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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 6/26/07


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Annie: I didn't think we could really get away, just us and our family, but we did.

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: It was exactly what we needed.

Ryan: Hmm. Annie, thank you.

Ryan: Mm-hmm. Oh, wait -- hold -- hey!

Annie: No, no -- ah!

[Annie chuckles]

Annie: Oh -- oh, oh! Ryan! Public place. Somebody could --

[Ryan and Annie turn around and see Greenlee smiling and staring at them.]

Adam: The $100 million the kidnappers demanded as ransom for my son is missing, just gone. So, if I don't find it by tomorrow, I'm ruined. So, you're the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Investigate.

FBI agent: You brought us in on this very late. I can't make any promises.

Adam: Huh. Do what you can.

FBI agent: We don't find this cash, you could lose close to everything. Almost seems like you could live with that.

Adam: Well, I -- I want the money. But if it's gone, we still have what's most important, don't we? My son, alive and well.

J.R.: Yeah, my father's in with the FBI agent right now, then I'm up and you're on board. Do you still remember what to say?

Amanda: I gush about how brave you were when the scary men kidnapped us, but leave out the part how you set the whole thing up to take down your daddy and how your whole plan went to hell when your main man Seamus Wong took the money and ran.

J.R.: Keep it brief and don't mention that name.

Amanda: You mean Seamus, the guy who is smarter and richer than you are?

J.R.: If we don't find Wong before the Feds do, we're both going to go to prison, so don't screw this up.

Adam: He's ready for you.

Amanda: Hey, hey, I need a favor -- a big one.

Aidan: Well, good morning to you, too, Amanda.

Amanda: Look, ok, this has got to stay top secret. A man is missing, I need you to help me find him. His name is Seamus Wong.

Zach: Mr. Wong. I hope you had a good plane ride and that the jet lag isn't killing you.

Seamus: Everything went exactly as planned. I think I'm going to like it here in Asia.

Zach: There's a lot of people looking for you. Now, I trust I'll never hear from you or see you again.

Seamus: It was a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Slater. Everything ok in Pine Valley? Did you get your 100 million?

Zach: Yeah. Now all I have to do is sit here and wait for Chandler to fall into my lap.

Greenlee: I thought you kids were on your honeymoon.

Ryan: Well, we're back.

Greenlee: I had no idea.

Annie: What brings you out here so early?

Greenlee: Well, I like to take early-morning walks -- you know, clear my mind, let the Fusion Green ideas flood on in. I didn't mean to ruin your moment.

Annie: That's ok. I mean, the honeymoon was heaven, but reality had to intrude eventually, so --

Greenlee: Believe me, you're the last thing I wanted to see this morning.

Annie: So, Kendall said that you guys found the signature scent for the Fusion Green line. Congratulations.

Ryan: Yeah, that's great news.

Greenlee: Yeah, the past few days, we've just been on fire. Di and Babe, Kendall and I -- off-the-charts chemistry. It's like whatever was draining us of our creative juices just disappeared and, boom, everything clicked.

Annie: Hmm, yeah, I know what you mean. It was great when we were away because there were no annoyances or -- or distractions, nothing bringing us down. It was bliss.

Greenlee: We went out last night -- the four of us, to celebrate at ConFusion -- oh, unforgettable. A night like that comes around once. It's too bad you couldn't be a part of it.

Ryan: Yeah, right. So, you were out for a walk, and, you know, we've sort of held you up long enough.

Greenlee: Right, and I can't wait to get back to the office. You know, a fresh start? It's what we all need to get back where we belong.

Annie: Ahem.

Ryan: Oh. So, welcome back.

Annie: So --

[Annie chuckles]

Ryan: And, uh, wait a minute -- where were we?

Annie: I, obviously, need to get back to work, and when I do, I am not going to let her bother me one little bit.

[Music plays]

Adam: Oh, come on, Stan, we go way back. Never once have I hesitated to pull out my checkbook for you. Just whatever you can afford. Just -- it has to be fast. I have to pay back Slater. Then I'll have enough time to straighten the rest of it out. At least listen to me. The man has the brains of a cactus.

Singer: But when I had you near before you went away I had everything how could I ask for more? But now I'd give anything to have it like it was before

Krystal: What do you what?

Singer: Nothing's good without you

Adam: I was looking for the artiste in residence.

Singer: Without you

Krystal: Stuart isn't here. Care to leave a message?

Adam: Yes. Would you -- would you please tell him that I apologize for my brutish behavior the other evening when -- when you came by? Um -- I was -- I was a bit upset by a family emergency. I was abrupt.

Krystal: Wait a minute, wait a minute -- what family emergency?

Adam: Well, it's over now, thank God.

Krystal: All right, well, let me tell you something, Adam. You were more than abrupt. You were downright nasty.

Adam: Well, I -- I was beside myself with worry, which I foolishly took out on Stuart and -- and I wanted to tell him that I would -- I would make up for it.

Singer: 'Cause there's no one quite like you

Krystal: All right. Is there anything else you want me to tell Stuart?

Adam: Well, yeah, just tell him that -- how -- how I appreciate his concern and -- and I'm very grateful that he cared enough to -- to stop by and -- would you make sure that he knows how sorry I am?

Krystal: You should be sorry. Stuart was worried about you.

Adam: I was under extreme pressure.

Krystal: Adam, you should be grateful that your brother cares about you. He's the only one who does.

Singer: Without you

Krystal: You're a hard man to love, Adam Chandler. You should take what you can get.

Aidan: Who is Seamus Wong?

Amanda: The friend who took me to Fiji. Ok, we're more than friends, ok? I fell for him and now he's gone.

Aidan: What do you mean, gone?

Amanda: Vanished. We had the most amazing trip in Fiji, and we made plans to meet up at the Valley Inn last night and he never showed. I think something bad happened.

Aidan: How long have you known this guy?

Amanda: I met him right before we left -- so what?

Aidan: Well, you don't need a detective -- you need a better taste in men. This guy's probably on another island right now with another girl.

Amanda: I am freaking because someone I care about is missing, and you're insulting me?

Aidan: Mandy -- listen, you got dumped, ok? It happens to the best of us. You need to call your girlfriends, not a private eye. You're a great girl. There's no need to be so desperate.

Amanda: Look, ok. I -- I am sick of being used and thrown away like garbage. Maybe I did do something stupid by falling for someone I barely know, but I still deserve respect. And if Seamus is dumping me, fine, but make him say it to my face -- find him.

Aidan: Wow. That is quite a plea. I thought you gave up on love anyway.

Amanda: Uh -- things have changed. What else can I tell you?

Aidan: Oh, I don't hmm, let me think. How about the truth?

Zach: Junior. You look beat.

J.R.: Yeah, well, my father and I have been up all night trying to track down your money.

Zach: I appreciate that. You want some coffee?

J.R.: The Feds have been at my house since dawn. They grilled my father and then me.

Zach: Well, I hope you gave them everything they wanted. I need a new lead.

J.R.: Well, actually, I think you have more to offer the Feds than I do.

Zach: Why do you think that?

J.R.: Before this whole mess, you came to me. You gave me a warning, said I needed a heads-up, to watch my back. Now, where would you get an idea like that?

Zach: I hear things.

J.R: Yeah? From whom?

Zach: I don't know -- it's just there was a buzz in the street, and now looking back, it's probably all about your kidnapping, right?

J.R.: Yeah, yeah. Well, I'd like to look into it. Who's your source?

Zach: I know a guy who knows a guy.

J.R.: Well, do your guy friends have names?

Zach: Yeah, my guy friends do -- they have lots of names and a lot of addresses, but they're gone now.

J.R.: Yeah. Why don't you point me in the direction of another guy?

Zach: Here's what I think, Junior. I think whoever grabbed you needed some muscle. It was a big payday for somebody, they're probably bragging about it. My question is, who do you think did the hiring -- inside job, maybe?

J.R.: Seamus Wong, my right-hand man at Chandler Enterprises. He's MIA -- nobody seems to know where he is. I can't get him on the phone. Maybe he was grabbed, too, or maybe he has your cash. Have you heard any buzz about him?

Zach: Seamus Wong?

J.R.: Hmm.

Zach: Nope. Doesn't ring a bell.

Singer: So you've made some big mistakes well, that may be true

Ava: Oh, excuse me. Hi. I heard you just opened. I'm looking for a job.

Krystal: Oh -- well, Lily, honey, I'm sure you would be our hardest worker, but we don't have a back room like ConFusion. Are -- are you sure?

Ava: Oh, I -- I'm not Lily. I'm her half sister, Ava.

Krystal: What? You are the spitting image.

Ava: Mm-hmm.

Krystal: Pleased to meet you.

Ava: You, too. So, um, are you looking for help?

Krystal: Well, sure, but, I mean, forgive me, but why would I hire you?

Ava: Isn't the Lily connection enough?

Krystal: I'm afraid not. You're going to have to sell me all on your own.

Ava: Ok. Um -- well, I've actually never worked in a bar or a restaurant before, and I wasn't very good in school. But, I'm really smart at other things, like I'm really good with people -- people love me.

Krystal: Well, do you have any references, anybody that can back up what you're telling me -- other than Lily?

Ava: Definitely. Um -- you can ask Di Henry. We're really good friends. I just moved in with her at Wildwind.

Krystal: Why do you want to work at The Comeback?

Ava: Because I need money. But that's only part of the reason. I -- I really want to make my sister proud. We're just starting to get to know each other, and I wanted to impress her, so I told her that I had a really good job. This could be it.

Singer: You may be mature beyond your years but you're much too young for dying

[Through the window, Krystal spots Lily sitting outside]

J.R.: If you don't get your ransom, you get a minority stake in Chandler Enterprises. Wouldn't you be happier if you got your $100 million back?

Zach: Yeah, of course. It would be a lot easier to run my company.

J.R.: Then why don't you do something about it?

Zach: Ay-yi-yi. It's not my fault that you got kidnapped or that your daddy came to me to borrow the ransom money. Now, Adam and I have a deal, and if he doesn't pay me back by tomorrow, everything that he's worked for becomes mine. You have a problem with that, talk to the genius who put this thing in motion.

J.R.: Oh, that's just fine. You don't want to work with us, then work with the FBI.

Zach: Did you mention to the Feds about this Seamus Wong character?

J.R.: No, actually, I just thought about that on my drive over here.

Zach: Bet you guys were pretty tight, huh?

J.R.: Yeah, he was my go-to guy at Chandler, like I said.

Zach: And you still think that he screwed over the big boss?

J.R.: I don't know. There's a lot about this mess that's a whole mystery to me, like why you came to my rescue. You hate me, you want me dead.

Zach: But you're not dead. You're alive. Be grateful.

J.R.: You put up the money, and I want to know why.

Singers: The moment you pull your head out of the dirt you can join the life of the living

Krystal: Ok, you're hired.

Ava: Oh, yes!

Krystal: You can start today, you can wait tables. We'll see how that goes and take it from there -- maybe I'll even put you behind the bar.

Ava: Thank you so much. You won't regret it, I swear!

Krystal: Uh, why don't you get yourself an apron back in the back there? Right through that door.

Sean: 300 hours of community service.

Jack: Listen to me -- that judge did not have to see that as a misdemeanor or you as a juvenile. You, my friend, were lucky.

Sean: Look, I -- I know you had to pull a lot of strings, Uncle Jack, and that was -- that was really cool of you, so thank you.

Jack: You're welcome.

Lily: I'm sorry I didn't come to your sentencing, Sean, but courtrooms tend to get very crowded and it reminds me of a time in my life that I want to forget.

Jack: Well, you weren't the only one to miss the festivities. Erica didn't show up, either. I left quite a few messages, but I never heard back from her.

Ava: What'll it be, you all?

Lily: Is this your new job?

Ava: Mm-hmm. What do you think?

Lily: It's very impressive. I would like a grilled cheese and ginger ale, please.

Ava: Coming right up. What about you?

Sean: I would like my wrecked summer back.

Zach: You want to know why, why don't you ask Adam?

J.R.: I'm asking you.

Zach: He needed help, I helped him. That's the kind of guy I am.

J.R.: Yeah, you just did it out of the goodness of your heart, yeah.

Zach: Sure, why not?

J.R.: Yeah, helping out Chandler -- is that your charity of choice? Give me a break.

Zach: Did you see your father's face? You see how relieved he was that you were still alive? He put everything on the line for you, everything he worked for, everything he owned, because he realized it was worthless without his loyal, loving son.

J.R.: You didn't care about my father, how he felt. It was all business to you.

Zach: I did you a favor. Say "Thank you" and go away.

J.R.: I almost killed your wife. And now, you're my savior? Doesn't make any sense to me. So you're telling me Kendall was on board the whole time when you gave my father the ransom?

Zach: I didn't give him anything. It was a short-term, high-interest loan with ridiculous collateral.

J.R.: You want to sit here and blow smoke, that's fine. But don't come crying to me when you get a slice of Chandler and I'm calling the shots.

Zach: Excuse me. Could I have a bottle of your best champagne, please?

Waiter: Yes, sir.

Amanda: Why would I lie about the man that I love?

Aidan: Well, what do you love about him?

Amanda: Well, for one thing, he's gorgeous.

Aidan: What does he look like?

Amanda: He's Asian.

Aidan: How tall is he? What kind of hair does he have? Is it short, is it long?

Amanda: Ok, I didn't take his measurements.

Aidan: Where did you meet this guy, Amanda?

Amanda: He came into ConFusion, our eyes met, and the next thing I know, we're in Fiji.

Aidan: Nice. What's this guy do for a living?

Amanda: He's some bigwig money guy at Chandler Enterprises. He didn't tell me specifics.

Aidan: Oh, come on.

Amanda: Ok, ok. Look, the truth is I fell for Seamus, I did something really dumb. I gave him my father's lucky coin and it means more to me than anything in the world.

Aidan: So you gave it to a complete stranger?

Amanda: I was trying to show him how much I care about him, and I don't care if he never talks to me again -- I've got to get that coin back. It is very special -- and not just for sentimental reasons. I just found out that the coin was mis-minted.

Aidan: How much is it worth?

Amanda: Could be 500,000, maybe as much as 5 million. And it -- Seamus is such a financial whiz because he probably knew the coin was valuable, saw a chance to cash in.

Aidan: So this is about money. Why don't you just be honest with me, Amanda, all right, and cut the "I fell in love with him" stuff?

Amanda: Think what you want. Just find him.

Aidan: I will. I'll find him, all right? I'm on it.

[Doorbell rings]

Aidan: I'll get it.

Amanda: I got it.

FBI agent: Amanda Dillon?

Amanda: Yes.

FBI agent: FBI.

Di: I mean, I really think the Fusion Green scent -- it's a gold mine, Babe.

Babe: I agree, I loved it. And how much fun was last night?

Di: Yeah, right.

Babe: I have to say, even after all the bad times, it finally feels like we're actually turning a corner and --

Di: Oh.

Babe: Let me tell you, not just with Fusion, with Greenlee and me.

Di: Oh, what -- she managed to get through the entire evening without insulting you?

Babe: Better -- she apologized for ripping me because I'm taking the GED.

Di: Greenlee did? To you?

Babe: Yes -- yes, I mean -- and it gets even better than that. She wished me luck, right, which I am going to need because I'm leaving early today to take it.

Di: Good luck.

Babe: Thanks. It's weird, though -- Greenlee and I are actually in this great place.

Greenlee: Hate it. Do your job or I'll find someone who can. Where's Kendall?

Babe: She's not here yet.

Greenlee: Great. The entire future of our company lies on this one ad campaign, and she can't come to work on time.

Babe: Ok. Why are you so crabby? What's changed since last night?

[Annie defiantly walks in and stares at Greenlee]

Babe: Hmm. Oh. They're back.

Ryan: I've been looking for you.

Zach: Hey-hey.

Ryan: Why aren't you at the office?

Zach: The world is my office, Ryan. I'm making money just sitting here.

Ryan: So Annie and I just got back, and I heard that we missed something big at Fusion. Some big deal?

Zach: Well, the girls had a party last night. They're going to put Fusion back on track.

Ryan: Right. And Kendall and Greenlee are cool?

Zach: Well, yeah, they're very cool. You're getting what you want -- one big, happy family.

Ryan: And you're still having a problem with that.

Zach: I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Greenlee: So, back to the grind, huh? Bet it was nice to get away, spend some time with the family.

Annie: It was great.

Greenlee: Well, if you need a few more days, please, take them. Take as long as you want. If you and Ryan need more time settling in, Fusion will be fine without you.

Annie: Ryan and I are good. I'm excited about this new fragrance. Can't wait to get started.

Greenlee: Oh, I'm sure, but -- um, well, just an FYI -- it might be difficult to just slide on in. I mean, while you were gone, we made tremendous progress, moved on. Way on.

Annie: I didn't go trekking through Nepal. I was gone for a few days. How much could have changed?

Greenlee: So much. We got our groove back. Found our magic that put us on top. And now that we have that magic, well, we're going to need to sustain it. I need commitment and dedication. I'm cracking the whip.

Annie: And you expect that to be a problem for me?

Greenlee: No, I expect my employees to be here long hours, late nights, and weekends. I'm not going to have time for a dabbler.

Annie: I can handle it.

Greenlee: But, Annie, why should you? I mean, playing the role of Fusion woman and homemaker -- torn between the two, struggling to keep up. I mean, who could blame you?

Annie: You want me gone.

Ava: I'll be right back with your drinks.

Jack: Ava, we just got back from Sean's sentencing. I thought you might be interested to hear the price he has to pay for his little mishap at the prom. I'll tell you anyway. 300 hours of community service, which means cleaning the toilets, emptying trash -- all kinds of fun stuff, huh?

Sean: Yeah, should be a lot of fun when it's 95 degrees out.

Lily: No, it won't. It will be extremely uncomfortable.

Jack: Well, he won't be going too awfully far, because his driver's license has been suspended for six months. And in terms of college, next fall, well, PVU is holding his application until he completes his sentence.

Lily: Sean's being punished for somebody else's crime, someone selfish and cowardly. They should have to be punished, not Sean.

Jack: Well, of course, the guilty party could come forward.

Sean: Do the right thing, admit they set me up.

Lily: I wish they would admit it right now. Why are you staring at Ava?

[Phone rings]

Jack: Barbara. Back from your trip, huh? How nice. Sean is fine. Yes, he can't wait to see you, either. I'll bring him over right now. Bye. I'm afraid lunch will have to be postponed. Come on, guys.

Lily: I'd rather just stay and watch Ava do her new job.

Jack: Ok, well, I guess I'll drop my boy off, and then I'll just come back to get you.

Lily: I prefer to just take the bus when I'm ready.

Jack: Ok. Don't be long, please. You, come.

Ava: Well, I'll go put your order in, Lily.

FBI agent: Excuse me, may I borrow --

Lily: Don't touch, don't touch, don't touch!

Ava: Hey, get the hell away from my sister!

Lily: Don't touch, don't touch, don't touch. Don't touch, don't touch --

Adam: No, I have no time. That's the point! I need the money now!

J.R.: Any word from the FBI?

Adam: No, they're dragging their tails, just like everyone else.

J.R.: All right, now, just take it easy --

Adam: Yeah, I'm -- I'm fine. Don't worry about me. How are you doing?

J.R.: Slater.

Adam: What's he done now?

J.R.: Nothing. That's the problem. He doesn't want to do squat to help us find his money. He's just sitting there getting off on playing mind games. Do you know what kind of disaster it'll be if he gets his hands on Chandler Enterprises? I mean, how could you even go to -- like somebody like that? A lowlife like that to get help?

Adam: All right. I needed money, he had money. What's my alternative? What, go borrow $100 million from the Martins? Or maybe go knock on Tad's door? Tad doesn't have a door.

J.R.: Yeah, but why would Slater help us? Even if he had the greatest incentive, he had to know that this was the highest risk. Why would he take the chance?

Adam: Well, I thought maybe he would be sympathetic. You know, one father to another father.

J.R.: No, no, no, the man is ice. He's got no feelings, especially for us. No, he had to have some other kind of motivation.

Adam: J.R. --

J.R.: Something that was worth his while.

Adam: J.R. --

J.R.: What?

Adam: The reason I borrowed the money from Slater is because we've been working together for some time -- against you.

[Music plays]

Krystal: Your sister looks like she could use some company.

Singer: Ever since I was a child

Ava: Hi, Lily. How's the chow?

Lily: It's fine.

Ava: Look, I'm sorry that jerk touched you. People should just mind their own business!

Singer: Now I'm older

Lily: I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, and I don't like to be touched. Everyone else in here is normal. I'm the one that doesn't belong.

Ava: Lily, that's not true. Have you ever touched someone, and it didn't hurt?

Lily: Yes, a few times. I gave my dad a hug on his birthday once, and I hugged Jonathan when he was in the hospital.

Ava: What makes your dad and Jonathan different?

Lily: That's a good question. I think it's because I love them both so much.

Ava: I don't think I've ever touched anyone that I really love.

Lily: But you can kiss and have sex. Well, what about your mom?

Ava: I guess maybe when I was a kid, but for as long as I can remember, I've been trying to get as far away from her as I could.

Lily: I can understand that. I always try to get away from people that touch me, too. Is it a given that you'll never touch anyone you love?

Ava: Not necessarily. Here. Open it. Touch your reflection in the mirror.

Singer: Yeah all I want is to be free free

Lily: It doesn't hurt at all.

Ava: That's good. Now watch this.

Singer: Take these chains off of me

Ava: Lily, our hands are exactly the same. We can make a reflection, same as the mirror.

Singer: All I want is to be free all I want is to be free

Ava: All you have to do is just let my fingertips be your mirror.

Greenlee: I have no problem with you being here.

Annie: Hmm, it doesn't sound that way.

Greenlee: Well, Annie, you have a huge fan club here. Obviously, you have a lot going for you. I'm just not sure that your attributes are Fusion attributes.

Annie: So far, they've been working out pretty well.

Greenlee: You're Ryan's wife. I'm your boss. That could make things awkward, uncomfortable, like today at the beach. Look, with me having such a hands-on approach here, you might misinterpret things.

Annie: Like what? Greenlee, say that there's a major marketing presentation on the same day that your daughter's got a school play. You ask for time off, I say no, you could take it personally.

Annie: Well, if something like that were to happen, Emma's father would go without me.

Greenlee: But you'd hate that. The constant pull between ad campaigning and finger painting. Wearing suits when sweatsuits are so much more your speed. It's not fun.

Annie: You may not want me here, but you better get used to it. Because there's no way I'm leaving.

Greenlee: There is one way. If I find that family time is causing you to be inattentive with Fusion time, I could fire you.

Ryan: Kendall worked it out with Annie. I guess I'm just hoping that Greenlee does the same.

Zach: Make peace with your new wife? You don't really believe that, do you?

Ryan: Everybody's making an effort to let Greenlee in except for you, Zach. What is it?

Zach: Wait -- wait a minute.

Ryan: Why are you out to get her?

Zach: You started this when you jumped your motorcycle off a cliff. You wanted to be dead rather than be somebody's daddy.

Ryan: That's true, but that's in the past.

Zach: But Greenlee isn't. She's right here, and as disturbed and desperate as she was when you walked out on her and she miscarried. That's what forced Kendall into being a surrogate, what forced me into destroying the fertilized eggs.

Ryan: Forced you, huh? That's funny, because I thought that causing the blackout was your choice, and not a very good one.

Zach: I did what I did to protect Greenlee and Kendall from you.

Ryan: That's right, the all-knowing, all-powerful Zach Slater never hurts people, never makes a bad call.

Zach: Whatever. It all started with you. And now, the women we care about are fighting for their happiness. I'm going to help them. I'm still trying.

Ryan: Here's the thing, Zach. You're not God. You can't control everything.

J.R.: You and Slater partnered up to take me down?

Adam: Yeah. Some weeks ago, I approached him for his assistance in a hostile takeover. He would help force you out, I would give him a minority ownership of the company. That's why he put up the ransom. Because whether we recovered it or not, he would still get his cut of the company.

J.R.: But this was between you and me.

Adam: Yes, it's probably the worst decision I have ever made in my life, and I will regret it till the day I die.

J.R.: So all of this buzz that Slater was telling me, that he was hearing about -- watching my back -- that's because you two were working together?

Adam: Yes, yes! But the -- the kidnapping changed everything. Who needs money? I'll make more money. But I only have one son.

J.R.: All right. But we can't let Slater win. We're not giving up on this.

Adam: No. No, I guess this back for -- for turning on you. It's -- it's kind of, you know, ironic, isn't it? Huh. I was willing to lose you to -- to get my company back, and now -- now I'm willing to lose my company to get you back. Thank God it worked.

J.R.: We need to think, Dad. We need to put our heads together on this thing.

Adam: Yes, yes, yes -- I'll give you all the help I can with --

J.R.: That SOB might think that he has shares of Chandler, but I'm in charge, and I will trash every single idea in the board meeting. He'll be so miserable that he'll be begging to get out of there.

Adam: I'm afraid it's not going to happen that way.

J.R.: Why not?

Adam: Because sometime ago, I encouraged Slater to start buying Chandler stock -- on the sly. Lots of it. And once I hand over my shares to Slater, you will be CEO of a company you no longer control.

Amanda: I am sorry about not inviting you in. I just have a lot of roommates. If they think I'm in danger, they might kick me out.

FBI agent: Right.

Amanda: So is it ok if we talk out here?

FBI agent: Sure.

Amanda: Thank you.

FBI agent: You were kidnapped by two men, correct?

Amanda: Yes, sir.

FBI agent: Did you get a look at their faces?

Amanda: Oh, no, sir. They were wearing masks.

FBI agent: Do you have any idea why someone would kidnap you?

Amanda: I don't think they wanted me, I think they wanted J.R. Chandler. I just happened to be on a date with him at the time of the kidnapping.

FBI agent: Hmm. What is your relationship to Mr. Chandler?

Amanda: We're friends -- who date.

FBI agent: Did you and Mr. Chandler ever talk about his company? He ever mention any disgruntled employees? Deals gone bad?

Amanda: Oh, no, no. J.R. never talks about business. I just know he's rich, and bad guys like money.

[Amanda chuckles]

Amanda: Hmm.

FBI agent: Is there anything else you might be able to tell me that would be helpful to our investigation?

Amanda: I wish, but that's all I know.

FBI agent: Will you swear to what you've told me in a court of law?

Amanda: Of course. Why wouldn't I?

Lily: I don't think I can do this.

Ava: Lily, look at me. We will always be the same. My hands will always be like yours. Safe. And that, you can count on. That's a given.

Lily: How do you know?

Ava: Because we're sisters. I can help you handle a small amount of change. And you can help me know what it's like to touch someone that I actually love.

[Ava and Lily's hands touch and intertwine as they smile]

Annie: There is nothing inattentive about my work. Babe and Kendall made me head of Marketing long before you decided to grace us with your presence. I know how to do my job.

Greenlee: You don't make that call, the people in charge do.

Annie: You want to fire me, take it up with Kendall. You can find her at home being "inattentive" with her child. But you know, firing me -- it's not going to get you Ryan back.

Ryan: Annie will be fine. She's tough.

Zach: She'd better be.

Ryan: Wow, you just don't stop, do you?

Zach: Well, you got your wish. Greenlee's back in our lives. And now, your world's going to fall apart. How was your honeymoon?

J.R.: Slater knew that you were in a tight spot, so he pushed even harder. We're going to make him pay.

Adam: Yeah. First, we pay him. We get the cash in line to meet this ludicrous deadline. And then we talk recriminations.

[Phone rings]

Adam: Stan -- you changed your mind? No, I've told you a thousand times, it's -- it's Slater. Zach Slater.

Zach's voice: The buzzards are circling. They can smell your blood.

Adam: The reason I borrowed the money from Slater is because we've been working together for some time.

Zach: Seamus Wong? It doesn't ring a bell.

Adam: Once I hand over my shares to Slater, you will be CEO of a company you no longer control.

[Doorbell rings]

Amanda: Hey.

J.R.: Hey.

Amanda: I lied to the FBI just like you said, and I was good, too. The guy totally bought it.

J.R.: Ok, well, forget him, ok? I know who has the $100 million -- Slater.

Amanda: How?

J.R.: Not here.

Amanda: Well, why do you think it's Zach?

J.R.: He must have gotten to Wong somehow, he turned him.

Amanda: Can you prove it?

J.R.: Well, not just yet. But Slater's not going to take everything from us. We may need a Hail Mary, but this game is far from over.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jack (to Tad): I'm done with these childish games, you understand?

Tad (to Jack): Erica's in the hospital. She was admitted last night.

J.R. (to Amanda): I'm as good as in prison now.

Colby (to Sean): My father cannot keep me from seeing you.

Greenlee (to Ryan): You can fight it, but you can't change it. You're stuck with me.

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