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Ryan: How do you say "Emma is still at the Miranda Center" in sign language?

Annie: Ooh. I'm a little rusty. For Spike, I'll have to brush up. But here's one you're going to need.

Ryan: What does that mean?

Annie: "Clean your room."

[Ryan chuckles]

Ryan: How do you say "Thank God for you"?

Annie: Thank God for you.

Kendall: You can make my son hear again?

Donavan: There's a chance, yes.

Kendall: Well, he's been tested by the top specialists in the world -- with state-of-the-art equipment. So you're saying that they got it wrong?

Donovan: I have the utmost respect for Dr. Norton, but we have very different approaches to healing.

Kendall: So what are you, some kind of a witch doctor or a medicine man? What? I don't get it.

Donovan: No, I came up the old-fashioned way, Mrs. Slater. I went to med school, did my residency, my fellowship -- all of that. But once I started seeing my own patients, I discovered that -- how closed my profession was to new possibilities, ideas that fall outside the comfort zone, so to speak.

Kendall: So you -- you think there are possibilities that can help Spike?

Donovan: I believe that doctors say "there's nothing we can do" far too often. There's plenty we can do, especially if you think outside the box. And I have based my practice on seeing beyond conventional limits with very good results.

Kendall: Ok, so you think that there's a chance that Spike's deafness can be reversed?

Donovan: There are no guarantees, Mrs. Slater, but I am intrigued by your son's case, and I'd like to discuss it further with you and your son's father. I can't make any promises, but I can tell you that there's hope.

Kendall: Hope -- I can use some of that, Dr. Hilliard. Can I get back to you?

Donovan: Yes, of course. You can reach me at 215-555-0117.

Kendall: Ok. It's on my Caller ID. Thank you. I'll be in touch.

Greenlee: Well?

Donovan: Your friend seems receptive.

Greenlee: Oh. And you' helped deaf people hear again, right? I mean, there's a real chance you can help Spike?

Donovan: Yes, there is.

Greenlee: Oh.

Donovan: This is very important to you, isn't it?

Greenlee: It -- yes, it -- it means everything.

Donovan: And this -- this little boy, Spike -- what's your connection to him?

Greenlee: He's -- he's just someone I love very much.

Donovan: It's not often that someone walks into my office and hands me a cashier's check, especially one with this many zeros. You're very generous, but you still haven't given me your name.

Greenlee: Yeah -- I -- I know.

Donovan: I just need it for my records.

Greenlee: I'm sorry, I -- I -- I can't.

Donovan: Is there any reason you can't tell me who you are?

Greenlee: If anyone connects my name with Spike, he's -- he's not going to get the help he needs, so -- I've given you the money, I've given you Kendall's name, and now I just -- I need you to give that little boy a miracle.

Aidan: Hello.

Di: Hey.

Aidan: Shall we grab a table?

Di: Um -- I'm not that hungry.

Aidan: What do you mean? It's lunchtime. Middle of the day. A girl's got to eat.

Di: Oh. Aidan, can we -- can we talk?

Aidan: Ok. Usually that's the question guys get when they've done something wrong. What did I do? Leave the toilet seat up?

Di: No, it's -- it's not about you. Aidan -- um -- ahem -- well, I mean, you know how -- how well Fusion's been doing? How business has really taken off since the Green campaign? Well, I mean, it's -- it -- it's growing so much there, the business, that they -- they need other reps in other cities besides just the one on the West Coast, and -- and one of the cities they need someone in is New York.

Aidan: Your old stomping grounds.

Di: So I volunteered.

Aidan: Right. Ok. And you didn't think this decision rated a conversation?

Di: I -- I didn't really -- I don't know -- I didn't know what to say. It's just I've been in a really weird mood lately, a weird place, and I just -- I thought I needed to get my own head straight before I said anything to you.

Aidan: But you didn't --

Di: But I -- Aidan --

Aidan: Say anything.

Di: I know, but -- I -- I just -- I want -- I want --

Aidan: Look, just stop, all right? Because I'm -- don't say anything. I know where this is going.

Greenlee: Is it a beautiful day out there, or what?

Jack: Well, we're awfully cheerful.

Greenlee: Well, they say that time heals all wounds, Jack, even the ones that are self-inflicted.

Jack: I'll have to write that one down.

Greenlee: Well, I know that Ryan and Kendall are not going to forgive me overnight, but I think they're going to, eventually.

Jack: Greenlee, would you like to order something?

Greenlee: God, what's -- what's with all this doom and gloom? Oh, wait. Let me take a wild guess. Erica?

Erica: That footage you aired, on your network, under the guise of "The New Divorce" -- not one frame of that was "The New Divorce." Not one frame of it. I didn't approve one frame of it. That was a private conversation I was having with -- with Jackson, private and personal. It was about a very, very sensitive issue.

Jesse: Again, I am so sorry. We'll find you a new producer, ok? Are we good? You should try the salmon.

Erica: No, Jesse, we are not good. And you can take your salmon, put it on a hook, and catch yourself a new program. I invited you here for lunch today to tell you that it's over, it's all over -- both my marriage, and the show.

Ryan: I'm sorry.

Annie: For what?

Ryan: Well, a marriage is supposed to be a partnership, a give and take, and -- um -- I have been doing way too much of the taking.

Annie: Your son is in the hospital.

Ryan: No, this goes -- this goes back. This goes -- way back. You were wearing a wedding dress when this drama started, and it really hasn't stopped since.

Annie: You don't have to apologize, Ryan.

Ryan: Yes, I do. Yes, you've been patient, and you've been understanding, and -- I mean, you've let everybody else take the center stage, including my ex-wife.

Annie: You've been there for me, too.

Ryan: At the hospital, you started telling me a little bit about your past. And it wasn't very easy for you. It -- it never has been.

Annie: My past isn't important. What's important now is helping Spike.

Ryan: Yeah, that's true, but -- I mean, this is -- this is really important, too, Annie. Your -- your father is deaf, and -- and your mother died suddenly. And I don't know that part of you at all. I mean, I guess I should have asked you more questions or dug a little deeper, because that's where you're from. That's -- that's who you are.

Annie: No, no, who I am is your wife. And Emma's mom, and Spike's stepmom.

Ryan: But there's got to be more than that, Annie. Because every time that we come close to discussing it, you back off, kind of like you did just now.

Annie: Ryan --

Ryan: Look, I know what it's like to dodge questions about your family, because mine was a train wreck -- I get that. I mean, that's why I haven't pushed it with you, but I want to know you. I want to know all of you.

Annie: I have never felt more safe or more loved than when I'm with you. The past just isn't a place that has a lot of good memories for me, that's all. I -- I just don't want to dump it on you, especially not now.

Ryan: But you can. Ok? I want you to know that. I want to know you. I want to know everything about you. Ok?

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: Hi.

Zach: Is Spike ok?

Kendall: He's good, he's good. He's still sleeping.

Zach: Ian all right?

Kendall: He's great, he's great. He's -- no change, so that's -- that's a good thing. That's a good thing.

Zach: Did you have some coffee, or some --

Kendall: Uh -- no, no. Zach, listen to me. This is -- this is -- this is really good. I have the best news. I got a phone call from a doctor who thinks that he can help Spike get his hearing back.

Zach: Dr. Who?

Kendall: Dr. Hilliard.

Zach: Yeah? He works here at the hospital, or --

Kendall: No. No, no, no. He -- he called here and said that he could -- he heard about the case and that he could help.

Zach: How did he hear about the case?

Kendall: I don't know. Probably one of the zillions of doctors who have been poking and prodding Spike since we've been here, but it doesn't matter. The point is, he thinks he can help get Spike's hearing back, so this is good. He has hope.

Zach: All right. We'll check it out.

Kendall: Yes, we will.

Zach: As soon as Spike gets released.

Kendall: No, no, no. I'm not waiting. I'm not.

Zach: Kendall, you --

Kendall: No, no. Don't fight me on this, Zach.

Zach: I'm not fighting you on anything. But before we take Spike anywhere, he's got to heal from the surgery.

Kendall: Every -- every hour -- every moment that we waste is -- is time wasted. It's time that can be spent fixing him.

Zach: I want Spike out of here as badly as you do.

Kendall: Ok, well, then back me up.

Zach: But he's not ready. All right? He's got to heal. We got to wait.

Kendall: Oh, God -- "We have to wait. We have to wait. We can't, Kendall. It's not possible, Kendall." Where the hell is my husband? The man who fought harder than anyone for Spike?

Zach: I'm right here.

Kendall: No, where is the man who barricaded himself inside my hospital room with a gun, saying that he would kill anyone who tried to take my child? The man who knew that I loved my child more than my own life? Everyone, every single person said it was a choice -- Spike or me. If you had listened, Spike would be dead. But you didn't, Zach, you didn't. You didn't give a damn about the diagnosis or the odds. You knew that I wanted to hold my son, and I wanted to raise my son, and that's what I needed to be happy. You had hope, Zach. You fought for us. Where is my husband? Where is that man? I need that man. Where is he?

Erica: "The New Divorce" has aired for the last time.

Jesse: We do have a contract.

Erica: Well, A, you violated my contract, and, B, I already told you, my divorce is final.

Jesse: Yes, I know, Erica, but -- but the story's not over. The network was hoping for some dramatic aftermath. Emotional -- fallout.

Erica: You want me to exploit the horror my family is going through for ad dollars?

Jesse: No, no, no, not at all.

Erica: Injured babies? My -- my grief-stricken daughter? That's what you call emotional fallout? There is no way that I am going to serve the pain that my family is going through up on a platter for anybody. Not anybody, you or anybody else.

Jesse: I would -- I would never think of -- of taking advantage of your family's suffering. But I have been thinking.

Erica: You've been thinking about what, Jesse?

Jesse: I came up with an idea for next season. New spin on "The New Divorce." You're going to love it.

Erica: Well, I doubt it. But all right, I'm -- I'm listening.

Jesse: You and Jackson, but bigger. We take all that fire, that spark, and we put it in front of a live studio audience every morning. You talk about politics, pop culture -- anything you want. You go after each other, but have fun doing it. Interested?

Erica: Very.

Jesse: Great.

Erica: I have just one question. This show doesn't need to have Jack on it, does it?

Jack: This is not about Erica. This is not about me being a horrible father. This is not even about your paranoid delusion that everybody's out to get you.

Greenlee: Why are you so angry?

Jack: You know what? I'm not angry, I am frustrated, because I have to deal with this over and over and over again.

Greenlee: What? I -- I don't understand.

Jack: Of course, you don't understand, Greenlee. Of course, you don't, because you don't listen, you don't see, you don't think before you do something. Open your eyes. Hear what I am saying right now. This is about you. It's about all the selfish things you have done to make everyone around you miserable.

Aidan: Come on, don't look so upset.

Di: I am upset. This is hard.

Aidan: No, it's not hard. Ok? It's actually quite easy once you get going. Listen. Repeat after me -- "Aidan, you're a great guy."

Di: You are.

Aidan: "And it was fun while it lasted."

Di: Come on.

Aidan: "We're just not on the same page anymore."

Di: I mean, I wish we were --

Aidan: And --

Di: Aidan --

Aidan: And you need space.

Di: Yes.

Aidan: And you really want to focus on yourself right now.

Di: All right, you making fun of me now?

Aidan: No, I'm not.

Di: You're making fun of me.

Aidan: I'm not. I'm making fun of the silly little dance we always do when we're forced into doing, you know, when -- when it's over, and no one wants to make the first move.

Di: You're making fun of me. You are.

Aidan: I just want to skip to the part where you hope we can always be friends.

Di: I hope we can. I'm sorry.

Aidan: Don't be. All right? Come here. No regrets.

Greenlee: I never meant for this to happen. My goal in life isn't to get everyone to hate me.

Jack: How the hell would I know that? I mean, I can't get into that head of yours. I've tried, but I just can't.

Greenlee: So I'm a lost cause, and what, you're giving up on me?

Jack: Oh. Greenlee, why is it -- I mean, what comes out of my mouth and what you hear are so profoundly different. It's like we speak a different language.

Greenlee: So I should just disappear?

Jack: And again -- and again, that's all you heard?

Greenlee: But that was the bottom line, wasn't it, Jack? I mean, sneak out of town before the mob comes with the dogs and torches?

Jack: Yes. You know what? Yes. Greenlee, it killed me to suggest that you leave town. But yes, given the circumstances, I thought putting some distance between you and this place might be your best option.

Greenlee: My home -- it's here, Jack. Everything, everyone that I love is here. What's your plan? I just start anew, somewhere else?

Jack: Yep. Yep, that's it exactly, at least for a little while, until people's emotions can calm down around here. I can't do this anymore.

Greenlee: What, you can't talk to your daughter?

Jack: No, this isn't talking, this is -- this is -- I don't know what the hell this is. It's going around in circles. It's me banging my head against the wall. Look, just once -- once -- just once, you know, I'd like to sit down and have a regular conversation with you, like regular people do, you know? "Hey, Dad, I read this great book. Honey, I saw this wonderful movie." Maybe have some laughs! Is that really too much to ask for?

Greenlee: You know, every time I make an effort, it's shot to hell. I came here so excited about my future. My hopes, destroyed. I came in here today with a big smile on my face, and you wiped it right off. I went to see Kendall to tell her how sorry I am. She rips me a new one.

Jack: So stop.

Greenlee: Stop what?

Jack: Stop making everything worse. Just stop making everything worse.

Erica: Jack's an attorney. He doesn't know TV.

Jesse: He's got quite a following from "The New Divorce."

Erica: Well, I can think of a dozen better choices for my co-host.

Jesse: Well, we're really only interested --

Erica: What about Anderson Cooper? Tough but sensitive. A journalist. He'll give real credibility to the show.

Jesse: That's not what we're going for.

Erica: How about someone like Jimmy Kimmel? He's -- he's edgy, he's funny, irreverent. Oh, what about that guy that -- that Sean is always imitating? That man from ESPN. Um -- Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick --

Jesse: Vitale?

Erica: Yes.

Jesse: No.

[Jesse scoffs]

Jesse: No, there's only one man for this job, Erica.

Erica: Yes, you can consider some other co-hosts.

Jesse: The network realizes this is a difficult time for your family, and we want to help.

Erica: Well, help how?

Jesse: APSA campaign to raise awareness of children with hearing disorders. We'll do a huge push to send viewers to our website. We'll post information about deafness, lists of doctors, support groups, links to charitable organizations.

Erica: I think my daughter would like that very much.

Jesse: Bottom line -- you're very valuable to us, Erica. If you want to make this work, here's our offer. Think you can get Jack on board?

Erica: Absolutely. Yeah, consider it done.

Kendall: Ok, I'm getting out of here. I'm taking my son, and I'm going to go now, right now.

Zach: Kendall? When Spike was diagnosed, you wanted to fly all the way to some clinic in Dallas, and then you thought about it, you realized it wasn't what's best for the boy.

Kendall: Ok, well, this isn't Dallas, Zach. This is a short drive away from here.

Zach: He's not ready.

Kendall: Ok. Say the doctors here don't know everything. Trust me, Zach -- they don't.

Zach: I want a miracle as much as you do, but --

Kendall: No, this -- this -- this guy didn't promise me a miracle. He didn't promise me a damn thing!

Zach: Well, he got you all worked up with a phone call. If you want to believe in something, there's got to be some reality to it.

Kendall: Well, who decides what's real -- you? Joe Martin? I mean, isn't it possible that there are options outside of the walls of Pine Valley Hospital?

Zach: Yeah, maybe so, but before we go anywhere, let's at least talk to Dr. Norton one more time -- can we do that?

Kendall: Why, why? So he can tell me for the hundredth time that my son won't hear again? I don't believe that, Zach, and some other doctor doesn't, either. So why -- why are you doing this? Why are you turning this into some battle?

Zach: It's not -- no, it -- we're on the same side. We are, and as soon as Spike is ready, we'll go see your guy.

Kendall: Ok. Fine.

Zach: Yeah?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: All right. Rest -- I'm going to go check on Ian.

Kendall: Yeah, I am tired. I do need a nap. You tell him I love him?

Zach: Done. Hey -- we both want a wonderful life for our kid. That's exactly what Spike's going to have. All right? Ok.

Ryan: So tell me a little bit about your dad.

Annie: What do you want to know?

Ryan: Um -- how about his name, for starters?

Annie: Walter. Walter Novak.

Ryan: And what's he like?

Annie: Uh, just kind of a regular guy -- smart, kind of on the serious side, I guess.

Ryan: Was he -- was he born deaf?

Annie: Um -- it was an accident. Potato salad?

Ryan: Um -- yeah.

Annie: Thanks.

Ryan: So, an accident, huh? Like a -- was it a car accident, like Spike's?

Annie: It was not a car, no, but his injuries were very similar to Spike's.

Ryan: Um -- what does he do?

Annie: He was a teacher -- elementary school.

Ryan: Really? What subject?

Annie: Music. We always had records playing in our house. I would wake up to Louis Armstrong or -- or The Kinks or some obscure Italian opera. Hmm -- and we'd go to sleep to Gregorian monks -- have you ever heard their chants? They're incredible. But my dad found something else that he loved just as much as music.

Ryan: What was that?

Annie: He discovered painting. He -- he saw one of those things, late-night TV, you know, the guy with the easel? And he thought, "I can do that," so he went out and bought a bunch of watercolors.

Ryan: Just like that?

Annie: Yeah. He was good, too. He was really good.

Ryan: Well, all the painting that you do for the fairy tales and -- and all of your artistic talent probably comes from your dad.

Annie: Hmm. Well -- ahem -- then he moved on to oils, and he would do all of these fabulous landscapes and -- and portraits. His deafness actually opened a door, a -- a subject he really loved, something that might've stayed closed otherwise.

Ryan: That is amazing.

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: But I don't understand how he could just switch over like that. I mean, did -- didn't he miss what he lost?

Annie: Well, I think it's all about the way you look at it. I actually only really think there's one sense, not five.

Ryan: Really?

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: But, I mean, you smell a rose and you hear things. You hear, like, a train whistle. That's very different.

Annie: Not necessarily. Hmm -- let's see. Ok. See this brownie?

Ryan: Can't wait to eat it.

Annie: No, see -- yeah. You want it, and you crave it because your experiences with it have always made you feel happy and satisfied.

Ryan: Or guilty because I haven't hit the gym, yes.

[Annie chuckles]

Annie: Well -- you hear a song and it makes you excited or nostalgic or sad. You smell a fragrance, it intrigues you, it turns you on. It's not necessarily really about your ears or your eyes or your nose. It's how it makes you feel -- here and in here. Spike can still feel, Ryan. And with our help, all the people that really love him, Spike will feel everything.

Ryan: Thank you.

Annie: He's going to be ok.

Ryan: I better get back to the hospital and check in on the little guy.

Annie: Okey-dokey. I have some errands to do around here, but I'll come visit you soon, ok?

Ryan: A lot has happened, gone down between you and your dad. I don't know what, and you'll tell me when you're ready, but I -- I do know this -- that he loves you. I can't imagine anybody not loving you.

[Door opens and closes]

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Aidan: So you're moving to New York.

Di: It's exciting -- and a little scary.

Aidan: You're going to do great.

Di: I hope so. I never thought I'd get a chance like this. I -- I don't know. It's -- it's -- it's about more than just the job for me, because when I first got to Manhattan, I came off the bus being 17. I was -- I was broke and I was completely clueless. And before too long, I was Garret's girl. I couldn't do anything without him -- you know, he completely ruled my life, so --

Aidan: And look how far you've come.

Di: Yeah -- huh. I was doing all right before Dixie died. But -- but since then, I've just kind of been floating. It's like I'm not tied down to anything. I mean, not -- I don't mean this.

Aidan: That's all right, never mind.

Di: This has been --

Aidan: It's all right. I mean, come on -- we may not be tied to each other anymore, but we had our moments, didn't we?

Di: Mmm -- mm-hmm. Tandem bungee-jumping. That was --

[Di chuckles]

Aidan: After we played poker on the Fusion rooftop --

Di: Uh-huh.

Aidan: And I think you cheated if I remember correctly.

Di: Oh, I did not. I did not cheat.

Aidan: Yeah -- you were very, very drunk.

Di: I was very drunk. Yeah, we had fun.

Aidan: Yes, we did.

Di: Aidan, you're -- you're a good guy.

Aidan: Hang on, Di. Di, you've already gone there, all right? I'm a great guy who's going to make some girl happy one day.

Di: You are.

Aidan: Uh-huh. Just remember when you get to New York, ok, just watch out for those guys who sell watches out of the briefcase. They're very dodgy.

[Di chuckles]

Aidan: Run the other way.

Di: Ok. I think I've learned a few things since rolling off the midnight bus there.

Aidan: Yeah.

Di: This time, I'll drive myself, and I will take care of myself. You take care of you. Uh --

Jack: I never expected perfect. I just wanted a family that wasn't in constant crisis, you know?

Greenlee: And I guess that would be a lot easier without me in the picture.

Jack: Greenlee, you saved my life. That's how we found out that we were related -- your blood matched mine. And I was grateful, and I was surprised, and I was so happy to find out I had a daughter.

Greenlee: "Was"?

Jack: No --

Greenlee: Past tense?

Jack: No, right now, right now -- as I'm sitting here, right now, even though you're still trying to push me away, like you have since day one.

Greenlee: Are we really going to go down that road again?

Jack: Yep, we sure are because nothing is ever any different, Greenlee. Since you found out I was your dad, you started running.

Greenlee: I found out my whole life was a lie! That's why I ran!

Jack: Kendall and Ryan broke your heart, and you ran. And now I suggest that maybe a little distance would be a good idea, and you won't run. Instead, you stay here, you hang around, and you just make -- make everything worse.

[Jack chuckles]

Jack: Just make it more difficult.

Greenlee: I'm not leaving -- I can't.

Jack: Well.

Greenlee: Since I've been back, you've been against me.

Jack: Huh. Greenlee, I tell you that I love you, I tell you that I want what's best for you, that I want you to have the kind of life you deserve. And for some reason, all you see is an enemy. Huh.

Greenlee: And all you see is a monster.

Jack: No. No, that's not true. I'll tell you what I see. I see a young woman who has so much pain inside of her, and that pain has caused her to hurt a lot of other people. Whether she meant to or not, she did. And I see a father who is trying desperately to help his girl. But nothing he does works -- nothing. Nothing works.

Greenlee: So then, now -- you're running away.

Jack: No. No, but I tell you what. I -- I -- I can't do what you want me to do, and it's pretty clear I can't be the parent you want me to be. I mean, you've made that clear.

Greenlee: No, that is not what I am saying!

Jack: So I tell you what -- if you don't want to be my daughter, just tell me. As a matter of fact, better yet, you can divorce me, too.

Greenlee: I'm sorry I upset you.

Jack: I just wanted to tell you what I thought was best for you.

Greenlee: Well, that's what fathers do, right, when they're giving their little girls a good talking-to?

Jack: You're not a little girl anymore.

Greenlee: True. Plus, you never really knew her anyway, did you? You know what, Jack? I came in here today with this good feeling in my heart that everything was going to work out. If you don't want to believe it, that's fine. I'm not going to let you drag me down. Lovely. That would be my cue to leave.

Jack: Greenlee, hang on a second. I don't --

Greenlee: Take care, Jack.

Erica: Hi, Jack.

Jack: Hi, Erica.

Erica: Do you have a minute? I'd love to talk to you about something.

Jack: What?

Erica: A very intriguing proposal.

Nurse: Mr. Slater, I was just coming to find you.

Zach: Everything ok?

Nurse: Dr. Delano's inside the ICU. He needs to see you right away. It's Ian.

Joe: Well, he's recovering very nicely from abdominal surgery and his vitals are strong, stitches are out. Hmm?

Kendall: Ok, so what are we waiting for?

Joe: Actually, we're just observing, making sure your little one continues to heal the way he has been doing.

[Spike babbles]

Joe: And if you decide to go ahead with the cochlear implant surgery --

Kendall: Oh, I -- I -- I don't want to discuss that right now.

Joe: Oh.

Kendall: Um -- I -- I hate to put Spike in the crib.

Joe: Hmm.

Kendall: I hate not holding him, you know? Every time I go to pick him up --

Joe: Mm-hmm?

Kendall: I'm afraid I'm going to hurt him.

Joe: Oh, he seems fine to me. Just continue being very gentle.

Kendall: I don't mean to be pushy, but can you give me a ballpark of when we can get him out of here, just so I have some idea?

Joe: Barring any big change, I see no reason why you can't take him home in a day or two.

Spike: Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

Zach: What's wrong?

Dr. Delano: Your son has suffered another setback. We've detected hemorrhaging -- in Ian's brain.

[Music plays at The Yacht Club]

Jack: You have got to be kidding.

Erica: No, I just got the offer.

Jack: You and me, hosting a talk show?

Erica: It could be called -- oh, I don't know -- "He Said/She Said"? Or, if you prefer, "She Said/He Said."

Jack: Oh, I can tell you what he says -- he says no.

Erica: Jack? Jack, this is going to be completely different than "The New Divorce" -- no pushy photographers, no invasion of privacy.

Jack: I don't care what it is. The answer today, tomorrow, and forever is no. Are we clear? Good.

Erica: Jesse? Erica. Jack's in -- he said he'd love to do it. Yeah.

Greenlee: Hey, there. Can I buy you the next round?

Aidan: Ah. Not now, Greenlee.

[Phone rings]

Annie: Hello? Hello?

Girl: Ring around the rosy pocket full of posies ashes, ashes we all fall down

Zach: What does that mean?

Dr. Delano: Brain hemorrhaging is not unusual in premature babies, but it is serious. That's why we have to go in and relieve the pressure right away.

Zach: I know, but what -- what does it mean?

Dr. Delano: Well, we -- his prognosis, we won't know until we see the severity of the problem, and we won't able to tell until we take a look.

Zach: But you can fix him, right?

Dr. Delano: Any time you have bleeding and pressure on the brain, there's a risk of permanent damage.

[Zach sighs]

Dr. Delano: Mr. Slater? This can't wait. Find your wife.

Ryan: Kendall? Kendall, you here?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jonathan (to Annie): What are you really afraid of?

Aidan (to Greenlee): Anything you touch in that family will end up in disaster.

Zach: How long can we wait for Kendall?

Joe: We can't.

Ryan (to Tad): When Kendall is desperate, she does not stop.

Kendall (to Donovan): So, when do we get started?

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