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[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: What day is it?

Zach: I have no idea.

Ryan: How long have we been here?

Zach: Too long, Ryan -- not long enough. What happened, man? Spike in the car wreck, Ian born four months early. And, what, all we can do is wait?

Ryan: They're going to get out of here. They're going to get out. But Spike's hearing loss -- it's not reversible. Kendall is having a real tough time with that.

Zach: Can't blame her for it.

Ryan: No, I can't blame her for that, not for the anger or being upset, but she keeps talking about trying to fix it and the cure, and she won't even talk about this surgery, this -- this cochlear implant surgery.

Zach: She wants things to be ok. I'll support her in that, and then when reality sets in, I'll support her in that, too.

Ryan: I've been doing a little research on hearing loss and new technology and I'm planning on throwing a lot of venture capital that way and I was wondering if you wanted to get on board with that.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: Let me know what I can do. Something else on your mind?

Ryan: You said that -- you said that Greenlee is handled. What'd you mean by that?

Zach: Why do you care?

[Music plays at The Comeback]

Greenlee: I like you, Waldo!

Man: Wheeler.

Greenlee: Wheeler? You're fun!

Wheeler: Who's the buzz kill -- ex-boyfriend?

Greenlee: Uh, nope. This over here -- this is a spy. He's been hired to find out my deepest, darkest secrets.

Aidan: It's time to call it a night.

Kyle: Yeah, I second that.

Greenlee: Oh, PI Devane -- he's the only one smart enough to find out all the bad things I've done, and I've been a very, very bad girl.

Aidan: Come on, Greenlee. Let's go. Come on.

Greenlee: You know, just because you got the dirt on me doesn't mean you can boss me around, so Webster and I are going to go and you better drive.

Wheeler: That's what I do.

Greenlee: You know, my friend, they say I am such a bad driver because I'm always getting lost and making wrong turns. The lost one -- that's me.

Aidan: You're not going anywhere, all right?

Greenlee: And you must be joking -- move.

Aidan: No, I'm not joking.

Greenlee: Whoa --

Wheeler: This is between me and the lady.

Aidan: Not anymore.

[Aidan knocks Wheeler down with a punch to the face]

Di: Annie. Hey.

Annie: Hey. Where's Babe?

Di: She's just in the lounge. What's the latest word from the hospital?

Annie: Spike's deafness is permanent.

Di: Oh, my God. Annie, I'm so sorry. Uh -- listen, Babe and I can hold down the fort here. You don't need to be here.

Annie: Yes, I do. I have to feel productive, useful.

Di: So go to Ryan.

Annie: My husband is in pain, and I can't make it go away. I can't fix Spike, I can't fix Ian, but I can do my work, keep Fusion on track. At least then I'm doing something to help Kendall.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Hello?

Bianca: Hi, it's me. You sound tired.

Kendall: Binks -- oh. I'm so happy it's you.

Bianca: You promised me you were going to get some sleep. What did the doctors say about Spike?

Kendall: He thinks my son will never hear again on his own.

Bianca: Oh, Kendall.

Kendall: Well, it's -- it's only one man's opinion. I mean, Dr. Norton even said that he's a clinician, not a researcher, so there could be tons of new treatments he doesn't even know about yet.

Bianca: I'll be on the next flight home.

Kendall: No, no, Binks. You are staying in Paris.

Bianca: I want to help.

Kendall: I know. I know and I love you for it, but honestly, there are too many people here already. I mean, we have Spike's two dads. Mom and Josh -- they're all combing the earth for specialists and second opinions.

Bianca: Spike has a lot of love, so a little more couldn't hurt. Besides, I want to meet my new nephew, Ian.

Kendall: I know, Binks, but all of these voices -- all of these voices, they're really starting to get to me, you know? It's like the hopes and -- and the fears and all the questions. I mean, it's not as if Spike's situation is -- is life-threatening, but --

Bianca: Wait -- what?

Kendall: I need you, Bianca. I mean, I -- I always need you, but soon I might need you more.

Bianca: Can you say that again? I -- I couldn't hear you.

Kendall: Spike's asleep. I didn't want to wake him. Huh -- what an idiot I am. I could scream bloody murder, he wouldn't even flinch. I -- I keep forgetting that he can't hear me -- his own mother.

Bianca: Kendall? Look at your son. His name is Spike. You named him that because you could feel him kicking inside you and showing how fierce and resilient he is, just like his mother. I was there when Spike fought to stay with us. There is nothing he can't beat.

Kendall: Did I -- did I tell you that Spike's new favorite thing is firemen and fire trucks, fire stations? Yeah, Zach and Ryan -- they both got him the same gift for his birthday, the same toy set. You should see the way his eyes light up when he hears the sirens and the horns. He doesn't deserve this.

Bianca: What happened to Spike is awful, but he survived, Kendall. It could've been much worse. He's there with you, and he's safe.

Kendall: Yes, and he will be playing with his fire trucks and hearing all the sounds just like before. I swear to you, Bianca, we are going to fix this. We are going to fix him. We -- we are going to get him all the help he needs, and he will be a healthy, happy child.

Bianca: But what about you? How are you doing?

Kendall: Smile -- that's what I keep telling myself. "Smile, Kendall, so that Spike won't be afraid."

Bianca: Oh, and Ian? Is he getting plenty of smiles, too?

Kendall: Oh, you -- you should see Zach with Ian. I mean, he has just been -- he's been so great with him. He's been -- he's been up with him every night and checking in with the doctors. And Zach says that Ian's getting bigger and better every day.

Bianca: "Zach says"?

Kendall: We have two sick babies, Binks. We're tag-teaming -- we have to.

Bianca: But you are spending time with Ian?

Kendall: He's -- he's so small, Binks. I mean, I -- I talk to him, I encourage him. I -- I'm even -- I'm even pumping milk to feed him. I mean, it's like I'm -- I'm trying to make Ian feel my love, but I don't know if he can.

Bianca: Of course, he can.

Kendall: I want to be with Ian. And I am in my head and in my heart, but there's only so much I can do for a preemie that's so young. I mean, the -- the doctors even say no loud talking or -- or singing or no real touching. So it just feels like right now, I have more to give Spike. Is that horrible?

Bianca: Oh, God, Kendall. When you're torn between the two people that you love most, how do you choose?

Ryan: What did you do?

Zach: Kids are bleeding, they're broken. Parents torn apart because they can't fix this. Spike can't hear, Ian -- who knows? But you want to talk about Greenlee. She's gone.

Ryan: Gone where?

Zach: Not your problem anymore, Ryan.

Ryan: You know what my problem is, Zach, is that you tend to take things just a little too far.

Zach: So does your ex-wife.

Ryan: I asked you a question.

Zach: And I answered it. I took care of Greenlee, trust me.

Ryan: No, Zach. I don't trust you.

Zach: You want to know what happened to her? Do you want to know? All right -- I went over to her house, I kicked in the door, I grabbed her by her scrawny neck, and I dragged her out of town, so I could throw her off a bridge! What's the difference? It's done! Say "thank you."

Ryan: Don't make me ask you again.

Zach: I don't have to tell you anything. You got a problem with my judgment -- you? The man who embraced Greenlee, brought her here, gave her a free-access pass to our lives -- you? You trusted her. Now here we are. Now, if my method of dealing with her bothers you, you're welcome to do something about it!

Di: Hey. Where'd you go just then?

Annie: Ahem. I was just thinking about Spike, thinking about Ian hooked up to all those machines.

Di: Hey -- hey, will you please just forget about work today?

Annie: I'm fine.

Di: Oh.

Annie: Ok. Well, maybe I'm not. I saw Ian's heart, like I saw it actually beating in his chest.

Di: Oh.

Annie: Spike, I -- I want to help him, I need to help him and Ryan and Kendall and Zach.

Di: How are they holding up?

[Annie sighs]

Annie: Well -- ahem -- Kendall is convinced she can fix everything, Ryan's convinced this is all his fault. And Zach is just pushing the limits to try to get his family through this.

[Annie's cell phone rings]

Annie: Hello? Oh, no. No, sorry, you have the wrong number.

Di: Expecting a call? Annie, who did you think that was?

Annie: The only person who could possibly understand where my head's at right now.

Di: Could you be any less specific?

Annie: When I was at the hospital, I just kept thinking, "Who can I talk to -- I mean, really talk to about this?" And there was only one answer --

Di: Oh.

Annie: So I called him.

Di: Oh -- Annie. What, are you nuts? You said you were never going to do that again.

Annie: I had to, for Spike.

Kendall: I love you, Binks. Give a kiss to Miranda for me.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Hey.

Kendall: Hey. That was just Bianca.

Jack: Ah. Listen, Kendall, I'm -- I feel bad we haven't had a chance to talk since all of this. Um -- I brought you some tea.

Kendall: Thanks.

Jack: It's -- it's been kind of crazy.

Kendall: Yeah. I -- I saw on the news that you were part of that whole hostage thing.

Jack: Yeah.

Kendall: J.R. does it again.

Jack: Oh, yeah. How you doing?

Kendall: I don't know. Honestly, I -- I don't know anymore.

Jack: I'm so sorry about all this.

Kendall: I know. It's so unfair, Jack. It's so damn unfair.

[Music plays]

Greenlee: Get off of me! What's wrong with you? You don't like my friend, so you just drop him?

Aidan: Your friend needed to go home, and you needed some fresh air.

Greenlee: What I need is another shot.

Aidan: Greenlee, no. Come here, come here. Sit down.

Greenlee: Bite me!

Aidan: Anybody ever tell you you're a sloppy drunk?

Greenlee: Yeah, not lately. Mostly now, it's just "baby-stealing bitch."

Aidan: That's not close to being funny, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You know, you think you know something about me, Mr. Investigator Man, but you don't. Maybe I like to crash weddings and I like to crash cars, but I also happen to be a fabulous date and my friend Wilbur -- he was a swell guy.

Aidan: Yeah, he seemed like a real sweetheart.

Greenlee: And what's wrong with having a little fun, you know? I mean, what are you -- the fun police now?

Aidan: Hey, I was having fun before I stumbled into you.

Greenlee: Well, nobody asked you to save my virtue. You're years late and millions of dollars short.

Aidan: Come on, I'm taking you home.

Greenlee: Ok -- oh, oh, oh! You know, I may be drunk, but I'm not drunk enough to give you a piece of this.

Aidan: Oh. Greenlee, I said "take you home," not "take you to bed." Where did that come from?

Greenlee: Don't you have a girlfriend, right? She -- she works for me. I can never remember her name.

Aidan: Di.

Greenlee: Di, Di! Di, Di, Di, Di, Di! What if I told Di that you like to, um, manhandle other women in the dark, alone? Should I tell Di that you're stalking me?

Aidan: First, she wouldn't believe you, and second, Di and I trust each other.

Greenlee: Really?

Aidan: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: Trust -- hmm. That's a mistake -- big mistake because I trusted Ryan, and Kendall trusted me and -- oh!

[Greenlee retches]

Annie: I know I should've waited, but I couldn't.

Di: When did you call?

[Annie sighs]

Annie: Yesterday.

[Di sighs]

Annie: And when I picked up that phone and dialed that number, my hands started shaking and it brought it all back.

Di: What did he say?

Annie: He didn't pick up. I left a message, he hasn't called me back. Why would he though, right? Not after everything.

Di: Annie, I just -- I don't know why you're putting yourself through this.

Annie: I was desperate. I saw my husband in so much pain, and I had to do something, anything.

Di: So what now?

Annie: I don't know.

[Music plays]

Aidan: Everyone has a tequila story, and now you have yours. You know, I went down to Cabo San Lucas once with a friend of mine --

Greenlee: Ok, Aidan, I feel like a sumo wrestler is sitting on my skull, so I'm going to pass on the "Aidan gone wild," ok?

Aidan: Even the part about the worm?

Greenlee: Yeah, because you're evil.

Aidan: So, do you come here often, get smashed out of your mind?

Greenlee: Only when Spike's uncle rips me a new one. I went to the hospital. Don't look at me like that, ok? It was after the field trip where you forced me to go back to the scene of the crime -- that's what did it.

Aidan: I told you to stay away from Spike.

Greenlee: No. You told me you were giving me my free will back. Well, my free will is to help Spike! So I went there to check on him, to see Kendall. I just -- I bumped into Josh and Jonathan.

Aidan: It's a bad idea, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I know!

Greenlee: Josh told me that Spike's hearing loss is permanent.

Aidan: Oh.

Greenlee: And then Jonathan showed up, took one look at me, and freaked out. Everyone hates me, I have no reason to live. That's what he said, and he's half right. Everyone does hate me, but the other part -- no. I have a reason, I have a purpose, one purpose -- to fix this, to fix what I did, so that's what I was trying to do. It just backfired and now I'm getting drunk at The Comeback.

Aidan: I took you back to that crash site hoping that it would knock some sense into you, so you'd tell Kendall what really happened, but obviously I was wrong.

Greenlee: Ok. You kidnapped me, you followed me, and you decked my date. What -- who made you my keeper? Zach -- Zach Slater. Ok, well, he must be spending a fortune having you shadow me 24/7, so what's he paying you? Because I'm going to double it to make you disappear.

Aidan: I'm not working for Zach anymore.

Greenlee: Well, then what are you doing here? Babysitting me, messing up my social life? And how come you haven't broadcast what I confessed to you? I mean, you're the only one that's heard it from these lips. Yes, America. I was running away with Kendall's son.

Ryan: You want to fight, Zach? You think that's going to make it better?

Zach: Maybe.

Ryan: It's funny because I used to believe that, too.

Zach: Oh, and you also believed that bringing Greenlee into our lives was a good idea. "Hold the baby for a while -- there's no harm in that. Come on in, be part of our family."

Ryan: We owed her something -- even you seemed to get that.

Zach: No, it seems you owed her more than anybody else.

Ryan: And what does that mean exactly, Zach?

Zach: It means that Greenlee wasn't over you, and you knew that. You had to string her along -- this obsessed, unstable, sad woman. You did that until she snapped, and my wife had to pay the price. So, yes, I'm holding you responsible.

Kendall: I have to get him out of here. I have to get him out of this room, and I have to take him to the other doctors, the -- the experts who can fix him without surgery or implants or anything else. These -- these people here? They can't help Spike.

Jack: Honey, I know how frustrated you must be, but these people, as you say -- they're saving your boys' lives.

Kendall: I know. I know. I didn't -- I didn't mean to sound like that. I am so grateful. I know that they -- they saved Spike's life, they -- they fixed his body. They -- they fixed Ian's heart. Spike is awake, Ian is getting bigger. Spike and Ian, Ian and Spike, I -- I'm so torn.

Jack: Because you love them both?

Kendall: More than anything.

Jack: And they know that.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: But am I -- am I doing it the right way? Am I loving them enough? I don't know. I'm afraid. I'm -- I'm afraid I'm letting my children down.

Jack: Kendall, if there's anything -- ahem -- that I can do to make this better, to make this easier for you, I would hope you would just tell me.

Kendall: Thank you.

Jack: I mean that. Those aren't just words.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: I know.

Jack: Great. So, is there anything I can do?

Kendall: You can put Greenlee in jail.

Jack: I spoke to Derek after the accident. As of right now, there's no evidence to arrest Greenlee.

Kendall: You want evidence? There's the evidence, right there. Greenlee kidnapped my son. That's what happened, Jack. So I don't even want to hear that she took the scenic route to the hospital, and she ended up going 20 miles in the exact opposite direction.

Jack: She says she got lost.

Kendall: Yeah, she lost her mind when she tried to steal Spike and ran off the road into a pile of rocks.

Jack: It was an accident.

Kendall: Really? Greenlee was supposed to follow me and Babe to the hospital. The "accident" happened when she sped away with my 1-year-old son. She took advantage of my premature labor and that's when she made her move. That -- that's when she almost killed my little boy.

Jack: Kendall --

Kendall: I knew that it would be her word against mine. Because there's only one witness, and he can't speak. Thanks to Greenlee, he can't hear. My child can't hear. Now, we -- we are taking care of Spike. How are you going to take care of Greenlee? How are you going to make her pay?

Jack: You're exhausted, you know? I mean, why -- why don't we talk about this after you've got some rest, ok, honey?

Kendall: No, no, no, no. Listen -- listen to me. Listen, Jack. You cannot accept that your daughter is capable of something so horrible, but she is. She is. You know -- you know what Greenlee did. In your heart, you know. I don't blame you for not wanting to go there. You're her father. But you're a father to me, too. I love you, Jack. And I need you right now. I need you, we need you -- me, Spike, and Ian. And we're counting on you to make this right.

Jack: Honey, do you really think retribution is going to make you feel better?

Kendall: Yes. I'm not just doing it for me. I'd be doing it for Spike. He is not going to remember this. He's too young. But when he's older, and he hears what happened to him -- and he will hear, he will hear -- I want him to know that his mother made damn sure the person who hurt him was punished.

Jack: I love you. And I meant every word I said about wanting to help, but what you're asking me to do, Kendall, I don't think I can do it. I'm sorry, but I just don't.

Kendall: Well, then you can't help me. You can't help me at all.

[Music plays]

Greenlee: You're like a cop, right? Private eye? That's coppish.

Aidan: Yes, I do work alongside law enforcement sometimes.

Greenlee: Well, then how come you haven't enforced the law on me? Hauled me off to the big house, become the new patron saint of Pine Valley?

Aidan: To tell you the truth, I'm not sure. Maybe the reason is you're doing a much better job punishing yourself right here in the free world than you ever would in prison.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, you know how many people would love to see you put me away? How satisfied they'd be to know they were right in hating me? You'd get a ticker-tape parade, a key to the city. Hell, Erica -- she'd probably bronze you.

Aidan: Nobody wants to hate you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: How wrong you are is astounding.

Aidan: You still don't get it, do you? I'm not your messenger or your conscience. So if you want to take a shot at forgiveness, you're on your own, baby. It's up to you. You're going to have to tell them everything yourself.

Singer: All I want is to be free

Ryan: You want to point fingers, huh? Because this didn't start when Greenlee got back to town, Zach. This started when you caused the blackout, and you wiped out her entire future.

Zach: And I offered to make it up to her -- anything she wanted, except a chance to hurt my family.

Ryan: So -- so, wait, you can rob her of the child that she wants more than anything else, but she can't hurt you?

Zach: She can hurt me. Sure. Not my wife, not my kids. I will protect them with everything that I have.

Ryan: Protect, or play God? I mean, what's the difference with you? Is there a difference?

[Zach chuckles]

Ryan: Because this is all Zach's world, right? I mean, we're just living in it.

Zach: In my world, Ryan, women and children come first. Are you sure you want to live there?

Ryan: She went after Spike, because you took the child that was supposed to be hers.

Zach: Yes. It's over. It happened.

Ryan: And that's how it is with you, right? I mean, it's done, right? You wreck people's lives, and it sucks for them. Well, you know who that sucks for, Zach? Erin. You couldn't get over the daddy issues that you had from, like, 20 years ago, and my sister -- my sister ended up dead!

[Zach sighs]

Ryan: Collateral damage from the Cambias family.

Zach: You didn't have a problem with the Cambias family when you took my father's money, or when you asked me to help you play dead.

Ryan: Do you ever think about those women, Zach? The ones that your father killed to send you a message? Do you ever think about Erin? Because I do. Every single time that I look at your smug, self-righteous face. And you think I am to blame? And you think Greenlee is dangerous? Well, take a look in a mirror, Zach. That is you. It's your sick, selfish need to control everything that got us here.

Zach: We're here because of your inability to deal with Greenlee.

Ryan: You made Greenlee everything that she is by destroying all the hope that she had.

Zach: I didn't turn my back on her. I protect my family.

Ryan: Well, which family is that? Is that the serial killer, or are those the kids you just put in the ICU?

[Footsteps approach]

Emma: Daddy!

Ryan: Oh. Hey.

Annie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to have a meltdown on you.

Di: It's ok, it's ok. Annie, we have been friends for a long time. You've never judged me for anything. Not swinging myself around a pole or trying to steal my sister's life.

Annie: Well, that doesn't compare with what I did.

Di: Ok. It was a long time ago. Look, you've got this whole new life now. You've got a beautiful daughter, an incredible husband. Does Ryan know about any of this?

Annie: No. No, Ryan has enough going on right now.

Di: Wouldn't you rather tell him than -- than risk it coming out in a way that you can't control?

Annie: Ryan's son almost died. I'm not throwing this on him.

Di: Ok, but -- but in Ryan's wedding vows, he told you that for the first time, he had found love completely. That means all of you. You have to open up to him. I mean, you know about Ryan's past.

Annie: Oh, that's different, Di.

Di: Yeah, but does it make you love him any less?

Annie: No. No, I'm the luckiest woman in the world to have Ryan in my life.

Di: Ok, then stick with him. Stick with your beautiful future. Don't look backwards. Just pick up -- pick up the phone again. Leave another message. Say you don't need his help.

Annie: This isn't about me. This isn't about what I need. Get-well Spike cards and -- and hospital picnics and fairy tales. It's not enough.

Di: Ok, but you don't need his help. You and Ryan can help Spike together.

Annie: All of the questions -- the questions that have kept me up at night -- only he has the answers.

Di: That's not true.

Annie: I have no choice. I have to go.

Aidan: Did it ever cross your mind to tell your former best friend the truth? I mean, have you even considered telling Kendall that you know what you did was wrong, you're sorry, and you want to take responsibility? Because maybe that will make you feel a hell of a lot better than drowning yourself in alcohol.

Greenlee: Yeah, but maybe it's going to land me in prison. It's what they all want. It's probably what you want, too.

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: You really haven't listened to a single word I've said, have you?

Greenlee: Yes, I have. You want me to fess up to Kendall. Give up the rest of my life. But I can see your smile when they drag me away in handcuffs.

Aidan: You want forgiveness, and you want to forgive yourself. All I'm saying is, maybe that's not possible unless you own up and accept the consequences, whatever they are.

Greenlee: I can't go to jail, because -- um -- orange is just not my color.

Aidan: Greenlee, I don't know what will happen to you if you do come clean. But I can sure promise you this. The road that you're going down right now is going to lead you nowhere. Telling me everything means nothing. The person you owe the truth to is Kendall.

Singer: Yeah yeah

Zach: Hey, little guy. Come here. Oh, you're getting heavy. Your mom is exhausted. Let's let her rest, ok? This is man time. You and me. What do you think about that? Huh? You can't sleep, I can't sleep. So we'll watch the game. Eat some food that your mother wouldn't like. I know things are different. There's a lot of things that are going to stay the same, like us. We got Ian now. The newest member of team Slater. Come on, let's take a walk. Say hi to your brother.

Ryan: So do you understand now? Ok.

Emma: Sometimes people disagree.

Ryan: Yeah. I mean, right. Just like Mommy's favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate, and yours is strawberry. You kind of have a difference of opinion, that's all. And right now Zach thinks one thing, and I think another. And sometimes, when people's opinions are really, really strong, they raise their voices a little bit. And it's not bad. Yeah, well, maybe it's a little bit bad, but it's really -- it's not bad. It just means that they -- they care a whole lot, ok? Ok? And you know who I care about so much?

Emma: Mommy!

Ryan: Right, Mommy! I want to give her a call and see if she wants to meet us for dinner, ok? Is that a good idea? I think that's a great idea. Maybe we can get a little bit of pizza or something like that.

Rachael: Ooh.

Ryan: That sound good? Yeah? You want some pizza? You like pizza? Of course you do. Everybody likes pizza. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's weird. Mommy is not answering her phone right now.

Di: I'm -- I'm going to go help Babe in the lounge. I'll be there if you need me.

Annie: Yes, I'd like to make a reservation. And I'm in a rush.

Zach: All right, Spike. Meet your brother, Ian. Ian, meet your brother, Spike.

[Spike babbles]

Zach: Now, I want you guys to get along, all right?

[Spike babbles]

Zach: You're going to need each other.

Kendall's voice: Hey. My goodness, Ian, you are so big. Do you know what? You are just -- you're -- you're a humongous man, you are. Yes.

Zach: Come on. Hey, Spike, let's hear another one.

Spike: In Dublin's fair city where the girls are so pretty I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone

[Zach hums along]

Spike and Zach: As she wheeled her wheelbarrow through streets broad and narrow crying "cockles and mussels, alive, alive-o alive, alive-o alive

Kendall: What are you doing here?

Greenlee: I want your life. I want everything you have. And if I can't have it, well, then neither can you.

Kendall: I should have done this a long time ago.

Greenlee: Aah! Uhh. Oh.

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Jonathan: I never thought I'd be dating a supermodel.

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Ryan (to Di): You know something you don't want to tell me. What is it?

Kendall: You can hear, and Spike can't.

Greenlee: This is what you're looking at, right? Do it, Kendall. Just make your dream come true.

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