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Zach: Spike's out. What do you say we leave Fusion alone for just one night, huh?

Kendall: The New York launch is almost here, and my team would rather cat-fight than brainstorm. It's Annie and Greenlee, back and forth, back and forth. Greenlee waves the white flag and Annie's the winner of Ryan.

Zach: Isn't that a good thing?

Kendall: Yeah, if it were someone else it would be. But Greenlee is not a good loser.

Greenlee: This is supposed to make me forget Ryan? Great job. Can I go home now?

Josh: Want to be shirts or skins?

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Josh: Ok, fine, you can be shirts. You got to take your shoes off.

Greenlee: I'm supposed to throw $600 heels to the kiddies in the playground?

Josh: You agreed to a little one-on-one.

Greenlee: Yeah, one-on-one conversation, not b-ball. Josh, I'm not participating in this useless exercise.

Josh: You, me, the court, bring it.

Greenlee: So, what, I play some stupid game of horse and swish, and no more Ryan?

Josh: Trust me. Think of me as your sponsor. I'm going to get you over your Ryan condition. But you got to lose the stilettos.

Greenlee: Put your shirt back on.

Josh: Why, do I make you uncomfortable?

Greenlee: No. Bored.

[Music plays at The Comeback]

Adam: Oh, there you are, sweetheart. I'll see you at home. Thank you.

Colby: No, no, no -- wait, dad, you can't go. You haven't eaten anything yet. You know, you should try our chicken salad sandwich. Or, we have a great veggie wrap. Or, you know, we have a late-night menu, too.

Adam: Honey, that's wonderful salesmanship, but I'm not hungry.

Colby: Come on, Dad, order something, anything. Order the entire menu. Check out every dish.

Adam: Colby, if you need money, you don't have to beg for tips.

Colby: Well, the longer it takes for you to finish your food, the longer you have to stay. The longer you stay, the fewer people will be here, and you and Krystal will be alone.

Adam: Ah.

Colby: Yeah.

Adam: You --

Colby: Yeah, come on.

Krystal: Hey. Hey, Lily. Can I get you a soda or a snack?

Lily: No, thank you. Is Ava working here tonight?

Krystal: Oh, she's not here.

Lily: She's not answering her cell phone, either.

Singer: You must believe her she's not telling lies 

[Jonathan and Ava kiss in Wildwind's foyer]

Ava: Wait -- is this because I didn't get the job? Are you feeling sorry for me?

Jonathan: Does this feel like me feeling sorry for you?

Lily: Ava was supposed to meet me for dinner at the Yacht Club.

Krystal: And she never showed?

Lily: Maybe her job interview is running long.

Krystal: Well, should I be expecting a resignation?

Lily: Only if Ava gets this new job. It's more in line with her career path. Maybe she's signing a contract right now.

Kendall: When Greenlee gets hurt, she doesn't just give up. But you think you have her locked in the playhouse, and then she busts out and she has people arrested.

Zach: That's over now. Just sit down, come on.

Kendall: No, honey, she -- Greenlee is not putting any of her -- the energy that she has into our work. If we don't get Fusion Green off the ground, then we're gone, the company is gone.

Zach: I will lend you some money, you can work it off.

Kendall: No, no. No, I'm sorry. I can't depend on you to get my company out of the red and --

Zach: Stop, stop, please -- all right, shh, shh. Do me a favor.

Kendall: Hmm.

Zach: Can we make this house a Greenlee-free zone for one night, please?

Greenlee: This is your answer to heartache -- old sneakers? Too big old sneakers.

Josh: How's that?

Greenlee: Ri-fricking-diculous.

Josh: Come on, you're ready, let's go.

Greenlee: No, no! Not happening.

Josh: What, are you afraid?

Greenlee: Of what? You?

Josh: Afraid I'll kick your butt? What, are you athletically challenged?

Greenlee: Not even close.

Josh: Oh, I know -- you were the last kid picked in kickball. Is that right?

Greenlee: Josh, I'm not having this silly argument with you.

Josh: Still hurts, huh? You were that girl. I see how it is.

[Greenlee grabs the ball and makes three baskets in a row]

Greenlee: Eat that, Madden.

Josh: You know, it's not bad -- for a girl.

Greenlee: I got hit in the head by a basketball once, and I said I'd never let the ball do that again. So, I've completed your lame love detox. Can we get a drink? Please? I need a cosmo something fierce.

Josh: Hey-hey, hey -- you're staying right here.

Greenlee: Look, josh, thank you for trying, but I don't feel any better.

Josh: We're just getting started. I'm not finished with you yet. Ok, you're ready for stage two of the love detox.

Greenlee: You don't want to play me -- I'm a bad winner.

Josh: You're a worse loser.

Greenlee: You made your point. Can we go?

Josh: Do it again, this time with some defense.

Greenlee: Nice moves.

Josh: You have no idea.

Greenlee: Josh -- this is ludicrous.

Josh: Come on, less talking, more playing. All right, now listen -- imagine you're the ball.

Greenlee: Be the ball? That's all you got?

Josh: The hoop is your future, and it's amazing and great and not at all messed up.

Greenlee: Ok. Good luck.

Josh: Me, I'm your Ryan fixation.

Greenlee: But you don't look like Ryan.

Josh: Come on, work with me here.

Greenlee: Oh, this is lame!

Josh: Now get past me to your future. What, you going to give up before you even try?

Kendall: When did you find time to go on a baby shopping spree?

Zach: That's what dads do, they find time.

Kendall: Well, wait a minute. Do you think this will even fit the little one?

Zach: It's not done yet. Hang on, wait -- this one -- wait.

Kendall: Ok, let's see.

Zach: Huh?

Kendall: Huh! All right!

Zach: Ah.

Kendall: This could be good. You know what? I would like you in a nice little purple mustache. You would look very fancy.

Zach: Stop.

[Kendall laughs]

Zach: What are you talking about? No, it's for the T-shirts. You -- you draw on the shirts. See?

Kendall: Oh. I like that -- where did -- you're very clever. Where'd you get that idea from?

Zach: I'm not that clever. No, it's Lily. She found some in a magazine. Personalized baby wear, so -- picture messages -- Mom and Dad to Baby Slater. Yeah.

Kendall: Hey, I like the idea. Baby Slater is lucky to have you. So am I.

Zach: Yeah?

Kendall: Yes, very lucky.

[Ava and Jonathan continue kissing in the living room]

Ava: I can't. I can't do this to Lily.

Jonathan: This is not about Lily. Ava, Lily and I are done.

Ava: I've seen the way you look at her.

Jonathan: Hey. Have you seen the way I look at you?

Ava: We have the same face.

Jonathan: Not to me, you don't. And no matter how hard you're going to keep trying to put Lily and I together, we're over.

Ava: Did she figure out that --

Jonathan: What -- that you tried to trick us into dinner? No. No, she didn't figure it out, but you know what, it showed me something I already knew -- that Lily and I have both moved on.

Ava: Stop kidding yourself. I know you want the real Lily. I'm the knockoff.

Jonathan: I know the difference between you and Lily.

Ava: Yeah. You can't have her, and here I am.

Jonathan: Lily's trusting. You're not. You make people work harder to get to know you.

Ava: So what?

Jonathan: Lily hides behind sunglasses, and you -- you hide behind sarcasm, and you're funny about it -- in a bitter, cynical kind of way.

Ava: Wow. Bitter and cynical -- what a compliment.

Jonathan: You had to work hard at life. Lily -- Lily's always been loved and protected, so she assumes the best about people, when you -- you assume the worst.

Ava: Why would I get my hopes up?

Jonathan: Lily's not afraid to care about people, but she can't be touched. You -- you can touch. But you're afraid -- you're afraid to care. Is that why you stood me up?

Ava: I was trying to get a job.

Jonathan: You like me, I know you do, and it pisses you off.

Ava: Don't flatter yourself.

Jonathan: Oh, Ava -- I know because I have the same feelings for you. Why? What? Who made you so afraid to be loved?

Ava: This is not some shrink's couch.

Jonathan: Fine. Who made you so desperate that you had to risk your life on the street?

Ava: I am who I am. Ok? I've always been like this. I left home because it was so awful. I'm not afraid of anyone, especially you.

[Jonathan and Ava resume kissing]

Greenlee: Game over. Prancing around on the basketball court in too big sneakers may have cured you. But for me, not so much.

Josh: Ok, I think we're ready for stage three.

Greenlee: Oh, God. How many stages are there?

Josh: 412.

[Greenlee laughs]

Kendall: Ok.

Zach: Uh-huh.

Kendall: So -- huh -- what do you think? For our little conductor.

[Kendall chuckles]

Zach: That's nice. You know, real train conductors don't wear those.

Kendall: Thanks so much. Ok.

Zach: All right.

Kendall: What is that? That's a really nice bunny, or dog.

Zach: Shut up.

Kendall: Or it's a donkey.

Zach: It's a teddy bear. It's a bear.

Kendall: That's a bear?

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: That's got a tail and long ears. That -- who has a tail? A bear doesn't have a tail.

Zach: A bear from a different part of the world that you don't know. Calm down.

Kendall: Ok. Ah, this one's a good one here. I love this. Today is all about baby message tees.

Zach: That is nice.

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: That's cool. How about this one?

Kendall: "I love my mommy."

Zach: Hmm.

Kendall: Hmm. Mommy loves you, too.

Zach: I got one for Spike, as well.

Kendall: Oh, honey, he's going to love that. Spike is going to love all of this. So is his little brother. I mean, if it's -- is a little brother. Can you imagine like a little mini-Zach? What, is there -- you don't like blue?

Zach: Uh -- no, it's not that, it's a little bit of a sticky situation, you know? Fathers and sons. Ahem -- I failed at both.

Kendall: Ok, listen. The mistakes that you made with Ethan were done out of love. You have been an amazing stepdad to Spike, and you will be a wonderful father to our child, I know you will.

Zach: I haven't had much of a role model.

Kendall: Yeah, well, your father was a monster who didn't deserve anything from anyone. You had to escape Alexander, you had no choice.

Zach: But I didn't escape him. When I was over at the Chandlers', they said something, and --

Kendall: Wait a minute. This is about J.R. and Adam?

Zach: They said if I had handled my father differently, all those innocent people would still be alive.

Kendall: Forget the Chandlers, ok? They're just bitter because they're losing everything. They deserve everything that's coming to them. All right? They should be on their knees right now thanking you for -- for paying J.R.'s ransom and for saving his miserable life.

Zach: I didn't save Junior. He didn't need saving.

Krystal: Colby, you can clock out.

Colby: Oh, thanks, Krystal.

Krystal: Well, I -- I haven't seen your friend the bodyguard in a while. Has the goon gotten better at camouflage, or have you figured out new ways to control your daughter?

Colby: Dad hired the guard to protect me.

Adam: Colby, you don't need to speak for me.

Krystal: What is wrong with you, Adam? Are you going to lock her up until she's 30 years old?

Colby: I lied, Krystal, about Sean and the guard.

Adam: Colby, it's all right.

Colby: I thought I had to because of the FBI investigation.

Krystal: The FBI? Why did you need the FBI?

Adam: That's none of your damn business.

Colby: It was J.R. He was kidnapped.

Adam: Colby, don't do this.

Krystal: What? Kidnapped? What -- what happened?

Colby: Well, he's fine now. Actually, he was the whole time.

Adam: Don't -- don't go there. Don't start --

Krystal: Colby -- Colby, what -- what happened?

Colby: J.R. faked his own kidnapping, and my dad didn't know that, and my dad was so afraid --

Adam: Colby, stop it.

Colby: Well, Dad, she's going to find out eventually. So my dad had to pay off the kidnappers a lot of money to save J.R.'s life, and then he had to turn to Zach Slater, and that is how he lost the business and a whole bunch of money. Everything he cared about, gone.

Krystal: Adam, are you ok?

Adam: No -- it's -- it's enough, it's enough. This is -- this is family business. It's Chandler family business.

Krystal: Adam -- Adam, hold it right there.

[Lily walks into Wildwind's living room and sees Lily and Jonathan kissing on the sofa]

Lily: 99, 98, 97, 96, 95 --

Di: Lily.

Lily: 94 --

Di: Hey, what happened? What's wrong?

Lily: 93, 92, 91 --

Lily: Everything's ok. There's no loud noises.

Di: Lily, tell me what happened.

Lily: There's no crowd. Why do I feel like I'm in a crowd?

Di: Well, why don't you come inside, let's talk?

Lily: No -- I can't go inside, I can't go in there.

Di: Why, what's wrong? What's inside?

Lily: Ava and Jonathan -- they're kissing in there.

Di: And that makes you uncomfortable?

Lily: But I'm not responsible for Jonathan anymore.

Di: Lily, I mean, do you want Jonathan back?

Ava: No. No, I can't. We can't.

[Ava runs upstairs and Jonathan follows]

Lily: I want Jonathan back the way he was, when he needed my help 86% of the time. I can't be with him the way he is now. So why shouldn't Ava? There's no logical reason why not. Logically, it should be acceptable.

Di: But it's not?

Lily: I can accept Jonathan with Ava, but I don't want to see Jonathan with Ava.

[Knock on door]

Jonathan: Ava? Ava, open the door.

Ava: Go away!

Jonathan: I'm not going anywhere.

Ava: Go take a cold shower.

[Jonathan tries opening Ava's bedroom door]

Jonathan: Ava, unlock the door.

Ava: We're done.

Jonathan: Ok. Ok. All right, that's fine. Then you can just say good night to me, then.

Ava: Good night.

Jonathan: Good night.

[When Jonathan kisses Ava, she responds, and they fall into bed]

Lily: Jonathan and I aren't alike anymore. And I can't be with him, but Ava can. And I can't touch but Ava can. And I don't like big groups like at Ryan and Annie's wedding, but Ava loves them, so she went as me. And Kendall wanted me to be a model for Fusion but I can't, but Ava can. And I -- I'm not good at kissing --

Di: You know what? Lily, Lily, Lily, no one has everything, ok? No one has got it all. Kendall could tell the difference between you and Ava, and she didn't think Ava was right for the job.

Lily: What about Jonathan? Can he tell the difference between us, too?

[Music plays]

Krystal: You thought you were going to lose your son and you lost your company.

Adam: I'll get it back.

Krystal: Some mistakes can't be erased.

Adam: You would know.

Krystal: How long was J.R. gone?

Adam: What difference does it make?

Krystal: What, days, hours, weeks?

Adam: He's home, he's home. It's over.

Krystal: Have you forgotten how it felt when he was gone?

Adam: Yeah.

Krystal: Liar. You still know how it felt. Your heart in a fist. How many nights did you clutch your belly and just curl up in a ball?

Adam: Never happened. I spent my time fighting to get him back.

Krystal: Fighting on the outside, screaming, crying, suffering inside? How many terrible thoughts popped into your head and refused to go away, huh? Did you see him? Did you see him hurt, did you see him and hear him screaming? Did you reach out and touch his dead hand and see him on a slab? That pain, that gut-wrenching fear, that horror -- that's what you gave me, Adam, only worse because I was never supposed to see my baby again. That was your plan. Well, I'm glad you got a taste of my hell, Adam. Karma is a bitch.

Singer: I can't wait but it's too late

Singers: It's a little too late and, baby

Zach: Because of Junior's inept plan, I got to take over Chandler.

Kendall: Ok, so you mapped all of this out when Adam first came to you?

Zach: Uh-huh. The timing of the kidnapping was perfect.

Kendall: You can count on their stupidity.

Zach: Their loss, our gain.

Kendall: Yeah, the Chandlers have gotten away with way too much for too long. You're not feeling sorry for them, are you?

Zach: A year ago, Junior put you in a coma. You and Spike almost died. He never paid for that.

Kendall: I'm glad I told you to hold off because this is so much better.

Zach: $100 million, Chandler Enterprises, their house, their cars -- doesn't even begin to cover it. But you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to take their company and cut it up and sell it in little pieces.

Kendall: That's perfect, honey. It's great. And let them cry about their legacy then.

Zach: Adam and Junior, father and son. Wonder which one of them hates deeper. They've double-crossed each other so many times.

Kendall: Well, that is the Chandler way.

Zach: Well, you know what? When there's a crisis, they pull together. I admire that.

Kendall: J.R. and Adam will turn on each other again -- they always do. They're like two crabs in a jar, like Annie and Greenlee. If the Fusion girls don't pull their claws in, our concept launch will be dead in the water.

Greenlee: I still miss Ryan. Stage four is a bust, too.

Josh: Hmm. So you think if you try a little harder, you'll come up with some kind of plan, you'll suddenly think of something that'll make them want to run back to you? They'll figure it out and -- and they'll figure out that they want to be with you?

Greenlee: Yes, because they never really stopped.

Josh: Well, once you do everything you can to make someone want to come back to you, what more can you do? Keep making yourself unhappy, keep making a fool of yourself?

Greenlee: Oh -- is this supposed to be making me feel better?

Josh: Well, I did it over and over with Babe and it gets old. Don't do what I did -- don't get so obsessed that it's all who you are. Don't be a bore.

Greenlee: Ouch.

Josh: I'm just laying it out there.

Greenlee: Clearly.

Josh: I think it's time to move on to stage five.

Greenlee: Oh, my God -- and what is that?

Josh: We get naked.

Greenlee: Sure we do.

Josh: I'm serious.

Greenlee: Oh -- ha-ha!

Josh: We strip down --

Greenlee: Yeah -- no, I'm going to pass.

Josh: And we dive in!

Greenlee: No, no, no, Kendall's brother! Put your clothes back on!

Josh: What are you afraid of?

Greenlee: That.

Josh: It's your last chance.

Greenlee: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Josh: You sure?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Josh: All right.

Greenlee: I'm sure.


Josh: You don't know what you're missing! Come on, get in here.

Greenlee: Ok, ok, I'm coming!


Greenlee: Ah! It's freezing!

Josh: It's not freezing.

[Greenlee laughs]

Colby: Hey -- nice vest. Pick up girls in that outfit?

Sean: Oh, yeah, I have to beat them away.

Colby: Did you bring an extra stick?

Sean: This is ridiculous.

Colby: Hey, you know, I look really great in neon yellow. You should've brought an extra vest.

Sean: Why would you help me pick up litter? You've been working at The Comeback all day.

Colby: Hello -- has all that trash gone to your head? You lied to keep me out of trouble. I owe you.

Sean: No, look, you didn't plant those drugs. This is my problem.

Colby: Sean, you kept my name out of it. There's no ugly judge asking about the yacht-jacking, the carjackings, the limo-jacking.

Sean: Ok, Colby, look, no -- no more, please. Look, I'm -- I'm no hero.

Colby: Oh, you didn't have to take the plea. You didn't do anything wrong. You know, you could've fought those charges, but you didn't, for me.

Sean: Has it ever occurred to you that this is what I wanted? I mean, seriously, this is a summer internship you wait all year to get.

Colby: Oh, zip it.

Sean: No, seriously, I'm making my future on this litter-picking thing. This stick is valuable training for my lifelong ambition.

Colby: Oh, my gosh, you've lost it.

Sean: What, what -- you never heard of ultimate full-contact body stick-fighting?

Colby: Ok, there's something seriously wrong with that statement.

Sean: Oh, no, this is way more than a video game, Colby -- this is it. Seriously, if somebody comes at me, they're going down.

Colby: Oh, really?

Sean: Uh-huh.

Colby: Ok, let's go right now.

Sean: Come on.

Colby: Let's go.

Sean: See what you got. Ooh.

Colby: Oh, yeah! Hmm! Nice move. Ha-ha!

Kyle: Kitchen's done.

Krystal: Oh, good. You can take off, Kyle.

Kyle: Are you sure?

Krystal: Yeah, yeah, I'll close up.

Kyle: All right. Thanks, Krystal.

Krystal: Ok, sure.

Krystal: Hey. Uh -- yeah, no -- I was just wondering what you were doing. I could use some company.

Greenlee and Josh: Whoa!

Josh: Whoo!

Greenlee: Oh, my gosh, that was --

Josh: Whoo.

Greenlee: Such a better idea when I was dry.

Josh: Oh, yeah. That's why you're supposed to get naked.

Greenlee: Right. Does that line work with anyone?

Josh: Oh, you'd be surprised.

Greenlee: Not really. Oh, my God.

Josh: Why don't you put on my dry shirt?

Greenlee: Oh. That's the best idea you've had all day.

Josh: Whoo.

Greenlee: So, tell me -- what is stage six?

Josh: All in due time, my dear.

Greenlee: Ooh. Don't keep me hanging!

Josh: That's part of my charm.

Greenlee: Right, so you say. Oh, my gosh. Whew.

Josh: Hmm.

Greenlee: So much better, thank you.

Josh: You're welcome. Your -- your buttons --

Greenlee: Oh.

[Josh kisses Greenlee, and they fall on the sand together]

Josh: You know what? I -- I think you're so beautiful, and I so want to go through with this, but I'm not going to be another woman's regret --

Greenlee: No.

Josh: Not again.

Greenlee: Who's regretting? Come back here.

Josh: If this thing is going to happen between you and me, it's only going to be you and me, no one else.

Greenlee: So you're going to be responsible?

Josh: For once.

Greenlee: Well, I guess someone should.

Josh: I like you, Greenlee, and I just want to make you happy. Plus, you're not done with the love detox. You only have 406 stages to go.

Greenlee: And I can't wait to hear about each and every one of them.

Josh: Oh, good.

Kendall: Ok, we need a sharper fix on Fusion Green's image, like something more focused, like the day-and-night campaign.

Zach: Can I ask you something?

Kendall: Yes?

Zach: Now, don't get mad at me, but this whole makeup thing, why does it all have to be different? Can't it all just be the same or --

Kendall: That's it. That's it. Day and night is about changing and -- and reinventing yourself. And why not merge it with Fusion Green? Wait -- wait, hold on. This is -- this is really good. Ok -- Fusion Green -- Fusion Green, day and night. "Nature in extremes" -- that's right, ok. "Sweet --- sweet to sultry, sunny to stormy."

Zach: "Stormy."

Kendall: Honey, this is good. You -- look at you. You are a damn cosmetics mogul, you are, yes.

Zach: Ah!

Kendall: You're brilliant, this is brilliant.

Zach: I know makeup.

Kendall: Yeah, well, listen. Ok, this is good, this is good. Check this out -- right, ok. Day to night, right?

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Ok. Not two makeups -- one. One.

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: Right? We -- we take Ava and we transform her from sweet little Lily into sultry, sexy Ava. Ava can do both.

Zach: Yeah?

Kendall: She can -- look at this face.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: She can do both, honey. Oh, dear God in heaven, thank you.

Ava: This is where you get up and go.

Jonathan: I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to hold you all night long. I'm going to watch you sleep. I'm going to make you feel safe and listen to you breathe, and watch this light from this window hit your face and hair.

Ava: Be careful. I just might buy what you're selling.

Jonathan: I want to wake up to you tomorrow. I want to be the last person you see before you sleep and the first one when you open your eyes. I'm not going anywhere. You're stuck with me.

Krystal: Oh. Sorry for sending out a 911.

Derek: At your service.

Krystal: Thanks for coming, although I don't know that I'm really fit for human company.

Derek: Rough night?

Krystal: Yeah, a little rocky.

Derek: Adam was here.

[Music plays as Adam orders a stiff drink at the Yacht Club bar]

Colby: I owe you.

Sean: You don't owe me anything.

Colby: Why can't you admit that you just pleaded no contest to make sure I didn't get charged, too?

Sean: Why is it so important that I say it?

Colby: Because it shows you care.

Singer: It was the same except the shoes I'm in

Sean: I do care about you, Colby -- more than I've ever cared about anyone in my life.

Singer: When you walked in

Colby: Really?

Singer: When my feet were planted firmly on the ground

Sean: More than I thought possible.

Singer: But every time

Sean: You mean everything to me.

Singer: I lend my heart it never comes back the same

Ava: Good night.

Singer: Oh this won't hurt at all it's only the way back down that you feel

Singers: It's all about you and me

[Di walks into the house and finds Ava's purse on the foyer floor.  Upstairs, Jonathan holds Ava in bed]

Singer: We find every way to defy gravity I need a sign they say when you don't look is when you find I'll be forever out of place if fate won't let me in

[At The Comeback, Krystal and Derek hug while Adam watches through the window]

Singer: I know how this goes so I brace myself 'cause failure is all I know but if I failed a million times it led me to you

[At the park, Colby and Sean sit on a bench looking up at the night sky]

Singer: This won't hurt at all it's only the way back down that you feel

Singers: It's all about you and me

[Greenlee and Josh sits by the fire on the beach]

Singer: We find every way to defy gravity maybe now if my head is right window seat on a one-way flight last thing we're to do is breathe

[Zach puts away Kendall's papers and kisses her]

Singer: This won't hurt at all it's only the way back down that you feel

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Greenlee: Yeah. Let them.

Lily (to Jonathan): Why are you in Ava's bedroom?

Kendall (to Babe): I was wondering when you would bring up Zach and the Chandlers -- is there a problem?

Stuart (to Zach): You made a deal with my brother -- now make one with me.

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