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Erica: Jason also plays baseball, football, basketball, tennis. He enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing. He's a computer whiz, and he's also president of his class. Ah -- Jason, I'm exhausted just reading that list. Is there anything you don't do? Oh -- there's one more thing you should know about Jason -- he's totally deaf. Jason, welcome. Welcome to "New Beginnings."

Jason: Thanks. It's cool to be here.

Erica: Huh. Oh, what's this?

Jason: My English teacher wanted you to autograph it.

Erica: Oh. Thank you. What is your English teacher's name?

Jason: Mrs. Barber.

Kendall: He speaks so well. I -- I had no idea that he was --

Zach: Deaf --

Erica: Please tell Mrs. Barber I said hello.

Zach: Just like Spike.

Erica: I see your mommy's here.

Kendall: Why are you here?

Jason: She wanted to meet you, too.

Erica: Oh. Thank you.

Kendall: You and my mother set me up.

Babe: God, I wish wasn't here.

Wes: Well, Babe, why don't you wait outside? I can identify this guy -- it's not a problem.

Babe: Thanks, Wes, it's ok. Um -- Derek made it pretty clear that he needs us both here, so -- it's fine. I can handle it.

Dr. Mast: I'm Dr. Mast, the Medical Examiner.

Babe: Derek Frye called us. He said that you've found an identified body, you thought it might be the guy that tried to rob us?

Dr. Mast: I've been expecting you. You ready?

Babe: Guess so.

Annie: You think my brother died of an overdose?

Derek: He fits the description you gave of Richie Novak -- same build, hair, age. Same tattoo.

Annie: But -- um -- my brother didn't do drugs.

Ryan: Well, you haven't -- you haven't seen him in a long time.

Derek: He was in prison. Life behind bars can change a man.

Annie: I don't -- I don't believe --

Ryan: Derek, can't you -- can't you just run the guy's prints?

Derek: Ryan, I would love to, but our network at work is all backed up. So, in the meantime -- when she's ready, can you bring her down to the morgue? Meet me there, all right?

Ryan: All right.

Derek: Thanks.

Annie: I -- I don't know if I should be sad or relieved or --

Ryan: I know, I know.

Annie: Ryan, my brother -- dead?

Ryan: The same brother who's been harassing you, threatening you. I mean, if it is him, then -- then it's over.

Annie: No, it isn't, Ryan. It will never be over.

Erica: So, Jason, do you like English class?

Jason: It's ok.

Kendall: How long have you known about this?

Erica: Sorry, Mrs. Barber.

Zach: Not long.

Kendall: Whose idea was it?

Erica: So, what are your favorite subjects?

Zach: Um, Erica found the boy, but I thought it would be a good idea for you to meet him.

Kendall: It would've been nice if you had told me about it.

Zach: Kendall, come on.

Kendall: No -- Zach, you sandbagged me. It's not fair.

Jason: Thompson Elementary. My mom wanted me to attend regular classes.

Erica: And how long have you been a student there?

Jason: I was mainstreamed a few years ago.

Erica: And -- and how does that feel, to be mainstreamed?

Jason: Very cool.

Erica: So, Math, Gym, all sorts of sports, the student council. I mean, is -- is there anything that you're not allowed to do? Do you have any special challenges?

Jason: I have one little problem when I swim.

Erica: Oh. Why is that?

Jason: I can't wear my implant gear in the water.

Erica: Jason, is that difficult for you -- not being able to hear in the water?

Jason: I get used to it.

Erica: We'll be right back with this very special young man right after the break.

[Cheers and applause]

Kendall: I don't need to hear any more of this.

Zach: I think you do. Don't do it for me, don't do it for your mother. Do it for Spike.

Adam: What is this?

Maid: This was just delivered for you.

Adam: Oh, yes, yes, yes -- good. Um -- make up Colby's room. She'll be spending some nights and weekends with us.

Maid: Yes, Mr. Chandler.

Adam: And, before long, she'll be moving back home permanently.

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: Dream on. You know, while you're at it, you may want to have her make up a cot out there in the east wing of Never-Never Land.

Adam: Yeah, thanks for reminding me to beef up security. The riffraff is still getting in here.

Tad: I'll take that as a compliment. I would like to talk with you about Colby.

Adam: Yeah, Colby's doing just fine. She's fine -- she misses her father. You can only spend so much time in a fun house before you start feeling sorry for the clowns.

Tad: Come on, Adam, get over yourself. Look, we both know that she is perfectly happy where she is. And why shouldn't she be? She finally feels like she's got a home. She loves being with Jenny, she loves taking care of Jenny, she loves working at The Comeback.

Adam: Yes, well, Chandlers aren't really very good at being nannies or -- or serving the bottom feeders of the community, you know?

Tad: And why is that -- because you're so much better than everybody else?

Adam: Precisely.

[Adam chuckles]

Tad: Tell me something, ok? Do you actually believe half of the methane that you run around venting? I mean, do you -- do you know what you sound like? The "bottom feeders of society"? All this from a coal miner's son?

Adam: Yeah. I battled my way out of there, so my children wouldn't have to live that way.

Tad: Yeah, well, that's not the only thing you ended up battling, is it? Because where are they, Adam? Where are your children? Where are all your progeny that are supposed to be around here sucking up all these moral tidbits that you -- you throw out like breadcrumbs? You keep making the same mistake. What you never seem to get is what Colby is starting to understand what J.R. already understands, is that there is a life for her outside your universe, and it's a pretty damn good one.

Adam: Oh. Yeah, really, really -- like what? Like late-night concerts or candy for breakfast? Go back to your flophouse, Martin. Go on back.

Tad: Adam, if you love your daughter, prove it. Let her find her own way through life, not your version of it.

Adam: Colby belongs with me. So does J.R. -- he'll figure that out soon enough, if you leave him alone.

Tad: You know what? I'm starting to think that leaving you running around here like a B.B. in a boxcar is dangerous, all right, because it -- you're not only bitter, you're delusional.

Adam: I'll get my children back.

Tad: You don't just want your children back.

Adam: No, no -- as a matter of fact, my grandson. Every moment he spends in that house of yours is a moment too many.

Tad: This isn't about your grandson. No. You want somebody else in my house back, and everybody knows it, because everybody can see it. You want Krystal.

Krystal: Oh, God, Stuart, I -- oh. I can't believe I kissed you. I am so sorry. It's -- it's just -- it's stupid. I --

Stuart: Well, you're -- you're anything but stupid.

Krystal: No, I -- I just feel so -- oh --

Stuart: No, it's ok, it's ok. No -- no problem.

Krystal: No, I thought -- I thought you were Adam, pretending to be you. I --

Stuart: Surprise.

Krystal: Yeah, you're telling me.

Stuart: Yeah. But if that kiss was meant for Adam, well, that was some kiss. It gives me hope for you two.

Krystal: I was just so mad, I just wanted to make a fool out of Adam. Look who the fool is now.

Stuart: Huh. Well, if -- if I had been Adam, I would've done a lot more than make a fool out of me.

Krystal: But you aren't. You aren't. I only came to that ridiculous conclusion, because I saw Jenny look at Adam the way she looks at you. I should've known she can't tell the difference.

Stuart: Can you?

Krystal: You're the only one that has a working heart.

Stuart: No, you're wrong, Krystal -- well, no, you're right.

Krystal: What? What do you mean?

Stuart: Oh, Adam is going to be so mad at me. I -- I don't care, I don't care.

Krystal: No, no, Stuart. What is it?

Stuart: Adam has been pretending to be me. He's lost without you, Krystal. He needs you.

Wes: You ok?

Babe: I think so.

Wes: The sooner we can get out of here, the sooner we can forget about it. So --

Babe: Yeah, good luck with that.

Derek: Thanks for coming, guys. Dr. Mast, how are you?

Dr. Mast: Chief.

Derek: So, was it --

Babe: It was him.

Wes: Yeah, that was the guy that tried to rob The Comeback.

Derek: You're sure?

Babe: Positive.

Wes: Definitely.

Babe: I'll never forget the tattoo on his neck.

Derek: Ok. I know this wasn't easy, so thanks again, Babe.

Wes: Do you need anything else?

Derek: No, we're done here.

Wes: Good. Let's get out of here, ok?

Derek: Doc, Annie Lavery will be coming soon.

Dr. Mast: Mm-hmm.

Babe: Annie? What does she have to do with any of this? Derek, please, she's my friend. Is everything ok?

Derek: There's a good chance that the guy who held a knife to your throat might be Annie's brother.

Ryan: I know that this is really, really hard, and I know that you must have a real mix of emotions running through your body right now. And I -- I know that because I have been there. But if it is your brother that's in the morgue, then he's finally out of your life.

Annie: No. Ryan, he'll finally be done torturing me, but he'll never be out of my life. Richie was sick, and he did horrible things, and I had to do a horrible thing to get him put away, but he was still my brother.

Ryan: You know what? This -- this is a huge, huge shock. Why -- why don't you just lie down for a little while --

Annie: No, no, no. That won't help. Even after everything that he did -- I used to love him so much.

Ryan: I'm sure you did.

Annie: And he wasn't always bad. Like when we were really, really little, he was -- he was sweet, and he was funny, and he'd -- he'd tell me stories about, like, pirates and wizards and -- oh. Oh, my gosh.

Ryan: Like you?

Annie: Yeah. And then when we got older, even after he started doing some bad things, he had a great way of making you forget who he was, because he was so smart. And he would just -- he would just suck you in, and I was so in awe of him. And that's why having to testify --

Ryan: Annie? You did the right thing.

Annie: My brother might be dead, Ryan, and I --

Ryan: Tried to help him. You got up on that witness stand, because you thought it could save lives, including his, including yours.

Annie: But it didn't -- it just made it worse.

Ryan: I will not let you take the blame for this, Annie -- I won't.

Annie: He was my brother, Ryan. He was my -- he was my brother, and he did things, horrible things that made me not allow myself to love him anymore. How do you stop loving your own brother?

Babe: Derek, what makes you think that this could be Annie's brother anyway?

Derek: I can't get into that with you, Babe. You weren't supposed to hear what I told you in the first place.

Babe: I am kind of involved.

Derek: Well, if you have any more questions, you'll have to ask Annie yourself.

Dr. Mast: Chief, may I speak with you again?

Derek: Excuse me.

Babe: You know what? I should probably wait for her and see if she needs anything.

Wes: Well, then, I will keep you company.

Babe: Wes, you don't have to do that.

Wes: Oh, it is too late. I am already here.

Babe: That's really sweet, but I'm fine.

Wes: Mm-hmm. You're sure?

Babe: You know, I mean, if that is Annie's brother in there, she's probably not going to want a lot of people around, especially someone she doesn't know. No offense.

Wes: None taken. You going to be ok?

Babe: I'm fine. Really, I'm a big girl.

Wes: Ok. But do you have a pen?

Babe: Sure, I think so. Here, why?

Wes: Hmm. Well -- ahem -- this is my number. And if you need anything, anything at all, you should call me. What?

Babe: Nothing. You're just --

Wes: The greatest guy in the world? I know, I know, it's a curse. But I'm serious. You call me. Ok?

Babe: I will, thank you.

Annie: Well, we have to get to the morgue. Have you seen my purse? I can't seem to find my --

Ryan: Ok, well, hold on.

Annie: My purse.

Ryan: Hold on.

Annie: Should I bring something like a picture, because I don't have a picture. I've never done this before.

Ryan: Ok, take your time. We're not in any hurry at all.

Annie: Richie could be dead, Ryan. I just -- I can't -- I can't get past it. A drug overdose? I mean, I -- I know people change in prison, but it just doesn't sound like him.

Ryan: Not the Richie that you knew.

Annie: Even when I tried to get him help a long time ago, he wouldn't see doctors, because he didn't want to be put on medication. He didn't want to lose control. He never wanted to lose control, ever.

Ryan: That was -- you know, that was before.

Annie: Maybe -- maybe it's not him. I mean, Richie always needed to be in charge. I can't -- I can't imagine him going into the comeback and putting knife up to Babe's throat. It just doesn't sound like something he would do.

Ryan: Well, there's -- there's really only one way to for sure.

Annie: Whenever Richie wanted something, he was -- he was slick. He was subtle. He always kept his hands clean.

Ryan: I have to admit, when Derek told us, it didn't sound like the same guy who pulled one over on the prison warden and shrink to get an early release, and then, as soon as he's freed, risk it all, to get some cash from a bar.

Annie: I mean, maybe it's not him. Maybe it's a john doe.

Ryan: Well, the description fits him all the way down to the tattoo. I mean --

Annie: I can't stand this anymore. We just have to go.

Ryan: Ok. All right.

Stuart: Adam wanted to get Colby back. He wanted to see his daughter again.

Krystal: So once again, he resorts to manipulation.

Stuart: He knew Colby was angry at him.

Krystal: Oh, well, wait till she hears about this?

Stuart: Well, hopefully she loves him enough to forgive him. And hopefully, somebody else does, too.

Krystal: No, no. No, don't even --

Stuart: No, I know that he wanted to see you. Adam still loves you, Krystal.

Krystal: He wouldn't know love if it landed on his head!

Stuart: Oh, no, you don't really believe that. No. Can't you see this is a good thing?

Krystal: Now, how does Adam using you, being on the full side of any half-empty glass?

Stuart: He wasn't using me! I was -- no, I was the one. The switch was my idea.

Krystal: Stuart Chandler, don't you dare lie for your brother!

Stuart: I'm not lying! I'm not. I'm being honest. It's true. All right, I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry. But --

Krystal: You mean to tell me that Adam was coming over to my house, you knew it -- you knew he was in my house wearing your overalls? Well, no wonder the paint job was so bad.

Stuart: I hate being dishonest.

Krystal: Oh. Yeah, but for a good cause -- to get you and Adam close together again? And it worked.

Krystal: No, no. No, no, it did not.

Stuart: Oh, yeah? That kiss you gave me, huh? Well, that wasn't -- that wasn't a mad kiss. That was a -- a "oh, wow" kiss.

Krystal: No, no, don't -- before you even finish that sentence --

Stuart: No, no, admit it. It was a "wow." Admit it -- admit the "wow."

Krystal: It was not a "wow," but it's going to be a "pow," because I feel like going over there and hauling off and smacking Adam for doing this!

Stuart: You have every right to be angry with Adam. And this and -- and what he did to Jenny.

Krystal: Listen, there is no absolution in the world for what Adam Chandler did to my little girl.

Stuart: You can be angry at somebody for -- every right reason in the world and still love them. There is something else, isn't there? Hmm? There's more to it. You love him, don't you?

Adam: This has nothing to do with Krystal.

Tad: I don't want you to explain yourself to me, Adam. I don't care. All I really want is for you to stay out of my house.

Adam: Yeah, divide and conquer. Women and children first, that's your game.

Tad: Oh, please. Just shut --

Adam: You have a habit of snatching my children away from me, poisoning their minds against me so you look all -- all shiny and good by comparison.

Tad: Well, I must be a heck of a guy to get away with something like that.

Adam: You've always wanted my family, and you're after them again.

Tad: Somebody's got to save them.

Adam: Oh, I am so sick of hearing Saint Martin is going to swoop down here and save my children from me. You're not -- you're not protecting them from anything. You're just jealous of me --

Tad: Yeah, I'm jealous.

Adam: You have been all your life.

Tad: What I want more than anything is your big, empty house, not my home filled with children and happiness and love. You're right, Adam -- you got me.

Adam: You want everything that belongs to me! It's patently obvious.

Tad: Well, if I did, I guess I could declare victory right about now, couldn't I?

Adam: It all started when J.R. was an infant, and you helped Dixie get him away from me, and then -- now -- you fathered a child by my wife. These things all come around, Martin. They come back around. You've taken my children, and you've given up a child in return.

Tad: Don't you dare.

Adam: Kate. Kate. You've lost her, because you deserved to lose her.

Erica: We're back. Ladies and gentlemen, we are speaking to --

Zach: If I had told you about Jason, you wouldn't have come. And if Erica had told you about this interview, you wouldn't have come here to listen to this, either.

Kendall: That does not excuse you forcing me into making a decision.

Zach: No one's forcing you. This is information. You don't have to decide anything.

Kendall: Zach, you've already set up camp on one side.

Zach: Look at this boy. Look at the little boy and tell me you don't see hope.

Erica: Of cochlear implants, he is walking through a world full of laughter that he can actually hear. Now, Jason I understand that you received your first implant when you were just a baby, and then the second one came much later, is that right?

Jason: Yes. I don't remember the first one, but the second one was worth it.

Erica: What's it like, Jason, hearing through implants? Can you describe that, do you think?

Jason: It's like having my own personal surround sound.

Erica: And has it ever given you any problem -- I mean, other than when you swim?

Jason: Not really, except when I was a little younger, sometimes my teachers -- my teacher would sit me in the back of the room.

Erica: Oh, and did that make it a little harder for you to pick up on what she was saying?

Jason: I got really good at reading lips, so it wasn't a problem. Nothing wrong with my eyes.


Jason: I got really good at reading something else.

Erica: Oh, what's that?

Jason: The catcher's signals to the pitcher.


Annie: Babe, what are you doing here?

Babe: Derek asked me to come identify the --

Annie: The body. It's ok, you can say it.

Babe: It was from The Comeback, the robbery. I also heard that it could maybe be your --

Annie: Yeah, I'm fine. It's ok.

Ryan: Was it the same guy?

Derek: Babe and Wes gave us a positive identification.

Ryan: Wes?

Babe: He's a new bartender at The Comeback. He was there that night with me. Annie, do you want me to go in with you? Or I can stay --

Annie: Thank you, thank you, but I'm ok.

Babe: You sure?

Annie: Thanks. It's really sweet, but Ryan's here, so --

Babe: I understand. But I want you to call me, ok?

Annie: Ok, I will.

Derek: Are you two ready?

Ryan: Hey, Derek, will you give us a second, please?

Derek: Sure. I'll be right inside.

Ryan: Great.

Derek: Take your time.

Ryan: Now, you know that you don't have to do this right now if you're not ready.

Annie: Yeah, I do. And if the man in there is my brother, I've decided I have to tell the truth -- admit what I did to him, that I lied on the witness stand to put him in prison. I have to pay for it.

Erica: So, Jason, tell me what it's like being class president.

Jason: I'm learning about leadership and girls.

Erica: I wasn't aware that they're connected.

Jason: Girls like leaders a lot.


Erica: Jason, thank you so much for sharing your new beginning with all of us. Thank you so much. I mean, you have enlightened all of us on mainstreaming, baseball, soccer, leadership, and girls. And you know what else? I bet that you have inspired someone at home to begin their own new beginning. Thank you so much.


Erica: For more information, check our website.

[Theme music plays]

Erica: You're terrific.

[Cheers and applause]

Erica: Come here, sugar. Mom?

Mrs. Miller: I think he was great.

Erica: Great.

Ryan: Are you serious?

Annie: Yes, I am. How can I raise our little girl right, Ryan? How can I teach Emma that actions have consequences if I can't face my own?

Ryan: But if your brother is gone, Annie, what good is it going to do?

Annie: I put my brother in prison, Ryan. If that is him in there, it didn't make him better, it made him worse.

Ryan: Richie was dangerous, ok? He needed to go to prison.

Annie: I put him here, too.

Ryan: Look, your parents put enough guilt on you to last a lifetime. Please don't let your brother do it, too, please.

Annie: It didn't have to happen like this.

Ryan: Look, if anybody is to blame here, it's your parents. I mean, they should have stepped in. Taking care of Richie was their responsibility, not yours.

Annie: They refused to see it.

Ryan: They -- that's exact right. They refused to see it, Annie. I mean, they could have helped him. They should have. And they didn't. They should have had him put away, and they didn't do that, either, so it's not your fault. You got to believe me. You're not to blame.

Annie: I don't know if I can do that.

Ryan: Well, then I'm going to help you. All right? We're going to go in there, and we're going to take a look at the body. And if it is your brother, then we'll ID him. And that's all we're going to do today. That's it. Tomorrow, you'll grieve, and the next day and the next day. It'll get easier and easier. Ok? And you'll be able to let it go. You'll be able to let it all go.

Annie: How?

Ryan: I'm going to help you. Emma and Spike need you, Annie. I need you, too.

Krystal: It's all about Adam, what he feels and what he wants.

Stuart: He's just trying to protect himself. He doesn't -- he doesn't want you to hurt him again.

Krystal: Well, this time, by playing do anything to hurt her again. Whenever Adam and I talk about Jenny, he gets all soft and gushy. Kind of like with Charlotte.

Krystal: No, don't -- don't you dare try to convince me that Adam loves Jenny. Bloodlines -- his almighty last name, that's what Adam Chandler loves.

Stuart: Not this time.

Krystal: It's all one big game to him, and it stops now.

Adam: You can't have Kate, so you'll take my daughter instead?

Tad: Colby is her own person. She's not somebody's consolation prize.

Adam: Well, most of us don't need one. All our children are accounted for.

Tad: You invaded my home the other day. That's the last time it's going to happen.

Adam: Well, now that Colby's coming back home, I'll have no reason to invade your dreary little doorway.

Tad: Well, thank God for that. Because you know what bothered me the most? What scared me half to death was when you looked at my daughter, you looked at my Jenny, and you smiled. That's the last time it's going to happen, too. From now on, you're not going to come anywhere near her. You're not going to touch her. You're not going to so much as glance in her direction. You kidnapped her once. You were lucky enough to get away with it. But if you so much as think about doing anything like that ever again, I'll tear you in half. It's a promise.

[Adam grunts]

Zach: Great show.

Erica: Thank you. Jason is an incredible boy, isn't he?

Zach: What a sense of humor.

Kendall: No, he is amazing. But I still wish you would have told me.

Erica: Oh, honey, don't blame Zach. This was all my idea.

Kendall: Why am I not surprised?

Erica: Honey, I was doing research, for Spike, and I found Jason, and I just ran with the idea. And I ran it by Zach.

Kendall: Well, did it ever occur to you to run it by me?

Erica: Well, I didn't want to just spring a meeting on you.

Kendall: So -- so what was this? Were you in easing me in slowly?

Zach: We thought if you met the kid, you'd jump onboard.

Erica: Yeah, you just get to know him without any preconceived notions.

Kendall: Yes, yes, except that my son is deaf just like Jason. Embrace the implants and the mainstreaming, all of it.

Erica: Well, not right away, sweetheart.

Kendall: Mother -- see, once again, Erica Kane is trying to control everything. This is not your problem, Mother. Spike is my son.

Zach: Your mother isn't controlling anybody.

Kendall: Oh, now you're defending her?

Zach: She introduced you to a deaf boy, a deaf boy whose deafness clearly isn't a problem.

Erica: You know, it's just a part of who he is, honey.

Zach: You got to face that, for you and for Spike.

Babe: Annie -- Annie didn't want me to stay at the morgue. She's pretty shaken up. I didn't want to leave, but --

Wes: What about you?

Babe: I'm fine.

Wes: You certainly weren't fine when you had to identify that body.

Babe: Not every day that you see dead bodies.

Wes: Fair enough. Sit down. Do you want a drink? I'll make us some drinks. I'll go grab --

Babe: Can you not go, please?

Wes: I'm not moving.

Babe: It's just when -- when I saw -- when I saw that -- the body there in the morgue and on that slab, I just -- it brought me back to that night when he pulled the knife, and --

Wes: He can't hurt you. You're going to be ok.

Babe: He could have. I could've -- I could've died. That could've been me on that slab. And in that moment, all I --

Wes: You're not going anywhere. You're not going anywhere. It's going to be ok. It's going to be fine.

Ryan: I got you.

Derek: Are you sure you're ready for this?

Kendall: You brought me here because you love me. I know that. And I know that you love Spike. And I don't blame you for wanting me to take this step. I wish I could. I'm sorry, I just -- I can't.

Erica: Honey, we're just asking you to try. Hey, I love you. I love you, sweetheart.

Zach: You can ask me anything you want, because I've done a lot of research.

Kendall: Yeah, ok. I can't right now, honey, ok? I got to get out of here. I need to go, ok?

Zach: We'll talk somewhere else. Come on, let's go.

Kendall: Ok, I really got to go.

Jason: Mrs. Slater, wait. Can I talk to you?

Adam: Well, thanks for the warning. You don't want me in your house, I don't want you in my house. But you're in my house, in case you hadn't noticed. Get out.

Tad: Just one more thing -- you may want Krystal back, but she doesn't want you. More importantly, she doesn't need you.

Adam: Get out!

Tad: And why should she? You drove her away in the first place, just like everybody else. Leaving you was the smartest thing she ever did, next to moving in with me. She's got a life, Adam, a life she's happy with, a life I'm honored to share with her.

Adam: Oh, no, no, you're not sharing a life. You're sharing diaper duty, bucko.

Tad: Every morning I wake up, the first thing I hear is Krystal singing downstairs.

Adam: Ah.

Tad: Yeah, singing. Did she ever sing when she was living here with you?

Adam: We're done.

Tad: No, we're not. Not yet. She's a good woman, Adam, the best. She deserves so much better than you.

Adam: How do you know what Krystal deserves?

Tad: You needed to hear it from somebody, didn't you?

Adam: What makes you an authority on my wife?

[Krystal quietly lets herself into the mansion and listens from the foyer]

Tad: You do, Adam, you do. Because all I want to see is Krystal happy. And compared to you, that makes me an authority. And the reason I want to see her happy is because of everything she's been through already, because of what we've been because Krystal is --

Adam: Because you're in love with her? Hmm?

Tad: Yeah. Yeah, that's right, Adam, I am. I'm in love with Krystal.

Babe: I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to freak you out. I just --

Wes: No, it's -- it's ok, it's ok.

Wes: You're going to be ok, you know? Your little boy is going to have his mom around for a long, long time. Ok?

Babe: Thank you.

Wes: Not a problem.

Babe: You're a really good guy, you know that?

Annie: Oh, my God.

>> On the next "All My Children."

Adam (to Krystal): Before you start this farce of a marriage, you have to end ours.

Aidan (to Greenlee): I want you to knock me senseless and leave me for dead.

Annie: We all fall down

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