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[Ambulance siren]

Kendall: Where is Spike? Where is Spike? I need my son. I need my son!

Zach: Look at me, breathe. Breathe. Do something

Joe: We've increased the meds.

Dr. Delano: We're pushing three grams mag sulfate.

Zach: And that's going to stop the contractions?

Dr. Delano: We have to wait and see.

Kendall: I need my son. I need Spike. I want Spike! I want Spike.

Greenlee: Ok. Now, Spike, we're not going to fall asleep, ok? We're going to stay awake. And you're going to talk to me. Come on, Spike, just -- just talk to me. Ok? Ok? We need help. This child needs help.

Greenlee's voice: I know Spike isn't mine. I do get that. He's yours. And he's yours. It's just that in my heart, I couldn't let go of him.

Ryan: Nobody is trying to shut you out of Spike's life. Nothing can change the connection that you have with him.

Greenlee: I will get to that phone, Spike. And bring you back to your mother, or I'm going to die trying.

Derek: Ok, we've got multiple units on the ground and helicopters in the air.

Ryan: Derek, I know that you're doing the best job you can, and I'm sorry that I -- I jumped all over you before.

Derek: And you want to find your son. So do I.

Annie: All of us want to find Spike. And I think I found a way to help.

Kendall: Find him, find him. Will you please find my baby, Zach? Find my baby.

Zach: There's a whole army looking for him. We'll find him.

Kendall: No, no, no, no, I want you to go and look for him. I want you to go get him for me.

Zach: I'm staying right here with you. I'm not leaving you.

Kendall: No, Zach, this is my fault. This is my fault. I told Greenlee to take Spike, and now I've lost him, and now I'm losing our baby. Zach, I'm losing our baby.

Erica: You will not lose your baby.

Greenlee: Everything is going to be ok, just as soon as I get that phone. Ok. So what I need is for you -- ugh -- to be a brave little boy while I'm gone, ok? And I'm going to be really fast. And then help is going to be here before we know it. Spike, here. Actually -- You need this more than I do. Good. We can do this, Spike. We're going to do this.

Erica: Listen to me, Kendall. You are a Kane woman. We fight for our children. When you were pregnant with Spike, you were in a coma willing to give your life for his. I stood at your bedside, and I told you, you have a core of steel. That core protected Spike until he was ready to be born. And now it's protecting this baby. He is surrounded by your strength. And you are surrounded by ours. Me, Bianca, Miranda, Mona. You brought Spike safely into this world with your courage and your heart, and you will do the same for this child. You will have Spike back in your arms in no time at all. And when the time is right, you will have this baby. Strong mothers, strong children. That's who you are.

Annie: We're going to put out a missing-persons blitz. A website accessible to anybody, anywhere who wants to help us with the search.

Babe: I called Mama. I knew she'd want to help pitch in.

Krystal: Lord knows, after everybody did their part when Jenny was missing, it was the least I could do.

Annie: We post all the information we have on Greenlee and Spike in one place, creating a virtual hub. We get new information, we put it on the site. It also gives other people a place where they can email us with new information.

Babe: We also -- we stopped by Fusion and we downloaded digital photos of Greenlee and Spike onto a CD.

Krystal: We put that up along with their vital stats.

Di: Like what they were wearing last, a description of Kendall's car.

Annie: Yeah, our -- our resident computer whiz has us up and running in no time.

Ryan: It sounds like a great idea. Let's do it.

Derek: I'll clear a room, have an officer bring in a couple of laptops.

Annie: Great. Thank you, Derek.

Officer: Chief, we got a call about a woman acting wild and crazy in the boathouse.

Derek: You get a description?

Officer: Well, it sounds like drugs. She's early 20s, long brown hair, pretty.

Jonathan: I'll be right back.

Di: Hey, do you think that's Ava?

Jonathan: The last time I saw her, she was at the boathouse with a drug dealer.

Ava: Ok, so I call this next one "I'm not her." Ok? I'm not her get off get out of my face I'm not her I'm the coolest one anyway wow!

Adam: Hello.

Ava: Hey, what's up?

Adam: I know --

Ava: I'm not her so get lost, get out of my face. Whoo!

Adam: You were incoherent when I called you, and I guess -- I guess now I see why. You're high on something.

Ava: I am so high. I'm on top of the freaking world!

Adam: Ok, listen, listen, listen! I don't have time to make time for junkies. No, listen to me. You --

Ava: Hmm?

Adam: You -- you opened your big mouth to Colby --

Ava: Hmm?

Adam: And told her about our arrangement. So Colby now -- she's blaming me because of the drug charges brought against Sean Montgomery.

Ava: Ooh, Sean, he's hot.

Adam: Yeah, huh? I hired you to keep that punk away from Colby, mm-hmm, to distract him. Yeah, that's it, with your skills. Listen --

Ava: Hmm?

Adam: Listen -- listen to me. Pay attention. Pay attention. I did not ask you -- I did not ask you to do anything illegal. I did not ask you to put, God knows, that merchandise in his pocket so the police could find it in the middle of my daughter's prom.

Ava: I'm sorry -- oops.

Adam: "Oops." "Oops" -- is that it? All right, I should have arrested you the minute I saw you trespassing on my property. Listen, do you realize that I've lost my daughter because of you? Lost my daughter, because of your stupidity and your total lack of knowledge of right or wrong, or anything else. You --

[Adam stomps foot]

Adam: Do you think anything computes in that dope-soaked brain of yours? Do you realize how much you've cost me? Now, my house -- listen. My house is empty because of you.

Ava: I'm all alone, too.

Jack: Lily? Lily, what are you doing here?

Lily: I'm needed here.

Jack: Sweetheart, I -- I'm -- I'm very grateful that you came down, believe me, but I mean, the hospital and all the lights and everything?

Lily: Well, the research I did about premature babies and missing children is very alarming.

Josh: Lily, there's a lot of unreliable information on the web.

Jack: I'm sure that's true.

Lily: I know, but that's why I always get my statistics from primary sources. "Babies born at 24 weeks have only a 50% chance of survival because their vital organs aren't sufficiently developed." And "children abducted by a relative have a 74% chance of being recovered." And Spike is Greenlee's stepnephew, so they're related by marriage. But he could be among the 26% never found.

Jack: Honey, listen to me. Our family is going to work together. And believe me, we will find him.

Kendall: So how long has it been?

Zach: The contractions are erratic, you know? They were five minutes apart, and now they're already up to ten.

Kendall: Well, that's it, then. Labor's stopped. I am not having this baby now. You know, they -- they couldn't have just disappeared.

Zach: Don't even think about that now. You got to just relax.

Kendall: Where could she have taken him, Zach? Where did Greenlee take my baby?

Greenlee: Don't worry, Spike. I'm right here. Ugh.

Kendall's voice: Maybe in the end, this is what we're supposed to end up with.

Greenlee: Ryan would be happy to know that you're here with me.

Kendall: You know how I felt about Ryan. I loved him. And I gave all of that up to watch you two be happy. So if there's anything I can do to keep the love that you had alive, I'm here.

[Greenlee grunts as she scales rocks to reach her cell phone]

Kendall: Oh, look. It's us. You, me, and the baby. Our three hearts linked.

Greenlee: Oh, one phone call, and they're going to come. Ugh. Make you all better.

[Greenlee grunts]

Greenlee's voice: Where is it?

Kendall: Ta-da! Our baby.

Greenlee: Oh. Oh, my -- oh. The most beautiful, loved baby, ever.

[Kendall chuckles]

Greenlee: Oh. Oh. Oh.

[Greenlee grunts as she grabs a loose rock and falls backwards]

Greenlee: Oh, my God, no! No! No! Oh!

Adam: You sober up and tell Colby you lied, that I had nothing to do with setting up Sean.

Ava: I'm not doing anything for you. I'm a star.

Adam: You're an embarrassment. A waste.

Ava: I'm not embarrassed, you're a waste.

Adam: Yeah --

Ava: You liar.

Adam: Last one -- last one -- you clean up this mess, or you'll find out what happens to fools who cross me.

Ava: Oh, ha -- oh!


Ava: Help! Help, I can't swim! Help! Help, I can't swim!

Erica: Josh -- Lily, hi.

Jack: Hi, sweetheart.

Lily: Hi, Erica.

Erica: I'm so glad you came.

Josh: Well, she wanted to check up on Kendall and the baby.

Lily: How are they?

Erica: Well, actually, Kendall's contractions have stopped.

Jack: That -- that's -- that's great news.

Erica: Yes. Yes, it is.

Jack: Come here.

Kendall: You warned me. You said not to let Greenlee suck me back in. You warned me time and time again.

Zach: I have something to show you. This is our son. He's waving at us. He says he'll see you in the fall for hockey season.

Greenlee: Oh -- oh, thank God. Oh, thank God, Spike, you weren't touched. Oh -- I am so sorry, Spike. I'm not giving up. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, thank God. Oh! We're going to be ok, Spike.

Ava: Trust me, I can't swim! Help me!

Adam: Oh --

Ava: Help, help!

Adam: Perfect. Just perfect.

Ava: Help me, somebody! Help! Help!

Adam: All right, all right. Is it cold?

Ava: Help, I'm freezing! Freezing! Help!

Adam: All right.

Ava: Help! Help! Help! Help! Help.

Adam: Oh -- oh, oh. Oh. Whoa!


Adam: Hey!

Jonathan: Ava? Ava?

Adam: Don't just stand there! Come on!

Jonathan: Come here. Come here. I got you, I got you.

Di: What happened?

Jonathan: Come here. Oh!

Di: Here.

Jonathan: Come here, come here.

Di: Are you all right?

Jonathan: Ava?

Adam: I'm -- I'm all right.

Jonathan: Ava? What did you take? Ava? Ava?

Di: Oh, God. Ava?

Jonathan: Hey, Di, would -- call -- call them. Where are they? Where are the police? Where's the ambulance? What did you do to her?

Adam: What did I do to her? Huh. Yeah, well, I was -- I was taking a little walk, you see? And I heard this woman screaming like a lunatic, singing. And then I came in here to the -- to the boathouse, and there she was, high as a kite, and spinning like a top.

Jonathan: And you just happened to be walking around, right?

Adam: Yeah. What can I say? I'm just a Good Samaritan, I guess.

Di: The ambulance is on its way. I mean, you're -- you're going to stick around, though? I mean, you just -- you had a heart attack. You need to be checked out by the paramedics, right?

Adam: No. No, I'm finished here.

Jonathan: Ava? Ava, come on, stick with us.

Di: See that she's warm.

Jonathan: Come on, come on, stick with us.

Di: How is she, huh? Ava?

Jonathan: She's still with us.

Di: Ava, hey. Hey.

Ava: Ah!

Jonathan: No, hey, hey, hey! It's ok. It's Jonathan and Di.

Ava: Get away from me!

Jonathan: Hey, you're safe!

Ava: Get away from me! Get off me! Get off me!

Jonathan: Ava, you're ok!

Erica: It's not easy seeing Kendall in so much pain.

Jack: I know.

Erica: And she's really afraid. But I have to say, when I walked out of her room and I saw all three of you here together --

Jack: Well, this is -- this is where we all belong.

Josh: Well, I don't know about you, but I'm just here for the food.

Jack: Huh.

Erica: Oh.

Lily: Well, the French fries in the cafeteria are excellent. I used to get them all the time after my Life Skills class.

Erica: Speaking of French, I really need to call Bianca. I need to keep her in the loop, let her know what's going on.

Jack: Send our love -- and -- and remind Miranda that the chicken pox don't last forever.

[Phone rings]

Jack: That was my phone. Excuse me.

Lily: Josh, you used to be a doctor, right?

Josh: Mm-hmm.

Lily: So if Kendall's contractions have stopped, does that mean the baby won't be born now?

Josh: Kendall's going to be fine.

Jack: Livia, yeah, the -- I know, the divorce will be filed today at 5:00 p.m. If Erica and I don't stop it, but our -- our hands are full here. You've heard? Thank you, I -- listen, please, do whatever you can. I mean, turn on the charm, misplace some papers. Do something, please. I'm counting on you. Thanks. Greenlee, where are you? Where the hell are you?

[Greenlee's phone rings]

[Greenlee grunts as she tries to reach the phone]

Greenlee: Spike -- don't worry, we're going to get help.


Derek: So I sent more cars to cover the back roads, because the helicopters are having visibility problems --

[Phone rings]

Derek: The dense trees.

Ryan: Hello? Hello? Greenlee?

Greenlee: Yes.

Ryan: Greenlee. Greenlee, where are you? Greenlee?

Kendall: Will you hand me my phone? I want to try Greenlee.

Zach: The cops are on it. They're searching everywhere. It's going to be ok.

Kendall: Get the doctor. I think my water just broke.

Ryan: Greenlee? Greenlee, answer me. Where are you, Greenlee? Is Spike all right?

Tad: It's Greenlee.

Derek: The call's still connected, but she's not responding.

Annie: Did she say where she is?

Ryan: She hasn't said anything.

Aidan: Listen, I have someone tracking Greenlee's call right now.

Josh: Erica, is Lily ok?

Erica: Yes. It was just crowded in here and so Jack -- Kendall?


Zach: She thinks her water broke.

Erica: Oh.

[Ava yells]

EMT: I got an adult female, combative, only oriented times one.

Joe: Calm down.

EMT: She was pulled out of the river, no reported loss of consciousness, vitals are stable.

Ava: You go away!

EMT: Pupils are two and sluggish.

Ava: I don't like you! No! No! Get off!

Di: Ava -- Ava?

Ava: Let me out!

Joe: I need a 16-salum sump and charcoal -- number three.

Ava: No, I want to go!

Di: You're going to be fine.

Ava: No! Where are you taking me? I'm not going in there!

Nurse: Four liters.

Ava: No! No!

Lily: What's wrong? Your mouth is down.

Jonathan: Lily, they just brought Ava into the hospital. Dr. Joe is examining her right now.

Lily: And what's wrong with my sister?

Jack: Honey, honey, it's -- it's ok. Take it easy, please.

Erica: Look, why -- why don't we go someplace more quiet?

Lily: Is Ava sick? Did somebody hurt her?

Jonathan: Lily, Lily -- Lily?

Lily: Is she going to be ok?

Jonathan: Listen to me. Ava took some drugs at the boathouse. She fell into the water, but she's going to be ok.

Lily: No -- no. No, Ava -- Ava's dead. She doesn't do drugs -- no drugs.

Jack: Lily?

Lily: No drugs.

Jack: Lily, sweetheart --

Lily: No drugs, no.

Jack: I think Erica had a great idea. Let's go someplace quiet and we'll talk about this, please. Come on, honey -- please?

Kendall: Ok, what's happening?

Dr. Delano: Your water broke. You're in active labor.

Kendall: Then please make it stop. Make it stop again. Please -- please make it stop.

Dr. Delano: I'm afraid we can't. Your membrane's ruptured. You're at risk of intrauterine infection.

Zach: What does that mean for the baby?

Dr. Delano: We should deliver as soon as possible.

Kendall: No, no, no -- you won't take this baby out of my body.

Jack: Honey, are you feeling any better at all? Can I get you anything -- water, ginger ale -- anything?

Lily: I just want my sisters to be ok.

Erica: Joe is going to make sure of that. Now, listen, I really have to get back to Kendall.

Jack: I understand.

Erica: Ok.

Jack: Yeah. Sweetheart, I really do appreciate your coming to the hospital to support your family. It means the world to me, it does, but I -- I do think it's time you went home.

Lily: No, I -- I want to stay to see if Kendall and her baby are ok and why Ava would take drugs.

Jonathan: Lily? Ava took drugs because she was unhappy because of me.

Josh: Erica, Dr. Delano is the best. Between him and Joe, Kendall couldn't be in better hands, and this hospital has one of the best NICUs in the country -- top-notch, cutting edge all the way.

Erica: Oh, please. Please let them be all right.

Kendall: It's too early. It -- our baby needs more time. Please, tell -- tell him. Zach, tell him.

Zach: Just give her some -- give her some meds.

Dr. Delano: We've administered as much of the tocolytics as we can.

Kendall: Ok, well, then give me something else please, please.

Zach: If the baby's born now, what are his chances?

Dr. Delano: His lungs are not as well developed as we'd hoped. His heart rate's unstable, which means he's not getting enough oxygen. All of this puts him at high risk after delivery. Now, I can't make any promises, but we do have the resources --

Kendall: No, forget it. I am not having this baby until it is safe for it -- ah! Ow!

Ryan: Greenlee? Greenlee, can you hear me? Just -- just say something. Say anything, please.

Young Greenlee's voice: Paddy cake, paddy cake, baker's man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Grandmother, look -- I put my sticks into a shape of a W.

Millicent:: Yes, for Woodruff. Hmm. How clever you are, Greenlee. Oh, if you look at it the other way, it makes an M for Millicent and Mary. Your mommy should be here with you. Mommy and Daddy have left you alone so much, you've learned to play all by yourself. But I promise you one day, you will have a big, beautiful family all your own with children of your own. And when you do, you'll never have to play alone again. Young

Greenlee: Paddy cake, paddy cake, baker's man.

[Millicent: chuckles]

Young Greenlee: Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Paddy cake, paddy cake, baker's man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can.

[Music plays]

Millicent:: Greenlee? Are you all right?

Greenlee: I'm fine. I just, um -- some idiot splashed some champagne in my eye. I'm fine. There.

Millicent:: Well, you left the ballroom before the presentations were over.

Greenlee: Well, I was getting bored of watching everyone try to outbow themselves. I mean, who came up with this debutante thing anyway?

Millicent:: You shouldn't be alone tonight.

Greenlee: I'm not alone. I -- I have you and Grandfather and all my friends -- all two of them.

Millicent:: Your mother and father --

Greenlee: I don't need them.

Millicent:: It was your debut. They should've been the ones to present you.

Greenlee: Well, Grandfather did great. I did great. I came out tonight, Grandmother, but believe me, I am going to do so much more with my life than take some big, stupid bow. And, you know, I'm coming out with a vengeance, and by the end of this summer, I'm going to leave my dead, boring house and get on that plane to California and do the whole college thing. You know, I'll -- I'll rush the best sorority. And I won't be an only child anymore. I'll have sisters -- lots and lots of sisters, and fabulous parties and all the boys will be fighting to date me. Huh. And I'll get into the hardest clubs. Maybe -- maybe I'll even start one of my own.

[Millicent: chuckles]

Greenlee: The Greenlee Society -- only the coolest of cool apply.

Millicent:: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: And then by the end of Christmas break, I'll -- I'll be the summa cum laude queen of campus.

Millicent:: I'm sure you will be. You're so clever.

Greenlee: I don't want to be clever.

Millicent:: What do you want, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I -- I want to be wanted.

Ryan: Greenlee? Greenlee, are you still there? Are -- are you still in the car, Greenlee? Are you -- are you still in Pennsylvania? Where did you take my son?

Jamie: We just have to input the stats, and we're ready to go.

Babe: Are you sure we should keep working on the website?

Krystal: Until that child is safely back in his mama and daddy's arms, I say we don't quit.

Aidan: Ok, thanks. Ryan, we traced the call. We don't have an exact location, but we've narrowed down the area.

Ryan: Let's go -- go, go!

Jonathan: Dr. Joe, how is she?

Joe: We pumped her stomach, she's going to be fine. But we're going to keep her overnight for observation. Now, when she does comes to, she's going to be questioned by the police, and she'll be evaluated by the staff psychiatrist. You can stay, but not too long. She needs her rest.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Babe: Did they find Greenlee?

Tad: Not yet, but the woman at the boathouse turned out to be Ava Benton.

Babe: The face of Fusion -- what a waste.

Tad: She fell in the water, and you're never going to guess who jumped in to save her.

Jamie: Who?

Tad: Adam. The paramedics came, took Ava to the hospital, but Adam refused to go.

[Radio clicks on]

Reporter: An unidentified young woman nearly drowned today when she fell into the river in Memorial Park. Tycoon Adam Chandler was at the scene and reportedly attempted a rescue, but left before he could be questioned by police. In --

[Turns radio off]

[Phone rings]

Adam: Chandler. Oh -- Barry. Yeah -- no, no. Um -- why don't you find yourself another ambulance to chase, buddy? I'm -- I'm fine. No, I'm fine. I don't need a lawyer! I don't need anyone! I don't need anyone!

Krystal: Damn that man. He is just as stubborn as ever. He should've gone to the hospital.

Babe: Are you going to go see him?

Krystal: No. Ornery old man deserves to be alone.

[Phone rings]

Babe: Di, hey. Of course, we'll be right there. Kendall is in active labor.

Jamie: Uh -- we can take my car.

Babe: Ok, you know, Mama, are you sure you're going to be ok?

Krystal: Yeah -- go, go.

Ryan: Spike!

Aidan: Derek? We found Kendall's car. It went off a cliff. It's bad -- it's really bad.

[Monitor beeps]

Joe: He's decelerating.

Dr. Delano: That child is still potentially viable if we act now. If we don't, they have to understand the consequences.

Joe: Yeah. Dr. Delano and I have been reviewing the fetal heart printouts.

Dr. Delano: They show a nonreassuring heart rate tracing.

Zach: What does that mean?

Joe: The baby's in distress. If we don't deliver, he will die.

[Helicopter approaches]

Ryan: Spike!


Ryan: Spike?

EMT: Go over! Stand back, sir! Stand back.

Ryan: My son.

EMT: Yeah. Move, now!

Ryan: That's my son!

EMT: Move -- unresponsive. Come here.

Second EMT: Pulse is weak.

Ryan: Spike, it's ok. Daddy's --

EMT: Airway's intact. Lung seems clear but shallow.

Second EMT: Bilateral contusions to the head.

Aidan: He's going to be.

EMT: Get me a mask and a towel, let's go.

Aidan: It's going to be fine.

EMT: Ma'am? Ma'am, can you hear me?

Second EMT: Does she have a pulse?

First EMT: We got no breath sounds on the left, faint on the right. Pneumo, possible flail chest.

Second EMT: Decompress her.

First EMT: Ok, give me an angiocath. Hang in there, ma'am. It's in.

Second EMT: Stabilize her. We need to transport her. Where's the brace?


EMT: Pupils are sluggish.

Second EMT: Hang in there, kid.

[Helicopter approaches]

Ryan: I love you, Spike. I love you. Don't leave me. Don't leave me!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Zach): What happened to Spike? What did Greenlee do to him?

Joe (to Ryan): Your son's injuries are more severe than we anticipated.

Doctor: Well, he's blue. Get ready -- coming out.

Dr. Delano: Respiratory rate insufficient. We need to intubate.

Kendall: Give me my babies. Give me my babies!

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