I know I was acting heinous towards you, but I was cracking up the whole way home because --

J.R.: Really?

Ava: Yep. It was hilarious.

J.R.: Thanks. If you give me a few minutes, I'm sure I can come up with some more. Oh, my God. I don't even know how I got here.

Ava: Are you serious?

J.R.: Yeah -- it's a total blackout.

Ava: Well, you only left here, like, a couple hours ago.

J.R.: Yeah, but I can get drunk in a real hurry when I want to.

Ava: Jeez, J.R., you're lucky you're ok.

J.R.: Hmm. Tell me about it. I guess I should go see if my car is out there.

Ava: Yeah. Good luck.

J.R.: Thanks -- you know, about everything.

Singer: And it hurts when you're alone look in

[Helicopter flies]

Erica: Now, you wait a minute, Jack. I know that emotions are running high, but don't you dare insinuate that Kendall's to blame. Have you forgotten that -- that it's Greenlee who started all this?

Jack: What, are you joking? As if you and Kendall would ever let us forget.

Aidan: Look, Greenlee made a mistake. You know what? She'd be the first to tell you that, if anyone would bother to listen to her.

Erica: Do you really expect me to feel sorry for the woman who kidnapped Spike?

Derek: All right, enough, all of you! Being at each other's throats is not going to help this investigation. So will you please knock it off?

Kendall: Talk to me, Zach. What happened to you?

Annie: I want to believe you, Richie. I'd give anything to look at you and see the brother I loved when I was little.

Richie: He's right here. Ask Babe -- that's who she sees.

Annie: But is it real? Or is it just what you want her to see?

Richie: It's real. I swear.

Annie: Don't do it again, Richie. Please. Don't hurt her.

Ryan: Hey, get away from her.

Jonathan: Hi. You waited.

Ava: For you? Of course.

Jonathan: Oh, sure.

Ava: What's wrong? You look a little beat.

Jonathan: Thanks. No -- hey, I'm better now. I'm sorry that I left you here alone.

Ava: I wasn't alone. I mean, it's a bar. But you were gone for a long time. Is there a problem, something happen?

Jonathan: It's a long story. Can I tell you on the way home? Come on.

J.R.: Is that blood?

Derek: I'm sick and tired of everyone in Pine Valley thinking the law doesn't apply to them. Throwing money around like it can buy justice, not to mention ignoring my authority and my officers. Between you all and the Chandlers, you think you can get away with murder.

[Kendall pockets the picture of J.R., Babe, and Little A that she found under Zach's car]

Greenlee: Get off me.

[Greenlee groans]

Greenlee: Get off me.

Zach: What happened? Where the hell are we?

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Colby (to Tad and Adam): I was hoping for a favor.

Tad: We've been set up.

Annie (to Ryan): You want Babe to be a spy?

Kendall (to J.R.): What did you do to my husband?

Greenlee (to Zach): This may sting a bit.

[Zach screams]

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