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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 7/31/07


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Adam: Yeah, I know, I know. It's past time. I missed it! All right, all right, you'll be the first to know. Colby, Little Adam! Come on, come on, join me. I'll give you some lemonade.

Colby: Yeah, I'm sorry, we got to go. He has swim lessons. Come on.

Tad: You still picking on children? You know something -- you ever get tired of abusing minors, you might try picking on somebody your own size. You might even learn to like it.

Ava: Yay!

Babe: I cannot believe that we pulled off a webcast product launch!

Di: No, they loved it. The buyers loved it, the media loved it.

Amanda: Really?

Di: And you pulled it off.

Ava: Oh, my God. Did I look good? Was I sexy? Was I hot?

Amanda: Smoking.

Di: And the best part about it is it's one face.

Amanda: "The" face of Fusion.

Babe: The best part is, is that we did something for Kendall.

Zach: Hey, Emma. Quite an arm on you. Love for you to play ball with my little boy when he gets old enough.

Annie: How's it going?

Zach: He's in surgery.

Annie: Can I do anything?

Zach: No, thanks.

Emma: Come swimming with me.

Annie: She has a lesson today.

Zach: You have no idea how much I'd love to go swimming with you.

Kendall: Ryan --

Ryan: Hey. Should you be wheeling yourself around like that?

Kendall: Think they could stop me?

Ryan: How's your little guy?

Kendall: Still in surgery. How's our little guy?

Ryan: He's stable. Hey, I'm all right here by myself, if you want to go back and be with Zach.

Kendall: That's the thing. I have to be two places at once. I have to be with my new baby and with Spike. And wherever I am, I miss the other. I mean, being this scared for one child is unbearable. Double it, and -- I don't know what to do, Ryan. I just -- I don't know what to do.

Greenlee: Celebrating my return?

Babe: Actually, no, we -- we weren't expecting you at all, as a matter of fact.

Greenlee: Oh, well, that explains the party. So enough about me. How's Fusion? Does someone want to catch me up?

Babe: I'm busy. Ava? Ok, so as much as it was a good job and all, no more letting down Fusion. We can't have any more bad press. So if you have trouble at all, or a problem, you come to me or you come to Di or Amanda. But you do not -- and I repeat, not -- turn to drugs.

Ava: Ok, I told you, that's ancient history, never to happen again.

Babe: It better be.

Ava: I am so glad I'm not her right now.

Babe: You just try to stay out of your own trouble, ok?

Ava: Ok.

Sean: Well, thanks for trying.

Jack: Well, you heard what Bill said. All we have to do to get you cleared is to turn Ava's drug dealer into the DA's office.

Sean: Yeah, but Ava only confessed to setting me up, because she was drunk. She won't help.

Jack: You leave that to me.

Tad: So is this how an unemployed mogul passes his time, hmm? Setting up some poor young kid with another young kid, and when a girl nearly drowns, it's time to belly up to the bar?

Adam: Hmm.

Tad: And all because poor Sean Montgomery tried a little innocent lip wrestling with Colby?

Adam: All I did for Ava Benton was to save her sorry drugged-up --

Tad: I don't think you're going to be able to cover up this one, pal. She's talking.

Adam: Is she slurring her words? Because if you can understand her, that's -- that'll be a first. I should have left her in the water.

Ava: I got a message from her that she wanted to see me.

Jack: Well, actually, Lily's at work. She's not expecting you at all. I left that message.

Ava: What is this?

Jack: I just wanted to see how you were.

Ava: Try again.

Jack: We've all been worried about you, Ava.

Ava: Ok. But that thing at the boathouse was an accident. It won't happen again. I'm back on track. I did the Fusion Green webcast launch today. I was day, I was night. I'm a star. Life is fabulous.

Jack: Good, I'm glad. I'm sure Lily will be very proud of you.

Ava: Yeah, she will, once I tell her.

Jack: Ava, I've been thinking how it is I might be able to help you.

Ava: I'm good, actually. I don't need your help.

Jack: Oh, I think maybe you need some help getting your life together. Plus, you've got that drug problem.

Ava: I don't have a problem.

Jack: Yes, you do. You have a big problem.

Zach: She's a good kid.

Annie: She's convinced your son is as much her brother as Spike is.

Zach: Why not? It's a nice idea.

Annie: Emma didn't want to go to the pool today until we checked on the rest of the family. How are you?

Zach: I'm all right.

Annie: You will get time with your son, Zach.

Zach: Yeah, we'll see.

Annie: You will be able to live all of the dreams that you're dreaming.

[Zach sighs]

Annie: It's amazing, isn't it, how we -- how we plan and imagine their entire lives before they're even born?

Zach: I just want to do things, you know? Not even big things. Little stuff. I just want to hold his hand when he's petting a dog and go swimming with Emma -- that kind of stuff.

Annie: I can't say I know how you feel. I've never been through something like this. But I was separated from Emma. There was a time where I didn't know if I would have a future with her, and it was the worst time in my life. The only way I could deal with it was to let my imagination run wild, so I pictured Emma's life like a movie. I scripted every detail, every moment. I knew what she wore to her first dance, what --

[Zach chuckles]

Annie: What color nail polish she put on before her wedding.

Zach: And that's what got you through?

Annie: If I thought about the court taking her away, I would have completely lost it. Completely shut down.

Zach: My son needs so much, you know? Needs so many things, but I can't give him any of them. I just see his face, and then nothing, just darkness.

Annie: You have to keep thinking things will get better.

Zach: Sometimes they don't.

Kendall: Oh, me and Daddy are here. I'm so sorry.

Ryan: Kendall, none of this was your fault.

Kendall: I just wish that he would wake up.

Ryan: He's just waiting for the right time. Right, Spike? Because he's a fighter, Kendall. I mean, he's got our genes. Can't lose.

Kendall: Superboy. Huh. God -- God, I love you so much.

Ryan: And he's going to wake up any minute and -- and he's going to say the same thing to you.

Kendall: Oh -- oh, I left Zach in there all alone.

Ryan: Well, why don't you go keep him company, all right? I'm -- I'm fine here.

Kendall: I can't -- I can't leave Spike. I never should have gone on that launch. I never should have --

Ryan: Kendall --

Kendall: No, no. I mean, they could have handled it fine without me. I should have stayed at home.

Ryan: This doesn't do you any good.

Kendall: No, but they -- they could have done this without me, but I had to go, and I let Greenlee take Spike.

Ryan: And I rammed her down everybody's throat before that. I told everybody to let her in, let her in the family.

Kendall: We both trusted her.

Ryan: We trusted the Greenlee that we used to know.

Kendall: The Greenlee that doesn't exist anymore.

Di: With Kendall going into labor so early, and you running off the side of the road, Babe has stepped in.

Babe: The launch was ready to go.

Amanda: So we did a webcast from our office to all the people we missed in New York.

Di: And Ava really stepped up. She did it here, live. Did a great job. I -- you'll read about it in the report, though.

Greenlee: Oh, great. So when will I see it?

Di: Well, we've been pretty busy. I guess you'll get it when you get it.

Amanda: Which will be soon. I'm putting some notes together.

Di: You know -- I mean, it's funny, right? It is really funny. You take away Babe's shares to your company, and -- well, she saves it by doing a webcast. You try and get rid of her. Babe and all of us -- we save your company. Doesn't look like we need you a whole lot, Greenlee. Why don't you just go home?

Greenlee: I bothered to get here. I'm not leaving.

Di: Fine. Amuse yourself. We have work to do.

Greenlee: I take it the webcast was recorded. Anyone? Jump on in at any time.

Amanda: Yeah.

Greenlee: Well, I'd like to see it.

Di: So download it.

Greenlee: I am here, damn it. Like it or not, I came to the company I own, and I am ready to work.

Di: Would you like for us to build you a statue, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I was in a flipped-over car hanging upside down, the seat belt was jammed. I cut the seat belt with a piece of broken glass. Spike's car seat had flown out of the car. I -- I didn't even know if he was alive. But I got to him. My ribs felt like a piano had dropped on me. One of my ribs --

Di: You were 20 miles in the opposite direction of the hospital where you were supposed to be.

Greenlee: I don't owe you an explanation, Di. You weren't there. I didn't commit a crime.

Babe: The hell you didn't. Your crime was stealing Kendall's baby, and we all know it.

Ava: What kind of trouble am I supposed to be in now?

Jack: I guess you could call it family trouble.

Ava: Well, I don't know what you're talking about.

Jack: I know how important you are to Lily. I know how deeply she loves you.

Ava: Ok, well, you're not going to guilt me into anything.

Jack: Huh. You already confessed to setting up Sean, so --

Ava: Oh, says who? Says the guy that already confessed or his girlfriend?

Jack: Ava, you're not on trial.

Ava: I know -- I know what you want, ok? I know that you want Sean to walk and me to go down.

Jack: No, what I want is to give you a fresh start with our family -- your extended family, although you may not see us that way.

Ava: Well, I already had a family, and now I have Lily, and that is enough.

Jack: Ava, I know you love your sister. But if you'll help us, it's win-win for everybody -- Sean, you, Lily. Everybody's happy.

Ava: Help how?

Jack: Those drugs you took in the park -- did you get those from the same guy you used before?

Ava: What guy?

Jack: Sean and I just came from the DA's office. Here's the deal. You set up a drug buy with that guy, the cops take him down. Sean's in the clear, you're in the clear. Everybody's happy. Will you do that?

Ava: You can forget about it. There's no way I'm signing on for some crazy drug sting.

Jack: It's a controlled environment. You're not going to get hurt.

Ava: Yeah, that's what they always say.

Jack: Ava, please consider this.

Ava: Look, even if I wanted to risk it, I have a contract with Fusion Cosmetics, ok? Do you know what that means? It means I can't just do whatever I want, whenever. I have a lot of people watching me now, including Kendall and Greenlee, in case you still care.

Jack: I care very much.

Ava: Then do me a favor and lay off.

Jack: I can't do that. Look, you help us bust this drug dealer, Sean's in the clear, and you'll never be brought up on charges. You walk. See, I think there's a reason that you confessed to Sean and Colby.

Ava: Yeah, I think there's a reason, too -- it's because I was ticked off and wasted.

Jack: No. It's because deep down inside, Ava, I think what you wanted to do was the right thing.

Ava: I'm not Lily.

Jack: No, you're not. But you're not a criminal.

Ava: Yeah, tell that to my records!

Jack: Do this thing, Ava, please? I'm begging you, make it right for Sean.

Ava: Look, if you want to nab the person responsible, why don't you call Adam Chandler? Get him on the street to get you some drugs.

Jack: Where I'd love to get Adam Chandler is in prison. But unfortunately, he set this up, so it's his word against yours.

Ava: And like my word's worth anything at all?

Jack: Listen, we believe in you. We trust you enough to bring you on board.

Ava: Yeah, that's because without me, you'd have nothing.

Jack: That's true. That's true. You're the only one that can clear Sean. There's no doubt about that. Ava, I -- I understand that you're scared, but I will do everything -- everything I can to protect you.

Ava: But won't Lily find out?

Jack: I'm sorry?

Ava: Lily. She can't know what I did to Sean.

Jack: Well, I certainly won't tell her. And neither will Sean. Lily never has to know.

[Music plays at the Yacht Club]

Tad: You know, nobody can fault you for trying to protect such a beautiful young girl from the attentions of a young Turk. I mean, I'm sure in your time, you were a father's worst nightmare. But hiring Ava Benton to do it? Come on, Adam, that's not just stupid, it's amateurish. It's low.

Adam: You know, none of this is your business.

Tad: Oh, I beg to differ, considering the fact that Colby's decided to be my latest roommate. By my count, that makes it your soon-to-be ex-wife, me, Jenny, and your soon-to-be ex-daughter.

Adam: I know where to forward their mail. You may leave now.

Tad: In a moment. Hey, you know what the really regrettable part of my life is? It's that whether you and I hate it or not, we're family. Everybody you care about, I care about. You don't learn to lighten up sooner rather than later, I'm going to make sure you have more trouble than you can possibly manage.

Colby: Oh! You're tickling me!

Sean: Oh, wait, what? You didn't care who it was?

Colby: I thought it was you, or the lifeguard, or -- or Phillip --

Sean: Yeah.

Colby: The guy who -- yeah.

Sean: Yeah, yeah.

Colby: So how come I rate?

Sean: Well, I'm taking the day off. No paper-stabbing for me today.

Colby: Yeah, like you make your own hours.

Sean: Hey, I could be a free man. Ok, I think I might have picked up my last soda bottle or chased my last gum wrapper.

Colby: Yeah, maybe on the planet crack. You still have over 100 hours of community service.

Sean: Uncle Jack thinks he might be able to get me off the hook.

Colby: That's fantastic!

Sean: What's -- what's wrong?

Singer: I want you there with me to be what you want me to be I know

Sean: He's following us now?

Singer: I don't want to live

Greenlee: None of you have any idea. You don't know what I was thinking, what I was feeling.

Babe: I do. I had Miranda when I knew that she wasn't mine, and I kept her. But you know that, right? What is it that you said? Um -- "from one baby-stealer to another." That was really nice. Your note to Kendall when you handed me your interest in Fusion.

Amanda: Yeah, real nice.

Babe: So you can lie to the cops all you want, but I'm not going to pin any medals on you for kidnapping Kendall's son.

Greenlee: Babe, I got out of my car to get to the cell. I was trying to get help for Spike.

Babe: Maybe. Maybe you were panicked. What happens when a child dies during a kidnapping? Oh, come on, Greenlee, you were supposed to be right behind Kendall and me in your car. What happened?

Greenlee: I missed the turn.

Babe: You missed a turn? Really? You were on the exact same road miles in the opposite direction. You wouldn't have gone off the road, and Spike wouldn't have gotten hurt if you would have just stayed behind us.

Di: We all know why you weren't there.

Greenlee: You know, just because you stole a baby doesn't mean that I did! And you, Di --

Di: Ok -- no, no, no. Let me -- let me say it for you. I'm the lower-than-dirt trash that stole my sister's life and took advantage of everyone that loved her?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Di: Right, ok. Well, we're all as wicked as can be, but right now, we're having to deal with you.

Greenlee: Ok, great. But I came here to work.

Di: Oh, right. That's right. Oh, so you -- and you want a status report, right ok, so while your ex-best friend was hoping not to lose her very premature baby, you were kidnapping her other one, while we saved Fusion. Is that good enough for you?

Zach: This is the beach, huh?

Annie: We all look very happy.

Emma: We're swimming.

Annie: Ok, swimming.

Zach: Oh.

Annie: I get the point. We're going. Say good-bye to Uncle Zach.

Emma: Bye, Uncle Zach.

Zach: Bye, honey.

Annie: All right.

Zach: I can keep it, can I?

Annie: I think you can. Ok, stay right there. You have a lot of really determined people rooting for you.

Zach: Thank you.

Annie: Emma's not going to stop till we're all at that beach. Call us? Bye.

Zach: Bye.

Zach: What color was it? The dress for her first dance?

Annie: Periwinkle blue.

Zach: Good days ahead. Good people. Just got to hang in there, son. Just got to be strong.

Doctor: Mr. Slater?

Ryan: Greenlee decided to leave Pine Valley. Nobody forced her out.

Kendall: I know.

Ryan: So then you got to stop apologizing, Kendall. Because there was no way for us to know that she was so obsessed with Spike that she would do something like this.

Kendall: Do you think that it was premeditated?

Ryan: Like she was waiting around for the -- for the opportunity to take him?

Kendall: I don't know -- some crazy impulse?

Ryan: Honestly, I thought she was going on with her life. I thought she was hooking up with Josh.

Kendall: What? Really?

Ryan: Yeah. Annie and I both did. But maybe -- I mean, maybe we just saw what we wanted to see.

Kendall: Or what Greenlee wanted you to see -- so that she could plot to take my son. And I handed him over her, Ryan.

Ryan: Hey, Kendall, you did not go into premature labor to help her. You had no control, all right? It was an act of God.

Kendall: Then why don't I feel better?

Ryan: You will. You will when you know your sons are -- are all right.

Zach: Surgery's over.

Kendall: Did he make it?

Zach: Our son's still alive.

Ryan: So -- so he's ok?

Zach: Yeah. No one's making any guarantees, but he's -- he's ok.

Kendall: So, what -- the surgery was a success?

Zach: Mm-hmm. They fixed the hole in his heart and now he's on his way back to the Neonatal ICU.

Kendall: Oh -- oh, my God. Thank God, thank God.

Ryan: It's incredible news.

Kendall: Hmm.

Doctor: Let's see how we're doing.

Ryan: Hey. Yeah.

Doctor: The antibiotic's doing its job -- fever's down. Your son is out of danger.

Kendall: Completely?

Ryan: He's ok?

Doctor: He's stable. We'll get a clearer picture when he regains consciousness. If you see any change --

Kendall: Yes, yes, we will ring for a nurse.

Ryan: Hey.

Kendall: Thank you. Hey, sweet boy. Come on. We're all waiting for you here.

Zach: Oh. Emma drew this -- for Spike and her new baby brother.

Ryan: Oh, you got to be kidding me. You hear that, Spike? Your big sister's helping you decorate your room a little bit more. You know what we'll do is we're going to put it right up here next to the card so you see it as soon as you wake up. How about that?

Kendall: Ryan? Um -- Zach and I, we're here. Why don't you go home and get some rest?

Ryan: No, I'm -- I'm ok.

Kendall: Ok, well, then don't rest. Play with Emma.

Annie: We're going to be late for your lesson.

Emma: I want to swim with Daddy.

Annie: Well, you can show him what you learned later. Now, scoot. Come on.

Adam: You do what you want with Krystal and your brat, but Colby's mine, and she's still a minor.

Tad: "Colby is mine"?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Tad: Well, I'm sure Liza would be just thrilled to find out that you've got sole ownership.

Adam: Liza doesn't give a damn about my daughter.

Tad: I doubt that.

Adam: All you care about is poisoning the well, Tad. You tried to turn J.R. against me -- no doubt that's what you'll do with Colby.

Tad: Adam, I don't have to poison anything. You're doing a bang-up job of alienating the entire clan all by yourself. Wow. You're your own worst enemy, your sole friend, your entire family. By anybody's standard, apparently you're just lousy company.

Colby: I knew your uncle would come through, so what's the plan?

Sean: Oh, gee.

Adam: Ah!

Colby: Oh, hey!

[Adam chuckles as he picks up Little Adam]

Adam: Hey! How are you, buddy? How you doing?

Greenlee: Well, I am very happy to have your support.

Di: Oh, now she likes the support of an identity thief.

Babe: And a baby thief.

Di: That's -- I'm flattered. You are, I'm sure.

Amanda: Can we just take this down a notch, guys?

Di: Hmm, no. No, not when she comes limping in here for sympathy.

Greenlee: Again, I came to work. All I did was ask you to catch me up to speed.

Babe: Really, because all I heard was a lot of self-worship -- heroic Greenlee bit her way out of a car.

Di: She's sick.

[Phone rings]

Babe: Hello. Yes. Greenlee's here right now. We couldn't get along without her. Would you mind holding for a second? Thanks. It's a reporter. She wants to know why an Amber Alert was issued for one of our founders.

Greenlee: Great. Tell her the truth.

Di: Yeah, tell her that she was stealing our other founder's little boy.

Amanda: I did not just bust my butt to watch Fusion tank.

Babe: Don't.

Greenlee: Oh. Hello. Yes, this is Greenlee Smythe. No. Actually, I was grateful that they put out the Amber Alert. It -- it might have helped save us. No, it was just sheer panic. My stepsister had gone into premature labor and all anyone knew was that I hadn't shown up yet with her other child. No! No, of course, I don't blame them. They couldn't possibly know that I was in an accident. I mean, while they were searching for me, I was saving my nephew's life.

Di: Oh.

Greenlee: Ok.

Di: Oh.

Greenlee: Well, let me know if you need me to fill in any more blanks. You're welcome.

Di: You are a piece of work.

Babe: You want to launch your sympathy campaign, do it someplace else.

Ava: Look, I guess you don't already know this, but I already upset her once Lily had this major meltdown, and I won't do that to her again.

Jack: You wouldn't?

Ava: I won't hurt Lily.

Jack: Just think about this, ok? That's all I ask.

Ava: Ok, I'll think about it.

Jack: Thanks.

Lily: You're out of the hospital. But your mouth is down. Aren't you well?

Ava: I -- I wanted to see you. That's why I came here.

Lily: But why aren't you happy? Is it because of what you don't want me to know?

Ava: What are you talking about?

Lily: You and my father are keeping a secret from me. What is it?

Ava: Oh, um -- it's just -- it's a -- no, you were right. You were really right about me being me, you know? I got my job back at Fusion looking like this.

Lily: Why was that supposed to be a secret?

Ava: I don't know. I didn't know how you were going to feel about it.

Lily: But I wanted you to look like yourself. Imitating me made you unhappy, so congratulations -- you're a model. Are you happy now?

Ava: I'm totally pumped. Yeah, I'm happy.

Lily: Good. So you won't touch drugs ever again, will you?

Ava: Lily, I am not a drug addict.

Lily: But you took drugs, and you fell in the water. You could've drowned.

Ava: I know, I know, but I didn't. And it won't happen again, I promise.

Lily: You might have the solution.

Ava: What's that?

Lily: You were still living here when Sean went to the prom. Were the drugs in his Jacket yours -- did you put them there by mistake?

Ava: Wow. You're really on the case, Lily.

Lily: I'm a very good detective, and I want to help Sean.

Ava: You'd clear him of all the charges if you could, wouldn't you?

Lily: Of course, I would. Wouldn't you? I have to discover how the drugs got into Sean's pocket, so he can go to college. Ava, don't worry -- I'll find out how it happened. Sean will be ok.

Ava: Yeah. Yeah, he will be. And I'll make sure that none of us has to think about drugs again.

[Music plays]

Jack: What are you doing talking to this guy?

Tad: I was trying to talk sense, but apparently, it's a language he doesn't understand.

Adam: I've heard it all already.

Jack: Yeah, well, let's see if you understand this, Chandler -- you want to ruin your life, you go right ahead. You want to alienate everybody who's ever cared about you, you go ahead and do that -- I don't give a damn, but you mess with my family --

Tad: Hey, hey, no, no, no, no --

Jack: That's a big mistake.

Tad: What the hell do you think you're doing? That's the last thing you want to do right now. He's not going to admit to anything.

Jack: I'd like to spend the rest of the afternoon smacking him around.

Tad: So get in line. Come on, Jack.

Jack: All right, all right, all right. Tad, my family is bleeding and all I can do is stand here and make noise?

Tad: I know, I know. What's going on at the hospital?

Jack: Well, it looks like Kendall's going to be ok. But the babies are still -- they're touch-and-go.

Tad: Yeah. And Greenlee?

Jack: You know, you're the first person to ask me about her.

Tad: You got an answer?

Jack: She's in trouble.

Tad: Yeah, yeah.

Jack: I mean, you know, she's an adult, though, so --

Tad: So, are you going to wade in there where angels fear to tread or are you going to hang back, see what happens?

Jack: Let her take her punishment, hope she learns from her mistakes.

Tad: It's easier said than done -- I mean, if my -- my experience with J.R. means anything.

Jack: You know, both of Kendall's children could die.

Tad: That's not going to happen. They'll be all right, they'll pull through.

Jack: Yeah, well, if either one of them doesn't, Tad, you know --

Tad: I know, I know. So how is Erica holding up?

Jack: Oh, I think you can pretty much guess, huh?

Tad: I can't say as I blame her.

Jack: Tad, I don't know what Greenlee did or didn't do. But however it turns out, my family's going to be splintered into pieces.

Tad: No way. You hang tough, ok? If I can ever do anything --

Jack: I appreciate that, thanks.

Singer: Whoa

Jack: Hey, Adam?

Adam: Yeah.

Jack: Shame on you.

Amanda: Let me. How many?

Greenlee: What's the trick?

Amanda: I was raised by Janet from Another Planet, so to me, you're still sort of human.

Greenlee: Three.

Ava: Hey. Keep it low -- Lily's right inside. But why didn't you tell me that she's on this big drug investigation case?

Jack: Of course, she is -- she wants to help Sean.

Ava: Ok, but you have to swear -- swear to me -- swear to me on -- on Erica's life or something that once this dealer is busted, Lily is off the case, ok?

Jack: Ava, once Sean is cleared, she has no reason to pursue it.

Ava: Ok, but she just can't find out what I did for Adam, and neither can anybody at Fusion, and -- and my drug incident at the boathouse? That's over and done with, one time. It's never going to happen again, got it?

Jack: I promised you that I would do everything I could to protect you, and I will.

Ava: Ok. I'm in.

Jack: Thanks.

Adam: Where are they?

Man: Right here, Mr. Chandler. Let's see it.

Adam: Yeah. See, this is perfect. Perfect -- ok. I simply want what belongs to me -- everything.

Annie: Oh!

Ryan: Hey. Oh! Hey. Hi. Daddy misses you so much. Give me a hug. Give me a hug and a kiss. Look at you, you're all wet. Look at you, I missed you so much. Hi.

Greenlee: You missed the part where I tucked Spike under my arm like a football.

Di: Oh, we're spinning the press release for Fusion.

Babe: For Kendall.

Greenlee: I know, I -- I got it. You don't give a damn about me.

Babe: We'll tell Kendall. I assume you'll be staying away from her for a very long time.

Kendall: He's going to make it.

Zach: He'll make it.

Kendall: You sound so definite.

Zach: I have to be. He's getting stronger every minute.

Kendall: I believe he is.

Zach: He is Ian. Ian. Yeah. Like I told you before, I -- I want him to have his own name, you know, be his own person, no expectations from the past, from fathers or brothers, no "junior," no "the second" -- nothing like that. Just -- just Ian. What do you think?

Kendall: Where did it come from?

Zach: I was reading some pamphlet in the waiting room, "Naming Babies" or something.

Kendall: Ian -- Irish for "John"?

Zach: It means "God is gracious."

Kendall: Huh. Ian. He likes it. I can tell.

Zach: Hey. You told Ryan you're going to stay with Spike.

Kendall: Oh. I don't want to leave you alone.

Zach: I'm not alone -- I'm with my son.

Kendall: Good-bye, my little Ian.

Zach: It's going to be ok, Ian. You're going to be ok.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jonathan (to Ava): I want you, not Lily.

Kendall (to Ian): This is the first time that we have been alone.

Greenlee (to Aidan): I love Spike. He was supposed to be my son.

[Annie comforts a grief-stricken Ryan]

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