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[Phone rings]

Woman's voice: The number you have dialed is no longer in service.

Jonathan: Hmm, ConFusion does not need me till later, so I was thinking that we -- what's going on?

Ryan: I just tried to reach Annie, all right, and the home line has been disconnected and so has her cell phone.

Jonathan: So what you're going to do right now is you're going to go check on Annie, and I am going to stay here and watch Spike.

Ryan: Yeah.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Ryan: Thanks.

Jonathan: Go -- you're welcome. Go.

Ryan: Ok.

Kendall: Don't you worry about anything, little one. Daddy just needed some air. He and Mommy are just fine. He'll be back soon. He will be.

[In the elevator, Zach bangs his hand against the wall]

Kendall: You needed me -- both of you, you and your daddy. And I wasn't here. I'm sorry. Sorry. I'm so sorry.

Jonathan: You know, things are going to get better. You are going to get better. And your brother, too.

Kendall: Zach, I'm sorry that I wasn't here for you and Ian. His hemorrhage, the surgery -- everything. You have to know how sorry I am. But I'm back. I'm here, I'm not going anywhere. Zach, please, you have to understand. I had to do this for Spike. I had to try to help him. I had to try to make him better. If it were Ian, I would've done the same thing --

Zach: Stop. Just stop. What do you want me to say? That it was all right that you took Spike and ran out of the hospital, you didn't tell anybody where you were going, you turned off your cell phone? Our son could've died!

Kendall: Yes, but he didn't. He didn't. Ok, I know -- I know that does not excuse what I did. I understand that. Go ahead. Say it, just say the words. Get it out. You're angry with me.

Zach: Oh, yes, I am.

Ryan: Annie? Emma? Anybody here?

Annie: Good girl.

Ryan: There you are! Oh, my goodness -- whoa! Where were you -- with Princess Emmaline? Were you off on an adventure?

Emma: We got dinner, Daddy -- we got kebabs.

Ryan: Kebabs -- you did? Oh, my goodness. Know what that deserves? A kiss, and another one --

[Emma giggles]

Ryan: And another one.

Emma: Daddy, stop!

Ryan: And another one -- ok, ok, I'll stop just for a second, but you know there's more where that came from -- you know that?

Annie: Did you -- did you find Kendall and Spike? Are they ok?

Ryan: Yes, I did, and yes, they are ok. Everybody's ok. I just needed to know that you were ok, too.

Babe: I -- I didn't mean that you can't go. Obviously you can go. You -- of course, you can go. You can do whatever it is that you want and, of course, you would want to help people, and you'd want to do something good. It's just you shouldn't -- go, I mean. It -- just not yet.

Jamie: Because you need me?

Babe: Well, I don't "need you" need you. I'm -- I mean, I do, but I don't, and I'm not the only one that needs you. Little -- Little A, he needs his Uncle Jamie, and baby Jenny, she needs her brother, and your brother, he -- he definitely needs you and -- and your mom and your dad, they're going to miss you. And if you go, you'll just -- you'll be gone.

J.R.: Is someone having a going-away party?

Babe: Party, no, no.

Jamie: I'm going to Africa.

J.R.: Where the hell did that come from? Why?

Jamie: Uncle Jake. He's heading this great project dealing with AIDS patients. I'm going there to join him.

J.R.: Africa. The three of us have been through hell and back. We've slugged it out, we've hated each other, we've hurt each other. We can finally all stand being in the same room without ripping someone's head off, and now -- now you want to bail?

Jamie: I am not bailing on anything. Do you really want to fight me on this?

[J.R. hugs his brother]

Annie: So it had gotten so late and I realized Emma hadn't eaten. She said she wanted Indian, so I took her to Raj.

Ryan: Raj -- yeah, I love that place. You know -- you know they deliver? Oh, but you'd have to have a phone line that actually works to make that call, wouldn't you?

Annie: The phones. Um -- about that, I -- I should've told you earlier. I just -- with everything going on, it was kind of crazed and I --

Ryan: Come here, just -- sit down. I got scared. I mean, I call -- I call home and the line's been disconnected and then I call your cell and the same thing, and then I come here to try and find you and you're not here, you're nowhere to be found, and -- I can't tell you all the crazy things that were running through my mind, you know? I didn't know where you were, I didn't know if you were ok. I didn't -- I didn't know --

Annie: Oh, God. I'm -- I'm so sorry. I didn't think. I didn't realize that -- oh, I'm so sorry. We're fine. We're fine, Emma and I are fine.

Ryan: I know. It's just everything that's been going on lately, you know, I don't know which way is up half the time and I just -- but then I see you and -- and I hold Emma and I -- I know everything is all right. You're my strength, Annie. In all this craziness, you are my sanity. I just don't know what I'd do if I lost you, that's all.

Annie: No -- stop it. You will never lose me. Emma and I are not going anywhere. Come here, come here. Come here. Look at you, you're exhausted. You need rest.

Ryan: No, Spike -- Spike needs me.

Annie: I was thinking, you know, Spike will be out of the hospital soon. Maybe it would be nice if we all went away, took a trip just to be together.

Ryan: Yeah -- a weekend away sounds good, actually. We should go to the lake. The kids love the lake.

Annie: Well, I was thinking not a weekend. Maybe -- maybe we could go longer, like a week or -- or two weeks or three weeks. Emma's school doesn't start for a long time, and it might be really nice for Spike.

Ryan: Yeah. It -- it might, but do you think it would be such a good idea to pack everybody up and take off so soon after what's happened?

Annie: Well, I think especially after what's happened. You know, I mean, what better time to just -- take off?

Ryan: You know we can't do that, Annie. What's got you so freaked out?

Annie: I'm not freaked out.

Ryan: Is it the phone calls that Jonathan had mentioned to me? Is that --

Annie: No, no -- that was -- that was a bunch of kids making prank calls.

Ryan: But no big deal, right?

Annie: Right. No big deal.

Ryan: Hey, whatever it is, I really hope that you would tell me and that we could work on it together, ok?

Annie: Stop, stop, stop. Nothing's wrong, ok?

Ryan: Trust me, Annie. Trust me enough to tell me what it is.

Kendall: Do you want me to feel worse than I already do? I mean, do you want me to feel more guilty? What do you want?

Zach: What do I want? I want 10 more pounds on my little boy. I want him out of that incubator, I want him to hold my finger with his fingers.

Kendall: He will, Zach. He will.

Zach: I want Spike to hear again. What I don't want is my wife running away when our child's life is being counted in hours and minutes!

Kendall: Oh, I wasn't out having drinks with the girls, ok? I was trying to save my son's hearing!

Zach: I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Kendall: You -- you think that I'm putting Spike first. You think I don't spend enough time with our baby.

Zach: What do you think? Because I didn't say that.

Kendall: You think that I don't want to spend time with Ian? To talk to him, to read him stories? I never want to leave him.

Zach: You did leave him!

Kendall: Yes, I did. I did. So, what, Zach? What do we do? I -- I don't know what to do. What happens next?

Zach: Huh.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: Well, I'll tell you what I'm going to do next. I'm going to take that walk I should've taken before. What do you want? Hmm? You want me to tell you that what you did was ok? I can't do that.

Annie: I got us new numbers for my cell and for the house. And -- here. So, now, you have my cell phone number -- you're the only one that has it -- and then we have a new land line, and we can give it to whoever we want, but, you know, I don't know if we should give it to everybody. We can --

Ryan: I haven't seen you this freaked out since Terry. Is this about terry? Is this -- has something happened? Did --

Annie: Terry's dead.

Ryan: I know Terry's dead, but you're acting like somebody's going to jump out from underneath the couch or something. Wait a minute. Is this about the brother?

Annie: Brother? Why would you say that?

Ryan: Hey!

Annie: Hi!

Ryan: Hi, hon.

Annie: How's my girl? Oh.

Ryan: Ha.

Annie: Hi.

Emma: I kissed all my dolls good night. I kissed Spike's animals good night, too, so they wouldn't be lonely.

Annie: You are such a good sister.

Ryan: Who needs her sweet dreams.

Annie: Ah, that's true. Now, Queen Annabelle promised Princess Emmaline a look into the mirror of maņana tonight, didn't she? I'll take her.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Ok, good girl. Hold Mommy's hand.

Ava: Oh, thank God you're here.

Jonathan: Hi.

Ava: Dude, they gave me a handler. Can you believe they gave me a handler?

Jonathan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hmm, hmm, hmm -- handler. Who gave you a handler?

Ava: Fusion, fusion. It's just a stupid word for "babysitter." They -- they think I'm going to pull some kind of Paris or Lindsay or Britney, but come on. Just because I'm young, hot, and famous -- well, almost -- they think that I need a babysitter.

Jonathan: Who?

Ava: Amanda -- they gave me Amanda. And Babe -- I mean, she thinks I'm like a kid. She literally thinks I can't understand the English language. I am expecting her to whip out sign lang-- oh, my God. Oh, my God, I'm so sorry, dude. I'm such an idiot. I've got to go cut my tongue off right now.

Jonathan: Just stop talking.

Ava: Why, because everything I say is beyond -- beyond stupid?

Jonathan: No, seriously, just -- hi, ok? Stop talking.

[Ava sighs as she hugs Jonathan]

Babe: Well, if we are going to do this grown-up style, I need my carbs. Pull up a chip and chill.

Jamie: Oh.

Jamie: You know, a few minutes ago, I thought you were actually going to throw a punch.

Babe: Wouldn't be the first time someone in this room did.

Jamie's voice: With fists or even a motorcycle.

Jamie: Oh!

Babe: J.R., get off that bike right now or I swear to you I will split your skull in two!

J.R.: Or a tire iron. I've done so much damage.

Babe: We all have.

J.R.: It's Chandler. Babe's my wife, Dad.

Jamie: J.R., the baby is mine.

J.R.: Oh. Our baby! Oh, my God.

Babe: I'm the one that should have "I'm sorry" tattooed all over me.

J.R.: You both gave Tad his daughter back.

Jamie: Good times.

[Babe chuckles]

J.R.: Kind of messed up though -- all the hell that we put each other through.

Jamie: More than once.

J.R.: But here we are doing the nostalgia thing.

Babe: And we made it through -- that's what counts.

Jamie: The most amazing part is we're all together.

J.R.: You got your camera phone.

Babe: Don't tempt me.

[J.R. laughs]

Babe: I guess you know when you know, when it's the right time to move on.

Jamie: The timing seemed right. You know, you kind of set the example.

J.R.: Me? Oh, no, no. I might have picked up a tab or two, but I'm not really the go-to-Africa, save-the-world type.

Babe: Don't sell yourself short. Look at you, you -- you broke away. You could've been your -- at your dad's company the rest of your life, had it easy, been Adam Chandler, Jr., your whole life, but you broke away and you did your own thing. That takes courage.

J.R.: My dad would have called my leaving "revenge."

Babe: No, you did it for yourself so you could live your life on your terms. I think it's great, for you and for our son.

Jamie: Hell, yeah. And if you can stop going to the mat with Adam, I should be able to handle Africa, no problem.

[Babe chuckles]

J.R.: You should have seen Babe a few minutes ago in action.

Babe: Oh --

J.R.: She had this place wired.

Babe: Stop.

J.R.: She even smacked down this sleazeball that was trying to snake the face of Fusion.

Jamie: Well, she can do anything.

J.R.: The party, but I know all this niceness is going to explode any second, so -- I'm going to see you before you leave, right?

Jamie: You can count on it.

[J.R. and Jamie hug]

J.R.: You try to leave town without saying goodbye to me, I'll track you down.

Jamie: You do know what that was, right? J.R. was giving us time to talk.

Babe: He's turned out to be a really good man. I'm so glad and proud that he's Little A's father. And you're an incredible uncle.

Jamie: Hey. Someone had to teach that kid how to make water balloons.

Babe: I don't know if I can do this without you.

Annie: Well, at least somebody under this roof is getting some sleep. I'm going to heat up the chicken.

Ryan: Yeah -- not so fast. Come here. These phone calls -- whoever's making them knows us or -- or they know you, because they have both of your phone numbers, and I don't know why you don't think it could be Terry's brother.

Annie: Oh -- you meant Terry's brother.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, maybe he's got a grudge because, you know, his brother was killed even though it had nothing to do with you.

Annie: Yeah. Um, last I heard, Terry's brother was in Ireland.

Ryan: Well, maybe he's back, and if the bastard is harassing you, I want to know about it.

Annie: I don't think it's Terry's brother making the calls.

Ryan: Well, you can't be sure, so I am going to check it out.

Annie: No, no, don't. Look, Ryan -- I've been living on adrenaline. First, I was on the run from Terry, then Greenlee became part of our lives, then this terrible accident happened, Spike's deafness, little Ian being born early.

Ryan: I know it's been a lot -- I know.

Annie: Today, it all caught up with me -- that's all. And then these calls came in and -- and I just panicked. And with everything that's been happening, I -- I overreacted. That's all. But I'm sorry that I scared you.

[Annie sighs]

Ryan: I only got scared, because I love you so much.

Annie: Well, enough of this weird, panicky woman who turns off phones. Come here. Oh. Well, so, what about Kendall and Spike? Where were they? Are they all right?

Ryan: She was contacted by some alternative medicine doctor.

Annie: About curing Spike's deafness?

Ryan: That's what she hoped for, but while Tad and I were tracking Kendall and Spike down, little Ian had a brain hemorrhage.

Annie: What? Oh, my God -- is he ok?

Ryan: He's been through surgery, and he's hanging in there.

Annie: I'm so sorry. I should've been there for you.

Kendall: I would've been here, Joe. If I had known about Ian's hemorrhage and his surgery, my God, I would've been here. But then there's Spike, and this -- this Dr. Hilliard. I had to take the chance, Joe. I couldn't wait, I couldn't just sit and do nothing.

Joe: Hmm. Helping one son isn't abandoning the other. One child in the hospital is often more stress than a parent can take. But two? Of course, you're torn. And, yes, at times, you do have to choose.

Kendall: But it's so unfair, to both Ian and Spike.

Joe: Oh, Kendall, stop being so hard on yourself. You've hardly left this building since Ian was born. I've seen kids here in this hospital, you know -- they're alone, afraid, their parents too busy, you know, or maybe too frightened even -- even to visit.

Kendall: I walked out on my baby, Joe.

Joe: You did it for a reason. You thought you were going to help your other son. You're back now. You're here, for Ian.

Kendall: Yeah, but I can't even hold him.

Joe: That'll come soon enough. You give everything you have to not one, but two children. You're an amazing young woman.

[Pager beeps]

Joe: Excuse me. Oh, I have to take this. I'll be back later on to check on you and Ian.

Kendall: Thank you.

Joe: All right.

Kendall: Whew. Hmm. Oh.

Zach: I've spent more time with you here than when you were alive.

[Zach sits down on a bench next to Ethan's grave]

Zach: I made a lot of mistakes that made you suffer. I'm sorry. I hope you found peace, son. I hope Simone is standing next to you making you laugh, loving you. I, um -- I got a favor to ask you. And I know I have no right, but I don't know anybody else who can help me. I want to be a better father. I want to learn what you tried to teach me -- cause I don't want to come here to mourn two sons.

[Annie sighs]

Annie: I'm sorry. Tell me -- tell me about everything, about Ian, and Spike. Were they ok when you left them? We should -- we should go there tomorrow because I know Emma wants to show her Dr. Feel-better doll to Spike. I love you, too.

Ryan: Thank God. I was afraid I just signed "go clean up your room." Come with me.

Annie: What?

Ryan: I want to take you away. And no, I'm not going to throw any sand all over the floor and do all that again, but I want to -- I just want to take you to the beach for a little while, you know? I just want to laugh again. I want to make love to you. I want to be with you. I want to run away with you, just for a little while. Just for a little while.

Kendall: I'm sorry I haven't been here as much. Remember when I used to sing to you? Nursery rhymes. Remember those? When you were still here, in my belly? I wish you were still safe inside of me doing somersaults and sucking your thumb instead of hooked up to these scary machines. I know it's scary. It doesn't have to be. Because you have your daddy, and your brother, and me. We're all going to help you through this. We all have each other. We're going to be just fine.

Zach: In some cultures, those that pass away look over the living. So I was wondering if maybe you could look over Ian. Because I want to be a father to him for as long as I live. And not as a substitute to the son I lost, but -- but to honor what he tried to teach me. To honor Ian now, when it's not too late.

Ava: I mean, I have plans, and those plans include Oscars and a star on the Walk of Fame. Not just lip-gloss and eye shadow.

Jonathan: Hmm. Plans are good. But what's the rush? You're making really good money right now. Isn't that enough?

Ava: Hmm. Don't you know I always want more?

Babe: From the very first night that I came to town, you've always been there for me. And even when -- when things went so wrong for us, and -- and we split up, I always knew that if -- if things ever got that bad, that I could always call you, and you'd always be there for me.

Jamie: It goes both ways.

Babe: I went back to J.R.  I got involved with Josh. You fell in love with julia. And even through all of that, we still -- we still managed to stay connected, and I just -- I don't want to lose that.

Jamie: We won't.

Babe: This is going to sound so silly, but I had this dream not long ago and --

Jamie: I had a dream about us, too.

Babe: I doubt it was the same one.

[Jamie and Babe kiss]

Jamie: What? Am I losing my touch?

Babe: I've had experience with goodbye kisses, and that was definitely "I'll send you a post card."

Jamie: Babe, you are so much more than just a post card. You were my first love. My first lots of things. You're not just part of my life. You're part of me, who I am. And that connection will never go away just because I'm not here.

Babe: Yeah, but you'll be halfway around the world.

Jamie: And a phone call away if you need me.

Babe: When haven't I needed you? With J.R. and Little A and big, crazy, scary stuff. You've always gotten me through to the other side.

Babe: You were my first friend in Pine Valley. I just never thought that I would have to say good-bye.

Jamie: Reminds me -- I got you something.

Babe: Oh!

[Babe chuckles as Jamie hands her a bracelet with a little golden cow charm]

Ava: Oh, and the Fusion girls think it would be really cool to do, like, a shoot at the beach.

[Phone rings]

Jonathan: One second. Hello? This is Jonathan Lavery. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you for calling me back so soon. Um -- can you hold on one second? Yes, thank you. Ok. This is Dr. Byrum from Stanford University. He's the one that's researching Spike's kind of deafness. I -- I have to take this.

Ava: I'll be here.

Jonathan: Ok. Um -- watch Spike, please, in case he wakes up. Two seconds, ok?

Ava: Sure.

Jonathan: Thank you. Hello? Yes.

Ava: Wow. You're really soft. You know, sometimes, when I don't want to listen to people, I pretend like I can't hear anything. So if you can hear me, you can tell me. So I guess it's true. You really can't hear anything. That sucks, little man. But, hey, I mean, look at the bright side. You won't be woken up by people mowing their lawns at 6:00 a.m., or if people are cussing you out, you don't have to listen to them. But I know that missing out on the bad stuff doesn't make up for missing out on the good stuff. Like this. This cute little elephant I got for you. It plays a really cute song. I know you would have loved it. But, hey, different is not so bad. It's kind of cool. Lily's different. You like her, right? Everyone does. Different gets noticed. Maybe you can be like Lily. Maybe knowing you will make people a lot happier. And from what I can tell, you have so many people that love you. And having someone like you is awesome.

Kendall: You can hear me. Every quiet word. Lucky boy. Every child should hear his mother's voice. So, you better get used to this voice telling you how beautiful you are, how much your daddy and I love you, and how glad we are that you're with us. Today was extra tough. But it'll get better. And we'll start building a whole new life together, start making lots of memories. You and your brother, your daddy, and me. Our family. Ours.

[Zach listens from the doorway]

Babe: Sometimes, I think of my life as before the cow and after the cow.

Jamie: The night we stole it, we ended up --

Babe: Promise me that you'll be careful, you'll be safe.

Jamie: I will come back safe. I promise. Well, are you done here? Can I walk you out?

Babe: I, um -- I, um, should probably -- there's some Fusion Green promos, some e-mails, and -- I should stay.

[Babe sighs as Jamie kisses her on the forehead and leaves]

Jonathan: Did Spike wake up?

Ava: No, he did not. He's fine, and so am I.

Jonathan: Well, I can see that.

Ava: But you didn't let me finish telling you about my beach shoot.

Jonathan: Well, now I'm all yours.

Ava: Perfect. Imagine this. Sun, sand, surf. Lights, camera, action, Ava.

Zach: I was scared.

[Kendall hugs Zach]

[Lying in Ryan's arms, Annie hears a child's voice singing, "Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes we all fall down"]

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Kendall (to Ryan): I know what you're doing. You're trying to steal my son. You are using this tragedy to get what you've always wanted.

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