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[J.R. sniffs]

J.R.: Ooh -- rejection on the rocks?

Greenlee: Don't you have a company to swindle?

J.R.: Not before I get a chance to thank you.

Greenlee: Oh, and to what do I owe that honor?

J.R.: You see, I have been on the top of Kendall's hate list for, I don't know, since before I was sober. Yeah, it was lonely up there, but not anymore.

Greenlee: Is there going to be a point?

J.R.: See, you and I -- we have got so much in common.

Greenlee: Hmm, not so much.

J.R.: Yeah. Well, we used to be Kendall's best friend, and then we screwed it up -- bigtime.

Zach: What exactly did you lie to me about?

Hannah: When I said I was ok not having a baby with you. I lied about that.

Kendall: Oh. Oh, my goodness! Hello there, Spikey! Hello, it's so good to see you.

Josh: And his sidekick Josh to the rescue.

Kendall: Oh. Thank you for bringing him.

Josh: You're welcome.

Kendall: Hi, baby. I missed you so much, I did.

Josh: How you doing? You ok?

Kendall: Well, Zach -- Zach is working late and I -- I had to see Ian and get ahold of Spikey. I missed you so much, honey, I did.

Josh: Kendall, what's wrong? Is it Ian?

Kendall: Uh -- one of the other preemies didn't make it. So now, a mother has to go home without her baby.

Annie: Spike's ok, but Kendall didn't know anything about Emma?

Ryan: Yeah, Spike is totally fine, he's with Josh, and all that Kendall knew about where Emma was is that she's still with Julia, ok? Here, let's see if we have any messages.

Annie: But why weren't they at Wildwind, Ryan?

Ryan: Just -- no voicemail. We're going to find Emma, ok?

Annie: It's getting late.

Ryan: You know what? Why don't you call Julia again, ok?

Annie: Why isn't she picking up her phone?

Ryan: There could be a hundred reasons why, hundred reasons. Look, all we got to do is we got to get the picture of Richie out there to everybody we know, to restaurants, to bars, things like that, to the cops.

Annie: Well, why didn't the guard answer?

Ryan: Because he's too busy being focused on protecting our daughter -- that's why.

Annie: Hey, Julia, it's Annie. If you could call us back right when you get this, we -- we need Emma home. We need her home right now.


Babe: Oh, oh, just in time. So what do you think, Emma?

Richie: That rain's going to hit any minute.

Babe: Well, good thing we found this place. Did you even know this cabin was here?

Richie: I had no idea this place existed.

Babe: Lucky us, then.

Richie: It couldn't have worked out better if I planned it. Twist it up, twist it up! Twist it up, twist it up! Come on, roll them up tight. Use your muscles, big guy.

Babe: Yeah, I got one! I've got one -- oh!

Richie: Look what this is -- it's an alligator.

[Richie growls]

Babe: Uh-oh -- since when did you get a degree in preschooler?

Richie: What can I say?

Babe: Hi, you! You've got a way with 3- and 5-year-olds. Ah! You guys know what I like to eat? Hmm?

Babe: Wet --

Richie: Huh -- you know what I like to eat?


Babe: Newspaper.

Richie: Newspaper? No.

Babe: No?

Little Adam: No newspaper!

Richie: No newspaper! I like bird seed -- um.

Emma: Brand-new!

Babe: Brand-new!

Richie: Real fried earthworms!

Babe: Earthworms?

Richie: Bugs, guts, and spiders -- ooh!

Babe: Ew -- spiders?

Richie: You going to eat that? Got a -- I got a better idea. I got a better idea.

Babe: What, what, what?

Emma: I've got brand-new newspaper.

Richie: Who wants chocolate and graham crackers? Who?

Babe: I do!

Emma: I do!

Richie: You do? Do you? Nope? Ok.

Babe: You get newspaper and we get chocolate and graham crackers.

Richie: No --

Babe: Come here, you silly man.

Richie: Sounds great.

Babe: Come here, my wild man. Come here.

Annie: Come on, Julia. Answer your page.

Ryan: She'll call. She'll call.

Annie: She wouldn't take the girls out in this weather, Ryan. Something is wrong.

Ryan: You know what? I'm going to go to the Miranda Center and check it out, ok?

Annie: Ok. I'll -- I'll follow you. I'll go to the hospital.

Ryan: Ok, I'll meet you there. This is yours.

[Phone rings]

Annie: Julia, is that you?

Julia: Annie, it's me. What's wrong?

Annie: Where's Emma? Is she ok?

Julia: Annie, calm down. Emma's ok.

Annie: Where are you?

Julia: I'm at the hospital.

Annie: At the hospital with Emma?

Julia: Annie, it's ok. Kathy wasn't feeling well and -- and I had to work an emergency shift at the hospital, so --

Annie: Then where's Emma?

Julia: Babe took her for a play date with Little Adam. The guard went with them.

Annie: Oh. Ok, so she's -- she's ok. Babe has her.

Julia: They went on a picnic, and she's going to stay overnight. I -- I couldn't get through to you, and I didn't think that you would be home yet, so --

Annie: No, that -- uh -- that -- it's ok, Julia.

Julia: I'm sorry. I -- I just figured that you would be ok with Babe watching her.

Annie: No, I -- I am. It's -- it's fine. I'm -- I'll call Babe, then. Ok. Whew.

Ryan: Did you move the picture of Emma that was right here?

Annie: No. Why? You think Richie was here?

Babe: What do we have -- anyone?

Richie: What do we got here, guys?

Babe: Anyone hungry?

Richie: What do we got, what do we got?

Little Adam: Yeah.

Richie: Oh, we've got carrots --

Babe: Yes.

Richie: And we've got -- celery.

Babe: What's wrong with celery? What did celery do to you?

Richie: And trail mix?

Babe: I love trail mix. I'll eat the --

Richie: Come on!

Babe: I'll eat the trail mix.

Richie: We've been eating healthy all day. I think it's time to bring on the s'mores!

Babe: Uh-oh!

Richie: With the chocolate and the marshmallows.

Babe: Oh, Emma doesn't like marshmallows. Give me those. You don't need those, do you?

Emma: Yes, I do.

Babe: Open them.

Richie: Hey, have you ever heard of the giant house-eating bunny?

Little Adam: I really want some.

Richie: Hmm? I've heard of the giant house-eating bunny --

Babe: No.

Richie: And he's coming to Pine Valley, and he's got teeth this big, and he's going to eat you like that!

[Richie growls]

[Music plays]

Aidan: Whoo! Ah. Ok. Be ready in case Ryan makes contact. I'll be in touch.

Singer: Said I wouldn't hide

Aidan: Oh.

Greenlee: I thought you were working.

Aidan: I am.

Singer: I've got to pull myself together I've got to give

J.R.: What is it with you? I mean, do you really have to go run after all of Kendall's hand-me-downs?

Greenlee: Ok, Ryan -- he was mine first. You and I -- we're done.

J.R.: I don't know why I never saw this before, but you and I, we are like two peas in a pod. We come from crazy families, we both have them, lots of money -- we're swimming in it -- and we're both trying to make a name on our own.

Greenlee: Oh -- are you still here?

J.R.: Remember when my father and your mother were, like, a crazy item?

Greenlee: J.R., what the hell are you after?

J.R.: Zach Slater screwed us both over.

Greenlee: Right -- finally, and here it comes.

J.R.: Well, don't you think it's time for some -- payback?

Zach: You sure you want to do this?

Hannah: Mm-hmm. I did come back to help you. When I heard about the -- your Little boys --

Zach: My boys are not part of this conversation.

Hannah: I do have an idea of what they mean to you.

Zach: Get to the point.

Hannah: I did get over it, Zach -- not being pregnant. It was a bit harder than I made it sound.

Kendall: She was a Little girl -- Gina. And her parents were a young couple. It was their first baby. They were so sweet. And they had the setback that I have been scared to death of.

Josh: Yeah, but Ian isn't Gina, Kendall. This doesn't happen to everyone.

Kendall: Yeah, but it does happen. That's what scares the hell out of me.

Josh: I know. You're just going to have to take this one day at a time, all right? That's the only thing any of us can do.

Kendall: It's kind of hard to do that when it's your child, Josh. I mean, you just -- you want the clock to -- to keep going. You want -- you want to make it tomorrow, you want to make it next week.

Josh: Ian is doing great. He's gaining weight, his color is getting better, and hopefully --

Kendall: "Hopefully"? How do you hang on to hope when the worst happens?

Zach: I know you want to tell me something -- what is it?

Hannah: I want to thank you. Thank you for the most wonderful night of my life.

Ryan: Anything else missing?

Annie: I don't -- I don't know. I don't think so.

Ryan: Everything was locked.

Annie: How did he get in here?

Ryan: I mean, everything looks ok.

Annie: Oh, just -- why would he come in and take a picture of Emma, Ryan? I just want her home.

Ryan: Emma -- Emma is fine, she's safe. Remember what Julia said.

Annie: I know, but -- oh. Wait. Ryan, it's here. I must -- I must've put it away when I was cleaning or something. It's been here the whole time.

Ryan: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get all --

Annie: No, it's ok. It's ok. I did it, too.

Ryan: It's just that I'm used to seeing it there. When I came around and I -- I didn't see it, I got a little freaked out, that's all.

Annie: I know, I know. It's ok. Thank you for not blaming me.

Ryan: But you didn't do anything wrong.

Annie: He's here in our lives now because of me, because of what I did.

Ryan: Hey, hey. Promise me something, ok? Promise me that you're not going to take responsibility for things that your brother's done. I mean, believe me, it doesn't work.

Annie: Oh -- it's too late.

Ryan: Look, I've seen the effect that Richie has had on -- on the prison warden, on the prison shrink, ok, and I know cons, Annie. Your brother's one of the best.

Annie: And he could always do that. He could make anybody believe in him no matter that he did.

Ryan: Not "anybody" -- not me. I mean, I've never even met him, and I already know him like the back of my hand.

Annie: Oh. Well, I'll call Babe, make sure they're on their way home.

[Phone rings]

Aidan: Ryan.

Ryan: Aidan, we're back.

Aidan: Did you get the cleaned-up picture of Annie's brother? Because I never got it.

Ryan: He has been in my house, Aidan. He has been here, taunting us.

Aidan: Do you have proof?

Ryan: Just find him, Aidan. Find him so I can tear him apart.

Richie: Your son's great.

Babe: He is. Not so bad yourself.

Richie: Cute kids.

Babe: Do I sense a little something there? Huh?

Richie: Busted.

Babe: Kids, they bring up a lot of stuff.

Richie: That they do.

Babe: Something happen or --

Richie: Ah, the usual -- family stuff.

Babe: Hmm. Get in line on that one. I think I am part of the craziest family on the East Coast.

Richie: East Coast, huh?

Babe: Oh, yeah.

Richie: But not west of the Mississippi?

Babe: Uh -- maybe. Between Mama and J.R. and Adam and me, I think I am my own son's step-aunt.

Richie: Wow.

Babe: Yeah.

Richie: My head actually hurts.

[Babe chuckles]

Babe: Don't break something in there. So, tell me about your family.

Richie: Ahem. Well, where do I start?

Ryan: Once we find Emma, I want to make sure that she's completely safe. Then I will meet you, and then I'll bring the photo, ok?

Aidan: I can meet you at your place if that's faster.

Ryan: Not until I get it swept for bugs. I mean, if Richie's been around here, then --

Aidan: Neutral ground, then.

Ryan: Exactly.

Aidan: Ok. Meet me at The Comeback bar. I'll have my men on standby. We'll find Annie's brother, Ryan.

Ryan: And I will make it very clear to him.

Richie: Did you ever feel that you hoped loving somebody was enough to fix them?

Babe: Absolutely.

Richie: Well, that's how I feel about my sister.

Greenlee: You know, my going to the bathroom -- that was your cue to leave, Einstein.

J.R.: What? And miss all this bonding time?

Greenlee: Yeah, you don't do bonding, J.R. -- bondage, maybe, but not bonding.

J.R.: Hmm. Is that an offer?

Greenlee: You wish.

J.R.: Well, you can't fault a guy for trying.

[Greenlee chuckles]

Greenlee: You know, I can kind of, sort of see why Kendall tolerated you.

J.R.: Oh, my God, she did more than tolerate me.

Greenlee: Spare me the details.

J.R.: But now she's married to the master -- manipulator.

Greenlee: Ok. Whatever or however you're going to get Zach Slater, count me out.

J.R.: Zach Slater took things from both of us -- very important things.

Greenlee: What part of "I'm not interested" do you not get? Besides, I am this close to getting back the only thing that matters to me right now.

Kendall: Give me a kiss, we love you. Do you remember where Ian was? He was right here, he was right here in my belly -- yes. And now, he's here. He's your brother. He's your brother, that's right. Brothers, man, they are pretty cool things. They are cool to have. They will have your back whenever you need them to. They will. You'll fight, and you'll make up, and you'll scream Ian's name, and he'll scream your name, and your little brother will think you are the greatest thing ever.

Spike: Uh-oh.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Josh: That's right -- brothers will always be there for you, no matter what.

Kendall: Hmm.

Nurse: Um, Mrs. Slater?

Kendall: Yes?

Nurse: There have been some changes.

Kendall: Oh. I -- I can't handle any changes, not -- not today.

Nurse: This is a good change. Ian's off his nasal C-PAP.

Kendall: His -- his nasal C-PAP?

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Josh: C-P-A-P -- continuous positive airway pressure. It's another great step. It also means that Little Ian -- he's ready for a bottle.

Kendall: I can feed him?

Josh: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: I can feed my baby?

Zach: You can walk away. We don't need to have this conversation.

Hannah: Just like the night never happened -- there's nothing between us.

Zach: Yeah.

Hannah: Erase the past?

Zach: If that were possible, yes.

[Scene from the past]

Hannah: Please. Please give me this gift. I need you. I need this.

Zach: I'm sorry I didn't search for you all those years ago.

Hannah: But I'm here. We're here.

Zach: And I'm sorry I didn't reach out to our son -- protect him, protect you.

Hannah: Please. Please, Zach. You can make up for it.

Zach: I made a lot of mistakes. But I would give you back your son if I could.

[Back to the present]

Hannah: You'd give me back my son if you could.

Zach: I know what I said.

Hannah: Yeah. And then the miracle happened. I didn't get a child. I realized I didn't want a child. What I want and what I wanted was you. In my bed, in my heart, it worked. When you made love to me, my whole world changed.

Kendall: Zach -- Zach should be here. Zach should be the one to do this.

Josh: Listen, I'm not an expert on Zach Slater yet, but I'm getting to know him, and I'm pretty sure he'd rip me a new one if he knew that I let you pass this chance up.

Kendall: Yeah, but can -- can I do this without him?

Josh: Kendall, don't think for a second that you shouldn't be here right now. You deserve this.

Kendall: I've failed Ian so many times already.

Josh: No. Kendall, you haven't. Let me speak for your husband on this -- he wants this for you. Every moment, every milestone that you can get with Ian -- that's what he wants for you.

Kendall: Go see Uncle Josh.

Josh: Come here, buddy.

Kendall: There you go.

Josh: Oh, yeah.

Kendall: Ok. Ooh -- ooh, ooh, ooh.

[Kendall goes into the NICU]

Kendall: You hungry, little man?

Babe: Sweet dreams.


Babe: Hmm. Now let's hope that they sleep even with their sugar high.

Richie: Hmm.

Babe: We can wait out the storm a little bit. It'll give us more time to chat.

Richie: That is a good idea. Dare we?

Babe: Whoo-hoo -- I do make a mean toasted marshmallow.

Richie: Yeah?

[Babe chuckles]

Babe: So, tell me more about your family.

Richie: Well, my mom died, but my dad and I are still friends.

Babe: And your sister?

Richie: Ahem.

Babe: I'm sorry, I -- you don't have to -- I didn't mean --

Richie: No, it's ok. I like thinking about her, you know?

Babe: Is she --

Richie: Dead? No, she's not. It's not like that.

Babe: I -- I'm sorry. I just thought that --

Richie: It's ok. You know, it's really -- it's -- we used to be really close. We hung out. We used to have each other's backs, you know.

Babe: I grew up like that with my mama. Can't even imagine my life without her in it.

Richie: Somewhere along the line, I don't know -- we just stopped being a team. She stopped putting us first. It sucks, you know, but somewhere along the line, she lost the love.

Babe: It's hard, isn't it --

Richie: Yeah.

Babe: Losing someone you counted on?

Richie: But it's not like I -- you know, I stopped thinking about her and wishing her well, and I don't stop talking about her, I don't stop loving her -- not now, not ever.

Babe: Someday, maybe.

Richie: I just need the right time, the right way to show her.

Annie: So, should we keep Emma out of town or just out of the penthouse?

Ryan: What do you want to do?

Annie: I want to keep our daughter safe.

Ryan: She's with Babe, and she's got no idea.

Annie: Yeah, so maybe we should just let her have her fun, keep her away from all this.

Ryan: I wish it was that easy.

Annie: You want her home.

Ryan: Don't you?

Annie: Done. I'll try Babe again.

Ryan: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Babe: Hello?

Annie: Babe, it's Annie.

Babe: It's Emma's mommy.

Annie: Babe, where are you?

Babe: Annie. Hey --


Babe: Annie, look, I can barely even hear you. I only have one bar. We're -- we're in this little cabin, we're waiting out the storm.

Annie: Is Emma ok?

Babe: Emma's fine, yeah. I'm with my friend, the bartender from The Comeback.

Annie: Is anything wrong?

Babe: We had a great day. We wouldn't let a little rain spoil our picnic.

Emma: Is that my mommy?

Babe: It sure is, sweetie, you want to talk to her? Here. Oh -- here she is.

Emma: Hi, Mommy.

Annie: Hi, sweetness. How was your day?

Emma: We had fun.

Annie: Oh, good, I'm so glad. Well, we miss you so much.

Emma: Mommy, have you heard of the house-eating bunny?

Greenlee: Ok, I know I am going to regret this, but why can't you seem to let this go?

J.R.: Zach Slater stole millions of dollars from my family.

Greenlee: And you tried to kill his wife -- let's call it even.

J.R.: Revenge is a whole lot more fun when it's a group sport.

Greenlee: It's not a sport, J.R.

J.R.: We don't have to sit here and play support group for me to -- ahem -- get you.

[J.R. chuckles]

Greenlee: That's funny. You have no idea.

J.R.: You've been cheated, you've been blown off, you've been left out. When did that all happen, Greenlee? Maybe the night of the blackout, when Zach pulled the plug on all your dreams.

Greenlee: Ok, this conversation's over.

J.R.: Keep telling yourself I can't help you.

Greenlee: What I want, J.R., you can't get me.

J.R.: Then try me. Tell me what you want.

Greenlee: I want to go back. I want to go back, way back -- years, even -- before it all went crazy wrong. Can you do that, J.R.? Can you get me back there?

J.R.: Maybe I can.

Zach: We made love?

Hannah: It was love. It was everything I hoped it to be.

Zach: Where the hell was I?

Hannah: Where else would you be?

Zach: Something very wrong with your story.

[Back in the past, Hannah sobs when Zach breaks away from her hug]

Zach: I wish I could give you what you want.

Hannah: But you can. You can, Zach.

Zach: Everything you blame me for, you're right, it's all my fault.

Hannah: But you can fix it. Right now tonight, you can fix it.

Zach: I love my wife. Makes me want to be a better man. And all those clichés about family and being together and commitment and giving your life for someone? They're all real. I'm not going to give that up. Not for you, not for anyone.

[Back to the present]

Hannah: Exactly how it happened -- in reality. But in my mind, we made love, and it was wonderful. You were wonderful. But you had to stay here. You had other obligations, and that's why you packed my bags. I was so convinced you felt the same way I did.

[Hannah sighs]

Hannah: I was so sure you would follow me and realize what I -- I already knew -- that I didn't want a child, I wanted you.

Zach: Do you still believe that now?

Hannah: I wanted something so crazy, I let myself believe I had it. I actually convinced myself you were mine.

Kendall: Look at you, Mr. Starving, huh? Yeah. This bottle thing's pretty cool, huh? Sorry it took you so long. What is that? Oh -- "Shut up, Mom, you're talking too much, I'm hungry." Ok, sorry, I don't mean to interrupt your mealtime here. Sorry, kiddo. Boy, you're hungry. Do you know how much your mama loves you? Mm-hmm. And how grateful I am for this moment? This moment right now. Mm-hmm. Hmm.

[Through the window, Kendall mouths the words "Thank you" to Josh who's holding Spike]

Annie: Babe, could you bring Emma home now? Right now?

Babe: Of course, yeah, as soon as we can.

Annie: Ok. Thanks, Babe, we'll see you soon. They are on their way as soon as the storm lets up.

Ryan: So we'll get Emma, and then we'll get the picture to Aidan, and we will track your brother down.

Annie: Yeah. I just want Emma home, I just want to hug her and hold her close.

Ryan: Yeah. Will I do?

[Ryan chuckles]

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: We'll get him. Today is the last day that anybody in this family worries about your brother.

Babe: You want to go meet Emma's mommy?

Richie: Sounds like a great idea.

Babe: So you know any good card games?

Richie: I am the king of card games.

Babe: Oh, really?

Richie: Mm-hmm.

Babe: All right, I'm going to test you.

Richie: All right.

[Babe chuckles]

Richie: Ok, guys, I am heading out to the monsoon. I'm going to scout everything out. But I'll be back, Captain Emma.

Kendall: Hmm. I did it. I did it, I --

Josh: Yeah?

Kendall: I fed my baby a bottle.

Josh: That's great. You know what? Before you know it, 3:00 a.m. feedings at home sweet home. Remember those, Little fella?

Kendall: Hmm.

Josh: Better you than me.


Kendall: Come here, honey. Yeah, well, someday -- you never know.

Josh: Yeah, maybe.

Kendall: Mm-hmm. Ok, ok, I don't know what to do first. Honestly, honey, I don't know if I should run and tell Zach that I fed his little boy a bottle -- oh -- once again. Or -- I think it's time for bedtime for you. Maybe I should put you to bed, hmm?

Josh: I tell you what, why don't we take little Spike here to Rachael, and we go see Zach at Cambias?

Kendall: Ha. Sounds like a plan, man. You're -- you're smart. What are you doing, huh? What are you doing?


Hannah: I was hoping to win your heart that night. I -- I didn't want a baby, I wanted you. But I knew that you would never make love to me out of passion, but as a gift, I -- I thought you might do it. And then you would touch me and everything would change.

Zach: It wouldn't.

Hannah: But I hoped if you'd make love to me, and you just touched me, you'd remember the past -- and imagine a future with me. And you would love me.

Zach: I never misled you.

Hannah: I know, I know. It was all me. Remember when I said only tell a little bit of the truth to get by?

Zach: We've all done that.

Hannah: When I left, I couldn't accept that none of this happened -- that you -- you didn't make love to me, you didn't follow me. You don't love me.

Zach: I love Kendall.

Hannah: It took me a while -- about two months -- inpatient care at a very private, expensive facility. I had doctors who helped me get through it, helped me come to terms with it. And I did.

Zach: Why didn't you ask me for help?

Hannah: I had to do it on my own, Zach. I -- I conjured up this whole life for us, and I had to let it go, and now I have.

Zach: You didn't have to tell me any of this.

Hannah: If somebody found out first, I -- they could exploit my position here. I couldn't risk that. I couldn't let my mistakes affect you again.

Zach: Thank you.

Hannah: Now you have the information. You can do what you will with it.

[Hannah sighs]

Hannah: I am so sorry.

Zach: Come here.

[Hannah sobs on Zach's shoulder]

Zach: I had no idea.

Kendall: Chinese, anyone?

Josh: Who wants mu shu?


Ryan: Hey, where's Aidan?

Greenlee: Um -- he's in the storeroom, he makes private phone calls in there. Wait, did -- did you figure out who Annie's brother is? What's going on?

Ryan: Not now, Greenlee, not now.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. Is this him? Is this your brother?

Annie: Why? Have you seen him?

Greenlee: Oh, God. He's -- he's been here all along, he's -- he's the bartender here.

Annie: What, bartender? Babe -- Babe said she was with the bartender. Babe and Emma and Little A -- they're with him.

Aidan: Did you get a picture?

Ryan: Who is this? Who is it?

Aidan: Wes is your brother?

Annie: Emma -- he has Emma.

Ryan: He's got Babe, he's got her son, and he's got our daughter -- he's got all three.

Babe: Hello? Hello?

Richie: Huh.

Babe: Anyone? Oh, wow.

Richie: Yeah, I hope everybody brought a life jacket.

Babe: What'd you do? Did you swim back?

Richie: There's more than just a small puddle outside.

Babe: It's not good, is it?

Richie: It's pretty nasty. The rain's coming in at all angles and it's -- there's zero visibility, so --

Babe: Well, I guess it's a good thing we brought snacks, right? Here.

Richie: Huh. Um -- I think to be safe, we're going to have to stay here tonight.

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