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All My Children Transcript Monday 10/8/07


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Richie: It's been a while, sis.

Emma: You're my mommy's brother?

Richie: Hmm. That's right, sweetheart. Your Uncle Richie.

J.R.: You ok, buddy?

Krystal: What did Wes do to you?

Adam: If that idiot hurt my grandson, I swear to God --

Babe: What? Would somebody please tell me what's going on?

Julia: Where's Emma?

Babe: Emma is fine. We're all fine. Why are you attacking Wes?

Greenlee: Well, because Wes -- Babe, Wes is not -- he's a lunatic.

Babe: What? No, he's not.

Tad: The man you were with -- his name isn't Wes, it's Richie Novak. He's Annie's brother. He just got out of prison.

Babe: No.

Annie: Let me have Emma.

Richie: What's the matter, Annie? You don't think I'd hurt her, do you?

Annie: Richie, please.

Richie: She looks just like Mom, doesn't she?

Annie: Give me back my daughter, now. Ok. Oh, girl. Ok. Don't move.

Babe: This is -- this is a joke, right?

J.R.: No, it's no joke. The guy you took our son on a road trip with is an ex-con. Nice going.

Annie: Richie -- he had Emma! He's outside.

Krystal: Thank God.

Annie: He's outside. Oh --

Greenlee: Are you ok?

Annie: It's ok. It's ok. Good girl. No. No, no, no, no! He was just here.

Kendall: Hannah asked for your baby?

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: When?

Zach: The night she was leaving Pine Valley. She was angry, hurt, confused, and -- been like that for years.

Kendall: Because she lost Ethan?

Zach: She blamed me. She wanted me to make it right.

Kendall: So she wanted you to get her pregnant. And you thought about it. You considered sleeping with her.

Zach: Yeah.

Krystal: Some water.

Greenlee: You need anything stronger, you just say the word.

Annie: Oh, thank you.

Krystal: How are the kids?

Babe: Julia's with them.

Annie: And you're sure nobody can break into that back room?

Adam: I checked the locks myself. No one can get near those children.

Krystal: Babe -- if anything had ever happened to you, I swear --

Babe: Mama --

[Krystal sighs]

Babe: I'm fine, Mama. I'm safe.

Krystal: I almost lost you before. I couldn't go through that again. Oh, my girl. My beautiful little girl.

Annie: Where is Ryan? He should be back from checking Richie's place by now.

Greenlee: You know what? I'm going to -- I'm going to try Aidan again. We'll see.

Annie: Ok. Did -- did you find Richie?

Tad: We lost him.

Richie: Get the hell off of me!

Ryan: Get in! Get in!

Richie: Who are you guys? And what the hell you want?

Ryan: You're right. You're right, I should have introduced us first. My bad. That was really rude. I am Ryan Lavery. This is Aidan Devane.

Aidan: Hello, Richie. I'm sure you don't remember my face, do you? But I'm sure you recognize the back of my head where you hit it with that rock.

Richie: I don't know what the hell you guys are talking --

Aidan: Talking about? No, of course, you don't. This is all a big mystery to you, right?

Richie: Look, I don't have any money, ok? So if that's what you want --

Ryan: Stop -- stop this! You don't need to do this. I know you know who I am. I'm Annie's husband. Annie, your sister. The one that you've been terrorizing the last few weeks, all right? Look, she just told me a little bit about you, so I thought maybe we could spend some quality time together, so I could get to know my brother-in-law. Relax, man. It's going to be fun.

Zach: I felt -- this is a weird thing to say, but I -- I felt that I owed Hannah for what she had been through -- what my father did to her. When she was pregnant, he sent her away. And then when he thought I was dead, he had her tracked down, so he could replace his son with hers. She wanted me to make it right. But I didn't.

Kendall: Why? Why didn't you just sleep with Hannah?

Zach: Because of you.

Kendall: Me?

Zach: You're my wife. And I will honor you and protect you and everything that you've given me, always.

Kendall: I believe you.

Zach: Good. I didn't tell you about it, because there really was no point. We had so much other stuff going on.

Kendall: Ok, Zach --

Zach: And what am I going to explain --

Kendall: Zach, you don't have to explain. You don't have to explain anything. I trust you completely. But I don't trust Hannah. And I knew that when she showed up, she wanted something from you.

Zach: You're so calm. What's going on here?

[Hannah sighs]

Josh: What happened?

Hannah: No more office sex, remember? Go home, Josh.

Josh: Not till you tell me the real reason you took off.

Hannah: I have a headache.

Josh: Damn it, Hannah. The truth, for a change.

Hannah: Whew. Before you and Kendall walked in, Zach and I were talking.

Josh: Yeah, I got that part. What about?

Hannah: The real reason I came back to Pine Valley.

Josh: So you're not here to help Cambias. You lied.

Hannah: I wasn't completely honest, no.

Josh: Ok, Hannah, is there a punch line here, or are you going to make me guess?

Hannah: Have you ever mistaken obsession for love?

Tad: That's what I'm saying -- Richie Novak brought Babe and the kids to The Comeback, then he took off. We went after him, we just didn't have any luck. Yeah, ok, will do. Perry's on his way back here.

Greenlee: Ok, look, they're going to find him, they will.

Annie: They have to.

Babe: Wes is an ex-con? He's been stalking Annie? How can that be right?

J.R.: Here's a better question, Babe -- how could you take our son up to the mountains with a guy you barely know?

Babe: We went on a picnic, J.R.

J.R.: Without telling me or anybody where you went?

Krystal: Back off, J.R.

J.R.: I thought we agreed -- Little Adam needs both of his parents alive. How does dating a guy who's been convicted of armed assault fit into that plan?

Babe: Shut up.

J.R.: You want to date a bartender, that's fine by me, but you leave our son out of it. He could've been killed -- you both could've been killed by that freak!

Adam: All right, that's enough, J.R. You have every right to be upset, but Babe doesn't need you to rub her nose in it. You were scared -- I was scared, we all were scared -- but it's over now. Everybody's safe.

Greenlee: I don't know -- Aidan's still not picking up.

Annie: I'll try Ryan again. Voicemail. Why are they not back yet?

Ryan: Relax, Richie, we're just talking here.

Aidan: Yeah, yeah, we're just having a -- a friendly chat.

Ryan: Yeah, a friendly chat. So, you've been in town for a little while, huh?

Richie: Yeah, a few weeks.

Ryan: And yet you haven't told Annie that you're here, Annie, your own sister. I mean, what's up with that, man?

Richie: Annie and my relationship, it's complicated.

Ryan: Oh, it is? Ok, so then why did you come to Pine Valley -- just to hide?

Richie: No. No, dad -- he told me that Annie was still mad, and I knew that if I came and knocked on that door, she'd freak out. So I thought I'd stay -- you know, lay low, I'd -- I'd wait. I'd wait.

Aidan: For what?

Richie: To -- to reach out.

Ryan: And by "reach out," you mean --

Richie: I don't know what Annie's told you about us, but --

Ryan: She's told me everything, Richie, everything.

Richie: What she didn't tell you is that it's ok. It's all good now, man, I forgive her.

Ryan: I'm -- "you" forgive "her"?

Richie: Yeah, I forgive her. For testifying against me, for sending me to prison for a crime I didn't commit, I forgive her. I was angry for a long time, but I forgive her. I just want to see her get the help she needs.

Ryan: Oh. And what help would that be?

Richie: Did she tell you those stories about me? She was good at telling those stories. So am I -- am I still killing a frog, or am I up to a puppy dog now?

Ryan: You did a hell of a lot more than that, Richie.

Richie: Oh, man, it's sad. Ryan, it's sad, I know, but she can't help it. Look, Annie's sick.

Ryan: You are the one that is sick.

Richie: I'm telling you the truth.

Ryan: Actually, you're not telling me the truth, but you will -- if you ever want to walk out of here.

Kendall: I knew, I knew that Hannah came here because she -- she needed to get something from you. And I knew that she left, because you turned her down. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to do my little freak-out thing and -- and have my little temper tantrum?

Zach: I would.

Kendall: Why? Why? Just because someone from your past showed up to ask for a favor?

Zach: Well, it's more than --

Kendall: All right, ok. Yes, yes, yes, it was a -- a very big favor. Yeah, ok, so she's -- she's a bit of a freak, and she's -- she's unstable, and she's a liar. And, yes, she -- she pretended to be my friend, when all she really wanted to do was to have sex with my husband, so that she could have his child!

Zach: So you're not ok with it?

Kendall: No, hell, no! I want to kill the little bitch.

Hannah: What actually happened between me and Zach and what happened in my head was very different.

Josh: But you have it straight now?

Hannah: I needed help, and I got it.

Josh: Like psychiatric help?

Hannah: Only the best.

Josh: It sounds like things were pretty dicey there for a while.

Hannah: Yeah. Yeah, that's what happens with obsession -- it sneaks up on you. You know, it starts out as a -- a look, a smile, a friendly conversation, and then it grows. And you don't want to think about that person, but you can't help it, and pretty soon they're all you're thinking about. And then it gets bad.

Josh: So you came all the way back to Pine Valley to tell Zach you were obsessed with him?

Hannah: I came clean with Zach, because I owed him the truth. I owe it to you, too.

Josh: Well, then let's have it.

Richie: You have all the truth, you just don't want to look at it.

Ryan: Annie is perfectly sane, all right? We're here to talk about you. So, I have an idea -- why don't you tell us about your friend -- Eddie?

Richie: Who?

Aidan: Eddie Johnson, the junkie you knew from prison.

Ryan: Yeah, the look-alike that you sent here to terrorize Annie.

Richie: No, Eddie -- I didn't send Eddie.

Aidan: Not even to the same tattoo parlor to get a matching spider on his neck?

Ryan: Yeah, speaking of that, what happened to your pretty little spider tattoo -- it's gone.

Richie: It's not exactly the sort of thing that helps an ex-con get work.

Ryan: Oh, yeah, that's kind of true. It probably would've looked a little bit strange, too, after you staged the robbery at The Comeback.

Aidan: Both of you with the same tattoo?

Richie: You guys think I set that up?

Ryan: No, we -- we know you set that up -- to play hero for Babe

Aidan: I mean, Eddie Johnson could've told us himself, but what happened? He died of an overdose.

Ryan: Yeah. How'd you pull that one off, anyway? What did you do -- you mix a little poison in there with the crystal meth or --

Richie: Look, guys, I don't know where you're getting your information, ok, but I didn't --

Ryan: How about the fact that you and Eddie were really tight in prison, because you were, right?

Richie: "Tight"? We weren't tight. He was a loner. He wanted to talk, so I talked to him a couple of times.

Ryan: About what?

Richie: Stuff -- Ryan, I don't know.

Aidan: Oh, come on. So what are you saying -- this is just a coincidence that you and Eddie end up in Pine Valley at the same time? Huh?

Richie: Look -- look, ok. Ok, I remember telling Eddie that I got locked up because my sister lied in court, ok? And maybe he thought he could turn that info into cash, so -- so he decided to blackmail you guys.

Ryan: Huh. So this is all Eddie? Eddie decided to come to Pine Valley and make Annie's life a living hell?

Richie: Yes, for money --

Ryan: You know what the funny thing is about that? The funny thing is we didn't get any requests for money. We got bizarre phone calls, we got packages, we got your mother's locket.

Richie: You have my mother's locket? How'd you get my mother's locket?

Ryan: Oh, you don't remember? You forged Annie's signature on the packing slip.

Richie: No, no, I didn't -- I didn't do it. I didn't do it.

Aidan: What are you saying, Richie? Huh? It was Eddie Johnson that cracked me over the head and stole that locket?

Ryan: And then put it back in Annie's purse wrapped in your mother's handkerchief.

Richie: So Eddie stole my mother's locket, and he sent it to Annie? That's -- uh --

Ryan: Sick? Demented? Yeah, we know.

Richie: I should've never told him how I got sent to prison, not yet. I didn't think he'd do something like this. I swear to God, I didn't know. I am sorry, I am sorry. But Annie's signature is on the packing slip --

Ryan: I am impressed. I am impressed. I mean, you have the whole victim thing down really tight. It's nice, it's good, but here's the thing. Thing is, it takes a con to know one, and you're good, man. You're good, but I'm a little bit better. So what we're going to do is we're going to start all over again, and we're going to keep going for as long as it takes.

Hannah: After I left Pine Valley, I couldn't get Zach out of my head, and I kept imagining --

Josh: Imagining what?

Hannah: I had feelings, strong feelings. And I thought maybe --

Josh: What, you thought maybe you could snag him away from Kendall.

Hannah: Josh --

Josh: Hannah, Zach is wrecked. He's stretched to the limit. His wife, my sister, had two kids in the ICU, and you see your chance to make a move?

Hannah: I made a mistake. I couldn't see clearly, Josh -- that's what happens when you get obsessed with someone. You replay every interaction, you go over every conversation again and again in your head, looking for signs that it's not over, that there's still hope, and you hold on to that with everything you have.

Josh: So now what?

Hannah: Now Zach will tell Kendall the whole story. And he'll write me a glowing letter of recommendation and ask me to resign from Cambias.

Josh: What if I told him not to?

Kendall: I reached out to Hannah. We -- I mean, we -- we bonded over surviving your father. I -- I told her what an amazing and -- and loving mother she was to Ethan. She looked -- she looked at my pregnant belly, and she told me how happy she was that we were expecting. She wasn't happy, she was jealous. That woman, Zach -- that woman disrespected our marriage and our children. All she cared about were -- was her loss and -- and her pain and her baby. Great -- there's something else, isn't there? Hannah didn't just want your child, she wanted you.

Zach: But she can't have me, because I'm all yours.

Kendall: Oh, right, yeah. Ok, you saw Hannah in pain and, of course, you wanted to fix it and make it better. Well, this is -- this is a whole new way of -- of saving someone, but that is why you thought about sleeping with her, I get that -- and Hannah knew it. She knew that you were tempted, and that's why she came back.

Zach: And that's why she's leaving -- I'm letting her go.

Kendall: You're firing her?

Zach: First thing tomorrow.

Kendall: Oh, no, no. You are not doing that for me.

Tad: Ok, so what's the latest?

Lt. Perry: Well, we haven't found Novak, but we did locate the cabin where he took Ms. Carey and the kids.

Adam: Did you find any evidence we can use against him?

Lt. Perry: No, the place was clean except for a toy. So you saw Richie right outside? What happened after he handed over your daughter?

Annie: Well, I told him to stay put so I could bring Emma safely back inside, and when we went back out there, he was gone.

Babe: I never felt like we were in danger with Wes, not for one minute.

Krystal: You're not the only one he fooled -- look at this.

Babe: "Wesley Rich"?

[Annie sighs]

Annie: "Wesley" is Richie's middle name.

Krystal: I am so sorry. I should've checked him out first.

Colby: Krystal, I keep telling you, it's not your fault.

Adam: No, don't beat up on yourself, Krystal. You're not to blame for any of this.

Lt. Perry: Ms. Carey, I need to ask you a few questions.

Babe: Ok, sure.

Lt. Perry: I understand Richie abducted you and the two children.

Babe: No, that's not right, we went by choice.

Annie: Well -- well, technically, yes, but he manipulated her. This picnic was a way for him to get his hands on my daughter.

Babe: Well, he was very sweet with Emma, Annie, I swear.

Annie: Then why did he get rid of Emma's guard, Babe?

Babe: No, he didn't -- it was my idea to go without him. I'm -- I'm so sorry. I thought we'd be safe.

Lt. Perry: So Richie never threatened you?

Babe: No, never.

Lt. Perry: Did he carry a weapon?

Babe: We were going on a picnic.

Annie: You're asking the wrong questions.

Lt. Perry: Mrs. Lavery, please. So Richie never became violent at any point?

Babe: Just the opposite -- he was a total gentleman.

Annie: No, you don't understand. This is part of my brother's game. He makes himself look harmless, but he's not.

Lt. Perry: Thank you, Ms. Carey.

Babe: J.R., don't.

J.R.: I'm sorry about going off on you, I should never have done that.

Babe: Do you think that I would ever intentionally hurt our son?

J.R.: Of course not. My dad was right. I was scared -- for you and Little Adam.

Babe: But you didn't have to be. Wes -- Richie could not have been nicer. He played games with the kids, he toasted marshmallows, and -- and you know thunderstorms freak me out ever since Little A was born. He kept me calm.

Annie: None of it was real, Babe.

Babe: Annie, listen, I know he's your brother, but he --

Annie: Listen to me. I've known Richie my entire life. He was using you as a way to get to me. Every minute that you spent with Richie was a lie.

Ryan: So you got a good thing going here, right? I mean, you got a good new job and you got a place to stay, you got a hot, new girlfriend.

Richie: Yeah, it's working out ok.

Ryan: And how are things with Babe, how you guys doing? You guys getting a little serious or --

Richie: Not yet. She's a good girl. You're going to leave her alone, right?

Ryan: You took her up to the mountains, though, right, for the picnic?

Aidan: Yeah, very romantic. It's a shame about the rain.

Ryan: Funny thing is about that is -- is that you've had all these opportunities, you've had this downtime, and you still haven't shared with Babe who you really were.

Aidan: Even after Eddie Johnson almost slit her throat.

Richie: I was going to tell her everything.

Ryan: Yeah, sure you were.

Richie: Ask Babe if you don't believe me. I was going to tell her everything, and the rain stopped, and she wanted to get the kids home, so we packed the car --

Ryan: You kidnapped Emma.

Richie: I did not.

Ryan: You took her to terrorize, and you had a photo of her in your motel room.

Richie: She's my niece. I wasn't going to kidnap her, I would never hurt her. I just wanted to know her -- she's my family --

Ryan: No, no, no, no, Emma is not your family, all right? Annie is not your family. They're nothing to you. Nothing -- is that clear? U know what? Let me make it a little bit more clear. You will never get anywhere near them again.

Zach: So you don't want me to fire Hannah?

Kendall: Hmm, no, I didn't say that. Actually, I personally would like to barbecue the woman on a spit. What I'm saying is if you want to fire her, go for it, but do not do it for me.

Zach: Why not?

Kendall: Well, I'll tell you why not. Uh -- you see this ring on my finger, from my amazing husband?

Zach: Hmm.

Kendall: Hmm. There's an inscription on the inside. It says "always, only you." And I believe in those words. You thought about giving in to Hannah. You did, but you never would have. You would never be unfaithful, Zach -- that's not who you are. Now, I have a million, a million different fears, but the one thing I never doubt is your love for me. I gave you my heart, and I trust you with it. I trust us. Hmm.

[Zach and Kendall kiss]

Josh: Zach's a reasonable man. He wants his business to do well. Bottom line, you're good for Cambias.

Hannah: You want me to stick around for the good of the company?

Josh: Yeah, to improve our performance. I'll talk to Zach, see what I can do.

Hannah: Thank you.

Josh: One more thing -- when you said you wanted to get to know me better, you don't mean that, right?

Hannah: When I first met you, I thought you were a useless, arrogant punk.

Josh: Huh.

Hannah: But now, the more I know, the more I like.

Josh: I'll see you at the office.

[Josh kisses Hannah and leaves]

Hannah: It's me. I need to see you right away -- my place, now.

Greenlee: What makes you so sure that Richie's not going to hurt Aidan?

Tad: Don't let the accent fool you. Fish and Chips is a real badass.

Greenlee: Are you sure?

Tad: Have you ever seen him in action? He's like a limey ninja.

Greenlee: Well, I saw that gash in the back of his head. I know Richie's responsible for throwing the rock.

Tad: Even a ninja can be taken off-guard.

Greenlee: What if it happens again?

Tad: It's not going to. I know my partner, I know he's ready for him.

Babe: I know you're upset, Annie. I'm not trying to make it worse. I'm just telling you what happened.

Annie: Richie is not the man that you think he is, Babe.

Babe: I've gone out with a lot of guys -- a lot of bad guys. I usually know one when I see one.

Annie: Yeah, well, because Richie is not the kind of guy who doesn't call you back the next day. He's not that jerk -- he's a sociopath.

Babe: That's not what I saw.

Annie: That's exactly the point -- you see what he wants you to see.

Babe: Look, all I'm saying is, is he never did anything to scare me or --

Annie: Just stop, stop, please. Stop, Babe. Stop sticking up for him.

Adam: I just got off the phone with Chandler security.

Krystal: Did they find Richie?

Adam: Not yet, but the entire team is out looking for him. Don't worry.

Colby: J.R.'s in the back with Little A -- I'm going to go check on them.

Krystal: Adam, come on. What gives, huh?

Adam: Excuse me?

Krystal: Well, I mean, you stick up for Babe, you -- you know, you tell me that it wasn't my fault, this whole mess, and now you're promising me that they're going to catch that mess of trouble instead of ripping me for hiring him in the first place.

Adam: Yeah, well, um, just that we have been hating each other for such a long time that I had forgotten that working together can be nice. So I'm trying.

Krystal: I get that you're trying. What I don't get is why.

Lt. Perry: Perry. Are you sure? Thanks. Ok, my men just spoke to the manager at the Pine Cone.

Tad: Are Aidan and Ryan there?

Lt. Perry: They were. Manager saw them leave almost an hour ago.

Annie: Ryan.

Aidan: Come here, come here, come here.

Ryan: I swear to you I'm going to pound his teeth through the back of his --

Aidan: I know.

Ryan: He's lying -- lie after lie. He's trying to pin this on Annie.

Aidan: Yeah, I know, I know.

Ryan: Man, it's got to end.

Aidan: Listen, we can't beat a confession out of him. Otherwise, it won't hold up in court -- it will get thrown out and Richie will walk.

Ryan: Well, then we just got to keep this up until he breaks.

Aidan: Listen, give me a few minutes with him -- alone.

Ryan: For what?

Aidan: Well, let's just say this -- I know a few -- a few techniques that might move this along. Go and check in with Annie.

[Richie chuckles]

Richie: Now what?

Aidan: I must apologize for my friend, Ryan. He didn't introduce us properly. I'm not just his friend, Richie. I used to be Special Ops -- do you know what that means? It means when I ask questions, I get answers.

Kendall: What do you say we take this private party somewhere else?

Zach: Yeah?

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: I can't. I'm working. Unless you get a trench coat and one of those new hockey jerseys.

Kendall: Oh, yeah. Mmm. You like that, huh? I can arrange that.

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: Yeah. But we do have to make a stop before we go home. I want to say goodnight to Ian.

Zach: What I'm about to do.

Kendall: Ok. Hmm-hmm.

Zach: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: You. Oh.

[Kendall laughs as she hugs Josh]

Josh: Wow. What, no warning not to keep your husband here all night?

Kendall: Yes, that! And also, this is a big fat "Thank you" from me and from Ian for today. I will tell him Uncle Josh said hi. Ok.

[Door closes]

Zach: Thanks for me, too, Uncle Josh.

Josh: Yeah, well, I just talked to Hannah. She told me everything that went down between you two.

Zach: I'm letting her go.

Josh: That would be a mistake.

Krystal: So what's with the kinder, gentler Adam Chandler. Did you lose a bet?

Adam: Must there always be the ulterior motive?

Krystal: With you? Sure as sugar there is.

Adam: Ha. That's what I loved about you -- the fire, that passion.

Krystal: Well, that all turned to hate. Don't you forget that.

Adam: Oh, how could I ever forget that?

Babe: How's Little A?

Julia: Sound asleep --

J.R.: Colby's with him.

Julia: So is Emma. Yeah. My shift starts in a few minutes, so I have to get going. I'm so sorry. If I hadn't called you --

Babe: Hey, hey, it wasn't you, and everyone's ok.

Julia: How's Annie?

Greenlee: Me sitting here with Ryan's new wife, all stressed out about Aidan Devane -- find me the psychic that would've predicted that.

Annie: It's kind of weird, huh?

Greenlee: It's very weird.

Annie: Do you really think they're ok?

Greenlee: Yeah. I'm sure that they are.

[Phone rings]

Annie: Oh, it -- it's Ryan. You guys, it's Ryan. Ryan, are you ok?

Ryan: Yeah. Are you?

Annie: Yeah, I'm fine, Emma's fine. Richie brought -- brought her back to The Comeback, but then he took off, and J.R. and Tad went after him, but they couldn't --

Ryan: Annie, slow down.

Annie: You don't understand. Richie's out there, Ryan, he's out there.

Ryan: No, he's not, Annie, we have him, Aidan and I have him.

Annie: What? Where?

Ryan: That's not important. Just do me a favor, tell everybody that we're fine.

Annie: No, you're not fine. Tell me where you are.

Ryan: Annie, you're safe, ok? Emma is safe. Richie will never bother you again, all right? I will be there as soon as I can.

Annie: Wait, Ryan, what are you going to do? Ryan? Oh --

Tad: What'd he say?

Lt. Perry: Did they find anything?

Annie: They have him, they have Richie. We have to find them.

Tad: Where is he?

Annie: I don't know, he wouldn't tell me. But there was music, though, I heard music in the background.

Lt. Perry: What kind of music?

Annie: It was like polka music.

Lt. Perry: It's Oktoberfest -- Memorial Park.

Greenlee: Wait, they're at a public park festival?

Tad: They're at the pump house.

Lt. Perry: Let's move.

Annie: Oh --

Lt. Perry: Whoa, whoa --

Annie: No, no, I'm going with you.

[Richie grunts as he stands on a stool hanging by a noose]

Aidan: I think Richie's ready to talk now.

Zach: I understand you like having Hannah around, but --

Josh: It's not about that. And it's not a favor to Hannah, either.

Zach: Then what is it about?

Josh: Hannah's not here to help Cambias.

Zach: No. It's personal, and now it's done.

Josh: That's what she wants us to think. I just pressed her on the truth on why she's here. She gave up part of it, but she's hiding something. There's another reason why she's here. If we let her go now, we'll never know what it is.

Zach: So what do you want to do?

Josh: Let her stay. She makes her move, we'll be watching her. I'll be watching her.

Kendall: Ready?

[Door closes]

Kendall: What was that all about?

Zach: Josh thinks we should give Hannah another shot.

Kendall: What do you think?

Zach: I think I want to go see my son and then take his beautiful mother home.

Adam: What have you got for me?

Hannah: Nothing, yet.

Adam: You've been back with Cambias for -- for how many weeks now? And you still haven't tracked down that $100 million that Slater stole from me? Damn it, I want my company back!

Hannah: I need more time.

Adam: You're not living up to your reputation, Ms. Nichols.

Hannah: I hit a speed bump. Zach wants to let me go.

Adam: You got fired?

Hannah: I made a mistake. I'm pretty sure I fixed it. It won't happen again.

Adam: You're damn right. We have a deal, and you have a very big secret that you need to protect -- so get to work.

[Door slams]

J.R. (to Greenlee): You know, my life was nothing without him. You'll understand one day -- I mean, if you ever have a child.

Babe: Oh -- any word?

Krystal: No, not yet, baby doll.

Babe: I know what everyone's saying about Wes -- Richie -- but it still doesn't seem possible.

Colby: Ok, don't think I'm crazy or anything, but, Babe, you thought Richie was great. So did you and so did I.

Tad: Well, face it -- the man you thought was Wes just doesn't exist.

Colby: According to Annie. You know, she seems nice and all, but do you really know her?

Babe: What are you saying, Colby?

Colby: What if Richie's not the liar and Annie is?

Ryan: What is this?

Aidan: This is how we get the truth out of Richie.

Ryan: Aidan?

Richie: You guys think I'm nuts?

Ryan: Aidan, Aidan, take him down.

Aidan: Are you sure you want me to do that?

Richie: I'll tell you what. Go ahead, tough guy. Keep me up here for a week, ask me a hundred questions -- you know what you going to get? Nothing.

Ryan: Do you honestly think that I wouldn't, that -- that I didn't want to cave your face in the second that I saw it?

Richie: Oh, I know you did, brother, but you know what the problem is? You won't let me swing. You ain't got the stones.

Ryan: No, but you see, the thing is swinging is too easy for you. Aidan, get him down.

[Pounding on door]

Lt. Perry: Police, open up!


Lt. Perry: Aidan, please! We know you're in there!

[Richie kicks the stool out from under himself]

Ryan: Whoa, whoa! Whoa!

[Ryan dives to catch Richie as the police and Annie enter]

Lt. Perry: Hey, what the hell are you doing? What are you doing?

Aidan: All right.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Amanda: Ava is not excited to walk down any aisle, Jonathan. In fact, she seemed pretty pissed at you for proposing.

Ryan: We didn't do this.

Lt. Perry: Arrest them.

Annie: No, no, no!

Ryan: You got to be kidding me!

Officer: Stand up, please.

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