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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 7/17/07


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Erica: You don't think that all the onlookers made the wraparounds look chaotic?

Pam: You were playful, gracious. You made it work.

Erica: Oh, good. Ok. Who am I to argue?

[Erica laughs]

Erica: Listen, would you be a doll and take this back to the studio? Leave it for me, all right?

Pam: Where are you off to? Another prereconciliation with your man?

Erica: Look, just finish the script, ok, so Jack can approve it, because I don't know how much longer we can keep this up.

Pam: I'm on it.

Winifred: Ok. Let's play ball. Come on, we're going to play ball, all right?

Erica: Hi, it's me. Call me, ok?

Krystal: This is going to be fun.

Winifred: You want this one? Here you go. You have it.

Erica: Krystal --

Winifred: There you go, right there. Come and see --

Krystal: Erica.

Winifred: You want to throw it to me right here?

Erica: Well, I'd say what a pleasant surprise, but even you would see right through that, wouldn't you?

Krystal: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Di: Ava -- Ava, Ava, answer the damn phone.

Ava's voice: Hey, want me? Tell me about it and maybe I'll get back to you.

[Answering machine beeps]

Di: Ava, it's Di again. Um -- please call me. Where -- where were you last night? Where were you -- where are you now? If something awful's happened, please, for God's sakes, give me a call. But if not, get your ass in gear and get over here. You're blowing your big chance.

Babe: I'm the perfect one.

Greenlee: Oh! Yeah, I'm sure you are.

Amanda: I didn't get enough beauty sleep.

Di: Oh -- hi.

Kendall: Greenlee, didn't we drop all the negativity last night?

Greenlee: Yes, we did. Except our model -- and not just any model, but the face of Fusion Green -- she's invisible.

Kendall: No, she's not invisible, she's -- she's missing, and we will find her. Because if we don't, I will hunt her down and strangle her myself.

Di: I'm sure just -- she's excited.

Babe: I don't know -- she was pretty emotional at the shoot.

Greenlee: I don't know -- we had to spoon-feed her everything. She was hopeless and useless.

Annie: Ava is fresh, young, and hip. She's exactly what we need for Fusion Green.

Greenlee: Oh, thank you, because I'd completely forgotten my product concept.

Kendall: Ok, you guys, stop. We're going to be good, ok? We will triumph. We'll be great.

Annie: Of course, we will.

Di: You know what? You know what I bet happened? When she went home to take her power nap, I bet Ava just -- she was so zonked, she fell asleep and hasn't woken up, you know?

Babe: What, she just turned her phone off, though?

Di: Yeah, so nobody would wake her up.

Amanda: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, she's just snoozing. And -- which is great, because then she's going to come in looking all fresh and rested.

[Bottle shatters as Ava wakes up on a pool table]

Erica: Fine, we can just reschedule the editing session.

Krystal: Here you go.

Winifred: Whoa!

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: Why she wants to talk to me, God only knows. But just play out of earshot, just to be sure, ok?

Winifred: Let's go.

Krystal: Have fun.

Winifred: Come on. Yeah.

Krystal: So, Erica, you must be really pretty busy with your newest divorce. Your -- your "New Divorce." Hmm.

Erica: Oh, you've been watching?

Krystal: Oh -- wouldn't miss it.

Erica: Well, I detect a note of sarcasm, which is really too bad, because you could use some pointers with Adam.

Krystal: I studied your performance with Tad close up at The Comeback, and I caught Jack's reaction, so I -- I think that's enough.

Erica: So this hostility -- it's because I'm seeing Tad?

Krystal: Oh -- you're not seeing Tad. Come on, he's helping you out as a friend to get back at Jack. Now, that just sounds like the same old brand of divorce to me. There's nothing new about that.

Erica: Well, you know nothing about my relationship.

Krystal: Everybody knows everything, Erica. You scream it to the whole world.

Erica: Is Jack confiding in you, the way Adam is confiding in me?

Krystal: Wait a minute -- Adam is talking to you about me?

Erica: Tell me, Krystal, was it all about marrying up? Getting close to all that power and wealth? Or did you ever really have one true human feeling for poor Adam?

Krystal: Who the hell is "poor Adam"? How many times were you married to Adam, Erica? And you want to criticize me?

Erica: I didn't break his heart.

Sean: Hey, Lily. So, you have the day off, right?

Lily: Yes.

[Sean chuckles]

Sean: Well, then stop working. Go out, have fun.

Lily: This isn't work, it's research, and what's fun for normal people isn't fun for me. Like sex. So Jonathan and Ava had sex. Have you ever had sex? Well, if you haven't, there's a 92% chance that you will.

Sean: You're playing online Sex Ed?

Lily: Look at this chart. These two lines account for various types of sexual activity. By the age of 18, 72% of males studied had sex. Between the ages of 22 and 24, that percentage jumps to 92%.

Sean: Yeah, sometimes guys lie.

Lily: According to the chart, normal people --

Sean: Well, hey, who said these people are normal?

Lily: Normal people can touch and be touched. Sex requires touch.

Sean: You're upset about Ava and Jonathan.

Lily: According to my research, there's no logical reason to be upset. There is logical reason that they would want to be together, and a logical reason why they would have sex. So logically, I should be completely fine with it.

Sean: But you're not.

Lily: I am -- 66% of the time.

[Colby sighs when she finds Ava asleep at The Comeback, then pours beer on her face]

Ava: Hey! Hey, what's your problem? That's a bad wake-up call.

Colby: You know, I thought I was employee of the month. But wow! You sleep here. You win.

Ava: Hey, you want to join me for breakfast? Warm and stale, just the way I like it.

Colby: Sean wants you? I gave him "way" too much credit. He can have you.

Ava: You are so wrong, again.

Colby: Who cares? He's yours.

Ava: I don't want him. And even if I did, I wouldn't let you say a damn thing about it. I'd just take him.

Colby: Huh --

Ava: Yeah, go ahead and call Sean.

Colby: I'm calling Krystal.

Ava: Oh, why? Did I drool on the pool table? Call the FBI. Don't panic, princess. I'm going to pay my tab.

[Colby sighs]

Ava: What does Sean see in you, anyway? I mean, he's a decent guy.

Colby: Yeah, yeah. You'll cure that.

Ava: You are such a Paris. You come to town all bad-ass. Stealing cars and wrecking yachts. That's what I heard. That's such crap, though. You are so wound up. You're, like, already an old lady. Why does Sean even like you?

Colby: Yeah, if Sean wants to do you, fine. Then I'm out of that picture.

Ava: Ok, Sean and I on the beach -- we're friends. Get it? Friends!

Colby: You know, the only kind of friend that you could be to a guy is a friend with benefits.

Ava: Oh, my God, you're so right. I'm all about sex, always. I don't care who it is. I just love it. Don't care what he has, where he lives. He'll never forget me, because I'm so damn good.

Colby: Sex isn't love.

Ava: Oh, my God, it's not?

Colby: Yeah.

Ava: I ruined my whole life? What do you think, Colby, that I want love?

Colby: You are one brainless ho.

Ava: All right, then leave me alone, let me get back to my breakfast.

Colby: You know, that is one sad face of Fusion.

Ava: Right. Fusion. Fusion, Fusion, Fusion. Like some guys -- they want a girl that they can't have -- Lily. So sweet, so virginal, so lovely. Can't have the real thing? Hey, take the cheap knockoff. The "I can't believe it's not Lily" low-cost spread. You know, I was feeling weird about everyone wanting me to be her last night. Sean was being all sympathetic, not all over me. He likes you, Colby. Can't you get that? Don't be an idiot. You're so lucky that Sean even cares.

Colby: Ava, what's really going on? Because you're being, like, sort of nice in a real obnoxious way.

Ava: I owe Sean a favor.

Colby: What, because he used you and then dumped you? Makes sense. Now, what's really going on?

Kendall: Call us if you need anything.

Di: Ok.

Amanda: Ok, are you checking Wildwind first? Ava and Jonathan's room?

Di: Yeah. I think he's got something to do with our missing model.

Babe: Yes, I -- I didn't handle this, but I am looking at a scan of the contract right now. I see there's -- there's price, there's units, but there's nothing about advance payment. Yes, but -- if it's not in the contract, how could we pay? Would you mind holding for one moment, please? Thank you. It's Herb Cordrey.

Kendall: Oh. Give me the phone.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: Herb, hey, it's Kendall Hart-Slater. Um -- hi. Ok, what -- what did we miss?

Babe: Nothing. It's not in there.

Kendall: Uh-huh. Right, ok. I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry. Was it in the fine print?

Babe: Look at this -- page one, two, three -- look at them all. There's nothing about prepayment.

Kendall: You heard what about Fusion? What, financial problems? Ok, if we were in trouble, would we go through all of the expenses of the Fusion Green launch?

Annie: Yes.

Rachael: I need to make Spike's breakfast.

Greenlee: Guys, give me the phone, let me handle this.

Kendall: No, no, no -- stop, stop, stop. Herb, you know what? That -- that could not be farther from the truth, ok? Now, if you are worried, you do have our product and our order in your warehouse ready to be shipped, right?

Rachael: He's hungry.

Annie: What good would that do?

Greenlee: Give him a croissant.

Rachael: I can't do that. Would you --

Greenlee: No, I -- I -- I can't. I --

Babe: Ok, here, look. Look, look -- they're -- they're -- they're in Queens. It's across the river from Manhattan -- we go by. We pick up and --

Annie: You know what, Rachael? I'll take him. I'll take him. Come here. Oh, that's a good boy now, huh? Are you giving Rachael a hard time about your breakfast? Huh?

Krystal: I'll admit I have made my share of mistakes.

Erica: You robbed him of his pride, of his self-respect.

Krystal: You want to talk about robbed? Adam stole my baby. I didn't know if she was alive or dead.

Erica: Do you not hear yourself? Do you not realize how perfect you are for Adam? Miranda, Bianca, your daughter, you covering for her.

Krystal: Babe and Bianca have made peace with that.

Erica: Ok, look, I'm just going to cut to the chase with you, Krystal. It is time for you to admit that you have two sets of standards. One very high for Adam, one very low for yourself. You know, maybe I should have helped Adam put you in jail for insurance fraud, but I didn't. And now, you have a chance to shape up and do the right thing. If you love Adam, stop being such a fool. Ok, I've got to go. Watch my show. You need it.

Krystal: I guess you just have to be born that way.

Kendall: I can messenger a cashier's check the second we arrive in new York. Yes. Ok, and then you'll release our product?

Annie: I know. I know.

Kendall: Ok -- play the -- the tickle game. He loves the tickle game. Do that.

Annie: Oh -- oh, that's right. [British accent] Spike, Dr. Feel Better is in. Huh? The toe bone is connected to the --

[Annie gasps]

Annie: Foot bone.

Kendall: Ok, check with him, please, I'll hold.

Annie: The foot bone's connected to the anklebone. The anklebone is connected to the shinbone. The shinbone's connected to the thighbone. The thighbone's connected to the backbone.

[Annie laughs]

Annie: Oh, Spike, have you met my associate? Huh? My associate, Dr. Hoo-rah? Have you met her yet? [Normal voice] Um -- I could really use some help. This is a very serious case.

Kendall: Please, keep him busy, keep him busy.

Annie: Would you like to help us over here, please?

Kendall: Yes, Herb, put him on.

Greenlee: Uh -- no, it's ok. You've got it covered. It's fine.

Annie: Oh, Emma used to "love" this game. She loves to play it with Spike, too. It works best with a stuffed animal, but, you know -- yeah. [British accent] Ok, where were we? Here we go. The backbone is connected to the best spot of all -- the rib bones! Yes. Oh, that's a good boy.

Babe: Hey -- I have to run and I have to say good-bye to Mama and Little A. Can you tell Kendall that she's a goddess for handling Herbie for me? Thanks.

Colby: You and Sean are still having sex, huh?

Ava: Oh, my God -- are you this stupid, because your daddy makes all your decisions for you? Runs your cushy little life?

Colby: My dad does not run me.

Ava: Right. So much you know, sweetheart.

Colby: Ok, listen, you don't know anything about my dad.

Ava: Ok, I worked for the man. What? You think some random guy just put those pills in Sean's pocket?

Colby: You did it?

Ava: Yeah. Guess your dad's too big to do his own dirty work, so I set Sean up.

Sean: I knew you did it.

Ava: Ok, but you didn't know that I did it for Colby's dad, right?

Sean: I could have gone to prison.

Ava: He offered me money. What do you expect me to do? Oh, and PS -- he did not pay me enough.

Colby: Hmm.

Ava: You can't just use somebody and then not get payback, especially when that somebody is me.

Sean: I get it.

Ava: You know what? I would say I'm sorry, but what's the difference?

Colby: You know what, Ava? You need to tell the police and get it off Sean's record.

Ava: Ok, I'll do that. It's been bizarre.

Sean: No, Ava, wait.

Ava: Ok, I know that I'm a horrible person, and I've ruined your little summer, or life, or whatever.

Sean: You know, Lily knows you slept with Jonathan. She's having trouble with it. A lot of trouble.

[Ava runs out of the bar]

Sean: Are you ok?

Colby: Ava put those drugs in your pocket for revenge.

Sean: And a paycheck.

Colby: Yeah, well, that's her story. Like I should take her word, about my own dad?

Babe: Mama?

Krystal: Oh. Hey, where'd you come from?

Babe: You didn't even hear me say "Hey." You thinking deep thoughts?

Krystal: No, just planning my next ginormous mistake.

Kendall: Can you guarantee that? Because the company will not release our order until we have the transfer down.

Greenlee: No, into the electronic deposit. Just call, e-mail, fax -- whatever, and then call me.

Kendall: All right. Done deal, thank you.

Greenlee: Thank you so much. As soon as you get it.

Kendall: All right. Guess what, Spike-man -- Mommy and Greenlee saved the day again. Yes, we did, we did, we did. Yeah!

Annie: Ooh, a wire transfer. Aren't they smart?

Kendall: Yeah, we're so smart.

Annie: Yes.

[Annie laughs]

Annie: Yes.

Kendall: Um -- you know what? Why don't we give Annie a break? This way, you can pack.

Annie: Right. Thanks.

Greenlee: No, I -- I don't know.

Kendall: Yes, Greenlee, come on. Please? I need to check the -- the e-mail from our PR firm. Oh, come on, he's got his truck and everything.

[Kendall giggles]

Greenlee: Ok.

Kendall: Here.

[Spike babbles]

Kendall: Yeah, you know her?

Greenlee: Oh, do you want the truck?

Kendall: Oh, see? There you go. That's good.

Greenlee: Hello. Hello.

Kendall: Ok.

Greenlee: Hi. Are you sure?

Kendall: Yep.

Greenlee: Do you want to go play with the truck? Do you want to -- Spike? Hi. Hi, look, it's your truck.

[Doorbell rings]

Greenlee: It's your truck, Spike.

Rachael: I'll get it.

Greenlee: Can I get you to sit down, huh?

Kendall: That better be our missing model.

Erica: Kendall. What on earth is that woman doing holding Spike? Kendall, she filed a custody suit to try to get your baby away from you. Are you telling me you're just handing him over?

Kendall: No, you know that Greenlee dropped the suit.

Erica: Oh, great -- so now you reward her with a play date with your baby?

Kendall: Mother, don't -- I mean it.

Erica: Do you really think that I would cause unpleasantness?

Kendall: Listen, Greenlee and I are finally getting back to normal.

Erica: Are you out of your mind? Greenlee is a boa constrictor, and you're letting her play with your baby?

Kendall: We're -- we're getting along now, ok? We're all -- we're all getting along now.

Erica: Annie, hi.

Annie: Hi.

Erica: Oh, you look great. I love your outfit -- hi. How are you?

Annie: Surprised.

[Erica chuckles]

Erica: Oh, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Oh, Erica. Are you having fun?

[Spike babbles]

Greenlee: Oh, yes, you are.

Erica: He said "uh-uh." I think he's pretty bored and he looks a little frightened to me.

Greenlee: No, he's having a great time playing with me.

Kendall: Ok, Mother, let's go outside.

Erica: He's miserable. Look, it's nothing personal. It's just that Spike -- he doesn't like strangers very much.

Greenlee: Well, then thank goodness there are none around.

Erica: Well, not to Spike -- that's not true. Come here, sweetheart. Oh, isn't that better? Oh, yes. Hello, handsome boy. Yeah, aren't we so much happier now?

[Ava sighs as she impatiently rings Lily's doorbell]

Ava: Come on, Lily. [Ava coughs]

[Doorbell rings]

Ava: Jonathan and I slept together.

Lily: You had sex.

Ava: Jonathan made love, but not to me. Jonathan made love to you, Lily.

Jonathan: Ava, where are you? Call me, I want to talk to you before you go to New York. Ok?

Di: Where's Ava?

Jonathan: You don't know?

Di: No, she didn't show up at Kendall's last night.

Jonathan: Yeah, well, I don't know. She's not answering her phone.

Di: Yeah, tell me about it. Jonathan, I hope she's ok. When's the last time you heard from her?

Jonathan: Last night, when I saw her after all of this. She came home.

Di: Ok, did she seem ok then?

Jonathan: Yeah, um, I thought so.

Di: Did you say anything to her? I mean, you -- you guys got in a fight or something?

Jonathan: Did I what? No, Di, no fight. It was actually just the opposite. I mean, she came home, and she looked so beautiful, and I don't know. Ava and I connected on a whole new level -- it was amazing. And then I -- I wake up a little time later, and she's gone.

Di: No note or anything?

Jonathan: No, and I don't have no idea what I did.

Di: Ava shows up looking like Lily -- your ex-wife, her sister? You find her so beautiful, you guys connect, it's like never before, and you wonder why Ava splits? You think -- you think Ava didn't get it, the Lily connection? Yeah, she did. Of course, she took off, Jonathan.

Ava: Lily, I was still in my hair and makeup from the Fusion Green shoot, looking like this, sweet and innocent, like you. And I looked into Jonathan's eyes, and it wasn't me looking back -- it was you.

Lily: But it was you -- only with the blonde hair, that's all.

Ava: That's not "all" -- that's everything.

Lily: Should I call Sean? I don't understand this.

Ava: Jonathan and I slept together twice -- twice. First time, it was hot, you know, and everything, but the second time, it was -- well, I guess that's what love is really like.

Lily: Jonathan loves you?

Ava: No, no, he loves you -- that's the point.

Lily: No, Jonathan and I aren't together anymore. We had to break up, because we weren't a good fit.

Ava: Oh, my head -- finally! Oh.

[Ava coughs]

Ava: Oh, wow. You'd think that slipping into your skin would do me a world of good, huh? Now you see me, now you don't. Scoring with Jonathan, getting the big gig at Fusion Green -- what a winner. Hmm -- wrong, what a loser! Wrong, wrong, and more wrong! You know what? This drama needs a soundtrack. It's really quiet up in here. So, let's see what we got --

[Music plays]

Ava: Oh, well, doesn't this one work? Perfect. Totally flawed, just like me. On the outside, it's like -- it's like Lily. It's, like, beautiful and perfect and virginal. But on the inside, everybody knows that it's just an evil-doing, rotten, disgusting ho! I mean, what do you want? What do you want from me? What can I do? Oh, my God -- oh, my God. No one is ever going to pay any attention to you looking like this. You look disgusting! So pale -- oh. I just need some color, I need something, I need some help in the facial area. What can I do? Ok. It's going to be perfect. Look at you -- so much better, some life to this face. Now, I'm ready. I'm ready for this life, this horrible, awful, hilarious life. Bring it on!

[Ava puts on bright red lipstick]

Lily: Red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red.

Ava: Lily, oh, my God.

Lily: Red, red.

Ava: Lily, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please, it's fine, it's fine. Just -- see, I'm taking it off. I'm taking it off.

Lily: 95, 94, 93, 92 --

Ava: Lily? I just wanted to say I'm really sorry. I wasn't thinking, with the volume and the red.

Lily: Alcohol affects your thinking, logic, and reason.

Ava: I should've never gotten involved with your ex.

Lily: Wanting sex is normal. Whether or not you do have sex or abstain is your choice. I don't have a choice -- I can't touch. Isn't it logical for you and Jonathan to be together?

Ava: I don't know. Maybe in a way, but it still sucks. I mean, you can't be touched and I can, but it's so messed up. I think you're the lucky one actually. The no-touch reflex does you a lot of good -- it keeps your head on straight.

Lily: It's awful. There are so many things I can't do.

Ava: Well, sex can be pretty awful, too -- believe me. I mean, not during, but after. It can get really horrible.

Lily: So you can have sex and it makes you unhappy, and I can't and it makes me unhappy? That doesn't seem right.

Ava: No, Lily, what's not right is me trying to be you. I can't do that anymore. I have to be myself -- Ava -- and I guess I just can't care if anyone likes me.

Lily: I like you, and I think I can help you if you let me.

Jonathan: I cannot let Ava think -- I have to explain.

Di: Explain what exactly?

Jonathan: Tell her how I care about her.

Di: Which "her," Jonathan? I mean, Ava as herself, Ava as Lily, or Lily herself?

Jonathan: Ava, Di. I care about Ava.

Sean: Colby, look, I can handle this. Why don't you sit down?

Colby: You know what? Ava could be lying about my dad.

Sean: What would she get out of that?

Colby: I don't know -- because she's all about drama, and she likes making trouble? Look it -- she was wasted, so she blames my dad.

Sean: Yeah, but, Colby, those drugs don't come cheap. You know, where would Ava get that kind of money?

Colby: Maybe she stole them.

Sean: She wouldn't risk her own life to get me busted.

Colby: Maybe she didn't pay with money.

Sean: Look, Ava is mostly talk. She wouldn't do that. Look, your dad stole Krystal's baby to get back at her. What's a few pills in my pocket compared to that?

Colby: Not much.

Babe: What is that?

Little Adam: I don't know what it is.

Babe: It's a bracelet, and Mommy's going to wear it to her meeting, so I'm only going to be gone for one night, ok? And I'm going to call you, and I'll say good night and maybe I'll even read you a story over the phone!

Winifred: That sounds like fun, right?

Little Adam: Put this on your hand.

Babe: Oh, put this on my -- oh, that's a beautiful bracelet. I'm -- can I take this with me and think of you?

Winifred: Have a safe trip.

Babe: No?

Winifred: Yes! Have a safe trip, Babe.

Babe: Yeah, it's for the baby. Thank you so much.

Winifred: We'll take care of it. Come on.

Babe: Love you.

Little Adam: What is this?

Winifred: It comes around and around.

Babe: I love you.

Winifred: I'll show you.

Babe: Miss you.

Winifred: Bye-bye, ok?

Babe: I'll call you tonight. Hmm. So, this ginormous mistake of yours -- what's that all about?

Krystal: Tad wants to get a house -- him and me and Jenny, together.

Babe: You and Tad? What -- I got to get caught up.

Krystal: No, it's -- it's parental. It's -- it's not romantic. But, I mean, we could both be on-site parents to Jenny. I mean, it could get complicated, but I know it'd make Tad so happy.

Babe: But what would make you happy?

Krystal: I did Tad dirty, honey. I mean, pretending that Jenny was Adam's. And Jenny deserves two loving parents under the same roof.

Babe: I didn't have that, and you did a really good job with me. Hey, we all make mistakes, and you've paid for yours. You've even paid for some of mine.

Krystal: Oh.

Babe: True, but, look, you've always put me first, and now you're putting little Jenny first. And that is not a mistake, so whether you decide to live with Tad or not, baby Jenny is going to be the luckiest little girl in the world.

Krystal: Well, if -- if I decide to do this, Tad did say that there's room for you and Little Adam and Colby.

Babe: Mama, you know I love living with you --

Krystal: But you didn't sign on for Tad and Jenny.

Babe: No, that's actually not it, but the thing is if you do decide to live with Tad, it's going to be -- it's going to be a new phase in your life and maybe it's time I had one of those -- living alone with just me and Little Adam.

Krystal: How did I raise such a smart girl?

Babe: Because you're gifted that way. But if it doesn't work out, can I run to your house?

Krystal: If I don't run to yours first.

Babe: Oh.

Krystal: Oh.

Erica: And you have to call Tracy Siegrist. I mean, she has handled product launches and special events for everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Queen Latifah.

Greenlee: We're not children, Erica. Everything for the launch is in place.

Erica: I wasn't speaking to you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No, you haven't been speaking to me for 20 minutes.

Erica: Does that bother you?

Greenlee: Actually, I welcome it. I knew your support of my fresh start was fake.

Erica: Well, I'm waiting to see if you can go for more than a few days without hurting the people I care about.

Kendall: Ok, Mother, I told you that Greenlee and I are friends now.

Erica: No, you were her victim, Kendall, and you weren't the only one -- Ryan, Spike.

Greenlee: You don't want to start with me, Erica. I didn't get a lot of sleep, and I may say things that you'll regret.

Kendall: Ok, you guys, we -- right now, we need good energy and lots of prayers.

Annie: Right.

Kendall: Right.

Annie: Well, I should probably be going, so --

Erica: Yes, me, too. Greenlee, can we walk you out?

Greenlee: I wouldn't leave without saying good-bye to Spike first.

Erica: Ok, Greenlee, you can't force yourself on babies. They know who they like, and who they don't.

Kendall: Thank you for not smacking down my mom -- oh.

[Kendall suddenly feels ill]

Colby: I ran away from my mom to come live with my dad. And then my dad tries to wreck the most important person in my -- he knew what being busted for drugs would do to you.

Krystal: Hey. Guys. What's wrong?

Colby: My father. He's a hundred kinds of wrong.

Lily: Is it done? There. You're all you now. Do you feel better?

Ava: I'm never going to feel better.

Lily: Yes, you will. I'll figure out another way to help you. I'm really good at plans.

Ava: It's just so natural with you. I mean, you're so unbelievably generous and nice without even knowing it.

Lily: I don't feel good. I can't help you. Love is supposed to make you feel wonderful. You know I love you, Ava.

[Seeing that Ava is upset, Lily puts her hand on her sister's shoulder to comfort her]

Kendall: It's funny -- I haven't felt the floor fall out from underneath me since I was carrying Spike.

Greenlee: Well, thank God this still works.

Kendall: Mm-hmm. Hmm -- where did you learn this again?

Greenlee: The first time you almost wiped out at the Valley Inn, I didn't even know what I was going to do.

Kendall: Oh, yeah. Ah! Oh -- if Fusion could only bottle this. Hmm.

Greenlee: It's funny. Everything has changed, but not this.

Kendall: It feels exactly the same.

Greenlee: Maybe -- maybe we're not so different, you know? I mean, we're still connected.

Kendall: Hmm.

Greenlee: We're still us -- Kendall and Greenlee. Right, aren't we?

Kendall: Kendall and Greenlee. Greenlee and Kendall.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Kendall: We are the same. We always will be.

Greenlee: Good.

Kendall: Hmm.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Adam: Krystal -- moving back in?

Krystal: What do you think?

Tad: What's up?

J.R.: My life is exploding.

Tad: Is it one big explosion or several little ones?

Greenlee: What did you do to your hair?

Ava: Doesn't this just scream "Fusion Fashionista"?

Kendall: You're fired.

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