AMC Transcript Wednesday 7/11/07

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 7/11/07


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Kendall: Ladies of Fusion, gather around. Inspiration has arrived.

[Kendall chuckles]

Kendall: All right. I got it.

Babe: Hmm, not another trust exercise, I hope.

Di: Oh, "Please," no.

Kendall: No, no, no. This is the marketing concept for Fusion Green. So, where's the rest of the team?

Babe: Greenlee's not in yet.

Di: Neither is Annie.

Kendall: Oh. They both almost scratched each other's eyes out last night. And now they're both missing?

Ryan: Hmm.

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: You're so beautiful.

Annie: Hmm. You're not so bad yourself. Hmm.

Ryan: Those eyes, those lips first thing in the morning -- hmm!

Annie: I meant what I said, you know. We're going to be ok.

Ryan: Good. Good, because I'm so done sleeping on the couch.

Annie: This is how it's supposed to be.

Ryan: This is what I wanted to get back to -- this. I don't ever want to sleep apart again.

Annie: Sounds like a plan. Life is way too short to be worrying about whatever trouble Greenlee's causing.

[Surf crashes]

Greenlee: Morning.

Josh: Oh.

[Greenlee laughs]

Josh: Good morning.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Josh: For what? I didn't do anything.

Greenlee: That's exactly what I'm thanking you for.

Zach: Josh, Zach. Let me know how the transition's going over at Chandler Enterprises, all right? Call me back.

[Knock on door]

Zach: Stuart. How can I help you?

Stuart: You made a deal with my brother. And now I want you to make a deal with me.

Di: Well, Annie's fine. She's with Ryan. I think she's just running a little bit late.

Kendall: What about Greenlee?

Babe: What about Greenlee?

Kendall: Oh, man, you should have seen the two of these yesterday. It was Ryan's wife, the final countdown. Greenlee rode out of here on her high horse and then Annie followed her into the elevator.

Di: They were in an enclosed space together alone?

Babe: Well, at least we know Annie's still standing.

Kendall: Uh, no, Greenlee came out, tears rolling down her face, completely crushed.

Di: What did Annie say to her?

Kendall: I don't know, but whatever she did say, she got Greenlee out of her fantasy land. She waved the white flag and admitted that Ryan was done with her.

Di: Ok. Well, that's where -- that's where Greenlee is right now. She's hiding under a rock somewhere.

Babe: Yeah, laying low until her ego heals.

Kendall: No, see, Greenlee can't keep doing this. I mean, one minute she's -- she's the queen of Fusion making Fusion magic, the next, she wants to put Annie in a headlock. I mean, we don't have time to find out and wait and see which Greenlee shows up.

Babe: Ok, then. So how about we hear this brilliant marketing idea of yours?

Kendall: All right. Uh -- ok, so the Fusion creative freedom day didn't go quite as planned.

Di: Well, at least Amanda brought a flask.

Kendall: All right, ok. Yes, there were a few minor setbacks, but -- but I think we got a lot out of it.

Di: Yep?

Kendall: Yes. Ok, so Ava had her little Vogue attack on the roof and that gave me the idea to use Lily as the face of Fusion Green. The make-off gave you and Amanda the idea for the whole day-to-night concept. Now, what if -- drumroll, please.

[Di makes drumroll sound]

Kendall: Thank you very much. Instead of developing them separately, we market Fusion Green as day-to-night extremes.

Babe: You really are brilliant!

Kendall: Yeah? See, I thought so -- yes, thank you.

Di: But are you sure that -- that you want to use Lily? Are you sure that she can handle all of that?

Kendall: No, actually. But, I think with -- with tons of help, Ava might.

Di: Really? Oh, my God. Kendall, she would be so excited, and she would give everything that she's got.

Kendall: Ok, well, what Ava's got needs a lot of work.

Di: Yeah.

Kendall: I mean, she's -- she's never modeled before, and she won't be able to give us what we need unless she understands the campaign, so we have to be crystal clear on this concept ourselves, and then we have to drill it into Ava, all right? So everyone pitches in with everything.

Babe: Ok.

Kendall: This is the only way that we can -- we can do our concept launch and get it ready in time for the presentation.

Babe: What, are you serious -- that only gives us a few days.

Kendall: And you think that's rough? I have to convince Annie and Greenlee to travel to New York together.

Ryan: How about we go grab some coffee before you head to work?

Annie: Well, I set the timer on the coffee machine Jonathan gave us. That thing's foolproof. It is.

Ryan: Yeah? How about we go to the Yacht Club instead? What?

Annie: Oh, funny.

Ryan: We'll go to the Yacht Club, we'll go see our beach.

Annie: I can go for a little while, but then I have to get to Fusion. It is crunch time, and I'm already running late.

Ryan: Really? I was hoping to have you for the whole morning because I got to go to New York on business, and --

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: I want to maximize my time with my wife before I go.

Annie: Well, that's exciting. You found a venture worth your capital?

Ryan: Hey, come with me to New York. Come with me.

Annie: You know I have to work.

Ryan: Our last trip to the Big Apple was pretty great.

Annie: It was dazzling.

Ryan: We'll bring Emma, we'll take her to the zoo, we'll put her on the carousel. You got to have some vacation days coming up.

Annie: I have already been accused of being less than fully committed to Fusion because I'm a mom. I think taking Emma to the zoo in the middle of this campaign probably would not be the best idea.

Ryan: Everybody knows how hard you work, Annie.

Annie: Yeah, not everybody. I have to prove myself now or I am out. Regardless of what Greenlee says, she's still watching me.

[Phone rings]

Josh: Oh. That's the boss. I got to get back to work.

[Phone stops ringing]

Greenlee: This was fun.

Josh: Yeah, this was fun.

Greenlee: You were fun.

Josh: You were kind of fun, too.

Greenlee: I was?

Josh: And you got game. And when you stepped out on that court yesterday with my big, old shoes running around like a spaz, then you started draining free throws and lay-ups and --

Greenlee: Ok, you know what? No, no, just skip the replay. I don't want to talk about last night or anything.

Josh: You are the woman of my dreams.

Greenlee: Ok, I owe you one.

Josh: For what?

Greenlee: I was a broken record, going on and on, same old song -- "Ryan this, Ryan that." You shook me loose, you made me move, swim, sweat. Thank you for that, and for not taking advantage of me.

Josh: Yeah, I must be losing my touch.

Greenlee: No, this was very, very sweet and very, very unexpected. And waking up with someone new who's cute, a good guy who's not going to turn my life upside down.

Josh: Uh-oh.

Greenlee: What?

Josh: That hair, those eyes, the way you dribble a basketball -- I think I'm obsessed with you. Hey!

Greenlee: Well, I'm worth being obsessed over.

Ava: Oh. Good morning. Huh. And goodbye. What else?

Jonathan: So the entire house knows how much you like cereal. I wasn't sure what else you liked, so I -- I made everything. What? What's wrong?

Ava: I thought you left.

Jonathan: You thought -- I told you last night that I was not going to go --

Ava: I know, but that's what guys do after --

Jonathan: Not me.

Ava: Well, you know what I usually do, right? I usually roll over, see if the person next to me is still passed out, and then take their wallet and run. Just kidding. What I usually do is trick the guy into thinking he's going to get some and then take his wallet before anyone even hits the sheets.

Jonathan: Hmm.

Ava: No, well, what I mean is --

Jonathan: You don't have to explain it.

Ava: I'm sorry, I'm just --

Jonathan: Don't worry about it, ok?

Ava: I'm just not used to this.

Jonathan: Ava, I like you. I liked you last night. I like you right now, because I like you for who you are.

Ava: Well, the "last night" part, I know, but -- but this part, not so much.

Jonathan: You ever have anybody make you breakfast in bed?

Ava: Um -- one guy left me a 20-ounce and a doughnut. Does that count?

Jonathan: No. Let's go. No, no, no, no. See, this --

Ava: What? I don't get it.

Jonathan: I'll show you. This is a sign of my affection.

Ava: Good.

Jonathan: Come here.

Zach: I was expecting a delivery -- you know how these guys are. Come on in.

Stuart: Um -- I'm not going to take up much of your time because -- because I want to get this over in a hurry so I can leave.

Zach: You don't like me much, do you?

Stuart: I don't trust you.

Zach: Well, that's a shame.

Stuart: Well, you're sneaky. Yeah, I caught you hiding in Adam's terrace. You denied it, but I knew you were up to something bad.

Zach: I was doing business with your brother.

Stuart: Oh, really? Is that why all of Adam's money now belongs to you? Is that what -- is that -- that's what's happening?

Zach: I came over there that night because Junior had been kidnapped, and the men who took him wanted $100 million in ransom, so your brother asked me for a loan.

Stuart: Yeah, I know, I know.

Zach: And when he didn't pay me back, I called in my collateral. I'm sorry about what that did to your family. But Junior's still alive.

Stuart: Yeah, well, maybe you did give J.R. his life back -- maybe. But a lot of other stuff went out with it. This isn't just about J.R. I'm -- it's about Little Adam and Colby. That's why I'm here.

Zach: I don't know what you're talking about.

Stuart: I want you to sell me Adam's Mansion so I can give those children their home back.

Zach: Um -- that's a very noble gesture, Stuart, but Kendall and I, we have plans for the house.

Stuart: You just bought this house.

Zach: Yeah, no -- I know, but there are other people interested in your brother's home.

Stuart: Yeah, Marian told me. But -- but I'm interested, so if you're going to sell it to somebody else, sell it to me.

[Doorbell rings]

Zach: About time. What the hell is this?

Delivery man: One hand-carved rock-a-bye baby classic heirloom crib.

Zach: For what, for a snake? Look at this thing. Look how -- look how flat it is. What am I supposed to do with that?

Delivery man: Assembly not included. Those are the instructions. Good luck, Pop.

Zach: Great. Hey. These are in Swedish. What -- well, that's perfect. I was going to put this thing together and then go to work. Now, I've got to wait for hockey season to start to get someone to translate this thing.

Stuart: Well, if I help you with the crib, will you listen to me while we do it?

Kendall: All right. We need design ideas for Fusion Green day to night.

Babe: Ok, so do you want one logo or two?

Kendall: No, I think we should combine them somehow.

Di: Like sun and moon?

Kendall: Nah, that's too conventional, but it -- it's the right idea.

Babe: Yin and yang? Nah.

Kendall: Nah. I mean, you're on the right track, but we need to stick with the whole -- we need to keep the whole green thing alive. Why can't I think?

Babe: Kendall, I know that you're still in the bionic phase of your pregnancy, but you really need to take it easy.

Di: At least sit down, you know?

Kendall: No, no, this little one knows that Mommy's got tons of work to do to make this company work.

Babe: Not only are you having a new baby, you're settling into a new house and now, your husband -- he's a new corporate monster because he took over Chandler Enterprises. You really need to pace yourself.

Kendall: I was wondering when this would come up. I was wondering when you would bring up Zach and the Chandlers. Is there a problem?

Babe: I'm not defending J.R. in any of this.

Kendall: Ok, so you're telling me that it doesn't bother you that my husband basically owns the Chandlers?

Babe: I'm not a Chandler anymore and, thank God, I got out of that crazy house and that family, but I do have to worry about my son growing up in the crossfire between J.R. and Adam.

Di: All right, clock's ticking, ladies, come on.

Kendall: You and J.R. were married for how long? That connection doesn't just vanish overnight.

Babe: My connection to J.R. is our child, my concern is our son, but still, Zach --

Kendall: Ok, see, you see? I knew -- I knew there was a "but" in there.

Di: Guys, come on -- work, please!

Babe: Zach hates J.R. because he almost killed you, obviously, which he should, and he hates that the Chandlers never paid for anything. All I'm saying is that it kind of seems like Zach saw an opportunity and he jumped at it.

Kendall: Your ex has a way of landing on his own two feet, ok? J.R. has got plenty of Chandler stock left, so Little Adam will be fine. He just won't get squat from his grandpa.

Babe: I'm not worried about the money. I'm just concerned about who could get hurt if J.R. goes looking for revenge.

Kendall: Don't waste your energy, Babe. World war whatever between J.R. and Adam is what it's always been -- it'll be a two-man battle that neither has ever won.

Ava: So what do we do now? Are we supposed to stay in bed or get out of bed or talk or don't talk? I really have no clue.

Jonathan: What are your plans for today?

Ava: Well, my shift at The Comeback starts in a few hours, but until then, I'm free.

Jonathan: Ok. Well, what time do you get off of work?

Ava: Not till kind of late.

Jonathan: Me, either, so then I propose -- I propose that we go to a late movie.

Ava: What time?

Jonathan: I don't know. I'll call you.

Ava: But Krystal doesn't like us to use our cell phones on the job, so just give me a time now.

Jonathan: Let's say 10:30?

Ava: Cool.

Jonathan: Ok.

Ava: Where?

Jonathan: I'm going to come pick you up at The Comeback.

Ava: Ok, but last time I was there, the sign for The Comeback was still being put up, so I don't know if it's up there yet. You're going to have to look really hard.

Jonathan: Ava, I will be there.

Ava: It's not that. It's Lily. I mean, what if she sees us?

Jonathan: Ava, I care about Lily, too, but I mean, we're not together anymore. She knows that.

Ava: I know, but you were married. I can't just wipe that out of my head. I mean, I like -- I love being with you, but I feel bad at the same time because I like it.

Jonathan: You're afraid it's going to hurt Lily.

Ava: Yeah -- you don't?

Jonathan: She does know that eventually, I'm going to move on.

Ava: To her sister? Lily is the first good thing I've had in my life in forever, and I don't want to mess that up. But I don't want to mess this up, either.

Jonathan: We both want Lily to be happy and -- and she wants both of us to be happy.

Ava: I don't think us under the sheets is exactly what she had in mind.

Jonathan: Oh -- ok, but --

[Ava sighs]

Jonathan: Yeah, but that dinner that you set us up on? She actually, for whatever reason, mentioned the possibility of us being a couple. Ava, I know that this is not going to be easy for Lily to hear.

Ava: Then, for now, why don't we just keep it between us?

Jonathan: "Keep it --" she is going to find out eventually.

Ava: I know, but this thing -- it just happened, and we don't even know what the thing is yet, so there's no reason to go rush off and tell Lily.

Jonathan: Ok. Ok. We wait, till the time is right.

Ava: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Ava: Hello? Di, what's wrong?

Di: How fast can you get down to Fusion?

Ava: Well, I'm not even dressed yet. What's going on?

Di: Just get here as soon as you can.

Ava: I think I'm in trouble.

Ryan: Beach looks nice today.

Annie: Yes.

Ryan: Thanks.

Annie: Better than the last time we were here, for sure.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Annie: But there are still spots where we need to watch our step.

Ryan: Yeah, which is why it's nice to walk with someone that you love -- to look out for each other.

Annie: Hmm.

Ryan: I can't wait to get the kids here.

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: I mean, Emma's already a little mermaid and Spike is crazy about his swim class.

Annie: Oh. Well, luckily, if I get fired, I can become a lifeguard and I can watch Spike out here all summer.

Ryan: Of course, there's somebody else that's going to want to watch Spike splashing around a little bit -- his mom.

Annie: Well, Greenlee can't fire Kendall for taking family time. She co-owns Fusion.

Ryan: And she co-moms Spike with you, so Greenlee can't chase you out by telling Kendall you're spending too much time with the kids.

Annie: Well, that's a good point. It's logical --

Ryan: Yes.

Annie: And rational and male.

Ryan: Excuse me?

Annie: You're thinking like a guy -- thank you.

Waiter: You're welcome.

Annie: Common sense does not apply to a woman with a grudge. Common sense does not apply to Greenlee.

Ryan: Oh, I hate it when you're right. It's going to take a while for her to come around, but I think that your conversation in the elevator -- step in the right direction.

Annie: You know, I don't know. Greenlee said she was done fighting, but I still see an urge in her. I can just feel it. Until Greenlee gets what she needs, we'll all be wondering what's next.

[Greenlee and Josh laugh]

Greenlee: No.

Josh: You -- no.

Singer: Lovers die young under the gun

Josh: Morning.

Ryan and Annie: Morning.

Greenlee: See you at the office.

Josh: You know what they were thinking.

Greenlee: Yeah. Let them.

Singer: All night sitting here solo second

Singer: Go, baby go, baby go, baby

Annie: That was a nice -- nice outfit Greenlee had on.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, it kind of looked like the one that she had on yesterday.

Annie: Does it happen a lot? Does -- does Greenlee wear the same outfit two days in a row?

Ryan: Gee -- you know, when she doesn't make it home.

Annie: I don't want to say anything. We shouldn't say anything. Do you think, dare we think?

Ryan: I saw what you saw.

Annie: Is it possible that Greenlee might -- might possibly be moving on?

Ryan: You think she meant what she said, really?

Annie: We shouldn't say anything.

Ryan: You're right.

Singer: Lovers die young

Zach: What are we building here -- a crib or a battleship?

Stuart: You see an Allen wrench?

Zach: Yeah, here.

Stuart: Yeah.

Zach: You know what I like? I like things that are already assembled, that come to your house, and they're ready to go, you know?

Stuart: Yeah, well, Adam's just like that. He doesn't have any head for projects like this -- huh. But I really enjoy putting stuff together.

Zach: Yeah?

Stuart: Yeah.

Zach: He's lucky to have you.

Stuart: Right now, so are you. You're being a real good dad with little Spike and the little baby, buying this house for them.

Zach: I want to give them the best life I possibly can.

Stuart: Yeah, well, you got to do that. That's -- that's being a parent. You got to give them the best shot you got. Adam's not very good at that. And any time he gets mad or somebody crosses him somehow, he just -- he gets so angry that he makes big mistakes. I mean, he doesn't even realize how big the mistakes are until it comes time to regret it. And then it's too -- too late. Losing his own house was a big mistake.

Zach: Well, he got his son back.

Stuart: Yeah. You know, J.R. -- huh. When he was growing up, we -- we made this kind of chart on the inside of his closet door, every year marking his growth, you know, with a pencil? Huh. And now we're doing it for Little Adam and -- and Colby. Colby loves her room so much, and finally waking up in the same room every day.

Zach: Adam and Junior still have a lot of money. They can find a nice place to live.

Stuart: Yeah, but you can't just switch one house for another. You'll see. There are things about a house that no one would ever notice -- like a scratch on the door or a -- a dent in the wall that are memories. They're your memories, they're precious memories that no one else would know anything about.

Zach: Your brother and your nephew, they're in a jam and I understand you want to help them, but you also got to see where I'm coming from. I can't -- I can't --

Stuart: I'm not -- I'm not -- I'm not going to buy this for Adam or J.R. as some kind of trophy. I'm talking about Little Adam, so he could have his family home. And Colby -- it's the only place she feels she belongs. They call me "Uncle Stuart," but I'm going to have to be their daddy for a while, I think, because nobody, nobody -- you, them, Adam -- nobody, no child should grow up without a family, without a home where they can feel safe and happy. I have money -- and probably not enough to pay for the house, but, well, you know, we could -- we could call in the difference by maybe if I offer my deed for my gallery?

Zach: I'll think about it.

Annie: Good morning.

Di: Hey.

Kendall: I hope you buried Greenlee, because if you just dumped her, she could rise, grab a hockey mask and a chain saw and show up at your door when you least expect it.

Annie: Greenlee is fine. I actually just saw her at the Yacht Club. She should be here any minute, I'm sure.

Babe: Well, you are going to be so psyched when you hear the marketing plan that Kendall came up with.

Annie: Hit me.

Babe: Well, we have two very promising but very separate concepts -- Fusion Green and day/night.

Di: And Kendall's found a way to put the two together.

Babe: Fusion Green for daytime and Fusion Green for nighttime. One product, two lines, sisters but complete opposites.

Di: Yeah. It's like a -- like a couple of women we know.

Babe: And Lily's not up for the modeling, but Ava has enough ambition for two people.

Di: Which is why Kendall wants to use Ava as the face for both lines.

Babe: Yeah.

Annie: Oh, I love it.

Di: It's great, right?

Annie: That's fantastic.

Kendall: Good, ok, we just need to polish up the whole concept.

Annie: Ok. Uh, so -- so daytime, what do you think of?

Kendall: Um -- sunlight.

Babe: Fresh air.

Di: Big, open sky.

Annie: Uh -- radiance, vitality.

Di: Yeah.

Kendall: Uh --

Greenlee: I'm late, so sue me. You all have lives outside the office, so do I -- a very private one. Stop your gawking, let's get to work. Come on, you ladies. You know, it's just me.

Kendall: All right. Here goes nothing.

Babe: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Ahem. Ok, so here is the new concept. We take Fusion Green and day-to-night, and we combine the two, all right? Now, we hire Ava as our model and just --

Greenlee: No, no, no, no.

Kendall: No, no, stop, stop, Greenlee, stop. Hear me out for one second, ok? We take Ava, we turn her into Lily for day, and then we keep Ava as herself for night. All right? Now, she's raw, I know, but I think with our help, she could be great. All right, and there is one more thing -- I think we should take the whole, entire team to New York for the concept launch.

Greenlee: All of us?

[Jonathan hums]

Lily: Jonathan? Why are you in Ava's bedroom?

Zach: Hey.

Ryan: Hi. How are the new digs?

Zach: They're getting there. Come on in.

Ryan: Look at you, huh, Mr. Fix-it?

Zach: Yeah, don't -- be careful with that. It's nice, though. What do you think? I wanted to surprise Kendall with it and it -- I'm not --

Ryan: Nice.

Zach: How about you? You look happy. You all right? Win the lottery or something?

Ryan: Maybe. I think Greenlee's finally off the warpath.

Zach: Yeah? What makes you think that?

Ryan: Just a feeling. What if you could invest in a company that would make the world a better place for our kids?

Zach: You came here on business.

Ryan: Eco-fleet -- it's a start-up. They make hybrid vehicles for commercial use -- delivery trucks, overnight mail vans, shuttle buses, taxis. Great for the planet, huge profit potential.

Zach: You know, Cambias has a team that researches all those companies.

Ryan: I know -- I put it in place when I was there. That's why I thought that Cambias and Eco-fleet would be a great match.

Zach: You didn't want to work with me, but now you want to partner up?

Ryan: It's a one-time investment opportunity. My firm will develop the company if Cambias will commit to long-term funding.

Zach: Tell me more.

Greenlee: The idea for all of us to go to New York is -- fabulous. Congrats.

Kendall: Thank you. Thanks. We'll make the arrangements.

Babe: Cool.

Kendall: Uh -- what got into you?

Annie: If Kendall only knew.

Greenlee: Ahem. Guess you were too busy brainstorming to dish?

Annie: It's been a busy morning, yes, but delightful. Yours?

Greenlee: Morning delight all the way.

Annie: Cool.

Greenlee: Hot, actually.

Annie: Here, have a water.

Greenlee: Is there anything we need to talk about?

Annie: I'm good.

Greenlee: Me, too.

Annie: Then it's all good.

Ava: Look, whatever horrible, heinous thing I did yesterday, can you just tell me? Can we get it over with? Because we all have better things to do.

Di: Like make out with Jonathan? Lily said that she saw you two kissing yesterday.

Ava: Oh, my God -- are you serious?

Di: Oh, yeah.

[Ava sighs]

Kendall: What did I tell you? What did I tell you? We can use this!

Greenlee: I totally see it -- night.

Annie: After dark, where everyone goes.

Babe: What they do.

Ava: Stop it!

Di: Ava, no, it's ok.

Ava: No, you're not using me for anything, ok? I'm going to Hollywood, and a year from now, you all will be begging me to wear your stupid lipstick.

Babe: You don't understand.

Annie: No, we want you.

Ava: To do what -- give you another reason to laugh in my face? I don't think so -- forget it. I'm not Lily. I'm not the perfect, angelic girl that she is. I'm the wrong one, the bad one, remember?

Greenlee: You know what? Shut it!

Kendall: All right, listen, listen. We were wrong, you were right. Congratulations -- you are the new face of Fusion.

Jonathan: Ava had to run out. I -- I came in to -- to finish up her breakfast.

Lily: Well, I'm surprised there's any left. Ava really loves breakfast. I actually came by to ask her how her shoot at Fusion went.

Jonathan: I don't think it went too well.

Lily: I was here yesterday, but I saw you two kissing, so I didn't want to interrupt.

Jonathan: You saw us?

Lily: Yes, in the living room.

Jonathan: Where'd you go?

Lily: I went outside and used logic.

Jonathan: And what did you figure out?

Lily: That there's no logical reason why my ex-husband shouldn't kiss my half sister. Excuse me.

Jonathan: Well, logic isn't -- logic is very important, but -- how'd it make you feel?

Lily: Well, you kissed Ava -- you must like her, right?

Jonathan: Yes, I do.

Lily: And that makes Ava happy, right?

Jonathan: I think so, yeah.

Lily: I just want her to be happy. It's morning and you're in my sister's bedroom, and you were half-dressed when I walked in. Did you have sex with Ava?

Jonathan: Yes. I did have sex with Ava last night.

Lily: At the Yacht Club, you said this was impossible, but you were wrong.

Jonathan: I did not want you to find out this way, Lily. And, please, please do not be upset with Ava.

Lily: We're not married anymore. You can have sex with whoever you want. Also, at the Yacht Club when we had dinner together, I said that Ava is like me but normal, so it makes sense that you would want to be with her. I also said that you could fall in love with Ava. Are you in love with her?

Jonathan: It's too early to tell what's going on.

Lily: Well, maybe you could build her a tree house. She might like that. But don't lie to her.

Jonathan: I won't. I promise you that.

Lily: Well, tell my sister I stopped by. Bye.

Ava: This is not funny.

Di: It's not a joke.

Ava: They don't want me -- they want Lily.

Kendall: We want both -- you as Lily and you as you.

Ava: Is she serious?

Greenlee: Yes, but you have to start right away. It's hard work, and no attitude, Ava, I mean it.

Kendall: That's right. Now, we're going to New York City all together for our concept launch. Are you in?

Ava: Abso-freakin-lutely!

Kendall: All right.

Di: Good.

Ava: Yes!

Di: Congratulations.

Ava: Oh, my God!

Kendall: All right.

Ava: Thank you!

Kendall: You're welcome.

Ryan: So Eco-fleet has a showcase in New York and I thought maybe we could head up there, end of the week, check it out.

Zach: Sure. Let's go to New York.

Ryan: Great. Let's hope our luck's about to change.

Greenlee: What? I didn't have breakfast.

Babe: Litterbug, you forgot the best part.

Di: You must really be feeling the love today, huh?

Ava: Yeah. Being with Jonathan is awesome, and now I have this dream of a job. Hey, maybe things are starting to get sweet for me.

Babe: "Beware -- the road of life takes many wrong turns."

Kendall: Ok. All right. Don't make fun of me, but would I be jinxing us if I say that this campaign is really going to work?

Babe: Like, oh, my God.

Annie: I don't believe it.

Kendall: It's going to work!

Babe: Did you have to say it out loud?

Kendall: I had to say it out loud, I'm sorry.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

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Adam (to Krystal): I was hoping to find a moment to talk to you alone.

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