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Greenlee: We're not going to lead with "feed your beauty" anymore.

Kendall: You can't change the script.

Annie: No, no, no. She wouldn't do that -- it's too late for changes.

Greenlee: It's the rebirth of Fusion and the launch of Fusion Green. I'm changing the script.

All: No, she's not.

Annie: Oh.

Greenlee: Fusion is not a democracy.

Di: It's a bitchtatorship.

Babe: Shall we go to the lounge?

Annie: No, no, no, no. Di is entitled to her perspective.

Kendall: Can we stop, please? Can we all just relax --

Di: Oh, God.

Kendall: And can we just --

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Hold on, hold on. Ringing. Hmm. Hello? Hi, honey. Uh -- well, yeah, I'm -- I'm good, other than trying to stop a cat fight that's about to occur on the biggest day in Fusion's history. Yeah, yeah, I'm great. No. No, no, no. Honey, you can't be late. No, I'm -- yeah, but -- but the whole Spike handoff. No, I know that Rachael has him, but come on. Oh. All right, I'll tell her. Yes, I love you, too, and Little X loves you. All right. Bye. Ugh.

Annie: Spike -- what happened?

Kendall: Oh -- New York gridlock. Ryan sends his love.

Annie: Through Zach?

Kendall: Yeah. They're not going to be able to make it before we leave.

Annie: Well, Emma's at a sleepover and Rachael's still with Spike, so we're ok.

Babe: And we've checked the material about six times, so we're cool.

Kendall: Great. But unless someone crammed Ava into an overnight bag and didn't tell me, we can't leave.

Greenlee: Miss day/night better get her rear here now.

Ava: Look what you're doing for me.

Lily: You're my sister.

Ava: I mess up everything. You can stop touching me now. I don't want to hurt you. Thank you. You know you're the only person that I've ever really cared about?

Lily: But there are indications that you care about Jonathan.

Ava: The indications are that I am a complete idiot. I don't want to mess this up, I don't want to mess you and me up. I don't want you to ever hurt because of me.

[Doorbell rings]

Lily: I'll deal with the visitor. Ahem. You're here to see Ava, aren't you?

Josh: Why do I get the feeling you're holding out on me? No way is this all you have on Chandler Enterprises.

J.R.: That's it.

Josh: That's it?

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Josh: No wonder Chandler is sinking fast.

J.R.: You know, you're just some sick joke that Slater hired to amuse himself. But me -- my name is on that company.

Josh: Not for long, J.R.

Adam: Colby. Where have you been? I've been calling you. Krystal. Suitcase -- you moving back in?

Krystal: What do you think?

Jonathan: You're right. I am here because of Ava. Is she here?

Lily: Yes, she is and she's very upset.

Jonathan: That's why I'd like to talk to her. I want to try to help her.

Lily: I don't think talking with you would help her feel any better. I've been trying to understand my own feelings, since you told me that you and Ava had sex, and I think she's having trouble interpreting her own feelings about that, too.

Jonathan: I don't know how to talk to you about this, Lily.

Lily: Well, I used to help you with things that you couldn't do -- remember? I can help you now. Ava said that when you were having sex with her, you were really making love to me.

Annie: Di and I could wait for Ava, and you two could get started.

Di: Yeah.

Greenlee: And then what -- we just show up and say, "Fusion Green. Look gorgeous but be irresponsible, difficult, a pain in the rear, late?"

Kendall: Ok, is this about you or Ava?

Annie: Or we could go, and you could all wait here.

Di: Ok, brilliant. Love that, love that idea.

Babe: Oh, I hate you both.

Kendall: Listen, wait a second. If Greenlee and Babe and I are riding together with the materials, Ava has to ride with you guys, so that's it.

Babe: Hey, you two.

Di: Oh.

Kendall: Oh, Rachael, I am so glad you are here.

Rachael: You know, I'm so sorry. I came because --

Kendall: Wait a minute. What's wrong?

Rachael: My mom. She -- she had a stroke, and she is at the emergency room over in Philadelphia.

Kendall: My God, I'm so sorry. Ok, go, go. I have him.

Rachael: Yeah, but you guys have the launch and --

Kendall: No -- you go right now and be with your mother. Ok? Come here, come here. Be ok. Go be with Mom. Ok?

Krystal: I'm not moving myself in. I'm moving Colby out.

Adam: Colby moving out? Why in blazes would you --

Colby: Yeah -- Dad, stop. Ok? Everybody knows why, so stop.

Adam: No, I don't know why. What have you said to her? She's my child -- I won't have you poisoning her mind.

Krystal: Would you stop blustering like a fool, Adam? You know damn well what you did. Ava Benton? Sean Montgomery and those drugs that got that boy a criminal record?

Adam: Oh, you got me. Yeah, that's -- you lost me when you started referring to me as a "fool." I have done nothing to my daughter except love her and protect her.

Krystal: What is so scary about Colby liking a boy? The big, powerful Adam Chandler has to show how tough he is by breaking up a teenage romance, and that nasty work of yours blew up in your daughter's face at her prom. What the hell is wrong with you, Adam? Somebody loves you, somebody cares for you, and you pay them back by breaking their heart.

Josh: You know, you and Adam have jerked each other and the company around so much that Chandler Enterprises is functioning at 72% of its median performance level -- not peak, J.R., median. In layman's terms, you and Daddy blew it.

J.R.: Tell me, Josh -- who's your daddy?

Josh: Grow up, J.R.

J.R.: You know that smile that was on your face the day my dad declared you his son? You were loving it. I knew it was to stick it to me and get closer to Babe, but you must've been psyched to be getting a pretend new father. So whose son are you now? Adam's, Greg Madden's, Jeff Martin's, Zach Slater's?

Josh: You can't mess with my head.

J.R.: It doesn't eat at you? Wait a minute -- don't answer that, because chances are you'd be lying. You know how I'd know? Like father, like son.

Jonathan: Your hair --

Ava: It looks awesome, doesn't it?

Jonathan: It looks --

Ava: And he hates it.

Lily: How do you know? He hasn't even expressed an opinion yet.

Ava: It was Lily's idea.

Lily: Ava said that she wasn't feeling like herself, which was confusing to me, because I don't understand how you could feel like anybody else.

Ava: I'll tell you how -- it's when somebody touches you like you're somebody else, looks at you like you're somebody else.

Lily: She looks more like me, so I suggested that she color her hair to make her feel more comfortable.

Jonathan: What about Fusion? You were so proud and excited. They wanted you as the blonde day model for the launch.

Ava: Yeah, well, I make my own decisions.

Jonathan: Well, they're waiting for you right now. Let me drive you down to the office, and we can talk on the way.

Ava: Like I would ever go anywhere with you ever again.

Annie: No answer at Wildwind.

Di: Not on her cell, either.

Greenlee: Useless.

Kendall: Annie, Di, can you guys go to New York now, get set up? We'll meet you there?

Di: Without Ava?

Babe: We can wait for her.

Di: She might be upset.

Greenlee: Great -- I'll hold her hand and dry her tears.

Di: Leaving now -- great idea.

Annie: But, Kendall, what if you're late? You're the boss.

Greenlee: She's the co-boss. You know, if you wanted to be helpful, you could offer to stay behind and watch your stepson so we don't have to waste time looking for a sitter.

Kendall: We don't need a sitter, ok? Annie is going, things will be fine, and when Ava gets here, we'll leave, and Spike is coming with us.

Greenlee: Oh, like hell he is.

Kendall: What did you just say about my son?

Greenlee: I'm sorry, but he's a baby, not an employee, and we're all going to get distracted.

Kendall: All right, Greenlee, my son is coming with us.

Greenlee: Does anybody care about this launch or should I just go?

Di: We all care --

Annie: And we care about Spike. What is your problem?

Greenlee: My prob-- where the hell is Ava?

Babe: Hey -- hey. You won't have to deal with the baby.

Greenlee: Babe, aren't we done with this conversation?

Babe: Is this because you don't want him around or because you do?

Greenlee: You take one little thing that I said, and you blow it up into something gigantic in your head. Yes, it was really nice to hold Spike, but I let it go. I'm a businesswoman, not some ooey-gooey Mommy type that crumbles every time the baby babbles. Ok? I'm a cosmetics executive, and I'm just trying to keep Fusion from curling up and dying. If we're going to take the baby, we're going to need the car seat, and there's not going to be enough room for all of our other things.

Babe: It's ok. We'll just -- we'll take another car.

Greenlee: Great. Well, then I'm on it. I'll just go alone. It's what I'm used to anyway.

Jonathan: Your hair is beautiful.

Ava: But it's too easy to tell me apart from Lily, right? Kind of blows the whole fantasy, doesn't it?

Lily: That's what I meant before. Ava said that you were making love to me, but that's not possible. I can't be touched, not like that, and I wasn't there.

Jonathan: Ava? Ava, can we please go outside, so I can talk to you?

Ava: Like, in private? Why? I mean, we have all the secrets out -- you already told Lily about us. So now, we're all happy, right?

Lily: But we're not happy, unless that's sarcasm.

Ava: I get it -- you don't want me. Will you just go away?

Jonathan: The look in your eyes right now -- do you remember the other night when I told you about your eyes? When you were trying to figure out why Fusion didn't want you? Your eyes are amazing, and they say so much that you won't. I don't know why because -- because you're angry or you're stubborn, or you're afraid, and you are, Ava.

Ava: You touched me like I was special, like I was some gift that you couldn't believe that you had. Why? Just tell me the truth.

Jonathan: Ava, because I care about you.

Lily: 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, 93, 92, 91, 90.

Josh: I'm doing my job. You need to start doing yours.

J.R.: My father created Chandler Enterprises. He built it with his bare hands.

Josh: Yeah, well, he's doing a damn good job trashing it with your help.

J.R.: This company is my father's life.

Josh: Well, he just traded it for your life, and now it belongs to my boss.

J.R.: Get out.

Josh: You're not in charge anymore, J.R. remember? Is that your resignation? No more Chandlers at Chandler Enterprises? Wow. Company's looking better already.

Adam: I had nothing to do with the drugs in that moron's pocket.

Krystal: Oh. There's this thing in you that just won't quit, won't let Colby grow up, make her own decisions, make her own mistakes.

Adam: Yeah -- my daughter will not be married twice by the time she's Babe's age. And she won't betray her husband with another man like you did and like Babe did. And she is certainly not going to try to pass another man's child off as her husband's. Where would you and your child be right now if you hadn't been forced to confess?

Krystal: You know damn well. Her name would be Charlotte, and she'd probably be in your arms.

Adam: Yeah. Then you have the nerve to question how I raise my daughter?

Krystal: I thank God I confessed. Thank God you can't hurt Jenny anymore, and I pray to God that Colby has enough sense to stay away from you so that you can't hurt her again.

[Colby sighs]

Colby: I'm ready.

Adam: Sweetheart, I -- I remember the last time you declared that you were leaving. Two days later, you were back again, where you belong -- right here. I'm your father.

Colby: I don't know if you are.

Adam: I love you, Colby. That will never change.

Colby: Dad, I remember running in here when I was a little girl to sit on your lap when you used to read the paper. I would pretend that I could read it and tell you all the stories that I made up.

Adam: You were a very clever child.

Colby: I used to tell you stories in my head after Mom took me away. I was convinced that you still loved me and that's why I came back. And no matter what Mom said about you or what you had done, I knew things would be better once I came back with you.

Adam: You were right.

Colby: Yeah, and Mom was right about the things you do, but I was ok with it when I first got here because I wanted to be a Chandler. I wanted to be just like you. And after all the things that I did, especially the -- when I lied about Josh --was ok

Adam: It was a mistake. You're young.

Colby: It was being a Chandler. And it makes me sick to think about it now, ashamed. Aren't you ever ashamed of the things you do?

Adam: Huh. I -- I remember the stories, I remember the chair, sitting on my lap. I -- when you finally came back to me, I had missed you for so, so long. I would've gladly stolen three cars if it would bring me back to be with you. Yeah -- be proud of it. My flaws, my mistakes -- yes, I've made some. And I do regret some of them. But no matter what you think I've done, I have cherished you since the moment you were born. You are my child.

Colby: Yes, and J.R. is your child, too. You say he's the bad child and then you treat him like the golden child and then all of a sudden, he's the bad child again.

Adam: Yeah, well, regardless of all the things that J.R. and I have been through, he is still here. He's in this house, under my roof, where we all belong.

Colby: I can't. I just can't.

Adam: You're the only one I can count on.

Colby: But I can't count on you. And how do you expect me to live here when I am so scared that you might end up hurting me again?

Tad: Hey. Have a seat. I'll get you some decaf. God knows you sounded wired enough on the phone. What's up?

J.R.: My life is exploding.

Tad: Is it one big explosion or several little ones?

J.R.: I was just summoned over to my house -- which technically isn't mine anymore -- by my wife's ex-lover -- although she's no longer my wife, and he's no longer her ex-lover -- and questioned me about destroying Chandler Enterprises, which actually isn't mine anymore, either.

Tad: Define "destroy."

J.R.: Oh, you know, strip it down, sell it for parts? Your basic chop shop deal. In a few easy moves, Chandler will be no more.

Ava: Lily, Lily, I'm really sorry.

Lily: 39 --

Ava: Look, Jon -- Jon's actually leaving right now.

Lily: 37, 36 --

Jonathan: Come with me, please, so we can talk?

Ava: No. Look at her -- she's upset, and I just told her that I would never upset her.

Jonathan: And so are you.

Ava: I don't care. I can take care of myself.

Lily: And I can take care of myself, too. We've established that there is a logical reason why you two would be attracted to each other, but there's noise in my head anyway, so I'm going to go to my room.

Ava: Go ahead. I know you want to go after her -- play hero and protect her. Just go, Jon. Save the woman that you really want.

Kendall: You two, go. Go now, please? Go early, just get a head start and -- and be -- be savvy, be professional, and make them fall in love with us before the launch even begins. Can you do it?

Greenlee: But not savvy and professional enough to tell them why we have our offspring.

Di: Save yourself -- come with us. Could be dangerous here.

Babe: I was a Chandler. I can handle it.

Kendall: Ok, run, you guys. Please, I need you to go fast.

Di: All right.

Kendall: Ok, good, good, good.

Di: I got the press kit.

Babe: Call me -- ok. Did you forget anything? I'll grab it.

Annie: I'm taking the test strips, too.

Kendall: Ok, all right, go, you guys, be careful.

Di: All right, bye!

Kendall: All right, thank you. Ok, um -- Babe, can you do me a favor and grab some water bottles for the ride?

Babe: And take my time doing it? Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: If you want to lecture me in private, don't bother.

Kendall: You're being a bitch.

Greenlee: Oh. That's big news.

Kendall: You insulting me and my son, acting all weird and twitchy? I know why, Greenlee, and you better cop to it right now, or we don't have a chance in hell.

Ava: Why aren't you running after her? Why don't you go talk her down? Why don't you go sweep her into your arms? Oh, wait, you can't do that, can you, because she'll scream bloody murder. That's where I come in -- whoa, lucky me.

Jonathan: Ava, would you look around? Because I'm here with you right now -- I didn't go after Lily, and I'm not going to. And you think that last night was about Lily, but it wasn't. I know how different you and Lily are.

Ava: Is that some kind of a joke?

Jonathan: You're fiery and loud. You're pushy, but you're really soft. You're scared, but you're gutsy, and when I touch you, Ava, I know exactly who I'm touching. Ava --

Ava: You know what? Don't touch me. Just don't touch me ever, ever again.

Colby: You might not care who you hurt, but I do.

Adam: Huh.

Colby: And I care deeply about Sean.

Adam: That boy stayed in my home, in my daughter's bedroom, without my knowledge. And then he had sex with that tramp without your knowledge. Now, exactly why should I be caring about what happens to him?

Colby: You know, Dad, when you gave away Jenny or tried to give away Jenny, I hated the fact that you were my father, because I knew that there was something wrong with your heart when that happened, that there was a missing piece or something. I wanted to leave, but I realized that -- I realized that I had to come home, because I didn't want to see you die alone.

Adam: And I am so grateful that you did that. You were my saving grace. You still are.

Colby: Please, Dad, don't. I can't -- I can't be here.

Krystal: All right, that's enough. Adam, leave her be.

Adam: Yes, well, you'll be back, same as last time. Nothing's changed. You'll regret having chosen them over your family.

[Door closes]

Adam: You are a virus. You and your daughter are a contagion that has been inflicted on my family. And now you're stealing my daughter. Another body for your clown car you call home.

Krystal: Oh, didn't I tell you, Adam? Colby and Jenny and I are moving in with Tad.

Tad: You screwed up, bigtime. Nobody's going to argue that point. But part of the reason you did it is because you got an itch in the back of your brain that your father put there, and the only way you can scratch it is by doing the kind of screwed-up things that he does. That's changing, and I, for one, am glad to see it, because a year ago if this had happened, you would be plotting revenge. You'd be screaming about Josh right now, making insults, screaming obscenities. Now --

J.R.: I threw down some papers and basically said, "I quit."

Tad: You quit Chandler?

J.R.: I think so.

Tad: Oh, kiddo. That's the best news yet. Why -- why didn't you say so in the first place? I could kiss you.

J.R.: Huh.

Tad: Hell, I should buy you a hamburger with sparklers on it.

J.R.: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I just threw away my life. Let's have a party.

Tad: No, no, no, no, not at all. You are loosening the grip that that company has on you. You're loosening the grip your father has on you -- that's big stuff.

J.R.: I blew off the guy who hired the guy to run my company. I should be kicking his ass up one side and down the other.

Tad: No -- hey, hey -- now, what's that going to get you? Man, you're just going around the bowl all over again, aren't you? Yeah, it's going to get you more revenge and more payback and eventually, you're going to end up fighting with Adam and then against him and then with him again? Don't you ever get tired of that? Don't you ever want more for your life? Don't you want more for your son's life?

J.R.: Babe's already afraid of that --

Tad: Yeah, you bet she is.

J.R.: That I'm going to turn into my father, and Little Adam will turn into me.

Tad: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that's not going to happen. I know. But you're just as much my son as you're Adam's -- I raised you. You're half Dixie, you know? You may be able to sit in a boardroom with a tie on, rub elbows with the biggest of them, but as far as I'm concerned, you've got her heart, you got her soul -- that's probably why you freaked out in the first place.

J.R.: And may have quit the board.

Tad: And what if you did? J.R., don't you see? This is your tramp steamer all over again. It's your ticket out -- hmm? You could say good-bye to your father, say goodbye to the company. You could take off all over again, except this time, you don't have to leave Pine Valley.

J.R.: Until I pay back my father, I can't do anything.

Jonathan: Sean? It's Jonathan -- hey. Listen, I was just at your place and -- it's Lily. No, she's in her room, she's upset. I can't, ok? Not anymore. It needs to be you. All right, thanks, Sean.

Amanda: I can tell I'm going to hate this.

Jonathan: Yeah, you are. Lily's upset.

Amanda: Because you're shacking up with her big sister -- big surprise. You don't want to hear what I have to say.

Jonathan: Yes, I do want to hear what you have to say. Amanda -- I want to spend time with her. I -- I do. Don't -- I want to get to know her.

Amanda: Naked. You want to get to know her naked.

Jonathan: Naked -- stop it, Amanda. I care about her. My only concern, my worry --

Amanda: Stop, Jonathan, ok? You knew that Ava was bad news, and you wanted her anyway. Bad news and Lily's sister -- that would be double bad news.

Jonathan: I tried not to fall for her.

Amanda: But you did. I know -- it sucks.

Jonathan: And trying to -- to get out of it or to pull back is just --

Amanda: Huh. Yeah, that works. In the end, you just care more.

Greenlee: I'm not weirded out or -- or wound up. I'm just -- I'm a professional.

Kendall: Stop, ok, Greenlee. I know you. You're acting like this, because you're scared.

Greenlee: I am?

Kendall: You're scared, because you think you have to prove yourself, make up for all the time that you were gone. I mean, this -- this concept launch is your grand entrance back into the business world and -- and if the press and the media don't instantly fall at your feet, you're convinced it means that you're a failure.

Greenlee: Yeah. You're right. I am scared.

Kendall: Oh, don't be, Greenlee. Come on. You're the queen, for God's sakes. You're a goddess.

Greenlee: Ok, this is sick. You shouldn't be feeding my ego right now.

Kendall: Ok, well, I also have my selfish motives, too. I need you.

Greenlee: Yeah -- liar.

Kendall: Oh. I am not about to grovel here.

Greenlee: You were fine without me, you and Fusion both. If anything, I was a mess without you.

Kendall: Do you want to ride with me and Spike?

Greenlee: You know what? Um -- no, because I'm -- I'm just -- I'm a bad influence and I'll do and say things that no child should hear. You go with Babe and I'll go with Ava, you know? I'll torment her the whole way to New York. It'll be fun, if she ever gets her skinny little, bony little --

Ava: Did I hear my name? Well, here I am, the one and only Lily look-alike that you all know and love.

Greenlee: What did you do to your hair?

Ava: What -- doesn't it just scream "Fusion Fashionista?" Don't you love it? I mean, it's very, very Fusion night.

Kendall: It's very wrong.

Greenlee: I told you she didn't give a damn about this job.

Babe: Well, we could wig her, right?

Kendall: Or we could dye her hair blonde, yeah.

Ava: No, no! You're not touching my hair.

Greenlee: We bought you and your hair. It belongs to us.

Ava: Get over yourself. So what -- my hair's brown. You got your Fusion night -- isn't that what you wanted?

Kendall: We needed day -- I told you that.

Greenlee: Over and over.

Kendall: I told you that we needed day.

Ava: Come on -- women want guys to want them, to touch them, to love them. Women want to be like me.

Greenlee: So, what is this -- all guys want you?

Ava: Not all. Guess what -- you got me there. Are we hitting the road now, or what? Come on.

Babe: Will you please just let us fix your hair?

Ava: No, baby, take me as I am.

Kendall: Oh, God, like hell. Honey, you're the talent, we're the clients. Talent never dictates to the client.

Ava: Well, you promised the cosmetics industry a new supermodel.

Kendall: Well, we already have your pictures. They don't talk back or act like idiots. You're fired.

Ava: Are you serious?

Greenlee: Yes. You've wasted enough of our time -- go!

Babe: Oh -- bad, very, very bad.

Greenlee: No model and a baby. We got to call this mess off.

Adam: You and my daughter, and Martin?

Krystal: Well, like you said, there's not enough room in that condo, and Tad deserves to be with his child.

Adam: "His child"? You mean the one you tried to give to me?

Krystal: Well, it's not easy, Adam, but Tad understands the concept of forgiveness.

Adam: Is that why he keeps trying to steal my children?

Krystal: This isn't about you, Adam! Oh -- after -- after everything Colby said, the way she just poured her heart out to you, and you still think this is about you. Oh. You know, she's right. She is. There is some part missing in your heart, the part that -- that gives a damn about other people. You just -- you just don't have it in you.

[Door closes]

Tad: J.R., this payback we're talking about -- it's just 100 million, right? Or are we talking about payback as in all-out war, take no prisoners?

J.R.: Either way, Little Adam is going to end up hearing about it. He's going to ask me about it, if I'm not too much of a jerk that he's afraid to talk to me. And then he's going to grow up, and then he's going to have kids.

Tad: This is good, rational thinking, and I love hearing it, because I love you. Now, Adam may be worried about his son. I'm worried about mine. And right now, I see those gears spinning, and God help me, it's frightening.

J.R.: It's not too late for me, right?

Tad: Now you really are frightening me. Congratulations, well done. Hmm.

J.R.: It's not too late for me or Little Adam. Hell, it might not even be too late for my father.

Tad: Other than jousting with windmills, what do you -- what do you plan to do?

Greenlee: This has failure written all over it.

Kendall: Um -- Babe, can you grab his diaper bag?

Babe: Yeah, got it. I'll grab the laptop, too.

Greenlee: Ava's hair was an omen. Dark and dingy -- that's an omen.

Kendall: Oh, Zach, hey. Uh -- when you finally get this message and get out of traffic, I have Spike. I am taking him to New York with us, but don't worry. It'll all be fine.

Greenlee: Oh, God, this is terrible.

Kendall: It will all be fine, ok? Come on. Let's get out of here. All right? Ready, monkey? Ok. It'll all be fine.

Greenlee: This is wrong. I feel it.

[Ava eavesdrops on the conversation at the boathouse]

Amanda: I tried to warn you about Ava.

Jonathan: Are you seriously going to give me the "I told you so" speech right now?

Amanda: You've loved Lily. You loved her so much you were going to let the world think that you were impaired. Can you honestly say that you don't love Lily anymore?

Jonathan: No, I can't. I'm going to always love Lily [Ava leaves] -- just not as a husband. Ava's -- Ava's different. Ava's special, and it's not because of what she looks like.

Amanda: You know, I have fallen for the wrong person more than once in my life. And the trouble is part of what makes them so wrong is what makes them feel right.

[Krystal glumly watches Colby rocking Jenny]

Tad: Something I said?

Adam: Ah -- huh. J.R., have you come by to regale me with news of your latest attempt to recoup my fortune?

J.R.: I've come to make things right with you, once and for all.

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