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Adam: Yes?

Maid: Mr. Chandler, you have a visitor. She insists on seeing you.

Adam: Her name's Krystal. Learn that, send her out.

Adam: Well, I see you couldn't -- just couldn't wait to --

Hannah: What? Expecting somebody else?

Krystal: We share a house, we share a daughter. I need to tell you what happened last night.

Tad: No. No, no, please. No, you don't. What happened last night is written all over your face.

Krystal: Come on, let me explain.

Tad: No! Please, no. No details. You were with Adam, I don't want to hear about it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go check on our daughter.

Krystal: Well, wait a minute, Tad. Come on, I thought we were friends. I thought I could talk to you, and I need somebody to help me make some sense out of this.

Tad: Krystal, what you did last night doesn't make any sense.

Krystal: Huh.

Tad: Not to me. And if she were old enough to understand what's going on, I don't think it'd make sense to Jenny, either. You want sympathy, we're fresh out. You look somewhere else.

Richie: Hey. Hey, Babe, come on, wait. Did you get my message? I got the job.

Babe: Congratulations.

Richie: Actually, I don't think I should be congratulated.

Babe: Why not?

Richie: Well, you'll never guess who my new boss is.

Annie: You did what?

Ryan: I hired Richie.

Annie: What -- why?

Ryan: Ok, take it easy.

Annie: Wait -- I thought -- I thought you were making sure that he couldn't get a job, so eventually, he would leave town.

Ryan: Not leave town, disappear for good. And once we have the evidence that we need and put him back in jail, that's exactly what he'll do -- disappear for good. And until then, we're watching him.

Annie: Yeah, but the problem is, while we are watching him, he'll be watching us.

Lily: Ava, where's the rest of your hair?

Ava: It's gone. First I lost my mind, then my hair. God, what was I thinking?

Lily: Well, that's an expression that people use when they've made a mistake. Did you get that Mohawk by accident?

Ava: Oh, no, I got this on purpose. Just didn't realize how stupid I would look. Lily, what can I do?

Lily: Well, remember when you said that you couldn't be like me anymore, and we came up with a solution, and I dyed your hair brown? This problem is a lot more challenging than that.

Ava: Yeah, but there is something I can do, right?

Lily: Yes.

Ava: You're a genius. Tell me -- tell me, what can I do?

Lily: You can wait for it to grow out. Hair grows .5 inches per month or six inches per year.

Ava: Great, so I should be back to normal by the next millennium. Ugh. I guess in the meantime, I can bring back the mullet. Lily, are you ok?

Lily: Yes.

Ava: Why are you smiling?

Lily: I met a man. He's very nice. His name's Richard.

Richie: Ryan still thinks that I'm here to get back at Annie. He's blacklisted me all around town, so -- then the only offer I can get is working where big brother-in-law's always watching.

Babe: And you took the offer? Why?

Richie: I like a challenge.

Babe: What are you really after?

Richie: Regarding the job? I mean, I don't know. Maybe this is my chance to tell everybody who I really am. Maybe I just need a paycheck. But the bottom line is, I want to be close to my sister.

Babe: Even if she doesn't want to be close to you?

Richie: When something's very important to me, I don't give up.

Babe: Richie, I told you already, I'm not interested. Ok? Stop pushing, because it won't happen.

Annie: Bringing Richie closer to us is a mistake.

Ryan: I'd like to show you something. Come here. Come. Come, sit.

Annie: What is that?

Ryan: It's a Richie cam.

Annie: That's his office?

Ryan: Yes, it is. From the second that he gets there in the morning until the second that he leaves at night, we're watching.

Annie: Ryan, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I -- I hate that this is taking over our lives. I mean -- I mean, cameras and guards? I just -- I feel like I don't have control over anything in my life anymore. Maybe that's why I dyed my hair this morning.

Ryan: I told you, your hair looks "hot."

Annie: Ryan, that's not the point.

Ryan: Ok, look, this is just until we get him back in prison, Annie. Aidan has got some solid leads on his past, and we're closing in on the evidence that we need to put your brother away for good. Look, I know this isn't easy for you, I really do, I know that, but we got to focus on our reality, and our reality is our family. Now, whether Spike gets the surgery or not, he needs both of us, and so does Emma.

Annie: You're right. I know you're right.

Ryan: This is the first step. We get out in front of Richie, and we know his moves before he makes them. And then we get him back in prison where he belongs. Then we get on with our lives.

Adam: This is not a good time, Hannah.

Hannah: Well, it's important. I have some new information.

Adam: All right, make it quick.

Hannah: Well, Zach is up to something with J.R. And somehow it involves Greenlee Smythe.

Adam: Greenlee? What is it?

Hannah: I don't know.

Adam: Huh. You don't know? You don't know why Slater suddenly decided to bankroll my son's network. You don't know what -- what happened to the $100 million Slater stole from me. Why don't we start with what you do know? That shouldn't take long.

Hannah: I know I don't like you or this job.

Adam: What is this?

Hannah: My notes, contacts, every bank account I traced back to Zach.

Adam: What am I supposed to do with it?

Hannah: You can just stick it -- anything you damn well please. I am not your spy anymore, Adam. I'm out.

Krystal: So that's it? Huh? You're just going to shut me down?

Tad: Well, I don't look at it like that. Just that we agreed what you do after dark is your business, not mine. But if you're going to stay out all night, for now, I'd appreciate a phone call, that's it.

Krystal: Fine. I understand.

Tad: Yeah, that way, see, I can go up, then I can tell our daughter that you're too busy to tuck her in, because you're getting busy with the man who tried to sell her on the Internet.

Krystal: Oh -- you know, you have a lot of nerve. You would tell my daughter that, Tad? Come on. Don't you think I feel bad enough as it is?

Tad: Krystal, I have no idea what you think. Do you?

Krystal: I am trying to figure it out myself.

Tad: Yeah, well, then maybe you should start by getting honest with yourself.

Krystal: What is that supposed to mean?

Tad: What's it supposed to mean? How many times have we had this conversation about Adam? How many times have we gone round and round, back and forth? And now, you just cut me out of the equation, because you were doing plenty of back and forth by yourself last night.

Krystal: Oh -- you watch it!

Tad: Don't tell me to watch it! I'm not the one with the problem here! I'm not the one that swore over and over again that I was finished with Adam.

Krystal: I am now.

Tad: Oh, yeah, sure. "Strap yourselves in, ladies and gentlemen, because here we go with another exciting round of 'it's not true, but let's pretend it is anyway,' where you can win fabulous cash and prizes," because God knows it's hell giving up on somebody you were in love with, even if hell was the bastard's last known address.

Krystal: Would you stop it? This is my life, Tad. This is my heart we're talking about, so would you please just stop turning it into your punch line?

Tad: You want to get serious? Ok. I'll get serious. You did it. You caved. You slept with Adam. So now what?

Ava: All right, Lily. Come on in here. Sit your butt down and tell me everything. I'm your sister. It's practically required.

Lily: Richard is very handsome.

Ava: Really? What, has he got a killer smile? Does his butt look good in jeans? What?

Lily: He has nice eyes.

Ava: Ok.

[Ava giggles]

Ava: Well, where'd you meet him?

Lily: At the Yacht Club.

Ava: Really? Is he rich?

Lily: I don't know. But he likes numbers and math. We have a lot in common.

Ava: Is he autistic, too?

Lily: No, but he likes proofs and equations as much as I do.

Ava: Could there be a bigger a turn-on? So what else?

Lily: And Richard doesn't like to be touched.

Ava: Oh, you mean he doesn't like women to touch him?

Lily: No, just people in general. But he can have sex.

Ava: He told you that?

Lily: Yes. So Richard's problem with touching isn't exactly the same as mine.

Ava: Lily, what else do you know about this guy?

Richie: You want me to back off? I don't blame you.

Babe: You lied to me.

Richie: Yeah, Babe, I lied to you. I lied to you. We -- we went on a few dates. We talked. We laughed, we kissed. But then you found out who I really was. That I went to prison for seven years and didn't say a thing about it. How are you going to trust me now?

Babe: I really have to go.

Richie: Do you know why I got locked up?

Babe: Because Annie testified against you.

Richie: Well, that's a polite way to put it. Another way to put it is that she lied on the -- she lied on the witness stand.

Babe: Annie lied? Huh. Why should I believe you?

Richie: We used to live in Chicago. There's a 24-hour deli down the street from our apartment. So one late night around 2:00 in the morning, some guy goes into this deli with a gun and pulls it on the owner. He beats him damn near to death before he empties the register. The owner could never ID the guy, but miracle of miracles, my sister -- she sure could.

Babe: Annie said it was you?

Richie: Oh -- she said she saw me beat the guy, which is impossible because I was at Gino's pizza all the way across town, and I was working the closing shift, and she knew it, and she knew there wouldn't be anybody there that would vouch for me. See, my sister knew I was innocent. And she still deliberately sent me to prison.

Babe: If that's true, why would you want anything to do with her?

Richie: Stuff happens. You get over it.

Babe: I don't buy it, Richie. You want payback. That's the real reason you tracked Annie down, isn't it? You want her to pay.

Richie: Wouldn't you?

Ryan: Come "on," Annie. You and me -- we can do anything. You know that, right?

Annie: In any other situation, I would say yes, absolutely. But this Richie we're talking about, Ryan. Richie, who threw my father out a fourth-story window. Richie, who -- who drowned his friend in the lake when he was a kid -- or so it seems.

Ryan: Which is why we got to make sure that we put him away.

Annie: I just -- I have a really bad feeling about this, you hiring Richie.

Ryan: Look, I know you think somehow Richie's going to turn it around, he's going to play the victim again or something like he always does. But you see, there's one thing different this time. This time, you are not alone.

Annie: Oh, I forgot -- I have to get Emma to the Miranda Center. We'll be back soon.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Emma?

Ryan: I'll be watching, Richie.

Richie: Can you blame me for trying to get back at Annie? Can you really blame me for that? Could anybody?

Babe: I'd have to hear her side of the story.

Richie: Well, then you should ask her. And then watch little Annie do her thing. Little sweet Annie, she'll look down at the floor, her little hands will shake. And then she'll get all worked up and give those big tears, and then she'll feed you a line of bull, just like she did that jury. Man.

Babe: I haven't known Annie very long, but she's a friend. She wouldn't lie about something like that.

Richie: Oh, then you don't really know her at all, do you? I mean, did she tell you that she had a brother? Did she tell you that her father hasn't spoken to her in years? I mean, look, this isn't -- this isn't easy for me. But I feel comfortable around you. I feel like I can say anything and that it's going to be -- that I can be completely honest.

Babe: Ok.

Richie: Ok. It's just -- it's just hard, all right? It's just -- it's hard -- thinking about all those years that Annie took from me. Maximum security prison is hell. You play by the rules, or you die.

Babe: I'm sure it was awful.

Richie: Yeah, well, the worst part is, you're -- you're just sitting there with nothing to do but listen to the clock go tick. And then you start thinking.

Babe: Did you think about Annie?

Richie: Oh, yeah. That's all I used to think about was Annie. I wanted her to feel like I felt, you know? I wanted her to feel betrayed and abandoned. Man, I was terrified, and I wanted her to feel angry. So angry, it just filled me up. I wanted her to know what it was like to live like a -- like an animal locked up in a cage, to have to do things no one should have to do to survive, and then -- oh, just, I hated her. It was pure hate. And I used to dream about making her suffer. And I got to tell you, it felt real good. But things changed, and I realized revenge wasn't what I really wanted.

Babe: What things?

Richie: I got a good shrink in prison. He put me in a better place. You know, after you're angry at somebody for so long, you realize you've got to make a choice. Either you can spend the rest of your life trying to even the score, or you can try something different. I chose to try something different. When I got out of prison, I didn't come to Pine Valley for revenge, I didn't come here to get even. I came here to forgive Annie.

Annie: Ryan? Are you here?


Ryan: Welcome home.

Annie: Champagne? We just had breakfast.

Ryan: Yeah, we're celebrating.

Annie: Celebrating what?

Ryan: Our life, our future. My beautiful wife and her beautiful hair. Finally getting the peace that she deserves. And my son getting the implants that he needs in order to hear the Christmas carols at his sister's first dance recital.

Annie: Hmm. If only --

Ryan: Where is she? I mean, I know that she's in there somewhere.

Annie: Who?

Ryan: The woman whose strength and spirit I see in our daughter's eyes. The woman whose husband is so incredibly lucky, and -- and proud to be sharing a life with her. The woman who makes the meanest cup of coffee known to man. Where is she?

Annie: I'm still here.

Krystal: I am kicking myself enough for sleeping with Adam last night, Tad.

Tad: Well, if you get tired, give me a shot -- I'll take --

Krystal: I don't need you jumping in on the act.

Tad: Oh. Ok, so here we are. Once again, I have no rights. I understand, it's not my business -- and I know what we got here is modern. It's nontraditional, ok? But call me old-fashioned -- I think it's common courtesy to tell your roommate you're not dead by the side of the road.

Krystal: Ok, so there are rules now -- I knew this was going to happen, I knew it.

Tad: Don't tell me you wouldn't put Colby under house arrest if she pulled something like this.

Krystal: Colby is a teenager.

Tad: And you're acting like one.

Krystal: You are not my keeper. You are not my husband, and you damn sure ain't my daddy.

Tad: Is that right?

Krystal: That's right.

Tad: Go to your room.

Krystal: What?

Tad: Go to your room. No, seriously, I think somebody deserves a little timeout, so why don't you get inside and think about what you've done?

[Pounding on door]

Krystal: Tad! Open this door, Tad!

Adam: You don't walk away until I say you do.

Hannah: I'm finished, Adam.

Adam: Really?

Hannah: Yeah, I can't do this anymore.

Adam: This is all about a crush you have on Slater, isn't it?

Hannah: Don't be ridiculous.

Adam: Did he used to -- to smile at you in the classroom, wink at you across the quad? You're pathetic.

Hannah: You know what? Zach doesn't give a damn about me. He's made that clear.

Adam: Well, then what's the problem?

Hannah: When I took this job, I wanted to hurt Zach -- make him pay for rejecting me. My feelings have changed.

Adam: Frankly, I don't give a damn about your feelings.

Hannah: He has a son that hasn't left the hospital, another that's deaf. His wife is barely holding it together. Zach is dealing with enough, and I -- I won't pile on any more.

Adam: No. No, you're not going to go soft on me, lady. Not now.

Hannah: It's over, Adam.

Adam: No. We've come way too far for you to back out now. Now, suck it up and do what you're told.

Hannah: Find another way to get your company back.

Adam: Are you going to -- how are you going to support yourself? You going back to being a maid? Hmm. You know, a couple of calls and your reputation in international finance will be null and void. You will be reviled in every time zone before tonight's closing bell.

Hannah: You don't scare me.

Adam: Oh, no? Really? Because you do present yourself as a kind of a shark. Like you're not afraid to play with the big boys. But you did play with the big boys -- ha -- didn't you? Am I right?

Hannah: Shut your mouth, Adam.

Adam: Oh, yeah, I can just see it now. Hmm, you sipping martinis with all those stuffy old men, and you're -- you're tossing your hair and bending in to give them a whiff of your perfume, and maybe a glimpse of cleavage? How many -- how many small deals came your way because you were willing to share your assets? How many? And a few bigger deals -- which you were, I'm sure, willing to show a whole -- whole lot more?

Hannah: Oh, you are such a bastard.

Adam: And you're nothing more than a whore. Lady, you may not care about the business, but what about Zach? Hmm? What's -- what's Zach going to feel when he finds out what you've been keeping secret all these years? How is he going to react when he finds out that you went from his bed to his father's bed?

Hannah: I will kill you first.

Adam: No, no -- no, no -- no!

[Knife hits floor]

Adam: Huh. Looks like we touched a nerve there, huh?

Hannah: You don't know a damn thing about me.

Adam: Well, I know you were the busiest maid at the Cambias estate. You got knocked up by Slater while you were still two-timing him with his old man. And then you had to -- had to make up both beds.

Hannah: Shut up.

Adam: Whose child were you pregnant with? Now, Zach thinks Ethan's his son, but the truth is they could be brothers.

Hannah: Zach is Ethan's father. Zach did a DNA test -- he knows the truth.

Adam: But is it the whole truth? And when you're bedding father and son, wouldn't a very smart father like Zach's be able to get someone to change Ethan's DNA?

Hannah: If you even think of spreading that lie, I won't even stab you. I will blow your head off.

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: Save the dramatics. Save the dramatics, because I have no intention of exposing your sordid past. You just do the job that you signed up for.

Hannah: No wonder Krystal hates you.

[Pounding on door]

Krystal: Tad? Come on, now -- are you insane?

Tad: Are you?

Krystal: Oh -- what in the world are you doing?

Tad: I don't know, I'm not sure anymore.

Krystal: Well, let me out!

[Tad unlocks the closet door]

Krystal: Huh.

Tad: You want to hit me with a wire hanger, smother me with a parka, go ahead. I guess I deserve it.

Krystal: Oh. Listen to me. I am sorry, ok? I am so sorry I didn't call last night, and I am sorry I broke my promise about seeing Adam.

Tad: Then why'd you do it?

Krystal: I have no clue. You know, I -- I keep fighting it. I keep lying to myself, telling me that he doesn't affect me, but he does. I'm not -- I'm not happy about it, and I'm not proud about it, either, but that's just the way it is. Honey? Listen, I love you. I -- I just don't want to make any more promises that I cannot keep.

Tad: Ok. Let's cut to the chase. Are you going back to Adam?

Ava: So, Richard's cool with you having Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Lily: Richard understands me because we have a lot of similar feelings. For example, he feels overwhelmed when people invade his personal space. And when he was younger, he used to count to calm himself like I do.

Ava: So are you, like, into him?

Lily: "Into"?

Ava: Are you interested in him?

Lily: I enjoyed our conversation.

Ava: So how did you leave it? Did you give him your e-mail or your number or anything?

Lily: No. And he didn't give me his, but maybe if I go back to the Yacht Club soon, he'll be there.

Ava: Lily, there's nothing more that I want for you than to be, just, amazingly happy.

Lily: And I want you to be happy, too.

Ava: I just -- I want you to be careful, ok? Some guys can seem really cool, and then turn out to be real jerks.

Lily: Richard's not like Terry, who pretended to be my friend and then tried to hurt me. And he's not like Jonathan, who pretended to be like me and then he wasn't.

Ava: I'm just telling you to take it slow.

Lily: Don't worry. I'll probably never see Richard again. Besides, he's so good-looking that there's a good chance he already has a girlfriend.

Ava: And how would that make you feel if he did?

Lily: If Richard had a girlfriend, that would mean that he found someone that he likes and that fits with him -- like you found Jonathan. And I would like to find someone like that. But the odds are against me, and they always will be.

Richie: Why are you looking at me like that? I scared you, didn't I?

[Babe sighs]

Babe: You were very convincing.

Richie: Prison changes people. All that rage built up in me, and I actually started thinking like that maniac Annie said I was. But that's not me, Babe. All that anger's gone.

Babe: But the way you were just talking was --

Richie: Look, I know. I'm human. Those were the worst years of my life. I still get worked up when I think about them, I probably always will. But as far as revenge, that's history.

Babe: So, you have no grudge against Annie, none at all?

Richie: She made a mistake, one that cut hard and deep, but it was a mistake. She's my sister, and I love her.

Babe: Like I said, you're very convincing.

Richie: I survived that sentence, and I'm still me. I am still the guy that showed you a great time at the batting cages, who had so much fun reading those stories to Little A up in the cabin? Who loves sharing his vision of the future with you? And if you knew how much I wanted to kiss you right now, I --

Babe: Richie --

Richie: But I -- I want I won't because if I did, you'd run screaming out of here, and I'd be back to square one.

Babe: You're already back at square one and that's where we're staying.

Richie: Ok. But I want you to know that what we had, what was going on -- that was real, at least to me it was.

Babe: I believe you. But there's --

Richie: Meet a girl, take her out a few times, have fun -- that's usually how it goes for me. I thought all that love-at-first-sight was a myth, till I met you. You're a dream, Babe. It's not easy to give up on a dream.

Annie: Champagne after breakfast -- I like it.

Ryan: We're celebrating. I mean, look how creative I got. Annie? You got to work with me here now. Ok? It's about 10:00, and we just had the most fantastic dinner ever and we stopped off for a little bit of dancing.

Annie: Hmm.

[Ryan chuckles]

Ryan: And now, we're home -- with champagne, alone.

[Annie chuckles]

Ryan: And I'd like to propose a toast. To us, and to all the love and laughter that lies ahead.

Annie: Yeah. To us.

[Glasses clink]

[Annie giggles]

Ryan: Hey. I love you, Mrs. Lavery.

Adam: So, maybe I was a little hard on you. Hmm.

Hannah: Let's just get this over with.

Adam: Ok. J.R. and Zach have got something going. It somehow involves Greenlee Smythe?

Hannah: Yeah, it seems that way.

Adam: Huh. That's interesting, because none of them -- none of them can stand each other. So find out what you can. So don't take your eyes off the real target. I want my company and my money back from Slater. Find out what you can. And don't even think about crossing me, Hannah, because in your wildest stretch of your imagination, you can't imagine what I'm capable of.

[Door closes]

Krystal: No, I am not going back to Adam.

Tad: You're not?

Krystal: No.

Tad: Uh-uh?

Krystal: I'm not, Tad. I mean, yeah, I know -- we've shared some kind of nice moments lately, but Adam and I -- let's just say it was a one-night shot, that's all.

Tad: Sorry I locked you in the closet.

Krystal: I'm sorry I didn't call you.

Tad: For what it's worth, I like us. I think we got a sweet deal here. Then again, I might be just fooling myself.

Krystal: I like us, too.

Tad: I got to get out of here.

Krystal: Yeah? Where are you going?

Tad: Don't know yet.

Krystal: Huh.

Richie: I got it -- no pushing. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying, though.

Babe: Trying what exactly?

Richie: To turn a "no" into a "maybe." Hmm -- see, now there it is. Now, I can sit here, and I can watch this smile all day. But I've got a new job, and I'm late.

Babe: Then you better get going.

Richie: Yeah, I better. Hmm. Hmm.

[When she sees Richie take some pills, Babe takes the prescription bottle out of the trash can and reads it]

[Music plays at The Comeback as Tad enters and smiles at Hannah]

Singer: It's been a while since you left this place mull around in my own empty space keep hoping that someday I'll see you again, hmm I can't believe what I did to you I pushed you away I know it's true I caused the tears and made you not want to stay

Krystal: Hi, Stuart. Um --

Singer: Hey, hey

Krystal: Come on in. Hmm.

Singer: Stay

Lily: I think you should cut it all off so that your hair could grow back at the same rate.

Ava: I think I should just wear a bag over my head for the next year.

Lily: That would be very uncomfortable. But you could wear a wig.

Ava: Yeah, right. I should just shave it all off and go for a buzz cut. I need a fresh start anyway.

Lily: Do you want me to cut it for you?

Ava: Really? Thank you, Lily. Hey, make a deal with me, Lily.

Lily: What kind of deal?

Ava: A deal that says that if I ever want to do anything crazy like this again, I have to tell you. And if you ever want to see Richard again, you have to tell me.

Lily: Well, that sounds like a pact.

Ava: Ok. We'll call it the "Ava-Lily promise pact." I tell you, you tell me. You promise?

Lily: Promise.

[Babe finds out what Richie is taking]

Babe: Oh, my God.

Richie: Hmm.

[Richie chuckles]

Richie: No, no, no, no, no. Hmm. Nothing but monkey work -- tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, you are so damn predictable. Let's see what -- Ahem -- huh.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

[Hannah kisses Tad]

Krystal (to Adam): I need you.

Zach (to J.R.): Aidan Devane just hacked into my computer.

Erica (to Kendall): If Greenlee has any intention of hurting you, I'll put an end to it.

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