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All My Children Transcript Monday 7/9/07


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[Dance music plays at ConFusion]

J.R.: Good, you're here. Can we talk?

Amanda: Hey. I'm working, but -- for a few more days at least -- it seems to be covered. What's up? Did you find Seamus?

J.R.: Not yet.

Amanda: Any leads?

J.R.: Nothing.

Amanda: Did you bring my check for the 500,000?

J.R.: I have been busy.

Amanda: Conversation's over.

J.R.: Everything that has happened, you're the only person I can talk to, Amanda. I was hoping for some friendship.

Amanda: You know what? I was hoping for a little -- guess we can't all get what we want.

Singer: Come on, come on

Babe: Hey.

J.R.: Hi.

Amanda: Hey.

Babe: Um -- are the -- these seats taken?

Amanda: No, they're all yours.

J.R.: Ahem.

Jamie: You celebrating? Your business trip? Well, was it a slam dunk?

Krystal: You trying to scare away my business, Adam?

Adam: No, I'm here to inspect my daughter's choice of employment.

Krystal: Colby's doing just fine.

Adam: Yes, but the atmosphere -- the clientele -- God only knows what -- what sort of influences she'll be subjected to.

Krystal: Why don't you leave, and I won't tell Colby that you still don't trust her to live her own life?

Adam: Why don't you let her father decide if his daughter's work environment is safe? No, no, ladies first.

Krystal: Pearls before swine.

Lily: I'm glad Ava told me to begin without her. I have to finish eating dinner by --

Jonathan: 9:30.

Lily: You always remembered that.

Jonathan: This audition that Ava's on --

Lily: It's for Fusion Cosmetics.

Jonathan: Yeah. I thought they wanted you for the job.

Lily: Yes, but I don't like making faces into a camera. But Ava does. She told me that she's practiced a "bazillion times." Which isn't a real number, but apparently, it means "a lot." Ava went as me. And when Kendall sees how good of a model she is, she'll hire her. And it must be working, because she's very late.

Annie: I will work with anyone, but not her.

Greenlee: Because you can't take it.

Annie: You are impossible.

Greenlee: Incompetent.

Annie: Arrogant.

Greenlee: Ignorant!

Kendall: But no, you get back -- listen, get back here! Get back here, you little lying tramp! Get back here! Get back here, you lying, cheating little tramp!

Annie: You are out of control.

Greenlee: Because you're out of your league.

Ryan: That is enough.

Annie: No, no, no. No, no, don't shut her up. Let me have it. Give it to me, Greenlee. You and Kendall are so sure that she's changed? Listen to her! There is no "new Greenlee." She's still the same old one, the one who -- who crashes weddings and tries to steal children. Bitter and selfish and miserable.

Greenlee: Hmm. And you -- you shouldn't even be here, remember? We're not supposed to be in the same room. It's not allowed. Isn't that right, Annie? You're so threatened by me, so afraid, you won't be happy until your husband forgets how much he loves me. Isn't this the part where -- where you tell Annie that I'm lying? That she's the only one for you? Well, saying it won't make it true. We have a connection. You feel it. So do you, and it scares the hell out of you.

Annie: I'm not afraid.

Ryan: You're wrong, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Denial. What we have isn't over. You can't just pack it away. It's real. It's real, it's alive, and nothing you can do is going to change that.

Kendall: Greenlee, don't walk away.

Greenlee: Just don't! Leave me the hell alone!

Annie: Oh, no, not a chance.

Ryan: No, no, no, let her go.

Annie: No, not until I am done.

Ryan: Annie -- Annie, not a good idea.

Kendall: Ryan, stop. Ryan --

Ryan: It's not a good idea.

Kendall: Ryan, stop it. She needs to do this. Let her go.

Annie: No, no. So typical. Take your shots and run.

Greenlee: Get away from me. I am so sick of you and Fusion and bonding and product lines.

Annie: Oh, trust me, I've had enough, too. But we are going to finish this.

[Elevator stops]

Annie: Now.

Greenlee: What are you doing?

Annie: Nowhere to run.

Greenlee: You want me to talk? You get me the hell out of this box on a string.

Annie: Not a chance.

Greenlee: Fine. But I'm claustrophobic. I can't breathe in here. I can't think.

Annie: Oh, I know how you feel. That is how I have felt every day since you got back into town. Because there's not enough oxygen for the both of us. You always need more. Enough is never enough for you. What the hell is wrong with you?

Greenlee: What I said in there -- Ryan doesn't love me. Not enough to leave you. Not enough to leave his daughter. Not even enough to keep me hoping.

Annie: No hope isn't going to stop you from trying.

Greenlee: He didn't look at me, barely a glance. He looked at you. He focused on you. He loves you. You're the one he's worried about now.

Lily: I gave Ava advice about how to be me. I don't think Kendall will get mad at us that we tricked her -- when she sees what a good model Ava is. Your mouth is down. Your forehead -- you're worried.

Jonathan: No, I just -- you know, Ava doesn't need any more trouble.

Lily: I'm getting better at reading facial expressions. Yours could also mean that you're nervous, which means you want Ava to do well, which means you care about her to some degree. I've seen you together with her. I've -- I've studied your interaction, which confirmed that --

Jonathan: Ava and I are just friends.

Lily: But she's normal like you. She can touch, and she can understand why your jokes are funny. Maybe you'll fall in love with her.

Jonathan: That's impossible.

Lily: There's no empirical proof to prove that it's impossible. Just improbable. But there is a possibility. I'm sorry! I'm sorry.

Jonathan: No, it's ok. Hey, Lily, it's ok.

Lily: Ava wouldn't have done that.

Jonathan: Hey, nothing's broken. It's ok. Lily, if talking about this upsets you, we can -- we can stop, or we can -- yeah, maybe -- do you want to go somewhere else, somewhere quiet? You can use your earmuffs.

Lily: No, I have these. They were Sean's idea. White noise calms me down. And no one stares at me anymore. People used to stare at me with the earmuffs, especially in the summer.

Jonathan: You're ok.

Krystal: Adam, tables are for two or more.

Adam: I don't see anyone waiting in line to get in here.

Krystal: You sit at the bar, or you leave.

Adam: Ah -- wonderful, right near the stale corn chips. Oh, sweetheart --

Colby: Can't talk, Daddy. Kitchen.

Krystal: You want to soak up the atmosphere, then grab a bench outside. If you want to warm up a stool, then place your order. We got some potato chowder going back there. It's -- it's lighter than it sounds. And the chicken sandwich -- the sauce has a bit of a kick to it.

Adam: I'll have a beer.

Krystal: You think your doctor would like that idea?

Adam: My doctor isn't here. One beer, no suds.

Krystal: I have some lemonade, Adam.

Adam: Oh --

Krystal: Ok. Ok, fine. Why don't I order you a grande-sized plate of fries and a side of lard to go with that brew?

Adam: You know, my health, which is superb, is none of your concern.

Krystal: All right, then.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Krystal: Fine. We don't owe each other. Never met. Anything else?

Adam: Well, there is one thing, stranger. My wife is suing me for half of everything I own. It turns out she's going to be getting less than she thought.

J.R.: Well, my business trip -- it -- it didn't go as expected.

Babe: Well, I'm -- I'm glad you're here. Actually, we -- I didn't get to talk to you much at your birthday, and -- and you were gone longer than you expected on your trip, and -- I hope that meant good things.

Amanda: Depends on who you talk to.

Jamie: What does that mean?

J.R.: Dad and I had a great time with Little Adam. Thank you for letting him spend the day with us.

Babe: Of course, definitely. I -- um -- it's weird, though. You didn't want Little A anywhere near Adam, and then all of a sudden, it was about the A-team. What was that all about?

J.R.: Yeah, well, you know, my dad and me -- one minute, we hate each other --

Jamie: And the next day, you hate each other even more?

Babe: Well, you and Adam getting along -- that's just a miracle right there.

Amanda: Yeah, or something.

Babe: Whatever it was, I'm just glad that Little A got to spend some quality time with you. He really missed his daddy, and usually when you're away on trips, you usually call.

J.R.: I was -- I was swamped. Back-to-back meetings. I was so beat, I just fell right into bed, and then the next morning, I was just -- right back at it again.

[Jamie spies Amanda stepping on J.R.'s foot]

Jamie: What's really going on? If you don't tell me, I'll stomp on your other foot.

Babe: Ok, did I miss something?

J.R.: No. No, everything is fine.

Jamie: Babe deserves to know, especially if it involves Little A.

Ava: Give me a vodka shot.

Del: Didn't your parents teach you to say "Please"?

Ava: Please.

Del: Oh, I'm sorry, kiddo. No booze for underage hotties.

Ava: Come on. I work at a bar, too. This is business, research. I'll take a beer.

Del: Water.

Ava: Ugh.

Di: Hey. What the hell happened up there? What -- our talk, Ava? No more pretending to be Lily?

Ava: Come on, Di. If you had every dream that you've ever had come true, wouldn't you just want to play Dixie one more time?

J.R.: There has been some money issues. It just hit the papers today. Dad's taken a pretty big hit. He's down -- $100 million.

Babe: Wow.

Jamie: Ouch.

Babe: Well, Chandler Enterprises is a strong company. I'm sure -- I'm sure he'll just bounce back.

J.R.: Zach Slater has controlling interest.

Jamie: How the hell did that happen?

Babe: My God, J.R., I'm so sorry. Is that what this business trip was about?

Amanda: Tell her, or I will.

J.R.: I wasn't on a business trip. I was kidnapped. We were in the limo. And the next thing I know, we were jumped. And we were put in some basement.

Babe: You could have been killed, J.R. Who -- who are these creeps, and where are they? Tell me the police caught them. J.R., please, Little A could be in danger.

J.R.: No -- trust me, he's safe.

Jamie: So the guys that did this are still out there?

J.R.: The FBI's already all over it.

Babe: Ok, well, until they catch them, Little A is not going out of my sight.

Jamie: We need to beef up security at your place.

J.R.: No, there is no way that these guys are going to come back for more.

Jamie: You don't know that.

Amanda: Yes, he does.

Babe: I'm going to get Little A now.

Amanda: Don't let Babe worry.

J.R.: Just hold up a second. Little Adam is in zero danger right now.

Babe: How can you be sure of that?

Amanda: Because there never was any danger.

Babe: Did you set all of this up to take the money from Adam? Oh, my God, J.R. Don't touch me.

J.R.: Will you just let me explain?

Babe: Don't touch me, and don't talk to me. If I'm anywhere near you, I will hit you.

J.R.: Unless you can fix this, I don't want to hear it.

Ava: Lily didn't want to be the model, so we decided that I --

Di: You decided?

Ava: No, we decided that I would go as her as a favor.

Di: Uh-huh, and go in and just wow the women of Fusion as Lily? Ok, way to work a favor, Ava.

Ava: Di, it's called ambition. No one ever knocks on my door, no one ever gives me a chance. So I have to go after it on my own. So kill me. I -- I took a chance. And they shot me down. Because I'm not virginal, and I'm not sweet. But don't they know? Sex sells. All I wanted was a chance.

Di: What was the photographer's name?

Ava: Owen Richardson.

Di: Huh. All right. You may still have your chance.

Kendall: I can feel those eyes. Burn the back of someone else's head, please.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: You know, you really should have more faith in your wife. Annie's a lot tougher than you give her credit for.

Ryan: I know exactly how tough my wife is, but she shouldn't have to deal with this, all right? Greenlee is my problem.

Kendall: Funny, Annie thinks that Greenlee is her problem, too. So she's dealing with it her way.

Ryan: Yeah, at close range. What's up with that? And what's up with this whole team-sprit-building thing you have going on here?

Kendall: This is my responsibility, Ryan.

Ryan: To -- to what? To what, to Fusion, or to Greenlee? I mean, why do you think you have to fix everything for her?

Kendall: The same reason you do. Because we love her, whether you admit it or not.

Annie: What is this? Some twisted reverse psychology? You tell me it's over, Ryan loves me, I relax? Then you go behind my back again? Try to steal my husband?

Greenlee: Look, when I said that Ryan loved me, I believed it. I mean, a part of me did. So that's what I held on to. I didn't have Ryan, but I had hope. And then he kissed me, and I thought, "Well, he can still be mine." But he wasn't. And then he called me, and he wanted to meet. And I thought, "finally -- finally, he's going to admit that he still loves me." But he didn't. Not even close. No declaration of love. Just a warning to stay away.

Annie: As if you would listen.

Greenlee: He doesn't love me. There's no room in his heart. Because you're there. He loves you, not me. How is that possible? I don't understand.

[Music plays at The Comeback]

Krystal: I heard it from Colby. The house, the company, the stocks. Slater got it all.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Krystal: Well, I don't want to hear any sob stories or hoo-ha about how much you lost and what it's going to cost me.

Adam: Yeah, well, there's no guarantee I'll recoup any of it.

Krystal: Oh, no. Nothing comes between Adam Chandler and his bank accounts. So don't blow any smoke about how I'm not going to get my share. You're going to get your money back in no time, and you're going to give me my half.

Adam: I'd -- I'd have something to work with if you hadn't gotten rid of that Chandler stock.

Krystal: Oh, you mean the stock you threatened to sue me for? You lose your company, and then you try to blame it on me? Well, at least I didn't pull a class-A felony on you.

Adam: Where -- where the hell is my beer?

Krystal: Cold-hearted -- oh, oh. I thought Kyle fixed this.

Adam: Yeah, wait. What you have to do is you pull it. You pull it, you wait. Then you pull it again. Treat it nice, it's the sweetest pour in the bar.

Krystal: Hey. Well, all right. Well, I guess you -- you are good for something, after all. A little heavy on the suds, but --

Adam: Yeah, a lot of suds. You know, I -- I knew every bottle and tap and swizzle stick in this place when I owned it.

Singer: Now it's time to put first things first

Adam: Oh, good suds.

Krystal: Oh. Never saw you smile like that over your 100-year-old Scotch.

Adam: I haven't had much to smile about lately. I'll take it when I can get it.

Krystal: The best burger in town, guaranteed.

Man: Looks great. Thank you.

Krystal: Got everything?

Colby: Uh -- is that a beer?

Adam: One -- one beer. Humor me.

Colby: Ok. Just this once.

Adam: Can I buy you a lemonade?

Colby: Dad, I'm at work. I'm not even supposed to be talking to you. But, hey, don't move at the bar, ok? This is the sweet spot.

Adam: Ok.

Colby: Watch me while I do my things, ok?

Adam: Ok.

Colby: I love you so much.

Adam: Oh, you're not just saying that to get a bigger tip, are you?

Colby: I got to go. Table three.

Adam: I love you, too.

Krystal: All that hullabaloo -- that wasn't just "I love you, Daddy," you know.

Adam: Hmm.

Krystal: That was "when are you and stepmama going to get back together again?"

Babe: Just when I think I can trust J.R. to be a sane and rational human being, he goes and pulls something like this? I mean, who kidnaps himself? Who does that? And -- and then to get you involved? I am so sorry. You must have been scared out of your mind.

Amanda: When those men came out of nowhere and chloroformed us, and then they beat up J.R., I -- I really thought we were going to die. And then, he finally confessed it was all a setup, but then they left us to rot. If Adam hadn't showed up, I -- I don't know if we would have gotten out.

Babe: J.R. -- something could have happened. Little Adam could have lost his father, all because of some stupid stunt to get back at Adam. And then he risks your life? I -- you know, J.R. is still J.R., straight to the wrong choices.

Amanda: Sometimes, maybe. But I mean, I get why he'd want to slam Adam. I'd take the shot if I had it. And there wasn't any real danger -- I mean, if it had gone as planned.

Babe: As if that makes it ok. You two are seeing each other, aren't you?

Di: Oh, and thank you so much for doing this.

Owen: For you, no problem.

Di: All right.

Owen: Forget it.

Di: No, just wait. Just --

Owen: I don't know what went down up there, but she's -- she wasn't the model Kendall wanted. I'm done.

Ava: Hey, you're not the only photographer in the world.

[Di sighs]

Di: How did the shoot go? I mean, until it blew up? I mean, what --

Owen: She doesn't know what the hell she's doing.

Di: Ok, I mean, maybe not as someone else, but I mean, she's Ava. Maybe -- maybe as herself, she can give you something.

Owen: And if Ava doesn't work, who's she going to be?

Ava: I don't need this.

Di: Hey, what happened to making it happen? To all that ambition? Owen, come on. You're here. You're here. Just a few shots, come on.

Owen: All right.

Di: Ok.

Owen: But if you give me any attitude, I'm out of here.

Ava: All right. Di, maybe he's right. Maybe I can't do this. I mean, I've never had any professional experience, except for my mirror at home.

Di: Ok. Just be yourself. Mm-hmm. It's ok. Um -- so what -- what do you -- what do you like better? Um -- reading, or roller coasters?

Ava: Uh -- roller coasters.

Di: Mm-hmm. And what do you prefer, Monday morning or Friday night?

Ava: Oh, as if.

[Di laughs]

Di: And, um, you like knitting, or skinny-dipping?

Ava: Oh, skinny-dipping, definitely.

Di: Yeah.

Owen: Where did that come from?

Ava: Can you handle it?

Jonathan: So they have angel food cake. Still your favorite? Have them take all the strawberries off it for you, serve it to you plain?

Lily: Are you going to have your favorite? A hot fudge sundae, hold the cherry, extra nuts, extra whipped cream?

Jonathan: I don't know. Maybe, if I have room.

Lily: Well, you always had room when we we married. We're different now. We don't understand each other the way we used to, but we still know what each other likes, and that hasn't changed.

Jonathan: No, it hasn't. Here, woman in red.

Lily: Thank you. You can still help me, but I can't help you anymore. That's why we're different. That's why we're not a good fit.

Jonathan: I know. There's no going back.

Ryan: I am not in love with Greenlee.

Kendall: Neither am I. Though, my mother once thought we were having an affair. The point is, Ryan, we love Greenlee because she's Greenlee. I mean, we can be mad as hell at her, but we can't hate her. She's our family. You're the one who made me see that, and now you want to shut her out?

Ryan: It's just I'm -- I'm tired. I'm done with all the drama. I mean, she's sucking all the energy out of me. I'm barely holding on to my own family, and it's because of her, and she wants even more.

Kendall: She needs help.

Ryan: I need help. I need your help. I need you to stop trying to control something that you can't control, all right? Annie and Greenlee will never be friends. So don't try to push something that's only going to blow up -- even more than it already has.

Kendall: Ok, see, I used to think that about Greenlee and me. There was no way that we could be friends. I mean, we got forced into this whole partnership, and we were horrible to each other. We hurt each other. But now, look at us. We're -- we're getting together again. And it's good. And if that's possible, then why not Annie and Greenlee? When those doors open right now, they -- they just might walk out as friends.

Greenlee: Are we done?

Annie: Not yet.

Greenlee: Ryan loves you, ok? It's over. I give. Not me, you, forever and ever and ever and ever. Now, please, just let me the hell out of here.

[When Annie opens the elevator door, Greenlee runs out breathless]

Greenlee: Oh!

Kendall: Greenlee, let -- let me take you to the lounge.

Greenlee: Don't --

Kendall: Get you some tea or water.

Greenlee: Don't touch me. They'll think I'm playing the pity angle. I'm not.

Kendall: I know.

Greenlee: Then stop looking at me like that.

Kendall: I just want to help.

Greenlee: And I want to forget, all of it. Total and complete humiliation, again. I am getting so damn good at this.

Kendall: Greenlee, don't beat yourself up.

Greenlee: Oh, enough team tuning for one day, Kendall, ok? I'm just -- I'm all tuned out.

Kendall: What happened in there?

Greenlee: I'll find a way to unlove you, Ryan. I have to.

Annie: Greenlee claims to have finally embraced reality. She says that Ryan is not madly in love with her.

Kendall: Well, what did she say? Does that mean that she's backing off?

Ryan: I'd like to talk to my wife.

Kendall: Well, no one had to be scraped off the walls. That's good. Great! Ok, I tried to do something to save this company and help this family, and it didn't go the way you wanted, so as usual, I'm the one to blame.

Ryan: Greenlee really said that she was --

Annie: Ahem.

Ryan: Willing to let it go?

Annie: I made her cry.

Ryan: Are you ok?

Annie: I'm not sure. No. Don't.

Amanda: I'm not seeing J.R. I'm not "seeing" seeing him. I mean, we're friends, we hang out.

Babe: I'm not busting you. You can date whomever you want. It's just -- J.R., I mean -- I'm not going to go down the list of things he's done.

Amanda: Thank you.

Babe: But if you are going to date him, you have to be careful.

Amanda: Look, I'm not going to get into anything with J.R. No way I would do that to you.

Babe: This isn't about me. You don't get it -- J.R. and I are over. This is about you. You deserve someone who hasn't hurt you or scared you and who will probably do it again.

Amanda: J.R.'s a jerk, ok? He's a liar, he plays me, and you're right. With him, there's always another bad surprise, but don't worry, ok? I will not forget what he's done to me.

J.R.: My dad's hundred million dollars -- gone. Slater's got control of the company. The house is on the block, because I was a massive idiot. If you want to lecture me, just make it short.

Jamie: Slater snaked you? He's sitting back and laughing?

J.R.: Do you want to rub it in my face?

Jamie: Well, I'd like to rub his face in it. No matter how much we fight, we're still brothers. I'm on your side.

J.R.: Does that mean you'll let me borrow $100 million?

Jamie: Ah, a sense of humor -- I'm glad you've kept that.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: It was worth a shot.

Jamie: Even if I wanted to help Adam -- which I don't -- I would never hand over that kind of cash.

J.R.: I wouldn't expect you to.

Jamie: But I will buy you a cup of coffee.

Ava: So, how is it? Is it awful, trashy, sucks, horrible? Good?

Di: Hmm -- let's go show the bosses.

Ava: Whoo!

Lily: Well, I'm sorry that Ava missed dinner, but maybe that means she got the job.

Jonathan: Maybe.

Lily: I should go home now.

Jonathan: Well, I'm going to take care of this, ok?

Lily: No, we're not married anymore. We should split the bill evenly.

Jonathan: I'm going to flag the waiter down for the bill.

Lily: With each of us paying an equal amount with 18% tip, we should pay $35.50. It's actually $35.47, but I rounded up if that's ok with you.

Jonathan: That's fine.

Josh: Lily, Jonathan, what's the occasion?

Lily: There's no occasion. I was alone and so was Jonathan, so we ate together.

Josh: Oh, you look beautiful. It's good to see you getting out of the office once in a while.

Lily: Are you planning on coming to work on time tomorrow?

Josh: I'm going to try.

Krystal: You know, Derek Frye's been coming around.

Adam: Police presence? Not a bad idea.

Krystal: It's kind of more like a man/woman thing. Anyway, Colby's not too happy about it.

Adam: Why would Colby care?

Krystal: Well, for about five seconds, she thought she had a family -- mother, father, sister, brother, and then it all blew to blazes. She wants it back.

Adam: What did you tell her?

Krystal: I told her I wanted to talk to you. I think we need to tell Colby that we love her and that we always will, but there's no chance we're ever going to get back together again.

Di: Kendall, take a look at this.

Kendall: No, no, no, no. No more -- I want you out of here. I never want to see you in here again.

Di: Hold on. Look and then talk.

Kendall: Hmm. Passionate, seductive, hot. Who knew? It's too bad you're not what we're looking for.

Annie: A hug won't undo what happened.

Ryan: What did happen?

Annie: We completely lost it. It was ugly, raw. I'm standing there watching Greenlee cry. And I realized I don't feel sorry for her. And I didn't want to help her, and I didn't even want to slap her. All I could think was, "Is this another Greenlee performance?" And then I realized I don't care if Greenlee wants you anymore.

J.R.: If you want to slam on me some more --

Babe: Actually, I would like to make a toast. To me. I took my GED test, and I'm almost positive that I passed.

Amanda: Congrats. Bust out the cap and gown.

Babe: What? Trying to come up with a dumb-blonde joke?

J.R.: I didn't realize you didn't have your high school diploma.

Babe: I will soon.

Jamie: Well, I knew you could do it.

Babe: Hmm.

J.R.: Well, good for you. I'm sure you aced it.

Babe: When Jamie wasn't busy studying Bio-Chem, he was making me flash cards on the Constitution.

Amanda: Oh.

J.R.: Yeah? Lots of late nights?

Jamie: It wasn't so bad.

Amanda: Well, my late nights are soon to be over. I am almost out of here.

Babe: Stop. Are you really going to quit?

Amanda: It's time to take a leap, try something different.

Jonathan: Why? Why are you trying to set me up with Lily? That's you. That's not Lily.

Ava: Nope. It's not what they want.

[Jonathan and Ava kiss]

Annie: As of this moment, I don't care if you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Greenlee. I don't care if Greenlee throws herself at you, because I finally get it. It's not about Greenlee and you. It's about you and me. And with all that other noise and drama, I somehow forgot that. You and I are going to be ok.

Ryan: More than ok. Come on, let's get out of here.

Greenlee: I'll have a chardonnay.

Waiter: One chardonnay --

Greenlee: No, you know what? I should have tea, herbal. And the chardonnay -- just bring that, too. What? Go!

Josh: Can I join you?

Greenlee: Knock yourself out.

Josh: Oh -- Ryan, right? Something happened? Didn't go well? Well, you know what? The best way to get over an obsession -- you need a little one-on-one. Come on.

Greenlee: Oh --

Josh: Come on.

[Music plays]

Adam: I've already told Colby that there's no future left for you and me. She should be able to tell that just by looking at us.

Krystal: It's called hope. We can flap our lips all we want and swear up and down that it's not going to happen, but Colby has her heart set on us being a family.

Adam: Yeah, well, maybe I can talk to her.

Krystal: I -- I think it's going to take more than just talk, Adam. Listen, Colby sees us together like this and -- I think you ought to get your beers somewhere else.

Adam: Hmm -- yeah. Well, I don't want to give Colby any false hopes. I'm sure, well, I can find warm beer in half a dozen other places around here, without the attitude.

Krystal: And as far as that fortune that I'm getting half of, I will take an IOU. And I don't want to hear any blather about the money being lost forever, because I know that Adam Chandler always gets what he wants.

Adam: Oh.

Singer: Ebenezer you must believe her

Adam: Oh. I know exactly what I want.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Zach): The Chandlers have gotten away with way too much. You're not feeling sorry for them, are you?

[Lily walks in on Jonathan and Ava making out]

[On the beach, Josh and Greenlee kiss]

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