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All My Children Transcript Friday 8/24/07


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Ryan: What's going on here?

Annie: Ryan -- Ryan, Greenlee --

Ryan: What did she do? What happened?

Annie: No, no, no, no -- you have it wrong.

Greenlee: My God. Spike, you're home.

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: Spike belongs here.

Zach: No, not here.

Kendall: With me. He belongs with me.

Zach: So does Ian. And soon, we'll all be together again. Right now, Spike's with his dad. He's in good hands.

Annie: I had an asthma attack.

Ryan: Really? Well, I wonder what triggered that.

Greenlee: All I wanted was --

Ryan: I don't care what you want. What I want is for you to leave, right now.

[Spike babbles]

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: Hi.

Ryan: Hey! Look who's here! Look!

Emma: Daddy!

Ryan: Yeah, I know, and look who else.

Emma: Spike -- he can come to our tea party.

Annie: Oh, well, sweetie, Spike has to take it easy for a while, ok? No -- no tea parties just yet.

Ryan: Yeah, that's -- that's -- that's right. Until -- until Spike's all better, we're going to be really extra careful and extra gentle with him. Do you remember when we pet those little baby kittens? Do you remember that? Do you remember how we were with those baby kittens?

Emma: Soft petting. Only two fingers.

Annie: Yes.

Ryan: That's exactly right. That's right. You're going to help us take care of Spike until he's all better.

Annie: Emma's -- ahem -- been -- been my nurse. She and Greenlee made me tea, and then Greenlee drove us back from Fusion. That's why she's here.

Ryan: That was nice of you.

Greenlee: Well, Annie wasn't in any shape to drive.

Annie: I wasn't, Ryan, really.

Ryan: Ok. Well, I'll take it from here.

Greenlee: Spike looks so good. I mean, he just looks great.

Ryan: Yeah. Great. 100%. Unless, of course, you consider the fact that he's deaf.

Singer: Me and the boys had a country band sometimes I think that only

Tad: Line dancing? Please. It's too regimented. I need something that's a little freeform, you know?

Krystal: Yeah. Spoken like a very bad dancer.

Tad: Not true. I just giggle to my own rhythm.

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: That's because you can't jiggle to the rhythm everybody else is dancing to.

Aidan: Will you two --

Tad: What is wrong with you? I just walked in. She's already giving --

Aidan: Will you two stop it?

[Krystal chuckles]

Aidan: What time do they start?

Krystal: "They"? You're not going to join in? Come on, Aidan. You might find some hottie that you can, you know, cut out of the line.

Aidan: Oh, well, you never know. It could happen.

Tad: Oh, yeah. Lord, I can see it now. Di would have you loose on the unsuspecting females of Pine Valley.

Aidan: I'm limited to just Pine Valley now?

Tad: Hell no, mate, hell, no!

Krystal: Aidan, you are really taking this very well.

Aidan: Well, that's because, you know, got my mates here, and I'm down in a pub. And Di and I weren't really serious. I mean, we weren't "serious" serious.

Tad: Oh, come off it. Are you trying to convince me that you weren't torn up?

Aidan: Am I legless?

Tad: What?

Aidan: That's "drunk" to you yanks, by the way.

Krystal: No, you are not legless.

Aidan: Am I challenging you to a -- a one-arm pushup contest?

Tad: You are not.

Krystal: Gee, I wonder who would win that one. Hmm.

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: Again with the abuse. Let me tell you something. My event is the tandem pushup. You want a little demonstration? Lie on the floor on your back. I'll be right --

Krystal: No, no, I kind of remember that one.

Tad: Let met tell you something. It may be unorthodox, but it's a hell of a cure for the blues.

Krystal: Well, I don't have the blues. But if I did -- you know, if I had been dumped -- not -- not that you were dumped, Aidan -- but if a relationship had ended, whether you are the dumper or the dumpee --

Tad: If there's a point to this misguided communication, I suggest you get to it.

Krystal: What I'm trying to say -- you men always miss out on an opportunity to regroup and recharge, and let it all hang out.

Tad: Oh, here it comes. Run for the hills. She wants you to cry.

Krystal: No, I'm -- who's talking about crying?

Tad: You are. Let it go.

Krystal: No, no, when I'm down, I always just carbo-load on cookie dough ice cream. Wash down the nachos.

Tad: Yeah, and then you cry.

Krystal: No, no, before the crying, I watch a couple of chick flicks, you know, like "Beaches," or "An Affair to Remember." And then after the waterworks, then I go out and find me a guy to make the other guy jealous.

Tad: Right, after you're smeared with all that disgusting old ice cream, you got make-up all over your face from all the crying, you know, you just -- then you can score.

Krystal: I think you know the answer to that.

Tad: See what you did there?

Krystal: And you're going to do fine, too, Aidan.

Aidan: What? What are you worried about me for? Hey, if you really want to know -- I've already had an offer.

Tad: Yeah. Right.

Aidan: I have.

Tad: You're -- you're serious?

Aidan: I am.

Tad: Look me in the eye, tell me you had an offer.

Krystal: Tad, mind your own business.

Tad: No, no, no, I want to hear this, I do. So you see, I want details. What was she like?

Aidan: Ok. On a scale of one to 10, she was an 11.

Tad: [As Aidan] Right, ok. So let me get this straight. You -- you had an offer from an 11, and what, you didn't feel like it? Right? You didn't -- you weren't up for a couple of rounds of the old midnight mumbo?

Aidan: Nope.

Tad: [Normal voice] Ok, fine. All right.

Aidan: Ahem.

Tad: If you had an offer, I'll bet I can guess who it is. Tell the truth. It was Myrtle, wasn't it?

Aidan: Tad, if it was Myrtle, I wouldn't have turned her down.

Annie: Emma, sweetheart, I think we need the honey bear for our tea. Can you go get that for Mommy? Go.

Ryan: Sorry about that.

Annie: I don't think she noticed.

Ryan: Ok, ok, gentle.

Annie: Hi. Hi.

Ryan: We're going to be right outside.

Annie: Ryan, Greenlee was doing me a favor.

Ryan: I told you to stay away from my wife, my kids, and from Kendall.

Greenlee: I was just trying to help Annie --

Ryan: What, getting closer with Annie? Is that what it was, so you could spend a little bit more time with Spike?

Greenlee: No! That never occurred to --

Ryan: So maybe you can mess with him a little bit more? Is that it?

Greenlee: I never, never wanted anything bad to happen to Spike.

Ryan: What you wanted, what you intended doesn't count for anything.

Greenlee: I can't believe that there aren't more possibilities out there. That someone -- someone that could maybe help Spike hear again --

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Nothing to do with Spike is any of your business. You are out of our lives.

Greenlee: Please --

Ryan: Stop. Stop! You won't stay away, then I will take you to court, and I will get a restraining order. Maybe a couple of arrests will finally get it through to you. You push me, Greenlee, and I will do something that you really don't like.

Ava: Huh. Hello? You're my handler, aren't you? Handle!

Amanda: Get your own soda. I'm busy.

Ava: Well, I'm not, and I'm invisible.

Amanda: Huh. Unfortunately, you're not. Hey --

Ava: Look at this.

Amanda: Great. Do some heavy reading. Tell me all about it later.

Ava: No, no -- there is not one photo of me in here, and not even one mention, just like all the other magazines.

Amanda: Hmm, how will you ever survive?

Ava: This is a crisis.

Amanda: No, this is. The new photos -- the basis for our display rollout in Philly -- have to be rescheduled. To get them shot, printed, and tweaked, we are looking at another modeling shoot by the end of the month. Only guess what -- our best photographer, Owens, in Zurich till mid-September.

Ava: So, let's go to Germany.

Amanda: Switzerland. Owen's busy, as in working for someone else.

Ava: So, is he the only person that knows how to operate a camera? Can't you just go find someone in the mall?

Amanda: Oh, because you're so fabulous, you can't take a bad picture?

Ava: Oh, whatever. You know, they make all this stuff up, anyway. And like there's only three people in the world -- Lindsay, Britney, and Paris.

Amanda: Well, I guess you'll have to get arrested or go to rehab. You know I'm kidding, right?

Zach: We'll get him to Spike first thing in the morning. Ian's going to be here for a while. Unless Dr. Delano is wrong, you know, and -- heal quick, put on some weight. But if not, he'll probably be here till October.

Kendall: October? That's a long time from now.

Zach: We'll deal with it.

Kendall: But this isn't --

Zach: It's not easy, I know. It's not easy, but we're strong, and we'll get it done. The first thing we'll do is we'll get our lives back together.

Kendall: How are we supposed to do that, get our lives back together? I just had a baby boy. A tiny little boy, and we can't even touch him. And my other little boy -- you just gave him away.

Zach: Spike isn't anywhere where he doesn't belong.

Kendall: Spike belongs with me.

Zach: Yes, he does. But right now, he's with his dad, a man who loves him very much, and you know that. And we'll be with Ian as much as we can be.

Kendall: Wait a minute -- what do you mean, we'll be with Ian as much as we can be?

Zach: We'll get up in the morning, we'll drive over here, see what he needs.

Kendall: No, no. No, I'm not leaving here.

Zach: Kendall, we need to go home.

Kendall: "Home"? We don't have a home. It's not a home, it's a big, empty house -- it's not a home.

Zach: All right, ok, ok. And what is this. Hmm? What we need desperately is us together, waking up in our own bed, holding on to each other. That's what we need.

Kendall: Uh-uh. Uh-uh. What if Ian wakes up in the middle of the night, and he stopped breathing or something?

Zach: They'll call us.

Kendall: No. No. No. Last time I left, Ian hemorrhaged.

Zach: That had nothing to do with you.

Kendall: No, no -- you -- you hated me for leaving.

Zach: I hated that you didn't tell anybody you were leaving.

Kendall: No. No, Zach, please, don't ask me again. Don't. Don't, ok? You took Spike away from me. Please -- please don't make me leave Ian, please.

[Knock on door]

Orderly: I'm sorry, Mrs. Slater. I picked this up by mistake.

Kendall: Thank you. Spike's blanket. His blanket -- he needs this. He needs his blanket, Zach.

Zach: Ok, come on, calm down. It's a blanket.

Kendall: No, no, no, no, no. You don't understand. He can sleep without his toys. He can't sleep without his blanket -- he needs this. He's probably hysterical right now.

Zach: We'll get it to him.

Kendall: No, this is his security, Zach. It's his security. It's his lifeline. He needs -- he needs this to get through. He needs his blanket.

Zach: Kendall, if there were a problem, then Ryan would have called us already.

Kendall: No, maybe -- maybe Ryan doesn't know. He probably doesn't know. I -- I mean, maybe he doesn't even understand why -- why Spike is upset.

Zach: If he's upset. We don't --

Kendall: No, I keep hurting him, Zach, I do.

Zach: You're hurting Spike? You're not hurting him.

Kendall: Yes, I am. I am. I -- I let Greenlee take him. I did. I -- I let Greenlee take him, and then I left the hospital to go on that walk with you. And when I came back, Greenlee got to him again.

Zach: Ryan won't let her near Spike. He won't.

Ryan: Congratulations, Greenlee, you got your revenge. Spike will never hear us tell him that we love him. You won.

Greenlee: You can't possibly think that this is what I wanted.

Ryan: It's not that sweet, is it? It's not that sweet, getting revenge.

Greenlee: Now you're just being cruel.

Ryan: Well, yeah, Greenlee, I'm being cruel. What did you expect?

Greenlee: Right now, for -- for -- for us to be talking about how we can help Spike --

Ryan: "Us"? "Us"? God! Greenlee, what is it going to take?

Greenlee: Ryan, there are new discoveries every day. There are therapies that can help him!

Ryan: None of that matters right now.

Greenlee: Yes, but it could make all the difference to Spike!

Ryan: What do you want me to say, Greenlee? That there's going to be some drug that's going to come up, and after a few doses, he's going to be able to hear and everything's going to be all right, and there's going to be no hard feelings?

Greenlee: Look, stop making this about me.

Ryan: Well, that is really hard to do, Greenlee. Yes, maybe there's going to be some miracle. Maybe. But whatever happens -- let me make this really clear -- I am never going to forgive you, or myself, for giving you another chance, for letting you back into our lives. For giving you the opportunity to hurt my son.

Greenlee: No, it wasn't like that, Ryan.

Ryan: You know what? There's no excuse for you because you can hear, right? I mean, you may not be able to listen, but you can hear. My son, Kendall and my son can't hear, and may never hear normally again --

Greenlee: But --

Ryan: Thanks to you.

Greenlee: You don't know that, Ryan. You don't know that!

Ryan: That was it! That was the last glimpse you will ever get of my son again. If you ever come near him again --

Greenlee: I just want what's best for Spike.

Ryan: It's a little late for that, Greenlee.

Ava: Mmm, tequila, even better.

Amanda: Not for you.

Ava: I'm almost legal.

Amanda: No more drugs or alcohol.

Ava: But you're drinking.

Amanda: Enjoy your soda.

Ava: Come on, just one shooter, please? I'm a lot more fun when I'm drunk.

Amanda: No.

Ava: I'm a lot nicer, too.

Amanda: Huh, not that hard, but still no.

Ava: You know, you are not my warden.

Amanda: Close enough. You have a contract with Fusion, and no matter how much you and I hate it, I'm going to keep you in line.

Ava: How much does baby-sitting pay these days?

Amanda: Not near enough. So you want to do us both a favor and not add to my stress? Thank you. Oh, God, I wonder if Margo is available to photograph you. I don't see how we're going to use Owen.

Ava: Oh, blah, blah, blah.

Amanda: Have you had your shots?

Ava: What?

Amanda: We're serious about doing a possible tour of South America, but you'll need vaccinations for --

Ava: No, you said we might go in a few days.

Amanda: Well, you'll still need shots.

Ava: Fine. Shots, it is.

Amanda: Oh -- damn it, Ava!

Tad: I'm telling you, if I can read anything, I can read my partner. The story of your supposed mercy sex is a lie. It's a fiction.

Krystal: Well, of course it's not mercy sex, Tad. Look at the guy. That face and muscles and the accent --

Tad: You're right. Move over. I'll sleep with him.

[Krystal laughs]

Tad: If you're trying to turn me on, it's not working.

Krystal: Please, he turns everybody on. Any woman would do anything for just a few hours with him.

Tad: [Foreign accent] Exactly, so why is here talking to us?

[Krystal laughs]

Aidan: You know what? I was just about to ask myself the same question.

Krystal: Because he knows that we love him.

Aidan: That's nice.

Krystal: So, is there anybody out there who is interested in you?

Aidan: Ok, listen. The woman was real, but the offer was fake.

Krystal: Oh!

Tad: [Normal voice] Vindication! Let this be a lesson to you. Looks, muscles, accent, highly overrated.

Krystal: Yeah, right, right. Women don't go for that kind of thing at all.

Tad: Uh-uh.

Aidan: Anyway, I wasn't interested, ok? Not interested.

Krystal: Ok, listen, we're going to go out on the dance floor and see if there's somebody who is more your type.

Aidan: No.

Krystal: Yeah, come on.

Tad: Oh, come on, man.

Krystal: Come on.

Aidan: Krystal, please, I'm not a line dancer.

Tad: Why don't you have mercy on the guy?

Krystal: I just want to make him smile.

Tad: He will, when you let him get back to his beer.

Krystal: No, come on, hush, now.

Tad: "Hush."

Krystal: Hush!

Tad: You better do it, man. She'll put a stiletto heel through your instep.

Krystal: Be quiet. All right, here we go. Come on, Aidan. Grapevine. Whoo-hoo! Do it!

Tad: Works for a flip-flop, doesn't it?

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah.

Ryan: I don't think Greenlee will be bothering Spike anymore.

Annie: She wasn't here about Spike.

Ryan: Annie, you don't know her the way I . I mean, did you see the way that she was looking at him? Did you see the way she was staring at him?

Annie: Well, I mean, she thought that he was still in the hospital.

Ryan: Well, what about your asthma attack? You can't tell me that she didn't trigger that, that she didn't stress you out.

Annie: It's not always caused by stress. It wasn't Greenlee.

Ryan: Oh. Well, the crank calls stopped after you changed your number, didn't they?

Annie: There haven't been any more calls, so can we just drop it, please?

Ryan: What's going on?

Annie: Nothing. Oh --

Ryan: Annie -- Annie -- Annie, look at me for a second, please. What's wrong?

Annie: I mean, I just -- you -- out of the blue, you walk in here with Spike. I mean, why, Ryan? Why bring him here?

Zach: Ian is safe in the hospital. Spike is safe with Ryan and Annie. Now what I need is for you to be safe. Trust me, ok?

Kendall: That house is so big. It's too big. It's empty. There's nobody in it.

Zach: All right, we'll fill it up with stuff. Then we'll settle in. We'll get Spike to join us.

Kendall: Then we'll be normal again?

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: No. No. Normal's done. Normal's over. We're never going to be normal again. My son can't hear.

Zach: There are options.

Kendall: Yeah. Implants. Cutting his head open.

Zach: Hon, the kid is strong. Smart and resilient. He'll adjust.

Kendall: I don't want him to have to adjust. We'll fix him. Spike will hear again. We just have to find a way. We have to.

Greenlee: So what happened? What was Kendall's reaction? You did see her, right, Dr. Hilliard?

Donovan: Uh -- she was a -- a very loving mother, an intelligent, open-minded --

Greenlee: And she agreed? So you're going to treat Spike?

Donovan: We met, and I examined the little boy.

Greenlee: And is it a go? Are you going to help him hear again?

Donovan: No. I'm afraid it's not possible.

Greenlee: What do you mean, it's not possible? You "have" to treat Spike.

Donovan: It's not my choice.

Greenlee: But Kendall was open to the treatment, so who's stopping you?

[Door closes]

Donovan: We were interrupted by the boy's father, who knew nothing about the appointment or about me.

Greenlee: Ryan.

Donovan: Yeah, and Mrs. Slater has not contacted me since.

Greenlee: Ryan is just hardheaded, but he loves his little boy. He'll want to do the right thing.

Donovan: Well, I'm not so sure. He wouldn't listen to a word that I had to say.

Greenlee: That's just because he was caught off-guard. I mean, he didn't know about this appointment or about you, but trust me, he'll want to help Spike.

Donovan: Well, I'm sure that's true, but that does not mean he wants me to treat his son.

Greenlee: So that's it? You're just going to give up?

Donovan: Well, I can't force my services on these people.

Greenlee: But Kendall wants you to treat Spike.

Donovan: Then she will have to convince the father.

Greenlee: I gave you a very large check.

Donovan: Which you said was a donation. But, if you would like me to return to --

Greenlee: What I want is for you to restore Spike's hearing. It's what his mother wants, too.

Donovan: If you want me to treat Spike, I suggest you join forces with Mrs. Slater and find a way to convince the father.

Ryan: I'm sorry, Annie. I didn't mean to add to your load by --

Annie: I --

Ryan: Having Spike stay with us.

Annie: I'm just -- I'm sorry. I'm not being selfish. I just --

Ryan: No, no, no, no. That's not what I'm saying. It was -- it's just that Kendall s so burnt out, you know, with the baby.

Annie: Well, Ian didn't need another surgery, did he?

Ryan: No. No, thank God, but apparently spontaneous hemorrhages can happen more than once with a preemie, so --

Annie: Well, what's his prognosis?

Ryan: He made it through the procedure all right, but it was definitely a setback.

Annie: God. Kendall must be losing her mind, with Ian and Spike and not knowing if either of them --

Ryan: Well, Spike is -- is going to be ok. I mean, he's deaf. It's not life-threatening.

Annie: No, I know, I know. It's not a death sentence.

Ryan: He's going to be great, aren't you, little man?

Annie: Oh. I hope little Ian's just as lucky.

Ryan: Kendall is still really focused on this Dr. Hilliard and his alternative treatments.

Annie: Well, maybe he can help Spike.

Ryan: Maybe. Maybe, but the thing is that she didn't talk to me about it. She didn't talk to Zach, she didn't talk to anybody. She just -- she just raced out of the hospital and had Spike examined.

Annie: I know. Well, maybe she just thought that --

Ryan: That's the thing. She's not thinking clearly right now. Somebody says that they can fix Spike and -- and, you know, she's there.

Annie: That's not necessarily a bad thing.

Ryan: Annie, you can't defend this. I mean, she could be so desperate that -- that she could drag Spike around the world, because she needs to believe something that's impossible.

Annie: Wait, you think you need to protect Spike from Kendall? From his mother?

Ryan: He's -- he's just better off with us for now.

Annie: It's just it's -- it's a lot, all at once.

Ryan: But, I mean, he stayed with us before. This is -- this is just temporary, you know. It's just until Zach and Kendall are at home, full-time, with Ian, that's all.

Annie: You know, I don't know. Here.

Ryan: Well, what do you mean? Ok. What do you mean, you don't know? I mean, I have to think about what's best for -- best for Spike, and Emma, you know, and this is it.

Annie: Yeah -- no, you're right, and Emma adores Spike.

Ryan: So why don't you want him staying with us?

Annie: I just, I -- I can't explain it, really.

Ryan: Try.

Annie: I love you and -- and I love Spike.

Ryan: Hey. Hey, what-- whatever it is, whatever's going on, you can tell me, ok? Annie? You're really freaked out, you're shaking right now. Please tell me what's got you so afraid.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: That's my cell phone, ok? It's just my cell. I'll get it. I'll get it. Hello?

Kendall: How is he?

Ryan: Spike is great, Kendall. Hi. You don't have to worry, ok?

Kendall: Well, he has his blanket here. He left his blanket.

Ryan: Oh. Must've slipped my mind.

Kendall: Well, he just got used to sleeping with it again.

Ryan: Ok, I'll come back and get it.

Kendall: When?

Ryan: Um -- as soon as I can.

Kendall: So Spike hasn't noticed? He -- he's not crying?

Ryan: No. No, he's great. He's -- he's just eating. He's in my arms right now. He's so happy to see his sister and Annie. He's -- he's great, Kendall. He's great.

Kendall: Put him on the phone. I just -- I want to tell him something.

Ryan: Kendall --

Kendall: He will know what I'm saying, Ryan, ok? He'll feel it, just -- just for a second.

Ryan: Ok, just a second. Ok. Ok, he's on the phone.

Kendall: Hey, Spikey. It's Mom. Uh -- I miss you so much. I do, I miss you so much, and -- and I love you. I love you so much, and I hate being away from you, I do. But you're going to be ok, honey. You're going to be great. And Mama's going to take care of you, and we're going to fix you right up, ok? So don't you worry. You just -- you just sleep and you -- you have sweet, sweet dreams, ok? I love you.

Ryan: He's -- he's smiling, sort of. He's -- he -- he's very happy.

Kendall: Don't forget the blanket.

Ryan: I won't. I won't, Kendall. Spike is happy, he's so happy. I'm going to make sure he stays that way. Look, I -- I need you to take care of yourself right now, ok -- you and Ian.

Kendall: Bye.

Ryan: Bye.

Singer: A house in Malibu a brand-new Porsche and Lamborghini, too the whole world in the palm of my hand but I

Krystal: Whoo!

Singer: Give me life I haven't been the same my honky-tonk babies in a blink of an eye

Krystal: Come on.

Singers: Don't taste the water till the well runs dry

Krystal: That's good. Six, seven, eight.

Singer: Well, I ain't seen nothing

Krystal: Oh, oh! Whoa!

Aidan: Whoa, whoa!


Krystal: Ah!

Tad: Whoo!

Aidan: What are you doing?

Tad: That was awesome! Oh, man -- I think your head's in the parking lot!

Krystal: All right!

Aidan: I told you this was not my contact sport.

Tad: I'm sorry -- is there a triage nurse in cutoffs anywhere in the house?

Krystal: Don't listen to him. You've got real possibilities.

Aidan: Yes, as the boot-scootin' terminator.

Krystal: Yeah.

Aidan: Hey, listen, I'll be back in three.

Tad: Oh, I'll be right here.

Krystal: Oh. I tell you -- man, that Aidan. I know that half the girls in this bar would go out with him.

Tad: Give him time.

Krystal: Well, it's just such a waste. I hate to see a great guy without a great gal. Oh.

Tad: Tell me something. Have all women got this little matchmaker gene?

Krystal: As far as I know.

Tad: Man, she just can't stay away, can she?

Krystal: Who?

Tad: Ava.

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: Pretend you don't see her.

Tad: Well, its kind of hard not to.

Krystal: Yeah. Ava show is a must-see.

Tad: Hey, if you get tired of it, just say the word. Boo -- no.

Krystal: No, no, no. You know what? It'll probably do her some good to parade her celebrity around all of these little people like us.

Tad: No, I'm not kidding, man -- it's no joke. Just refuse to serve her -- it's right there on the wall.

Krystal: No, I'm not going to bother. She's just young, you know, and she's just trying to rub her somebodyness into my face, the mean boss who fired her. But the way I look at it is she just might bring this place a little publicity.

Singer: Till the well runs dry

Amanda: You are so cut off.

Ava: I want to go dance.

Amanda: Freeze. You do have underwear on under that, don't you? Everybody's got a cell phone, Ava.

Ava: Yeah, lucky for me I got a nice, pretty clean pair on.

Amanda: Good -- keep them on!

Ava: Whoo! Oh, my God! Hi, how are you? I remember you from my first "Face of Fusion" rollout shoot. I'm Ava Benton.

Man: Ralph Winston.

Ava: I know, I know -- you were my favorite photographer. I remember, you got all my best angles. I'm sure you could use some candids, right?

Ralph: I'm not working. It's Holly's birthday.

Ava: Right. See, I'm the supermodel/hostage held hostage, right? I'm news.

Ralph: Nothing personal, but unless you want to dance naked on the table or stab somebody with a broken bottle, I'm saving my film.

Kendall: Thank you.

Zach: For what?

Kendall: For not giving up on me. I -- I do want to be in our house, in our home with Spike. I just -- I want it right now. I want it right this second.

Zach: Yeah, I do, too, but it's -- it's going to take a little while, but it will happen.

Kendall: I can't shake this feeling that Spike is going to think that I abandoned him. And then -- God, then, what if -- what if -- what if Ian -- what if there's another crisis with Ian? I mean, what --

Zach: Ian-cam. Cameras and monitors set up, see whatever he's doing. We'll have a car outside the house 24/7.

Kendall: I just want to be a normal, happy family.

Zach: I know. I do, too. That's why we got to take care of each other, of ourselves. I'm going to get Joe, tell him we're leaving.

Ava: Whoo!

[Music plays]

Ava: Whoo-hoo! Yeah!

Singer: I want to ring this county all around want to ring this

Krystal: All right, hold it right there. Now, you get your clodhopper off my table or your tailbone's going to hit the floor damn hard.

Ava: I'm just trying to have fun.

Krystal: Well, listen -- the dancing is on the ground floor. My tables are reserved for drinks and ribs.

Ava: Fine.

Krystal: Hey, and since that rack isn't on the menu, keep it covered.

Ava: Right.

Tad: Well, it seems like Krystal's method of distraction nearly disco'd you into the hospital.

Aidan: Well, you heard what she said, right -- what Krystal said? Just a little bit more practice and I might be able to go professional.

Tad: Oh, yeah. Yeah, "Dancing with the Stars," next stop. You, all over it. In the meantime, you might try my method of distraction.

Aidan: What's this? Looks like work to me -- is it?

Tad: It is, and it'll do you every time, all right? Stick with that for a while. I want you to suss this guy out. I'll get you in, you find out who he is and how he does it, ok?

Ava: Over here, moron. This is where the real picture is.

Amanda: Hey, let's wrap it up.

Ava: Wait, just hold on just a second.

Amanda: No games -- let's go.

Ava: No, think about it -- MTV Movie Awards, Britney, Madonna. What do you think of?

Amanda: Desperate publicity stunt? Grab your purse.

Ava: "Desperate"? Are you serious? That's like a top 10 unforgettable moment. Hey, Ralph, everybody, watch this!

Amanda: Well --

[Camera shutters click as Ava kisses Amanda on the lips]

Greenlee: Ryan is a reasonable guy. If you explain the treatment to him, he'll be convinced.

Donovan: Look, that is not my job. The people who come to me are already convinced that I can help them.

Greenlee: But I'm convinced -- I mean, Spike's mother is convinced.

Donovan: Yeah, but the boy's father is not.

Greenlee: Ok. Well, I will find a way to convince him, I -- I have to. But will you be able to see them -- Spike and Kendall? Will you make time for them if they come?

Donovan: Yes, but only if --

Greenlee: I get it. I know -- if I get to Ryan first.

[Intercom beeps]

Donovan: Excuse me. Yes? At this hour? No, he'll have to come back in the morning. A close friend of the governor. Ok, um -- he can have five minutes. Thanks. I'm sorry. I -- I have to take care of this.

Woman: You're very lucky. Dr. Hilliard's giving you five minutes.

Aidan: Thank you.

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: Kendall's call, it sounded like she really wanted Spike back.

Ryan: Yeah, I forgot his blanket at the hospital.

Annie: Ryan? I mean, there's no way she's in favor of this.

Ryan: Is that what you're so worried about? Are you worried about Kendall?

Annie: Of course. I mean, you said yourself how fragile she is right now. You think it's a good idea to keep her away from her son?

Ryan: Well, she doesn't want to be away from Spike or Ian right now, but with Ian still in the Neonatal ICU, it --

[Spike babbles]

Ryan: Ooh -- it -- look, she came around once Zach agreed with me, all right? She gave a thumbs-up.

Annie: Well -- well, I don't. I'm sorry, but Spike can't live with us.

Zach: All right, they're coming to -- Kendall?

[Zach sighs when he finds Kendall's room empty]

Woman: I'm sorry. Are you lost?

Kendall: My babies -- I don't have them. Please. Can I hold yours?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Zach (to Ryan): I know we had an agreement, but it's not going to work.

Kendall: I would never hurt you or your baby.

Emma (to Annie): Grandpa told me what you did.

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