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Ava: Isn't it amazing what a little hair and makeup can do? But, you know, they want me to do Lily for the Fusion launch party thing. Anyway, um, the shoot -- oh, it was amazing. I mean, the camera and the music and the lights. But Di and all those wacky Fusion women wanted 10 million different things. Modeling is great, but it's a little harder than I thought.

[Seeing how Jonathan is looking at her when she is dressed as Lily, Ava runs upstairs]

[Horns honk in the streets of New York City]

Ryan: So, now you have a problem?

Zach: Ah, it's not a problem. I'm just -- I'm a little concerned about the positive cash flow timetable, that's all.

Ryan: Which is fine, but why didn't you say something when we did the numbers at your place? I mean, Eco-fleet is expecting us.

Zach: And something else -- second thoughts.

Ryan: Second thoughts, huh? About the deal?

Zach: That's what we're talking about.

Ryan: I don't know, Zach, because honestly, I'm having a tough time making eye contact with you with this huge elephant that is between us.

Zach: What are you talking about?

Ryan: We're turning it around, Zach. I got a new wife, you got a new baby on the way. Life is good, business is good. Everything is -- is good, except for this huge dark cloud that's hanging over us.

Zach: Oh. All right -- dark cloud and the elephant -- you're talking about Greenlee.

Ryan: Yeah, Zach, I'm talking about Greenlee, which is what this is about.

Zach: So, you think you should stop worrying about her?

Ryan: No, I think that we both should.

Greenlee: You've got to be kidding me.

Kendall: What -- no, no, no, no. It'll be great! It will be fantastic, all right?

Di: Hmm.

Kendall: Ok.

Babe: Is this what I think it is?

Amanda: Oh, this is so not my color.

Kendall: Oh, come on.

Di: Oh! Just what I always wanted. I hope you brought your flask.

Greenlee: Ok, if there are any bonding games, I'm gone.

Kendall: No, no games. Just inspiration. And we all know I'm brilliant when I'm inspired. I mean, who cast the face of Fusion Green? Me.

[Jonathan follows Ava to her room and kisses her]

Erica: Oh, Jack. Oh, Jack, it's beautiful.

Jack: Well, I'm certainly glad that you approve.

Erica: Oh, what a lovely, lovely surprise.

Jack: Let me tell you something, sweetheart. The surprise is just beginning.

J.R.: Do you have a spare table, or do you still reserve the right to refuse?

Krystal: Can you stand the heat?

J.R.: Combo plate of "what the hell was I thinking?" Yeah, hit me.

Krystal: I saw you at the christening, making sand pies with Little Adam. And the look in your eye was just pure love.

J.R.: Yeah, well, he's my life.

Krystal: Sand pies today and next you'll be helping him with his homework and teaching him how to drive. And then you're going to love him straight into manhood. So how's it going to feel when you wake up one day and find that he's stabbing you right in the heart?

Ryan: I mean, if you want to talk about second thoughts, I have, like, a million of them.

Zach: Yeah? Do any of those include inviting Greenlee back into our lives?

Ryan: What is she going to do, Zach? I mean, really, our wives are big girls, you know? Annie and Kendall can take care of themselves and, you know, we're doing all right. We're pretty successful guys, and we're sitting around, and we're wondering when Greenlee's going to drop the other shoe. It's a complete waste of time. We should just move on.

Zach: You're right.

Ryan: Could I have that bronzed, please?

Zach: If that's all you can afford, sure -- right on your forehead if you want. But you're right -- we should be thankful.

Ryan: All right. So, the numbers -- you still have a problem with those?

Zach: Well, maybe I'll just have another look.

Kendall: This, this right here, is Fusion.

Di: Flask?

Amanda: Yeah?

Kendall: We're all wearing the same ensemble, but we're still very unique. Ok, so tomorrow is Fusion's concept launch, and we need to stick together. We need to be one and the same, all right? Unique but united -- that's what makes us special.

Babe: Ooh, we're also hungry, speaking of -- where is that pizza guy and tell me you remembered to order one with jalapenos.

Annie: Let me guess -- one large pizza, six different ingredients. Separate, but when together, all gooey.

Di: Oh, gooey!

All: Oh!

Kendall: All right, ok, ok, go ahead -- no, go ahead, go ahead, laugh, laugh. This is good, this is bonding. That's what tonight is all about. No men, no children, no interruptions -- just us. It's a pep rally.

Greenlee: F-U-S-I-O-N! Let's get out of here!

Kendall: No, no, I -- no. No, you stop. Listen, tomorrow is the biggest day of Fusion's life, ok? It's more than launching a product -- it's about putting Fusion out there, showing people that we're back and we're strong and we're united. We took a hit. And we lost people that we love.

Greenlee: Simone would've been all over this sleepover party.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Excuse me oh. Hello?

Zach: What are you wearing?

[Phone rings]

Kendall: You miss me already?

Annie: Hey, you.

Ryan: How's it going?

Zach: Everything ok?

Kendall: Everything's great.

Annie: Couldn't be better.

Zach: Greenlee?

Ryan: Greenlee?

Kendall: Uh -- she's fine.

Annie: Couldn't be better.

Zach: I'm worried about you.

Kendall: Don't be.

Ryan: You're ok, right?

Annie: Absolutely.

[Doorbell rings]

Greenlee: Pizza's here.

Di: Oh, good.

Amanda: Whoo!

Di: One for each!

Greenlee: You're not the pizza man.

Josh: I'm the ice cream man.

Greenlee: Ooh.

Josh: Kendall has cravings for anything cold and creamy these days. She didn't tell me she was having company.

[Greenlee chuckles]

Greenlee: If you leave now, you can escape.

Josh: And miss the "party"?

Greenlee: Oh, this -- it's business.

Josh: Well, then you definitely need me.

Di: Oh --

Josh: Hello, ladies.

Babe: Hi.

Josh: Singerman Productions -- passed the messenger on the way in.

Kendall: Oh, my God -- it's about time!

Annie: Oh, it's the Fusion Green promo.

Babe: I can't wait to see it!

Amanda: Oh, let's see it, let's play it.

Di: No, no, no, not right now. Hold on, hold on. We have to wait for Ava. Girls, it's her debut. She deserves to be here to see it.

[Jonathan gently removes Ava's clothes and takes her to bed]

J.R.: I won't force Little Adam into the Chandler mold. I won't dictate what he should do or what he shouldn't do. I'll just love him unconditionally. He won't turn on me.

Krystal: Oh, well, that's easy to say when the biggest fight is over whether or not he's going to eat his veggies. And I'm sure Adam thought the same thing when you were a tot. But he -- he loves you. He loves his kids as much as you love Little Adam.

J.R.: My father tried to yank Chandler out from under me -- that's a funny way of showing your love.

Krystal: And you faked your kidnapping. You both lose. Now, Adam may not play fair, he may not play nice, but he loves his children. He loves you and Colby and Hayley more than life.

Colby: What time's your shift start?

Sean: Way too soon.

Colby: I want to help, I promise -- remember?

Sean: No. Look, I want to take you on a real date, ok? Something fun, something that doesn't involve a stick or trash.

Colby: I'm not just up for a good time -- I could handle the hard stuff, too.

Sean: Yeah, but how are you going to find me? I'm going to be up and down the beach, you know -- no people, lots of sand. It's going to be getting dark. I don't want you wandering around, ok? It's not safe.

Colby: Oh. You're protecting me, again?

Erica: Oh, the entrecote is delicious.

Jack: Good.

Erica: And the risotto -- mmm.

Jack: Now, you just save a little room because it's crepes suzette for dessert.

Erica: Flambé?

Jack: And, baby, you won't even need a match.

Erica: Huh. You mentioned that you have a surprise for me.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Erica: What is it?

Jack: Well, now, if I tell you what the surprise is, it spoils all the fun.

Greenlee: Uh -- mmm.

Kendall: Want another piece?

Annie: Hit me.

Kendall: Ha-ha!

Annie: Yeah.

Di: Hey, save some for Ava, the ham and pineapple one.

Kendall: Where is she?

Greenlee: Her big debut, you'd think she'd be on time.

Di: Look, she's not picking up. Ava, hey, it's Di. Where are you? Come over here.

Greenlee: Well, if she's too busy, let's just screen the promo without her.

Josh: I'm with Greenlee. Let's roll it.

Kendall: Hmm. All right, what the hell already.

Annie: Whoo!

Kendall: Come on.

Annie: Thank God!

Babe: Well, the boss lady says so.

Di: I can't wait to see it.

Greenlee: I'm excited.

Annie: Oy.

Amanda: All right.

Kendall: All right, you guys ready?

Amanda: Yes -- whoo!

Kendall: Ok. Azione.

[Music plays]

Josh: Ooh, yeah.

Babe: I like so far.

Singer: You can be the natural you shine like the sun

Josh: It looks good.

Annie: Oh, that's beautiful.

Amanda: A very good job.

Babe: That's good.

Singer: Summer breeze Fusion

All: Oh!

Kendall's voice: Fusion, a company of women for women is now creating beauty products to protect women and the world -- Fusion.

Singer: Be the natural you shine like the sun

Annie: That's nice. Yeah.

Babe: That's the pic -- I like that one.

Singer: Yeah, feel like an old summer breeze Fusion

Amanda: Oh, she's beautiful.

Di: All right.

Singer: You can see

Babe: The smoke looks good.

Di: Mm-hmm, it does.

Singer: The natural you

Kendall: You did that.

Singer: Day or night

Kendall: You guys like the contrast?

Annie: Yeah.

Singer: Fusion

All: Oh!

Babe: That was a cute one.

Singer: Fusion Green

Kendall's voice: The Fusion Green product line is scheduled to launch --

Babe: That was awesome!

Amanda: Oh, it rocked!

Kendall: I knew it would.

Josh: Nice job. Very nice.

Di: Ava was amazing.

Kendall: Hugs!

Amanda: Whoo!


[Lying in bed next to Jonathan, Ava cries silently]

Josh: Well, ladies, thanks for the pizza. The promo is the best Fusion's put out.

Kendall: Aw! Well, Annie and Greenlee headed up the day-to-night concept.

Josh: Way to go. Definitely, a slam dunk.

Kendall: Ok. This "is" a slumber party for girls only. No boys allowed, so it's time to say bye.

Greenlee: Bye.

Josh: Bye.

Greenlee: Bye. "Hmm."

Kendall: Ahem.

Josh: I'll see you later.

Kendall: All right. All right, lady, ladies. Let's clean up a little more, make some room for some work.

Di: More work?

Kendall: Work -- that's fun.

Amanda: Oh, come on! This is supposed to be a party!

Di: No, not really. Not some fun.

Kendall: It is a work "party."

Babe: Here.

Di: Work "party"?

Greenlee: So, Josh seems pretty ok.

Babe: He's a good guy.

Greenlee: But you dumped him for J.R. How come?

Babe: J.R. was my husband.

Greenlee: But it didn't stop you from hooking up.

Babe: It was complicated.

Kendall: Nah. It wasn't so complicated. Josh was crazy about Babe over here, but she chose J.R. the toad over Josh the prince.

Greenlee: What did Josh do?

Amanda: Well, if he wants something, don't get in his way because you'll end up --

Kendall: Ok, all right -- no Josh-bashing in this house.

Amanda: But it's ok to bash J.R.?

Kendall: Just stating the facts.

Amanda: Well, it's a fact that Josh totally set me up.

Annie: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Wasn't this supposed to be the time we were supposed to fuse, have some fun?

Di: Ava? Um, whenever you get this message, give me a call -- or better yet, get your butt over here, like now.

Amanda: Hey.

Di: Bye. Hey.

Amanda: What's up with Ava? Did you reach her?

Di: She must've gotten distracted, or something.

Amanda: Now of all times?

Di: She's getting involved with Jonathan.

Amanda: Jonathan?

Di: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: Well, all he ever did was slam on Ava.

Di: Yeah, he's changed his mind.

Amanda: Well, if that's what she wants, good luck. I've been there, but you know, who knows? Maybe finally he has gotten over Lily.

Jonathan: Ava?

Jack: Hmm. You know, I've been thinking -- there is only one downside to all this happiness.

Erica: Oh, I can't imagine what that could possibly be.

Jack: Well, then, I will tell you -- the Miranda Center. Your secret admirer promised a million-dollar donation, but only when our divorce was finalized, and here we are back together again. I just think it would be a shame for the center to lose a seven-figure donation.

Erica: Well, so do I. But I am very, very happy to have my very handsome husband back.

Jack: Aw. Anyway, I thought it was lousy that you would have to choose between the man you love so much and the charity that lays so close to your heart, so I've solved the problem. Talked to my people in the D.A.'s office, they came up with the phone records for "New Beginnings" and here is his number.

Erica: The mystery donor?

Jack: About to be unmasked.

Kendall: Remind me to ask Babe about the music when she gets out of the bathroom. And, Amanda, have you set up the media contacts?

Amanda: Expect a full house. The press conference kicks things off.

Kendall: Oh, good. Ok, the buyers?

Amanda: The comeback of Fusion should be standing room only.

Kendall: All right. Ok, you guys, I want to get to the launch early, and I want to set things up, sort of scope it out a little bit. I don't want any surprises. Greenlee?

Babe: Somebody woke up and wanted his mommy!

All: Oh!

Babe: There she is!

Kendall: Hey, oh, yes.

Babe: There she is!

Kendall: Hello there, my little boy.

Di: Oh!

Babe: Look at those dimples.

Amanda: Oh, teddy.

[Spike fusses]

Kendall: Number one!

Annie: Hi! Hello, baby.

Kendall: He's such a good boy.

Di: Notice how cute he is right now.

[All talking over each other]

J.R.: My father can be an SOB. Maybe I'm not so different in some ways. I learned from the master that love can be twisted. But this, loving my son, respecting him, his choices -- I'm not going to make my father's mistakes.

Krystal: That better be more than lip service, because if you don't break that pattern, J.R., Little A's going to rip out your heart the same way you ripped out Adam's. Whatever's between you and your daddy, he -- he didn't deserve this. No father does.

J.R.: If I didn't know better, I'd say that you're still in love with my dad.

Krystal: Well, you do know better, and fortunately, so do I. Uh -- your refreshment is on the house.

J.R.: Thanks.

Colby: Hey, did you leave me a tip?

J.R.: Yeah, right. I'm just kidding -- I'll owe you one.

Colby: Hey, thanks for letting me take a break.

Krystal: Sure.

Colby: I needed it.

Krystal: So, how's Sean?

Colby: Ooh!

Krystal: Yeah! Oh, I'm happy for you.

Colby: Oh, thanks -- me, too. Hey, do you mind if I take some chicken and mud pie home? I'll pay it out in my tip.

Krystal: Absolutely, honey, of course. It's on me, it's on the house.

Colby: Ok, thanks. I am going to surprise Sean -- moonlight picnic on the beach. Ooh!

Jonathan: Hey. Hi, Krystal.

Krystal: Yeah?

Jonathan: Yeah, is Ava here?

Krystal: Uh, no. Actually, I -- I don't expect to see her. The new face of Fusion Green now -- I mean, I don't think she's going to check in here or wait on tables.

Colby: Ava? Get out.

Krystal: Yeah. You might want to swing by Fusion -- she's probably there.

Jonathan: Yeah, well, I've been there already and the place is entirely empty.

Colby: Ok, wait, wait, wait -- hold up, back up. Ava is the face of Fusion, as in, like, model, billboards, and magazines?

Jonathan: Yeah -- oh. Look, Krystal, it's really important that I find her. Do you have any idea where she would be?

Krystal: Well, Babe is getting ready for some big event in New York for Fusion. Maybe Ava's there.

[Ava sits on the beach sadly thinking of Jonathan]

[Surf crashes]

Sean: Lily? Are you ok?

Ava: No, it's not Lily. It's me, Ava. I'm the cheesy knockoff, and I always will be.

Zach: That was good. Nice work, man.

Ryan: Well, you said you wanted a shorter turnaround on cash flow. You know, you got it.

Zach: All right. Ahem -- I'll have a Scotch, please, and a -- you want a cosmo, or --

Ryan: No, I think I'll have a Scotch, too, thanks.

Zach: Two.

Kendall and Amanda: Mmm.

Kendall: You know, I think I'm really enjoying this whole sleepover thing. Ok, anyone want any more whipped cream?

Di: And we haven't even gotten to the sleeping part yet.

Amanda: Ok, if anyone puts my hand in a bowl of warm water -- uh-uh -- I will stomp you.

Annie: Wait, what do you mean? I don't get it.

Di: What? You don't -- you don't know about that? No, you've never been to a real sleepover, then.

Annie: I've had sleepovers.

Greenlee: I can just picture it -- Ms. Perfect Childhood. Everyone in bed by 9:00, and instead of spin the bottle, you guys flossed.

Di: Hmm.

Annie: I'm sure you're an expert on slumber parties.

Greenlee: Well, my house was the place to be. Swimming pool, tons of room, tons of food, and the best part -- no parents, ever.

Di: Wish I would have known you then.

Greenlee: It was great. Until the morning. That's when everyone left.

Amanda: I was always relieved the morning after. My mom loved slumber parties. I was always so afraid of what she'd do. I couldn't wait for them to be over.

Kendall: I hated slumber parties. Never had any. In fact, my -- my adoptive mother, Alice -- she thought I was absolutely crazy. She said, "Oh, all little girls love slumber parties." Uh-uh, not this one. We had this little cracker box house, these horrible orange, like, shag wall-to-wall carpets.


Kendall: And then -- this is a nice visual -- my dad's hairy razor on top of the counter, always. It was -- it was not nice. So I always wanted -- ooh -- I always wanted that, you know, five-star -- I just wanted five-star everything.

Amanda: Well, you have definitely got five-star now, girl.

Di: Hmm. I -- I was always the life of the party, you know? Starting all that -- I was -- starting all the games, you know?


Di: I know, I know, I know. And, like, I'd -- I'd cannonball off the roof into the pool -- anything. Anything to -- to get invited back, you know? But -- I'm not going to jump off the roof into your pool.


Amanda: Aw.

Kendall: Thank you.

Di: I will have some more popcorn, though.

[Di laughs]

Greenlee: Babe, I bet you there were boys all over your sleepover parties.

Babe: What sleepovers? I mean, in a double-wide if we were lucky? It was -- it was always just Mama and me. Not that I cared. She was my best friend, and we always had so much fun together. I -- I never even realized I was missing anything.

[Music plays]

Derek: May I speak to the bookkeeper, please?

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: I guess you need another fix of that red velvet cake?

Derek: Or something. I really enjoyed myself the other night. I can't remember the last time I closed the place down, danced to a jukebox with a beautiful, sultry woman.

Krystal: I had a good time.

Singer: Because you got to try

Derek: But no smile.

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: My life is -- is in a knot right now. I'm in the middle of a divorce, I have a new baby, and now the daddy wants to set up household.

Derek: You and Tad?

Krystal: I mean, nothing romantic. Just friends, but Jenny makes us family, and Tad wants to give family life a try.

Derek: What do you want?

Krystal: I want to be a good mother to Jenny. And other than that, I do not have a clue. I -- Derek, you deserve more. You -- you deserve somebody who knows what she wants, who can stand solid on her own two feet and not shimmy around questions like "what do you want?"

Derek: This sounds like goodbye.

Ava: Jonathan hated me at first. He ragged on me all the time. And we got to know each other. He was so nice to me. And he told me that he liked me for me, and not because I looked like Lily. That's what he said. I'm such an idiot!

Sean: What happened?

Ava: Tonight, Jonathan saw me as Lily. He looked at me and saw Lily. And he touched Lily, and he kissed Lily, and he made love to Lily.

Sean: Maybe it's just your imagination.

Ava: No. No. It was so obvious. His -- the whole time, his eyes -- everything! The way he touched me -- he wasn't touching me. He was touching Lily. He wants Lily because he loves her. He only wants me, because I look like her. What hell is wrong with me? Oh!

[Colby shows up just as Ava hugs Sean]

Sean: Colby, hi. Um -- look, Ava was a wreck.

Colby: Don't talk to me, Sean, I don't want to hear it.

Sean: No, no, look, just --

Colby: Enough! Not again.

Sean: Ugh -- God. Colby, wait!

Kyle: Good night, Krystal.

Krystal: Good night. Krystal: I like you. I like talking to you, and dancing and laughing.

Derek: But?

Krystal: The timing is just bad.

Derek: Well, you know, I've been alone a long time, and I was good with that, but suddenly, I wanted more. Maybe it was just you. Those eyes.

Krystal: Hmm.

Derek: But, hey, you're not ready? I understand. But if you ever need a friend, or a slow dance to the light of that jukebox, you give me a call, ok?

Erica: No, Jack, wait.

Jack: You don't want to know who it is?

Erica: Well, if you call him -- I mean, the mystery suitor has become a big part of the "New Divorce" draw, and if we expose him, he might expose us.

Jack: Honey, nobody has to know except you and me.

Erica: Look, you know what? Maybe we should just see how this whole thing plays out, see how he reacts when he finds out that we're back together.

Jack: And happier than ever.

Erica: Well, that's another thing.

Jack: Hmm.

Erica: Jack, I want our audience to be just as happy about our reconciliation as we are. And if -- if we flush him out -- well, I mean, I don't want the audience rooting for some mystery millionaire who can't be half the man you are.

Jack: You say the nicest things. Thank you. But aren't you just the least bit curious, though?

Erica: Ok, ok. Do it, do it.

Jack: That's my Erica.

Greenlee's voice: Hi, you've reached Greenlee. Leave a message.

Erica: Well, Jack, who is it? Who is my mystery donor?

[Surf crashes]

Ava: Couldn't catch Colby?

Sean: She wouldn't talk to me. She wouldn't even look at me. She just got in her car and drove off.

Ava: I'm so sorry. I'm ruining your life, too. Again -- ahem.

Sean: It's not your fault this time.

Ava: It's not yours.

[Colby sighs]

Sean: I blew it. Colby's never going to forgive me.

Ava: I'll talk to her. I'll make her understand.

[Colby returns to The Comeback and scratches her and Sean's initials off the post]

Jack: Well, a dead end is what it is. The number's no longer in service.

Erica: Are you kidding?

Jack: No.

Erica: And there's no forwarding number?

Jack: No. It's very disappointing. Well, we should get back to our crepes, huh?

Erica: You know, Jack, this anonymous donor has piqued the public's curiosity as much as he has piqued ours. I could actually do an entire episode on this guy. You know what? I'm going to put Pam to work on that right away.

Jack: No, listen, listen, listen -- wait a minute. I promised you a surprise, a big one, so I'm going to give you one right now. The million dollars -- I'll donate it myself, every dollar.

Erica: Oh, Jack, that's -- that's crazy.

Jack: Yeah, but you know, men in love do crazy things.

Erica: Well, Jack, that's --

[Jack silences Erica with a kiss]

Zach: Good doing business with you.

Ryan: Yeah. We should do it again sometime.

Zach: Ah. I got one.

Ryan: Go ahead.

Zach: To family.

Ryan: To family.

Kendall: Ahem!

[Amanda chuckles]

Kendall: Hi. Uh -- my lovely women of Fusion, you have taken grief and chaos and girl fights, and made it into something strong and vibrant and vital. We may all disagree sometimes. We may pull each other's hair out -- pull our own hair out. But it's our differences that strengthen us, and it's our strength that has made Fusion and brought Fusion back to life.

[Babe starts playing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough, then they all take turns lip-synching]

Greenlee: No, wait a second. No!

Babe: Oh, yes!

Greenlee: No, no, no!

Babe: Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Kendall: Yes!

Babe: Freeze!

Di: Oh!

Kendall: Come on, baby, come on. Come on, bring it!

Di: I love this.

Greenlee: Kendall, you picked this song. You love this song. Yes, you do!

Singers: Oh

Kendall: Oh, yeah!

Singers: Oh, oh, oh oh oh, oh, oh

Greenlee: No, no, no, no.

Kendall: Whoo!

Singers: Oh oh, oh, oh

Greenlee: I got a pillow.

Kendall: Oh, I can't.

Singers: Ooh

Kendall: Look at them.

Singers: Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ooh-ooh-ooh

Annie: Go.

Singer: If you need me call me

Annie: Ok.

Singer: No matter where you are no matter how far just call my name


Singer: I'll be there in a hurry on that you can depend and never worry

Singers: No wind

Singer: No wind

Singers: No rain

Singer: No rain

Singers: Can stop me, babe if you're my goal ain't no mountain high enough ain't no valley low enough

Singer: Whoo-hoo

Singers: Ain't no river wild enough to keep me from you ain't no mountain high enough ain't no valley low enough ain't no river wild enough to keep me from you ain't no mountain high enough nothing can keep me keep me from you ain't no mountain high enough nothing can keep me keep me from you

Annie: Here we go.

Kendall: Whoo!

Singers: Ain't no mountain high enough ain't no valley low enough ain't no river wild enough to keep me from you ain't no mountain high enough ain't no valley low enough ain't no river wild enough to keep me from you ain't no river wild enough to keep me from you

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Erica (to Krystal): Do you not realize how perfect you are for Adam? If you love Adam, stop being such a fool.

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