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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 11/7/07


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Jack: Psst. Officer, if you wouldn't mind, turn the mike off in there, please? Yeah?

Officer: Sure.

Jack: Thanks. Well, I haven't had a chance to see Greenlee today, but they say she's being quite cooperative.

Aidan: Jack, I need you to -- I need you to stall things for a while, all right? Just long enough so that I can prove that Greenlee didn't take Spike.

Jack: Even if I could, Aidan, she has so many charges against her, so much evidence --

Aidan: She was set up. And we both know who did it. All I'm asking for is a little bit of time, so that I can pin all of this back on Kendall.

Zach: Did you get any sleep?

Kendall: Uh -- I don't remember. Maybe a little.

Zach: You're still thinking about it?

Kendall: Yeah, I can't stop thinking about it. I mean, when I heard Greenlee say that she wanted Ryan's baby, I was sure that she was talking about Spike. I had no idea that she meant her own baby with Ryan. How would I know that?

Zach: Well, I thought I told you, but no.

Kendall: I still can't believe that you actually let Greenlee think that her embryos had survived.

Zach: Well, there was one reason for that -- I wanted to get her out of Fusion and out of our lives. I didn't anticipate this.

Kendall: What? Me losing my mind?

Zach: You're not losing your mind, you're protecting your kids.

Kendall: Zach, Greenlee is in jail. I put her there. I made it look like she kidnapped Spike, but she didn't want Spike. She didn't want to take him. All she wanted was to be my friend again.

Officer: Visitor for Greenlee Smythe.

Ryan: You just couldn't stay away from my son, could you?

Richie: After that blood drive in the friendly skies, I didn't expect to hear from you again. So what is it, Annie? You want to know what music I want at my funeral?

Annie: Richie, come here.

[Annie slaps her brother]

Annie: Oh! After what you put us through on that plane, if it's between you or us, you can't die soon enough for me.

Richie: So the truth finally comes out.

Annie: No, what truth, Richie? That you have absolutely no conscience? That there is a charred black hole where your heart should be?

Richie: No, that you want me dead.

Annie: I just -- I just want you gone. I just want you out of my life, away from my family.

Richie: I am your family.

Annie: You tried to kill me and Ryan yesterday.

Richie: No, you know damn well, the only reason I lost my cool in that plane is because I was pushed too far.

Annie: You didn't just loose your cool, Richie, you tried to drop us out of the sky! You tried to make my daughter an orphan.

Richie: Because her father pushed me into a corner.

Annie: Ryan dealt with you the only way anybody can -- by stooping to your level.

Richie: Yeah. Because I always lure people onto planes, handcuff them, and forcibly take their blood.

Annie: You're a compulsive liar, Richie. Ryan needed to find out if you're really sick or not.

Richie: Well, thanks to some good old-fashioned brute force and a makeshift blood lab, he got his answer. It's official. Your little brother's going to meet his maker. And from what I just heard, that's exactly what you want. So why are we even having this conversation?

Annie: Just because you have nothing left to lose --

Richie: Sis, the last thing I want to do is to see you die.

Annie: You want to spend however much time you have left on this earth making me suffer.

Richie: You really believe that?

Annie: I see through your crap, Richie. So you can save your sweet talk and your sob stories, because you can't get to me anymore. And you never will again.

Kendall: Of all the things you could have done --

Zach: Yeah, it was cruel. But Greenlee wouldn't have given up Fusion for anything less.

Kendall: Ok, I'm all for making Greenlee pay, but trading one baby for the other?

Zach: It was either that or she'd go on tormenting you.

Kendall: So when did you approach Greenlee with this "deal"?

Zach: I didn't approach her. Junior did.

Kendall: You've been working with J.R.?

Zach: No, Junior worked for me.

Kendall: Ugh, I don't care -- still, Zach --

Zach: And I don't want you thinking for one second that I've forgotten what he did to you. But in order for Greenlee to buy this deal, I had to have someone who she'd never think could be one of my allies. And for the record, Junior said he wanted to help to make it up to you.

Kendall: Oh. All right, don't even get me started on J.R., please. Do you realize what we put Greenlee through? I mean, when -- when she said that she wanted things to be the way that they were, the way they were supposed to be, she wasn't talking about making Spike hers.

Zach: No.

Kendall: No, and -- and then, when she said that she wanted us to have babies together and have a sibling for Spike, I thought that she was losing her mind. But she wasn't. She -- she didn't -- I mean, she didn't want Spike, and I really felt that Spike was at risk.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: I wanted to keep you safe and sane. See, I didn't want to lose my wife, I didn't want my boys to lose their mother. So something had to give. And that something was Greenlee.

Aidan: Kendall set up Greenlee. All right? That much we know.

Jack: Yeah, well, those two have a lot of history, both good and bad.

Aidan: Yeah, but this time, Kendall crossed the line. All right? And I'm willing to bet that Kendall didn't cover all of her tracks.

Jack: I wouldn't bet the farm on that. Kendall's a very smart woman. And unfortunately, this is not the first time that she's accused somebody of a crime that they didn't commit. Now, my guess is she's learned her lesson. She's going to cover her tracks. You're not going to find much on that trail, I'm telling you.

Aidan: Yeah, but she made countless number of phone calls to Greenlee over the past few weeks, right? She can't claim that all of them were business-related. Somehow, she came across this -- this chloroform, all right? So there's something that we can trace there. Plus, the fact that I found Kendall in Greenlee's penthouse snooping around uninvited.

Jack: Ok. But while you're tracking down all that evidence, Greenlee's in a jail cell.

Aidan: Ok, so? That's all -- we'll blow through the arraignment, we'll get Greenlee out on bail --

Jack: Wait, wait, wait, wait --

Aidan: Because I could actually use her help to piece all this together.

Jack: I'm a little confused here. First you want me to stall, now you want me to speed things up?

Aidan: One way or another, Jack, I want her free.

Jack: So do I. Our problem, Aidan, is that the DA has a different philosophy. He considers Greenlee a flight risk. Too much money, too much international travel. So he is going to ask that she be held without bail.

Aidan: You're Jackson Montgomery. Can't you argue the fact?

Jack: Of course, I'll argue the fact. But I'll be up against a notoriously unsympathetic judge.

Aidan: So what are you saying? You saying there's no point in fighting this, or what?

Jack: Of course, I'm going to fight, Aidan. The cold, hard fact, however, is that when this arraignment goes through, Greenlee is not going to get bail. And she's going to be sitting in that jail cell for some time.

Greenlee: I swear, Ryan, I didn't do this.

Ryan: I am so sick of your lies.

Greenlee: Kendall and Zach -- they set me up. I didn't do this, Ryan.

Ryan: I was there, Greenlee, when you set this whole thing in motion. I was there.

Greenlee: What are you talking about?

Ryan: It's actually amazing that I didn't pick up on it.

Greenlee: Pick up on what?

Ryan: It was stupid, really, because after everything that you've done, you'd think that I'd know what you're capable of.

Greenlee: Ryan, I don't know what you're talking about!

Ryan: When you were at the penthouse, and you asked me if I would consider you family if we shared a child. You don't remember that?

Greenlee: No, no, no, of course, I remember that. I also remember telling you I didn't mean Spike.

Ryan: Yeah. That's the way you played it.

Greenlee: I meant it.

Ryan: I forgave you. That's incredible. I -- I apologized to you. I -- I owned my part in this nightmare, because I actually thought that maybe -- just, you know, maybe you turned a corner.

Greenlee: I have.

Ryan: No, Greenlee, you haven't. You're obsessed. You're -- you're insane.

Greenlee: Yes, yes, yes, I agree with you there. That's the only thing I agree with since you've gotten here. I am insane. I mean, I must be for having believed Kendall and Zach's lies.

Ryan: Oh, here we go.

Greenlee: Ryan, they played me. I'm -- I'm actually quite surprised they haven't told you. But I guess they probably figured they didn't need to. No matter how vile their accusations, you'd still defend them and attack me.

Ryan: Well, don't keep me in suspense. How did they betray you, Greenlee? What is your story this time?

Greenlee: Why should I even bother? I mean, it's not like you're even going to believe me.

Ryan: No. You're right, Greenlee, I wouldn't. Why should I?

Greenlee: I know you, Ryan. And above all else, you're always fair.

Ryan: Then what now? You just decided to play me?

Greenlee: No. Just -- you know what? Forget it, ok? Because if you came for blood, you're way too late. I've already been tried, convicted, punished by the court of Slater. My sentence was death. Kendall carried it out herself.

Aidan: I want Greenlee home, where I can protect her. All right? As tough as she is, I don't think she's going to be able to withstand the treatment from the other inmates once they find out what she's in for.

Jack: Aidan, I'm going to do everything in my power to prevent that, believe me.

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: But you can't make any promises, right? Well, I've to step up my own investigation, aren't I? Can you at least let me get my hands on that computer, so I can find out how it was sabotaged and how they put this so-called "diary" that she was supposed to have made?

Jack: You and I need to get something clear, all right? I don't want to rush anything. I don't want anything to fall through the grates here, ok? Now, I want everything done by the book. I don't want one piece of evidence thrown out on a technicality.

Aidan: That wouldn't happen, Jack, all right? I've done this before. It's my job. I know what I'm doing.

Jack: Ok, all right. However, sometimes when you're emotionally involved, not so easy.

Aidan: And what about you, then? You're her lawyer, and you're her father.

Jack: Yeah. And believe me, I played that father card when I was talking to the DA, and I said, "Hey, you know what? Let's -- let's drop the charges. Let's give her community service. Let's give her some psychiatric care." He did not buy it. So then I played the colleague card, and then I played the friend card, I played my whole damn deck, until finally -- finally, he agreed to offer us a deal.

Aidan: And? What was it?

Jack: Three to six years.

Aidan: You're joking. What, you said no, I hope.

Jack: Of course, I said no. Huh. Look, Aidan, the truth of the matter is if Greenlee is tried and convicted, she's looking at ten years -- or more.

Greenlee: So, what, you've come here to tell me I'm a monster? That you hate the sight of me?

Ryan: I got a call from one of the arresting officers telling me what you've done.

Greenlee: What Kendall "said" I've done.

Ryan: And I had to come here first to make sure that you were behind bars, so I would feel like my son was safe.

Greenlee: He is safe, Ryan. He was safe when Kendall put him in my arms, he was safe when she left us alone.

Ryan: Kendall would never leave you alone with Spike, Greenlee, not after the first time she trusted you with him. My son is deaf because of you, and you planned on taking him again. I -- I don't even know how you sleep at night.

Greenlee: Why don't you ask that question to your good friend Kendall? Or is your memory too short? I mean, after all that she's done over the years to Bianca, to her mother, to you, to me?

Ryan: I know exactly who Kendall is, Greenlee. I also know who you are, and when it comes to integrity --

Greenlee: She played me, Ryan. She and Zach -- they both played me in the worst way possible. They let me believe I could go back and salvage the life I walked away from.

Ryan: I don't even know what that means.

Greenlee: They let me believe that Kendall and I could be friends again. They dangled all sorts of promises of love, friendship, family, knowing I would never be able to turn away. And just when I was about to reach out and grab it, they yanked it all back. And now, I'm as good as dead.

Annie: When you first got here, I would lay awake at night and wonder why. "Why did my brother have to come to Pine Valley?" And I could only come up with one answer -- other than the obvious, revenge. You came here to kill me.

Richie: It couldn't be because I love you? It couldn't be because I wanted to be close to you?

Annie: Close to me where, Richie? In a fiery grave when our jet went down? That plane was going down. I thought Emma was going to have to grow up without her mom and dad.

Richie: Yeah, but thanks to that hero of a husband, he really saved the day.

Annie: Yeah, he did, thank God.

Richie: So what next, Annie, huh? You going to look over your shoulder every minute of every day wondering when I'm going to get another chance? I mean, if it's true -- if I am here to kill you, what's to stop me -- say, from doing it right now?

Annie: Because I don't think that's why you're really here anymore. I think you came to Pine Valley to make me watch you die. I don't know -- maybe you wanted to fix it so that I would be the one to find you dead, like how I had to find Mom.

Richie: That would be poetic.

Annie: But, see, there's a difference between you and Mom, Richie. I don't give a damn what happens to you.

Richie: I spent the last seven years in hell, because of your lies. When I got out, Dad said that you hadn't changed, but I refused to believe him. So I came here to Pine Valley to reconnect with my sister. But it's clear I've been brought here for another reason entirely. You need help. Would you let me help you?

Annie: I don't need your help. I just need you gone.

Richie: Are you saying you want to hurry up the process? Kill me?

Greenlee: Kendall would meet me secretly. She would call me and say that she wanted to get past everything that happened with Spike, and the only way she could do that was to forgive me.

Ryan: Now I know you're full of it.

Greenlee: It was an ingenious plan, you know? She said she was working through her anger. And I would drop everything to be by her side. Some days, she was really nice. And other days, she was just awful. But I'd put up with it, because not only did I think I deserved it, but I just -- I thought on the other end, I would have my best friend again.

Ryan: I see. So, that was all part of the bigger plan?

Greenlee: Yes. She made me believe that one day, she was going to look at me and forget about the accident. That she wouldn't see the accident or what happened to Spike. The thought of erasing that and getting my sister back? Oh, my God -- that was too good to be true.

Ryan: You can't erase it, Greenlee. You never will.

Greenlee: Yeah. Boy, do I know that now.

Ryan: So this is going to be your defense? This is what you're going to tell the judge? Because it's kind of far out there, you know? Did you come up with it while you were writing love letters to Spike telling him you're going to be his mommy soon? Yes, I know about that.

Greenlee: You really think if I was going to kidnap Spike, that I am crazy enough to document it in a computer?

Ryan: Do you really want me to answer that?

Greenlee: Why do I need to take Spike when Zach promised me a baby of my own?

Ryan: Excuse me?

Greenlee: Yes, Ryan. You don't know the sickest part. Zach -- he sicced J.R. Chandler on me to convince me that my embryos are still out there. The ones we thought were destroyed in the blackout.

Ryan: What?

Greenlee: Zach made it look like he saved those embryos. That the baby I lost could be mine again. A miracle. Oh. Our baby, Ryan. Yours and mine.

Aidan: Ten years? Huh, I mean, that's -- that's ridiculous. She can't do ten years, Jack. Three to six years would break her.

Jack: I know. That's why I turned down the DA's offer. Look, I don't want my daughter to spend one minute in prison, Aidan.

Aidan: Right, which is why we can't waste any more time. I need to get the details on the evidence, so I can start clearing her name.

Jack: You have a hell of a job ahead of you. I mean, look at the evidence, ok? We've got the chloroform, plane tickets, you've got a birth certificate.

Aidan: Yeah, which was all planted by the one and only Kendall Slater. All right? She's been -- she's had this plan in motion for, like -- for weeks, months.

Jack: And I'm not so sure she acted alone, but you let me handle that lead, ok? As for Mary Smythe, she hasn't seen her daughter in two years. Why would she out of the blue sign commitment papers?

Aidan: Well, have you spoken to her to find out what's going on?

Jack: No, she's in Europe somewhere. Nobody can find her, but I will, believe me.

Aidan: You know what? I wouldn't be surprised if Kendall is behind that, too. What really -- what really hurts me, Jack, is -- is Greenlee spending another night in that cell when I know that she's innocent.

Jack: Yeah, but knowing -- knowing she's innocent is not enough, Aidan.

Aidan: Well, I'm just going to have to find some evidence on Kendall, then, aren't I? Enough evidence that proves that Greenlee is innocent.

Jack: But she's not, is she? When I walk into that courtroom, and I look that judge in the eye, and I tell her that Greenlee did not kidnap Spike, that's not exactly the truth, is it? She did kidnap Spike -- the night of the accident -- and she has never -- she's never paid for that.

Aidan: No, you're wrong, Jack. All right? She has paid for it. She's paid for it with every little inch of her soul. And she's lived with what happened to Spike every day. And she cries about it every night. There's not a day that goes by that she doesn't realize what suffering she's caused that little boy. She's lost all of her friends. Everywhere she goes -- I've seen it -- people shoot her dirty looks.

Jack: Yeah, I've seen it, too. That's why I'm so -- so glad she has you.

Aidan: She hasn't always had me, though. I mean, I was angry as much as anyone at her after the accident, which is why I took her back to the crash site -- to show her what she had done. As if somehow she'd forgotten. Jack, she broke down. She broke down badly. Last night, a different crime was committed. Last night was all Kendall.

Jack: You know, I've come to think of Kendall as my own, and the very idea that one of my daughters would do something like this to the other --

Aidan: Well, Kendall isn't your daughter, is she? And there's no way that I'm going to let Greenlee pay for her crimes.

Kendall: The more I think about what Greenlee has been through, the more it really bothers me.

Zach: Hey. We both offered her something that she desperately wanted. Neither one of us had any intention of giving it to her.

Kendall: Yes, I know that, but Zach, those embryos meant everything to her, and it nearly killed her.

Zach: This is not a competition as to who had the worst plan. I'm just -- I'm trying to tell you why I did what I did.

Kendall: God, she must have been looking for a surrogate.

Zach: Kendall --

Kendall: No, no, she -- she told me. She tried to tell me about this. She was so excited about the thought of finally having her own child. She just wanted someone to tell it to. It all makes sense now. I mean, can you imagine how she must have been feeling? All those hopes and dreams that she had for that child?

Zach: She wasn't planning on having a baby.

Kendall: You don't know that.

Zach: I do know that. She said no. Real or not, she didn't want those embryos.

Kendall: No, I will never believe that, Zach, never. She couldn't have said no.

Zach: Well, that's what I thought. But Junior went, and he made the offer, and she did say no. Said she didn't want to have Ryan's baby anymore and that she'd moved on.

Kendall: So -- so -- so Greenlee actually moved on, and I was the one stuck in the past.

Zach: Well, you weren't alone.

Kendall: I was the one who misunderstood Greenlee. How could I get this so wrong? She didn't want Spike. She had put everything behind her.

Zach: Look at me.

Kendall: No, no -- if I had just -- if I had just left her alone, we would -- we would have gotten our wish. She would have been out of our hair, and she would have been away from us, forever, finally. But no, I had to set her up, and now she's in jail because of that.

Zach: Stop it.

Kendall: Does she know? Zach, does she know what we did? Is she sitting behind those bars fully aware that I betrayed her and that you set her up?

Zach: Stop! Just stop, please.

Aidan: I'll let you know if I have any breakthroughs, all right?

Jack: Ok.

Aidan: But -- um -- is there any chance that you can pull some strings and let me get my hands on that confiscated computer?

Jack: Aidan, I'm going to tell you one more time -- we have to do this clean.

Aidan: Oh, right -- like Zach and Kendall did?

Jack: I'm not going to give the DA any more ammo. The evidence itself is damning enough, come on.

Aidan: We have evidence of our own, though. The calls to Greenlee, the fact that Kendall broke into her penthouse.

Jack: You are not going to be a very credible witness, do you understand that? Because of your relationship with Greenlee.

Aidan: Well, I'll find more witnesses, then.

Jack: As long as we do this by the book.

Aidan: Don't ask me to tie my hands, Jack. I will do whatever it takes.

Jack: Aidan, you listen to me. We both want the same thing here. Don't do anything crazy. Greenlee is not going to go to prison. I'm not going to allow that.

Aidan: I won't, either.

Ryan: What you're saying, Greenlee, doesn't make any sense. Why would Zach want to save the embryos? The whole point of the blackout was to destroy them.

Greenlee: Yeah. That was my first reaction, too. Then I heard the story that Zach fed J.R.

Ryan: I can't even picture Zach talking to J.R. without strangling him.

Greenlee: Which is why Zach chose J.R. I didn't even think once that they were working together.

Ryan: Ok, this story just gets better and better.

Greenlee: Do you really think I could make this up? Zach told J.R. that he was using the embryos as leverage, in case he ever needed a weapon against you.

Ryan: "Leverage" and a "weapon"?

Greenlee: Yeah. It's sick. You should be as upset as I am. Those are your embryos, too, and he used them to trap me.

Ryan: All right, I still don't see anything backing this story up.

Greenlee: Ok. Well, J.R. gave me proof -- or what I thought was proof. There were receipts, and one of them was for the purchase of a cryogenic tank.

Ryan: And where is this proof now?

Greenlee: I still have them. I mean, it doesn't mean anything. They're pretty generic. Anyone could print them off of a computer. I'm sure you think that's what I did.

Ryan: You could have.

Greenlee: Yeah, I know how it sounds. But we're dealing with the man who caused a blackout to the whole city. Doesn't this sound like something that Zach would do?

Ryan: Not without any evidence.

Greenlee: He said I could save my embryos for a price.

Ryan: What price?

Greenlee: Fusion -- all of my shares. Doesn't it seem plausible now? I'm out of Fusion, I'm out of Kendall's life -- there's your motive.

Ryan: So, did you take the deal?

Greenlee: No. But the sad thing is, is I considered giving up my company. I was going to give up Fusion, the company that I started from scratch, to have your baby.

Ryan: But what? What? You thought it was just easier to steal Spike, to kidnap him?

Greenlee: No. I realized that I didn't want your baby. That I didn't want you. When I came to your penthouse, I was going to tell you everything. And I realized that even though I still wanted all the things that I did -- family and friends and -- and love, I just wanted it with someone else now.

Ryan: With Aidan?

Greenlee: Maybe. I don't know. He believed in me. I mean, granted, he wasn't a fan at first, but he kept an open mind, he listened to my side of the story, and now, he has more faith in me than I have in myself. You told me to look for my answer, Ryan. And for the longest time, I thought it was you. Now I know better.

Ryan: All right -- this is all great and everything, but it doesn't change what got you in here.

Greenlee: The way you look at me now -- I see it doesn't matter what I say or do. You want to hate me.

Ryan: Oh, you've given me plenty of reasons to hate you, Greenlee. The bigamy charges, threatening to sue for custody of Spike, harassing Annie at Fusion, stealing Spike, not once but twice.

Greenlee: I wasn't stealing Spike last night, Ryan. I wasn't.

Ryan: You know, you asked me to remember who Kendall was, but what about you, Greenlee? Am I just supposed to forget who you were? The woman who stole Gillian's diary? The woman who threw Laura in the ocean? And -- and talk about liars --

Greenlee: I'm not lying. And I think you're beginning to realize that.

Ryan: I'm sure that there's some truth weaved into the story that you're telling, but you are lying, Greenlee. You always do.

Greenlee: Get out.

Ryan: Kendall wouldn't put Spike at risk again.

Greenlee: Get out.

Ryan: She wouldn't. She wouldn't do it. She wouldn't -- no matter how badly she wants you out of town, she wouldn't do that. You took my son. And you deserve to pay.

Richie: I'm curious. If you're offering to kill me, how are you going to do it? I want to know how it ends for old Richard Novak. What's in my obituary?

Annie: "In lieu of flowers, send congratulations."

Richie: That's cute. That's really funny. That's good. Yeah. But have you really thought it through? I mean, your brother-in-law isn't exactly a mental case anymore, and I'm guessing he's no longer for hire.

Annie: I didn't hire Jonathan to kill Terry.

Richie: Right, right, right, right. So what are your other murder options? It's not exactly like you could drive me to commit suicide like you did Mom.

Annie: I am so sick of you putting that on me. Richie, you are the reason our mother is dead. You are the reason our father can't hear. I mean, they covered for you your entire life, but deep down, they knew it. And Mom went to her grave knowing it -- who you really were. And ultimately, that's what killed her, not me putting you in jail. Mom killed herself because she knew her son was a sick, disgusting monster.

Richie: You keep believing that if it makes you feel better.

Annie: I will. You destroyed our family back then, and you're trying to destroy mine now. Well, you know what? There was a time that you might have had a shot at succeeding, but not anymore. I'm not alone now.

Richie: You know something? You got one thing right. Mom and Dad did love me more. But do you know why? You see, I might be dying now, but you've always been dead, just ice cold. They've always seen that black little heart of yours.

Annie: Shut up. Shut up.

Richie: No, I'm not going to shut up. You didn't deserve them. You don't deserve this family that you have now. And you know what really kills it? What really just gets in there? Is not that I know the truth, it's not that Dad knows the truth, it's that you know it. You know I am completely right.

Kendall: Stop shutting me down, Zach. Just answer me. Is Greenlee fully aware of what we did? That we baited her with the two things that she cared about the most?

Zach: See what she's doing to you?

Kendall: That's not an answer.

Zach: I'm not trying to answer anything, I'm trying to explain something to you. When Greenlee left Pine Valley, she crushed you. When she came back to Pine Valley, she crushed you again. No matter how hideous her crimes, you always find some kind of thing where you can feel sorry for her. What is that? I don't want you to have to deal with that. That's why I want her gone. I don't want you to have to deal with whatever she drags up.

Kendall: Ok, but the embryos? I mean, Zach, that --

Zach: Forget about that for a second. She drove you to get a gun and fake airplane tickets. She made you make yourself pass out when she was holding Spike. So forget about the embryos. You wanted her gone as much as I did.

Kendall: Yes, but, Zach, she didn't --

Zach: She did! She hurt Spike, and I know you haven't forgotten that. That woman has dug a big hole for herself, and she will not in it with her.

Ryan's voice: Yes, I was married to Greenlee. And yes, she is a liar.

[Voices echo in Greenlee's mind]

Kendall: She stole my son.

Zach: She tried to kill Spike.

Kendall: My baby can't hear because of Greenlee's selfishness.

Jack: It is true, your honor. My daughter is selfish.

Zach: She's evil.

Kendall: She's disgusting.

Ryan's voice: Yeah, I think you should put her away.

Kendall's voice: Lock her up forever.

Zach: Put her away and lock her up.

Ryan: I hate her.

Kendall: I hate her.

Officer: You have another visitor.

Aidan: Listen, I need you to do something for me, and for you. I need you to plead guilty.

Annie: No more, Richie. Your subtle threats, your head games, your manipulations -- it's over. I'm done with you.

Richie: But I'm not done with you.

Kendall: I have to go see her.

Zach: Greenlee? No, you're not.

Kendall: No, you can't stop me, Zach.

Zach: The hell I can't. I made a promise to you and to our boys that I would protect you, always. You're not going to run out of here half-cocked and run to some woman and apologize for something when she almost ruined our lives. We're going to stick together, and we're going to get our stories straight.

Kendall: Yes, but I can't forget what we've done, Zach. She was backing down. None of this had to happen. We did this to her. We did this to each other.

Ryan: What the hell did you do?

Greenlee: Plead guilty? Are you kidding me?

Aidan: No, I'm not.

Greenlee: But I didn't do anything.

Aidan: Look -- I can't get into it right now, all right? I need you to trust me.

Greenlee: Ok. I trust you.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Aidan (to Tad): Greenlee's arraignment is in less than an hour. I want you to come up with something fast.

Jack (to Kendall): My daughter's life is over unless you step up and do the right thing.

Zach (to Ryan): I shouldn't have to tell you this, but don't threaten my wife.

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