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All My Children Transcript Thursday 7/19/07


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Erica: Tomorrow will be the end.

Jack: Yeah, thank God. No more cameras, no more drama.

Erica: No more limbo we've been living in for so long -- not really together, not really apart.

Jack: First thing tomorrow morning, we head for that courthouse, and we file papers to halt our divorce, and then you tell the world that you want nothing more than to remain my wife.

Erica: You think so?

Jack: I hope so.

Tad: What'd I do?

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: Not you, Adam.

Tad: What did Adam do?

Krystal: Oh, a classic Adam Chandler move. He just has to make you ever regret loving him.

Adam: Wonderful! My son is going to make everything right between us. But do you have $100 million in your back pocket? Or how about a time machine, so you can go back to a couple of seconds before you decided to steal my fortune? Oh -- I know -- I know what it is. You've got Zach Slater's bleeding heart in that pocket, don't you? No? Well, then get out. Because nothing can make right what you did to me.

J.R.: Look at you. Look at you -- you're all worked up, and you don't even know the news yet.

Adam: What have you screwed up now?

J.R.: Josh has informed me that Slater's going to be chopping up Chandler Enterprises. Yeah. It's not enough for him to get revenge on you and me. Slater's still out for blood.

Kendall: Had to pick Ava -- dyes her hair, shows up late.

Babe: Yeah, she "was," many, many hours.

Kendall: She's too stubborn to fix her hair. It's too late to hire Lily. You know, it's too bad I couldn't just wrap my hands around her neck and strangler her.

Babe: Isn't Mommy so "silly"? Mommy needs to chill out so Spike chills out.

Kendall: Ah. You know what, Spikey? Babe is right. She's right, you know. Mama didn't really mean that she wanted to pluck every brown hair out of Ava's head.

Babe: Ok, change of plans. Song time. Huh? Song?

Kendall: Song time. Ok, feel free, sing it up. Ahem.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: "Hello."

Babe: "Hello."

Kendall: Hello-lo.

Babe: I called to say that Spike needs some entertainment. So, are you girls ready? Ahem. I said a-boom-chicka-boom

Kendall: Oh --

Greenlee: Yeah, that's fascinating.

Babe: Oh, come on, you girls. Ready? All together -- I said a-boom-chicka-boom

Kendall: Oh, my God. I'm rolling my eyes right now, are you?

Greenlee: Right with you, sister.

Babe: What? You two never worshipped cheerleaders like they were angels on earth?

Greenlee: Sure, we did.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, totally, totally, man.

Babe: All right, then. Well, Spike is fussy, and you two are even fussier, and we need to get this insanely important road trip into gear. Ready, set -- ahem --

Kendall: Ugh!

Babe: I said a-boom-chicka-boom

Kendall and Greenlee: I said a-boom-chicka-boom

Babe: I said a-boom-chicka-boom

Kendall and Greenlee: I said a-boom-chicka-boom

Babe: I said a-boom-chicka rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka-boom

Kendall and Greenlee: I said a-boom-chicka-boom

Babe: I said a-boom-chicka-boom

Kendall and Greenlee: I said a-boom-chicka-boom

Babe: I said a-boom-chicka rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka-boom

Kendall and Greenlee: I said a-boom-chicka-rocka-chicka rocka-chicka-boom

Babe: Uh-huh

Kendall and Greenlee: Uh-huh

Babe: Oh, yeah

Kendall and Greenlee: Oh yeah

Babe: He's asleep.

Kendall and Greenlee: He's asleep

Babe: No, Spike's asleep. We can stop singing.

Kendall: Oh, my goodness. It looks like my little man's going to have a thing for cheerleaders when he grows up.

Greenlee: Yeah, no, I'm going to have to break him of that.

Kendall: Yeah, please. Ok, um, do you guys want to do another cheer?

Babe: No -- I mean, go, fight, win, and stuff, but I'm just going to chill out and listen to some music for a while.

Kendall: Do you hear her? She is completely making fun of our cheerleading ability.

Babe: Oh, stop.

Greenlee: I hear her. The sister's going down.

Kendall: Mm-hmm. You want to hang up?

Greenlee: Do you?

Kendall: Ah -- I can still hang on here.

Greenlee: Ok, me, too.

Kendall: All right. Babe? She's gone. Ah. All right. So, uh, you feeling better?

Greenlee: You mean from earlier, when you gave me that lecture about why Greenlee is so stressed about the launch?

Kendall: No. I mean why you were so freaked out about Spike coming along for the ride. I mean, it makes perfect sense for you to be completely wigged out about your big cosmetic comeback.

Greenlee: Ok, I'm -- I'm stressed, and sometimes I can't help but --

Kendall: I, uh -- keep it clean here, the speaker is on.

Greenlee: Ok. Do you want me to hang up?

Kendall: If you want to. You still there?

Greenlee: You know the thing that I am that starts with a B?

Kendall: Yes.

Greenlee: You used to be one, too, but not anymore, and I -- I kind of hate you for that.

Kendall: I am still a B, a big B deep down. I mean -- well, I hope I am.

Greenlee: Maybe way, way, way down. It's just I come into Fusion, and I pick fights with everybody and I torture Annie, and I bring down the company we love. I'm sorry.

Kendall: And you're just saying that now, because you don't have to say it to my face. Well, that, and Babe can't hear us.

Greenlee: Yes, you're right, absolutely. Am I crazy, or are we still --

Kendall: Are we us again?

Greenlee: Yeah. "Us."

Kendall: Uh -- I don't know. It sure feels like it. I think we are well on our way.

Greenlee: Oh, God, just, um, say something quickly, so I don't get all drippy -- insult me.

Erica: You once turned this place into a dream world of music and twinkle lights.

Jack: Yeah, I sure did, but don't change the subject. You're going through with this divorce?

Erica: Jack, you've always known that I was going through with this divorce. You know, maybe coming here was just a bad idea.

Jack: Yeah, whoa, whoa, whoa. Now, you picked this place, and you didn't choose this because we were friends here. You chose this because we were lovers here.

Erica: It's a gorgeous night.

Jack: What's the matter, Erica? Does the word "lovers" make you a little uncomfortable?

Erica: That time has passed.

Jack: Really? If I were to take you in my arms right now and kiss you a good one, you'd melt.

Erica: Oh, stop, Jack. You still don't get it, do you? You cannot speak for me or think for me or feel for me any longer. Don't you get it yet, that's why I can't be your wife? Maybe I can't be anyone's wife.

Jack: Oh, I get it. I just don't believe it.

Erica: Well, you'll believe it tomorrow.

[Music plays as Erica looks into a camera]

Erica: Do you believe that this divorce is a mistake? You know my vote. Now, cast yours on our website. And, please, join us tomorrow at the courthouse for our very special finale of "The New Divorce." I will finally take this ring off and put it back in your hand.

Jack: Never happen. I have faith in you, in us.

Erica: Oh --

Pam: Cut.

[Music stops]

Pam: Jerry, get that to editing 10 minutes ago.

Jerry: You got it.

Erica: Well, thank you for being such a good sport, Jack.

Jack: Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint my fans, Erica. Pam, George, see you at the courthouse tomorrow.

Pam: Go home, get some sleep. I mean it.

Jack: I promise you I'll be going straight to bed.

[Jack motions to Erica to meet him later]

[Music plays as Ava stands outside The Comeback sadly looking in]

Lily's voice: Ava said that when you were having sex with her, you were really making love to me.

Singers: I'll find me a lover that won't simmer down look like an angel that, well, gets around

Krystal: Adam got his boxers in a bunch -- again. I got pushy, Colby got weepy, and here we are.

Tad: So she's really moving out of the house?

Krystal: Yeah.

Singer: I won't be lonely no more

Tad: Well, I can't say I'm too sorry about it. I mean, you know the way I feel about Adam's place -- the house is no home for a kid, pets, or plants.

Krystal: Hmm. Well, at least plants don't have to feel like their world is caving in around them.

Tad: True enough.

Singer: High and low

Tad: When a parent betrays a child, that's a kind of pain that never leaves you.

Singers: Oh, don't be steppin' on my seventh sign

Krystal: Tad, you -- you made Jenny and me an offer, and, remember, you threw Colby in the mix?

Tad: Yeah, and my offer still stands.

Krystal: Well, on behalf of Jenny -- and Colby and me --

Tad: Wait a minute, go back.

Krystal: I accept.

[Tad stammers]

Tad: You and Jenny and Colby?

Krystal: Yeah.

Tad: Colby?

Krystal: Yeah.

[Krystal chuckles]

Tad: What about Adam?

Krystal: You -- you didn't invite him.

Tad: Oh, baby, let the games begin, oh. Now, you do realize that if you shack up with me, he's never going to forgive you?

Krystal: Uh -- wait, "shack up"? No "shack up." We're just friends, Tad. And listen, if he has an ounce of forgiveness in him, he can shove it right where the sun don't shine.

Tad: I repeat -- are you ok about moving in?

Krystal: You think I want Adam.

Tad: Oh, please -- you want me.

[Krystal groans]

Krystal: You know, you think you know me. But I -- I know Adam, and that man is cruel, and if I can keep him from hurting me or anybody else I love, I'm going to damn well do it -- whatever it takes.

J.R.: I got sucked in. I had to prove that I could take you. I screwed up.

Adam: Yeah, you're only sorry because you failed.

J.R.: I'm sorry about a lot of things. Hell, I'm sorry about most of my life. Ever since I stepped foot back in Pine Valley, the smartest thing that I ever did was join AA, and not drag Babe through court over little Adam.

Adam: So how did "Baby Doll" get in this? See, that's -- that's why you fail -- you don't focus.

J.R.: You are the only one who has a shot at getting this company back. Your blood, sweat, and tears created it. It's you, that's it.

Adam: Really? Well, what does that flash of reality have to do with me now?

J.R.: I quit the board of Chandler today.

Adam: You rotten, little liar.

Pam: We need to get this cut tonight. Good, that's what I want to hear. I promise, after tomorrow, you can actually have a day off.

Jack: Hi.

Erica: Hi.

Jack: You look gorgeous.

Erica: You just saw me.

Jack: No, that doesn't count, that was pretend. This is -- this is real. You're real.

Erica: So are you.

Jack: Hmm. You know, you had me a little worried. You were kind of convincing back then. You do still want to be with me, right?

Erica: Of course, I do, you know I do. It doesn't mean that all our problems are fixed.

Jack: No, no, no, of course not, but I do -- I believe I have a solution.

Erica: You're serving me with papers?

Jack: Well, not papers so much as a nonbinding agreement which I intend to adhere to to the letter.

Erica: I love it when you talk that legal talk to me.

Jack: Oh, don't you just --

Erica: It's just sexy when I hear lawyer talk.

Jack: Come sit on your lawyer daddy's lap. All right, point first -- "I won't presume to know how you think or feel."

Erica: How will you stop yourself?

Jack: Well, if I catch myself, I'll have the good sense to keep my mouth shut. Point two -- ahem -- "I won't ship your luggage to hotels."

Erica: Oh, that was very hurtful.

Jack: I know. "I'll parent with you as a partner, as an equal, as a team."

Erica: I accept.

Jack: Well, you're not off the hook that quick, my dear. Um -- "I propose that you not leave our house to stay at hotels without me."

Erica: I did miss you.

Jack: Oh. And further -- last but not least -- "I propose that under no circumstances ever do you play pool with Tad Martin ever, ever again."

Erica: He was just instructing me. All right, no more pool.

Jack: Good.

Erica: No Barbara.

Jack: No Jeff.

Erica: No Milla.

Jack: No anybody. No anybody but you, ever again. Now, may I kiss the un-bride?

Erica: Hmm, no. There's one more thing. Raise your right hand.

Jack: All right.

Erica: Ok. No matter what our adult children choose to do --

Jack: Ah.

Erica: We will accept their choices. Help them, but not do it for them. Support them, but not allow their needs to come between us.

Jack: Well spoke. Count me in.

Erica: We will not allow our children's needs to crush our love for each other.

[Jack and Erica kiss]

Adam: You wanted Chandler so bad you stole it from me, and now you're not man enough to keep it. You were -- you were supposed to be my eyes and ears. And now it's -- pathetic.

J.R.: That's right, Dad. I'm weak --

Adam: Uh-huh.

J.R.: Pathetic.

Adam: Oh, yeah, "your mother's sensitive heart." If I hear that phrase once again, I'm going to throw up on my shoe.

J.R.: Go ahead, Dad, do it -- gut me, try to cut me deep.

Adam: Ah, why? And watch you cry? No, there's -- there's only so much disappointment a father can take.

J.R.: Well, there you go. J.R., Junior -- a cheap imitation of the real thing. Chandler is nothing without the big man himself.

Adam: Damn right.

J.R.: Yeah. Well, you should've never trusted me with those stocks and that information. Might as well have just taken Chandler to the grave with you.

Adam: Instead of letting it die now?

J.R.: Well, you're the only one worthy of running Chandler.

Adam: Exactly.

J.R.: That's why I'm going to give you all of my Chandler stocks.

Singer: I've been talking to a friend

Tad: What?

Krystal: "You" are so outnumbered, you don't know what you're in for. I tell you, the girls and I should apologize right now.

Tad: I'm outnumbered? Do you have any idea who you're dealing with?

[Tad laughs]

Krystal: What?

Tad: Oh, let's just say more on this later. I have to get on the phone with Marian and talk about house procurement. Excuse me.

Singer: You find yourself believing

Tad: Because I wouldn't want the chick folk to get upset with me -- I got to lay down some ground rules, all right, baby? I don't want you to short-sheet my bed in the middle of the night, ok? No makeovers while I'm asleep. And never, ever, ever substitute my toothpaste with hemorrhoid cream.

Colby: Oh, you're disgusting!

Tad: Moi? And you are a righteous chick. That's all I want to say, ok? Get away from my baby. If anybody wants me, my assistant and I will be in the office.

Krystal: That is the supply room.

Tad: Whatever.

Krystal: See? You've got some good news today after all, right?

[Door closes]

Krystal: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You just turn right back around and leave the same way you came.

Ava: No, I'm here to ask about getting my job back.

Jonathan: So Ava thinks that I still want Lily and not her. And Lily -- well, Lily just knows that the voices in her head are too loud.

Amanda: Well, it's confusing for anyone, but Lily --

Jonathan: You know that we floated our wedding memories away? Right over there, actually. It was supposed to make both of us feel better.

Amanda: Well, you already said that you'll always love Lily. What about Ava?

Jonathan: It seems to me that caring about Ava at this point is going to hurt her and Lily. But there's just something about Ava -- I should walk away.

Amanda: So, why don't you?

Jonathan: I -- it's too late now, ok? I don't know if I can.

Sean: Hey, you're out of your room. This is good.

Lily: My pulse has slowed down, and the noise in my head has decreased.

Sean: Well, do you want to talk about what went down with you and Jonathan?

Lily: I actually want to talk about your hypotheses regarding Erica and my dad. Do you have any proof that they will get back together?

Sean: Well, I saw a video of them together, and they ended up kissing. Erica and Uncle Jack love each other, and I think they're ready to tell the world.

[Door closes]

Jack: Well, looks like my timing couldn't be better.

Lily: Dad, are you and Erica getting back together?

Jack: Well, let me see -- how about I give you a clue, my little detective? Turn around.

Lily: Erica, are you and my dad getting back together?

Erica: We are.

[Sean chuckles]

Sean: What'd I tell you?

Lily: Well, you speculated, this is proof.

Jack: Yep, it's the real thing.

Lily: Well, I'm glad. Why didn't you walk in together?

Jack: Well, honey, just for right now, we're trying to keep this among the family.

Lily: Ok. Does Reggie and Kendall and Bianca and Greenlee know, too?

Erica: Just you two know right now. But tomorrow -- tomorrow your dad and I are going down to the courthouse, and we're going to stop our divorce from going through. And then everyone will know.

Sean: Sweet.

J.R.: You came from Pigeon Hollow. You willed a fiscal 500 company into existence. I grew up in Pine Valley in a mansion. I had everything handed to me, just like you said. So why should I run Chandler Enterprises? Why would I want to? You should run this company. Not Slater, not Madden -- not even me.

Adam: Spare me this nonsense. It's just another harebrained idea, like getting yourself kidnapped.

J.R.: Here. Take it. It's all my shares of stock, in trust for Little Adam in control by you. My seat on the board, dividends -- it's all yours.

Adam: Probably not properly executed.

J.R.: The only one who could yank Slater out of Chandler is you.

Adam: Oh, I -- oh, oh, I see now. You're going to abdicate responsibility, make Slater my problem, when you're to blame?

J.R.: I'm not going to let Slater skate on this. I'm going to fight him -- under the radar.

Adam: This is ridiculous. You're going to be asking me to sign these back to you before sunrise. It's like that inane announcement you made about changing your name? That's bull. You would never give up Chandler, not the company.

J.R.: You gave it up.

Adam: I had to -- to save your life. They gave me no choice.

J.R.: Maybe I'm giving it up to save both of us.

Greenlee: Hey, did I tell you? I got us a hairdresser. She'll be at the hotel suite when we get there.

Kendall: Oh, tell me it's Wendy, please. If you say another name, I will freak out, you know this.

Greenlee: As if I'd let anyone else touch our luxurious locks.

Kendall: Oh, good.

Greenlee: I bet you Annie and Di are there.

Babe: Look who's perky again. Hello. Hi, Spike.

Kendall: Hello, my sweet. My sweet, you're up. Are you ready for a snack? Oh, Babe, can you get him his cereal?

Babe: Yeah.

Kendall: Give him some cereal, that'd be great.

[Babe gasps]

Babe: Want some cereal, buddy?

[Kendall chuckles]

Babe: Oh, my gosh! No, seriously, that is so cute. Don't look --

Kendall: Ok.

Babe: But, really, it is adorable. Have you ever noticed how he does that little nose-squinching thing that you do?

[Spike coos]

Babe: Uh-huh. Yes, you do! You smile like Daddy, don't you?

Kendall: I don't ever squinch my nose.

Babe: You do, but it's really cute. You never noticed that?

Kendall: No.

Babe: I wonder if your new little one's going to do that. How long is it till you're due?

Kendall: Oh, my gosh, like, a little less than four months.

Babe: Four months --

Kendall: Less, yeah.

Babe: A perfect little boy or girl.

[Babe gasps]

Babe: Yay for you and Mommy, huh, Spike?

Kendall: Good boy. He good boy.

Babe: Yes. He good boy.

Kendall: Ah -- oh.

Adam: So you'll save me, save both of us? Delusions of grandeur, when what you are in reality is a traitor -- to me, to your sister, and to your son.

J.R.: I'm doing this for my son.

[Adam chuckles]

J.R.: Damn it, Dad! You're always telling me that I can never live up to your name. Well, you're right. I never will. And my son has your name. He'll never be you, either.

Adam: So you're admitting defeat? Admitting that you are a failure?

J.R.: I'm a failure at being you. And I can give up trying to please you. And you can give up hope that I'll finally turn into you.

Adam: I gave up hoping a long time ago.

Lily: Well, your mouth is up, you're happy.

Erica: I am. Are you?

Lily: I was upset earlier. Because even though Jonathan and I floated away our mementos from our wedding, my feelings are still confusing. Because Jonathan and I will never reunite -- unlike you and my dad.

Sean: Ok, you had your big news.

Jack: Yes.

Sean: Now I have mine. Ava copped to setting me up.

Jack: She did?

Sean: Yes. Oh, no, no, it gets better, it gets better -- Colby's dad put her up to it.

Jack: Adam Chandler put her up to it?

Erica: Lily, I know that you and Jonathan cared about each other very much. And I hope that someday -- someday you are going to feel that happiness again. I've always hoped that for you.

Lily: Well, if you getting back together with my dad is a secret, will your secret be revealed when you move back in?

Jack: Wait a minute, you're -- you're telling me that Adam Chandler put an innocent kid through the meat grinder, gave him a criminal record -- oh, I'll take care of this.

Sean: Ok, I already copped a plea, though, Uncle Jack. You know, I -- I raised my hand and said it was me. Look, the only thing that changed is now we know Ava did it for fun and money.

Jack: Yeah, and now we know that I will be taking care of this. Sean, I have a favor to ask. Could you keep your eye on Lily if I went out for the night?

Sean: Yeah, yeah, no problem, no problem. What, what's -- what's up? You guys got a little party time planned?

Jonathan: I can't help Lily anymore. She doesn't want my help anymore.

Amanda: Well, it sounds like Ava doesn't really want it, either.

Jonathan: Yeah, you're right. She doesn't want it, either.

Amanda: You have got it bad for this girl. Damn, I only rated "friends with benefits," but Ava -- she's got you in a spin.

Jonathan: I was a jerk.

Amanda: You were honest. And it didn't kill me to put someone else first for once, instead of being "crazy Amanda."

Jonathan: I really messed up with you.

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, you really did.

Jonathan: You think I've learned enough not to screw up with her?

Ava: What is everyone's problem?

Colby: You set up Sean because you were jealous.

Ava: Uh, your dad asked me to do it.

Colby: My dad didn't even know you existed, which means you went to him.

Krystal: You figured out a way to stick it to Sean, because he left you high and dry.

Ava: Ok, well, I've moved on. Can we please talk about the job situation?

Krystal: Wait a minute, you hightailed it out of here to become a star. What, did you burn out already?

Ava: It turns out they didn't like my creative choice in hair color.

Krystal: Oh --

Ava: Krystal, you took a chance on me once. Please, please?

Krystal: I can't do it, Ava. You're out of luck.

Ava: Don't do this to me.

Krystal: "Don't do this to you"? You took this job knowing full well what you did to Colby and Sean, and then when things didn't work out at Fusion, you come here, you get plastered, and you trash my pool table!

Ava: You know what? It -- if you give me my job back, I will pay you back -- I'll work for free. That's a good deal. Just take it, please?

Kendall: Spikey, you want to -- you want to sing with Mommy? Why don't we teach Babe "Itsy, Bitsy Spider," huh?

Babe: Oh, really?

Greenlee: With Wendy, did you want to go first?

Babe: Can you teach me, because I don't think I know those words.

Kendall: Wait, what'd you say, Greenlee?

Greenlee: With Wendy, your hair -- did -- did you want to go first?

Kendall: Look at that face. Look at that face!

Greenlee: Oh, you guys, I'm getting another call, I have to go.


Radio caller: Time for kids and family. Career had to come first. Then when it's time --

Radio host: You had nothing.

Radio caller: That's right. I had nothing.

Tad: The famous Ava. Nice to meet you. So you got a plan to get Sean Montgomery off? I assume you do have an idea about how to get him off the hook -- that's why you're here?

Colby: No, she came to ask for her job back.

Ava: I said I was sorry to Colby last time I was here -- would you like me to tattoo it on my forehead? Could I get the job back then?

Krystal: Listen, Ava you get to me, all right? I admit it. I look at you and I see -- let's just say I've known plenty of girls like you. But the fact is you -- you might grow up, you might grow out of this and start behaving, but right now you're just too much damn trouble. You're making life hard for everybody around you, and trust me, sweetheart, life is hard enough as it is.

Ava: Ok, so you're saying no?

Colby: Ooh, who tipped you off?

Ava: You were married to her father, had sex with him, got pregnant with his baby, and then lied to everyone about it, and you moved in with her. And, hey, your dad might be a jerk, but at least he loves you. So you guys want to stand here and judge me?

Adam: You're acting like a child -- again.

J.R.: You know, maybe Tad's right. Maybe this is my tramp steamer.

Adam: That Martin, Tad Martin. Yeah, I should've known. He's put that garbage into your head.

J.R.: When I left town, I was a kid. But I came back a man, and I showed you. I brought a wife back who I knew would make your skin crawl. And I loved her. Maybe not enough back then, but I did. And somehow you fell in love with her mother, and then we both drove it into the ground.

Adam: Revisionist idiocy. They're a couple of adulterous harridans. You have been brainwashed by the cult of Carey. Well, I've had enough of it. And if you want to pretend that your wife didn't betray you, you go right ahead. But don't you dare pretend that my wife didn't betray me.

J.R.: I don't give a damn! That is my point -- I don't care! And that's a hell of a feeling -- to not care.

Adam: So that's it? You just surrender? You're going to lounge around by the pool, let me handle your job at Chandler, keep him from breaking it into pieces?

J.R.: I'll get a job.

Adam: Oh, that'll last.

J.R.: If I screw it up and get fired, I'll have to get another job. But I'm going to do it, just like you did -- on my own.

Adam: Yeah. With a roof over your head and lots of food to eat. What a struggle it'll be for you.

J.R.: Yeah -- that's why I'm moving out.

Erica: I'm home.

Jack: But not for long.

Erica: Oh, I know. I have to go back to my hotel room, I have to keep the illusion alive.

Jack: Not there, either. I've asked Sean to keep his eye on Lily tonight.

Erica: Well, where are you going to be?

Jack: Where am I going to be? I'm going to be with you -- on the last night of our illicit affair, our un-honeymoon, and I promise you, it's going to be a night to remember.

Adam: After you covered for Krystal's lies, I couldn't drag you out of this house. Now you go?

J.R.: Must make you pretty happy.

Adam: Well, just a -- a waste of money for rent -- another foolish choice. I guess you don't even have the business sense I gave you credit for.

J.R.: I'll see you, Dad.

[Door closes]

Krystal: Well, don't hold back. Why don't you tell us how you really feel about us? Here's a tip --

Ava: Ahem.

Krystal: Reaming out the boss is a good way to not get rehired.

Ava: Ok, I get it -- "That's it, you're done."

Krystal: No, that's not it. Here is $200, everything I owe you. Don't come around here anymore, Ava.

Amanda: I pissed you off, didn't I?

Jonathan: I was just thinking that -- the "who are you, who am I" question that Ava asked me once.

Amanda: Did you have an answer?

[Stones make a splash as Jonathan tosses them into the water]

Jonathan: No, I didn't. Not at the time.


Amanda: Oh, I get it -- she might show. I'll head out, then.

Jonathan: No -- you -- you don't have to go.

Amanda: Liar.

Ava's voice: You know what? Don't touch me. Just don't touch me ever, ever again.


Radio host: The alpha girls -- always trying to get ahead, forgetting that at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you do for a living. What matters is who you go home to afterwards.

Greenlee: It's called Fusion, and it's brilliant!

Radio caller: I wanted kids. I swear.

Radio host: You didn't want them badly enough, though, did you?

Greenlee: You don't know. You don't know anything.

[Static as Greenlee changes stations]

Radio spokesman: Our fertility specialists can help make your dreams of a child into a reality.

Kendall: It's just me, your wife. You're probably still stuck in traffic. Why don't you just stay in New York? This way, you can watch me be a fantastic cosmetics mogul, and you can hang out with Spikey. Spikey says hi -- and Babe --

Babe: Hi!

Kendall: And, of course, so does Little X. I love you. Bye.

[Kendall suddenly veers off the road]

Babe: Kendall!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Babe): I don't know what's happening, but I think something may have happened to the baby.

Zach: Kendall? Where are you? Are you all right? What's wrong? Is it -- is it the baby?

Babe (to Zach): We're taking Kendall to Pine Valley Hospital.

Zach (to Ryan): I got to get out of here.

[Zach and Ryan get out of the cab and run to the heliport]

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