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Jack: Erica -- Erica -- I'm not going to let Greenlee come between us, not again.

Erica: Jack, why wasn't she driving directly behind Kendall? Why did she go in an opposite direction? I mean, how can you ignore that?

Jack: She's my flesh and blood. How can I ignore that?

Erica: Flesh and blood, Jack. Jack, my flesh and blood is all over this hospital. They are in the intensive care units. They have tubes and monitors.

Jack: You think I don't know this, Erica? I know that. I mean, they -- they're my family, too. You're all my family.

Erica: Come with me, Jack. Come with me.

Kendall: Get her out of here! Get her the hell out of here! And get her -- get her the hell away from my children!

Greenlee: Kendall, please --

Zach: You heard her. Get out.

Ryan: There's nothing you can say, Greenlee.

Kendall: Get out, get out! Get out, now. Get out!

Greenlee: I'm going, I'm going.

Josh: Guilt's a bitch, isn't it?

Kendall: Oh --

Ryan: Ok, ok, ok. Ok.

[Kendall whimpers as she sees her little boy]

Kendall: Why -- why -- why is he so quiet? Oh, my God. Ryan, what's wrong with him? What's wrong with my baby? What did she do to our little boy? Why won't Spike wake up? You -- you told me that he made it through surgery.

Ryan: He's just under some pain medication.

Zach: He's getting a little stronger, that's all.

Kendall: Has he even opened his eyes?

Ryan: He has. In the middle of the night, and then -- and then they sedated him again.

Kendall: Yeah, but I should have been here. I shouldn't -- he shouldn't have been alone.

Zach: Ryan was here.

Kendall: Yeah, but I'm his mother, I'm his mother, and he's afraid and he's scared, and he doesn't know what's happening, and there's all these strangers around him, and he doesn't know --

Ryan: They're taking really good care of him, and they've been making sure that he's really comfortable.

Kendall: Yeah, but I should be the one to do that.

Annie: Spike knows that you're here. He knows that you love him.

Kendall: Whew. He'll be all right, right? He'll be ok?

Ryan: He will be.

Kendall: What is it? Ryan, what aren't you telling me?

Greenlee: Kendall is with Spike, if you were looking for her.

Josh: Maybe you should go back to your room.

Greenlee: No, I'm -- I'm going home.

Josh: So soon? Pneumothorax, broken ribs, hurt ankle. Who's the bright MD who's signing you out?

Greenlee: I'm checking myself out.

Josh: Against medical advice?

Greenlee: Nobody likes the girl who stays too long at the party.

Josh: How are you going to get home?

Greenlee: Um -- I'm going to call a cab. Hmm.

Josh: That's ridiculous. I'll take you home.

Greenlee: Josh, I don't need a favor.

Josh: I wasn't offering one. But if that lung collapses again, it's a little doubtful your cab driver will know what to do.

Greenlee: Ok, fine. Then please, let's just go.

Babe: We need to find a way to salvage the concept launch, and we need to do it yesterday.

Amanda: You know, it's -- it's hard to think about work. Kendall's in the hospital, her little boys are --

Ava: I know. Why are we even here?

Babe: Because we need you. And Kendall would want us to find a way to make this work.

Di: Ava, just stick around for a while.

Babe: Fusion Green Day/Night was the way to get us back in the black. It just -- it can't fail.

Amanda: It can fail, because it never got started.

Di: Yeah, but Kendall -- I mean, she's got enough to worry about. Babe's -- Babe's right. You're right. This should be her last concern.

Babe: Exactly. Well, she spent years building up this company. I just -- I can't sit back and watch it fail, not now.

Ava: I mean, I'm all for the "go team," but we're not in New York, so what good does it do for us? I mean, where are the beauty editors and the VIPs?

Di: Oh, but the tease campaign, it had so much interest.

Amanda: I had so many RSVPs from the press.

Babe: Ok, so there's got to be a way that we can get all of them together again to see Day/Night, right?

Di: No -- the industry big shots are not going to be in the same city all together until next quarter's health and beauty aid conference, you know? That's three months lost.

Babe: We can't afford to wait three months.

Amanda: By then, everyone's going to be, like, "Fusion who"? We'd be lucky to get half of them interested.

Di: Yeah, and all our samples -- they're based on a specific season. The color scheme, the ad -- everything. We have to do this now.

Babe: Ok, ok. So -- so what do we do? We -- we fly around? We hit each one one by one? Would that work?

Di: Oh, my -- that would be well over 100 shows. I mean, we'd collapse before we'd get enough buyers into it, and plus, Babe, the airfare? We could never do it.

Amanda: Hey, can -- can we send samples?

Di: It's no good without the -- the product demos. You know, the presentation.

Ava: What about spam?

Di: Spam?

Amanda: Are you kidding?

Ava: No. I -- I knew this guy once, and he sold, like, cheap Internet stocks. He said he could easily get, like, 10,000 hits per click.

Amanda: Ok, this isn't like an online degree or pushing porn.

Babe: Oh -- ok, hold on. Maybe she's --

Di: No, but spam -- no, spam is evil.

Amanda: It drives me crazy. "No, I do not want a free gift card to the store of my choice."

Di: "After I spend an hour giving you my name and my address, my credit card number, my social security number --"

Babe: Ok, ok, ok. So spam's annoying as hell. It's not the way to go.

Ava: It works.

Babe: It's the wrong idea, but it's the right direction.

Erica: Do you see that little baby, Jack? Do you see Kendall's newborn baby boy? You'd think that would be enough for Kendall to go through, wouldn't you? I mean, she can't even hold her little baby. She can only watch him fight for his life on -- on machines. She can only wonder if he's going to get strong enough and pray that he's going to get better, pray that she can take him home with her.

Jack: We're all praying for that. Ahem.

Erica: Do you want to see what your daughter did to Kendall's other baby boy? Do you want to see Spike? See what Greenlee did to him?

Jack: This is a difficult time, Erica. It's a difficult time for all of us.

Erica: Jack, don't begin to compare Greenlee's pain to Kendall's.

Jack: There is no comparison. I know that. But --

Erica: Oh, but nothing. Kendall could lose both her little baby boys at any moment.

Jack: Erica, family -- family is more important maybe now than it ever has been. We can't let these tragedies tear us apart.

Erica: No, Jack. We can't.

Ryan: Spike's blood test came back, and they do show that he has an infection.

[As Ryan speaks, Zach's thoughts are with his baby boy in the NICU]

Kendall: Is it something that happened from surgery, or is it something new?

Ryan: Well, it wasn't expected, but it does happen.

Kendall: Well, then why aren't -- why isn't somebody here doing something about it? I mean, where -- where -- where's the doctor? A doctor should be here helping him.

Annie: You have to try to relax. You're not 100%.

Kendall: I'm fine. I'm fine, ok? My little boy is not fine.

Ryan: Kendall, Spike is already on antibiotics, and they say that should take care of his fever. Ok? And there's no sign of any more internal bleeding, so he's ok.

Kendall: No, he's not. He's not ok. My son is not ok. He's not ok. He's lying there. His eyes aren't opened. He's not awake. He's not talking, he's not laughing, he's not screaming. He's not even throwing his food, ok? He's just lying there with tubes in him, and he's not moving, all right? Don't say he's ok -- he's not.

Babe: If we can't bring the buyers and the press to the concept launch, we bring the concept launch to them. A webcast. We get everyone online today.

Di: Can we do that?

Babe: I don't see why not. What, we ask for 15 minutes of their time. We already have the best presentation. We just modify the one that we never did in New York. I mean, who needs -- who needs these slides when you can actually see the presentation live? Ok, so we take part of the -- we take parts of the video demo and just roll it in with the feed.

Babe: Yes -- Fusion Day/Night -- it's a virtual press junket. I mean, we do -- we do presentation, we answer questions, we even do more demos if we need.

Amanda: So they get a full multimedia show.

Babe: Thank you. A transformation right before their eyes.

Ava: Wait, wait -- what do you mean, like, "right before their eyes"?

Babe: It means that you act your little heart out.

Di: Can we pull this off?

Amanda: I have the contact info.

Babe: Start e-mailing.

Di: Ok.

Ava: Wait. Wait, what am I supposed to do?

Babe: No big deal. You just convince a few hundred jaded buyers and reviewers that Fusion Gsreen can successfully turn one woman into two different women.

Ava: No way. No freaking way.

Kendall: Come on, Spikey. Wake up for Mommy.

Zach: He can hear you.

Kendall: Whew. Mommy's going to make it all better, I promise. Then I'm going to take you home, and we're going to have lots of yummy, yummy cake with red frosting on it.

Annie: How's the baby? Baby?

Zach: Oh, as well as can be expected.

Ryan: I'm sorry, man.

Zach: I haven't seen him since Kendall woke up, so --

Ryan: Has -- has she seen him yet?

Zach: Yeah, for about a second when he was born.

Kendall: Where's that famous Spikey scream? And those big, beautiful eyes? Please, baby, please. Please open your eyes for Mommy. Please. Come on.

Nurse: Mr. and Mrs. Slater?

Zach: Yeah?

Nurse: Dr. Delano would like to see you in the Neonatal ICU.

Zach: What's wrong?

Nurse: He didn't say. Just that you both need to come right away.

Zach: All right, Spike. All right. Your mom and me are going to check on your little brother. We'll be back in no time.

Annie: We'll find you if anything changes.

Zach: Ok.

Kendall: Ok.

Zach: I got it.

Kendall: Ok. Bye, baby.

Zach: He's fine.

Ryan: We'll be here.

Kendall: Ok.

Annie: Please, God, let these babies live.

Amanda: What -- what am I supposed to say to these people? "Hello, come check out the website at 3:00"?

Di: Just listen to this first pitch. you'll -- you'll get it after the first one. Just follow -- follow my lead.

Amanda: I hope so, because if people don't respond to our e-mail, we have 100 calls to make.

Ava: Now, you said that you wanted me, not Lily, right? This -- this is me, ok? This is sexy and fun and flirty. This is not me.

Babe: Ok, if you would just stop for a second and take a look. Both of these shots -- these are you. You did this.

Ava: Yeah, they're shots. There's no moving and no talking, and I barely got ahold of that.

Babe: Ava, please -- you are the face of this campaign.

Ava: Face, yeah, voice, not so much. You're asking me to be this girl, and I'm telling you that I don't want to do it.

Babe: And here I thought you wanted to be an actress.

Ava: This particular part, I can't act.

Babe: Here is your shot to make you a star, or do you want to blow it?

Ava: I'm going to look like an ass. What do you want me to do, act like Lily?

Babe: This isn't about Lily anymore, this is about you. The real you, not the street-smart, tough Ava. Not the "I can get whatever I want no matter what" Ava. And definitely not the drug-taking, river-dipping Ava. I know for a fact that this girl is in you somewhere.

Ava: Don't think so.

Babe: Come on. Look at this. Look at that smile. You're -- you're happy, you're comfortable. It's genuine. You look beautiful.

Ava: I can't do that. I can't do that with a webcam up in my face.

Babe: Yes, you can. Please, just -- ok, look. Let's -- let's think of a place. Maybe a time in your life that you were genuinely happy. Is it a childhood memory? Was there a place? Maybe a favorite pet? There's got to be a place that you go in your mind to get peace, to escape everything else, but you think of one thing. What is it? There is something, isn't there?

Ava: Well, there was this one time. I was 11 years old, and I was -- I was doing summer at my grandparents' farm, and my grandpa taught me how to ride the tractor.

Babe: Oh.

Ava: And I thought I was such a big girl. I was doing what the big boys do, and -- making circles and patterns. And Grandpa was laughing his head off --

[Babe chuckles]

Ava: Telling me to go faster, go faster. Oh, I never felt more free in my life.

Babe: See that? There, that look on your face right now. That's Fusion Day, Ava.

Ava: Yeah, but that was a long time ago.

Babe: You can do this. I just saw it happen.

Josh: That's it. Don't go too fast. Just --

Greenlee: I'm fine. Oh. Thank you for the ride.

Josh: Did they give you any pain meds?

Greenlee: Um -- I didn't pick up the prescription. I'm a big girl. I'll suck it up.

Josh: Sure you will.

Greenlee: Or then, if I need anything, I'll take an over-the-counter.

Josh: It's your choice.

Greenlee: I know what you're thinking.

Josh: Not even close.

Greenlee: How could I? What was I thinking?

Josh: Look, I don't want to get into it, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Josh -- um -- can I ask you a favor?

Josh: Depends.

Greenlee: Will you let me know how Spike is doing? If I call the hospital, they won't tell me anything, because I'm not family. But -- um -- would you fill me in if I called you?

Josh: Hmm. I guess so.

Greenlee: Thank you -- for everything, Josh.

Dr. Delano: We did an echocardiogram this morning, and there's a hole in his heart that's causing a problem.

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Zach: A hole in his heart?

Joe: It's not uncommon in premature infants. The hole is actually a natural part of fetal development. But normally, it closes on its own right after birth.

Dr. Delano: But the baby's very small, and the hole is too big, and his heart is working too hard. It's pumping blood on its own before it was ready. To fix this, there's a very delicate procedure, and it's done thorascopically.

Kendall: What will you do to our son?

Dr. Delano: A scope is inserted through tiny slits in the baby's chest. The repair work is done through that tube. Using a video screen to guide us, we clamp the hole shut. No open chest, but there are risks.

Joe: We need to deflate his left lung, so we can see his heart.

Dr. Delano: Without the procedure, you put both the heart and the lungs at risk.

Joe: So you -- you have to make a decision.

Zach: What would you do, Joe?

Joe: Well, I can't tell you what choice to make, but if it were my son --

Kendall: His skin is transparent.

Dr. Delano: Well, in babies this premature, the skin is translucent, but that changes as they grow.

Zach: We're going to have to make a decision, Kendall. Kendall?

Zach: They need our permission for the procedure. Kendall?

Kendall: Well, what do you expect me to say? I have no choice. What do I sign?

Dr. Delano: We need your signatures on this consent form.

Kendall: Tell me our son will make it, Zach.

Zach: He'll make it. They need to do a procedure to fix a hole in his heart.

Erica: His heart? When -- when did that happen?

Zach: Why don't you take Kendall to her room? She's exhausted.

Kendall: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Zach: Just go get some rest, all right? I got to talk to the doctors.

Erica: Ok, honey, you just come on.

Joe: The procedure doesn't take long.

Dr. Delano: It really is the best option at this time.

Zach: Is he strong enough for this?

Dr. Delano: We believe so.

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Joe, talk to me. What are the facts?

Kendall: Spike has an infection. They have to give him antibiotics.

Erica: The doctors will get that all under control.

Kendall: He'll be ok. But he still won't wake up.

Erica: Well, I'm sure that they have him sedated.

Kendall: That's what Ryan said. I just -- I just want to hold him.

Erica: I know, honey, and you will.

Kendall: You know, I want to -- I want to see his eyes, and I want him to look at me. And, uh, they're -- they're going to give Spike an operation to fix a hole in his heart. Oh, no, wait -- that's -- my other baby is having the operation, not Spike.

Erica: It's ok, sweetheart. Both your babies are very strong, and they're going to be ok.

Zach: Ok. If my son could wait, you would wait. But you want to do this procedure now.

Joe: Mm-hmm, because we don't want blood to shunt from his aorta to his lungs. It can enlarge his heart.

Zach: What about infection?

Dr. Delano: That's always a risk.

Zach: And it's a risk that we have to take, right?

Joe: I'm afraid so.

Dr. Delano: We'll start pre-op now.

Zach: I want to stay with him as long as you'll let me.

Joe: Of course. The thoughts and the prayers of the entire hospital are with you. Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Greenlee: It's open -- ahem. Come in.

Jack: Hey. I went back to the hospital to look in on you and they said you'd already checked yourself out.

Greenlee: Yeah, well --

Jack: Why didn't you ask me to drive you back here?

Greenlee: I had to get out of there, fast.

Jack: How are you?

Greenlee: How's Spike?

Jack: There's nothing yet. Greenlee, are you going to be all right?

Greenlee: You tell me.

Myrtle's voice: Hello, darling, this is Myrtle. Sorry I can't be with you in person -- I've got a touch of the flu. But my thoughts are with you and Kendall and the little boys, and particularly with you, darling, because I know you so well. You're at that hospital, you're carrying the whole load to bring your entire family through this crisis just -- just the way you did when Spike was born. You don't take a minute to yourself -- now, things are different this time. This time, you've got Kendall. It's -- it's all right to let your feelings show. It's -- it's perfectly natural to be worried. It's -- it's -- it's natural to be -- to be scared. You're a father now.

[After he hangs up the phone, Zach breaks down and cries]

Zach: Oh. God.

Babe: Ladies and gentlemen, experience for yourself the face of Fusion Day.

[Music plays]

Ava: It's healthy, pure, organic, real, genuine, a walk through freshly cut grass, the wind in your hair.

Babe: Fusion Night.

Ava: It's wild, it's sexy, it's fun, adventurous, reckless, risky. It's Fusion Green, Day and Night. Which woman do you want to be?

[Music ends]

Erica: And, Joe, when are you going to perform the surgery?

Joe: The baby's being prepped now. The surgical team is just waiting for the go-ahead.

Kendall: You'll -- you'll make sure he's ok, right?

Joe: Your little boy is getting the best care we can give, but you need to get some rest now.

Erica: Joe, could I have a moment with you?

Joe: Yes, yes, of course.

Erica: Ok.

Erica: How is Kendall?

Joe: Well, her body has been through extreme trauma, not to mention her spirit.

Erica: And her babies?

Joe: Kendall is going to need all her strength.

Erica: Well, what are their chances, Joe, really?

Joe: Erica, I know what you want to hear from me, but I can't say it yet. They're still not out of the woods, you know. Spike is strong, and if he can throw off this infection, he has a good chance. The newborn --

Erica: Why did Greenlee even come back to town? I mean, how could she do this?

Joe: Hmm. How does Jack feel about Greenlee?

Erica: Oh, he has blinders on where it comes to her. He's actually defending her.

Joe: Of course he is -- she is his daughter. He's keeping his child close, as you are, as Kendall is. Isn't that what we're supposed to do in times like this? When they're little, we -- we kiss away their cuts, and we hug away their fears and hope they'll grow up knowing how to love and how to listen. We stand back as they get older. And then when they come to us hurt and afraid, we want to gather them up in our arms and never let them go. Those children grow up to be adults, but they're still our little boys, our little girls, and they're always our children.

Erica: Yeah.

["Crossroads" plays as Erica comforts Kendall while Zach dries his tears and sees his son go into the OR; Ryan and Annie watch over Spike, as Jack leaves Greenlee alone]

Don McLean sings: Can you remember who I was? Can you still feel it?
Can you find my pain? Can you heal it?
Then lay your hands upon me now and cast this darkness from my soul.
You alone can light my way. You alone can make me whole once again.
We've walked both sides of every street through all kinds of windy weather
But that was never our defeat as long as we could walk together
So there's no need for turning back 'cause all roads lead to where we stand
And I believe we'll walk them all no matter what we may have planned

Babe: Yes, we can definitely get the line to you by Labor Day.

[Phones ring]

Babe: We're excited, too. Thank you.

Amanda: Ok, you want how many?

Babe: I definitely have you down, then.

Amanda: That's in thousands, right?

Di: Well, yeah, we should have all the promos running by next month.

Babe: So, I'll start you with a thousand, and we'll send you --

Di: Oh, yeah, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Babe: Fusion, this is Babe Carey. Ah, yes, the music -- it was a bit of an exclusive, yep.

Amanda: You know what? Let me take that message. I know Kendall would be very happy to hear this.

Babe: Absolutely.

Di: Fusion, can you hold one moment?

Babe: Got it, got it. Ok, we'll talk to you tomorrow, thanks. Ok, there is success and there is out of control. You are out of control, off the hook. They loved it, and they loved you.

Ava: Oh, my God -- yes!

Babe: You're amazing! Thank you!

Annie: I have to pick up Emma. Will you be ok?

Ryan: Give her a kiss for me, ok?

Annie: Stay strong, little guy. I love you.

Ryan: I love you. Thank you.

Annie: I'll call you when we're home, ok?

Ryan: Oh. Just you and me again, Spikester. It's time to get back to business. Ok, because I had so -- I had some new ideas since last night, some good ones. I think you're going to like them. Model rockets -- something else that we need to do together. They're awesome, you're going to love shooting them off with me, you are, but -- not in the house, of course, because that's just a really bad idea. Mom would not be a big fan of that. Then there's water-skiing -- something else that's incredible. I mean, it takes a few times to get up at first, but once you're up, man -- it's awesome. I mean, your arms hurt a little bit the next day, but you'll get used to that. Then of course, baseball. Man, I can't wait to play catch with you. Who knows -- maybe I'll even coach your Little League team, you know? Frisbee -- all right? How can you possibly go to the beach if you don't know how to throw a Frisbee? And by the way, if you have a dog to catch it -- serious chick magnet, ok? Serious.

Erica: Oh. There's Miranda and Bianca. Your sister keeps calling for updates, you know? Oh, and -- and the wedding. The wedding. And -- Spike's birthday. Oh, and look at the one you sent me last September of Spike. And there they are -- the Kane women. Oh, my mother would be so happy to see you. She would be so proud of you, my mother, your grandmother. Mona is watching over the little boys. Your little boys are safe because she's watching over them. They have been so strong. They're going to get through this.

Kendall: I have to go. I have to go, I have to go.

Erica: No, no, no, sweetheart, the surgery's not over yet. No, you have to stay in bed.

Kendall: No, Spike, Spike -- I have to go to Spike, Mom.

Erica: I know, sweetheart, but Spike is going to be fine. He's going to be just fine, honey. But you -- you need to stay in bed. You need rest, you need every ounce of energy that you can get, honey. It's ok, honey. Oh, honey. I love you, sweetheart. It's ok. You just let it all out, honey. Don't you worry about anything. You don't have to pretend to -- you don't have to be strong for anyone, honey, not for anyone. You just let me be strong for you. I'll be strong for you. It's ok, baby. It's ok, baby. It's ok.

Kendall: Ryan.

Erica: Just let it all out, honey. Yeah, you go ahead.

[Kendall sobs her eyes out]

Erica: No, baby, don't cry.

[Sitting alone in her apartment, Greenlee stares out the window]

[Zach sits alone, staring at the OR door behind which is his little son]

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Tad (to Adam): Whether you and I hate it or not, we're family.

Ava: I don't have a problem.

Jack: You have a big problem.

Babe (to Greenlee): You can lie to the cops all you want, but I'm not going to pin any medals on you for kidnapping Kendall's son.

Zach (to Kendall and Ryan): The surgery's over.

Kendall: Did he make it?

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