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Kendall: Spike already has a brother and a sister. Ian and Emma. But that's not what you were talking about, is it? You were talking about a child of your own. How is that even possible? Answer me, Greenlee! What aren't you telling me?

[Annie gasps]

Annie: Emma, is that a doggie?

Emma: It's a puppy until I get a real one.

Annie: Oh. We'll think about it. Hmm?

[Knock on door]

Annie: -- Sweetheart, stay right there. I'll be right back. Oh, hey, Zach.

Zach: Hey.

Annie: What's going on? Look who's here.

Zach: Am I interrupting something? Little monkey, come here! What --

[Zach growls]

Emma: Uncle --

[Zach laughs]

Zach: Hi, how are you? You having fun with Spike? You are? Where is Spike?

Emma: I'm getting a puppy.

Zach: You are? She's getting a puppy? I brought some stuff. Making sure you'd have everything you need.

Annie: Oh, thank you. Oh.

Zach: Let me say hi to this guy.

Annie: Hey, look. Look who's here.

Zach: Oh, my goodness.

Annie: Oh --

Zach: Oh, what? All right, why don't you just keep him with you?

Annie: He likes Aunt Annie, doesn't he?

Zach: He was just going to get a kiss. I brought you this because you forgot it at the house, all right?

Annie: Well, he's doing well.

Zach: Yeah?

Annie: We started him on the anti-inflammatories and decongestant, so it'll be a while till we know if they're working, but --

Zach: Never thought I'd hope for an ear infection. But if he wants the implant, I guess we got to --

[Spike fusses]

Zach: Hey -- you ok? You all right?

Annie: Yeah, I'm ok. One day at a time. Just waiting on some good news for Spike, and waiting to see what my brother does next.

Richie: Well, you are just one big surprise party after the other, aren't you, bro?

Ryan: Why don't you have a seat?

Richie: What, no noose? Oh, and props on the whole shooting-Annie thing. That just blew me away -- so to speak. So, what's with this whole bogus interview and that -- that dead stare? I hope you're not going to make me guess, because I really have things to do today.

Ryan: No, no guessing. I'm going to give you a choice. A -- you can come and work for me.

Richie: Oh, quick, get to the other choice, please.

Ryan: B -- you can take the money and run.

Richie: All those little zeros just to get rid of little old me? Hmm.

Ryan: And  -- C

[Ryan picks up a gun and loads it]

[Music plays]

Jonathan: So it's going to be a birthday/engagement party.

Woman: Your fiancée is a very lucky young woman.

Jonathan: I'm the lucky one, actually. Um -- and I want this to be just really special.

Woman: Special is what I do.

Jonathan: Ok.

Woman: Do you have anything in particular in mind?

Jonathan: No, not a thing. That's why you're -- well, I know it's going to be at ConFusion -- that's about as far as I've gotten.

Woman: That's a good start.

Jonathan: Ok.

Woman: I've never met your fiancée, but I'm thinking an art deco motif, perhaps. Black and white, silver accents. Right down to the food. Very now, very trendy. As for the cost --

Jonathan: The cost -- cost doesn't matter. Um -- I don't know about the whole art deco elegant thing.

Woman: Oh?

Jonathan: Yeah. Ava's -- Ava's a little different. Hi.

Ava: Hi.

Jonathan: Hey. Here, sit down. Sit down, sit down.

Ava: No, no, no, you guys look busy. I'll -- I'll --

Jonathan: No, no, no. Your timing's actually perfect. Ava, this is Sharon Borg. Sharon, this is my fiancée, Ava Benton.

Ava: Hi.

Sharon: Pleasure.

Jonathan: Sharon is one of the best party planners in town.

Sharon: Oh --

Ava: Really? A party planner?

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Ava: So we're having a party?

Jonathan: We are. For your birthday and our engagement.

Ava: Yeah -- oh, right. Party -- cool.

Jonathan: Here. So, the hat -- that's -- that's a new one. Haven't seen that before.

Ava: Yeah, it's new. So you're actually going to whip up our whole party?

Sharon: You just tell me what you want. I make the magic happen.

Ava: Oh, well, the only magic at my parties ever is a boom box and a six-pack.

Jonathan: Uh -- um --

Man: Ooh, excuse me.

Jonathan: Here.

Ava: No, I got it, I got it.

Jonathan: Ok.

Ava: Ahem.

Jonathan: So -- so how about you tell me what's really up with the hat?

Amanda: Why are we following Ava?

J.R.: Because I want to see Jon Boy's reaction to Ava's new do.

[Jonathan laughs]

Amanda: I can tell you right now he's not going to care. The lesbo kiss, the new tattoo being a flipping wack job -- nothing Ava does fazes Jonathan.

J.R.: This might. You remember that movie with the hot babe, and she transforms into an alien and then eats the guy?

Amanda: Yeah.

J.R.: This is the sequel. Hmm. And I want a front-row seat. Thanks.

Singer: You make me laugh

Adam: I still don't know what you want. Um -- what have I done this time?

Krystal: Oh, don't give me that wide eye. You know exactly what you pulled.

Adam: Well, please tell me. I'm dying to know.

Krystal: Now, who else in this town would set up a job interview for Richie Novak?

Adam: Who the hell is Richie Novak?

Krystal: Oh, come on. As if you don't know.

Adam: No, I don't know.

Krystal: Annie's brother? The ex-con who lied to Babe and scared the hell out of all of us the other night?

Adam: Him?

Krystal: Yes! Is he coming back to you now, Adam?

Adam: Krystal --

Krystal: You were so -- so kind and so protective of Little A and Babe, I almost --

Adam: You almost what?

Krystal: I should have known. I should have known you were trying to play both sides. Here I was counting the seconds until that troublemaker left town, and you give him a job?

Adam: Why the devil would I do that?

Krystal: Oh, just to keep him around, rub my face in my mistake for hiring him.

Adam: Wait, wait, wait -- as I recall, I defended your "stupid" mistake.

Krystal: Are you calling me stupid?

Adam: No. No, sweetheart, no. No, I'm not going to let you turn this around.

Krystal: If you dare hire him, Adam --

Adam: All right, I won't.

Krystal: Because let me tell you something. If you do --

Adam: No, and I'll have him shot, if that's what you want.

Krystal: Oh, please, don't patronize me.

Adam: Oh, come on, Krystal! Admit it. You're not here about Richie Novak.

Krystal: Why else would I be wasting my time here, Adam?

Adam: Simple -- because you can't bear to stay away from me. And you are not honest enough to admit it.

Richie: You going to shoot me with blanks? Do I get a blood packet first?

Ryan: No, these bullets are very real, Richie.

Richie: You don't have the guts.

Ryan: I'm not that stupid. I love Annie and my family too much to do life in prison for murder, especially for a waste of time like you.

Richie: Well, just as well. I don't think you'll do very well behind bars.

Ryan: Hmm. Which brings me back to option B. A million dollars, Richie. $1 million if you leave town, you never come back, you never contact Annie or Emma again.

Richie: This is generous. Really, but, you know, family's so much more important than money, don't you think? And besides, I am really starting to love this town.

[Richie tears up Ryan's check]

Ryan: Too bad you can't get a job here.

Richie: Did I thank you for that yet? I can't go back to The Comeback, and every other door in town

Ryan: Yeah, an ex-con living in a fleabag motel -- wait, no. The Pine Cone kicked you out, didn't they?

Richie: I get it. Sucks to be me.

Ryan: Yeah. I kind of had a feeling you'd rip up the check, which is why I had a third option. I just happen to have a position available.

Richie: Really?

Ryan: Here's the deal, Richie. You want to stay in Pine Valley, you just have to work for me.

[Annie sighs]

Annie: Well, Spike was asleep before his head even hit the pillow, and Emma was reading. But I'm sure she's out by now. Thanks for bringing Spike back his blankie.

Zach: Oh, I brought you something, too.

Annie: For me?

Zach: Uh-huh. For you. Hang on. Here.

Annie: "The Ballyhoo of my Life. The story of freaks, fakirs, and family." Someone beat me in writing my own life story?

Zach: Hmm. The story of a man who's abandoned by his family, so he joined the circus, and that's where he found a family he really wanted.

Annie: You read this?

Zach: Yeah, I can read.

[Annie laughs]

Zach: And I have other interests besides hockey. And this was written by a friend of Myrtle's, and she recommended it, so I'm doing the same.

Annie: I could use the distraction.

Zach: You know, family's sometimes not all about blood. It's just about people that love you.

Annie: Thanks, Zach.

Zach: Come here. Ok. You're not alone. We're in this together.

Kendall: It's not a trick question, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I just meant that I -- I might have children of my own someday. It's possible.

Kendall: Are you considering adoption or surrogacy?

Greenlee: I'm open to anything. Even miracles. I've even dreamed about our children growing up together, being friends.

Kendall: Really?

Greenlee: Past tense is what I meant. I -- it would be great. I don't expect that to happen.

Kendall: Well, that's good, because it won't. I mean, our kids couldn't really be like brothers and sisters, because they couldn't really share everything, now, could they? I mean, not unless -- not unless one of your children got kidnapped and thrown from a car. Or maybe one of your children became permanently deaf.

Greenlee: Kendall --

Kendall: Not unless one of your children was born prematurely and suffered weeks and weeks just trying to survive in a little incubator.

Greenlee: Ok, I didn't mean to make you upset.

Kendall: And not unless both of your children were cut open, stitched up, and then cut open all over again, because of someone who was horribly, viciously selfish. Someone who only cared about what she wanted, even if it cost my child's life.

Adam: Oh, yeah? Look who's talking.

Krystal: Oh, the ego on you --

Adam: Hmm, that's all part of my charm.

Krystal: Oh.

Adam: Are we done now?

Krystal: Absolutely.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Krystal: Just as soon as you apologize.

Adam: No, I don't -- I don't have anything to apologize for. Just for the record -- I wouldn't know Richie Novak if he walked in here and bit me. And I don't like being attacked. All right? All right, I'll play, I'll play. Let's see. I am so sorry, to the bottom of my stomach, that you feel compelled to blame me for everything -- the terrible thing that's gone wrong in your life. Right from the -- the ingrown toenails to ex-cons running your bar. Is that better?

Krystal: You call that an apology?

Adam: My God, woman, you -- you take the tiniest little thing and just hold on to it for dear life. Yeah, you have the death grasp of a moray eel.

Krystal: If you're trying to apologize, Adam, comparing me to a moray eel is not the way to go about it.

Adam: That be grateful, because I don't have anything to apologize for.

Krystal: Two words -- "Janet Dillon."

Adam: Two words -- "Tad Martin."

[Music plays]

Ava: Hmm, he's just the greatest, isn't he?

Sharon: Very generous, mm-hmm.

Ava: A party all for my own? I'm so blown away. But I've had a really long day, and I haven't gotten to see him at all, so I would really, really appreciate it if I could thank him on my own. You understand, don't you?

Sharon: Oh.

[Sharon chuckles]

Sharon: Young love. Oh. Well, I'll get started on a preliminary proposal.

Jonathan: Yes.

Sharon: Give me a call when --

Jonathan: I will do that.

Sharon: You have time to meet.

Ava: Thank you.

Jonathan: Thank you very much.

Sharon: Bye.

Singer: He's so retro

Jonathan: What's wrong?

Ava: Nothing. I want to spend time with the man I love. Is that such a problem?

Jonathan: Ava, what's wrong?

[Ava sighs]

Jonathan: Wow.

Ava: I know, I know. It's awful, and I'm a complete head case, but -- but I guess it's not all bad. I had an interview with "Craze" magazine, and instead of getting a little blurb in the back, they loved it, and I'm getting a four-page feature. That's good, isn't it? It's the best.

Singer: He's so retro

J.R.: I just don't get it. I mean, that girl is a walking, breathing train wreck. And yet, she keeps hitting jackpots.

Amanda: Well, the latest train wreck was your idea, not Ava's.

J.R.: I just told her to be, you know, herself -- cause a little bit of trouble.

Amanda: Not exactly a stretch.

J.R.: I didn't tell her to turn her head into a toothbrush.

Amanda: Ok. We've seen the big reveal. Jonathan's head didn't spin. The sky's still in place. Can we go now?

J.R.: I just don't get it. She's fascinating. No matter what she does or how crazy she acts, people just can't seem to get enough of her. I mean, what's up with that?

Amanda: I don't know. And I'm getting a little fed up with the question.

Adam: You know something? Dredging up the past isn't good for either one of us. Why don't we -- why don't we just try to let it go? To forget it?

Krystal: And how are we supposed to do that, hmm? The things we did to each other waltz into a room two steps ahead of us every single time.

Adam: All right, we've made mistakes. We've both made mistakes. We've admitted them, we've apologized -- more than once. By now, we should be able to put them behind us.

Krystal: Why didn't I think of that? Huh? Just yank the pieces of our hearts and soul out of the blender, throw them in a nice box, and forget any of them ever happened -- that is genius.

Adam: We could put a little bow on it if that'd make you feel better.

Krystal: Oh, you're being impossible.

Adam: All right, what's your suggestion? I know, I know. We could do needlepoint. Make needlepoints of our mistakes on the pillows -- pillows. That way, we could punch them every night just before we turn into bed.

Krystal: Yeah, you're being ridiculous.

Adam: Well, what else? Buttons. We could do it on buttons. Buttons would tell us what it was -- give us the story. "I hope you rot for what you've done to me." Hmm? You think you could get all that in one button?

Krystal: Keep it simple, Adam. "Go to hell, you bastard!" Is that clear enough for you?

Ava: Well, I wanted Fusion to dump me, so I went for it, right over the edge, but lucky for me, the magazine loved it. I guess I tried to mess something up, but I just can't. I just have that golden touch, right?

Jonathan: Mm-hmm.

Ava: Look, I know you hate it. I know you do.

Jonathan: No, I don't. I think you're beautiful no matter what you do to your hair. I'm trying to figure out why you feel like you have to be so outrageous.

Ava: Well, I got a couple of screws loose --

Jonathan: No, you don't have a couple of screws loose. You can have anything that you want. You can do anything that you want. Why do you feel like you have to pull stunts like this?

Ava: I call it a career move.

Jonathan: Do you like it?

Ava: Are you joking? It looks hideous, and it's going to take forever to grow out.

Jonathan: Hey, hey -- um -- next time that you're going to put a razor to your head, I want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you don't have to do stuff like this to get attention, to be loved. And if that doesn't work, I want you to think of me, because I'm proof that you can be just Ava and be loved for every last inch of you.

J.R.: Yeah, I might not get her, but I'm going to make a load of cash on her.

Amanda: I wouldn't count on it.

J.R.: But what am I going to do with that freaking hairdo?

Amanda: Nothing, because Fusion's not going to let her out of her contract. You heard Babe. Every stupid screwed-up thing Ava does just makes more money for Fusion. She's not going anywhere.

J.R.: I'll get her.

Amanda: The contract is ironclad. The company needs her.

J.R.: Since when did you become the conscience of Fusion? The money that I owe you is more money than you could ever make working there.

Amanda: You're a jerk.

J.R.: And who got you those diamond studs that make you look even more beautiful?

Amanda: You're so transparent. You could get me a ton of earrings, make as much noise as you want, but the truth is you don't want Ava to make money for your big-deal network. You just want her.

Ryan: Daily grind, 9:00 to 5:00. And the bonus is you get to work with me, closely. Do you think you can handle that?

Richie: What exactly is this job? I might not have the qualifications.

Ryan: Let's see. I don't need anyone thrown out of a window. I don't need anyone terrorized. So what else you good at? Uh -- lying. You're a good liar, right? So I could capitalize on that and maybe make you vice president of spin. Would you like that?

Richie: I'd like to know what I'd be doing.

Ryan: What's the difference? You get a paycheck. You need one of those.

Richie: I don't need this.

Ryan: I'm very surprised, Richie. A go-getter like you passing up the opportunity of a lifetime like this? I mean, what's with that, man? Unless -- I mean, unless, of course, you're afraid to take the job. Is that it? You afraid of me, Richie? You should know that I wouldn't offer this to just anybody. Just you. You're family.

Annie: It just seems like it's one bad thing after another.

Zach: Well, it only makes us stronger. Hey, you were here for Ian and Spike, and we're going to be here for you and Emma. It's all of us together. You, Ryan, me, Kendall. We're going to take care of little Richie.

Annie: Yeah. Wouldn't it be nice if we could bond over things like picnics and birthday parties like normal people?

Zach: Yeah, now that would be good. That would be cute, but we're not a traditional family, and we're always there when we're needed.

Annie: Yeah. I just hope we can make it to the other side. With Richie -- I don't know what Ryan is going to do next. You know? Like after what we did with him, he's going to get back at us. I mean -- and when he does, how long is this going to last? How many people are going to get hurt before this is over? And what if -- what if Emma gets caught in the crossfire?

Zach: We're going to keep her safe.

Annie: When she was born, I promised myself -- I said I wanted her to have the best childhood ever, the childhood that I never had, and instead, I have spent most of her entire life protecting her from people who want to hurt her. First her father, and now my brother.

Zach: Well, it's very different now. You're -- you're not alone anymore.

Annie: Yeah, I just -- guess it takes some getting used to. I mean, I used to just do everything on my own. I thought -- I thought that's how it would always be, and then Ryan came into my life.

Zach: Hmm.

Annie: And then you and Kendall, and for the first time ever, I feel like I can actually have the family I've always dreamed of.

Zach: And you can. My money is on you having a happy ending.

Annie: With Richie back in my life? He's not going to stop until he takes it all away.

Richie: So what makes you so sure I'm going to take this job?

Ryan: Because you can't leave it alone, Richie. You said it yourself -- the fun hasn't even begun yet. I mean, you're here for one reason, right? To tear Annie's life apart -- our life. And I'm not going to let that happen. So, if I can't get rid of you, then I'd like to know where you are and what you're doing. I mean, come on, man, you get a paycheck, I get to keep you close. It's a win-win. So what do you say, man?

Richie: I say let's talk salary, boss.

Greenlee: There won't be any reconciliation, will there? You can't get past this. I'm sorry.

Kendall: Don't go. I want this. I do. I -- I really want to move past what happened. But it's going to take some time. I can't just plant a smile on my face and -- and sail back into the way things used to be with us.

Greenlee: And I can't keep taking it between the eyes.

Kendall: Excuse me?

Greenlee: Haven't I done everything you've asked? Exactly what you've wanted?

Kendall: That doesn't absolve you.

Greenlee: You wanted this to be a secret. It is. You wanted me to re-enact what -- what happened with Spike. I did. Don't you think that plays in my head every night before I fall asleep? Don't you think I am slammed with those images 10 times a day? I did it. I'm sorry. And I'm going to regret it forever, but I can't keep letting you beat me up as part of your healing process. I've done enough of that for both of us.

Kendall: My children could have died!

Greenlee: What about my children?

Kendall: What?

Greenlee: What about what your husband did to me? What he did to the children that I might have had? You're not the only mother who's suffered!

Kendall: We can't keep fighting like this.

Greenlee: Maybe it's just not meant to be. Maybe we should stop trying.

Kendall: Now since when have either of us ever stopped trying until we've gotten what we wanted? And I want this. I don't care how hard it is. I'm willing to keep trying if you are.

Greenlee: Yeah, I -- I want this, too.

Kendall: Good. And I -- and I really do hope that someday maybe you can have children of your own -- healthy, happy children. And even someday we can get to that place that you were talking about, where our kids play together.

Greenlee: Do you really mean that?

Kendall: Yes, I do.

Greenlee: I'm going to go.

Richie: Is there overtime?

Ryan: No. No bonus, either.

Richie: How about benefits?

Ryan: Somehow I don't think you're going to be around long enough to get vested in a pension plan.

Richie: What about medical?

Ryan: The details will be in the orientation packet. Any other questions?

Richie: Where do I sign?

Ryan: I thought you'd never ask.

Richie: Ooh.

Richie: We done?

Ryan: This office, tomorrow morning, you'll get a list of your duties then.

Richie: Can't wait.

[Door opens and closes]

Annie: I try not to let it get to me. But then tonight, you knock at the door, my first thought -- "What if it's Richie?" The phone rings -- "What if it's Richie?"

Zach: I know.

Annie: Anyway, it's nice to know I have some backup.

Zach: Always. And speaking of family, I got a little boy in the hospital I'm going to say good night to.

Annie: Hmm. Give Ian a big kiss for me.

Zach: I will.

Annie: Hey, Zach? Thanks again.

[Music plays at the Yacht Club]

Ava: Well, I guess I could do wigs or hair extensions when it gets longer. What -- now you're laughing at me?

Jonathan: No, it's just --

Ava: No, that's -- that's nice.

Jonathan: No, it's --

Ava: It's very nice.

Jonathan: I'm just -- you are out of your mind.

Ava: No.

Jonathan: Yes, you are, but in the best possible way -- of course.

Ava: No, I could've gone completely cue-ball Britney. That would've screamed "mental," wouldn't it?

Jonathan: Uh, yeah -- yes, it would've because this choice right here -- that's totally sane.

[Jonathan laughs]

Ava: I can still have my party, right?

Jonathan: Um -- yes. Yes, of course you can have your party.

Ava: Well, you know what kind of party I always wanted?

Jonathan: I -- uh -- I'm afraid to ask right now.

Ava: I want hot, exotic fire dancers. How awesome would that be?

Singer: Don't say you love me

J.R.: I don't want anything to do with that disaster other than making money.

Amanda: If making money was the point, there are other ways to do it, smarter ways, J.R. There are a zillion other gorgeous women who would kill for the opportunity you could offer, and, hey, they may even have a couple of brain cells, too.

J.R.: But the network needs Ava.

Amanda: The hell with the network. It's about what you want, isn't it? And you want that. Admit it.

J.R.: Oh, my God. Her magic's working on you. She's sucking you in just like she sucks everybody else in.

Amanda: That is so not true.

J.R.: No, there's something about her that forces people to talk about her, obsess about her. And if I'm going to have to put up with it, I'm going to get a piece of it.

Singer: I'd rather be with you

Richie: Hey, Babe, it's me. Guess what -- I got the job. Anyway, you don't have to call me back. I just wanted to share the good news. In fact, I think I'm going to go find a really fun way to celebrate.

Ava: Ha!

Jonathan: Yeah.

Amanda: Are we done here? Because I'd really like to go someplace else -- like a nice, quiet restaurant, some wine, candles maybe? And we can talk about -- I don't know -- me, maybe, your day? Look, the solar eclipse -- I don't care, as long as it has nothing to do with Ava.

J.R.: You're the one who's still talking about Ava. Don't be jealous.

Amanda: I'm not -- I'm pissed. You -- you drag me here to spy on her? Who does that?

J.R.: This is business.

Amanda: And I'm sick of it.

J.R.: This is a huge deal, Amanda. Everything that I have is riding on this network going platinum. Now, if I had a contract with Joe Schmo, you better believe I'd be talking about him, too. It's the same difference.

Amanda: Except your eyes wouldn't be on his wiggling tush, would it?

J.R.: Oh. You're overreacting.

Amanda: Shut up, J.R. Just admit it -- you totally have a thing for Ava.

J.R.: You're right. I have a thing for Ava -- it's called "money."

Amanda: Well, then let's spend some of it on dinner. Are you taking me someplace or not?

Adam: You know, all this talk about hell has made me thirsty. Don't suppose you'd care to share a drink with me?

Krystal: Oh, oh, "no," no, no, no -- that's what got us in this mess in the first place.

Adam: Yeah, ok. Yeah, well -- fine, fine. Yeah, fire a shot, turn, run -- again, as always.

Krystal: I am leaving well enough alone before I say or do something that I might regret.

Adam: Krystal, wait -- wait.

Krystal: Oh --

Adam: Oh, I'm -- sorry.

Adam: I didn't mean to. I was just -- I was just trying to help.

Krystal: Leave me alone -- leave me alone!

Adam: No, I -- I didn't mean it. It was just an accident.

Krystal: Don't -- don't touch me!

Adam: Here, here, here --

Krystal: Would you leave me alone? Why don't you just leave me alone!

[Adam and Krystal kiss and start to remove their clothing]

[Music plays]

Ava: And we can have elephant rides and champagne swimming pools?

Jonathan: Oh -- how about a champagne fountain, ok?

Ava: But wouldn't that clash with the chocolate fountain?

Jonathan: Yes, it -- I -- I love you.

[Jonathan chuckles]

Jonathan: I love you.

Ava: Well, do you love elephant rides?

Jonathan: I love whatever makes you happy.

Ava: You're the best ever.

Amanda: Well, I guess I have my answer.

J.R.: Hey, come -- don't be like that.

Amanda: I can be whatever way I want, preferably with better company.

J.R.: Look, Ava is like a piece of real estate I can flip.

Amanda: "Piece" being the operative word. Don't even get me started on "flip."

J.R.: I mean a stock that I know will double in a week.

Amanda: If you play the stock market with that, you'll get a disease.

J.R.: Oh, you do care.

Amanda: No, I'm just bored.

J.R.: Where do you want to go? You want to go clubbing, want to go dancing, Paris? It's your call.

Amanda: I'll take a burger and fries as long as Ava is not part of the conversation.

J.R.: All right. One burger and fries, coming up -- hold the Ava.

Singer: She's just a body double you, you, you, yeah, yeah you, you, you, yeah, yeah you, you, you, you she's just a body

Greenlee: Hi. Excuse me -- I was wondering about fertility specialists on staff.

Nurse: We have several.

Greenlee: Ok, well, I am specifically interested in cryogenics, how embryos -- how they survive, how they're stored, transported. Would there be someone that could answer my questions?

Nurse: Yeah, let me check. I'll be right back.

Greenlee: Great, thank you.

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

[Kendall sneaks into Greenlee's dark apartment]

Aidan: Well, well, well, look who it is. What the hell do you think you're doing here?

Ryan: How's Spike?

Annie: Our little night owl woke up, but he's doing good, huh?

Ryan: Oh, yeah? Well, I'll be home soon to give him a kiss -- you and Emma, too.

Annie: Hmm, can't wait.

Ryan: I love you.

Annie: Love you, too.

[Spike babbles]

Annie: Yeah. It's Daddy, huh? Well -- well, hello, miss. What are you doing awake? Hey, come here. Come here. What's -- what's wrong?

Emma: My tummy feels yucky.

Annie: Oh, baby. Let me see -- you don't have a fever. What -- what is this on your face? Is that chocolate? Where did you get chocolate?

Emma: He told me not to tell.

Annie: Who told you?

Emma: Uncle Richie.

Annie: What -- um -- what did he tell you not to tell me?

Emma: He said I could have the brownie only if we kept it as our secret.

Annie: Ok. Ok, um -- honey? Come -- come with me, ok? Follow Mommy. Follow Mommy.

[Spike babbles]

Annie: Hi. We're going to go take a little trip to the doctor, ok? And he'll -- come here. Oh, good boy. He'll make you feel better, ok? It's all going to be fine. Follow Mommy -- come here, sweetie. Emma, go. Good girl. Ok. Everything is -- everything's ok. Everything's ok. Ok, good girl. We're going to be at the doctor so soon. Come on. Ok, go -- go, go, go. Good. All right, let's see here. Come on. All right, everything's going to be just fine. You're going to be fine, we're all going to be just fine. Ok. Ooh! God.

[The elevator suddenly stops and the lights go out]

Emma: Mommy?

Annie: Oh, it's ok. Uh -- it's ok, sweetie. I'm sure -- I'm sure it'll start up again real soon.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Aidan: What's your plan, Kendall? What are you really after?

Greenlee (to Zach): Who gave you the right to ruin my embryos?

Annie (to Ryan): Emma has a stomachache from a brownie that Richie gave her. Do you understand what I'm saying?

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