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All My Children Transcript Friday 8/31/07


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Krystal: J.R., you lost Tad? How could you lose Tad?

Joe: Do you have any idea where he is?

Ruth: Honey, he just said he lost him.

Joe: How the hell do you lose a grown man?

J.R.: I was supposed to meet him on the yacht, he never showed up.

Krystal: Wait a minute, so you're telling me when you called me, you actually had him right there with you?

J.R.: Yeah, that's right.

Erica: Well, surprise, surprise.

J.R.: What do you want me to say? It was hard enough to just get him to leave the house.

Erica: Aidan, you know Tad. Where would he go?

Aidan: Uh -- well, if my partner knew anything like this was going on, I'd say Fiji.

Opal: Oh, well, maybe I'll join you. I mean, four eyes are better than two, right?

Aidan: You know what? That's the best offer I've had all year. I might take you up on that.

Erica: Well, Aidan, don't smile too hard, because I bet Opal might take you up on it.

Opal: Oh, you are so damn sweet!

Krystal: Could we just please focus on finding Tad?

Babe: Ok, how about this -- let's all split up into groups and let's go look for him.

Colby: Great idea. We'll search all the areas.

Sean: Yeah, we'll take the boathouse.

Babe: Ah -- good try! No, no, no, no. We'll have to send a search party looking for you two.

[Colby groans as Tad sneaks in and sits at a table]

Krystal: J.R., all you had to do was get him through that door.

J.R.: Look, I went to the house, I tap-danced like a damn fool. I even sabotaged that new monster TV that he just bought.

Babe: Ok, ok, Mama, just give J.R. a break.

Tad: I need a -- a longneck.

Wes: One longneck.

Tad: Shhhh.

J.R.: Can I just please get something to eat?

Babe: Oh, no, that -- you sabotage your mission, then beg for food?

[All talk at once]

Zach: I know -- you want to spend every minute with the boys.

Kendall: But it's not healthy -- I know.

Zach: For you or them. And these are our friends -- some of them, anyway. So let's go inside. You know what's going to happen. They're going to look around and say, "Oh, my God, Zach, you look great. You still working out again? What's going on? Who's that hot chick on your arm?" We'll go have some fun, and then I'll take you home and --

Kendall: Ok, I will hold you to that.

Zach: I'm counting on it.

Kendall: I will.

Zach: Come on.

Kendall: All right. Ok.

Colby: You know, way to screw up a good party, J.R.

J.R.: Are you serious? Look, I need at least one person on my side here.

Amanda: Good luck finding one.

Opal: Really.

Zach: See? We got here right in time.

Kendall: Yeah, looks that way. Hi!

Zach: Lock and load, here we go.

Erica: Oh!

Kendall: No -- yeah, well --

Tad: Stop -- stop! Give the kid a break. Next time, just throw them some raw meat and run for the door.

Krystal: Tad --

Tad: I love what you've done with the place -- what's the occasion?

Ruth: You!

J.R.: Where the hell have you been?

Tad: The cheap seats -- you should try it sometime. It's a hell of a view.

J.R.: Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah?

Jack: Hey.

Greenlee: Hey.

Jack: Now my girl's feeling better, huh?

Greenlee: I feel like a knife is working its way through my rib cage.

Jack: Oh, poor kid. Come here.

Greenlee: Oh --

Jack: Whoa, easy. I was going to take it easy, my dear.

Greenlee: If those balloons are for Ian, I don't think they're allowed.

Jack: Uh -- Ian? No, no, these balloons are -- for those kids in Pediatrics, you know, try to make them feel a little better, keep their spirits up.

Greenlee: Yeah.

Jack: Listen, do you -- do you think you should be off those pain meds so soon?

Greenlee: Oh, I didn't like them. They made me stupid -- which, I suppose for some people, is an improvement.

Jack: You were in such a great mood just a little while ago.

Greenlee: Oh, God. What did I do?

Jack: No, nothing. You were -- relax, Greenlee --

Greenlee: Don't hold out on me, Jack. I mean, when I was doped up, did I do something, did I say something?

Jack: No. You were the soul of discretion. You didn't say anything bad. You were funny, you had a smile on your face, we laughed, we talked -- it was nice.

Greenlee: Do you swear that's true?

Jack: Yes, I do. And since I've got no notifications of any lawsuits pending against you from the people who work in this hospital, I would say you're in the clear.

Greenlee: Oh, well, then thank God.

Jack: Hey, I've got an idea. How about a party for Tad Martin -- it's his birthday, why don't you come with me?

Greenlee: Now who's on --

Jack: It'll put the smile back on your face.

Greenlee: Who's on drugs now?

Jack: No, seriously, it -- you know what? It'll be good for you.

Greenlee: I can't. Oh --

Jack: I don't know if Zach and Kendall will be there.

Greenlee: But, still, I'm -- I'm not going.

Jack: But I'll be there. I'll be there to stick by you, I'll take you back.

Greenlee: Why, because it's a full-time job?

Jack: Greenlee, come on. It'll be fun.

Greenlee: Do you think I'm going to be home tonight alone and miserable? You're very sweet, Jack. You brought balloons for the kids, a party invitation for me. You're a good person, but I can't. I -- have plans tonight, a dinner date.

Jack: Anyone I know?

Greenlee: Uh -- I don't think so. Is Erica going to be there?

Jack: Well, she's one of Tad's closest friends.

Greenlee: Ah -- a very lawyerly "yes."

Jack: Ah.

Greenlee: You go, have a great time, don't worry about me.

Jack: I do worry about you.

Greenlee: Well, you shouldn't, I'll be fine. Just going to lay off the hotdogs for a while.

[Jack chuckles]

Greenlee: But, um, thank you for my adorable little tiger.

Jack: I wish I could take credit for that, but Aidan brought that for you.

Greenlee: Aidan? Really?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, and he'll probably be at that party if you decide to change your mind and come by.

Greenlee: Yeah, like I said, I --

Jack: You have plans, right? Ok, ok, then -- no hands.

Tad: Oh, birthday?

Babe: Oh! Yeah.

Tad: Is what this is?

Krystal: No.

Tad: Oh, gosh, I mean, go on!

Babe: He loves it.

Amanda: I know.

Tad: I'm just thrilled. There's only one question --

Babe: What?

Tad: Who the hell's that guy?

Krystal: "Who is that guy?" It's the birthday boy. Trust you to wreck the surprise

Tad: You say? Plenty surprised to me.

Krystal: Yeah.

J.R.: She does have a point. Hey, thanks for making me suffer.

Tad: It's payback for my TV. Do I need a new generator, too?

J.R.: What I need is some real food

Babe: All right. You've come to the right place.

Ruth: Kendall -- oh, Joe told me the babies are better.

Kendall: Yeah.

Ruth: Oh --

Joe: Kendall, at last.

Kendall: Hi, Joe.

Joe: Thank you for coming.

Kendall: Thanks for having us.

Opal: Oh, it's wonderful to see you out of the hospital.

Ava: Jon, should she be here with the --

Jonathan: Yes.

Ava: Oh. Sorry.

Kendall: Hi, Ava.

Ava: Hi.

Kendall: You've been a -- you've been a busy girl.

Ava: Yeah, I'm just trying to be a good Fusion ad.

Kendall: Well, we'll talk about that when we get back to work.

Ava: Good. I can't wait.

Kendall: You -- my God, you have been our savior.

Babe: Stop it, come on --

Kendall: No, no, I mean it. I don't know what we would've done without you. Hug me again.

Tad: Uh -- excuse me, excuse me? Sorry --

Kendall: Yes, yes?

Tad: Whose birthday is this?

Babe: Oh, you need to get -- all right, I'll let you.

Tad: Congratulations. Careful, careful, careful.

Greenlee: Made it.

Hostess: Would you like something to drink while you're waiting for your guest?

Greenlee: Um, some Cristal -- and I'm not waiting for anyone. I'm dining alone.

Babe: Hello, hello. Ok, everyone, it's time to get the party started. We are going to be playing some games, all right?


Opal: Bring 'em on!

Babe: I mean, what else do you think these pictures were for, right?

Tad: Because she's trying to class up the joint. Look -- actor, singer, dancer.


Krystal: No, I was thinking more like, you know, a dartboard.


Babe: Aw. Ok, so, birthdays are all about time passing, so we are going to play -- guess the year.

Opal: All right!

Tad: Oh, come on.

Babe: What?

Krystal: Based on Tad's hairstyles and unfortunate fashion choices.


Tad: What are you talking about? I was always trendy.

Opal: Ok, so what am I going to get for winning this contest, huh?

Ruth: Oh, come on, you're not winning -- I am.

Opal: Says who? Come on, what's the payoff, Krystal?

Krystal: Free beer for the person who guesses the most.

Aidan: What do you mean? I thought the beer was free tonight anyway.

Opal: Oh.

Ruth: Stand by, Joe.

Joe: Right.

Opal: Oh, yeah, all right.

Babe: All right, ladies, picture number one.

Opal: 1980!

Ruth: No, 1983!

Zach: 1962.

Ruth: You'd just come back to -- to Pine Valley!

Opal: Oh, that's right! Oh -- after you were arrested in Sea City -- Ruthie's right!

Babe: She is!

Tad: Thanks, Ma. Thank you.

Babe: All right, ready? Picture -- ready, girls?

Opal: Ok.

Babe: Number two.

Opal: 1987! 1994, 1996, and 2004! Where's my beer?

Ruth: Opal --

Tad: God.

Babe: She's right! Oh, my God!

Opal: Thank you very much -- and one for my pal, too.

Ruth: Oh -- oh, thank you.

Opal: She would've won if I hadn't gone so fast at first, but I had to.

Tad: Mom's a trip.

Opal: Yeah.

Ruth: To our son.

Opal: To our son, that's right. Oh, it's been just a big, big slice of heaven and just a teensy, tinesy portion of hell!


Aidan: Just a tiny one.

Tad: [English accent] Don't -- don't help Ma. No help.

Colby: Oh, my God -- go, go, go!

Babe: Oh!

Krystal: Go, go, go!

[Cheers and applause]

Jonathan: Hi.

Julia: How are you?

Jonathan: I'm well. Welcome back.

Julia: Thanks.

Jonathan: Um -- hi.

Julia: I know.

Jonathan: Oh. Emma is going to be so happy to have her best friend back.

[Music plays]

Julia: She's already having a sleepover with Kathy tonight.

Jonathan: Really?

Julia: Yeah.

Jonathan: Oh. So?

Julia: So this is kind of strange -- having a big Martin to-do without Jamie.

Singer: Well, I can't

Jonathan: I'm so sorry. Excuse me one second?

Julia: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Babe: Hey.

Julia: Oh, hey.

Babe: Glad you could come.

Julia: Have you heard from him?

Babe: Yeah, I have. Um -- I'm going to miss him, I'm proud of him, but he's here in spirit.

Julia: Yeah.

Babe: I just -- I wish he was someplace safer doing something easier, you know? But it's amazing.

Julia: Yeah, he's making a difference in people's lives. That's what he wanted to do.

Babe: So you're going to stay in town for a while?

Julia: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I go away, but I always come back -- it's home, right?

Babe: Right.

Zach: Ian having breakfast.

Ruth: Oh!

Erica: Lunch.

Joe: Lunch?

Opal: Gained weight -- look at that. He's looking good, right?

Erica: Yeah, here he's gained 1/4 ounce. Look at him -- isn't he doing great?

Zach: Watch, watch, watch -- that's the nurse's finger -- hang on a second.

Erica: Well, here's Spike.

Ruth: Oh, what a handsome little man -- oh, look at him!

Opal: You know, I hear they are doing amazing things these days with those -- uh -- what --

Joe: Cochlear implants.

Opal: Yeah, that's right. Yeah, have you looked into that, Kendall?

Kendall: Spike's going to be fine, mm-hmm.

Opal: Oh, yeah.

Zach: Look at that.

Opal: A big, strong man with a tiny, vulnerable baby is just so --

Julia: Beautiful.

Amanda: I think she was going for "hot" on that one.

Opal: Well, "hot" works.

Zach: I'll take "hot." "Hot" is good.

Opal: So I guess it's going to be your turn next, huh, Kendall?

Ryan: So -- here we are.

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: You've been awfully quiet.

Annie: Just a little nervous, I guess. Meeting my dad. Dealing with all this.

Ryan: Someday, maybe you'll tell me what "all this" is.

Annie: Ryan --

Ryan: No, it wasn't a question. I wasn't asking, I know the deal. I know that I'm here for support, if you need it.

Annie: Thank you.

Ryan: Somebody's got to have your back.

Annie: You make me think it's possible.

Ryan: What?

Annie: Everything. Life -- when I think of it without you --

[Annie envisions Ryan lying ded on the ground  bleeding from the mouth]

Ryan: Annie, what is it?

Annie: Nothing. Nothing, I'm sorry.

Ryan: Hey --

Annie: I mean it, I'm sorry. With everything going on with Spike, here I am, and I'm just --

Ryan: My wife. My love, and who I would do anything, anything for. You know that, don't you?

Annie: I need you, Ryan.

Ryan: Good, because -- because I kind of like it like that. And I'm not going anywhere.

Annie: How long has it been since we had total, complete privacy?

Ryan: A very long time.

Singer: How many times

[Ava and Jonathan kiss outside The Comeback]

Jack: Whoa -- sorry.

Ava: Oh, wow, hi.

Jack: Hi.

Ava: Uh -- is Lily out there?

Jack: Uh -- no. Actually, Lily -- Lily decided not to come.

Ava: Oh, that bites.

Jack: Yeah.

Ava: Well, I'll send her a text later.

Jack: Listen, I'm -- I'm glad I ran into you. I -- I owe you an apology for getting you involved in that whole drug bust thing.

Ava: Why?

Jack: Why? Well, because it was very dangerous, because you got a gun put to your head, because you could've been very badly hurt.

Jonathan: "Killed" -- "killed" is more like it.

Ava: Oh, Jon, lighten up, come on! That mess made my career -- you're the best.

Jack: Uh -- thanks.

Ava: Hmm! No problem. All right, let's dance, come on. Let's go back inside.

Aidan: Jack?

Jack: Hey, what's up?

Aidan: Tell me -- how is my Heimlich victim?

Jack: Well, unfortunately, she's off her pain meds and back to her normal self.

Aidan: Oh, that is a damn shame.

Tad: You and the big guy going to start a rumble tonight?

Erica: Well, that'd be a nice birthday present for you.

Tad: You just warn me so I can duck under the nearest table, ok?

Erica: Tad. Look, obviously, Jack and I have -- have had our differences, there's some friction between us, but Greenlee is the real problem -- not our divorce.

Tad: Yeah. From what I hear, Greenlee is everybody's favorite synonym for "trouble" these days.

Erica: Well, Jack and I are trying to work through this and get past it all the way. I mean, actually, the network has offered us a new TV show -- a talk show.

Tad: Another TV show?

Erica: Yes.

Tad: And he's on board with this?

Erica: Of course, he is.

[Tad laughs]

Erica: Well, I can't talk him into doing something he doesn't want to do.

Tad: No, you'll just make him think he wants to do it. Don't give me that look -- I've seen you do it. Actually, I've been on the other end of it, and it's really pretty sexy.

Erica: Well, I think I should probably give you your birthday kiss right now.

Tad: Yeah, I think you should.

Erica: Then Jack would see it, Jack would know that we're up to no good.

Jack: Well, just as long as you two stay away from that pool table, nobody will get hurt.

Tad: Message received and noted.

Babe: You know, I haven't even heard from Greenlee. It's like she disappeared into thin air or something. She doesn't even stop by the office.

Josh: She'll surface once the painkillers wear off.

Aidan: Bartender?

Krystal: Yes, yes?

Aidan: Could I have another beer, please?

Krystal: You got it?

Amanda: More liquid sunshine?

Aidan: Did you know that this bar has her own version of moonshine? I'm game if you're game -- what do you say?

Amanda: All right.

Aidan: Two shots.

Amanda: So, how's life treating you? Are you missing Di?

Aidan: You know what makes me happy? Poker.

Amanda: Don't tell me that's some kind of British slang.

Aidan: Nope. Five-card stud, Texas hold 'em. I think I might get a few of the guys together and, I don't know, have a game of cards.

Amanda: Like only boys can play poker?

Aidan: Only boys can play it well.

Amanda: Oh.

Greenlee: What's wrong with me? I was so hungry.

Woman: Greenlee -- I knew it was you.

[Greenlee coughs]

Woman: Oh, my God -- are you ok?

Greenlee: I'm -- I'm fine, I'm perfect. It's -- it's nice to see you, Elena. I -- I thought you were living in Nice.

Elena: I just got back to the States --

Greenlee: Oh.

Elena: Dividing my time between coasts. So, who were you meeting, why is he late, and does he have a friend?

Greenlee: Um -- well, Alphonso is very good-looking -- I mean, really but not too slick and polished -- you know, rough but in exactly the best possible way.

Ellen: Alphonso?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Elena: You are so lucky.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Elena: Remember, if he has a friend --

Greenlee: Oh, well, you know, they're all animals. I'll call you. Oh, Alphonso. Welcome to my life.

Krystal: Hmm -- tribute time.

All: Oh!

Tad: Oh, God, no!

All: Yay!

Tad: No!

Opal: Let's go, let's go! I thought we -- I didn't know we'd need to bring "flowers."

Krystal: Verbal tributes, verbal tributes.

J.R.: No, she means "lies."

Krystal: Yeah, that's right.

Babe: Wrong.

Ruth: To my son, who turned my hair white years ago, and to his other mother who helps me keep it red.

Opal: Oh. My pleasure.

Joe: What? It's not natural?

Ruth: Oh!

Erica: Tad, ever since your days as a male model --

Aidan: I'm sorry -- what?

Tad: No, no, no, it's her fault.

Opal: It's true, it's true.

Tad: It's her fault.

Erica: You have been maddening, you have been wild, but you have certainly kept this town awake.

Joe: Yeah, just like a caffeine IV.

Opal: Yeah.

Erica: Happy birthday, Tad.

Tad: Happy birthday to you.

Aidan: To my partner and my best mate -- happy birthday, Tad.

Tad: I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. I still don't understand a word he says. I think that means "friend." [As Aidan] "Friend" -- is that right?

Aidan: It might be your birthday, I can still hit you.

J.R.: Jamie blew us all off to go to Africa and save lives, but don't fear. He e-mailed this.

Jamie's voice: Oh, come on. Uncle Jake said this little camera actually -- ooh, ooh, red light -- usually means that thing is on, ok. Hey, everyone, and old man -- huh. Yes, I'm talking to you, Dad -- you're the only one there with the birthday. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for your big day, or night festival-thingy -- whatever it is that you're having -- but, um, I did find a few minutes to kick back, relax with a coconut full of filtered water to wish you a happy birthday properly. Uncle Jake sends his best. He told me to tell you that he's sorry he couldn't make it here in time to remind you that you're his older brother. And we're actually talking -- we're kind of surprised that they're throwing you a party. We didn't think that they could find a cake big enough to hold all those candles. Um -- but all kidding aside, Dad, you're one of my idols. And here's another one that I picked up at the local market -- you should be getting it in the mail soon. Seriously, Dad, happy birthday. I love you, you're my best friend, and I miss you already. Everybody else, I love you and miss you just as much. Have a great time at the party, I'm sorry I couldn't be there, but there are a few people here who really need my help, and speaking of which, I do need to get back to work, so -- take care, everyone.

Krystal: Well, I tell you, I don't know how I can follow that, but talk amongst yourselves while I cue this up, ok?

Babe: Oh.

Tad: [Normal voice] Hey, you do realize I'm going to kill you later, right?

Krystal: Aw, come on. Aren't you having fun?

Tad: Oh, yeah, I'm just thrilled. I do have one question, though.

Krystal: What's that?

Tad: I'm just wondering why certain people are here.

Krystal: What, are you fishing for more compliments?

Tad: No, no, no, I'm not fishing for anything. I'm just, you know -- let's be honest. I look around this room, some people have had more ups and downs than me, and then there are others.

Krystal: Well, I guess some of us just need a good excuse to drop our lives for a while, rag on yours, have a few laughs.

[Music plays]

Krystal: It's very clear our love is here to stay, not for a year but ever and a day. The radio and the telephone and the movies that they show just may be passing fancies and in time may go; but, oh, my dear, our love is here to stay. Together we're going a long, long way. In time the Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble, they're only made of clay; but our love is here, yeah, our love is here, our love is here to stay. Happy birthday.

J.R.: All right! Whoo!

Krystal: Happy birthday.

[Ryan and Annie enjoy a quiet evening in the hotel room]

Singer: Here I'm here I'm here here with you

Singers: With you

Singer: I hold back my tears and I thank them away without your help could I

Singers: Face another day? I'm here I'm here I'm here

Singer: Here with you

[Greenlee talks to her stuffed tiger]

Greenlee: Well, I'm finished. Next time, antelope sushi for you, because I know how to show a guy a good time. You know, I'm just -- I'm just feeling like the conversations are a little one-sided, Alphonso. I guess in our hearts, we -- we just knew it wasn't going to work out, didn't we? I mean, maybe if I was a little younger, if you were animatronic. Check, please.

[Annie wakes up and very quietly dresses while Ryan sleeps]

Kendall: Guys, I will try to get back to the office as soon as I can.

Babe: Family comes first.

Ava: Yeah, don't worry. We've got it all under control.

Amanda: "We"?

Ava: Well, Babe does. And Amanda would help, but she is too busy handling me.

Amanda: A platoon of Marines could not handle you.

Ava: Well, let's try it, huh?

Kendall: Ok, can you -- can you control yourself? Seriously, please.

Amanda: Oh.

Kendall: Oh, my God, you guys are saints. I owe you guys bigtime for keeping Fusion together, I really do. Thank you.

Babe: Mm-hmm.

Ruth: Kendall?

Kendall: Yes?

Ruth: I -- I just wanted to tell you that I -- I've heard some wonderful things about Ian, from the nurses in the NICU.

Kendall: Oh, well, they -- they've been so wonderful.

Ruth: Oh, and -- and Joe told me that Spike is a candidate for cochlear implants. That's wonderful, and -- and I'm sure that you know that Dr. Trainor in Pittsburgh has a -- a flawless record.

Kendall: Thank you, but I have someone else in mind.

Joe: Hard to believe there ever was a time that Tad didn't like girls.

Opal: Oh, really.

Tad: Oh, God, it's time for another game.

Joe: Do you -- you remember Susie Taylor?

Ruth: Oh.

Joe: Susie was the first girl Tad ever kissed.

Opal: Oh, that was the pebble that started the avalanche.

Joe: He kept on thinking there must be some trick to getting your nose out of the way.

Tad: If I died right now, it would be of mercy.

Ruth: Oh.

[Joe laughs]

Ruth: Now, we are not going to relive those memories tonight.

Joe: Oh, well, I mean, who has time?

Opal: Oh, Lord have mercy.

Tad: Pop, come on, little help.

Opal: I don't know how we survived that whole debacle with Liza and Marian --

Tad: Mama --

Opal: All right, ok! I'll go no further.

[Opal chuckles]

Colby: Tad and my mother?

J.R.: Looks like you're a little low on chips there, Zach. Why don't you put up Chandler Enterprises?

[J.R. chuckles]

Zach: Mine's chocolate. What are you smoking?

Kendall: Excuse me.

J.R.: Ha-ha.

Kendall: Zach, can I steal you just for one second, just for a sec?

Zach: Don't let him look at my cards. What's wrong?

Kendall: Um -- do -- you don't notice the signals?

Zach: Oh -- yes. Signal.

Kendall: Yes. Yeah. Um, so -- it won't take long, but I've got to do this, ok?

Zach: Ok, deal me out of this hand -- I'm -- I got to go. Sorry, guys.

Amanda: What?

Aidan: You're a coward.

Amanda: Oh, come on -- sit down, start writing IOUs. I want your empire.

J.R.: I want mine back.

Zach: I got to take Kendall home. She's --

Kendall: No, no, no. It's ok. Listen, listen, honey, Julia -- Julia's going to take me home, so -- no worries -- yeah, yeah.

Zach: You're not coming back?

Kendall: This was really fun, but I'm really -- I'm tired. I'm tired, so -- I know, but -- you go, you have fun. You deserve it, ok, and take all of J.R.'s stuff. Just take everything.

Zach: Yeah?

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: Baby needs new shoes, huh?

Kendall: Baby needs new shoes.

J.R.: I don't have that much to lose.

Aidan: All right, are you in?

Amanda: Ain't that the truth.

J.R.: Well --

Tad: How you doing? Getting bored of hanging out with us aging types yet?

Colby: Is it true -- you and my mom?

Tad: When we were younger, ok? A lot younger.

Sean: I vote we skip the rest of the story.

Tad: I second the vote.

Colby: Ok, wait, wait. Tad, is there anyone else that you have slept with that I should know about?

Tad: No, not that you should know about. I tell you what -- I'm going to take a page from your father's book and ask you how much it's going to cost me to get you to forget about this, ok -- all of this?

Colby: Oh, yeah, but I just don't see you as "that" kind of guy.

Tad: Good, I'm glad. I'm -- I'm glad, you know, because I was that guy. I was that guy and worse. The fact is, I'm a hell of a lot happier being this guy.

Walter: Well, why are we here?

Annie: I'm ending this now.

Walter: It ended years ago when you left. Why come back -- again?

Annie: Do you think I wanted to? I didn't.

Walter: Then tell me why I'm here.

Annie: Because of them. This is my family, the family I've made with Ryan.

Walter: It won't last. You'll tear them apart just the way you tore apart our family.

Annie: No, I won't -- and no one else will, either. This is my life now.

Walter: You think I care about them?

Annie: I love them!

Walter: Then good luck to them. They need it.

Annie: No. No one is going to play with me and hurt them. I'm making sure of that.

[Back at the hotel, Ryan continues sleeping]

Kendall: Ok, my sweet boy. I got your little brother's lunch all ready for tomorrow, yes, I do. And now, what can I do for you, huh? What can I do for you, my sweet boy? You want some of Dr. Hilliard's vitamins? Yeah, is that what you want? Ok, I can do that for you. That's right, Spikey. That's right, honey -- these vitamins, they're going to make you better. They're going to help you hear again. They're going to help you hear Mommy and Daddy and all the little birds chirping to wake you up in the morning. Yeah. That's right. It's going to be our little secret, ok? See that? Mmm, that is really good for you. I know you want them. They're going to be great. And won't Daddy be surprised when these help you get better? Won't he be so happy when our little secret makes you better again? Yeah, you want some of that? That's my boy. Good boy.

Singer: One down and two to go sit back and watch the show I'll clear the broken glass live without you one night and nothing more

Greenlee: Third time's the charm.

Singer: The truth you can't ignore

Aidan: Oh, oh, I'm sorry.

Greenlee: Oh! Oh!

Aidan: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Greenlee: Aidan?

Aidan: You all right?

Greenlee: Oh.

Babe: Around here, everyone knows each other and what they're up to. "My business is your business" is the Pine Valley motto.

Wes: Yeah, well, with tips like I got tonight, it's all good.

Tad: Thank you.

Krystal: My pleasure!

[Krystal growls as Tad playfully strangles her from behind]

Tad: I'm serious -- thank you. Thanks a lot.

Krystal: Oh, well, you can -- you can thank Jenny, actually. No, she's really good at coming up with ideas. She's kind of lousy on following through, though. I mean, this whole party was her idea and yet, she didn't even lift a tiny finger to help. She wanted me to give you a message, though.

Tad: Yeah? What was that?

Krystal: We love you.

Tad: [As Forrest Gump] No. Ooh, I love you, too, Jenny.

Krystal: Oh, oh, oh.

Tad: [Normal voice] You give her a message from me, ok?

[Tad kisses Krystal]

Singer: And the atmosphere now, I won't possess the things I've tried starry-eyed, and I'm

Tad: Well, I wouldn't give her the message just like that. She might be a little confused.

Krystal: Huh. Yeah, she might take that the wrong way. I -- I got to go clean -- ok.

Tad: You have -- right. See you later.

Annie: You hate me -- I get it.

Walter: I don't want to see you. Go back where you came from.

Annie: I have something good now.

Walter: Your family.

Annie: They are worth fighting for.

Walter: I don't care.

Annie: You have to stop it.

Walter: Stop? I never did a damn thing to you.

Annie: You have to stop it, and I know that you can. One more call, one more message, and that horrible thing I did before -- I'll do it again. But this time, I won't feel guilty about it. Make it stop, Dad. I know you can. The question is, will you do it?

[Ryan wakes up and calls out for his wife]

Ryan: Annie? Annie?

[Zach returns home and kisses Kendall who's asleep on the couch with Spike -- on the table is the bottle of "vitamins" from Dr. Hilliard.]

>> Next week on "All My Children" --

Krystal (to Tad): We shared a kiss tonight. I liked it.

[Greenlee and Aidan kiss]

Greenlee (to Aidan): If you apologize for last night, I'll break your face.

Walter (to Ryan): I wanted to meet the man Annie is so devoted to.

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