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All My Children Transcript Thursday 8/23/07


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Zach: Word on the street is you gained another quarter ounce since your last weigh-in. You know what that means, don't you? Another half an ounce, you're going to be right here in my arms. Big, rugged, strong arms -- well, not anymore, but they used to be. What -- what? You want what? You want to be in your mom's arms? Oh, I see -- all right. All right, I'll make you a deal. You gain that extra quarter ounce or half ounce, you can be just right there in your mom's arms. What a great place to be. Once she's got ahold of you, she's not going to let you go. And you won't want her to.

Kendall: The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out, out came the sun and dried up all the rain, and the itsy-bitsy spider went up the spout again, yeah. I sing to him before he goes to sleep. He expects it. He knows, even though he can't hear. What, Ryan? You want to start in on me again? I'm sorry that I tried to get our son help. I'm sorry I care.

Ryan: Don't even try it, Kendall. Not another word.

Zach: I would like to take some of the credit for you bulking up like that. You know, all that talk about sports and the stock market and -- yeah, I think that pushed you -- no? You -- oh. Oh, you think it's your mother, huh? Ah, maybe you're right. Mother's milk. And I know it's not the best way to get to it right now, with feeding tubes and syringes, but it won't be that way forever. Soon, your mom will feed you the way she was meant to.

Ryan: Hi. Daddy's here. I love you.

Kendall: Wait a minute -- what is that? What is that? What are you doing? What -- what, are you trying to prove a point -- that our son can't hear, and he never will?

Ryan: No, I'm trying to teach our son sign, so that he's not afraid when he sees our lips moving but doesn't hear any sound coming out. I'm trying to teach him another way to communicate.

Kendall: Oh, instead of trying to figure out a way to help him hear again?

Ryan: Kendall, right now in this moment, he can't hear and this is my way of trying to help him.

Kendall: It's not helping. Ryan, that's giving up.

Ryan: Kendall? Spike can't hear. And I pray to God that through surgery or maybe a cure that he will, but right now, he can't.

Kendall: Yes, I know, and I'm trying to fix it. I'm trying to get him help.

Ryan: By sneaking him out of the hospital and visiting a doctor that's not vetted? Without telling me or anybody? Kendall, that's not helping Spike. You were out of your mind.

Zach: Lily, hi. How you doing?

Lily: Good.

Zach: I was just thinking about you. You know that book that you gave Ian, "The Littlest Bird"? He's really taken it to heart. He has gained a quarter ounce -- we were just talking about it.

Lily: But an infant Ian's size and age can't carry on a conversation.

Zach: Yeah, uh -- yeah. I -- I was -- I was talking, and he was listening.

Lily: Oh, I'm glad he's growing. Too bad we can't recognize a quarter-ounce gain.

Zach: Well, I can. I -- I think I can, or maybe -- maybe I just -- I want to believe that I can, but --

Lily: Well, how do you feed him? He must have a really small bottle.

Zach: Yeah. Well, it's -- it's a little different. The milk comes from Kendall in a bottle and -- and then they put it in a syringe like this. And -- here. This is a feeding tube. Then you attach this to that -- you want to see it? It's feeding time -- do you want to see this? Yeah? Ok. Do you want to try it?

Lily: Is that allowed?

Zach: Sure. You're Kendall's stepsister and that makes you Ian's aunt -- family. I want our family around this little guy. Try it.

Kendall: You should be thanking me. You should be unbelievably grateful that Spike has a mother who is willing to do anything and everything to help make him better.

Ryan: Not when "anything and everything" means acting recklessly and alone, completely ignoring the fact that he's also got a father.

Kendall: All right. I should not have taken him out of the hospital without telling you -- I'll give you that.

Ryan: Thank you.

Kendall: But I'm not sorry. Ryan, this Dr. Hilliard -- he is the real deal, ok? You should -- you should hear about his patients.

Ryan: Can you just forget about Hilliard, please? We're not talking about him right now.

Kendall: No, just listen -- listen to me for one second, ok? He said that -- he said that he studied western medicine, ok? He knows more about it than any of us, and he says sometimes it is unbelievably narrow-minded in its approach. So if he thinks he can help Spike, why not?

Ryan: Then I agree. We should talk to him -- we, both of us. I am completely open to all possibilities when it comes to Spike's hearing. I will talk to every doctor, every specialist on the planet, but I wouldn't do it without you. I just wouldn't. And I'm asking for the same respect for me.

Kendall: So then you're with me? Then you think that there's a cure?

Ryan: Well, just because we have an open mind to -- to Spike's treatments doesn't mean that we should close our eyes to the fact that this could be permanent.

Kendall: No, stop, Ryan. Stop, stop.

Ryan: No, Kendall, I -- listen, I don't want to say it. All right? But there's a very real possibility here that Spike will never hear again on his own. I mean, Dr. Norton is the country's leading practitioner --

Kendall: Dr. Norton? Dr. Norton is a -- is a one-trick pony, Ryan, ok? He's already made up his mind. It's his way or no way. How can you want them to do surgery on our 1-year-old's tiny, little skull?

Ryan: I don't want that unless a cochlear implant is the only way to help him.

Kendall: So says Dr. Norton.

Ryan: Kendall, Spike's tests were done on a color MRI machine that is so advanced, that there is only a couple of them on the planet. You can't ignore that.

Kendall: What happened to the man who covered for -- for me and Bianca when we had to hide Bianca's pregnancy? The man who ran into a burning building to save mine and Greenlee's lives? That Ryan was my hero, and I trusted that you would be Spike's hero, too. So what happened? What the hell happened, Ryan? Why in the hell right now in -- in the most critical moment of Spike's life do you -- do you choose right this moment to turn into a quitter?

Lily: Am I doing it right?

Zach: You're doing great.

Lily: Do you think he likes me?

Zach: Of course, he likes you -- everybody likes you, and he's a smart kid.

Lily: I've never been very good with babies, until now.

Zach: Yeah, it took me a while, as well. But once you make that bond, there's no turning back.

Ryan: I will never quit on my son. I told you that I would travel the world to help restore his hearing and I meant that.

Kendall: Yes, ok. Yes, you did say that, Ryan, but then in the next breath, you said that Spike's hearing loss could be permanent.

Ryan: Because it could.

Kendall: No. Ryan, no. I know that there's -- there's a way that we can fix this. I know, I can feel it in my bones. Dr. Hilliard can help us.

Ryan: Ok, but in the meantime, our son can't hear, and he needs a way to communicate with us, and us with him.

Kendall: Ok, no, no. Don't say it, don't say it.

Ryan: Don't say what? Don't say that I want to teach him sign language? Why is that such a bad thing?

Kendall: Because, Ryan, sign language is for deaf people.

Ryan: Being deaf isn't a crime, Kendall.

Kendall: I know that. I know, but our son is not like that.

Lily: You know, Ian and I have a lot in common. That's probably why I like him so much.

Zach: How are you two alike?

Lily: Well, Ian needs a small space to feel safe and so do I, like the tree house and the closet at Cambias.

Zach: I never thought about that.

Lily: And I don't think I could actually fit inside that incubator, but if I could, I'm sure I'd find it very comfortable.

Zach: I bet you're right.

Lily: But we have more in common than just confined spaces. Ian can't be overstimulated and neither can I. And we don't like loud noises, and I can't be touched, and he can't be touched or held, but we don't need to be touched to know that we're loved and protected.

Zach: You're an exceptional young woman.

Lily: And Ian is an exceptional baby. And he's very lucky to have me as his aunt, because I can relate to him on things that other people can't. And I'm very lucky to have him as my nephew, because now I have someone that understands what it's like to be me.

Ryan: You don't want to accept that Spike is deaf -- I can understand that. It's very hard for me to accept that, too. But here's a fact, Kendall -- right now, Spike can't hear. He's living in a -- in a completely silent world. Can you even imagine how terrifying that must be for him?

Kendall: You think I don't obsess on that every waking minute?

Ryan: So -- so then what is so bad about us teaching him how to sign?

Kendall: Because it will be sending him the message that he'll never hear again.

Ryan: No. No, no, no -- it'll be sending him the message that we love him. It'll be giving him an anchor. It'll be giving him hope. Hey. We both want the same thing, all right? We both want -- want Spike to be better. We both want what's best for him, and -- and agreeing upon that, it's going to take a little bit of compromise from both parts. But it doesn't mean we have to get there right this minute.

Kendall: Ok, well, when are we going to get there, us agreeing? Next week, next month, next year?

Ryan: Ok, hold on, hold on, hold on. There's already some things that we already do agree on, one of which is that we both want Spike out of this place, right?

Kendall: Yes, except I want him out right now, and you don't think he's ready to go yet.

Ryan: You're wrong. I talked to Joe, and Joe said that Spike is ready to be released.

Kendall: Well, that's great. That's -- that's amazing, that's exactly what I want. I mean, I've been -- I can't wait to get him out of here. And just like you said, Ryan, that, you know, how scared he is and him being home around his own things, in his own room, all the familiar smells --

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: It'll be perfect.

Ryan: I was just thinking more along the lines of him being in his own room at my place -- just for now, just for now. You're getting pulled in so many different directions right now. Ian is still critical, you're recovering from a C-section. I thought I could really take a load off if -- if Spike came home with Annie and me.

Kendall: Mmm -- uh-uh. No way in hell. No.

Annie: All right, madam executive. You keep busy over here while Mommy works over there, ok?

Emma: Ok, Mommy.

Annie: Ok.

[Greenlee startles Annie when she puts her hand on her shoulder from behind]

Greenlee: I'm sorry. Are you ok? I -- I'm so sorry.

Emma: Mommy, are you ok?

Annie: I am -- I'm fine, sweetie, I'm fine. I just got a little startled. I didn't know anybody else was here.

Greenlee: Yeah, I'm surprised to see you guys. The place is usually empty this time of night.

Annie: You work this shift often?

Greenlee: Well, since my mere presence now causes heads to spin and vomit to fly, yeah -- it's pretty much late nights and early mornings for me, but I'm just going to work in the other room and spare you any undue rage, so --

Annie: Seeing you doesn't make me angry.

Greenlee: No, just sick.

Annie: It makes me sad.

Greenlee: Look, I hate what happened to Spike. I hate it, ok, and I live with it every single day, but why everyone needs to keep reminding me --

Annie: I'm not -- I'm not talking about Spike. I'm sad for you.

Krystal: Oh.

Babe: Where are they?

Krystal: Honey, it's only 10 after.

Babe: Yeah, but that's late.

Krystal: Why don't you admit what's really bugging you? And it's not Little A and J.R. taking the scenic route to The Comeback.

Babe: Huh?

Krystal: Jamie?

Babe: Jamie?

Krystal: You're bummed that Jamie's leaving Pine Valley.

Babe: No -- yeah. I mean, I'm -- I'm happy for him, that he's living his dream and going to Africa, saving lives. It's just -- oh, about time.

Krystal: Hey.

Babe: Hi!

Krystal: Hey, little sailor man.


Babe: Come here. Do you know how many love flips your mommy's tummy did when she saw you walk through that door? 500 million trillion frillion. Did you have fun?

J.R.: We had a blast. Little A's going to be a first-class yachtsman. He even got to steer the ship.

Babe: No, you didn't.

J.R.: Yeah, and he worked up a big appetite doing it, and I promised him a slice of Nana's strawberry rhubarb pie.

Krystal: Ah.

J.R.: Do you think we have time for it?

Babe: I think we can probably arrange it, yeah? Yeah. Yeah -- oops.

Little Adam: Oh, the glass broke.

[Babe and J.R. chuckle]

J.R.: Hey, come sit down here, buddy.

Little Adam: Look it -- all the glass broke.

Babe: It did -- where?

J.R.: Oh, let me see.

Jack: Evening, Krystal.

Krystal: Hey. Welcome back, counselor.

Jack: Thanks.

Krystal: It's been a while.

Jack: Yeah, "my bad," as my nephew would say.

Krystal: Oh. Well, no need to apologize. The Comeback isn't for everybody.

Jack: Oh, I don't know. I look around here, I can see myself becoming a regular. Tell me something -- how many Del Lightnings do I have to drink to get my face on the wall out there?

Krystal: What, are you looking to drown your sorrows?

Jack: Actually, I'm looking to make them disappear.

Krystal: Well, I don't think I can work that kind of magic, but if you want to forget for just a little while, then you've come to the right place.

Jack: Done. Tell you what -- start me a tab. This is going to be a long night.

Ryan: What are you so mad about?

Kendall: You are trying to take my son away from me.

Ryan: I'm not -- I'm trying to help you. I'm try -- I'm trying to help you focus on Ian right now. I mean, he needs his mom, too. He's just been through an incredibly scary event.

Kendall: Don't you dare. I -- I'm not neglecting Ian, so don't you dare use him to try to get Spike away from me.

Ryan: Well -- Kendall? You're an incredible mother, all right, and you've been phenomenal with both boys. And there's just no possible way that you can be there 100% for both Ian and Spike right now -- it's impossible.

Kendall: Ok, so I should just sacrifice one for the other?

Ryan: Uh-uh. No, no, I'm not saying that you shouldn't be with Spike, not at all. I mean, he needs his mom, too. It's just that his hearing aside, he's on the mend and -- and Ian has got a long way to go. And he needs all the love and support that he can get right now.

Kendall: Yes, I know that. Zach and I are doing just fine, thank you.

Ryan: Ok. Ok, look, if you don't want to do it for Ian, then maybe you would do it for Spike. I think it would be really good for him to be around Annie right now.

Kendall: Why Annie?

Ryan: Because her father is deaf. She's lived through this. She knows what it's like firsthand. She knows -- she knows what Spike's going through. She knows how to communicate with him.

Kendall: Stop -- no, no, no. Don't, don't, don't -- don't say it, don't say it. Don't even say -- don't say "sign language" or I swear to God, I will tear this whole room apart.

Ryan: What is with you?

Kendall: Are you listening to me, Ryan? I will not let Spike out of my sight.

Ryan: I didn't think you meant literally.

Kendall: Well, now you know.

Ryan: Ok -- Kendall, not only is that physically impossible, that's not at all fair to me, to Spike, to Annie, to Emma.

Kendall: Ok, well, I'm sorry, Ryan, ok? My son needs me.

Ryan: Well, he's my son, too, Kendall, and I got some rights.

Kendall: Yeah, that's true, rights that I can take away from you in a minute, and you're lucky I haven't already.

Ryan: And what the hell does that mean?

Kendall: Well, you begged us to let Greenlee back into our lives. We did, and look what happened.

Ryan: Are you kidding me?

Kendall: I mean, if he hadn't made it out alive, Ryan, that would be on you.

Ryan: That would be on me? It would be my fault -- that's what you're saying? You and I have both made some choices that we wish we could take back, but that's in the past. I am here right now to make sure there are no more mistakes hanging over our head in the future. Now, Spike is coming home with me, whether you like it or not.

[Music plays]

Babe: Hey, hey, hey.

Winifred: Oh.

Babe: Oh.

Winifred: Hi.

Babe: Hello.

Winifred: Hey, sweet pea.

Babe: Don't forget to say your prayers, ok?

Winifred: Ok.

J.R.: Yeah. Goodbye, Little A. I love you. Hey, make sure you say good-bye to your nana before you go.

Krystal: You better. Hey, hey, hey! Bye-bye.

J.R.: God, it kills me to say good-bye to him.

Babe: Hmm, I know. Hey, thanks for agreeing to make today a day trip.

J.R.: Oh, no problem. Even though we had a blast, I think Little A was ready for it to end. I think overnight would've been too much for him. What?

Babe: I -- you're being cool. I -- I'm still not used to it. It kind of freaks me out.

J.R.: Well, don't sweat it. I'm still a jerk at heart -- I've just taken it down a notch.

Babe: So, when you gave Jamie and me some time to be alone, was that you taking it down a notch, too?

J.R.: He's moving to Africa. It looked like you had something you needed to say. I'm sure you guys didn't want an audience.

Babe: The fact that you realized it, the fact that you respected it, it's -- I -- I'm impressed. Shocked, but impressed.

J.R.: I can do mature.

Babe: Who knew?

J.R.: The Pope. He -- he called. Apparently, he's in the market for a living saint, and I'm his guy. You don't believe me? I'm being fitted for my halo in the morning.

Babe: Hmm -- mm-hmm.

J.R.: Scout's honor.

Babe: Sure -- we'll see about that.

[J.R. laughs]

Jack: Wow, wow. Hmm.

[Krystal laughs]

Jack: Ahem -- well, now I know why this place is so popular.

Krystal: Yeah, well, good drinks, good food, and -- well, I like -- the owners have a little draw, as well.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- "owners"? "Owners," plural?

Krystal: Oh, yeah, yeah. Babe's Comeback co-boss -- I thought you knew that.

Jack: No, I didn't know that.

Krystal: Yeah. Well, I think about it every day -- how lucky I am to start my dream with my -- my little girl. And Jenny's going to be a part of this someday, too. I mean, I know it's not much yet, but I plan on opening Comebacks all across the country.

Jack: Good for you.

Krystal: And even if I don't, this place was started with love, so if I can just leave my kids that, then I've done my job.

Jack: Yeah, I thought if I loved my children, that would be enough, too, but now that Greenlee's back in town, I have to ask myself the question -- can love stop a runaway train?

Annie: I know what's going through your head.

Greenlee: You do?

Annie: You wish you could go back, do things differently. You wish you knew then what you know now. All the people that you love can't bear to look at you. You feel alone and abandoned, and it's killing you, but you accept it because you know that you deserve it. You're living in a really black hole right now. Life as you knew it is gone, and you don't know if it's ever going to be good again.

Greenlee: All you're doing is telling me how doomed I am.

Annie: You're not doomed, Greenlee. All of this pain you're feeling, it doesn't last forever. It's scary, and it's lonely, but -- it gets better. Trust me.

Kendall: No, no, no, no! You do not call the shots when it comes to Spike -- I do, Ryan, me, and if I say you can't have him, you can't have him. Uh-uh.

Ryan: Ok, this isn't some sort of conspiracy against you, Kendall.

Kendall: Oh, really, really? The hell it isn't. I know what you're doing. You're trying to steal my son. You are using this tragedy to get what you've always wanted.

Ryan: Ok, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Kendall: No, no -- no! You're trying to take my son away from me. You -- you are trying to take him away from me!

Ryan: All right, calm down.

Kendall: I know you are!

Ryan: Calm down, Kendall. You're acting like a crazy woman.

Zach: What's going on here?

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: Look, I -- I apologize, Kendall. I -- I should never have called you "crazy." All right? I -- I completely understand why you're so overprotective of Spike, and I love that you are. I do, but -- but you have to believe me when I tell you that taking him away from you is the last thing that I want to do.

Kendall: No, you're lying -- you're a liar. He -- he doesn't want to help Spike, Zach. He wants to keep him the way he is.

Ryan: Whoa -- hold on a second. Of course, I want to help Spike. I'm trying to help him right now, I'm trying to help you.

Kendall: No. No, he wants to take Spike home with him and Annie. He's trying to steal my son, Zach.

Ryan: Oh, hold on a second now. That's -- that's temporary. It's a temporary situation -- I told you that. Well -- look, Spike has been released from the hospital, and I offered to take him home while Ian, you know, is getting a little better, until he gets better. So you're not spread so thin, so that you can focus on Ian.

Kendall: You want me to focus on Ian, so you can do whatever you want with Spike -- no! Ryan, I'm sorry -- it's never going to happen.

Zach: He's right. Ryan's right.

Greenlee: Ryan, Kendall, and Spike -- their lives are forever changed because of my bad choice. That's what I think about, that's what haunts me, not whether I'm ever going to smile or have friends again.

Annie: Well, right now, maybe. But you cannot tell me that you're not dying inside, that you wouldn't give anything to make this feeling go away.

Greenlee: Yeah, but it happened, Annie, ok? And no matter how much I hate it, Spike is deaf. I can try so many things, but I can't take that back.

Annie: You're right, you can't. You may never get past this, Greenlee. You may never be able to forgive yourself. Ryan, Kendall, Spike -- they may not ever forgive you, either.

Greenlee: Yeah, and you love it, so stop pretending you want me to feel better.

Annie: It's hard to hear anything positive right now, isn't it? Greenlee, your life isn't stopping. You will find people to love again. You will find people who will love you.

Greenlee: Why are you telling me this?

Annie: Good question.

Greenlee: Well, it's not out of your undying love for me -- we both know that.

Annie: Does it matter why? Do you have to question every nice thing someone does for you?

Greenlee: When it's coming from you, yes. The way you're -- the way you're talking about all this, it's like you lived it or something, but not you. Picture-perfect Annie -- you could never hurt an innocent baby.

Annie: Just drop it.

Greenlee: No, I want to know why you're so in tune. Is this about your ex?

Annie: Terry?

Greenlee: Yeah. I mean, I heard stories about what a creep he was, how -- how you had to take Emma and run. Is that why you think you can relate to me -- because you were cut off from everyone you love, because you had to start your life or from scratch like I'm going to have to now?

Annie: Something like that.

Jack: You know, Krystal, I never did ask Greenlee what happened the night of Spike's accident.

Krystal: You weren't curious?

Jack: Oh, I was curious -- you bet I was. But I had a pretty good idea of what she'd done, and I don't think I wanted to hear her admit it, nor did I want to hear the lies she might make up.

Krystal: But, either way, you assumed the worst.

Jack: Yes, I did. You know, any good attorney will tell you that as long as you don't hear a confession -- made it possible for me to defend my daughter.

Krystal: Is that what you've been doing?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Krystal: Defending her?

Jack: Yes, it is. Yes, it is. I mean, according to Greenlee, it's not, and according to Erica, of course, I am because --

[Jack chuckles]

Jack: Greenlee thinks I side with Erica on everything, and Erica thinks I have blinders on when it comes to my daughters, so as you see, I can't win.

Krystal: Well, I am not going to comment on Erica. But daughters -- now, that's a topic I know a little bit about.

Jack: Enlighten me, please.

Krystal: Hmm. Well, if I'm not mistaken, Greenlee came into your life long after Erica.

Jack: That's right.

Krystal: So your daughter missed out on a lot of years with her daddy. And as much as she'd like to think that you're making it up to her, there's still going to be a part of her that wishes she could go back.

Jack: Go back where?

Krystal: To her childhood. Babe missed her dad, he's -- no matter how smarmy he turned out to be. And I'm sure Greenlee wishes that a prince like you --

Jack: Hmm.

Krystal: Could've been her daddy when she was 5 years old and learning how to ride a bike. Somebody to kiss her skinned knee, make it all better. She wants a history with you -- the history that she can't have.

Jack: It's a history I can't give her.

Krystal: Exactly. And so, what does she do? She -- she gets defensive. She blames Erica, she blames you and the world when what she's really trying to do is just cover up a world of hurt.

Jack: And, so what do I do? I tell her to leave town.

[Jack chuckles]

Jack: Krystal, I really did and still do think that's what's best for her. I mean, I can't imagine her living a life every day where she has to wake up and deal with what she did to Spike.

Krystal: Oh, please. She's going to have to live with what she did every day of her life no matter where she is.

Jack: I know. I know. I do. So many people around here just despise her.

Krystal: You know what? I had to deal with a lot of hate from people in this town, so did Babe, and it was hell, believe me. But despite all the nasty comments and the vile words thrown my way, I knew that we had each other, and I really believe that's what got us through. Listen, Greenlee can't go back to being 5 years old. But you can still pick her up when she falls and make it better. It's never too late for that.

J.R.: How long is Ava's contract anyway?

Babe: Hmm -- three years, I think.

J.R.: Is that just exclusive to Fusion or can you loan her out for other stuff? I don't --

Babe: Why are you even asking me this?

J.R.: Well, as annoying as she is, I think if you guys handled Ava's career right, you'll be sitting on a gold mine.

Babe: Oh, my God.

J.R.: What?

Babe: You're trying to steal her from under us.

J.R.: What?

Babe: You are, you totally are.

J.R.: I am not.

Babe: Oh, please! You can deny it all you want. I know that look that you get in your eyes. It's when you see dollar signs, and you have it now. You are trying to steal her.

J.R.: How could I steal her? I'm unemployed, remember? I'm out on my butt with nothing.

Babe: Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, not for long -- you won't.

J.R.: Do you know something that I don't?

Babe: Oh, do not play dumb, J.R. You can deny it until your limbs fall off, but you can't shake what's in you. Even if you hate it, you're still a Chandler.

[Annie gasps]

Emma: Mommy!

Greenlee: Annie, what's wrong? Rose petals?

Annie: Yeah, I'm fine. I just -- I wasn't expecting to see them there. They kind of startled me. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Kendall: How can you do this to me? How can you side with Ryan? He's trying to take Spike away from me.

Zach: He's trying to take care of Spike so you can take care of you. He's not taking him away from you, he's taking him out of the hospital so you can spend time with Ian.

Ryan: I'm not taking Spike, Kendall. You can visit him whenever you want.

Zach: What if Ian has another episode? He's not well. What if something happens? You want to be here for that, right?

Kendall: Yes, of course, I want to be here. But -- I need to be here for Spike, too.

Zach: I know. Ian didn't spend enough time inside you. He needs to be with his mother. He needs to know his mother.

Kendall: Yes, I know, but I'm around.

Zach: He gained weight. Gains a little more weight, we can hold him in our arms.

Kendall: He gained weight? I can't believe I didn't know that.

Ryan: Spike's in good hands, Kendall. You know how I am with him. I mean, he's stayed with us before.

Zach: You didn't like it then, either but it worked out all right. Now -- let's get our boys healthy, get them home, so you don't have to leave either one of them ever again. Ok?

Greenlee: Are you ok?

[Annie coughs]

Emma: Mommy gets coughs.

Annie: I'm fine.

[Annie coughs]

Greenlee: Can I get you some water?

Annie: Ahem. Yeah. Sure. Huh.

Two children's voices: Ring around the rosie pocket full of posies

Annie: It was just the -- ahem -- the dead flower petals. They just freaked me out after the whole Alexander Cambias thing.

Greenlee: Yeah, but those were gardenias he left behind, weren't they?

Annie: I know, it's -- it was stupid. It just kind of freaked me out. And now I can't stop coughing. Um -- I think I should go home.

Greenlee: Ok, but --

[Annie coughs]

Greenlee: You can't drive like that, Annie.

Annie: I'm fine.

[Annie wheezes]

Greenlee: No. No, no, no, forget it. You know what? You have Emma. I'm taking you home. Safely, I promise. Safely.

[Annie coughs]

Kendall: How lucky are you, bubba? Whoop. There you go. You're going to go home with Daddy. Won't that be fun? Yeah. Emma's going to be so happy to see you. I'll miss you, though, more than you'll ever know. Yeah. Ok. Come on.

Zach: We'll see you tomorrow.

Kendall: Yeah. Ok. Yeah, we'll see you first thing in the morning, right, Spikey? First thing in the morning. Ok. Love you. I love you. Ok. Give me a kiss. Ok.

Ryan: Nice and gentle, ok? There we go. Ok.

Kendall: Ok.

Ryan: Mommy's going to be calling you all the time.

Kendall: Oh. I don't know if I can do this, Zach.

J.R.: Our son the artist, huh?

Babe: Did he really do this all by himself?

J.R.: Well, I held his hand when we wrote the words. But he told me what he wanted to say.

Babe: I'm totally crying.

J.R.: I'm sorry.

Babe: No, please, don't be. It's not -- it's just -- it's me. Ever since I've been on my own, I've been this big sentimental baby.

J.R.: Why don't you move in with your mom at Tad's?

Babe: I can't. Well, it's not that I can't. I could, it's just I -- I need to do this, you know? The whole solo thing. It's time to grow up, remember? You, me, and Jamie.

J.R.: Well, if you ever get lonely, you know where to find me. For popcorn and a movie. Jeez, the places your dirty little mind goes -- and here I am, a saint in waiting.

Babe: Yeah.

Krystal: Well, did lighting strike yet?

Jack: Well, I can't feel my fingers. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Ahem.

[Krystal chuckles]

Jack: But I'll tell you something. I don't think there's a drink strong enough to get Greenlee off my mind.

Kendall: This is Spike's favorite toy. He can't sleep without it.

Zach: Of course, he can. He's got ten more just like it.

Kendall: I don't know. Maybe I should -- maybe I should bring it back over to him.

Zach: He's fine. Ryan and Annie are going to take care of him.

Kendall: The last time that I left Spike alone --

Zach: Nothing like that's ever going to happen again.

Annie: Ahem.

Greenlee: Are you ok?

Annie: Ahem.

Greenlee: Are you sure?

Annie: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just going to -- um -- ahem -- make some tea.

Emma: I'll make it, Mommy.

Greenlee: Ok. Well, then I'm just going to take off.

Emma: No, you got to help me make the tea.

Annie: Um -- that's ok, sweetie, I'll make it.

Emma: No, you got to lie down. Please?

Zach: Let's go see our son.

Annie: Oh.

Ryan: Look who's here.

[Greenlee comes out of the kitchen carrying a tray of tea.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ava: Everybody, watch this!

[At The Comeback, grabs Amanda and kisses her on the lips]

Annie (to Ryan): I love you, and I love Spike.

Ryan: So why don't you want him staying with us?

Kendall (to Zach): You took Spike away from me -- please, please don't make me leave Ian.

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