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All My Children Transcript Monday 9/17/07


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Aidan: Rachael said that the kids are asleep, but -- Annie? Annie?

[Ryan sighs as he drives]

Ryan: Come on, be there, Annie, be there.

Aidan: Annie? Annie!

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Pick up the phone, Annie, pick up.


Aidan: Hello?

Ryan: Aidan.

Aidan: Ryan, I'm glad you called.

Ryan: I'm glad you picked up. Listen, I need you to stay even closer to Annie, ok?

Aidan: I'm trying, I'm trying.

Ryan: Her psycho brother got out of prison early.

Aidan: So that's what this is about. Annie has a brother?

Babe: Oh, hey, also remind me to restock, I think, it's the triple sec -- we're running low.

Wes: Must be my margaritas --

Babe: Nice.

Wes: They're very much in demand these days.

[Babe laughs]

Wes: Hey, boss, how you doing? Just in time for last call. What can I get you? You want a margarita -- the best in town.

Man: Beer.

Wes: You want a tapped beer, you want a bottled beer? You want a light beer, you want a dark beer? You want a lime, you don't want a lime? What can I get you?

Man: Surprise me.

Ryan: His name is Richie Novak, and he has been out of prison long enough to be the one that's been harassing her.

Aidan: Her own brother's doing this?

Ryan: Yes, yes, I'm sure of it. Just do me a favor, please, and -- and stay even closer to her.

Aidan: Ryan, listen --

Ryan: No, you listen, Aidan. If you see anything suspicious, anything at all, just call the cops, ok?

Aidan: Ryan? Annie's taken off.

Kendall: There's no getting rid of you, is there?

Greenlee: You came to me.

Kendall: I -- I can't have one quiet, precious moment alone with my baby in the hospital without looking up and seeing you there.

Greenlee: Zach already drilled into me about that. I -- I am so sorry.

Kendall: Stop -- no, stop. Please, no more "I'm sorrys."

Greenlee: But the last thing I'd ever want to do is make you upset.

Kendall: Ok, just shut up and let me in.

Greenlee: Ok.

Hannah: I expected you to be more surprised to see me.

Hannah's voice: If you do this for me, I'll leave. No one will ever see me again. No one will ever know. Please?

Hannah: Zach? Aren't you going to answer me?

Zach: I don't think there's anything you can do to surprise me, Hannah. What do you have for me now?

Hannah: Do you ever think about the last time we were together -- in my room at the Yacht Club?

Zach: I've had quite a bit on my mind lately.

Hannah: Yeah, well, I don't blame you for blocking out completely. I'd like to.

Zach: You were in a bad place.

Hannah: Yeah, and I was lucky you understood what I needed.

Zach: There's no need to rehash it now, is there?

Hannah: Look, I just wanted -- I didn't -- I don't want you to remember me as the woman you saw that night -- if you think of me at all. I came back to thank you. I'm back on top of my game, I'm feeling stronger, smarter, content -- happy, even. What?

Zach: You could've called me.

Hannah: Oh --

Zach: But you didn't, here you are. What are you not telling me?

[Hannah sighs]

Hannah: How much does Kendall know about what happened between us that night?

Greenlee: I didn't mean to walk in on you and Ian.

Kendall: It -- it was my first time holding my baby, feeling his skin against mine. A precious, wonderful, sacred moment -- and you were there.

Greenlee: If I had known --

Kendall: And I wanted to yell at you and tell you to get the hell out, but I couldn't because my tiny, premature little baby can't be around any noise or have too much commotion. It could make it worse for him.

Greenlee: I would never have started an argument --

Kendall: I -- I felt trapped and exposed and completely vulnerable. You are the last person in the world that I want anywhere near me or my family.

Greenlee: I was in the hospital because Aidan was mugged.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Anyone within breathing distance isn't safe near you.

Greenlee: I brought him to the emergency room.

Kendall: So did they treat Aidan in the neonatal unit?

Greenlee: No. It -- it was late. I -- I never thought you'd be there with Ian.

Kendall: You -- you don't think, Greenlee. That's the thing -- you don't think, you react on impulse. And then you expect us to forgive you for all the damage that you've done, and you always do damage.

Greenlee: Ok. I'm not going to fight with you. I've taken on way too many people today. Ryan has hired an army to tail me 24/7, and Zach would prefer that I were buried in the pine barrens, so what do you want, Kendall? What's your plan of attack?

Kendall: I want to see if there is any hope, any chance at all, that somehow, someday, I'd be able to forgive you.

Ryan: Any sign of Annie?

Aidan: I've checked the grounds -- no.

Ryan: What about the kids? What about Emma and Spike?

Aidan: They're fine, they're upstairs sleeping -- Rachael's with them.

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: How the hell did you lose her?

Aidan: I went to get her a glass of water. She was freaked because she thought she saw someone outside watching us.

Ryan: "Someone outside"? Are you kidding me?

Aidan: I've already checked, Ryan, there's no one there.

Ryan: And -- and you couldn't have missed him? This -- this is Richie, Aidan. She -- she's not missing, he's got her.

Aidan: Look, there wasn't enough time for that.

Ryan: You left her alone, he saw the opportunity, and -- and he took it.

Aidan: Listen, mate, I would've heard something, I swear it.

Ryan: Not -- not if he surprised her.

Aidan: Ryan, there's no sign of a struggle, all right? Annie would've freaked out like hell, I wouldn't heard something. I've already checked the caller IDs, there's nothing, ok?

Ryan: Well, she wouldn't have just left without telling you, without telling Rachael.

Aidan: Her bag was here, her keys were here -- they're not here now, all right? My money says that she freaked out when she -- she's just taken off on her own.

Ryan: You know what? She's not picking up her cell phone, Aidan, so --

Aidan: Well, maybe she doesn't want to talk to anybody.

Ryan: Yeah, or maybe Richie's got her.

Aidan: Ryan, there's something else. That locket that I was mugged for -- Annie had it in her purse.

Ryan: What?

Aidan: The locket, Ryan -- it was in Annie's purse.

Babe: Ok, so that guy over there -- what do you think his story is?

Wes: Loner, first time out here -- at least on my watch.

Babe: What, that's it?

Wes: Hey, my people skills are much sharper when they're focused at a beautiful woman -- especially one who just got a brand-new, shiny diploma.

Babe: Well, one that probably has chocolate fingerprints all over it. Thanks again for the cupcake.

Wes: Oh, you liked my cupcake?

Babe: I loved your cupcake.

Wes: Good. Maybe you'll take it easy on me, then, because I have a bit of a confession to make.

Babe: Really?

Wes: Yeah.

Babe: You don't like chocolate.

Wes: No, I -- a while back, I heard you and your mom talking and, well, I might've eavesdropped a little bit.

Babe: Eavesdropped, huh?

Wes: Mm-hmm.

Babe: Well, you're busted. You wouldn't have made a very good spy -- confessing to your target and all.

Wes: Well, I'll settle for a barkeep who's sitting on some pretty classified information.

Babe: Nice. Did you hear of something juicy?

Wes: Oh, yeah. I hope to use it to my advantage.

Babe: Care to share?

Wes: I make nachos.

Babe: And?

Wes: And I heard from your mouth that you're a nacho-and-guac fan from way back. I make nachos.

Babe: Ahem. Well, tell me this -- do you use really ripe avocados, lime juice, not lemon, and do you add fresh-minced jalapeno at the end?

Wes: My God -- we are soul mates.

Babe: You're funny. But I might just have to try your guacamole sometime.

Wes: Oh, sometime? "Sometime" as, like, soon, or "sometime" as in "maybe I'll forget about this conversation, and it'll all just go away"?

Babe: Bring it on.

Wes: So it's a date? Well, it's not a "date" date, it's a guac-and-nacho date. Unless you want to make it a "date" date. We can make it a "date" date.

Babe: It -- it's -- um -- not that, it's just that -- um --

Wes: No date. Hmm.

Babe: I just -- um -- putting myself out there, the whole dating thing, getting to know somebody -- I'm just -- um -- I'm not really ready.

Wes: Hey, I understand -- that dating is scary.

Babe: Oh --

Wes: But dating me is not so scary. I think you'd find out that on our first date, I'd open your door, pull out the chair for you, offer you a bite of my food --

Babe: Hmm.

Wes: But just one bite.

Babe: "Just one bite"? Selfish. Ok, so how about the second date? What would I find out on our second date?

Wes: [Spanish accent] That you can't get enough of my guacamole?

Babe: Hmm -- nice, baby! The perfect man -- that's exactly what I want to hear.

Wes: [Normal voice] Oh, hardly.

[Babe laughs]

Wes: I'm tone-deaf, I don't like sushi, and if you're looking for a guy to step on a bug, I'm just not him.

Babe: Oh, a nature lover -- aren't you cute?

[Babe laughs]

Wes: Well, what are you going to do?

[Babe gasps as the stranger grabs her from behind and holds a knife to her throat]

Wes: Hey --

Man: The keys to the register, man -- give them to me, or I cut her.

Babe: Oh!

Man: What the hell are you waiting for? You think I'm kidding? Don't be stupid, man -- the keys!

Babe: Oh!

Man: What's your problem?

Babe: You -- Wes!

Man: Do you want to see her get sliced?

Babe: Wes, Wes, just give him the keys! Do what he wants, please!

Wes: Yeah, yeah -- where are the keys? Where are the keys?

Babe: The key -- they're in my right front pocket! Hurry, please, just --

Wes: Ok, man.

Man: You're too smart to do anything stupid. All right? Nice and slow.

Wes: Slow's the word, slow's the word.

Babe: Oh!

Wes: Here?

Babe: Please don't hurt me --

Man: You try anything --

Wes: I'm not trying --

Man: I'll cut you, too.

Wes: I'm not trying anything! Here are the keys. Here they are.

Babe: Just take them, take the money! You can have anything you want!

Man: Ah!

[Babe screams]

Babe: Wes, be careful!

Man: Son of a bitch -- I'll kill you!

Babe: Be careful!

Man: Ah!

Babe: My God -- oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Wes! Wes -- come here, Wes! Come here. Are you ok?

Wes: Yeah.

Ryan: You found the locket watch in Annie's purse?

Aidan: Imagine my surprise.

Ryan: But what did she say?

Aidan: She said she didn't know how it got there, but there it was.

Ryan: Well, what -- what are you saying? I mean, you don't honestly think that Annie mugged you?

Aidan: Oh, man. I'm -- I'm just giving you the facts, that's it. That's all.

Ryan: Annie, my wife, who makes up fairy tales, crept up behind you -- a big guy like you -- hit you over the head and -- and took the watch that she threw away in the first place?

Aidan: Ryan, that is not what I'm saying.

Ryan: Well -- well, then what?

Aidan: What, you don't think it's weird?

Ryan: What I think is that Annie is as much of a victim here as you. I think that Richie mugged you, hit you over the head, took the watch, and put it in her bag.

Aidan: Why?

Ryan: Because he is a twisted son of a bitch who's been conning his way through his whole life, and now he's conned his way out of prison.

Aidan: Well, why would he go after Annie? Well, why play these stupid head games?

Ryan: Because she knows the truth. She knows what he's capable of. Look, just please stay here, watch the kids, call -- call the cops, all right? I'm going to find my wife.

Greenlee: You want to forgive me?

Kendall: Hell, I can't even believe the word "forgive" just came out of my mouth.

Greenlee: That's unbelievable, that's -- just you wanting to reach out --

Kendall: I'm not reaching out to you. I'm trying to purge the hate that I have for you since the day you took Spike. It affects everything I do. It -- it infests everything I do. I -- I wake up with it, I go to sleep with it. This hate -- it gives you power over me, too much. And I have to let it go.

Greenlee: You have no idea how much this means to me.

Kendall: I'm not doing this for you. It's for Zach. I'm doing this for my husband, I'm doing this for Spike, for Ian, for my family. I have to be strong and whole and healthy for them.

Greenlee: Ok, I understand.

Kendall: No, no, no, no. You couldn't possibly. On the way over here, I -- I told myself that I would be able to do this, eventually. And now, I'm here, and I'm in front of you, and I -- I don't see how I can. I don't know how I'm going to let go of this rage. I feel like the longer I have it, the stronger it's going to get until -- until it's all that I am. But I can't let that happen. I won't. I have to let it go.

Zach: I didn't talk to Kendall about that night -- there was no reason to.

Hannah: Well, how about no secrets between husbands and wives?

Zach: She's been going through hell these last few months.

Hannah: I'm sorry.

Zach: Spike was kidnapped.

Hannah: Yes, I know.

Zach: And the woman who took him crashed her car, and he almost died of his injuries.

Hannah: But he's --

Zach: And my other son, Ian, was born three months premature, so he's fighting for his life every day. Kendall has her hands full.

Hannah: I am so sorry that you and Kendall are going through this.

Zach: But, still, you want to add to her troubles?

Hannah: That is not my intention.

Zach: What is your intention? What happened that night was between you and me -- nothing's changed. Or has it?

Hannah: I am not here to stir up any trouble. I am fully aware of what you and Kendall have been going through.

Zach: I doubt that.

Hannah: Ok, what I meant was I heard about the accident. I'm sorry. I intended to be in maternity clothes by now -- decorating a nursery, dreaming of a dark-haired boy with your eyes.

Zach: But there is no dark-haired boy.

Hannah: No. And at first, it was hard for me to accept. But I learned to live with it -- this emptiness.

Zach: And you've come back to, what?

Hannah: To proposition you again, to beg you to give me a child again -- is that what you think?

Zach: You tell me.

Greenlee: Just tell me what you want, Kendall -- I'll do it.

Kendall: Fusion -- I have to go back to work.

Greenlee: That's great.

Kendall: You know, no matter what our differences are, no matter how angry we are with each other, Fusion's always been our DMZ. We leave the crap at the door, and we make it work.

Greenlee: You're right.

Kendall: We take it slow. We put Fusion first and do what we need to do to make the company grow. Then, maybe in time, we'll -- we'll see if we can work on getting closer again.

Greenlee: That sounds so good. Is that it?

Kendall: For now.

Greenlee: Ok, great. Partners -- I mean, it's what we do best, right?

Kendall: You know, I can't just wave a wand and pretend like Spike can hear again. Or that Ian is healthy or that my heart isn't in 200 pieces.

Greenlee: Whatever you want, whatever you need -- I am so sorry.

Kendall: No, no, no. Don't.

Ryan: Where have you been?

Aidan: What's with the disappearing act?

Annie: I'm -- I'm sorry I upset you.

Ryan: Well -- so, you're ok?

Annie: Yeah, I was just getting some fresh air.

Ryan: Ah.

Aidan: All right, you couldn't open a window?

Ryan: Ok, all right.

Aidan: Ok? You two have some time alone, all right? I'll see you later.

Ryan: Thank you, Aidan. Thank you.

Ryan: Ha. So, this fresh air --

Annie: I just -- I went to the beach, our beach.

Ryan: Aidan said he found your mother's locket in your bag.

Annie: Yeah, I'm sure he couldn't wait to share with you his theory on how I mugged him for it.

Ryan: No, he doesn't really think that.

Annie: You sure about that? Because he definitely had a lot of questions. And he wouldn't let up and then, Ryan, I saw somebody outside. I'm sure of it.

Ryan: Aidan didn't find anybody.

Annie: Well, you think I'm making it up?

Ryan: No, I believe you, and Aidan doesn't know the whole story, so --

Annie: Ok, but, Ryan, I'm telling you the look in his eyes -- this is Richie. This is all Richie. I don't know how, but somehow he got somebody on the outside to attack Aidan and -- and steal that locket and put it in my purse. I know it sounds crazy --

Ryan: Hold on, hold on --

Annie: But I'm sure of it.

Ryan: Hold on, hold, hold, hold. Just -- just -- just look at me, ok? Look at me. I believe you. I believe you, I told you that at the beginning, and -- and nothing has changed, ok? Nothing.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: But -- I don't think Richie has anybody working for him.

Annie: You don't? Oh, God, the prison -- that's right. Um -- did you see Richie? What did he say?

Ryan: I -- I didn't see Richie.

Annie: I knew it. He wouldn't talk to you, right? He's playing the same old games that he always has been --

Ryan: No, Annie, it's not that, it's not that, it's not that. It's -- he's been released. Richie's out.

Babe: It's pretty deep. You might want to go to the hospital, get it checked out. Maybe get some stitches or something.

Wes: Oh, you've got it under control. Mm-hmm. Pretty amazing.

Babe: Me? I didn't throw myself at a knife. You totally launched at that guy. You freaked him out.

Wes: Yeah, well, he freaked me out, too.

Babe: You know, I thought for a second that --

Wes: That I was going to faint?

Babe: No.

[Wes chuckles]

Wes: By our fifth date, you might have figured out that I'm not exactly hero material.

Babe: You look like a hero to me.

Wes: Hmm, hmm.

Babe: All right, you're all set.

Wes: Thank you. I should have jumped in earlier. Not let it get so far.

Babe: Why didn't you just give that jerk the keys, let him take the money? Who cares?

Wes: Because I know him. I mean, I know the type.

Babe: The type?

Wes: Yeah, I used to sling drinks at this California bar for a while. A biker joint in the desert. A lot of addicts, tweakers. Most of them up to no good. He had that look. He wasn't going to stop at taking the money. He was here to cause some damage.

Babe: Well, thank you for scaring him off.

Wes: Hey, I had to do something. The best gig, most beautiful bosses I've ever had.

Babe: Hmm.

Derek: Hey, you ok?

Wes: Yeah, I'm good.

Derek: How you holding up?

Babe: I'm better now.

Derek: Don't worry. That punk won't get away. Can you describe him?

Annie: No, no, Richie can't be out. He -- that's not possible. He still has three years left.

Ryan: He got an early release.

Annie: I -- I called the prison and they said he was still there.

Ryan: Annie, you spoke to the psychiatrist that Richie won over. The guy is -- is protecting your brother.

Annie: Wait -- wait, the prison is protecting Richie?

Ryan: And -- and I am protecting you.

Annie: He hates me, Ryan, and he's going to keep coming after me until -- until --

Ryan: He can't get to you, ok? You're safe. You're safe here with me.

Annie: He's already getting to me.

Ryan: No, we're going to hire around-the-clock security, and we'll get the police involved, Annie.

Annie: You don't understand. Richie's --

Ryan: Well, we --

Annie: He's so smart.

Ryan: We will catch him, and we will stop him. We'll catch him. But -- but -- but a picture would help. You know, something that we can show the security detail or the police so that they have a face.

Annie: I don't -- I -- I don't -- I burned every picture of Richie. Except for one.

Ryan: Ok, well, we'll use that one.

Annie: Well, it's at the penthouse, and we were kids. It was taken years ago. My uncle, he had this cottage that we used to go to with a little pond and -- and the picture -- it's Richie and me, and our legs are dangling over the dock, and he has his arm around me, and we were there all summer. It was the best summer. He was so nice to me that summer.

Ryan: I'm glad you have at least one good memory of him.

Annie: On one of the nights, he -- he said that he had a special game, and he took me to the pond, and we caught this frog. And we put him in this little box that Richie had made. He had set it all up. And I was so excited. It was like our own -- our own frog. And Richie took out a knife and killed him. And I -- I tried to stop him, but I couldn't. And he said if I ever told anybody, he would -- so I never told anybody.

Ryan: My God --

Annie: Yeah. I kept that picture to remember that Richie, that sweet-faced Richie that could kill so easily, as if he -- as if he liked it. That's -- that's the thing with him. He -- he never gets caught, Richie. He does these horrible, horrible things, and he never gets caught, ever.

Ryan: We're going to -- we're going to catch him. And we're going to stop him. But a description would help. I mean, when was the last time that you saw him?

Annie: I visited him in prison once.

Ryan: Mm-hmm. What did he look like?

Babe: His hair was sandy brown. It was kind of wavy.

Wes: He was about my height. Same build. 180.

Annie: I think he's about 5'10", maybe. And I think he weighed 180, 185.

Wes: He had a tattoo on his neck.

Babe: Yeah, it was of a spider.

Annie: Richie got a tattoo in 11th grade. A -- a spider on his neck.

Officer: He smiled a lot?

Babe: Yeah, he had this -- like a real cool smile.

Annie: And he smiles. He smiles a lot.

Kendall: I don't want hugs and kisses. I don't want this whole sister thing, and I don't want to talk about the good old days.

Greenlee: But we had so much.

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, in the past. Only in the past. And the present -- that's off-limits, too. I don't want to know who you're dating. I'm not going to tell you about Spike's first word, or if Ian cut a tooth.

Greenlee: Ok, I get it.

Kendall: Yes, and also, I don't want to hear you go on and on about how bad you feel and how sorry you are.

Greenlee: But I just -- I do. I feel so bad, and -- ok, ok, done. Um -- anything else?

Kendall: Yeah. This right here -- this -- this little truce that we're calling? This has got to be between you and me. I don't want -- I don't want anyone to know about this. I can't tell Ryan, I can't tell Zach.

Greenlee: Ok.

Kendall: This has just got to be our secret.

Greenlee: Ok. I'm -- I'm in, but -- well, Ryan's been following me 24/7. I mean, there's pictures of me brushing my teeth. Us seeing each other -- it's -- it's not going to go unnoticed or undocumented.

Kendall: Ok, well, your blinds are closed.

Greenlee: But that's because I'm sure they're outside watching the building.

Kendall: All right, well, if they saw me, then I'll -- we'll just tell them that I was visiting Josh downstairs.

Greenlee: Well, that'll work, but what about if we meet somewhere else?

Kendall: I'll talk to Ryan. But not -- I'm not doing it for you, so don't say "Thank you." I mean, none of this is for --

Greenlee: Me, I know. I get it. Ok. Um -- is there anything else? I'll do whatever you want.

Kendall: Yeah, there is. I need you to promise me -- swear -- swear on your life --

Hannah: Your life has been turned upside down. You have a baby in the hospital, a child recovering. They need you. Kendall needs you. And I know you want to be with them. But you have a company to run.

Zach: I manage.

Hannah: You don't have to manage alone. I came back, because I want my old job back. If you'll have me.

Ryan: Hey, relax. Come on. Come away from the window, please. Away.

Annie: He's out there, Ryan, waiting and watching.

Ryan: Not for long. I just got off the phone with the police. I gave them his full name, a description. It's not going to be long before somebody gets a bead on him, all right?

Annie: Oh, ok. I hope so. So, what -- what else did you find out at -- at the prison? What did the warden say about Richie?

Ryan: Just that he kept his nose clean. You know, the whole model prisoner thing.

Annie: Of course. That's Richie -- charming, sweet, easygoing. Would do anything anybody asked of him, right? There's no way somebody that wonderful could be guilty of anything, right?

Ryan: Something like that.

Annie: So he had to have been framed. Richie wasn't behind bars because he was guilty, he was behind bars because of me. Because his evil sister lied to get him in there.

Ryan: You're not evil, Annie.

Annie: You haven't talked to Richie yet.

Ryan: Annie -- somebody else must have seen through this act.

Annie: You don't understand, Ryan. Richie convinced everybody he was -- he was perfect. My parents were his number one fans. The day my dad went out the window, there's no way Richie could have been a part of it, so it had to have been me.

Ryan: They blamed you for that?

Babe: I am fine, Mom, really. I -- it could have been a whole different ending if Wes hadn't have been here. He totally saved me. Yeah, yeah, he's -- he's fine. Ok, I'll -- I'll be sure to tell him. I love you, too. Bye. Mama says that you get a raise -- no "if, and, or buts" about it -- for protecting this place.

Derek: And her daughter. See you first thing in the morning to look at mug shots.

Wes: I'll be there.

Derek: I'd appreciate it if you stop by, as well.

Babe: Sure.

Derek: Thanks for your help. And from the way it went down, I'd say you're lucky to be alive.

Wes: Hmm.

Derek: Both of you, for that matter.

Wes: Well, one thing's for sure. No date I could ever take anyone would have had this much of an adrenaline rush.

Babe: Hey, thanks again. You really did save my life.

Wes: Hey, come on. Anybody would have done that. Maybe a little quicker, but --

[Wes chuckles]

Babe: Um -- if it's not too late -- um -- I'd like to change my mind. About the date thing. Totally casual, though. Nothing serious or heavy.

Wes: Well, that's perfect. "Nothing serious" is my middle name.

[Babe laughs]

Zach: You came all the way here for a job?

Hannah: And to help out, considering all you've been through. I picked up the phone a dozen times, but I wanted to see you face to face -- apologize for that night.

Zach: Apology accepted. Now, the job -- that's a whole nother story.

Hannah: Zach, I am the best at what I do.

Zach: I know you are, and I appreciate your wanting to help. But with your experience -- I mean, you can --

Hannah: I can get any job I want, yes.

Zach: Uh-huh. Maybe it's time for a new challenge.

Hannah: Cambias is one of the most challenging jobs I've ever had. I left too soon, and I want to tackle it again, see what I can accomplish. And if I can help you in the mix, that's even better.

Zach: You know Josh is my right-hand man.

Hannah: And I am sure Josh and I can work things out to our mutual satisfaction.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: No promises, no guarantees. If this job doesn't work out --

Hannah: It'll work. It will work. I promise, Zach. Thank you. You won't regret it.

Kendall: If you won't promise to stay away from my children, there is nothing between us ever again.

Greenlee: Ok. It's a deal. I won't go near Ian or Spike. But that could change someday, right? Maybe?

Kendall: Yeah. If that happens, I'll be just as happy as you are.

Greenlee: Ok. So, do we shake on this, or what?

Kendall: Let's just call it a night.

Greenlee: Ok. Thank you so much for giving me this -- I forgot. Oops. No thank-yous.

Kendall: I'll see you at Fusion.

Greenlee: Yes. Fusion. I'll see you there.

Kendall: Round one. She bought it.

Ryan: Annie, did your parents blame you for your dad's accident?

Annie: I've told you, it wasn't an accident. Richie pushed him. But nobody believed me. Inconceivable. Not their perfect son. And now he's out there somewhere, Ryan.

Ryan: Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, and you're here.

Annie: Oh --

Ryan: You're here, with me, safe.

Annie: But it's not just me anymore. Anybody who is around me is in danger, too. Look at what happened to Aidan. I mean, it puts our children at risk. It puts --

Ryan: Hey, hey -- hey, you got to believe me, all right? I am going to keep you and our children safe, and I will not stop until Richie is caught and everybody knows what he really is, including your father.

Annie: I'm sorry I've brought this on us.

Ryan: What? I love you. It's going to be ok.

Ryan: I'm going to go check on the kids, ok?

Ryan: I'm going to catch him, Annie. I'm going to stop your brother.

Annie: Oh, I wish you could. But you can't. Only I can stop my brother.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ryan: We're moving out.

Kendall: You trying to take Spike away from me again?

Jack (to Erica): We'll give it to you just as raw and intense as you want it.

J.R.: You want Krystal back.

Adam: You're delusional.

J.R.: I think you want Colby, Krystal, and Jenny.

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