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[Music plays at the Yacht Club]

Greenlee: Liquid nitrogen, cryogenic tanks --

J.R.: Obviously, Zach has a warehouse where he's keeping those fertilized eggs tucked away safely.

Greenlee: These were mine.

J.R.: That would be a good guess.

Greenlee: Zach took them from me. He ruined my life, that son of a --

J.R.: You took the words right out of my mouth, but now you know. And knowledge is power, right?

[Phone rings]

J.R.: I have to take this call. What?

Ava: Ok, I'm ready to go down in flames -- well, maybe not ready, but it's going to happen -- Fusion is going to cancel my contract.

J.R.: What are you planning?

Ava: You don't want to know.

J.R.: That must good, yeah? You keep me posted. What are you doing? That's a business call.

Greenlee: I don't want to hear about your business call. You just turned my life upside down.

J.R.: Not me, Greenlee, Zach Slater.

Greenlee: Ok. All right, your -- your man at Cambias who got you this information -- can he be trusted?

J.R.: Yeah, he's my inside guy. Just think -- you still might be able to have Spike's little brother or sister.

Singers: Yeah, someday nobody told me

Greenlee: Are you playing me, J.R.?

Kendall: Spike can't have the surgery now?

Ryan: But he's ready, he's a good candidate -- that's what you said.

Zach: Joe, what happened?

Joe: There's fluid in Spike's inner ear.

Kendall: Ok, and that's why he had a little fever.

Joe: And why we can't go ahead with the operation.

Annie: You mean now, right?

Joe: I mean if it's just an infection, all it is, is a bump in the road.

Ryan: But -- but if -- if it's more than that, then --

Joe: If it's something more than that, it's possible Spike may not be a candidate for the surgery.

Kendall: No.

Zach: Kendall --

Kendall: No, no, you have to do it. This is Spike's only chance to hear again -- you can't take that away from him.

Amanda: Ooh -- thanks, guys.

Babe: Hey, Amanda. I'm here with our mini focus group.

Amanda: Oh, can I tell you how much I hate not being part of the youth market anymore?

Colby: Oh, yeah, right, you're just so 20-something.

Amanda: Do you want to hit her?

Babe: Corrina, this is Amanda. Amanda, Corrina.

Corrina: Hi.

Amanda: I will try not to resent you.

Corrina: Same here.

Babe: Where's Kendall?

Amanda: She's at the hospital. Spike had to go for some tests, and Greenlee's someplace.

Babe: And Ava?

Amanda: Your guess is as good as any.

Babe: She'd better be here.

Colby: Like Ava's ever on time.

Corrina: Wait, you know her?

Colby: Better than I'd like to.

Corrina: Well, those pictures that she did for that Fusion Green thing or whatever -- she really rocked in those. I mean, she's kind of outrageous, huh?

Amanda: Kind of.

Babe: Speaking of which -- when the magazine interview is over, we want to pick your brains on our website.

Colby: Yeah, sure.

Corrina: Cool.

Colby: Cool.

Babe: Any word from "Craze"?

Amanda: The magazine called to confirm -- Kerry Vernon and his photographer will be here in about half an hour. But Ava -- wherever she is -- is not answering her cell phone. If that girl does not show, we're dead. Oh, thank God.

Ava: Is this outfit smokin', or what?

[Door to Josh's office opens and closes]

Hannah: You look so at home behind Zach's desk.

Josh: You jealous?

Hannah: Well, I'll settle for a paycheck.

Josh: Is that it, huh?

Hannah: Is there anything else?

Josh: Oh, I don't know. A minute ago, you were on the "I just want to help Zach" train.

Hannah: And I still am. But a girl's got to eat, especially one who doesn't have a man to take care of her.

Josh: Oh, I'd pay to see that.

Hannah: What? You don't think I'd go for something like that someday, with someone?

Josh: No.

Hannah: You still don't trust me.

Josh: That's right. But it's worth keeping you around to see what you're going to do next.

Hannah: Is that from Zach or is that from you?

Josh: It's from both of us.

Hannah: Hmm.

Josh: So, what can I do for you?

Hannah: Fill me in -- what's up with Chandler Enterprises?

Josh: No change -- it's still ours.

Hannah: We haven't made any staff cuts, replaced their people with ours, and this manufacturing arm in Cleveland should've been sold or closed by now.

Josh: Zach must disagree.

Hannah: Come on, Josh. Why the stall? What's -- what's really going on?

Josh: I just told you.

Hannah: Is J.R. involved? Is he working with us?

Josh: J.R.? What planet did that come from?

Hannah: Well, Zach's been meeting with him.

Josh: Who told you that?

Hannah: He's been seen around town. And it seems strange to some people and even stranger to me, given the fact that they both hate each other. That's why I'm asking.

Josh: J.R. is not working with Zach.

[Phone rings]

Josh: Hello? Colin, yes. I need the 2008 projections for Penn Corp.

Hannah: Like hell he's not.

Joe: Look, as I said, you know, it may be just a cold or an infection. We'll determine the cause once we run that battery of tests.

Kendall: Ok, and then everything will be all right? Then Spike can have the cochlear implant?

Joe: We're going to treat Spike with a decongestant and an anti-inflammatory. And if the fluid is not a residual effect of the trauma --

Ryan: Wait -- you mean from the accident?

Joe: Yeah.

Kendall: But -- well, how can that be?

Zach: After all this time, it can't still be --

Joe: I know, I know, I know, but it's still a possibility. But, anyway, hopefully the medication will clear it all up.

Kendall: And then?

Joe: And then we'll examine Spike again next week, and we will re-evaluate.

Ryan: Ok, all right, so, um, if the fluid isn't from the infection, then is the surgery out completely?

Joe: If drainage is a chronic problem, then yes. I'm sorry, but cochlear implant -- it's no longer an option.

J.R.: Why would I be playing you, Greenlee? What would I get out of it?

Greenlee: Something. You're not the kind of guy who just gives things away without asking for something back.

J.R.: We'll talk about what I want later -- if you're really interested.

Greenlee: Right -- if this is even for real.

J.R.: Well, it looks pretty real to me, and we both know Zach wouldn't throw something out that he could use in the future.

Greenlee: No, he wouldn't.

J.R.: I mean, you know the bit -- the guy goes to heaven, he's looking for God, God says, "You must have me mistaken for Zach Slater."

Greenlee: Bastard.

J.R.: That he is.

Greenlee: You know, there's no address anywhere on here, so where is this machine?

J.R.: The cryogenic freezing unit was purchased one week before the blackout -- that gives you most of your answers right there. As far as the location is concerned, that's a mystery, but it is being maintained monthly.

Greenlee: Well, then I'll find them. I mean, if they exist, I will find them.

J.R.: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Why don't you let me handle it?

Greenlee: You? What do I need you for? These frozen embryos belong to me, and I'll get them back.

Ava: No, I won't do it!

Babe: Damn it, Ava --

Ava: This is the outfit I want to wear, so this is what I'm going to wear.

Amanda: You want every reader of "Craze" to think you got TP'd in the parking lot?

Ava: Well, it's better than some of the crap that you guys pick out!

Babe: That "crap" costs more than you make in a year.

Ava: Well, that shows you how underpaid I am.

Babe: Ok, Ava, where is this coming from? What are you trying to do here?

Ava: I told you -- Halloween! It's my favorite time of year, mummy's the perfect costume.

Amanda: I vote we cover the rest of her face and toss her in the closet.

Babe: And tell "Craze" what?

Ava: Look, they don't want to interview you, they're not taking pictures of you, they want to talk to me.

Amanda: Why do we have to put up with this, "why"?

Ava: Because I am the face of Fusion Green, I am what the consumer wants.

Amanda: No, you are the immature little bitch that makes everybody else miserable!

Ava: Then fire me.

Babe: Oh, ok -- now I get it.

Ava: Oh, the hell you do. Well, what do you think -- whoever you are?

Corrina: Corrina.

Ava: So?

Corrina: I think it's kind of hot. Don't encourage her.

Ava: See? Someone that finally understands. Halloween -- pay attention.

Babe: Ava, this isn't funny.

Ava: Maybe you'll like my next shoot idea. I'm thinking we should go season by season -- what about Christmas?

Amanda: We show you run over by a reindeer?

Ava: I'm thinking supersexy elf!

Colby: Ho-ho-big-ho.

Ava: Imagine me sitting on Santa's lap.

Babe: Ok, Ava, not happening.

Corrina: Yeah, but not old, fat Santa, right, a hot Santa?

Ava: Yes.

Babe: Look, Ava, we don't have time for this. The reporter is going to be here --

Ava: What, you think you own me?

Babe: Yeah, that's right, we do -- it says so in your contract.

Ava: Well, we will see about that! You all just think I'm some brainless piece of meat.

Amanda: That would actually be a step up from what I think.

Babe: Ok, don't, don't. Let's discuss this reasonably.

Amanda: No, ok, Babe, this has gone too far. You cannot let her keep getting away with this. We're going to be a total joke.

Babe: But the magazine people are going to be here any minute.

Ava: Without me, Fusion will be dust.

Amanda: Do you see what I mean?

Babe: I promise I won't hurt you.

Ava: Oh, you're too late. This is so right, but you guys just can't see it because you're so 20th century. Blah, blah, blah.

[Ava sighs]

Ava: I hate you, and I hate Fusion!

[Music plays]

J.R.: What are you doing?

Greenlee: I'm taking these to Zach, and I'm going to wallpaper his face with them.

J.R.: I thought you were smart.

Greenlee: Trust me, I know how to play Zach.

J.R.: Yeah, except he's going to play you a lot smarter. You know, he went to a lot of trouble to keep this quiet. You think my guy found those papers on the employee bulletin board?

Greenlee: You know, I'm not an idiot, J.R.

J.R.: Then stop acting like one and listen to me for a minute. After everything you went through with Kendall, and this whole mess with Spike and Ian, do you really think that Zach's going to want to see you? Do you think he's going to want to have anything to do with you?

Greenlee: What about you? You think you'd do better? You nearly killed Kendall.

J.R.: And how did Zach get his payback? He robbed us. He took my family's company. Trust me, taking Zach Slater on is not the right move. What we need to do is keep quiet. Otherwise, if he catches wind of this, he's going to bury that evidence, and we're never going to find your embryos.

Singer: Nothing to nothing to lose ♪

Greenlee: I can't believe Kendall knows about this. I mean, she just -- she couldn't.

J.R.: Well, it's my guess that she's probably in the dark like the rest of us. But, hey, once you get them back, Kendall's going to be surprised to find out that her husband pulled a dirty trick. I don't even know if Kendall will be able to forgive Zach for such a thing. And wouldn't that be a shame?

Kendall: I don't want to hear it, Zach.

Zach: Waiting is going to be tough, but we got to do it. We got to hang in there and keep the faith.

Kendall: No, it's over. It's over -- Spike can't have the surgery.

Zach: That's not what Joe said.

Kendall: No, it's too late. I waited too long, Zach.

Zach: This might be a setback, but it's not over.

Kendall: "This might be"? "This might be a setback"? This might be -- I -- what am I supposed to do, huh? What am I supposed to do for my little boy?

Annie: We are going to be here.

Kendall: No, no, no, I waited too long.

Annie: No, Kendall, no.

Ryan: Joe called the prescription into the pharmacy, so we're going to head down there and pick it up.

Zach: We'll stay here.

Annie: It's ok.

[Music plays]

Greenlee: I never liked Zach. He's a fake. His whole life is a lie. Poor Kendall.

J.R.: And Kendall stayed with him, even though that she knew Zach caused the blackout.

Greenlee: But still, this is bigger, much bigger. I mean, this is insane. Zach staged the blackout so he could "take" my fertilized eggs?

J.R.: So he could have ammunition down the road.

Greenlee: Everything -- my whole life would've been so -- so different, Ryan and Kendall's, too. How could he do this? If Kendall carried my child, I would've raised him. I never would've taken Spike. I wouldn't have lost control of the car. Spike would be fine.

J.R.: And you would've had the baby that you always wanted.

Singer: I got what it takes ♪

Greenlee: Oh, Kendall and I would both have children, and they would be playing together. I had so many dreams.

Singer: Not even yours ♪

Zach: One step at a time, ok?

Kendall: This was supposed to work.

Zach: The implant can still work.

Kendall: It should've been done when they first told us. The doctors said, "The sooner the better."

Zach: Don't.

Kendall: No, and I -- I wasted so much time. I wasted so much time with that stupid quack, Dr. Hilliard, and I nearly killed Spike with the vitamins that he prescribed.

Zach: That wasn't your fault.

Kendall: I know, but I should've just ok'd the surgery from the get-go, first thing.

Zach: There's one person responsible for all this, and it's not you.

Kendall: Greenlee.

Amanda: Well, it's never dull around here. Uh -- you know, Ava -- she just got a bigger dose of the diva gene that we all have.

Ava: You're wasting my time.

Babe: Your time?

Ava: Yeah, my time -- I'm innovative, I have ideas. I don't need these marketing geeks telling me what sells.

Babe: Oh, right, right -- mummies, hot santas, and I can't even guess what you'd have the Easter Bunny doing.

Ava: I don't need this, I could be planning my wedding.

Amanda: Ok, can we ditch the King Tut look and guarantee no more missiles?

Babe: Yes.

Ava: No.

Amanda: I like her response. Look, I just promised Kerry that he could get the interview, take some shots, and get out of here alive. Do not make me a liar.

Ava: Fine. So what can I tell you?

Kerry: How about filling us in on this new look?

Ava: Well, I came to Fusion to create more than just a "look." It's all about the spirit, the art, you know? Management -- they say they want one thing, and then they shovel out just more tired garbage. They're only comfortable with the same old same old. Where's the passion? Where's the love? And thank God I won't be trapped in this company much longer -- Fusion's just a stepping stone. I'll be moving on to films, the recording --

Amanda: You know what? Speaking of film, why don't we move on to the photo-shoot portion of the entertainment?

Babe: Great, great. Time for the unveiling, and into wardrobe.

Ava: Oh, you want unveiling? Ta-da!

Colby: Oh, my God!

Corrina: Wow.

Colby: Oh --

Ava: Eat my dust, Britney, yeah!

Annie: Having sweet dreams, Spike? Extra sweet, I hope.

Ryan: I'd hate to wake him.

Annie: Why not wait?

Ryan: We waited too long already, haven't we, son?

Annie: It can still happen, Ryan.

Ryan: You know, up until half an hour ago, Spike hearing again was a sure thing. I mean, the cochlear implant -- it was the answer, it was Spike's ace in the hole.

Annie: I know.

Ryan: And I pushed for it. I pushed and I pushed, and I didn't let it go with Kendall. I -- I kept on it. I said that this is -- this is what we owe Spike. And now -- I mean, now we don't even know if we can. There's a very real possibility that Spike might be stuck in silence forever.

Annie: And he might -- he might not be.

Ryan: I wouldn't even let myself consider the possibility, and -- and now I can't really think about anything else.

[Music plays]

J.R.: Sure, you want to race over there, you want to demand answers from Zach Slater -- I know I did when he robbed my family blind. But all you're going to get for your trouble is a spit-eating grin.

Greenlee: I can't just do nothing.

J.R.: That's why you should let me get the information for you.

Singer: I'm so sorry, baby that she let you down ♪

Greenlee: Fine. But, um, remind me again why I should trust you.

J.R.: You don't have to trust me. But I will expect payment from you when the time comes.

Greenlee: Yeah, no doubt.

J.R.: All you need to know is that I hate Slater just as much as you do. I owe Slater some bigtime payback, and I intend to deliver it to him. All you need to do is, for now, steer clear of him.

Greenlee: How long do you think it will take to find out for sure?

J.R.: Not long. Just sit tight.

Singer: You wanna try and remind me you said, "I think about the way we were" ♪

Greenlee: Yeah. Like hell I will.

Kendall: What Greenlee did to Spike, to all of us -- it's like a tidal wave. And as soon as I start to relax, I get smacked down by another wave, and I'm right back to where I was when Greenlee drove her car off the road.

Zach: It won't be that way forever.

Kendall: You're damn right it won't, because I'm stopping her.

Zach: You're stopping Greenlee? How?

Josh: Yeah, I forwarded the file to Colin. Now, the financials are soft, you need to take a more aggressive approach. Ok, get back to me. I didn't ask for this.

Hannah: But you need it.

Josh: Hmm.

Hannah: I need to know the truth -- about J.R. and Chandler Enterprises.

Josh: Well, I just told you -- there's nothing there. I'm getting a little curious now -- why do you keep pushing this?

Hannah: Well, whatever you think I'm up to, Josh, we all know that I'm good at targeting trouble and making it disappear. So if Adam has J.R. doing his dirty work, then I'd like to --

Greenlee: Josh, I need to -- oh, hi, Hannah, hello. Um, Josh, I -- I'm so sorry if this is a bad time. I just -- I really need to talk to you about something personal.

Josh: No problem -- we just finished.

Hannah: Oh, no, I'll come back later. Greenlee.

Josh: What's going on?

Greenlee: Well, I can't reveal my source, but I just heard -- oh, God, Josh, I -- I'm hoping this isn't true, but I think Zach did something horrible -- I mean, even for him. Just -- um -- is it true, Josh, and did you help him?

Zach: There's something you're not telling me? You got a plan for Greenlee?

Kendall: No, no, not at all.

Zach: "Not at all"? Because it sounded like you had something.

Kendall: Um -- I -- revenge fantasies, that's all. Yes, it's how I sleep at night. I actually have this really good one of tying Greenlee into the back of a car and plunging it off the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Zach: Don't.

Kendall: I will try to control myself.

Zach: Seriously. Don't go after her.

Kendall: Zach, I won't do anything that could hurt us. I promise.

Zach: Good.

Kendall: Ok.

Zach: Greenlee will get what she deserves.

Kendall: How?

Zach: Life has a way of making things even. Let's go home.

Kendall: I -- I got to go to Fusion. We have this huge photo shoot, the people from "Craze" are going to be there, and Ava needs tons of supervision.

Zach: Let someone else handle it.

Kendall: I need to do something, Zach, anything just to get my mind off of all this.

Zach: Ok. Don't wear yourself out.

Kendall: I won't. Ok, and don't worry about me. I can handle Greenlee.

Annie: Spike will never be alone. And even if he doesn't hear, he -- he sees you, and he feels you. He understands how much you love him.

Ryan: Do you? Do you know that, Spike-man?

Annie: You can tell him. You know how to sign it. Remember -- "I love you." Or there's "I love you." "I L Y." Or you can emphasize lip-reading. Look -- "Annie." "Annie." "A-N-N-I-E -- Annie."

Ryan: Yeah, but I already know who you are.

Annie: Spike knows who you are, too, Ryan. Even if he had been born deaf, he would still know who you are. He knows who -- who makes him laugh. You smile, he smiles. He knows that you're a goof, he knows you.

Ryan: Yeah. Sometimes he knows.

Annie: He knows who gives him the big hugs, he knows who -- who tosses him up in the air. He knows who kisses his scrapes when he's hurt. You just have to teach him how to call you by signing.

Ryan: "I love you, Annie."

Babe: Please tell me this is a fake.

Corrina: That is so sweet.

Ava: Well, I got it done at Skulls -- next to the tattoo parlor?

Corrina: Yeah, yeah.

Ava: And I got a couple piercings, but they're private.

Amanda: Anything in your life that's private?

Ava: Give it to me!

Amanda: Has Jonathan seen your new do, Ava? You think your new fiancÚ is going to like it?

Ava: Oh, Jonathan loves me, remember? He'll like anything I do.

Amanda: Just give him time, honey.

[Ava giggles]

Corrina: How long did that take you?

Ava: I don't know.

Babe: Get over here.

Ava: Ooh. All right, give it to me. I know I deserve it -- tell me I'm fired. Tell "Craze," let the whole world know.

Babe: No, we have a contract, and you're going to honor it.

Ava: Well, shove the contract. I want creative control.

Babe: And you can shove this brat act of yours. Whatever J.R.'s promised you is going to be put on hold.

Amanda: Until your contract with us is up.

Babe: News flash, Ava -- we don't have to let you work. We can keep you from working.

Ava: What's that supposed to mean?

Babe: It means that you can act like a 2-year-old all you want, but you can't make us fire you. We'll keep you under contract --

Amanda: While you do nothing. Zero exposure -- poor baby.

Babe: You appear the way that we want you, or you disappear.

Amanda: Your 15 minutes will be up. "Who is that? Wasn't she --"

Babe: Good-bye, face of Fusion. You'll be the face of nothing by the end of the month.

Ava: I hate you guys. I hate them.

Babe: Sorry -- um -- sorry about that.

Amanda: Yeah, can we just pull the piece completely?

Kerry: Why? Ava is fierce. I didn't think that Fusion was so edgy. I had you labeled more middle of the road, safe.

Amanda: We are.

Babe: We were.

Amanda: Right -- before Ava.

Kerry: Ok, listen, you know, if you want to just stay with the herd, not take the lead, that's ok, but me -- there is no choice. Tell Ava I want to get this done, ok?

Amanda: Oh, God -- huh -- Ava won.

Babe: Who tells her?

Amanda: Uh -- oh!

Babe: Ok.

Colby: Because I got it.

Ava: I know. Ok. Good.

Babe: Um -- we -- we talked it over, Amanda and I, and, um, we didn't mean to be so hard on you. You do have a -- a fresh perspective, and we want you to have a say in how we present you.

Ava: You do?

Babe: We're a team. So let's do the shoot?

Ava: Ok. Unwrap me. You're getting the total Ava.

Amanda: I'll get wardrobe.

Ava: No, never mind the wardrobe -- I'm wearing my birthday suit. Corrina?

Babe: So you like Ava's new look?

Corrina: Yeah! I wish I could pull that off.

Colby: Really?

Corrina: I mean, she's having fun, it's cool.

Colby: Ok, you would make a way better role model. You guys should fire Ava and hire Corrina.

Corrina: Talk about sabotage.

Colby: Look at this -- she's gorgeous.

Corrina: Look, I'm really a musician.

Babe: That's a great cover.

Colby: You're an artist. Why not?

Corrina: It's not --

Ava: Ok, let's rock!

Colby: Oh --

[Music plays]

Singer: I don't need a rescue baby, can I guess, you think I'm just another ♪

Singers: Cinderella girl ♪

Singer: If I need a kingdom I can go and get one I could never be your ♪

Singers: Cinderella girl ♪

Singer: I don't need a rescue in your head, I guess you think I'm just another ♪

Singers: Cinderella girl ♪

Singer: If I need a kingdom I can go and get one I could never be your ♪

Singers: Cinderella girl ♪

Singer: Cinderella girl ♪

Josh: Whatever you heard, I didn't do anything to you, Greenlee, all right? Get new sources.

Greenlee: I tried to let it go. I did, but it just -- it -- it feels too real, Josh. I think it's true, I really do.

Josh: What, so you're getting this upset over a rumor?

Greenlee: These are my embryos, mine and Ryan's -- they could still exist!

Josh: Are you crazy? You know they thawed out in the blackout, Greenlee. You think my -- my dear old not-dad kept them?

Greenlee: But what if Zach got to them first, like, switched them or something? Now he has them, frozen?

Josh: Who told you this?

Greenlee: It doesn't matter.

Josh: Well, then neither does this. Forget it.

Greenlee: I keep telling myself that it's impossible, that -- that Zach destroyed everything with the blackout.

Josh: I'm sorry, but, yes, he did.

Greenlee: Don't lie to me, Josh. You and I both know that Zach is way too smart to throw away something that he could use later.

Josh: Ok, let me get this straight -- you -- you think that you've got children wandering around somewhere?

Greenlee: No, but I think I could someday. You know how badly I wanted to have Ryan's child, and what happened when that was taken from me.

Josh: Greenlee, this is not healthy.

Greenlee: I'm right, aren't I? Zach still has those embryos hidden somewhere.

Josh: How would I know?

Greenlee: Because you inherited the fertility clinics from your father.

Josh: I sold them all, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Yeah, but you know how to set them all up and get the equipment.

Josh: I -- look, as a friend, I'm asking you to just walk away from this.

Greenlee: You're not like Greg Madden.

Josh: Don't drag that up.

Greenlee: I mean, you wouldn't play with lives or with future lives the way he did, would you?

Josh: No.

Greenlee: And you're not like Zach, either -- I know that. So if the possibility is still out there, Josh, you have to tell me. You have to.

Ryan: There. That wasn't so bad --

Annie: No.

Ryan: Was it? It's going to make you all better. You got to trust me, ok?

Annie: And you would be --

Ryan: You give me that paw. "Daddy." "Daddy." "I am your daddy." "I am your daddy." "Daddy."

Greenlee: I can't beg anymore, Josh. Don't make me try.

Josh: Greenlee, why don't you invite Aidan over to Jack's, invite the whole family over for dinner? Better yet, why don't you go on vacation, the whole clan -- Lily, Sean? Just get your mind off of this.

Greenlee: No, because if Zach has my fertilized eggs, you know.

Josh: Why can't you drop this?

Greenlee: Being ready to have Ryan's baby, then having that robbed from me, watching Kendall with their son -- it defines who I am. I mean, if you had a chance to ask Greg Madden why he did what he did to you -- was it just an experiment, or did he love you and raise you to be his own son? I mean, wouldn't you fight for the truth?

Josh: I know all I need to know.

Greenlee: Fine. Fine. Maybe -- maybe you're right. Maybe I'm just getting excited about some old dream. Look, just -- um -- don't -- you won't tell Zach that I was here, will you?

Josh: No -- as long as you promise to stop pursuing this.

Greenlee: Yeah, I'll stop. I'm sorry to have barged in on you. J.R., it's me. Listen, I want to pursue what we talked about, but I need to know more, so, um, give me a call as soon as you get this.

Kendall: I need to see you, Greenlee -- right now.

Singer: You, you, you, you, you, you know that thing I do thing I do, thing I do thing I do, thing I do thing I do ♪

Amanda: It didn't work.

J.R.: What didn't work?

Amanda: Ava's superdiva routine? We're not letting her out of the contract. No matter how bad you want her, you can't have her all to yourself.

Singer: Can you feel me? I am right ♪

[Annie chuckles]

Ryan: "Daddy." So -- "Daddy."

Spike: Dada.

Annie: Oh! Oh, yeah, that's right!

Ryan: That's right.

Annie: Oh!

Ryan: That's right.

Annie: Oh, you're so good!

Ryan: I love you.

Ryan and Annie: You're so good.

Ryan: You're so good. You're so smart.

Annie: That's a smart boy.

Ryan: I love you. I love you, yes, I do.

Annie: Oh --

Ryan: "Dada."

Spike: Dada.

Annie: Oh! He's a good boy! Oh, yeah, Spikey.

Josh: Looks like J.R. got Greenlee to take the bait.

Zach: Hmm. She still thinks she can have Ryan's baby?

Josh: She's heading in that direction.

Zach: Good.

Josh: So, anyway, it looks like you're about to get everything you want.

Zach: Spike can't hear, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

Aidan: That address you gave me for Tommy Brennan is old, and there's no forwarding address, and this guy has got to live somewhere. My guess is Tommy is the first in a long line of witnesses to Novak's crimes. All right, first, we find him, and then we track down the others. Look, we're going to put Richie Novak away for good, all right? Just get back to me if you have anything. Ok, cheers, mate. Bye. Oh, man.

Aidan: Damn it, Greenlee, where are you?

Greenlee: Kendall, what's going on? You sounded so strange on the phone. Kendall? What is it? Oh, my God.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Adam (to Krystal): Do you think you could ever love me again?

Ryan (to Aidan): Richie is still in Pine Valley and I'm not through with him yet.

Richie (to Babe): You still want me to leave?

Kendall (to Greenlee: Tell me what happened the night that you made Spike bleed.

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