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J.R.: I don't care what you have to do. I want that list of offshore accounts, now.

Adam: That ransom money could be anywhere by now.

J.R.:  Zach is not demanding any of the ransom money until tomorrow morning. We got all night.

Adam: Yeah.

J.R.: Ok?

Adam: Yeah.

J.R.: How are you doing?

Adam: Oh, a few prospects panned out. It seems I -- I should have made a few more friends on my way up.

J.R.: How much more do we need?

Adam: We have about a tenth of what we need.

J.R.: But we can still pull this off.

Adam: Yeah, maybe. But before we do, you have to come clean.

Amanda: You are so great to see me.

Zach: You are so easy to please.

Amanda: No, I mean away from the office and everything.

Zach: Lily said that your appointment request was a bit of a mystery, so I thought I'd better play along.

Amanda: We're alone?

Zach: Completely alone.

Amanda: It's about the ransom. I'm pretty sure if you work with me, we can recover every penny of that 100 million.

Ryan: Boating shoes! That's awesome! I love these!

Greenlee: I know. They were so cute, I just -- I couldn't pass them up.

Ryan: Oh, my God, they look like they fit perfectly, too.

Greenlee: Oh!

Ryan: Perfect. Right on. Look at this. Spike, you're set up.

Greenlee: Oh, it looks like your sunscreen washed off in the pool. You're looking all red.

Ryan: I will put some more on. Thank you very much. Annie? Hey. Wow. That's a nice surprise. I didn't -- I didn't know you were coming by. Thank you, thank you, Rachael. Thank you.

Annie: Yeah, surprise.

Ryan: Great. Annie?

Ryan: Annie --

Annie: If you ask me what is wrong right now, I will scream.

Ryan: Spike and I just had swim class.

Annie: Right. While Greenlee was spinning her little web, you walked out and caught?

Ryan: We -- we just ran into each other.

Annie: Yeah, she must have Ryan GPS.

Ryan: No, it's a small town.

Annie: No, it's microscopic with her. We just got back from our honeymoon, and already she's all over you.

Greenlee: Annie, hi.

Annie: Hi.

Greenlee: Don't you think Ryan's getting a little pink around his face and shoulders? I was lobbying for more sunscreen. Maybe he'll listen to you.

Annie: Maybe.

Greenlee: We were just catching up.

Annie: Oh, did my name come up? Did you fill him in on our conversation earlier this morning?

Ryan: What? What are you talking about?

Annie: Oh -- oh, Greenlee invited me to get out of Fusion.

Greenlee: No, I simp --

Annie: No?

Greenlee: You misunderstood. I thought you would maybe --

Annie: Oh, save it, Greenlee, I know exactly what you thought. And I know exactly -- you know what? I am on the verge of causing a scene, and I really don't want to do that right now.

Greenlee: I'm sorry, Ryan. I'm sorry.

Ryan: Rachael, would you take Spike home, please?

Jamie: Barkeep, we need to toast Babe's success.

Krystal: You passed the GED?

Babe: We won't know for sure for a few weeks, but --

Krystal: Oh.

Jamie: She aced it.

Babe: I think I did ok.

Krystal: Oh! You are my idol.

Babe: But you want to know what the hardest part of the whole thing was?

Krystal: Math?

Babe: Well, no.

Krystal: Ok, studying day and night.

Babe: No, actually, psyching myself up to commit to taking it. I mean, I should have done it years ago, instead of just not dealing with it.

Krystal: Show up for life.

Babe: Yeah!

Krystal: You are the real deal.

Babe: Well, just like my mama.

Krystal: Oh --

Jamie: All right, enough of this. Drinks are on me.

Krystal: No, no, I got the first one, Jamie. I have been working on a little concoction.

Babe: Ooh.

Krystal: Yes, here we are. Look.

Babe: Oh, that is too cute! Oh, my gosh!

Krystal: Here's one for you, and I've got the full-size one for you for when you get the good news. Look at that.

Babe: Well, I'm glad the two of you are so confident. I --

Krystal: Absolutely.

Jamie: Oh, come on, let's go outside.

Babe: Thank you.

Krystal: Congrats.

[Babe giggles]

Colby: Hey.

Babe: Hey, Colby, how are you, baby?

Colby: Good, and you?

Babe: I'm relieved.

Krystal: Hey, Colby. What are you doing here?

Colby: Hey. I just thought you might need some help. Hired help.

Krystal: You're job-hunting? What?

Colby: The house isn't the same without you.

Krystal: Well, I'm sure it's a little less tense.

Colby: It's lonely. Nobody's as happy as they used to be.

Krystal: Honey, you know how I like having you around.

Colby: So I can work here?

Krystal: Uh --

Colby: Sean is in anti-drug classes and has tons of community service. And if I make my more -- own money, I'd be more independent. And that's character-building and everything. Please?

Krystal: Oh -- well, I would hate to be responsible for getting in the way of your -- your character development. Ok.

Colby: Oh! I can't believe it! I got a great idea. I'm going to go watch that Tom Cruise movie where he, like, pours from there, and then flips up the glasses -- yeah!

Krystal: Oh, wait, no, no, no! No, you're too young to get behind the bar, honey. You'll start out bussing tables, ok?

Colby: Ok, I don't care. I'm employed.

Krystal: Oh, God, I can't -- look at you and Babe. You're just something else. Both of you are on the fast track to success. That's great.

[Woman screams]

Krystal: What -- Ava, what the --

Colby: What is she doing here?

Ava: What kind of idiot didn't tighten the ketchup caps?

J.R.: I'm not holding anything out on you. You know everything that I do.

Adam: As the CEO of Chandler Enterprises, you need to warn the board and the senior management.

J.R.: Well, the Feds might disagree. If somebody on the inside was involved with the kidnapping --

Adam: No, forget the kidnapping. Just stick to the bare bones. That Slater stands to become the majority stockholder.

J.R.: But if it's not necessary --

Adam: No, no, no. The odds are against us, son. I've already told the executive committee, as well as Irv Hotaling and Bob Kent. Zach Slater will present less of a threat if we provide a unified front.

J.R.: You just had to use Slater, right? You had to use Slater to get the company from me, after you knew that he hated my guts for what I did to Kendall, and you.

Adam: I made a mistake. But I was in control until the kidnapping. And thank God Slater got the ransom together.

J.R.: I know. You did what you had to do.

Adam: To get you back. And I don't apologize to anyone for that.

J.R.: You really came through for me, Dad. I won't forget it. I'm sorry, I'm just fried.

Adam: Listen, it's going to be a few minutes before the other people arrive. Um -- I'm going to tell you that I am ashamed of what I did, the way I treated you.

J.R.: No, we both made mistakes.

Adam: No, well, yeah. And this time, maybe I'll present myself to the board of directors fully clothed.

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: Um -- this is to replace something I destroyed.

J.R.: No, you don't -- you don't owe me anything.

Adam: Oh, don't worry. I didn't -- I didn't go into hock for it. I didn't borrow to buy it.

J.R.: This is a classic.

Adam: Yeah.

J.R.: No, it's too much.

Adam: I bought that a long time ago -- as a present to myself for making my first million. It's been in a safe-deposit box since before you were born. I just had it inscribed.

J.R.: "To my son, my world."

Adam: To me, this symbolized a raw-boned kid, the son of a coal miner. What he could accomplish. Money, power. Those things come and go, don't they? But a man's family -- his -- his descendents -- that's the true legacy a man brings to the world.

J.R.: Thank you.

Adam: Thanks to you, we're going to weather this storm. Slater can't beat us. Nobody can.

Amanda: No, go ahead, I want to stay sharp. But you, please, drink. Oh, that's hardly your taste.

Zach: What do you want to ask me about the ransom?

Amanda: Well, for starters, I have to tell you, I worship anyone who can get the best of J.R.'s dad.

Zach: All right.

Amanda: Adam deserves to be wiped out. Congratulations. You totally suckered Adam in. Loaning him the money for the ransom, then taking it all and demanding he pay you right back. You're a God.

Zach: I didn't kidnap Junior.

[Amanda chuckles]

Amanda: You're the master. You get one of the kidnap plotters to go your way, transfer the money back to you. You're not out a dime, and you gain everything Chandler. It's genius. My future's, what, ordering swizzle sticks at ConFusion? I can do better than that.

Zach: You can do better than Junior.

Amanda: I thought he might pay off, but I would rather be with you. Not -- not in any romantic sense, but business-wise. I could really be a big help.

Zach: How is that?

Amanda: Well, I could pitch in on independent deals, like this ransom scam.

Zach: You got this all worked out, huh? What about salary, perks, that kind of stuff?

Amanda: I'm not greedy. I figured for starters, 10% of the ransom.

Zach: 10% of $100 million? You're worth all that?

Amanda: My silence is. You get away clean, and I will be your devoted follower. Do we have a deal?

Zach: Whatever it takes, I'm in.

Amanda: You are so doing the right thing.

Zach: I know. I know, I just -- I want you to be clear on this deal.

Amanda: No, I know. I won't tell anyone you stabbed Adam in the back and stole the ransom, in exchange for a cut.

Zach: Ok. Well, I can't give you a cut. I'm sorry, but I -- I do have some cash.

Amanda: No, hey -- no, we have a deal. I'm on board.

Zach: No, you're a little overboard. All you need are a couple of acting lessons, you're going to be all right. I know a guy in L.A. I'll take care of it. I'll pay for that.

Amanda: What the hell is this?

Zach: You tell Junior he was an idiot to send you over here to try and trap me.

Amanda: J.R. doesn't know that I'm here.

Zach: And tell him that I can't admit to something that I didn't do.

Amanda: You think you'll get away with this? Everyone makes mistakes. We are going to find that ransom.

Zach: I want you to. I want my money back. You want to help Junior, here's what you do. On the way home, stop by a moving company, pick up some boxes, and help the boys pack. Because Chandler, the money, the house -- everything's going to be mine.

Amanda: You won't have all the stock, just Adam's.

Zach: I'm going to control Chandler Enterprises. And your little boyfriend is about to retire.

[Door slams]

Kendall: You are taking over Chandler Enterprises?

Zach: Can you imagine the look on Junior's face?

J.R.: Chandler Enterprises is at a crossroads.

Man: Our stock is rock solid.

J.R.: Cambias has made a move on us.

Man: When? How?

Second man: How bad is it?

J.R.: Well, put it this way. Starting tomorrow, Cambias might be in control of the company.

Man: How long have you known?

Second man: There have been no massive sell-offs.

Third man: Someone in our -- our camp must have this covered.

Woman: Who is responsible?

Adam: That would be me, ladies and gentlemen.

J.R.: No, no, no, my father is not --

Adam: Son -- son, please, please, please. I set this crisis in motion because I lacked confidence in my son.

Jamie: For the woman who remastered Math, History, Science, and Language Arts. I give you Babe Carey.

[Makes cheering sound]

Jamie: "Speech, speech." And then, you know, they're not going to go away until you say a little something.

Babe: Stop, ok, ok, fine, fine. Um -- ahem -- I'd like to thank all of you for your support and your good wishes, but I owe all my success to Jamie Martin. My tutor, my rock. To Jamie.

Jamie: You did it. All I did was help you study and run through the sample tests.

Babe: We both know that I wouldn't have had the patience to see it through.

Jamie: Well, then, I guess half of this beautifully wrapped present is mine.

Babe: Present? What is it?

Jamie: Just a little something that every high school graduate needs.

Babe: A teeny-tiny sports car?

Jamie: No.

Babe: Oh -- well, you're not going to quiz me or something? You better not be doing "Word of the Day."

Jamie: Dictionaries are full of all kinds of great stuff. Check it out.

Babe: Ok. That's weird. Why is it so light?

[Babe opens the book and finds a jewelry box inside]

Babe: You --

Jamie: Go ahead.

Babe: Oh. A high school ring.

Jamie: Yeah, you'll have to wait for your yearbook.

Babe: Oh, my gosh! I always wanted one of these. I love it.

Jamie: And it's one of a kind. Please look.

Babe: Ok, let's see. Um -- "Babe's Academy" -- oh, that's cute. Wait -- "2007" -- you designed all this?

Jamie: Check out the crest.

Babe: Wait, it -- no way. Is that -- that's lipstick and a compact?

Jamie: For Fusion.

Babe: Oh! Ok, timeout. What are you trying to say? That so better not be a dumbbell.

Jamie: It's a baby rattle, with an A on it.

Babe: Oh, for Little A! Oh, my gosh -- and a heart.

Jamie: Because you have an incredible one.

Babe: Thank you for this. Oh! I love you for this! Oh, it's beautiful.

Colby: She's a fake, a liar, a user, and she'll rob you blind!

Krystal: Simmer -- simmer down.

Ava: Hey, you want me to take that little silver spoon out of your mouth and stick it up somewhere else?

Krystal: Ok, you can take it easy, too, Ava.

Colby: That is so classy.

Ava: Will you shut up?

Colby: No, you shut up!

Krystal: Both of you shut up.

Colby: Ok, she's the one who messed around with Sean!

Krystal: Really? You and Sean messed around?

Ava: Yeah, so what? We didn't break any laws.

Krystal: Ok, listen, Colby is like a daughter to me.

Ava: Ok, well, then maybe you can make her understand -- it's not personal, sweetie, it's just sex, ok?

Colby: See? She's total trash!

Ava: Hey, hey!

Krystal: Ok, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Hold up now. Now, I'm a little sensitive to that word myself, ok?

Colby: Sorry, but she can't work here.

Ava: Oh, says you?

Colby: Please, Krystal, you have to fire her.

Ava: Krystal, no, you don't have to fire me. Come on, you know how much I need this job.

Krystal: No, what you need is to settle some things with an apology.

Ava: Oh, no.

Krystal: Yes.

Ava: Apology to her?

Krystal: Right now.

Ava: Oh -- when rich little skanks fly.

Krystal: Oh, Ava -- Colby --

[Ava gasps when Colby flings a glass of water at her]

Krystal: Oh! Oh -- wait a minute now. Hold -- stop it!

Ava: You little --

Krystal: You're making a mess!

Ava: Get her out of here!

Krystal: Stop it, stop it!

Ava: Get her out of my bar!


Krystal: Stop it, stop it! Stop it!

Ava: You don't want to be here!

Krystal: Cut it out!

Greenlee: Come with me for a private celebration?

Josh: You know, that's the best offer I've had all night.

[Greenlee giggles]

Amanda: Dirty martini, very dirty, straight up, extra olives.

Del: Where'd you run off to?

Amanda: No place good.

Del: With someone whose initials are J.R.?

Amanda: My drink?

Del: Hey, you made the rules, Amanda. No imbibing by employees. That's us.

Amanda: Well, I'm suspending that rule for myself, since I'm only here for two more weeks.

Del: What? Since when?

Amanda: Since a couple hours ago. And I want what I want. So, ice, vodka, olive juice, shake and strain, now!

Del: You've changed, Amanda. Some screwed-up fairy whacked you with a Paris Hilton wand or something. You've changed.

Amanda: Hey, what have you got for me? Seamus' location? You found him?

Aidan: You'll be pleased to know that I have a lead, Mandy.

Amanda: Oh -- thank you, thank you, thank you.

Zach: Can I get you some juice or something?

Kendall: Uh -- no, you can tell me what's going on. Why was Amanda here?

Zach: Amanda? She's job-hunting.

Kendall: Yeah, she gave me her notice at ConFusion. She was talking to J.R. What's going on?

Zach: Ah. Just a couple more phases, and Chandler will be mine. It was going to be a surprise for you.

Kendall: All right, honey, I need more than that.

Zach: All right. When you were lying in that hospital bed, I promised that I would get even with J.R. I was asked not to kill him. So I did the next best thing. I took away everything that he and his father love. Their money, their power, and control of anything Chandler. Junior's through hurting people.

Adam: I allowed this situation to develop. I felt betrayed. And I set out to rob my son of what I thought he had stolen from me -- my power. Instead, I foolishly jeopardized this company, forgetting that I had built this company from scratch for my son. So, you were wise to put your faith in J.R. He has the intelligence, the ability, the strength of character to lead Chandler Enterprises. I wholeheartedly support his leadership.

J.R.: My father and I -- we'll stop Cambias.

Adam: If even for a small moment --

J.R.: We will shift the power back to Chandler just as soon as possible.

Adam: Yes. And my son will lead Chandler Enterprises on, and one day give it to my grandson, Adam Chandler, III.

Man: This paternal pride might be heartening, but --

Second man: It's a case of too little, too late.

Third man: Chandler could be consumed by Cambias.

Fourth man: And all of us ruined.

Greenlee: To life -- every wild, unpredictable, fantastic moment of life.

Josh: What do you want?

Greenlee: I've been saved, brought back from the abyss.

Josh: By whom?

Greenlee: Oh, that woman I've hated since the moment I have seen her. The woman who stole my husband. To my savior, Annie.

Annie: You wanted to come back to the beach? We're at the beach. I don't feel any different, do you?

Ryan: Go -- just get it out.

Annie: I'm not the problem.

Ryan: We don't have a problem, Annie. Look, I don't -- I don't know what you think you saw.

Annie: I wasn't imagining it.

Ryan: But there's nothing going on between Greenlee and me --

Annie: Greenlee is still in love with you, Ryan! She's constantly throwing the bait at you.

Ryan: But I'm not taking it.

Annie: Well, you're not stopping her, either.

Ryan: Greenlee --

Annie: Is never going to stop trying to get you back, and you love it.

Greenlee: I want to dance. Oh!

Josh: Talk, or I will flamenco. You'll be trampled to death.

Greenlee: Ok. Ok, ok, ok! Annie made me see that I'm right. Ryan still loves me.

Ryan: I'm not encouraging Greenlee.

Annie: And kissing her discouraged her?

Ryan: I already explained that.

Annie: You don't think she jumped around and said, "Hey, one point for me"?

Ryan: Who cares what Greenlee does?

Annie: She thinks she can win. She really thinks she can get you back, Ryan.

Ryan: But she can't.

Annie: Well, she doesn't know that. You're the one lobbying for -- for me and Kendall to just invite her back into our family.

Ryan: Because I honestly think that's the right thing to do.

Annie: Oh, please -- trust me, that and lying around half-naked with her at the pool -- it's not going to get her to back off.

Ryan: I didn't strip down for Greenlee.

Annie: But she did for you.

Ryan: I wore what I always wear to the pool. And -- and you're right. You're right -- kissing her that time was an incredible mistake.

Annie: Thank you.

Ryan: But I'm not going to apologize for showing compassion to a woman that lost a child.

Annie: But this isn't any -- any woman. This is a woman who would have done anything -- anything to have your child.

Ryan: Like it or not, because of our past, Greenlee is in our life, and we just have to figure out a way to make that work.

Annie: I am trying to do that! But don't just put this off on Spike or on the baby that Greenlee lost. She is back in our lives now because of you, because she wants you.

Ryan: I don't know how to reassure you I'm -- back at the club, I made it very clear to Greenlee. I said that you, Emma, and Spike -- you come first with me, always.

Annie: She is not going to stop until she is first.

Ryan: Yeah, but she can't destroy our marriage. She can't do it. She understands the boundaries.

Annie: Greenlee has no boundaries, Ryan.

Ryan: I honestly think that you're giving her too much power, Annie.

Annie: I haven't given her anything. When I took Emma and I went on the run from Terry, I swore that I would never do this kind of thing again.

Ryan: Whoa, whoa -- your ex was a sick bastard.

Annie: Now I feel like I've walked into it all over again.

Ryan: Hold -- hold on a second. You're actually comparing me with Terry?

Annie: No, no, never. I just -- Greenlee is dangerous. She's all neediness. What she needs and wants right now is you.

Ryan: But she can't have me.

Annie: She is in the middle of our marriage, Ryan.

Ryan: You have to understand, I didn't put her there.

Annie: Emma has already lost one father -- I can't put her through that again.

Ryan: Emma will never lose me, and neither will you.

Amanda: You didn't approach him, right? I want to drop the bomb on Seamus myself, the lying weasel.

Aidan: The day before yesterday, that lying weasel boarded a private airplane on a private airstrip -- Delancey Road, in Wayne.

Amanda: That's it? What's the destination? Is he staying put? Is he --

Aidan: I don't know his destination.

Amanda: Well, what's the plane's license number, or whatever? The owner of the plane?

Aidan: Yeah, it was an independent charter.

Amanda: Paid for by?

Aidan: I'm going to find out where he went, Amanda.

Amanda: Tonight, ok? It's got to be tonight.

Aidan: Why does it have to be tonight?

Amanda: That pig stole my inheritance. Ok, that coin is worth more than I can make in five years around this place.

Aidan: Now tell me the rest.

Amanda: My dad's lucky coin is my future. I was going to sell it, ok, and go back to school, maybe buy my own business.

Aidan: You know, I really don't feel I'm getting the full story here, Amanda, ok?

Amanda: No matter what you believe, every minute that you doubt me, Seamus is getting further away with my dreams.

J.R.: You didn't have to take the blame.

Adam: Oh, I wish I'd never had the idea to use Slater against you.

J.R.: No, none of that matters now.

Adam: Well, now, feels good, doesn't it? Being on the same team again.

J.R.: Yeah. It feels right.

Adam: Better call Barry.

J.R.: Dad -- you have to know -- just how damn sorry that I am.

Adam: For what? Having a father who's a lousy example of what a man ought to be?

J.R.: No, you weren't. And don't say that.

Adam: Oh, son, I'm not -- I'm not after pity.

J.R.: And I wouldn't give you any of that anyway. I respect you. You need to know -- I love you. And all I've ever wanted was to be a son that you'd be proud of.

Adam: I am, son.

J.R.: Zach Slater hasn't beaten us. I will not let him win.

Krystal: I don't care who started it --

Ava: It was her!

Colby: She did!

Krystal: All right -- you're both going to clean it up. There's a big old lake of sticky mess on that bar, thanks to you two. Ok, listen, we're just going to have to settle this my way. Now, the thing you had with Sean was just physical, right?

Colby: No, that is another big lie.

Krystal: Uh-uh-uh!

Ava: Whatever.

Krystal: It cut Colby deeply. She cares about Sean on a much different level than you do, and I'm sure you've cared about people like that before. Do you still want this job?

Ava: Colby, I'm sorry.

Colby: Like hell you are.

Krystal: Oh, Colby! Come here, Colby.

Ava: Whatever.

Colby: You know, to save her job, she'd probably say that K-Fed should be president. Wait, no -- she'd actually probably believe it.

Krystal: Listen, I hired Ava.

Colby: Yeah, big mistake.

Krystal: She needed a break.

Colby: No, what that girl needs is a maximum-security lockup.

Krystal: She hasn't had the advantages that you've had. Colby, if some really decent people hadn't been kind to me, who knows where or what I would be? Or if I'd even still be on this planet. That's why I want to keep Ava on. I want to help her out. It's going to help Lily out, too.

Krystal: Colby accepts your apology.

Ava: Yay. Guess I'd better get back to work.

Colby: Yeah, me, too. I don't want to lose my job.

Ava: Are you serious? God, no, please.

Krystal: You can both stay on, as long as you get along.

Babe: Perfect fit.

Jamie: Yeah, I figured that your ring size hadn't changed since, you know, we were together.

Babe: You know I wouldn't -- I never would have gone this far for my GED if it weren't for you.

Jamie: Sure you would.

Babe: What, in, like, 10 years, maybe?

Jamie: It was fun.

Babe: So does that mean that you'd be up for being my study buddy again?

Jamie: For?

Babe: A higher degree?

Jamie: College?

Babe: Oh, yeah, I think I could swing it. I don't think I could go full-time with Little A and Fusion, but I can always take a few courses each semester or something, right?

Jamie: What do you want to study?

Babe: I don't know. I -- I like to learn. Who knew? I mean, do you really think I'm ready, though?

Jamie: Babe, they don't just hand out GEDs. You have to earn them. Which means you can get your BA, MA, and doctorate. And anything else you want.

Aidan: I'm on your side, Amanda. But I can't make Seamus magically appear. I need time.

[Amanda looks over at J.R. who has just entered ConFusion]

Greenlee: Oh!

[Greenlee giggles]

Greenlee: I feel so good.

Josh: Yeah, well, you won't feel so good in the morning if you don't slow down.

Greenlee: Listen, Annie is freaking because she knows Ryan is only hers on paper. I'm still in his heart.

Josh: You could get hurt. They're still married.

Greenlee: They are realizing Ryan still loves me. He always will.

Ryan: When I wake up in the morning -- I mean, before the alarm even goes off -- do you know what I do? I lay there and I look at you. And I wonder how the hell I finally did something good enough to deserve finding you. I am completely devoted to you, Emma, and Spike. Completely.

Annie: Damn you, Ryan. And I was just starting to feel like myself again when I fell in love with you. I was starting to feel strong again.

Ryan: You are the strongest woman that I know.

Annie: I second-guess myself all the time. And I doubt myself, and you, because I don't trust her. And then I don't keep my mouth shut when I should, so we keep having these same stupid fights. I don't want to be stupid and jealous. I never thought I would doubt you, and I do. And I hate it.

Ryan: I hate it, too. Mostly because of what it's doing to you, and to us.

Annie: You know what I hate most about this whole Greenlee mess? The way you look at her.

Ava: Well, it's a good thing I can get along with anybody.

Colby: Hmm, me, too.

Krystal: All right. Mops are in the supply closet. But let me tell you something. Any more cat fights, and you two are unemployed.

Ava: Look, don't you even try to start trouble for me, little girl.

Colby: Stay out of my way.

Krystal: Ah -- so that's what you had hidden in that big box?

Jamie: Mm-hmm.

Krystal: That's very nice.

Babe: And Jamie has also agreed to be my study partner at PVU.

Krystal: PVU?

Babe: Well, I'm going to start slow. I'm going to do a class or two, just to see how it fits in with the rest of my life.

[Jamie scoffs]

Jamie: You'll breeze through.

Babe: We have to first find out if I even passed high school.

Jamie: You passed. Trust me.

Kendall: Mmm. The casinos, Fusion -- Cambias, everything Chandler -- honey, we are going to be -- there -- there -- we're going to just -- we're going to be so rich, there will be no one richer than us.

Zach: No, there's going to be lots of people richer than us.

Kendall: No. No, not around here. We will own Pine Valley. We will own the whole state.

[Zach groans]

Kendall: It's true, we will, and this will be the very beginning of our dynasty with Spike and our baby.

Zach: What do you want to do with the Chandler Mansion?

Kendall: Oh, my God -- the Chandler Mansion? Um -- a very large, amazing playhouse for our kids? Hey, pensive one, no. Just because you're all Bill Gates rich doesn't mean you have to stop rubbing my feet, so can you please? I -- thank you. Good, thank you! That's great. Don't you forget who the power behind the throne is around here.

Zach: Taking Chandler is going to -- going to be a lot of work, a lot of time.

Kendall: I don't want to call it "Chandler" anymore. Let's call it "Slater Enterprises."

[Zach chuckles]

Kendall: That way, we will never have to say their name again.

Zach: All right. Well, whatever we call it, it's still going to take a lot of time. Just know that you and Spike and the baby are my top priority, no matter how much power I wield, even when the world is mine.

Kendall: Ours.

Zach: Mine.

[Kendall laughs]

Kendall: Ours?

Zach: Ours.

Kendall: Ours. Good. Give me some love.

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: Hey, yeah, I like this.

Aidan: Amanda?

Amanda: Look, I know you can't beam Seamus down, but can you at least make finding him your top priority?

Aidan: Yeah, I'm going to go pop in on Di right now. And then, I'll do what I can.

Amanda: Ok, look, I'm supposed to be working. Just keep me updated.

J.R.: What does he got on Seamus Wong?

Amanda: A departure place, time, but no destination.

J.R.: Well, let me see what he said.

Amanda: That's it.

J.R.: Better be enough.

Amanda: What are you going to do?

J.R.: I'm going to find that traitor.

Amanda: Not without me.

Del: Hey, Amanda, you can't leave.

Josh: You could be reading way too much into Annie's reaction.

Greenlee: Oh, no, that marriage is as good as over. And when it crumbles, I will be waiting. And finally, Ryan will be right back where he belongs.

[Glasses clink]

Ryan: Look at me. Tell me what you see.

Annie: You love me.

Ryan: Yes. I fell in love with you. I love you.

Annie: But if Greenlee had been here --

Ryan: She wasn't. And that was her choice. And honestly, I don't really care what her reasons were. All I care about is what is in your heart and what's in mine. And mine is filled with you, with my son, and with my daughter, and you have to believe that.

Annie: I do believe you. And I trust you. But if Greenlee had been here, I --

Ryan: Stop, stop, stop. Stop right now. Stop it. I need you to tell me whatever I have to do to make this right, and I will do it.

Annie: I don't know what to tell you. I don't want to give you ultimatums. You're my husband, Ryan. But I am tired of sharing you. And I don't think I should have to. I just -- I just want to go home.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jack (to Erica): If your condition worsens -- you'll always be in my heart, no matter who I may marry after you're gone.

Zach (to J.R.): Give yourself a break. No one's blaming you for losing the Chandler fortune. Why would they?

Greenlee (to Ryan): I've seen that look, and Annie has seen it, too. You still want me.

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