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Kendall's voice: Get the hell out of here, Greenlee. Go. I swear to God if you hurt Ian like you hurt Spike. If you come anywhere near this baby, I will kill you.

Warden: Takes some serious connections to use my office for a private meeting.

Ryan: I just need a few minutes with Richie Novak.

Warden: So the governor said. Look, visiting hours are over. Can't this wait till tomorrow?

Ryan: No, warden, it can't.

[Knock on door]

Warden: Come in.

[Guard whispers]

Warden: Show him in.

Michael: Mr. Lavery.

Ryan: Yes?

Michael: I believe I'm the man you came to see.

Aidan: Anyone here?

Annie: No. Rachael took Emma and Spike to the carnival, and Kendall and Zach are at the hospital with Ian, so --

Aidan: You have any idea who's harassing you, Annie? Why they'd knock me out just to steal your mother's old locket?

Annie: No. No, but Ryan's checking something out, but who knows?

Aidan: Yeah, here's your keys.

Annie: Thank you.

Aidan: What is it?

Annie: It can't be.

Aidan: Where did you get this?

Kendall's voice: Greenlee? Do you remember last night? You were in trouble and, um, Dr. Madden had to rush you here. Greenlee, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You had a miscarriage. I'm going to drive in your car, because we don't have room for Spike in the back seat.

Babe: Ok.

Kendall: You take this car, ok?

Babe: Yes, ok, ok. Let's go, let's go.

Kendall: Let's do it.

Greenlee's voice: Stop making me say it. You can't give me my baby back.

Kendall: No, Greenlee, not the baby you lost, another one -- your baby with Ryan. I can carry it for you. Your baby, my belly. I give birth for you. You have your child.

Zach: Greenlee never showed up with Spike.

Kendall: Spike, Spike, Spike! Greenlee -- she took him! She took him, Zach! She took my baby, Zach! I need Spike, please!

Zach: Shh, shh.

Kendall: Please find -- oh! Ow, ow, Zach!

Zach: He's really strong.

Kendall: Spike, Spike, Spike? Spike! Zach, all the blood. What happened to Spike? What did Greenlee do to him?

Dr. Norton: Your son has suffered profound hearing loss in both ears. I'm sorry -- he is deaf.

Kendall: Spikey, please, come on, baby.

Ryan: Help -- help him!

Kendall: Baby, you have to breathe, come on!

Ryan: He's not breathing -- do something!

Kendall: Come on, baby, breathe!

Ryan: Do -- I'm sorry.

Kendall: What is that? What are you doing to him? What are you doing?

Zach: Hey. How are my two favorite kangarooers doing?

Kendall: Zach? Greenlee was here.

Zach: When?

Kendall: A second ago.

Zach: What did she do?

Kendall: Nothing. She was just standing there.

Zach: Did you see where she went?

Kendall: No. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, she was gone. I wish I could stay here all night with Ian, but the nurses said he needs his rest.

Zach: You'll be back.

Kendall: You were right. Holding our son is -- I have to -- I have to finish here with Ian and then I have to go pick up Spike at the carnival. Do you want to meet us later?

Zach: Yeah, I got some work to do. I'll give you a call, all right?

Greenlee: Get off of me, you freakin' gorilla! What, do you think you can just grab me and drag me around? This is harassment and this is assault -- you're going to hear from my lawyer.

Bodyguard: I don't want you anyone near Mrs. Slater or her kids, ma'am. Those are my orders.

Greenlee: Well, here are my orders -- you tell Ryan I'm going to sue his ass if any of his meatheads ever touch me again!

Bodyguard: You don't want to see me? Stay away from Mrs. Slater.

Greenlee: Hey, here's a warning -- stay away from me! Oh. Did I get this wrong? Is Big Biff over here on the Cambias payroll? Tell me you're working with Ryan to have me tailed 24/7.

Zach: If that had been one of my men, you wouldn't be here anymore.

Aidan: How did your mother's locket end up in your purse?

Annie: I -- I don't know.

Aidan: You don't know?

Annie: How did -- well, how did this -- uh --

Aidan: "EHN"?

Annie: They were her initials. The -- this handkerchief belonged to my mom, Emma Hope Novak.

Aidan: I want to help you, Annie. But I can't unless you help me. Now, who is doing this? Who mugged me for this locket and then stuck it back in your bag?

Annie: I told Ryan everything that I know.

Aidan: That's great. Now I want you to tell me.

Annie: "They all fall down."

Aidan: What's that?

Annie: Nothing.

Aidan: Annie, talk to me.

Annie: No, no, no, I can't.

Aidan: Listen, it's ok. You're safe -- it's all right.

Annie: Ryan will fix it. Ryan will fix everything.

Ryan: Um -- you can't be Richie Novak.

Man: No. I'm Dr. Michael Chambers.

Warden: He's our head psychiatrist here. Knows Novak better than just about anyone.

Ryan: Oh, I see. Well, I don't mean any disrespect here, but I didn't come to see Richie's doctor. I came to see Richie.

Warden: Um -- I'll let you two talk.

Michael: What is your relationship to Richard?

Ryan: I'm married to his sister, Annie.

Michael: What do you wish to speak with him about?

Ryan: Ok, again, no offense, Doctor, but this is really none of your business. I got to get back to my family, so if you could just go get Richie and bring him back in here, that would be great.

Michael: Well, I'm afraid that's not possible.

Ryan: I don't understand.

Michael: Richard Novak is no longer an inmate here. He's been released.

Ryan: Richie couldn't have been released then. My wife called a couple of weeks ago, and she was told that he's still here, still behind bars.

Michael: She was misinformed.

Ryan: Annie asked a pretty simple question -- "is Richie here or not?" I mean, how does somebody screw that up?

Michael: Mr. Lavery, this is a federal prison. We have thousands of inmates here. A clerical error of this sort is not uncommon.

Ryan: "A clerical error"?

Michael: Precisely.

Ryan: I'm sorry, doc, but I'm not buying it.

Michael: Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Lavery, but --

Ryan: Look, I don't know what's going on here, but I really don't have time for games, all right? I need to find Richie because he or somebody that's working with him is terrorizing my wife, making very disturbing phone calls, sending very strange gifts.

Michael: Richard Novak is no longer incarcerated at this facility.

Ryan: You or whoever Annie talked to should've told her the truth. You should've had the common sense to pick up the phone and let her know that Richie was being released.

Michael: And why would that be necessary?

Ryan: Because the man is a threat.

Michael: I highly doubt that.

Ryan: Did you not just hear what I said? My wife is being terrorized.

Michael: Not by her brother. Look, Richard Novak should never have been in prison in the first place. He is an innocent man.

Aidan: I want to know what's going on, Annie.

Annie: You need to back off, ok?

Aidan: I'm not going to do that, not until you start being straight with me.

Annie: You can ask me a hundred times how that locket got in my purse, and the answer is going to stay the same -- I don't know. I'm going upstairs.

Aidan: I'm sorry, that's not good enough.

Annie: Ok, this is funny. Get out of the way.

Aidan: No.

Annie: Aidan? Ryan hired you to watch my back, not interrogate me.

Aidan: Well, I'm a private detective. I guess it's just in my blood.

Annie: This is between me and my husband. It really doesn't involve you.

Aidan: Well, I've got six stitches in the back of my head, all right, that says it does.

Annie: I'm sorry you got mugged. I'm sorry you got involved.

Aidan: This locket didn't magically appear in your purse. Someone must've put it there.

Annie: Obviously.

Aidan: And I'm thinking the same person that knocked me out -- what do you think?

Annie: I think I'm tired. Good night.

Aidan: We can do this all night if that's what it takes.

Annie: You're really not going to back off, are you?

Aidan: No, I'm not, not until you tell me what you know.

[Calliope music plays]

Rachael: Want more cotton candy? Are you sick?

Kendall: Hello there. Hello? You guys having fun, huh? You having fun?

Emma: Yeah!

Kendall: Yeah? Hmm.

Rachael: Emma's tall enough to ride in the mini-roller coaster. I promised I'd take her.

Kendall: All right.

Emma: Please, please, please?

Kendall: Ok. Go ahead and go. I am happy to take Mr. Spike. Yes, I am. Yes, I am.

Rachael: Let's go. Come on, come on.

Kendall: Yes, I am. Hello. Hello, my sweet boy. My goodness, did I miss you. Oh, I missed you -- I missed you so much. I did. Yeah, I did. So, are you having fun here? This carnival's pretty cool, huh? Pretty fun. Did you have enough dinner? What am I saying -- of course, you did. You and Emma probably pigged out on cotton candy and all that good stuff.

Kendall: You know, sometimes I forget -- yeah. I forget that you are only 15 months old. You have had to be braver and stronger than most people are in a lifetime --

[Spike babbles]

Kendall: Yes. I feel the same way. You were born fighting -- you were. Doctors and hospitals and surgeries, and now this. Everything is different for you, for all of us. How did we get here, hmm?

Spike: Uh-oh.

Kendall: Yeah -- "uh-oh" is right. How did this happen?

[Spike babbles]

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Greenlee did this to us. And she won't stop.

[Spike babbles]

Kendall: Yeah. She won't stop.

Greenlee: Are you threatening me?

Zach: Kendall got to hold Ian for the first time today. Didn't know if that was ever going to happen -- he was going to live long enough for that to happen.

Greenlee: It was beautiful.

Zach: It was beautiful -- beautiful moment, Kendall's moment and Ian's moment. Little boy needed to spend time with his mom, and the mother needed to see the son.

Greenlee: Do you think I didn't know that?

Zach: Five minutes of happiness is all she wanted, five minutes, after everything that you put her through. And still, you had to ruin it.

Greenlee: Ok, I was not --

Zach: So my question to you is this -- what do you want? I know you're not here to torture my wife -- you wouldn't be that stupid.

Greenlee: I'm trying to apologize to her.

Zach: You can't. There is something you can do.

Greenlee: Oh. This ought to be good.

Zach: Leave.

Greenlee: This again?

Zach: So you're going to force your way in here, and it's just going to get worse -- for Kendall, for the boys, for everyone.

Greenlee: So, what, I'm supposed to just slink out in the middle of the night?

Zach: Now works.

Greenlee: Did you sneak out of town after you caused the blackout that destroyed my embryos?

Zach: My wife can't heal with you here, because every time she turns around, she sees that face -- your face -- and all she thinks about is almost losing her kids.

Greenlee: And every time I see your face, I think about the children I'll never have -- an entire future wiped out -- so according to your logic, you should've vanished a long time ago, but yet, here you are, hypocritical as ever.

Zach: You don't belong here.

Greenlee: You're wrong. We all make mistakes, Zach -- horrible, awful mistakes. But unlike you, I'm trying to be forgiven.

Zach: Yeah? I'm all out of forgiveness, and I don't want any from you. What I want is for you to disappear.

Ryan: So Richie is innocent? Is that your judgment, Doctor?

Michael: It's my professional opinion.

Ryan: Oh.

Michael: Have a seat, Mr. Lavery.

Ryan: Whew.

Michael: How much do you know about Richard's trial?

Ryan: I know that he was sentenced to ten years for armed robbery and assault, only now I find out he just served seven.

Michael: I've worked with the prison population for nearly three decades. I have diagnosed and treated literally thousands and thousands --

Ryan: Good for you, that's great. I'm sure you have, just, a really impressive resume. All I want you to do is tell me where the son of a bitch is.

Michael: I don't know where he is.

Ryan: Well, somebody must. Does he have a parole officer? Can I talk to him?

Michael: Mr. Lavery, please, hear me out. Nearly every man in this prison claims to be innocent. Nearly all of them are lying -- not Richard.

Ryan: Why? Because he told you?

Michael: At first, I was skeptical. But the more I came to know Richard, the more I found him to be one of the most intelligent and thoughtful men I'd ever met.

Ryan: Wow. Maybe we should go outside and build him a statue.

Michael: Mr. Lavery --

Ryan: My wife -- his sister -- disagrees with you, Doctor, and I think she knows him a little better than some jailhouse shrink.

Michael: This isn't getting us anywhere.

Ryan: No, it's not getting us because you've already lied to my wife about when he was released, and now you're lying to me about where he is.

Michael: I assure you I am --

Ryan: I don't want your assurance. I just want some straight answers, like why did he get out of here early, how?

Michael: I found him a lawyer.

Ryan: "You" found him a lawyer?

Michael: Yes, that's right.

Ryan: So, what is that? Is that standard practice here? I mean, you find lawyers for convicted felons, sociopaths who shouldn't even be out on the street?

Michael: Richard's conviction rested on the testimony of a single eyewitness.

Ryan: And obviously, that was enough for a jury to convict him.

Michael: Richard's new lawyer was able to build a case for early release on the basis that that witness against him was highly prejudicial.

Ryan: And all of this without contacting that witness?

Michael: Mr. Lavery, Richard was set up.

Ryan: What are you saying?

Michael: How well do you know your wife?

Annie: The locket, the handkerchief, it's -- it's a joke. It's a stupid prank.

Aidan: Yeah. Well, I'm beginning to get that picture. But whose sick joke is it?

Annie: Somebody who is messing with me, messing with my head.

Aidan: Well, this person must have a name.

Annie: I told you all that I know.

Aidan: Are you sure?

Annie: God, what -- what is it with you?

Aidan: It's a simple question.

Annie: Ok, just stop, ok? Stop pushing.

Aidan: There's more to tell, isn't there, Annie? A lot more.

Annie: Get that thing out of my face.

Aidan: Ok, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, all right? I'm sorry if I upset you.

Annie: Sure, sure you are.

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: No, I am. I I just -- I'm just -- I'm trying to make sense of it, that's all.

Annie: Well, good luck with that.

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: Can we just go back from the very beginning?

Annie: Look, I am tired, and I have a lot to do before Emma gets home.

Aidan: Look, Annie, whoever knocked me out stole the locket. And somehow, it has ended back up in your purse.

Annie: And for the millionth time, I have no idea how that happened.

Aidan: Well, just think. I'm just asking you to think, all right? Has that purse been out of your sight for even -- for a second?

Annie: No.

Aidan: Did you leave it on your desk at work or -- or in your car or something? Take your time, please.

Annie: I said no.

Aidan: "No," you're not sure?

Annie: What? See, now you're -- now you're confusing me. Stop. Why are you looking at me like that?

Aidan: Like what?

Annie: Like I'm guilty, like -- like I've done something wrong. Oh, God, you -- you really think I did it. You think I was the one who hit you? You think the person who stole the locket is me. Where the hell do you get off?

Aidan: Annie --

Annie: Get out. Get out of here right now.

Aidan: Annie, please.

Annie: No. I am calling Ryan.

Aidan: What -- what?

Annie: To tell him that you just accuse me of trying to kill you.

Aidan: I never -- I never said that -- I never --

Annie: Well, you might as well have. I knew it. I knew he couldn't trust you.

Aidan: Please don't call Ryan.

Annie: Oh, yeah, you wish.

Aidan: Ryan could be making great progress on his lead right now. He could be this close to making sure that you're safe. And if you call him right now, he's going to give up what he's doing, he's going to come back here, and we could be back to square one.

Annie: How could you think that I could do this, Aidan? How could you think that I could pick up a rock and bash you over the head with it?

Aidan: It's the last thing I want to believe, trust me.

Annie: But you do.

Aidan: Well, just look at the facts, all right? Fact one -- whoever mugged me stole the locket. Fact two -- you have the locket.

Annie: So that's it? I'm automatically guilty?

Aidan: Well, I'm just going with what I have. And what I have points to you.

Annie: Well, believe what you want. I'm a thief and a liar.

Aidan: All I want is for you to tell me what happened. Ok? That's it. How about I go make some tea, and I'll come back here, we'll sit down, and I'll just listen?

Annie: You sure you want to risk it? I might hit you over the head with the sugar bowl.

Aidan: All I want is another explanation, ok? That's all. One that makes sense.

Annie: I can't.

Aidan: Look, I know you're afraid, Annie. But if you tell me who's behind this, I will find them, and I will make them stop. I promise.

Annie: He did it. Your head, the locket. He did all of it.

Aidan: Who? Who is "he"?

Ryan: You be careful what you say about my wife.

Michael: I am merely trying to determine how much she told you about her brother's trial.

Ryan: She's -- she was afraid for her life and for her parents' lives. Her brother had problems -- had psychological problems, and she just wanted to get him help.

Michael: So she put him in prison?

Ryan: You went up on that stand and you told the truth. You were a hero.

Annie: No, I'm not. I lied. I got my brother put away for something he didn't do.

Ryan: She only agreed to testify against her brother because the DA made her a promise. He said if she made his case, then they would get Richie the help that he needed. They would put him in a mental hospital.

Michael: That may be what your wife told you, but I happen to know the truth.

Ryan: No, you don't. You don't know anything except for what that sick lunatic told you.

Michael: I know Richard.

Ryan: Yeah, of course, you do.

Michael: I also know that he told me that when he got out of here, all he wanted was to live a nice, quiet life. Does that as far from his sister as possible.

Ryan: Whatever Richie told you is a load of crap, all right? The man is tormenting my wife, and I'm pretty sure that he's doing it from Pine Valley.

Michael: These bizarre phone calls your wife claims to have received -- did you actually hear any of them? The weird gifts -- can you prove that they come from Richard?

Ryan: I have my wife's word.

Michael: Ah.

Ryan: What are you saying, Doctor? Are you saying that she made this up?

Michael: I am urging you, please, not to wrongly convict Richard the way that jury did. You have never even met the man.

Ryan: I know what he's capable of. I know what he's putting my wife through.

Michael: In my line of work, I have seen them all. I know how persuasive, and even charming the worst of the worst can be. But Richard Novak? I have not one shred of doubt about his integrity or his innocence.

Ryan: He's playing you, Doctor. That's what he does. That's part of his illness.

Michael: Do you presume to lecture me in psychoanalysis? I have a Ph.D. from Yale.

Ryan: Yeah, well, you wasted your money.

[Michael sighs]

Michael: You know nothing about Richard.

Ryan: That is all that I am trying to do, Doctor. You know what? If he's as great as you say he is, then I'm going to go out and I'm going to buy him a drink.

Michael: I won't listen to this anymore.

Ryan: Yes, yes, actually, you will. Because if I don't stop Richie, then he's going to go out, and he's going to hurt somebody, or worse. Now, you don't want that on your head, do you, Doctor? So you're going to help me.

Michael: Look, Mr. Lavery, I am sorry. Even if I knew where Richard was -- which I don't -- I couldn't tell you.

Ryan: You're making a big mistake.

Michael: I have worked too hard to help get him the freedom that he deserves. For me to divulge his whereabouts to anyone, especially someone wishing to do him harm, would be unethical.

Ryan: Listen, my wife is not imagining this, all right? What Richie is doing is very real, and he is doing it inside my house, where my daughter sleeps.

Michael: Let go of me.

Ryan: Now, he may have you fooled, but he doesn't fool me, and neither do you. I know you have the answer, and you're going to give it to me right now. Where is Richie?

Greenlee: So you want me gone?

Zach: I do.

Greenlee: Ok. Let me get this straight when you've messed up --

Zach: Enough! Not about me. We know what I did. This is about you.

Greenlee: Yeah, you're right. This is about me. I don't care if Ryan has an army tailing me 24/7. I don't care who's walking around pretending to have feelings for me. I don't care if everyone looks at me exactly the way you are now and asks me to leave town. I will face what I did, I will fix what I broke, and I will do it for Kendall.

Zach: It's over.

Greenlee: No, you're wrong. Love doesn't die. Family doesn't die. Kendall was like a sister to me. I'm going to do what I have to to make it right. You just try and stop me.

[Calliope music plays]

Kendall: It wasn't supposed to be like this, Spikey. We had a whole new life ready to go. Yeah. We had our new house, and your baby brother on the way. Yeah. And -- and now, I don't know.


Kendall: Look. Look, Spikey. They're fireworks. Look at them. Look at the fireworks. Aren't they pretty? They're pretty, huh? Greenlee and I -- we were like fireworks. Explosive, yes, definitely. But also magical. Greenlee was my best friend. Do you know what a best friend is? The best friend is the person who knows you better than you know yourself. She inspires you and challenges you. Makes you laugh. She makes you feel like you can do anything in the whole entire world. The best friend doesn't hurt you. The best friend doesn't hurt your children. But that's who Greenlee is, Spike. That's who she is. That's who she'll always be. No more fireworks. No more, Spike. All gone. There's no turning back now. I know what needs to be done. I am absolutely sure. Forgive me, Spikey. Forgive me for what I'm about to do. But I don't have a choice. I have to do it. And I have to do it tonight.

[Calliope music plays]

Kendall: Everything's fine. The kids are having a great time.

Zach: Yeah, ok, how about you? You all right?

Kendall: Yeah, I am -- I am good. I -- actually, I haven't felt this great in a really long time.

Zach: All right. Well, you be careful. Don't let Spike take you on any rides.

Kendall: Oh, don't you worry. No one will be taking me on any rides ever again.

Zach: You heading home after that?

Kendall: Um -- yeah, Rachael's actually going to head over there with the kids. I -- I want to follow her. I have one quick stop to make first.

Zach: Ok. I'm -- I'm going to go to the office, do some paperwork, and then it's home to the wife.

Kendall: Hmm. Sounds like a plan. I love you.

Ryan: I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry. I -- my family has been going through a lot. My son was in an accident, and now my wife --

Michael: I'm sorry, Mr. Lavery. I truly am, but --

Ryan: Look, nobody wants to hurt Richie, all right? I just -- I just want to talk to him. I want to find out why he's coming after Annie.

Michael: Richard spent seven years of his life living in a cell because of a lie. I won't allow him to be punished any more.

Ryan: Well, then how about a photograph, if that's not too much to ask?

Michael: Ask your wife. I'm sure she can show you snapshots from the Novak family album. Richard is a good man. Leave him alone. Just let him live the rest of his life in peace.

Ryan: You know, my wife would like to live the rest of her life in peace, too.

Michael: That's between her and her conscience.

Ryan: She's the victim in this, Doctor.

Michael: Is that the term she used? Because I can think of another.

Ryan: You go ahead. You say one more word about my wife.

Warden: Ok, that's it. This interview's over.

Annie: Nothing's changed. This is the way it always goes. This is the way he always does it.

Aidan: Who are you talking about?

Annie: Ryan knows.

Aidan: I will help Ryan. Just tell me who this person is, Annie.

Annie: If Ryan wants to tell you, he will, but I am done.

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: Annie, come on, please.

Annie: No, stop, no more questions. Leave me alone.

Aidan: I'm going to find out sooner or later, all right? So how about we just save a bunch of time? What is it?

Annie: Oh, my God, there's somebody out there. There's somebody watching us. Look.

Aidan: All right, don't move.

Ryan: We're not finished.

Michael: I'm afraid we are.

Warden: Don't make me call the guards to escort you from the premises, Mr. Lavery. Friend of the governor, or not, you're way out of line here.

Ryan: So do you agree with Dr. Chambers here, that Richie was set up?

Warden: Not my place to judge.

Ryan: An opinion would be nice.

Warden: Novak was a model prisoner. Wish we had more like him.

Ryan: So you think that he was innocent?

Warden: My take? The guy served time for a crime he didn't commit. As for the brother/sister thing, who knows?

Ryan: Well, I do. My wife tried to help her brother, and now he is making her life hell.

Michael: And Mr. Lavery knows this, despite the fact that he's never so much as even seen Richard.

Ryan: You know what I'm going to do, is I'm going to find him, and I am going to prove to you and to you and to everyone that he pulled one over on -- that he is not only a liar, but he is a dangerous liar. And then I will get the truth out of him, and I will redeposit his sorry ass on your doorstep so that "you" can put him back where he belongs.

Michael: Be warned, Mr. Lavery. You might not like what you hear.

Aidan: There's nothing out there. Are you sure you saw something?

Annie: It's a car.

Aidan: It's all right. It's Rachael and the kids. Listen, just try to relax. I'll go and help Rachael with Spike and Emma, all right?

Man's voice: Liar! You're a liar! Why are you doing this to me? Why are you telling lies about me? You're a liar! [Echoes] A liar! You're a liar! Liar! [Echoes stop]

Hannah: I know one child can't replace another. But I need this baby.

[Greenlee answers a knock on her door and finds Kendall standing there]

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Greenlee (to Kendall): What do you want? What's your plan of attack?

Aidan (to Ryan): Annie's taken off.

Ryan: This is Richie, Aidan, she's not missing -- he's got her.

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