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[Door opens at Pine Valley PD]

Greenlee: Hey. Hi.

Aidan: Hi.

Ryan: Hey, how did you get in here?

Greenlee: My father, your -- your attorney, is making things happen. How are you doing?

Ryan: Are Annie and Emma all right? Wait a minute. Why isn't she with you?

Kendall: Oh, why didn't you call us?

Annie: I take it you've heard?

Kendall: Yes -- Ryan and Aidan were arrested for assaulting your brother? Annie, come on.

Annie: Yeah, I don't know -- it was late, and I didn't want to burden you and Zach with this on top of everything.

Kendall: Burden? You're family, ok? My God, you have been there for us a million times. Besides, why aren't you at the courthouse right now? Zach said they were being arraigned this morning.

Annie: Well, my brother is in the ER, and my father has hired a security guard to keep everybody out -- particularly me.

Kendall: I'm sorry.

Annie: I thought -- I don't know. I thought maybe if I talked to Richie, he might --

Kendall: What?

Annie: I don't know. I don't know, Kendall, but I have to do something. Richie is in our lives now because of me. I can't let Ryan pay for that.

Kendall: Well, what -- what can I do? Name it. Anything.

Annie: Thank you, but unless you can figure out a way to get around that guard, I'm pretty much stuck.

Kendall: Is -- is Richie in there by himself?

Annie: Yeah -- my dad left earlier this morning. Why?

Kendall: I'll take care of the guard, so you can take care of Richie.

Ryan: Annie went to see him, didn't she?

Greenlee: Um, well, I -- I guess she tried to, but her father was there.

Ryan: Oh, and I'm sure he thinks that Richie is the victim in all this.

Greenlee: She's been waiting and sitting all night.

Ryan: Please, you got to go, and you got to get her away from him. Please tell her to stay away from Richie.

Greenlee: Ok.

Aidan: I'm sorry, hang on. You're asking Greenlee to do you a favor?

Greenlee: Oh, I don't mind.

Aidan: Well, I do. What, suddenly Greenlee's ok with you now, is that it? Is that it, Ryan? Because if that is it, maybe you should call off those amateurs that you have tailing her.

Ryan: I told you I took care of that weeks ago, Aidan.

Aidan: Well, this time, really do it.

Greenlee: I'm still being watched?

Ryan: Ok, I -- I promise, all right? No more surveillance.

Greenlee: Ok.

Ryan: Thank you for this.

Greenlee: No -- um -- I figure it's the least I can do, right?

Ryan: No, no, no, no, you've been doing a lot, all right? Annie has told me about how much you've been there for her, so thank you.

Greenlee: I actually really like her, Ryan. I mean, who would've figured that, right? But, um, yeah, I'll go to the hospital, see what I can do. You stay out of trouble, ok?

Aidan: All right.

Officer: Excuse me, ma'am?

Ryan: Hey. How are the kids?

Zach: Kids are fine. You, on the other hand --

Ryan: I could use any help that I could get right now.

Zach: I'm here to offer mine.

Annie: Stop, stop, no, stop. I can't let you do this, Kendall.

Kendall: Do what? I will distract the guard, and then you can walk through the door. There's nothing complicated about that, it's fine.

Annie: No -- no, stop. Too many people have gotten into trouble because of this.

Kendall: What are they going to do? E they going to arrest me for -- for defrauding the guard? Relax, it'll get taken care of.

Annie: Ok. All right.

Kendall: I just have one question -- I can get you in, but then what?

Annie: I don't know how I'm going to stop Richie, but I will. I won't let him do this to my family.

[Music plays]

Jonathan: No, thanks for the heads-up, Jack. Um, yes, I'll be at the arraignment, ok? Just tell Ryan to hang in there, all right?

Ava: Hi. What's wrong? Is your whatever-you-call-it market down?

Jonathan: No, um -- Ryan and Aidan got arrested last night.

Ava: What?

Jonathan: Yeah, they --

Ava: Shut up! Are you serious? What -- what'd they do?

Jonathan: They found Annie's brother, and they wanted some information, and I guess it got really ugly.

Ava: Are they ok?

Jonathan: Yeah. I mean, he's all right.

Ava: Well, that's good.

Jonathan: Ava, he's in jail. It could be serious.

Ava: I'm sorry.

Singer: I will never let a man steal away

Jonathan: You late for something?

Singer: A girl's pride

Ava: What?

Jonathan: You're looking at my watch.

Ava: Uh -- no, I just -- I just always have bad timing, you know?

Photographer: Ava!

Second photographer: Look at you, baby!

Ava: No --

Photographer: Uh, lean a little forward.

[Shutters click]

Ava: Guys, I said later.

Photographer: Yeah, but you said --

Ava: No, now I'm saying later!

Jonathan: Guys, you know what? Bother somebody else, ok? We're having a private moment.

Photographer: Uh, well, not really. Ava told us this was page-1 stuff?

Jonathan: What?

Ava: Look, I was going to save it until later. I have a surprise for you. I hope you still like it. Here we go!


Jonathan: Ava, there's --

Ava: Yes! Yes!


Ava: Yes, yes, I will marry you! Yes, I accept your proposal! Yes, I love you!

Photographer: Great, great.

Hannah: Wow. So, Krystal, these are the best pancakes I've ever tasted -- and a very interesting floorshow.

Krystal: Yeah -- never a dull moment. You deserve an order of apple-smoked bacon.

Adam: Uh -- Krystal.

Krystal: Adam. I suppose you have a very good reason for being here?

Adam: Oh, yes -- I like the coffee. Last time I was here, you didn't give me any.

Ava: Thanks, guys.

Krystal: That's right. Ah, hell. Coffee, black.

Adam: Thank you.

Krystal: Oh, Adam, this is Hannah. Hannah, this is Adam, my soon-to-be ex.

Hannah: Oh. We've met -- a while back at the Cambias offices.

Krystal: Oh, then you already know -- be very careful.

Adam: Want to explain to me what -- what happened with Slater?

Hannah: Well, I got too close, I let my emotions complicate things. It won't happen again.

Adam: You're damn right it won't. There's too much riding on this. Get the goods on him.

Krystal: Hold the phone. You two seem to know each other a little bit more than I thought.

[Amanda gasps when J.R. flings her panties on her face as she lies in bed]

Amanda: Oh --

[J.R. chuckles]

Amanda: That's not funny. Where have you been?

J.R.: I took Little A to the Miranda Center.

Amanda: And then after that, most men go to work.

J.R.: Yeah, well, you know, most men are boring. Besides, I had some things I needed to do -- like this. And this. And this.

Amanda: Mmm. All right, all right, all right. Hey, before you go any lower, I -- uh -- found something. Guess what I found on that table over there.

J.R.: I don't know.

Amanda: A file.

J.R.: Yeah? So?

Amanda: A file labeled "Slater" -- which I suppose makes sense, since he is the man who tricked you out of the family business.

J.R.: Oh, yes, thank you for the reminder.

Amanda: Inside the Slater file were all the details of Greenlee's net worth, stocks, property, Fusion -- the works. What are you up to, J.R., and why don't I know about it?

Zach: Jack had your arraignment moved up, you should be out on bail by this afternoon.

Ryan: Good.

Zach: What do you want me to do about this Richie Novak fellow?

Aidan: Wow, there's an interesting thought.

Ryan: I just need to get out of this place.

Zach: All right, tell me the story, the short version.

Ryan: Short version is that Richie suckered me in to play his game, and then he dropped the hammer on me.

Aidan: Easy, Ryan.

Ryan: No, it's like he wrote out directions for me to go straight to jail, and I just followed.

Zach: He had your daughter, he had Annie -- I would've done the same thing.

Aidan: No, something tells me that you would've kicked that chair away long before the cops turned up, and just left him hanging.

Zach: Oh, my, oh, my, what you must think of me. What do we do now?

Ryan: I don't know.

Zach: You don't know? You've been sitting on this all night. What do you want to do? What do you want me to do? How can I help you?

Ryan: Tell me how I can make Richie Novak disappear and get away with it.

Kendall: What are you going to do, Annie?

Annie: Talk to him, see if he'll listen.

Kendall: Right, he'll listen. You're the one who just told me that Richie's a sociopath. You said he doesn't play by the rules.

Annie: He wants to get back at me. Maybe -- um -- maybe we can figure out some kind of a deal or something.

Kendall: Uh-uh. No, no, I don't like this.

Annie: You said that you would help me.

Kendall: Yes, ok, but I -- I don't want -- I mean, I don't want for you to do something that you'll regret.

Annie: Kendall, I'm not going to -- I'm not going to kill him, if that's what you're thinking. In Richie's sick, twisted world, that'd actually be a victory for him.

Kendall: My God.

Annie: You have no idea.

Kendall: I think I'm beginning to.

Annie: Look, I'm going to do this no matter what, Kendall. Are you going to help me or not?

Kendall: Ok.

Nurse: Mrs. Slater.

Kendall: Oh, Margie, hi. Hi. How are you?

Margie: Shame on you for bringing us those chocolates. Ian's the one that's supposed to be putting on weight, not us.

Kendall: Well, I'm -- I'm sure he's keeping you so busy running around that you will never gain an ounce.

Margie: Actually, I'm headed up there right now.

Kendall: Good. Well, you can tell him that Mama will be right back. I just have to -- I have to go to the gift shop first.

Margie: Ok. I'll see you later.

Kendall: Ok --

Margie: Bye.

Kendall: Bye.

Kendall: Oh, God. Oh, my God. Oh, I feel like I'm going to pass out.

Guard: Ma'am, are you all right?

Kendall: Uh --

Greenlee: Kendall -- Kendall, are you ok? What's going -- I'm sorry. No, no, it's ok, it's ok. Just lean on me, it's ok.

Kendall: I just have to --

Richie: Well, hey, sis. What took you so long?

Amanda: What is this, and why do you have it? Don't even try to lie.

J.R.: I'm exploring ways to make more money -- for both of us. I still owe you, remember?

Amanda: 520 grand.

J.R.: I thought it was 500 even.

Amanda: Plus interest, accruing daily.

J.R.: Which is why I have that.

Amanda: Ok, try again, and be specific this time. J.R., this connects you to two other people -- I could ask Greenlee, Zach. Oh, and Kendall -- I could ask Kendall.

J.R.: All right, all right, I'll -- I will tell you. But code of silence, you cannot say another word to anybody else.

Amanda: Like I would screw up anything that could put that much cash into my bank account. Spill it.

J.R.: I mean it, Amanda. You start flapping your lips, this whole thing will go up in smoke.

Amanda: You have my word. I will leave the lip-flapping to you, come on.

J.R.: Zach Slater is funding my network.

Amanda: What? That's so crazy, it has to be true, but -- oh, man, you must have something really big on Zach. He's cheating on Kendall. No, something to do with the casino, something that would cost him his gaming license.

J.R.: No. I'm just simply doing the man a favor.

Amanda: Ok, hold on. Zach hates you, and you're going to do him a favor?

J.R.: Yes, and the feeling is -- je ne sais quoi -- mutual.

Amanda: Ok, then what could he want that you could give him?

J.R.: Simple -- he wants Greenlee out of Fusion, and I'm the man for the job.

Greenlee: Why don't you just sit right here and lean -- lean on me.

Guard: I -- I'd better get a nurse.

Kendall: Uh, no, no, no, no. Honestly, it's -- it's a blood sugar thing.

Greenlee: I -- I didn't know you had low blood sugar.

Kendall: Yeah, um, there's -- there's a candy bar in my purse.

Greenlee: Ok.

Kendall: I'll be fine. I'm fine, really, thank you.

Greenlee: I don't see any candy.

Kendall: It was an act. Ok, it was an act to -- to get him away from the door, so that Annie can go in there and see Richie.

Greenlee: Wait a second, Annie's in there with Richie?

Kendall: Yes.

Greenlee: But -- you let her go in there?

Kendall: Yes!

Greenlee: No, Ryan sent me here to keep her away from him.

Kendall: Ryan sent you?

Greenlee: Yeah, I know -- expect locusts and frogs to downpour at any moment.

Kendall: Yeah, at the very least.

Greenlee: It's kind of like something we would have done, huh?

Kendall: What?

Greenlee: Just pull some crazy stunt to back one another up. Remember that time when we --

Kendall: It's ok, it's all right, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I just mean in -- in the past, that's all. That's all I meant.

Kendall: Yes, I get it, ok? All right, I got it.

Greenlee: Sorry. Um -- you know, maybe one day again, too, if the stars align.

Kendall: What?

Greenlee: That kind of freaked you out, didn't it -- me grabbing you, you leaning on me like we were still friends. I -- I could just feel it, I could just tell.

Kendall: I'm trying.

Greenlee: I know, and I'm not trying to rush you. It's just -- it just hurts sometimes, that's all.

Kendall: It hurts me, too.

Greenlee: Really?

Kendall: But not in the same way. You know, that whole thing back there -- only part of it was an act. Being here right now, even when I'm doing fun things like feeding Ian -- this hospital brings it all back for me. All the stuff that Spike went through, Ian nearly dying -- all of it. The pain, the -- the freaking out, the suffering -- everything. I hate hospitals, I hate all of them.

Greenlee: Right, and then you run into me and all the horrible stuff just comes rushing right back in -- I get it.

Kendall: I didn't mean to make you feel bad.

Greenlee: Sure you did.

Richie: So did you bring me flowers or candy? You know I love rocky road.

Annie: What do you want, Richie?

Richie: Well, now, there is a big question. I'm going to have to take a little time to think about that. Oh -- Dad says hi.

Annie: Yeah, I'm sure he believed every lie that you told him.

Richie: I told the truth. I told him that your crazy husband and his friend took me to that shack and tried to string me up.

Annie: Ryan told me that you kicked the chair out from under yourself as soon as the cops showed up.

Richie: Oh, Ryan told you? Ok, well, then that must be true.

Annie: I believe him.

Richie: You honestly believe that I would risk snapping my neck just to make your crazy husband look bad?

Annie: First of all, Ryan's not crazy, and, yeah, I think to stick it to me, you would swing at the end of a rope.

Richie: Just like Mom? Of course, anybody willing to go that far or be that extreme -- well, he must be insane. Don't you think?

Hannah: Adam -- Mr. Chandler and I were -- uh -- we had a business acquaintance in common.

Krystal: And that's who you were getting the goods on?

[Adam laughs]

Adam: We were talking. We were passing the time. Why must everything seem like a conspiracy to you?

Krystal: Because when it involves you, it usually is.

Hannah: The truth is, we were discussing someone we both know who was so desperate, so lacking in self-esteem that they prostituted themselves to make a deal, which went south on them.

Krystal: As it should. Nobody likes a sneak.

Hannah: She's right, you know -- cheaters and spies are seldom understood.

Adam: Stop fooling around. I'm warning you -- get me what I want.

Hannah: I'm making progress.

Adam: Make it faster. I'm a very impatient man, and that could prove very unfortunate for you and your little secret.

[Shutters click]

Photographer: Nice, nice. One more, Ava, one more.

Second photographer: Perfect.

Ava: That's what you said 20 frames ago.

Photographer: Hey, this is your party. Come on, one more -- this time with the tattoo.

Second photographer: Yeah, show the tattoo again, Ava. Come on. Come on, Ava. Nice!

First photographer: Oh!

Second photographer: Nice.

Ava: Can you see it?

Photographer: "Yes! J & A."

[Ava giggles]

Ava: Ok, so are we done?

Photographer: All right, we're done. Thanks, Ava.

Ava: Thank you.

Photographer: And congratulations, Jon.

Jonathan: Thanks, guys.

Ava: So you hate me now, right?

Jonathan: No, I don't hate you.

Ava: Yes, you do. Your brother, Ryan, is in jail, and all I can do is think about my clever little response to your proposal.

Jonathan: It was pretty clever.

Ava: Well, you do like it, right?

Jonathan: Yeah, yes, yes.

Ava: But?

Jonathan: No, it's ok. Listen, you didn't know about Ryan or any of this, so don't -- don't worry about it, ok?

Ava: Wait, you -- you wanted me to say yes, right? I mean, you proposed to me, you gave me the ring -- this is the answer you wanted?

Jonathan: Yes, yeah, sure it is.

Ava: Why -- why aren't you saying what you mean?

Jonathan: It -- it's only -- I just -- I thought we could keep it quiet for a while, ok? Telling the reporters and everything just makes it so public.

Ava: Jonathan, what the hell's going on? Who have you been talking to?

Amanda: Hello? Getting rid of Greenlee sounds kind of final.

J.R.: Oh, you underestimate me.

Amanda: Damn it, J.R., just for once, could you please move in a straight line? Tell me what the hell you're up to.

J.R.: All right, I'll tell you, but you can't say a single word of what I'm about to say.

Amanda: God, I'll open a vein, we'll become blood brothers.

J.R.: I'm serious, Amanda. You'll sink this and me.

Amanda: You have my word -- I could even help you, maybe.

J.R.: All right. Zach wants a chunk of Greenlee's Fusion stock. He gets that, he backs my network.

Amanda: But that's -- that's a lot to ask. Greenlee's not going to want to sell, is she?

J.R.: Well, with the right incentive --

Amanda: Well, this ought to be good.

J.R.: I can't tell you that, and that you'll have to accept.

Amanda: Ok. You can't tell me what it is. Can you at least give me a little hint?

J.R.: All right. All I can say is by the time I'm through, people might actually start feeling sorry for Greenlee.

Greenlee: I just thought that we were past the guilt trips.

Kendall: Yeah, me, too. But this has -- this has not been easy.

Greenlee: Well, I'm really grateful that you're trying.

Kendall: Yeah -- um -- actually, Zach and Ryan and I, we are meeting with Joe next week to discuss the cochlear implant surgery.

Greenlee: Oh, my God -- and -- and then Spike will hear again that's -- that is fantastic.

Kendall: Yes. So, as you can see, I am trying to get past what you did to him. I'm -- I'm working on it. But Spike still has a lot of hell that he has to go through -- poking and prodding and doctor visits and scary people and -- and pain that we can't explain to him.

Greenlee: Yeah. God, I -- I know. You must want to kill me.

Kendall: There have been times.

Greenlee: I'm just really sorry, Kendall. I'm really, really sorry.

Kendall: I know.

Zach: I know you didn't just ask me in the middle of a police station how to get rid of somebody -- not in front of your Special Ops friend over here.

Aidan: Hey, listen, it's my moves that got us in this place.

Zach: Seriously --

Ryan: Seriously, Zach, I don't have a clue about this guy. I mean, I don't. I figured when I was kid, just growing up in my house, dodging my old man would be enough training for me, you know, not to get messed up by anybody else. But this guy --

Zach: Well, get more training. Figure him out.

Ryan: My old man was a drunk. The booze slowed him down, he was easy to outthink. This guy is more like your old man.

Zach: Well, my old man made a lot of mistakes. He will, too.

Ryan: I can't just wait around, waiting for this guy to trip up.

Zach: Maybe he already has. Look in his past. You find a mistake, he's gone.

Annie: What do you want from me?

Richie: Oh, why does it always have to be about you?

Annie: What will it take to make you stop this?

Richie: You're not God, Annie. Things happen. Life happens.

Annie: I will do whatever it takes to keep Ryan from going to jail.

Richie: Oh, now you're keeping people out of prison?

Annie: What do you -- what do you want, Richie? What, you want me to admit to the world that I perjured myself, that I lied on the witness stand to get you put away? I'll do it, ok, I'll do it. I'll -- I'll admit it to the world. I will trade my freedom for Ryan's.

Richie: That is noble of you, sis, real impressive.

Annie: What, do you want money? You want money, we have it. Just -- just name your price -- you'll never have to work again -- but don't blame Ryan for what I did, don't make him pay for what I did. I don't care what happens to me, but, please, you have to let Ryan off the hook. Please, Richie.

Richie: You'd do it, wouldn't you? You'd do time and pay me off?

Annie: I will start to make it happen right this second, if you say we have a deal.

Annie: So? Is it a deal?

Richie: Well, I'm thinking. It's an attractive offer -- you come clean, you go to prison. Now, that's some justice, but I tell you, it's -- it's the money thing that's tough. You know, I've got to put a price on my freedom. So why don't you tell me, Annie, what's an innocent man's time worth? Huh? You know what? Thing is, it's -- it's not just the -- the hours and the days and the weeks. It's what I had to do to survive that cesspool. No, no, no, no, don't look away at me. You want to know what those hardened criminals do, what those games they like to play are? Do you want to find out? Do you? You know, my -- my friends, my protectors -- you know who they were? They were murderers, Annie, they were child molesters, they were worse than anybody you have ever imagined. And now you want me to put a price on that.

Annie: What will it take, damn it? What -- what do you want from me, Richie? What can I do?

Richie: You can get help, sweetheart. You're deeply disturbed, and you need help.

Greenlee: I couldn't sleep last night. I was up thinking, God, Aidan and Ryan in prison, and what would happen today.

Kendall: Well, you know, none of us are on the top of our game right now.

Greenlee: Thank you so much for just understanding everything and -- I need to get to the courthouse, and I -- I really need to check on Annie and --

Kendall: Greenlee, wait. I think it's time that we take our reconciliation to the next level.

Greenlee: Really? I mean -- I mean, do you mean that? You're -- you're not just pitying me, because I'm a strung-out mess and --

Kendall: No, no, no. I just think it's time to move forward, that's all.

Greenlee: Great. Thank you.

Annie: You bastard, answer me! Tell me what you want! You sick son of bitch --

Guard: Hey, back off!

Annie: Why are you messing with my family?

Richie: I love you, sis. Thanks for stopping by.

Annie: You haven't won anything!

Kendall: Hey, hey, hey --

Guard: I ought to call the police.

Greenlee: No, no, no, we have her. It's fine, she's ok.

Kendall: It's ok.

Annie: He won't listen. He won't listen. It's all a sick game to him.

Greenlee: It's not going to happen again. She's just upset, it's ok.

Annie: He -- he wouldn't listen.

Kendall: I know, I know. Listen, you tried. Ok, Annie, you tried.

Greenlee: Annie, let's go see Ryan and Aidan. They're probably wondering where we are, ok?

Annie: I can't fix this.

Greenlee: Annie, Ryan is going to feel better if we're there, so let's just go. It's going to be ok, I promise. I'll -- I'll call you, ok?

Kendall: Ok.

Hannah: I told you -- you'll get what you want.

Adam: When?

Hannah: I have a lead on a dummy corp I think Zach used to warehouse your money.

Adam: Sounds too easy.

Hannah: It'll point me in the right direction.

Adam: Good. Don't get distracted again -- mooning over Slater.

Hannah: Krystal seems like a good person.

Adam: What's that supposed to mean?

Hannah: Nothing. Just makes me wonder why she would like you.

Ava: Look, I'm sorry, but I'm a celebrity, and you knew that when you proposed.

Jonathan: I know. I'm just surprised, ok?

Ava: Yeah -- surprised like a deer getting slammed by an 18-wheeler. I mean, the wedding was your idea, not mine.

Jonathan: I know that.

Ava: Ok, so, sorry for being romantic. I mean, you think I would just get inked for anyone?

Jonathan: No, listen, Ava, I didn't mean that --

Ava: Ok, all that ugly crud that they wrote about us, "The Beauty and the Beast" stuff, I just wanted to throw it back in their face, ok, that's why I got the coverage -- I even asked Lily about this.

Jonathan: About marrying me?

Ava: Yeah, I mean, she brought it up, and who knows you better, right? So we made a list of why I should marry you and why maybe I shouldn't, and I just thought that the "should" list was a lot better and longer, but, God, what do I know?

Jonathan: Come here -- you're making way too much out of this, ok?

Ava: This is supposed to be the happiest time ever, and you're making me feel like I'm forcing you to do this.

Jonathan: No, I -- I'm not, I'm not.

Ava: Oh, I just got this done, and I already have to ask them to laser it off?

Jonathan: Ava, I don't want you to laser it off.

Ava: No? Then what are you saying? Do you love me, do you want to marry me? Damn it, Jonathan, are we getting married or not?

J.R.: That was -- uh -- very, very nice.

Amanda: You know, I am noticing a trend.

J.R.: What, are you complaining?

Amanda: No, it's just every time you want to avoid something, we have sex.

J.R.: You know, that really wouldn't bother most women.

Amanda: I didn't say it bothered me. All right, here we go, Chandler.

J.R.: Mm-hmm?

Amanda: Let's skip ahead to after you've gotten Greenlee's stock, you've given it to Zach, he's forked out a couple mil --

J.R.: My network is up and running.

Amanda: Yeah, so what's the rest of the story?

J.R.: Well, I make Ava a household name, make a pile of cash, and there's no downside.

Amanda: So you're still after Ava?

J.R.: I know exactly how to use her.

Amanda: I'll bet.

J.R.: Are you accusing me of something?

Amanda: You know, even if your intentions were doglike, it doesn't matter.

J.R.: What are you telling me?

Amanda: Uh -- you are through calling the shots, cowboy -- Jonathan won't let you.

J.R.: Oh, I know how to handle old Jonny boy.

Amanda: Ha! You don't know.

[Amanda laughs]

J.R.: What are you talking about?

Amanda: Ok, Ava has promoted Jonathan from boyfriend to husband. She has the ring and everything, it's a done deal.

Ryan: So we go back through Richie's past?

Aidan: Yeah, well, there's a cesspool to swim around in.

Zach: I'm sure somewhere along the way, he messed up.

Aidan: What, like his prison buddy Eddie -- that Richie says did all the bad stuff?

Ryan: And who conveniently ended up dead before we could ask him.

Zach: You think he had something to do with that?

Ryan: I bet my life on it.

Zach: All right, then prove it. Rewind his life and follow it back here like bread crumbs. My dad thought he had all the answers, look at him now.

Ryan: Hey.

Annie: Hi.

Ryan: Hey.

Annie: I saw him.

Ryan: Yeah, I figured.

Annie: I -- I tried to reason with him, I even offered to turn myself in --

Ryan: What? You --

Annie: It didn't matter. None of it mattered.

Ryan: It's ok, all right?

Annie: He won't do it, Ryan. He won't drop the charges.

Ryan: It's going to be all right, all right? They're going to set bail, we'll post it, we'll get out of here, and I'll take care of everything else, all right? No more worries. No more worries. Greenlee? Thank you.

Greenlee: Sure.

Lt. Perry: Transport's ready. Let's get to the courtroom. All the visitors out.

[Music plays]

Ava: You just look like a dead man walking.

Jonathan: Stop it. Stop it, stop , stop it, stop it, all right? Hey, I love you.

Ava: Right -- that's why I make you feel cornered and panicked?

Jonathan: I love you, and I just want everything to be right. How long have we got?

Ava: For what -- you to back out of it still?

Jonathan: Ha, ha, ha. For planning a wedding. From -- from the announcement to the ceremony -- I mean, how long does something like that take?

Ava: Like I've ever done this before?

Jonathan: Well, I just want this to be everything you want, from the engagement party to the shower -- we don't even have a date yet. You know how tough that's going to be -- getting everybody we care about together? And -- where are we going to get married, and where are we going to have the reception and the food and the flowers and the band and the da-da-da-da -- it's the biggest day of our lives.

Ava: Ok, so you're serious? You're really saying yes to my yes?

Jonathan: Just not with ink and needles. Yes, Ava, I'm saying yes to your yes.

Ava: Oh! Wait, wait, make it official, make it official.

Singers: But I do

Jonathan: No cameras?

Ava: Just do it.

Singers: My heart skips a beat when I'm holding you

Jonathan: Ava Benton, would you do me the honor of marrying me?

Singers: Your smile

Singer: Reach into my soul and I feel so alive

Jonathan: Ava, are you ok?

Ava: Yeah. Yeah -- no, I'm fine. When do you have to be at the courthouse?

Jonathan: Um -- right now.

Ava: Ok, let's go.

Jonathan: Right -- right now. Uh -- no, no, no, no. You have plans to make, a lot of plans. I'll call you after the arraignment, ok?

Singers: Never gave up too soon

Singer: Whoever said "love isn't worth it" never let you in their heart

[Music plays]

Adam: Let's get something straight -- my business is none of yours, unless I decide to make it so. Are we clear?

Hannah: Krystal. Have a sense of humor, Adam.

Krystal: Ok, one side of bacon. Here you go.

Adam: The coffee was even better than I remembered. Thanks. Nice to see you again.

Hannah: So Adam Chandler is the bad boy you can't forget?

Krystal: God help us -- and deliver us from evil.

Singer: Begging on my knees

Adam: Watch your pocket.

Ava: Jerk.

J.R.: You can't do it.

Ava: Did I miss something?

J.R.: You can't marry Jonathan.

Ava: Well, I'm going to.

J.R.: Yeah? Well, I say you can't.

Ava: Well, I can marry whoever I want.

J.R.: You want to be with Jonathan more than everything that I can give you? That's fine. You play Mrs. Lavery, while I go make another woman famous.

Ava: You're not making anyone famous.

J.R.: I got my backing, Ava. My project has been green-lighted. So, you either stay in Pine Valley with Jonny, or you go worldwide with me. Hmm? What's it going to be?

[In the hospital, Kendall flashes back to the horrible moment when she saw Spike being wheeled in after the accident that took his hearing]

Kendall: Greenlee, it is not our friendship I'm taking to the next level.

Greenlee: Right, ok.

Annie: Where's Jack? Is he with Ryan and Aidan?

Greenlee: He'll be here, he'll be here.

Ryan: Hi.

Aidan: Hey.

Greenlee: How you doing?

Aidan: Good.

Ryan: It's going to be fine. We're going be fine.

Aidan: Right.

Annie: Richie.

Richie: Don't act so surprised.

Annie: Why are you here? What are you doing?

Richie: I came to make things right -- that's what you want, isn't it?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R. (to Ava): I just gave you the opportunity of a lifetime, and you want to blow it by marrying psycho boy?

Richie (to Ryan): I have never been so clear on what I want, or how I'm going to get it.

Annie (to Zach): The best thing for Ryan and me to do now is to take Emma and run.

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