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All My Children Transcript Monday 11/5/07


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Annie: Richie, what are you doing?

Richie: Shut up.

Annie: Please tell me there's a copilot.

Pilot: The plane's on autopilot --

Richie: I will break your neck.

Annie: Richie, stop it!

Richie: I'm just getting started. See and raise you, Lavery.

Ryan: Just -- just let him go, Richie, let him go.

Richie: Just when it's starting to get fun?

Doctor: I have the results of Mr. No -- oh, my God.

Ryan: It's ok, it's ok. It's all right. Everything is ok, right, Richie?

Richie: Tell them, Doc. Tell them, Doc. Tell them what they want to know. Tell them, Doc. Tell them, Doc!

Doctor: It's leukemia. The man is dying.

Richie: Dying. Dying -- a few months, a few minutes -- what does it matter? Do you get me? Do you understand what I'm saying, Ryan?

Ryan: You got nothing to lose. There is nothing stopping you.

Derek: We'll settle this down at the station.

Zach: He seems to be ok.

Kendall: Thank God.

Greenlee: Wait -- wait, Kendall, what -- what happened? What --

Kendall: I thank God you're ok. Thank God he's safe again.

Greenlee: Of course, he's safe, he's fine -- I've been watching him.

Aidan: Greenlee, don't say anything, all right?

Greenlee: No, no, he's -- he's right here. He's fine -- right where you left us.

Derek: Let's go, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Wait, Derek -- Kendall, please tell them. Tell them what happened.

Kendall: She stole my baby.

Erica: Let's just block out the world, turn off our phones.

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: Let tonight just be ours, just ours. Jack, just stay with me.

Jack: Just try to stop me.

Greenlee: What are you talking about? I -- I didn't steal Spike.

Kendall: She came out of nowhere.

Greenlee: No, you called me.

Kendall: How could you do this? How could you take my baby again?

Greenlee: She gave me Spike. She -- she put him in my arms. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, you did this. You -- you set me up?

Derek: Greenlee Smythe, you're under arrest for the assault and kidnapping of Spike Lavery.

Annie: Richie, don't do this!

Richie: Come on. How about you, Doc? Anything else you want to add about my condition?

Doctor: Please, just let us live.

Richie: Annie, sweetheart, is there anything you want to ask the good doctor? You were so anxious before, don't hold back now. Come on, ask him, ask him. You got to be all sorts of curious, just ask him.

Annie: Richie, just --

Richie: Ask him! Anything you want, just ask him.

Annie: Are you -- um -- are you sure that it's -- that it's terminal?

Doctor: It's -- there's no cure. Please, I have a family.

Richie: Families -- families are overrated, aren't they, sis?

[Pilot gags]

Ryan: Let him go, Richie! Let --

Doctor: Oh, my God.

Annie: Uh --

Richie: Oh. Oh, uh-oh -- no more pilot.

[Richie kicks pilot]

Richie: Looks like we're all terminal now.

Ryan: Get away from him. Get away from him.

Annie: Oh, Ryan! Stop it -- oh, my God, stop!

Doctor: Wait!

Annie: Careful!

Richie: Ah!

Doctor: Damn it.

[Richie and Ryan fight]

[Music plays]

Singer: Watched the way you touch her face how you run your fingers through her hair

Tad: Is this it? Is this it?

Hannah: Please stop.

Tad: Concentration of a rabid ferret.

Hannah: I'm going to knock you --

Tad: That's important -- you sure you're going to get it?

Hannah: Ah! God!

Tad: It was a nice shot, really was.

Hannah: Yeah.

Tad: I'm not kidding, it was excellent position. Oh -- not the face, not the face. Don't hit the face.

Singer: I dream

Tad: Hey, Stuart.

Adam: [As Stuart] Hi.

Tad: How you doing, buddy?

Adam: Fine.

Adam: Hi, Krystal.

Krystal: Uh -- what brings you here this time of night, Stuart?

Adam: You don't have to be bothered by that.

Krystal: By what?

Adam: I saw you watching Tad in -- in there playing pool with that woman. She's a pretty good pool player, but -- uh -- she's not nearly as pretty as you are.

Singer: Desperate

Tad: All right, Norton, get out of the way, because downtown this is what we call "the money shot."

Hannah: Money shot, huh?

Tad: The money shot -- damn it.

Hannah: Ooh.

Tad: Losing my touch.

Hannah: Yeah. Well, your "money shot" worked fine the other night.

Tad: Would you keep your voice down? That's terrible.

Hannah: Hmm.

Tad: You honestly think you can make be blush, don't you?

Hannah: Yeah.

Tad: Yeah?

Hannah: Anytime.

Tad: Anytime?

Hannah: Anytime.

Tad: Is that a bet, because I just might take you up on it.

Hannah: Well, I wish you would.

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Hannah: Mm-hmm.

Tad: In between the -- oh, the feedings and the burpings, you know, walking the floor all night, playing horsy, doggy, airplane -- and then there's the diapers. Oh, don't forget the diapers. You ever notice the smell really kicks in after about 15 minutes?

Hannah: Wow. You know, I get the picture. You've given life up formally known as yours for fatherhood.

Tad: I have not. Don't -- no, that's not true.

Hannah: Or is it monkhood?

Tad: I'm tired -- "monkhood"?

Hannah: Mm-hmm.

Tad: No, I just -- you know, call me "Big Daddy."

Hannah: Ok, "Big Daddy," it sounds like a sacrifice. Is it worth it?

Tad: Completely.

Krystal: Uh -- that's very nice of you to say, Stuart, thank you.

Adam: Yeah, well, just telling the truth. You're -she's not nearly as pretty as you are.

Krystal: So -- uh -- what can I do for you, Stuart? It's kind of late to be starting any mural painting, isn't it?

Adam: Yeah, well, sometimes I just like to come by because it -- it feels nice.

Krystal: Don't you think Marian's going to be a little worried wondering where you are?

Adam: Hmm, Mar -- oh -- oh -- uh, she's got those cucumber slices on her eyes and all that -- that white goo on her face. It's best just to leave her alone.

Krystal: Yeah. Well, you might want to leave me alone, too, because I'm kind of busy here.

Adam: I thought maybe you might want to talk -- about Tad.

Krystal: Oh. Why the heck would I want to talk about Tad?

Adam: Well, it -- it looked like -- kind of like you might have feelings for Tad.

Krystal: Oh, come on, that's -- that's ridiculous.

Adam: Well, I know you live with him. And you do have baby Jenny together. And it's sort of like, um, playing house, except maybe you sort of forget that it's not real.

Krystal: I know fact from fiction.

Adam: Yeah, but -- but two -- two lonely people living under the same roof with a baby? Uh -- that doesn't make it love. What you had with Adam -- that's love. That's real love, that's true love. That's love that lasts.

Krystal: Why don't you tell that to Adam?

Singer: 'Cause she's never gonna love you

Adam: [Normal voice] Why don't you tell me yourself.

Singer: Never gonna love you I'm never gonna love

Kendall: Greenlee must have followed me.

Greenlee: No, that's not true.

Aidan: Kendall, what are you doing out here with Spike this late at night anyway, huh?

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: I -- I bring him here sometimes when he can't sleep, ok? The -- the ducks and -- and the water -- they -- they calm him down. But if I'd known that someone was following us, then we never would've come.

Greenlee: No, I wasn't, she called me.

Kendall: Ok, when -- when I saw her, I told her to go away and to leave us alone.

Greenlee: No, she told me that she was upset, that she needed someone to talk to. She's lying! You're lying!

Kendall: And then she put something over my nose and over my mouth.

Greenlee: No, I didn't, I didn't.

Kendall: And then I passed out, and -- and that's when she took Spike.

Greenlee: No, Kendall got a phone call. She said that Zach had been in an accident, she had to go to the hospital, she asked me to watch Spike.

Kendall: When are you going to leave us alone, Greenlee? When are you ever going to leave me and my family alone? Derek, it was horrible.

Aidan: Greenlee couldn't have been out following you, because she was with me all night. Then she got a phone call, and then she left.

Kendall: Yeah -- to kidnap my child. Maybe somebody was watching me.

Aidan: You planned this whole thing, didn't you?

Zach: Step away from my wife.

Aidan: You know what? You're making a big mistake. Derek, you can't arrest Greenlee because Kendall is setting this whole thing up. Look at her -- she's not a criminal. Kendall is doing this to get revenge, and you know it.

Kendall: Oh, God -- no, Derek, you know what Greenlee has done, we all do. Would I willingly hand over my child to the woman who almost killed him?

Greenlee: I believed in you. I believed in us.

Kendall: There is no "us."

Greenlee: We were going to be friends again, Kendall. Please tell them.

Kendall: I could never be friends with you. She was dangerous the first time she took Spike. I didn't think that she could possibly get worse. No, don't you even look at him, Greenlee. He is my son, "mine," not yours.

Greenlee: I know that.

Aidan: This is wrong, and you know it.

Greenlee: It happened exactly the way I said, Aidan.

Aidan: Yeah, I -- I believe you.

Officer: We found these in the bushes.

Derek: Chloroform.

Greenlee: That's impossible.

Derek: Take Fredericks and search her car.

Greenlee: What?

Derek: Let me know what they find.

Aidan: You can't do that, Derek, you don't have a warrant.

Derek: I believe there can be an accomplice in the car -- that gives me the right.

Zach: Is little man.

Greenlee: How could you do this?

Kendall: You did this.

Greenlee: But we were getting so close, and -- and now -- all of those months, you were just pretending to be close. All of those phone calls were secret because of this. You -- you never wanted to go back to the old days, you -- you never even tried to forgive me. It was all part of this setup.

Kendall: You're delusional. Even you said that you couldn't believe a mother would forgive the woman who made her son deaf.

Greenlee: Every word you said --

Kendall: Was something that you twisted into fantasy. It was always going to end this way, Greenlee, because you just couldn't leave us alone. And now you are finally going to pay for Spike.

[Phone rings]

Erica: Oh --

Jack: No, that's mine.

Erica: Jack, ignore it, ok? You're supposed to turn it off.

Jack: I know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


Jack: It's Aidan -- it could be about Greenlee. I have to take this. Hello, Aidan. What's up?

Aidan: It's -- um -- it's Greenlee. She's -- she's been arrested.

Jack: What? For what?

Aidan: Kidnapping Spike.

Jack: Oh, my God.

Aidan: She didn't do it, though, Jack.

Jack: Aidan, where are you now?

Aidan: I'm at the boathouse. The cops have taken her down to the station.

Jack: I'll -- I'll meet you there as soon as I can.

Erica: Jack, what -- what happened?

Jack: It's Greenlee.

Erica: Well, is she -- is she in trouble?

Jack: Yeah. Dear God, can't my daughter get one moment of peace?

Ryan: Oh!

Annie: Ugh!

[Annie pants after she knocks Richie out with a blow to the head]

Ryan: Nice.

Annie: Thanks. Are you ok?

Ryan: Yeah. I'd be better if we were on the ground, but -- what's up?

Annie: He's not dead, is he?

Doctor: Not responding -- no, just unconscious. What are we going to do?

Ryan: You have sedatives?

Doctor: Yes, but --

Ryan: Go get them.

Doctor: But --

Ryan: Go get them! I'm going to get the handcuffs back on Richie, come on.

Annie: Ok. So now why would he do this?

Ryan: It's all right. Let's get the sedatives, Doc, come on! Ok, get his hands behind him, hands behind him. Let's get these on here.

Annie: Oh, my God. Who's going to fly the plane?

Ryan: Ok, dose him, dose him. All right, one more. You wouldn't happen to know how to fly a plane, would you?

Annie: You?

Jack: This is crazy. It doesn't make any sense.

Erica: Well, what happened, Jack? Is there anything I can do?

Jack: No, I -- you know what? I don't know. Let me -- let me get down there, see what's going on, and then I'll give you a call, ok?

Erica: Jack -- Jack?

Erica: Barry? Hi, it's Erica.

Barry: Ms. Kane, I was just going to call you.

Erica: Then I presume that everything went as planned, that Greenlee was committed?

Barry: Uh -- not exactly.

Erica: What do you mean?

Barry: Well, we tracked Ms. Smythe to Memorial Park but never got close.

Erica: What happened?

Barry: Well, cops were all over the place. A little boy was there, she was being arrested -- something about kidnapping.

Erica: Oh, no.

Barry: Where do we go from here?

Erica: Uh -- never mind, Barry. You can go home. Oh, Kendall, you did it. You framed Greenlee.

Kendall: Ok, everything's going to be ok, baby. You're safe now, Spikey. You're safe.

Rachael: Is Spike ok?

Zach: He's fine, Rachael. Thanks for getting him. We'll see you at home.

Kendall: Ok, yeah, just take him home. Ok, bye, honey, I love you.

Zach: Let's get him out of here.

Kendall: Mama loves you. Ok. Thank you.

Rachael: Sure.

Kendall: Bye, sweetie.

Officer: Chief?

Derek: Did you find anything?

Ofc. Fredericks: A large suitcase on the floor in the back of her car.

Greenlee: What? No, that's not mine!

Ofc. Fredericks: It was covered with a blanket.

Aidan: Which was planted.

Officer: It contained woman's clothes and toddler-sized boy's clothes.

Aidan: Oh --

Greenlee: No, I didn't.

Derek: Anything else?

Ofc. Fredericks: Cash, lots of it, stashed underneath the front seats. Two plane tickets were underneath the floor mats.

Greenlee: Oh, my God, Aidan, I didn't do that.

Aidan: Yeah, I know you didn't.

Officer: One of the tickets was a child's fare to the US Virgin Islands.

Ofc. Fredericks: We also found a phony birth certificate for one "Jackson Smythe."

Greenlee: Oh, my God. How far did you go?

Derek: I have some questions I'd like to ask you.

Greenlee: No, it's a lie, Derek, all of it!

Derek: Hell of a lot of evidence.

Greenlee: But don't you see? She planted it all! She planned everything! I didn't do those things, Aidan! Please tell them!

Aidan: I know you didn't --

Officer: Sir, step away from the prisoner -- now!

Aidan: Look, I'm just trying to speak to her, all right?

Greenlee: It's ok, it's ok.

Aidan: Listen, I called Jack. Your father's going to come down, and he's going to take care of this, all right? He'll be here soon.

Greenlee: Ok, thank you.

Derek: Good work. Take Ms. Smythe to interrogation. I have a few question I'd like to ask you.

Kendall: Sure.

Derek: Lieutenant Perry will do the honors if you take a seat right here.

Kendall: Ok. Ahem.

Aidan: I told you what was going to happen if this didn't stop, didn't I?

Zach: Yeah, you told me -- you were going to kill me. I remember.

Aidan: Right. Don't you think you've gone a little bit too far this time, Zach? This is bang out of order.

Zach: Why don't we just play it out and see what happens?

Aidan: I think you already know how this is playing out, because you and Kendall planned this whole thing, didn't you? Unless Kendall didn't --

Zach: Hey, let the police do their job -- that's what we pay them for.

[Music plays at The Comeback]

Tad: You know, I got to give you credit. You're the first thing that's happened to me in a long time that makes me feel like I might've been a little hasty in capitulating to all things baby.

Hannah: Well, you think you could squeeze a little Q-time for big girls, too?

Tad: God, I hope so, because you make one hell of a convincing argument.

Hannah: Good. Because as wonderful as fatherhood is, and as happy as it makes you, there's nothing wrong with balance. I mean, it's great to devote yourself to your child, but what about you, hmm? Don't you feel like you deserve more?

Tad: Well, that's just it -- my life feels pretty damn good right now. Damn good. I mean, I'm sure there are people out there that think that diaper bags and play dates are boring, but not me. The fact is I've had a lot of insanity in my life -- a lot of it. I'm finally lucky enough to trip over some peace of mind, and that -- that counts for something. As nontraditional as it is, Krystal and I have managed to make a home for our daughter, a home for all of us.

Hannah: Yeah.

Tad: Doesn't that mean something?

Hannah: Yeah. But for how long?

Tad: You know, that's the million-dollar question. The fact is I -- I don't have an answer. All I know is that for now, it's working, and while it's working, I -- uh -- I kind of feel like I'm married to it.

Hannah: Well, for what it's worth, I think you're conning yourself.

Krystal: You knew I wasn't fooled anymore, didn't you?

Adam: Yes, yes. Exactly how long have you known that I was pretending to be Stuart?

Krystal: Long enough to know not to get your hopes up.

Adam: Spending the other night with me in my bed -- that -- that gets a man's hopes up.

Krystal: Ok, just calm that hope down, then.

Adam: No -- no.

Singer: Anger and impatience

Adam: You love me, Krystal. You love me, and you can't deny it.

Krystal: Adam, I am not saying that I don't have feelings for you anymore, I'm saying that I can't live with you anymore.

Adam: Of course, you can.

Krystal: No, no. Not anymore. You rejected Jenny. There is no way that Tad is going to let his daughter step foot in your house.

Adam: Well, maybe he'll have to see reason.

Krystal: Don't you see, Adam? It's impossible. I have to choose between a life with you or a life with my child? This mother is never going to abandon her child.

Adam: You'd come back to me if you could, wouldn't you?

Krystal: I -- I didn't say that.

Singers: It's been sometime

Adam: My God, I love you. I can't go on doing this. Just come back to me. Just tell me you'll come back to me.

Ryan: Ok. Uh -- uh -- the autopilot is on. It looks like the autopilot -- we should be good for a little while. I just got to get the radio -- get on the radio, find -- here it is -- find somebody here that can talk us down, that's all. It's going to be all right.

Annie: I have faith in you, it's fine.

Ryan: It's going to be good. Mayday! Mayday, mayday! Can anybody hear me? I got nothing. Mayday! Mayday!

Ryan: Mayday! Mayday! Can you hear me?

Controller: This is the Pine Valley control tower. What's your situation?

Ryan: Thank God. Uh -- uh -- this is -- this is 84 Quebec, and -- and our pilot is unconscious. Now -- now, we do have a doctor onboard, but he hasn't had any luck reviving him, so I need somebody there to -- to take this plane down.

Controller: Ok, roger that. I've got you on my screen. Luckily, you've just been circling. You're only about 15 miles out.

Ryan: Ok.

Controller: Are you ready to start bringing this baby down?

Ryan: Yeah, but you're going to have to talk me through every step.

Controller: I'm prepared to do that. All right, are you with me?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm -- I'm with you. I'm not going anywhere.

Controller: All right, we need to slow your speed and decrease your altitude. But first, you need to cut out the autopilot.

Ryan: Ok. I see the switch, it's right here.

Controller: You're going to flip it to "disengage." Are you ready?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm ready.

Tad: Ok, I'll bite. Why are you so convinced that I'm conning myself?

Hannah: This lovely home that you've created, this peace you found?

Tad: Yeah?

Hannah: Keeping it depends on a woman you hope will make the right choice.

Tad: Which is another way of saying you know all about Krystal and Adam. You are good. Ok. That doesn't change the fact that Krystal's primary concern is what's best for our daughter, and she knows from firsthand experience that Adam is poison.

Hannah: He's an SOB -- ok, from everything I hear.

Tad: So I rest my case.

Hannah: This -- you know, there is one thing I have learned about women, is that there's always that guy. And no matter how much he's hurt you, no matter how much you promise yourself you'll stay away, you can't. And you fight it all you want. He makes you forget right and wrong, good and bad, and you hold on to that for what it's worth -- even though the only place to go is down.

Krystal: I do love you, Adam. I don't want to deny it anymore. But to take this past mooning at each other and really try to make a go of it -- I don't know, Adam. I'm -- I'm afraid, I --

Adam: I'll prove myself to you every day. Just come back.

Krystal: But what about Tad, huh? Tad is going to blow sky-high if he sees his daughter anywhere near you, and I don't know how to fix that, Adam. I don't even know if it's fixable. I know -- I know I screwed up. You know I'm sorry, but why -- why couldn't you have accepted Jenny?

Adam: Oh -- I wish to God I had. Because she's yours. I see you in her. You're part of her.

Krystal: What about the part of her that's Tad's?

Adam: We -- um -- we both made some terrible mistakes. But if you'll give me the chance, I'll make it up to you every day of our lives. Will you do that, Krystal? Will you give me that chance?

Derek: What prompted you to --

Greenlee: For the millionth time, I didn't do anything. All I did was sit and watch --

Jack: Greenlee, don't say another word. Derek, I'd like a moment alone with my client, please.

Derek: I'll be right back.

Jack: Come here.

Greenlee: I didn't do it, Dad. I didn't, I swear.

Jack: Ok, ok. Just tell me what happened, ok?

Greenlee: Well, it's Kendall -- she framed me. She -- she pretended that we were friends again. She -- she pretended that she forgave me for what happened with Spike, that everything was all right between us. And stupid me -- I believed her. But the whole time it was all about this -- arresting me is what she wanted. Listen, you have to believe me. You have to, Dad, because if --

Jack: No, I do, I do. I do believe you, and I'm going to help you.

Greenlee: Ok.

Jack: Ok? So, please, just --

Derek: Are you ready to give your statement?

Jack: Derek, my client doesn't have to say one damn word.

Greenlee: No, it -- it's ok. I -- I want to. I want to tell you the truth.

Jack: Go ahead.

Derek: What exactly transpired between you and Kendall Slater?

Greenlee: Well -- um -- ahem -- she -- um -- Kendall a while back had told me that she wanted to forgive me for everything that had happened with Spike. She said she wanted to be friends again.

Kendall: I only speak to Greenlee at work, at Fusion, because we're partners. But other than that, I have refused to have any contact with her.

Greenlee: Kendall asked me to meet her at the park. She was there with Spike.

Kendall: My child is deaf because of Greenlee, so I would never take him anywhere near that woman. She -- she obviously must have followed us.

Greenlee: She said that she was worried about Spike's implant operation. That -- um -- she wanted someone to talk to, that she needed her old best friend -- that she needed me.

Kendall: Greenlee was going on and on about how she wanted what was best for Spike.

Greenlee: I was so happy. Kendall and I were almost friends again. And then she got a call, and -- and she was told that Zach was in an accident, and she had to go to the hospital, so she asked me to watch the baby.

Kendall: You saw Zach -- there was no accident, he's fine.

Greenlee: At first, I wasn't sure. But Kendall insisted. She said she trusted me.

Kendall: So that's when she used the chloroform and took Spike. I mean, there is no way that I would ever voluntarily hand my child to this crazy woman who tried to kidnap him and almost kill him.

Aidan: I was in your office when you got that call about Greenlee taking Spike.

Zach: So?

Aidan: So, you seemed surprised.

Zach: I was surprised.

Aidan: You didn't know about Kendall, did you? You didn't know about Kendall's little scheme -- the one she had with Greenlee.

Zach: And then there's the real possibility that you didn't know how desperate and deranged your little girlfriend is.

Aidan: You can protect Kendall all you want, Zach, but this is not going to end well -- for any of you.

Lt. Perry: All right, I'll have this typed up and then you can sign it.

Kendall: Ok.

Greenlee: You don't believe me, do you?

Derek: Not my call. We'll investigate every square inch of this until we get the truth.

Zach: Don't threaten my wife.

Aidan: You honestly think I'm going to let Kendall get away with this? It's not going to happen.

Erica: Zach --

Zach: Hey.

Erica: Zach, have you spoken to Kendall? Where is she?

Zach: She's giving her statement.

Erica: And, uh, Greenlee?

Zach: Is in there with Derek and Jackson.

Erica: Yeah, I -- I was there with Jack when he got the call. I mean, Greenlee obviously has completely lost it. I had a feeling something like this might happen.

Zach: Why don't you go home?

Erica: Well, of course not. I want to see Kendall. I want to make sure she's all right.

Zach: Well, the best thing you can do right now is not be here.

Erica: Zach, I'm not going to leave, I'm not going to leave my daughter.

Aidan: Greenlee, are you all right? Is there anything you need?

Greenlee: I --

Derek: Ms. Smythe needs to get checked into her accommodations.

Aidan: Oh, come on, Derek, you can't --

Derek: Take her to booking, get her fingerprints and a portrait.

Aidan: Derek, I've told you she's being framed. How can you do this?

Ofc. Fredericks: Chief, we got the warrant to search Ms. Smythe's apartment and office at Fusion.

Derek: Good. Make sure you get her computers from both locations -- we want all her files.

Aidan: Now, what kind of rookie operation are you running here anyway? How can you let this happen, huh? What, are you in the business of harassing innocent people?

Officer: That's enough!

Aidan: Get off me, man. Oh, great.

Derek: Get him out of here. Cool off, Devane.

Aidan: This isn't over.

Erica: Oh, and obviously, Greenlee has worked her lies on poor Aidan. Jack. Have you talked to Kendall? And -- and what exactly did Greenlee do?

Jack: All I know for sure is that one of our daughters is lying -- and that you knew this was coming. Didn't you?

Controller: We got a visual. You're looking good. You're lined up with the runway.

Ryan: And now you cleared everybody else out, right? There's no more planes down there?

Controller: It's all about you right now.

Ryan: Well, my wife is here with me, I am not letting this plane go down.

Controller: Neither am I. Now, hold it there, one hand on the throttle. Keep the nose above the horizon. That's right. You're almost down, landing gear looks good.

Ryan: Yeah.

Controller: Just ease off the throttle a bit. You got it.

[Tires screech]

Annie: Oh -- oh, my God!

Ryan: Oh. Oh.

Controller: Nice landing, Mr. Lavery, welcome home.

Ryan: We did it, we did it!

Annie: We did it!

Controller: Mr. Lavery, Mrs. Lavery, are you there?

Ryan: We're right here. We're right -- what do we do now?

Controller: This is the easy part -- just come inside and have a beer. You earned it.


Ryan: Everybody all right out here?

Doctor: That was amazing. You saved our lives.

Ryan: How's Ted?

Doctor: He'll be all right.

Annie: What about Richie?

Doctor: He'll be fine as soon as the sedative wears off.

Annie: No, I -- I mean the -- the cancer. Is there any way he can beat it?

Doctor: Your brother has refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia. It's very rare, and there's no known cure.

Ryan: Is -- is there any chance at all that the results aren't accurate?

Doctor: There's no mistake, Mr. Lavery. Your brother-in-law is a dying man.

Annie: Thank you.

Doctor: No, thank you -- for getting us down safely. I owe you.

Ryan: Hey, well, we're going to be bringing this guy up on charges, I could really use your testimony.

Doctor: Absolutely. I've never been so afraid in my life.

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: Ryan --

Richie: You sure you want to do that, Doc? I mean, I've got a -- I've got some charges of my own I'd like to file. Kidnapping, medical assault -- that's just for starters. I'll have your license -- yours, too. Kidnapping, conspiracy, assault -- whatever it takes, man. I'll bury you with it.

Ted: Hey, you attacked me.

Richie: I panicked -- brought up here in handcuffs, going off to who knows where? Come on. What jury is not going to sympathize with a man fighting off his captors, fighting for his life?

Ted: Hey, I didn't sign on for this. I fly planes, that's it. Anything more than that, count me out.

Ryan: But we --

Ted: I have to go check in with the tower.

Ryan: Oh, Doc -- Doc, we're going to need you to put this guy away, all right?

Doctor: I can't be a part of a kidnapping.

Ryan: Are you kidding me?

Richie: I guess the party's over, Ryan -- unless you want to go up for another ride?

Ryan: You really are a sick man.

Richie: Unless you want airport police seeing these -- because I'll scream bloody murder as soon as I get out of this can.

Annie: Why, Richie? I mean, you hate us, I get that, but killing us, killing innocent people? Leaving Emma an orphan, leaving Spike without his father?

Richie: Why, you ask? Because I can do anything I want. Scary, huh -- dealing with somebody who can do whatever the hell he wants?

[Music plays]

Hannah: Double or nothing?

Tad: No. As much as I'd love to hang around all night and get fleeced, it's my night to relieve the sitter.

Hannah: Hmm -- thrown over by 10 pounds of cute.

Tad: No, actually, she's 16 pounds of cute, and she sleeps a whole lot better when Big Daddy kisses her good night. However, tomorrow is looking all kinds of all right -- if you say yes. Please say yes?

Hannah: You're on. I'll even spot you a couple balls.

Tad: Oh, really?

Hannah: Yeah.

Tad: You think I'll need them?

Hannah: Oh, yes, you will need them.

Tad: I hope so.

Hannah: Oh, yeah.

Tad: Just walk away really slowly.

Hannah: Ok, grab my purse.

Singer: And I get around when I'm ready look out, love

Adam: I want you home. I want you to be my wife again.

Tad: Stuart --

[Tad sees Adam kissing Krystal and realizes he's been impersonating Stuart]

Tad: Adam.

Derek: Try to get you some sleep.

Aidan: Crikey -- they really will let anyone in this place.

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

Aidan: Well, I thought you might want some company.

Jack: You know what's funny about all this? Not very many people seem surprised about what happened tonight, except for Greenlee -- the alleged kidnapper.

Erica: Because everybody knows that Greenlee's been having problems.

Jack: Come on, come on -- you knew this was going down.

Erica: What? What are you talking about?

Jack: Tonight, tonight -- all the -- all the candlelight, the dancing, the love -- because you knew. It wasn't a week ago that you accused Greenlee of plotting to kidnap Spike.

Erica: Because I really thought that she was, and because she had done it before.

Jack: Yes, she has. But she didn't do it this time, and we both know that.

Lt. Perry: I just need your signature here.

Kendall: Ok.

Lt. Perry: That's great. Thank you for your cooperation.

Zach: Now it's my turn. Tell me what really happened.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R. (to Babe): Why don't we get married again?

Greenlee (to Aidan): I want my embryos back, and I want to take Zach down for stealing them.

Zach (to Kendall): You put our family in danger -- our family, our future, everything on the line.

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