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Annie: Spike -- did he wake up yet?

Annie: Double macchiato.

Annie: You didn't sleep, did you?

Ryan: I'm ok.

Annie: I brought you some clean clothes. Here you go -- ahem. Emma made a get-well card for Spike. See, it's -- it's you, me, Emma, and Spike, and that clown from his birthday party, because he made Spike laugh so hard. The nurse said I could stick it on the wall.

Annie: And I knew Spike would want his blankie when he wakes up, so -- the nurse said we can lay it by his -- lay it by his cheek.

Nurse: Mr. Slater, we need to take your son for a cardiac echo. He'll be back in half an hour. I think your wife's waking up.

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: Spike -- how is he?

Zach: Asleep. Ryan's with him.

Kendall: So no change?

Zach: And that's a good thing. Getting stronger, solid ground, you know.

Kendall: His baby brother?

Zach: He's fighting like a champ. How's the champ's mother doing?

Kendall: Scared.

Jack: Hey.

Greenlee: How's Spike?

Jack: Well, he's heavily sedated right now. We'll know more when he's conscious.

Greenlee: And, um, how is the baby?

Jack: Made it through the night. That's a good start.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Jack: How about you? Those broken ribs keep you up all night?

Greenlee: I have to tell you everything. I have to tell you what I did. I have to tell you what happened. 

Jack: No, no, no, stop. Not another word.

Greenlee: I need to --

Jack: No, listen, Greenlee. Listen to me.

Greenlee: No, if I hadn't --

Jack: I don't want to know. I don't want to hear it. Ok? You were in an accident. You could have died. Nobody knew anything. I -- when -- when I found out what happened, nobody here could answer my questions. I didn't know if you were alive or dead. But when you came through the door on that gurney -- I just thank God you're ok.

Greenlee: But it doesn't matter. Not if Spike -- I was so afraid. He was so still. There was so much blood. I did everything I could. I -- I tried to -- to keep him alive, to get help.

Derek: Greenlee, I need to ask you a few questions.

Ryan: After the surgery, when Spike came out of the general anesthesia, he, um -- he made this sound. It wasn't a cry or -- or a whimper. It was more like, um -- it came from a place that -- that no child should ever know. And, um, I couldn't do anything. I couldn't make it go away, I couldn't make him feel better, I couldn't tell him that all of this is to help. So -- the doctors came in and they put him out again, and they said that he's better this way. It's better for him.

Ryan: I'm so -- I'm sorry. Spike, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Annie, if he doesn't make it -

Annie: Stop it. Look at me. This is not your fault. You did what you did because it's who you are. Ok? You believed in the -- in the goodness and the decency of a woman you used to love. You tried to help her, Ryan. You opened your heart to do that. You tried to find peace for all of us, and for Greenlee, and for your family. To me, that makes you a hero.

Little Adam: There's no more.

Krystal: Yeah, there's one behind you. You keep that up, and I'll be able to plant a row of corn right there.

Babe: It's just -- I feel so --

Krystal: I know -- so helpless.

Babe: I mean, Kendall's lying in that hospital bed. Our babies are fighting for their lives.

Krystal: Yeah. One baby in trouble is almost too much for a mother to bear. But two -- it just makes you wonder what God's thinking.

Babe: And I want to do something, but what? I -- send her flowers? A get-well card? I mean, what could I do that would really help Kendall?

Krystal: I think if you want to help Kendall, you just have to do what she can't do.

Babe: Yeah, but I want to do more than water her plants and pick up her mail.

Krystal: Well, listen, Kendall is pouring every ounce of energy she has into getting stronger and keeping those babies alive. That leaves a whole lot of life unattended. You could step in and -- and do what needs doing, right? You know Kendall better than I do. What would she be doing right this second if she and those babies weren't in the hospital?

Babe: Fusion.

Kendall: I need to see my babies, Zach.

Zach: Come on, you will. You will.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: Please, Zach, don't make me wait, ok? My boys need me. My babies need me.

Zach: They're getting stronger, both of them.

Kendall: What aren't you telling me? Are you keeping something from me? Is that -- is that why you won't let me see them?

Zach: No. There are no secrets. Baby Slater's got a special sonogram going on, and Spike's still sleeping.

Kendall: Well, then take me to Spike.

Zach: I will, but I got special orders from the doctors. There's some things we need to take care of first.

[Zach kisses Kendall]

Zach: Hmm. Hmm.

[Zach sighs]

Kendall: Doctor ordered that?

Zach: No, that was just me kissing my wife. They did order this. Huh?

Kendall: Henri?

Zach: Food. And the only way I got him to prepare it is if he could deliver it himself. That's what he wanted, so --

Kendall: All the way from New York? What, are you crazy?

Zach: I know you don't like oatmeal that much. I had to get something.

Henri: Beignet.

Kendall: Thank you.

Kendall: Mmm. It's delicious.

Henri: My pleasure. And your babies -- in my prayers.

Kendall: Thank you.

Zach: Mmm. So what do you think? It's good, right? The doctors did insist.

Kendall: I -- I will. I just -- I -- I need to see my babies, Zach. I really need to see them, ok? Please -- please don't make me wait any longer, please.

Zach: You haven't eaten since yesterday.

Kendall: Ok. But after I see Spike and -- and the baby, I will.

Zach: It's not up to me. The doctors are concerned about your blood sugar. Come on. I'll do the little airplane thing. You want to do that? Huh?

Kendall: No -- ugh.

Zach: Hmm?

Kendall: You know, it is really hard to say no to you.

Zach: That's how you got pregnant in the first place.

Kendall: Please tell me they're going to be ok, Zach.

Zach: Your boys are getting stronger by the minute, because they have their parents' fight in them. They're going to be better than ok.

Erica: Is this a bad time? I've come to apologize.

Erica: If you're still speaking to me.

Kendall: Of course, we are. Come here.

Erica: Hi.

Erica: When I brought that minister in to christen the baby, I thought it would be a comfort. I'm so sorry.

Kendall: Apology accepted, on one condition -- that you help out in a few months, when we do have the christening, with family and friends.

Erica: Have you thought of a name yet?

Kendall: Oh -- oh, no. Everything has happened so fast.

Erica: Oh, that's ok. There's plenty of time. Bianca called, and she keeps calling, and you know that she would be here already if Miranda didn't have the chickenpox.

Kendall: I know, I know.

Erica: l to you and to Spike and the new baby -- her new little nephew, and to you, of course. Look, there's something else I'd like to apologize for.

Kendall: Mom, it's not necessary, really.

Erica: Yes, it is, really. It's -- it's important. I did everything I could to keep you two apart. How many times did I tell you to stay away from him? And how many times did I tell you to stay away from my daughter? I told you that you'd be sorry if you stayed with a man like Zach Slater. I was wrong. Thank you for loving my daughter. I saw Joe, and Joe said that both of the boys are stable. They're going to be all right.

Kendall: Um -- I need to see for myself.

Erica: Listen, honey, they're getting the best -- thank you -- the best possible care. Trust that. Trust Joe.

Kendall: Yeah, but I -- I thought they were going to stop the labor, Mom, and he's so small. Our baby is so small. And then Spike -- I mean, Spike -- his -- his injuries are so -- they have to make it. They have to make it.

Erica: And they will.

Kendall: Ok. I mean, Spike -- he started his life fighting for it, you know? And now he's barely a year old, and he's back in the ICU, and it's not fair.

Erica: No, it's not. But he will make it through. And so will his baby brother. I know what you're going through, honey. I remember when -- when Bianca was born and -- and the toxemia, and you feel so helpless, and so afraid. And that doesn't really go away until you have them home and in your arms. They're going to make it through. And you have to know that they are right where they need to be now, and they are getting the best care possible.

Kendall: But the odds -- I mean, how many miracles do we get?

Erica: Joe Martin is going to do everything in his power to send those babies home healthy and strong. And besides, I told you, there is Kane blood in those babies. And they're tiny, but they have the strength and the heart and the will to live.

Ryan: Look at my son. Please look at him. He's got the tubes and -- um -- and the bandages, and the wires, and the monitors. Right? So how am I a hero?

Annie: Oh, Ryan, don't do this.

Ryan: No, I sat up here and I watched him all night, and I listened to him, and I listed to him whimper. And he's been here. He was here a year ago, Annie. He's done this already. He's struggled to get from one day to the next, from one hour to the next.

Annie: He won, and he will win again.

Ryan: He should be in a park, and he should be playing with his friends. He should be laughing with his sister. He shouldn't be lying here full of drugs and wires and tubes, more dead than he is alive.

Annie: No, he is alive, Ryan.

Ryan: They had to cut my son open. They had to cut him open, and they had to sew him back together.

Annie: And he survived.

Ryan: But what he's been through, Annie -- a hero protects his children, his family. I didn't do that. I brought the trouble in. I went out of my way to make sure that it happened, and everybody told me that it was wrong, and I didn't listen.

Annie: All you did was try to find an answer.

Ryan: I should have protected you. You are my number one priority. You, Emma, and Spike. So don't ever call me a hero again.

Erica: Well, Joe certainly has improved the kitchen.

Kendall: Zach had it flown in from Henri's in new York.

Erica: Well, how lucky are you?

Zach: How stubborn is she? She's got to eat.

Erica: Yeah, she does. You listen to Zach. Zach is right, because you're going to need every ounce of energy you can have when you get those two little boys at home.

[Zach chuckles]

Erica: Uh-huh. Ok. I'm going to go, but I'm going to be back later and check on you, ok?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Thank you for understanding. And thank you so much for taking such good care of my daughter.

Kendall: Ok, I cannot eat anything else. I need to go see the boys. Time to see the babies.

Zach: Hold on.

Kendall: Oh, come on. Come on, Zach. The doctors told me to eat. I ate, all right? I need to go see my babies, ok?

Zach: There's one more thing you got to do.

Kendall: What? What, do I need a brush? Floss? I need to go.

Zach: Milk. The nurse is coming with a breast pump. Baby Slater's hungry.

Kendall: I didn't get to breastfeed Spike, because of all the -- all the drugs they gave me after the coma. I was hoping this time would be different. I just wanted to hold my son, look into his eyes, sing him a song. I just want to hold him.

Zach: You will hold him.

[Kendall sighs]

Zach: He's going to ask for seconds and thirds, and who knows what else.

Kendall: You really believe that?

Zach: I do.

Kendall: Ok. That just makes me want to hold him even more.

Zach: You will.

Nurse: Would you like me to help you with this?

Zach: You're going to make our son's day.

Nurse: You're free to go now.

Ava: Is this how you do business? Honestly, you make people stay here, and then you charge them up the --

Babe: Fusion might be able to help.

Ava: For what? Free makeover? I don't think so.

Babe: With the bill. We could take care of it.

Ava: No, Fusion can kiss my --

Babe: You look pretty good, considering you just OD'd.

Ava: I don't need a lecture from you.

Babe: So how are you feeling?

Ava: Why do you care?

Babe: Well, you were all about being a model, and I can give you another shot -- unless you want to throw that away.

Ava: No, Fusion threw me away. Did you forget that?

Babe: Well, today is your lucky day, then. You get another chance. As long as you can keep your head on straight and quit acting like an idiot and stop with the drugs, we may be able to work something out.

[Monitor beeps]

Annie: Spike is here because of an accident, Ryan.

Ryan: An accident that didn't need to happen.

Annie: But it did. And if you want to play the blame game, we can chew on that forever. You can pin it on anybody. What about me? I was in New York. If I had been with Kendall, she would have given me Spike, so it's my fault.

Ryan: That's crazy.

Annie: Exactly. You're right -- it is all a crazy waste of time and energy. All that matters right now is Spike. And when he wakes up, he is going to need his daddy, all of his daddy. And you're not going to be able to be there for him if you're sitting here beating yourself up over what you could have done or should have done. Spike is going to need the man that we both love.

Derek: So Kendall asked you, not Babe, to drive Spike?

Greenlee: Babe -- Babe delivered Bianca's baby. So Kendall wanted Babe with her.

Derek: And at this point, you traded cars with Kendall and Babe?

Greenlee: Yes. Why is this important? Please, just -- where is Spike? How is he? Do you have -- do you have an update?

Derek: There's been no change since the surgery. So you agreed to follow Kendall and Babe here to the hospital, is that correct?

Greenlee: Yes.

Derek: So why is it you ended up in a ravine 20 miles in the other direction? Greenlee, it's not a trick question. How did you end up so far from the hospital?

Greenlee: Uh -- I just got lost. I -- I was completely lost.

Derek: How? You were right behind Kendall and Babe, weren't you?

Greenlee: I don't know how. I thought I knew what I was doing, and I -- I just got lost.

Derek: Come on, Greenlee, you --

Jack: It happens, Derek. You know that. Why don't you ease up a little bit?

Derek: Jack, you know I have to find out exactly how this all went down.

Jack: I understand your job, Derek, but you don't need to do that right now. Let my daughter recover for a second, will you?

Erica: Derek -- thank God you're here to haul her off to jail where she belongs.

Jack: Erica, please don't.

Erica: Go ahead, Derek -- arrest her.

Derek: I'm not arresting anyone until I have evidence of a crime.

Erica: Your evidence is right in this hospital, her victim is lying in the ICU. Have you seen Spike?

Jack: Erica, don't do this.

Erica: Don't you dare hide behind your father. You tell the truth for once, you admit what you did -- that you kidnapped Spike and now he is lying in the hospital.

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Erica: You're sorry because you got caught before you could finish the job? Because of you, Spike is fighting for his life. Because of you, that little boy might die.

Jack: All right, all right. Now you're out of line.

Erica: Don't protect her. Kendall tried to make peace with you ever since you came back to Pine Valley. She tried to include you, but you never stop. Nothing is good enough for you, nothing ever, so you kidnapped Spike.

Jack: All right, that's it, Erica. Come on, let's go.

Erica: You caused her to go back into labor. Because of you, her baby has a 50% chance to survive -- do you get that? 50%! Those little boys, every breath they take, every heartbeat is a miracle. My daughter might lose both her sons because of you and your selfishness!

Jack: All right, that's it -- that's enough. That's it, you're out of here. Let's go.

Erica: Arrest her, Derek. Arrest her, she is guilty as hell!

Jack: Let's go.

Derek: You need a moment?

Greenlee: No, it's ok.

Derek: Tell me how the accident happened.

Jack: Those little boys in there fighting for their lives -- those are my family, too, Erica.

Erica: Those little boys are fighting for their lives because of your daughter, Jack. Don't defend her.

Jack: And if that was your daughter laying in there, what would you be doing, huh? Exactly the same thing -- now, she could've died.

Erica: Well, she didn't. Your daughter is sick, Jack. She's angry, she's so angry that she's bitter, and she's twisted, and now she's taking it out on two innocent babies.

Jack: Oh, she had an accident.

Erica: Thank God, she had the accident or we never would've seen Greenlee or Spike again.

Jack: You don't know that!

Erica: Yes, I know that, Jack. And you need to come to grips with what your daughter has done and deal with it.

Ryan: Why haven't you said "I told you so"?

Annie: You mean about Greenlee? Why?

Ryan: Because you did -- you warned me.

Annie: So you think I should beat you up for it? The man that I love, the man who's an amazing father? Who Spike and Emma adore? Forget it, I'm not going to do it. The past is over, Ryan. It's done, it can't be changed. All that matters is right now. That's all we have.

Ryan: I am so -- I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Annie: You're exhausted.

Ryan: Yeah? Like you got any sleep.

Annie: It's hard to have sweet dreams when my man and my favorite little guy are in here. But I know what we need.

Ryan: A miracle?

Annie: That's coming. But in the meantime, I think we need some good energy.

Ryan: I cannot handle any more coffee.

Annie: No, I was thinking something more like --

[Annie kisses Ryan]

Ryan: I love you, Mrs. Lavery.

[Ryan kisses Annie]

Babe: Spike is still unconscious and the baby --

Ava: Are they going to be ok? I mean, they're -- they're just babies.

Babe: You might want to say a prayer. There's something else that you could do for Kendall. With the babies being so serious, our partner is out of commission, and we had to call off the Fusion Green launch, but we just -- we can't just walk away from it.

Ava: Well, your "we" is not my problem.

Babe: If Fusion Green doesn't fly, the doors to Fusion close, and there is no way I'm going to let Kendall lose the company that she built while she's going through hell. I have a solution, and you're a part of it.

Ava: I -- I'm sorry, I can't help you. Hmm -- I've got bigger plans in mind -- big, big, big plans, so doesn't involve a stupid cosmetics company run by a bunch of crazy women, so I'll send you a post card from Hollywood.

Babe: You are the face of Fusion Green, please.

Ava: Well, luckily for you, there's a face that looks exactly like me. Her name's Lily -- why don't you call her? That's the one you wanted anyway.

Babe: Any Lily won't work, Ava. You are the only one that can give us Fusion Day and Night. We need you, Ava. Will you help?

Zach: Wow.

Kendall: Yeah, all right. Ok, I did my job. Now, will the doctors let me go see my sons?

Zach: Sure. I'll get a wheelchair.

Kendall: I don't need one. Zach, I don't need it. Dr. Delano told me to walk.

Zach: He meant walking around the corridors here. Neonatal ICU and Pediatric ICU are on two different floors in this hospital.

Kendall: I'm not going to wake up from this, am I? This is real. I have two babies in two ICUs.

Zach: For now. Come on. Wait till you see Baby Slater. You got it? Come here.

Kendall: Yeah, I've got it -- oh.

Zach: Just the energy coming off him -- it is, it is coming off him. It's amazing. You good?

Kendall: Uh-huh.

Zach: All you want to do is wait for the guy to open his eyes, you know, and -- and demand to go home or something.

Kendall: I want to see Spike first.

Zach: Ok. Spike it is.

Jack: If there's proof that Greenlee was running away with Spike, she will be held accountable, believe me, but rumor, suspicion, gossip -- they don't mean a damn thing.

Erica: Unless they're true. Greenlee wanted Spike desperately. She sued for custody -- everyone knows this.

Jack: That doesn't mean they get to hang her. Erica, she loves this little boy. She wouldn't do "anything" to hurt him!

Erica: Well, I hope you handcuffed her to the bed.

Derek: The investigation's still open.

Erica: "Investigation"? What, are you trying to give her another chance to run?

Jack: Why don't you let Derek do his job, Erica?

Erica: And let Greenlee get away with this?

Derek: Maybe it would help if you knew more facts about the case.

Erica: I know the facts.

Jack: Listen to what Derek has to say.

Derek: Let -- let's sit down. I'll fill you in.

[Greenlee sneaks out of her room on crutches]

Ava: No. Fusion screwed me over, jerked me around.

Babe: That is bull.

Ava: Oh, and now you want me back so bad -- well, too bad. I have better things to do than suck up to --

Babe: Really? What, like score again, get so high you almost drown?

Ava: Ok, I'm not a druggie, ok? I have -- I have problems.

Babe: "Problems"? Huh -- really?

Ava: Yeah.

Babe: That's interesting because while you were busy throwing your life away, two little babies have been fighting to make it to tomorrow. So you want to whine about how life isn't fair, pop pills, and feel sorry for yourself? You have a chance to make a difference, and you would rather bitch and moan and throw attitude. You can either walk around with that stupid chip on your shoulder, or you can actually step up and do something for someone else for once.

Ava: I'll think about it.

Babe: No, no, no, no. You don't get to think about it, and you don't get to negotiate -- you are in.

Ava: What -- where -- I don't want -- where are we going?

Babe: We are saving Fusion, so deal.

Greenlee: I am so sorry, Spike. I -- it was a mistake, a huge, horrible mistake, and I never meant for -- I never meant for this to happen.

Ryan: What the hell are you doing here?

Derek: The only reason we found Spike and Greenlee is because Greenlee called Ryan.

Erica: Probably to gloat because she had his son.

Derek: Well, as to whether or not Greenlee was kidnapping Spike, I have nothing conclusive, but according to her statement, she did save the boy's life.

Erica: That is so Greenlee -- to portray herself the heroine.

Derek: Well, the statements of the EMTs on scene back her up. Despite broken ribs and a collapsed lung, Greenlee fought her way up that ravine and you -- you've had a collapsed lung, Erica. You know the pain she was in, and it still didn't stop her.

Erica: Well, thank God it stopped her from taking Spike.

Jack: So if I understand what you're saying, Derek, you're saying that Greenlee saved Spike's life.

Derek: Without a doubt.

Erica: But that doesn't absolve her from what she's done.

Derek: I promise you, if I find any evidence Greenlee tried to kidnap Spike, I'll arrest her. But in the meantime, I just thought you should have a fuller picture.

Jack: Thank you, Derek.

Derek: Sure.

Jack: So, now, can you stop demanding Greenlee's head on a platter?

Erica: Jack, it doesn't matter what Greenlee did after she kidnapped Spike. And I don't think you should be defending her.

Jack: Only Greenlee knows the truth of what happened.

Erica: "The truth" and "Greenlee" in the same sentence.

Jack: Hey. She's my daughter.

Erica: And we both know damn well what she did, Jack.

Greenlee: Ryan, I --

Ryan: Get away from him. Get away.

Greenlee: Ryan, please --

Ryan: Get away from my son. No, stop, stop, stop -- I don't want to hear it!

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Ryan: I don't want to hear it, and I don't want to see your face. I don't want you anywhere near my family. Now get out. Get out of my sight -- get --

Annie: Ryan?

Greenlee: Ok.

[Greenlee turns around and sees Kendall and Zach entering the room]

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Jack (to Erica): We can't let these tragedies tear us apart.

Kendall (to Ryan): When will Spike wake up? What's wrong with him?

Nurse (to Kendall and Zach): Dr. Delano would like to see you in Neonatal ICU.

Zach: What's wrong?

Nurse: He didn't say -- just that you both come right away.

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