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All My Children Transcript Monday 10/22/07


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Aidan: Well, well, well -- look who it is. What the hell do you think you're doing here?

Kendall: Uh, I -- I have something for Greenlee, and she's not here, so you know what? I will come back and bring it later, ok?

Aidan: How did you get a key to this place?

Kendall: Oh.

Aidan: And what have you done with Greenlee, huh?

Greenlee: I know you want me banned from the hospital.

Zach: I told you to stay away from my family.

Greenlee: I'm here for a checkup.

Zach: At this hour?

Greenlee: Yes, Zach, at this hour. Is that ok with you if I see my doctor or do you have to control everything in my life?

[Phone rings]

Annie's voice: You've reached the Laverys. Please leave a message.

[Answering machine beeps]

Emma: Mommy, are we stuck?

Annie: Um, no -- not for long, honey, not for long. Come on. All right, you know what I'm going to do? I -- I am going to call Daddy. Ok. Ok.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Annie? Annie, is that you?

Annie: Ryan, it's me and Emma and Spike, and we are stuck in the elevator in the penthouse.

Ryan: Annie? Hello?

Annie: Ryan, um, Emma has a stomachache, and she ate a brownie from Richie. Do you understand what I'm saying? Emma has a stomachache from a brownie that Richie gave her.

Ryan: Annie, I can't -- I can't hear anything you're saying.

Annie: Ryan?

[Spike fusses]

Annie: Ryan, can you hear me? Oh, God. Me on -- oh! God.

[Music plays at the Yacht Club]

Waiter: Good evening, sir. Are you here to meet a member?

Richie: Sure am. She's right there.

Waiter: Enjoy.

Richie: This time, the chili cheese fries are on you.

Singer: I'm wasting my time

Lily: They don't serve chili cheese fries here. And if they did, they -- they would be on my plate.

Richie: At The Comeback, you were with your boyfriend?

Lily: Oh, I think you're confusing me with my sister Ava. She's a supermodel, and she's going to be a movie star. And one time, she kissed a girl, and I thought she was a lesbian, but she just did it for publicity. And now I'm planning her wedding for her.

Richie: Huh. Do you always do that?

Lily: I've only planned one wedding before, and that was my wedding to Jonathan, and then our marriage got annulled, and now he's marrying Ava.

Richie: I meant do you always say exactly what's on your mind?

Lily: Well, I'm different. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, so I -- I don't know how to lie or use metaphors. So I basically always say what's on my mind. Can I help you with something?

Richie: You can keep me company, if that's cool.

Singer: Try and take my ground

Annie: Come on, come on.

[Annie coughs]

Emma: Mommy, are we stuck?

Annie: No, sweetie, not for long. We're going to -- we're going to see the doctor real soon. Emma, hold your ears. Emma, hold your ears right now.


Annie: Aah.

Ryan: Annie?

Annie: Ryan?

Ryan: Annie, are you -- you're in there?

Annie: Ryan, we're stuck! Get us out of here!

Ryan: Ok, I'm on it! Ok!

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: I'm going to get you out!

Kendall: I used Bianca's old keys to get in here.

Aidan: Have you ever heard of knocking?

Kendall: And I didn't do anything with Greenlee.

Aidan: Well, where is she, then, Kendall?

Kendall: I don't know -- maybe I should be asking you the same question, Aidan. Weren't you the one who dragged her off one night and locked her up?

Aidan: To get her away from the hospital and you, yeah.

Kendall: Still, it's a little caveman, don't you think?

Aidan: Well, I think you're asking the wrong bloke.

Kendall: Ok, at the time, Zach was worried about Greenlee being anywhere near me or the boys.

Aidan: And, what, now suddenly all that's changed, has it?

Kendall: I don't know where Greenlee is, ok? Just -- oh, ok.

Aidan: You know, when I spoke to her today, she sounded very strange. She was in a big hurry to get off the phone, and then I couldn't get back in touch with her, and now you're here, and she's not.

Kendall: And you're sounding paranoid.

Aidan: Were you with her today?

Kendall: Yes, we were together. And then she drove off in her car, and I drove off in mine. If you don't believe me, Aidan, just call her.

Aidan: Ok. So why didn't you give her whatever you bought her today when you were with her?

Kendall: Because I didn't remember until I stopped by Fusion to pick up a copy of a contract that Greenlee has to sign by the morning.

Aidan: Ah! So why didn't you just fax it over to her, then?

Kendall: Because I was shopping in the neighborhood. Why -- why in the hell is any of this your business?

Aidan: Because I care about Greenlee.

Kendall: That's very sweet -- really, it is.

Aidan: Look, she is so excited about the possibility of you two becoming friends again, she can barely see straight.

Kendall: Look, I don't know what Greenlee told you, but --

Aidan: Your friendship means so much to her. She thinks you're going to give her another chance, but I don't. I think you've got something entirely different in mind.

Zach: The only thing I want to control is your proximity to the people I care about.

Greenlee: Not the feeling I get.

Zach: I don't care about your feeling. But you here -- not going to happen again.

Greenlee: Who gave you the right to decide what does and doesn't happen? Who gave you the right to ruin my embryos? Who gave you the right -- you know what? I have an appointment.

Zach: Good luck with that.

Greenlee: You know, Zach, I only want what's best for your children.

Julia: Greenlee? The nurse you spoke to wanted me to let you know that Dr. Rosenbaum's running a little late, but he'll be able to take you in about 15 minutes.

Greenlee: Ok. Thank you, Julia.

Julia: Sure.

Greenlee: I'll -- I'll be back then.

Julia: Ok. Zach.

Zach: Who is this Dr. Rosenbaum?

Josh: I ran into him a couple of times when I was working here.

Zach: What kind of a doctor is he?

Josh: He's an Ob-Gyn, specializes in fertility issues.

Zach: Really?

Josh: Yeah.

Zach: Hmm. Greenlee's one step closer to being out of our lives.

Julia: Are you ok?

Greenlee: Ooh.

Julia: Well, you look like you're about ready to explode. Is something wrong?

Greenlee: Zach. Every time I see that man, I just --

Julia: Ahem. Can I get you a glass of water or something?

Greenlee: Well, what I want is to rip Zach -- look, I know we're not the best of friends, but, um, do you think that maybe you could just sit down for a minute and --

Julia: Uh -- yeah, yeah. I can take a short break.

[Greenlee sighs]

Greenlee: I'm sorry. I just --

[Greenlee sighs]

Greenlee: I didn't mean to freak out on you.

Julia: Well, what happened? Did Zach say something to you?

Greenlee: No, running into Zach anywhere is usually bad enough. Running into him on the way to the Ob-Gyn, it just -- it stirs up all this stuff, stuff I haven't thought about in so long. It's like one look at him, and I'm right back there -- the night of the blackout. I just want to understand everything that happened.

Julia: Oh, you mean why he did it?

Greenlee: I mean, I know Zach destroyed the embryos, because he didn't want Kendall to be my surrogate, but what I don't know is how.

Julia: Well, I think he just made sure the electricity went out.

Greenlee: I know this sounds weird, but part of me thinks that if I just understood exactly what happened --

Julia: Oh, Greenlee. No.

Greenlee: Julia, think about it. Zach knows, I don't.

Julia: Well, I know a little bit about fertility clinics. I -- I could try to help you.

Greenlee: You have no idea how much that would mean to me.

Josh: Look, I think it's a good thing to get Greenlee out of Fusion and away from my sister. That's why I agreed to help you with this.

Zach: And now what -- you're having second thoughts?

Josh: Well, it looks like the plan's working. Greenlee thinks her embryos might be out there along with her chances of having Ryan's baby -- something she's always wanted.

Zach: Still wants, apparently.

[Ian cries]

Josh: Zach?

Zach: Huh?

[Ian fusses]

Josh: If this road leads to nowhere, it'll kill her. You know that, right? I just don't know how you could be so cold about all this.

Zach: No?


Zach: Give you three reasons -- Ian, Spike, and Kendall.

Kendall: Ok. There is something that you should know about Greenlee -- she exaggerates, grandly and frequently.

Aidan: So you never said anything about working towards being friends again, then?

Kendall: I said we'd have to try to find a way to work together.

Aidan: Well, that's not the impression that I got.

Kendall: Well, I'm sorry you got the wrong idea. See you -- oh.

Aidan: Listen. Greenlee and I had plans to go out of town. And then she speaks to you on the phone and then, bam, she's not going.

Kendall: Well, that's classic Greenlee for you -- just cops out at the last minute. Get used to it.

Aidan: You made her an offer, something you knew that she couldn't turn down. Why did you do that?

Kendall: Ok, now you lost me.

Aidan: What's your plan, Kendall? What are you really after?

Kendall: Since you refuse to listen to me, I will tell you one more time -- I have to find a way to work with Greenlee and be civil with her so that our company does not tank.

Aidan: So this is just about Fusion?

Kendall: Think whatever you want, Aidan. I have to go.

Aidan: Aren't you forgetting something? The contract -- for Greenlee? Is it in that bag?

[Music plays]

Richie: I'm Richie.

Lily: That's not a real name. That's an abbreviation for "Richard." There's also nicknames like "Rick" and "Ricky."

Richie: How about you -- do you have a nickname?

Lily: No, my name's Lily. Some people try to call me "Lil," but I prefer "Lily."

Richie: Well, then, it's a pleasure to meet you, Lily. So you're planning a wedding. That's a big job.

Lily: I have excellent organizational skills.

Richie: You said your sister Ava's marrying your ex-husband? Isn't doing this a bit weird?

Lily: No, I -- I want Ava to be happy. And she and Jonathan are both normal, so they can have a happy marriage. I couldn't touch, so Jonathan and I couldn't be happy together.

Richie: Yeah, I don't like being touched, either.

Lily: Does it hurt you?

Richie: No.

Lily: So you can have sex, then?

Richie: Yes. Um -- it just bothers me when people invade my space.

Lily: Me, too. It makes me feel overwhelmed.

Richie: I never told anybody this before, but when I feel like that -- overwhelmed -- there's a place I go to calm down.

Lily: A tree house?

Richie: That a good idea, but no. I go to a ballpark.

Lily: Like a sports stadium?

Richie: More like a Little League park or a sandlot. I just sit in the bleachers and look out over the grass. Always makes me feel better. Anyway, I get where you're coming from, Lily. I think Ava's very lucky to have you as a sister for doing this.

Lily: Well, do you have a sister, too, Richard?

Richie: Yeah, I have a sister. But we're not tight like you and Ava. I wish we were, but I don't think that's going to happen.

Annie: It's ok -- Daddy's right outside. He's going to fix this. Oh, thank God.

Ryan: Ok! I'm getting it.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Whoa! All right.

Annie: All right.

Ryan: Hi. How is she? Is she ok? No? Ok, come on out. Come on, I'll get you. Come on, that's my boy! I got you!

Annie: Good boy! Ok.

Ryan: Oh!

Annie: Ok! Oh -- go to Daddy.

Ryan: I t you.

Annie: Go to Daddy.

Ryan: I got you -- what do you say?

Annie: Come on, Emma.

Ryan: Come on, Emma. Up you go. Oh -- ok! Why don't you -- over there. Just wait for me over there. Grab your purse -- here we go. Come on up. Ah! What is that, what happened?

Annie: Emma had a stomachache from a brownie that Richie gave her, a brownie that he told her not to tell me about. Ryan, I'm scared it had something in it. What if it had some kind of P-O-I-S-O-N?

Emma: What's that, Mommy?

Annie: It's ok. Come on, baby, it's ok.

Kendall: Now you want to search my bag?

Aidan: It's a big bag. I'm curious to see what's in it.

Kendall: You mean besides my machete and my hacksaw?

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: All right. Let's see here. I have -- oh. Spike's sweater, mm-hmm. What else do I have? I have a very nice pair of little boy pants. Cute, huh?

Aidan: Uh-huh.

Kendall: Mm-hmm. Oh, you might -- you might want to take a look at this and make sure I don't have a listening device, so I can spy on Greenlee.

Aidan: Well, it wouldn't be the first time you planted a bug, now, would it? I was doing renovations at Erica's penthouse, remember? And you did that -- that little striptease to distract me.

Kendall: Yeah, well, no such luck this time. No striptease. All I have are baby clothes.

Aidan: And a contract. I mean, after all, that is the reason why you're here, isn't it?

Kendall: Why are you here, Aidan? Honestly? You're so hot and heavy now with Greenlee, you have keys to her place?

Aidan: Yeah, I remember this tactic from when you and me were together. You get put into a corner, and you want to change the subject.

Kendall: You're not answering my question.

Aidan: Well, I don't plan to.

Kendall: You're the one who brought up our history. I just want to know how your love life is now. Is that a crime?

Aidan: No, it's not. But breaking and entering is.

Kendall: Aidan, Greenlee isn't exactly known for having functional relationships. Do you really think yours can go anywhere good?

Greenlee: Well, obviously, I've been inside fertility clinics. I know that the embryos are put in tanks.

Julia: And liquid nitrogen.

Greenlee: So how long can they stay in there? Months, years?

Julia: Well, I read about healthy babies being born from embryos that had been frozen for over a decade.

Greenlee: Wow. And they're still viable?

Julia: Yeah, it's amazing, huh?

Greenlee: Yeah. Wow, that's a really long time. So, what happens if the clinic has to close, or if they have to be transferred somewhere else?

Julia: Well -- well, I'm not sure, but I know that doctors recommend that women have all their procedures at the same place where the embryos were frozen, so --

Greenlee: Because they'd be damaged in transit?

Julia: Yeah, it's like anything delicate. The less they're moved, the better. Greenlee, I don't mean to pry, but why are you asking these questions?

Greenlee: You know, I just want to know what Zach did.

Julia: Oh. Because it sounds like you're trying to re-educate yourself in case --

Greenlee: In case what?

Julia: Are you thinking about having a baby?

Greenlee: I don't know what I'm thinking. Just that I'm thinking, yes, again, in the baby vein, after all these years. It's strange.

Julia: Well, I remember -- I remember what it was like when I first started thinking about being a mother again.

Greenlee: After Noah died?

Julia: I'd be in the checkout line at the supermarket or waiting across the street. And I would see this little boy with Noah's eyes and Noah's smile. And he'd just flash by for a second, and then gone. And just beyond my reach.

Greenlee: That must have been so hard.

Julia: It was. But it taught me that I did want to be a mom again. And so when I was ready, I went to see Greg Madden about artificial insemination.

Greenlee: What he did to you is so awful.

Julia: Yeah. He didn't even know me. Where did he get off thinking that I would be an unfit mother? Or lie to me and tell me that I couldn't carry a baby to term?

[Julia sighs]

Julia: He did such a number on me, I didn't know if I'd ever be ready to go through that again. But then Kathy came along.

Greenlee: How did you handle that, thinking that motherhood was completely off the table, and then hello? Another precious chance.

Julia: It was terrifying. And wonderful. Have you thought about adoption?

Greenlee: Well, I've thought about it. But if the possibility exists that I could have a child biologically, then I'd really want to try.

Julia: Well, I know what it's like to have dreams die, to bury them and to mourn them. But I also know that you can make new dreams. So if you really want to have a child, Greenlee, don't give up.

Greenlee: You know, any way you look at it, it's a hard decision, having a child. I just want to be sure about everything. I was so hurt and disappointed last time.

Nurse: Ms. Smythe? Dr. Rosenbaum can see you now.

Josh: I'll never forgive Greenlee for what she did to my nephews. That's why I agreed to help you with this whole fake cryogenic setup. But that's it. That's as far as I go.

Zach: I understand. I appreciate your help.

Josh: I just can't build up a desperate woman's hope and try to take control of her life with it. I'm not going to do at my dad did.

Zach: That's not what your father did. Those were innocent women.

Josh: Zach, have you thought -- I mean, really thought about what this will do to Greenlee? I know you want to punish her.

Zach: I just want her gone.

Josh: Yeah, but there's no guarantee that even after she gives up her shares of Fusion, that she's going to leave town. She may just stick around to tick everyone off.

Zach: Ah. But Kendall won't be working with her. That's the thing. Got someone around you all the time, every day, working with them, someone who did these horrible things to you. No. Not going to do that. That's what's killing Kendall. I can get Greenlee out of Fusion, eliminate that problem. Right?

Josh: And what happens when Greenlee finds out that this was just a setup? That everything was just a lie?

Zach: She'll be out of Fusion and out of my life.

Josh: You think you can predict the outcome, but you can't always.

Zach: Oh, Josh.

Josh: A decision like this has serious fallout, Zach. Are you prepared for that?

Zach: I'm sorry about all those horrible things your father did to those women. Very sorry.

Josh: All I'm saying is there could be consequences you don't plan for. All right? Greenlee's not the only one that's going to have to deal with all of this.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Josh: We all will.

Zach: Ok. You want to pull out. I respect it. And I understand it. Believe me, I take no joy in doing this to Greenlee. But my priority now and always is to take care of my family. Greenlee's a threat to that, a threat to the people I love, and I will do what has to be done.

Annie: Where is Joe?

Ryan: Well, they just paged him.

Annie: Oh.

Ryan: He should be here --

Joe: What's happened?

Annie: Hey. I want Emma's stomach pumped. I think she ingested something toxic.

Joe: Well, Emma, I understand you had a big dessert tonight.

Emma: I ate a brownie.

Joe: And did it taste funny?

Emma: No, it was good.

Joe: Mm-hmm? No? Well, do you have any other aches and pains besides your tummy ache?

Emma: No.

Joe: Uh-huh? You feel, you know, dizzy or sleepy?

Emma: No.

Joe: No? Oh. Well -- could you stay here for a moment, please? Yeah, yeah. Thank you.

Nurse: Hi, sweetheart.

Joe: Seems to me the only thing we're dealing with here is a garden-variety stomachache.

Annie: We don't know that for sure.

Joe: Well, I don't see any reason to be alarmed.

Ryan: Can't we run some more tests?

Joe: We could, but, I mean, I don't see what justifies --

Annie: I want you to pump her stomach, Joe.

Joe: That's a traumatic and painful experience.

Annie: I know. Well, it would be more painful if our daughter --

Ryan: Ok -- ok, all right, all right. It's just that we don't want to take any chances, that's all, Joe.

Joe: Well, Emma's symptoms just don't seem to justify such extreme measures. What makes you think that she ingested a toxin?

Lily: These are potential venues for Ava's reception, and I've divided them into categories of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Richie: They haven't chosen a date yet?

Lily: No, and sometimes it can take brides six months to find a location, but with this list, it should save Ava at least --

Richie: At least four months.

Lily: That's right.

Richie: Hmm.

Lily: But you didn't have to tell me that. I'm really good at math.

Richie: Well, we have a lot in common. Hmm.

Lily: Well, sometimes people try to take advantage of me, because they think I'm slow, but I'm not, I'm -- I'm really smart. I can solve mysteries and equations, and I'm going to MIT.

Richie: I know you're smart, Lily. I could tell that right off, and I also could tell that you're -- you're very nice, and that's why I asked if I could sit with you.

Lily: You're not trying to buy me alcohol, are you?

Richie: What? No, I just -- I'm just new to town, and I'm looking to make friends.

Lily: Well, I don't have that many friends.

Richie: Me, either. In fact, huh, you're the first person I've met in this town that I feel I could really be myself.

Lily: Who else would you be?

Richie: Um -- you know how you said that you're not like everybody else? I'm not, either.

Lily: You're not?

Richie: No.

Lily: How?

Richie: Well, I -- I don't see things like everybody else does, and, you know, people -- people can let you down, they can turn on you. But these numbers --

Lily: They're constant.

Richie: Yeah.

Lily: They make you feel safe.

Richie: Yeah, sometimes they're the only thing that do. Do you count when you're upset?

Lily: Yes -- I count backwards. How did you know that?

Richie: When I was a kid, I used to do the same thing. When my parents would fight and my sister would complain about being treated unfairly, I'd -- I'd just push it away by counting, just -- "one, two, three, four, five --"

Lily: You -- you might like numbers and be good at math and be different, but you're not different like me. I don't know anyone else who's different like I am.

Richie: That's true. It's too bad.

Joe: Now, does that seem like a little girl who's been poisoned?

Ryan: She does -- she does look ok.

Annie: We have to be sure.

Joe: I'll tell you what -- let me run some less-invasive tests that will prove just as much, ok?

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Ok.

Joe: All right, yeah. Emma? Emma, sweetheart, Nurse Carrie's going to take you down the hall to a little room, ok?

Julia: Hey, look at who's here -- it's Kathy's favorite princess pal! Oh, what's wrong, honey?

Joe: Emma has a tummy ache, and we're going to give her a special checkup.

Julia: A special checkup? Do you know who had a special checkup? Kathy. Do you want me to come with you? If it's ok with Mommy?

Annie: Yeah. Thanks, Julia.

Julia: Come on, hop up. Ooh. Wow, what a big girl.

Annie: Bye.

Ryan: We'll be right here, ok?

Annie: We'll be right here.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: He got to her. Richie got to Emma again, Ryan.

Ryan: All right, ok. If that is the case, we are going to stop him for good this time, all right?

Annie: I mean, part of me thinks that Richie couldn't do this.

Ryan: But Emma -- Emma said that Richie's the one who gave her the brownie, so --

Annie: I know, I know, and Richie -- Richie hurts people -- that's what he's always done -- but -- but a -- a little girl, an innocent little girl?

Ryan: Are you kidding me? We're talking about your brother here.

Annie: I know, I know --

Ryan: I know you don't want to believe that your brother would do such horrible things, Annie, but -- I know how that is -- but he's twisted.

Annie: I know. And I've known that my entire life, and I hate him. I hate Richie for what he's done, Ryan. But part of me --

Ryan: Wants to still love him?

Annie: I guess wonders if he still has any love for me. Is that -- is that crazy?

Ryan: He's still your family.

Annie: What kind of family is that? We're sitting here waiting to find out if he poisoned our 5-year-old daughter, and I'm sitting here wondering if he still has love for me. What is wrong with me?

Ryan: Nothing, all right? Nothing is wrong with you.

Lily: So what do you now, Richard? When you get upset?

Richie: Um -- I do things people don't like.

Lily: Things that scare them?

Richie: I think so.

Lily: Well, when I get upset, I have meltdowns. And I can rock back and forth, and I count backwards, and sometimes that scares people. And they don't understand, but you do.

Richie: That's true.

Lily: So you won't be scared of me?

Zach: Don't be sad. You want some of this?

[Ian fusses]

Zach: Ok.

Josh: You know, someday Spike and Ian are going to ask about all this.

Zach: Mm-hmm, and someday I'll tell them. Oh, it's ok, it's ok.

Josh: But where does this story start, Zach? You ever thought it might start with you, your decision to cause the blackout?

Zach: I think about it all the time.

Josh: And?

Zach: And if the situation came up again tomorrow, I'd do exactly the same thing. I'll do whatever it takes to protect my wife.

Kendall: So, you and Greenlee -- where is it headed?

Aidan: That's none of your concern.

Kendall: You're a good guy, Aidan. Greenlee is complex.

Aidan: Well, I've been with a few complex women in my day, haven't I? I'm sure I can handle it.

Kendall: Hey, if you don't want to talk about your relationship with Greenlee, that's fine with me.

Aidan: No, I don't, but I want to talk about yours -- why is it such a big secret?

Kendall: Ok, look, Zach doesn't want me going anywhere near Greenlee, ever so if he finds out that we're calling this ceasefire, he's going to freak out, and he doesn't need that.

Aidan: So this is about protecting Zach?

Kendall: Yeah, and myself. I have got to find a way to coexist with Greenlee at Fusion, so when I walk in there in the morning I don't get the urge to plunge a pair of scissors into her chest.

Aidan: Now, you attacking Greenlee like that, I believe, but you forgiving her? Not so much.

Kendall: This was supposed to be between me and Greenlee. Who the hell else has she been babbling to?

Aidan: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Kendall: No, we had a --

Aidan: Take it easy.

Kendall: No, Aidan, we had a deal. We had a deal, and she's ruining it by opening her big, fat mouth. So when you see her, you tell her the deal is off.

Aidan: Greenlee tells me your secret, and you just drop her, just like that?

Kendall: She knows the rules. If she can't keep quiet, then it's done.

Aidan: But you know damn well how much Greenlee wants your forgiveness. So you string her along, you build up her hopes, and then you just yank it all away? Is that it?

Kendall: You have no clue what you're talking about.

Aidan: Look, whatever your game is, Kendall, it stops now. You wanted Greenlee to leave you alone? Well, now you leave her alone.

Zach: One day you'll have a wife and kids of your own.

Josh: Right. And until then, I can't understand, right?

Zach: Stop. You said you want out, I said I understand. Don't judge me. Not now. Not until you find a woman that you love so much that you would gladly give your life for hers, until you look in your children's eyes and remember a promise you made to them. The day they were born, you promised that their life would be better than yours.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: A whole new set of rules, Josh. A whole new set of rules.

Ryan: You're with the elevator repair man right now? Super's checking it out. The power failure was just an electrical glitch? So the elevator stalled, because somebody hit too many buttons? So it was a fluke? You're sure that nobody tampered with it? Ok. Ok, thank you.

Annie: So it wasn't Richie?

[Annie gasps]

Annie: Oh, how's my brave -- my brave, brave, brave girl? Oh, I love you so much.

Julia: The special checkup went great.

Joe: Yes.

Annie: Ok.

Joe: She seems perfectly healthy.

Annie: Oh.

Joe: Oh, Emma --

Annie: Sweetness, come here.

Joe: Emma, sweetheart, I have one more question. Just tell us a little more about the brownie that you ate, ok?

Ryan: It -- it's ok, it's ok, honey, it's perfectly fine, whatever happened. Just -- did -- did Uncle Richie give you the brownie as a secret?

Emma: At the cabin.

Ryan: At --

Annie: But, sweetheart, the cabin -- that was -- that was weeks ago. Are you sure Uncle Richie didn't give you that brownie tonight?

Emma: He said to put it in my backpack, so I don't get hungry on the way home.

Ryan: Oh -- oh. But you didn't eat it in the car. You didn't remember that you had it until tonight?

Annie: So you have a tummy ache, because you ate it too fast?

Emma: Can someone take me to the bathroom?

Ryan: Oh --

Julia: I'll do that. Come here.

Ryan: Oh, thanks.

Julia: I got it. Oh, come on, you big girl.

Ryan: Thanks, Joe.

Annie: Oh --

Ryan: Thanks.

[Music plays]

Richie: It was great talking with you, Lily. I hope we can do it again soon.

Lily: Me, too. But can I keep calling you Richard since that's your real name anyway?

Richie: Sure you can. You have a good night. I'm going to -- I'm going to go see the marina.

Lily: But aren't you here to meet someone?

Richie: Huh. Nope. I'm just killing time. But I did meet someone, didn't I? Huh. Take care, Lily.

Singers: No one can say anything true

Annie: Look at us. Look what Richie's doing to us.

Ryan: Emma's fine.

Annie: But this constant fear about what my brother's going to do next -- it's taking over.

Ryan: We're not going to let it.

Annie: How?

Ryan: By reminding each other that we're not going to let him get to us, Annie. We're not, ok?

Kendall: You're right. I didn't come here to drop off something for Greenlee, ok? We had a discussion earlier, and it got heated, and I said some horrible things to her. So I came over here to apologize. But she wasn't here, so I was going to leave a note.

Aidan: That's it? That's all you got?

Kendall: I also got some bad news about Spike today. He may not be able to have the cochlear implant surgery.

Aidan: I'm sorry.

Kendall: And I was angry and -- and I took it all out on Greenlee, and I said some really nasty things that -- that weren't fair.

Kendall: I'm sorry about before, Greenlee. These -- these were the keys that Bianca had when she was staying here.

Greenlee: Wait, Kendall, um --

Greenlee: I'll see you at the office tomorrow?

Kendall: Yeah.

Aidan: How you doing? Are you all right?

Greenlee: Hmm.

Aidan: Hey, listen, we have to talk about Kendall.

Greenlee: No. Just hold me.

Richie: Hey, take care.

Ryan: So Zach should be here any minute.

Emma: Mommy, Daddy, is everything ok?

Ryan: "Is everything ok?" Yeah, yeah, everything is fine.

Kendall: How's Ian?

Zach: He's great.

Kendall: I miss him, Zach. I miss both my boys. Can you make sure that Spike is there when I get home?

[Greenlee smiles as she and Aidan cuddle up on the couch]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Krystal (wakes up in bed with Adam): Adam. Did -- did we --

Kendall: Do you know something about Greenlee? What are you up to, Zach?

Greenlee (to Aidan): I'm thinking of having a baby.

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