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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 6/12/07


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Kendall: You want to talk, let's talk.

Ryan: Greenlee?

Annie: Bad idea. You're giving her exactly what she wants.

Ryan: Just trust me, ok? You're suing me for custody of my son. Congratulations, Greenlee. You wanted my attention and now you have it.

Greenlee: Yeah -- not now, I'm busy.

Kendall: Oh, wrong answer.

Ryan: You, me, and Kendall need to end this right now.

Di: Any bets on who makes it out alive?

Babe: If the Fusion partners don't call a ceasefire, we're all dead.

Greenlee: Two against one -- how predictable.

Kendall: Oh, I can handle you just fine on my own.

Ryan: I came here to talk to Greenlee, and I wanted you to be part of it. However, you could leave if you'd like or stay-- that is up to you. Wow. Let's see -- where do I start? The bigamy charges -- the bigamy charges that you put on me for marrying Annie, that didn't stick for you and then your plan to put Zach in prison didn't work out so well, either, so now what are you doing? You're going after Spike.

Kendall: You've really lost it.

Ryan: What are you doing, Greenlee? I mean, do you even know what you're doing? Are you just lashing out at everybody that's around you? Is that what it is -- banging your head against the wall? Why?

Kendall: Well, she doesn't want to stop until everyone completely hates her.

Greenlee: Your husband told me to think about my future, what I really want. Well, what I want is something to move on to. What I want is something that belongs to me.

Ryan: And I'm telling you that that's not going to work. You're going to fight for months, and you will end up with nothing. And right now, I am here, and I am offering you one chance, just one, to actually win something, and I suggest that you take it.

Jack: Of course, you must know, Sean, that from the time you cross this threshold until your sentencing hearing, you are grounded. Two words for you, son -- "lay low."

Cameraman: Montgomery?

Jack: No, no, no, no, no, no. We have no comment at this time. Please, stop with the thing, will you? Get out of here. Who -- who are you with anyway?

Erica: Me.

Pam: Good job, Adam.

Jack: We are not doing this now.

Pam: When reality bites, we get our best stuff.

Erica: All right, turn this camera off. My nephew is not part of "The New Divorce."

Pam: But he's a part of your family. That's the show we pitched the network.

Erica: Off. Out! Come on, Adam, now. All right. Out with it, let me hear this. What -- what's happened?

Jack: Young Sean got arrested at his prom. Let's go inside.

Erica: Oh.

Jack: It seems the police found a bag of Ecstasy tablets in his tuxedo jacket.

Erica: Drugs?

Jack: Yeah. Sean says he doesn't know anything about them, and you know what? I believe him. But he wants to take the rap so it doesn't go to court, because he's afraid it would implicate young Colby Chandler. He's currently out on bail.

Erica: Colby's involved in this?

Sean: Yeah, but she didn't do anything.

Jack: You want to protect her, but pleading no contest to a crime you didn't commit, Sean -- that's going way too far, so far you might never make it back.

Sean: You've never helped Aunt Erica out of a jam?

Ava: Hey, Lily! Boy, what's all this junk?

Lily: It's not junk. It's everything I saved from my wedding to Jonathan. Erica's divorce show reminded me that our anniversary would've been June 2 -- 10 days ago.

Ava: I thought you didn't care about Jonathan anymore.

Lily: I care about my memories. Erica's show was all about amicable divorce. Do you know what "amicable" means?

[Ava snickers]

Ava: Vocab, not my thing.

Lily: "Amicable" means "friendly" or "characterized by a lack of bad feelings." But how can you lose your best friend without bad feelings? I was sad about my annulment. Looking at all these things, I still am.

Ava: Do you miss Jonathan?

Lily: I miss the way I felt when I was with him. He understood me in ways that no one else can. And I understood him, too, for a while.

Ava: How on earth? One minute the guy's screaming that he wants me gone, and then the next, he's got my back. I mean, he's all over the place.

Lily: That's a physical impossibility. It's most likely that you and Jonathan just aren't a good match.

Ava: Hmm -- say what?

Lily: When we were together, Jonathan used to say that we were like two broken pieces that fit together perfectly. I figured out things that confused him, and he made me feel safe and comfortable. For example, he knew I didn't like red, so he took all the pimentos out of my olives. And he did all my Christmas shopping for me, because he knew I didn't like crowds.

Ava: Whoa. I thought you two split, because he lied to you.

Lily: Once his head injury got better, he was normal again, and he didn't tell me. He pretended that we were still the same.

Ava: So that's his lie -- he faked being like you?

Lily: Yes, because he wanted to still be together. But the real Jonathan could've had a better job that made a lot more money and had a wife that could have sex, but he wanted me to be his wife instead. So he was a hospital orderly and then he was a busboy at ConFusion. And he put a divider down the middle of our bed, so that we could be close without touching.

Ava: So, Jonathan didn't steal from you, and he didn't cheat on you. So, his big and only lie was pretending to be not normal?

Lily: Yes, and when I found out, I was very upset. But Jonathan said that we could still be a fit and still stay married, but we were too different.

Ava: Wow. Jonathan went to that extreme for you? That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard.

Di: You should be in there, saying your piece. You're Ryan's wife, Annie.

Annie: I'm also head of marketing for Fusion.

Di: Babe?

Babe: We can take five.

Annie: No, no -- the future of this company is all about the success of Fusion Green. If we want to get our product back into stores, we have to get this campaign rolling.

Di: So, you're not at all worried about Greenlee's psyche?

Annie: Not just Greenlee's.

Babe: Kendall's.

Annie: A mother facing someone who wants to take her child?

Babe: Watch out.

Annie: My ex-husband molested young girls, and he wanted custody of my daughter. I couldn't prove he was a pervert, I couldn't win in court.

Babe: When J.R. wanted sole custody of Little A, I was up against his ridiculously huge bank accounts and paid-for judges.

Annie: If Kendall feels threatened, this could get bad.

Babe: Real bad. When I thought that my baby's life was in danger, I --

Annie: There was only one way out.

Annie and Babe: Run.

Ryan: When I rode my bike off that cliff, I took more than just my life. I took yours, too.

Greenlee: I'm listening.

Ryan: I mean, you know what it feels like to have parents that don't give a damn about you. Every once in a while between sunning and skiing, Roger and Mary would actually remember that they had a daughter, but only long enough to get what they needed or they wanted in that moment. Right? So, how would Spike feel if Kendall and I treated him the same way, if we were so selfish and so cold that we actually handed him to a complete stranger just to get her off our back?

Kendall: There's no way in hell that's happening.

Ryan: How would Spike feel about "you," about the person that took him from his mother and his father, because that is all you would ever be to him.

Greenlee: Yeah, but what would you be? The guy who chose death over parenthood?

Ryan: And things are very different now.

Kendall: Ryan is an incredible father.

Ryan: If you truly care about Spike, you would make this about him and not about revenge.

Greenlee: "If" I care about Spike? I'm the only one who cared. Kendall gagged at the thought of motherhood, and you -- you swore the Lavery line ended with you.

Ryan: Since you've been back, all you've cared about is payback, and I'm telling you that that has to stop for Spike.

Greenlee: Well, I'm still waiting for the part where I win something.

Ryan: Tell me how I can get you to be part of our family instead of trying to destroy it.

Kendall: Oh, no. I am not negotiating with her.

Babe: I'm happy to be back at Fusion, too. Cool -- I mean, jolly good. Ok. Ok, thanks so much. Bye.

Annie: Yes?

Babe: Yes.

Annie: Oh, good.

Babe: I mean, we have all the rights to Zoe's music and every other band on her label. They're sending over the paperwork now.

Di: That is fantastic.

Babe: So, is there any word from the front lines?

Di: No, not -- not yet. But, you know, I don't see what Kendall has to stress about. She has Spike's birth certificate. She's his biological mother, and any one of us can tell anybody what a great mom she is. It just seems like a slam dunk for her and Ryan.

Annie: Well, my ex was a complete sicko, but in court, I was a nervous wreck, he was completely charming. Who do you think the judge liked more?

Babe: I've seen the Chandlers buy enough judges to know what Greenlee's money can get her. It's a good thing that Kendall has Spike's daddy on her side.

Kendall: Ok, you may be the father of my child, but you don't get to tell me what to do. Now, Greenlee might've rammed her way into Fusion, but if you think that the Slaters are going to have her over for dinner --

Ryan: I am just trying to figure out a way that we can all be happy, Kendall.

Kendall: Well, this is not the way, Ryan.

Ryan: All right, you can either shut up and listen to what I have to say to Greenlee or you can leave and let your imagination run wild. It's completely up to you.

Greenlee: You see that look? Defensive, suspicious, scared? That's the way everyone looks at me when I'm around Spike.

Kendall: Well, can you blame them?

Greenlee: The first time I saw him, you hustled him out of the room at warp speed. The second time, at the party, you went into the other room and hid. Do you honestly think that I could hurt him? I mean, of the three of us, I was the only one that wanted him. Now, of the three of us, I'm the only one who's never had him in my arms.

Kendall: Well, whose fault is that, Greenlee? I had a sonogram in my hands right before Spike was born. I showed it to you. I told you -- I said, "This is your son." And I begged you, I begged you not to turn your back on him. You had your chance, Greenlee. You had your baby, but you walked away.

Jack: Sean, Erica and I have known each other a long, long time, all right?

Sean: So you have gone out on a limb for her?

Jack: When you care for someone very much, so much that they almost become a -- a part of you -- yeah, you develop a sense of loyalty and you will do anything, anything that you can to -- to help them.

Sean: Exactly, and I want to help Colby.

Jack: Sean, that's because you're a good kid, ok? Look, do you really want to throw your life away for a girl you've known, what, a year, maybe? She's 16 years old, she has a hefty police record already -- carjacking, crying rape.

Sean: Yeah, look, she's made mistakes, but who hasn't?

Erica: Sean, you're acting from the heart and that is very noble. But you're also acting out of guilt, because you hurt Colby by being with Ava.

Sean: You -- you told me not to give up, ok, to show her how much I care.

Erica: But not like this. I mean, even if those drugs aren't yours, this admission could mark you for life. The university could revoke its acceptance, employers may not hire you.

Sean: Well, so, I -- I won't go to college.

Jack: Oh.

Sean: Or I'll -- I'll put it off. Ok, wait tables or whatever till I figure out what's next.

Erica: Sean, listen, this is not just about you. I mean, have you even considered how this is going to reflect on your Uncle Jack? I mean, people rely on your Uncle Jack -- they trust his advice. And what do you think is going to happen to that trust when they find out that -- that his nephew, the teenager who is in his guardianship, is on the road to nowhere? I mean, if -- if your Uncle Jack thinks that you're innocent, I am inclined to believe it, too, because I think your Uncle Jack is right. I think you're a great kid. But what about Colby?

Sean: She's a great girl.

Erica: The Chandler kids are notorious. They're notorious for being wild. I mean, drug and alcohol abuse -- it runs in their family. Between Adam and Krystal and Babe and J.R., Colby's been under a lot of pressure lately. Are you sure they aren't Colby's pills?

Sean: Absolutely. Look, I -- Colby was cold so I gave her my jacket, and then two seconds later, there was this cop shoving his badge in my face. If Colby had slipped the pills in my jacket, I -- I'd have seen her.

Erica: And if they are Colby's pills, she's going to be in a lot of trouble. And so I understand your wanting to prevent that, I really do.

Sean: Ok, but Colby didn't do anything wrong.

Erica: Ok, I hope not. But you know that when you have romantic feelings about somebody, that can sometimes cloud your ability to judge them for who they really are.

Sean: I -- I can't see anything right now. I'm just -- I'm wiped. I just want to go upstairs and crash.

Jack: Whew.

Erica: Are you sure that he's being straight with you?

Jack: Yeah. But if those pills didn't belong to him or to Colby, then how the hell did they end up with them?

Ava: So you carried these at your wedding?

Lily: In New York City. I had a plan to run away but ended up with the bad man that wanted to have sex.

Ava: But you were ok, right?

Lily: Yes, but I was upset about making so many mistakes. I thought that since I had Autism Spectrum Disorder, that I didn't belong in a big city. But Jonathan told me that I was smart and strong and brave and that I could be anywhere. He took me on a special tour to show me. Jonathan showed me all different parts of New York.

[Music plays]

Lily: With Jonathan, it was easy to concentrate on the good. And he made things that I was afraid of beautiful. I helped him feel better. We worked together as a team. That's when I knew I loved Jonathan. He asked me to marry him, and I said yes.

[Music ends]

Lily: When I was married to Jonathan, I felt happy and safe and not alone. That's what I miss the most, especially since the chances that I'll find another husband who's different like me and can still be my best friend are very small.

Ava: So, what would you think about Jonathan hooking up with someone else?

Lily: I'd think it was logical.

Ava: Yeah, but, I mean, what would you feel about it?

Lily: I can't predict my feelings about future events. I won't know until it happens.

Sean: Hey, Lily.

Ava: What are you doing here?

Greenlee: I walked away because you stuck a giant knife in my back.

Kendall: Ok. So, everyone is to blame but you -- me, Ryan, Zach?

Greenlee: No, you married Zach to hang on to a piece of Cambias for Bianca and Miranda. It was a business deal, a piece of paper. You didn't love him, Kendall. You loved me.

Kendall: Hate to break it to you, Greenlee, but the earth didn't stop turning when you left.

Greenlee: Zach stole Spike, and he stole your loyalty to me. How'd he get you to forgive him for pulling the plug on my life? Did he pull a miracle? I know he does like playing God.

Ryan: That's enough, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No. It's not. I will hold that baby. I asked nicely. You shot me down. So now, we're going to court, and that's on you.

Kendall: Zach acted out of love, Greenlee. He thought he was stopping me from doing something that I would regret for the rest of my life. You, as usual, were only thinking about you.

Ryan: Easy, Kendall.

Greenlee: But I didn't ask for anything. You offered!

Kendall: Oh, my God. I gave my entire self over to you! I gave my body over to you, and you jumped at the chance to use it. But then, when I gave you my egg, suddenly it wasn't good enough.

Greenlee: It wasn't your call to make!

Kendall: I had no time, Greenlee!

Greenlee: I have no baby!

Kendall: I did the best I could.

Ryan: Ok. Ok. Take a minute here.

Greenlee: Oh.

Ryan: All right. We did hurt Greenlee. But that doesn't give you the right to rip Kendall for loving her husband.

Greenlee: Oh, the husband who's a walking disaster?

Kendall: Oh, my God. You rip into town like the Tasmanian Devil, and you have the nerve to criticize Zach?

Ryan: Ok, Greenlee, Zach may have been on the outside when you left town, but he worked his way in, like it or not.

Greenlee: Not.

Ryan: That's the way it is, so you're going to have to deal with it. All right? You're going to have to brush that chip off your shoulder. Now, if -- if you both think about it here, we've kind of worked ourselves full circle. Because when we got married, Kendall felt excluded, right? And you welcomed her into our life, and now Greenlee feels excluded and you, Kendall, have to figure out a way to let her in, and I have an idea. Spike's got two dads, right, but only one mom, so what's missing? You asked me to accept Zach as Spike's stepdad, and now I am asking you to try to find a place for Greenlee in Spike's life.

Kendall: Ryan, no, no. Spike already has one stepmother. Her name is Annie, remember? You just married her? She loves our son, she's -- she's taken care of our son, she -- she -- she knows him. This right here -- this is not happening.

Ryan: Would you give us a moment, please?

Annie: Sign at the bottom.

Greenlee: Is there something else?

Babe: Um -- yes, actually. We got the rights to the music for --

Di: Yeah.

Babe: The Fusion Green campaign.

Di: We're very happy with the outcome.

Babe: Mm-hmm.

Di: Are you happy with -- the outcome?

Greenlee: I'm sure I will be.

Di: So, I mean, do you and Kendall have a plan? A marketing plan?

Greenlee: It's in the works. Well, if you're "dying" to know what's going on in the other room, Ryan happens to be arguing my side to Kendall right now.

Kendall: You think I'm going to let you give Spike a wicked stepmother?

Ryan: I just wanted you to listen, Kendall.

Kendall: Oh, Ryan, ooh, this is bad. See, you -- you got Greenlee's hopes up and this isn't good now, because we're never going to be able to get rid of her. But Annie -- Annie, I could deal with. But -- but one extra mom, that is my limit. I mean, you don't get to use our son and pass him around to all of your needy exes. Spike doesn't exist to be Greenlee's teddy bear.

Ryan: If it wasn't for Greenlee, Spike wouldn't exist at all. We love Spike. We love Spike more than anything, but he didn't come into this world because Mommy and Daddy were in love, and they wanted to have a baby.

Kendall: You think I don't know how Spike came into this world, Ryan? I'm his mother.

Ryan: Yes, now. But that wasn't always the plan, Kendall. I mean, Greenlee wanted a baby. She is the reason that we have Spike. She's the reason. I mean, you were going to give her a gift. But really, in the end, she was the one that gave us one.

Kendall: She made her decision. Now she has to live with it.

Ryan: Kendall, we have so much. We're both married to people that we love. We have beautiful children -- more on the way. Spike started us down that road. Greenlee is the reason that we have Spike. We can't just say "Thank you, now get lost."

Kendall: Why? Why not?

Ryan: Because we owe her. We owe her, and we always will, because Spike will always be our son.

Kendall: Why couldn't you just have stayed a con man? None of this need-to-be-fair BS.

Ryan: Because I'm a dad now.

Kendall: Well, you were trudging along just fine until the former Mrs. Lavery came back to town. Ryan, the guilt is eating away at you for leaving Greenlee in the dust and for starting a whole new life without her. She's using that guilt to manipulate you.

Ryan: So she deserves nothing?

Kendall: She made her decision when she left. She said that she hated me, and she told you to stay out of her life.

Ryan: And she changed her mind. She came back. And now, it's like she's outside of this big glass bubble, and she can't get through, and she's looking in, and all she sees is everybody in there -- the weddings and the -- and the parties, and -- and life, and she's not part of it. I'm just saying the only way to make her stop is to let her in.

Kendall: Uh-uh, Ryan, no. It's a huge mistake. If you reach out to Greenlee, she will chomp your arm off.

Ryan: She just wants a chance.

Kendall: The other night, during the storm, I looked right into Greenlee's eyes, and I told her how sorry I was, and that I loved her, and I wanted to help her. Her response? She tried to put my husband in prison. I'm telling you, Ryan, if you give Greenlee the tiniest opening, she will hurt you.

Babe: Ryan wants Kendall to give you their baby? I doubt it.

Greenlee: Did I say that?

Di: Look, Ryan and Kendall have been on the same page about Spike for a long time. They're wonderful parents. And they're -- they're good friends.

Annie: Yeah, Kendall even tried to warn my husband you'd be crashing our wedding.

Greenlee: Do you think she did that for you and Ryan? Kendall tried to keep me away for her own selfish reasons. She only needs people to serve her. And then once she's done, she tosses you aside. Isn't that right, Babe?

Babe: Kendall and I get along just fine.

Greenlee: And when I took your Fusion shares, did she step in?

Di: Why don't you lay off?

Babe: I'm back.

Greenlee: Did she fight for you? Refuse to back down until you had your job back? You know, you'll be made useless soon enough.

Annie: Actually, Kendall's been pretty great to me. Not only at work. She actually threw me the best wedding shower.

Greenlee: Oh. Well, then I guess she's changed. Her standards aren't as high as they used to be.

Annie: Or maybe now, she just has better taste.

Greenlee: You have zero history with Kendall. You're absolutely meaningless to her, and yet, she invited you to be a part of her family. How did you snag my ex-husband and win over my best friend?

Erica: At first, I thought Sean was in denial, but I agree with you. Those drugs aren't Sean's. Thank you.

Jack: I want to thank you very much for saying what you said to him. It was very good advice.

Erica: Well, I care about Sean. But there could be some people in his life that would steer him wrong. I mean, do any of his friends use drugs?

Jack: Well, I guess I should know that, but I don't. I mean, I guess there might be a -- a buddy somewhere that would ask him to hold those drugs for them, and now Sean's covering for them.

Erica: Who else could be involved?

Ava: Hey, hey, hey, thought you moved out.

Lily: Sean spent last night in jail. He was arrested at his prom for possession of drugs.

Ava: Bummer. Who sprung you?

Sean: Uncle Jack. Ahem -- but he said he would only post bail if I agreed to stay here under his supervision. Translation -- I'm under house arrest.

Lily: One of my characters in my -- my mystery novels-- they were under house arrest. Do you have to wear an ankle bracelet?

Sean: No. No, I'm not really -- no, no. No, bracelet. But it looks like I'm home for good.

Lily: That's excellent news. I never really understood why you left in the first place.

Ava: Isn't Sean lucky to have a bigtime lawyer as an uncle?

Sean: I'm not off the hook yet. Colby was wearing my jacket when the cops found the drugs.

Ava: They busted her, too?

Sean: They tried. I mean, with her record, no judge believes she's innocent, even though she is. They're going to try to make an example out of her and send her to juvie.

Lily: Oh, that's slang for juvenile detention center.

Sean: Yeah, there was no way I was going to let that happen, so I -- I confessed, said the drugs were mine. They let Colby go, and now I'm hosed.

Lily: When you care about someone very much, like Sean cares about Colby, you put their happiness above your own, even if that means making big sacrifices.

[Phone rings]

Lily: So how did those pills end up in your pocket?

Ava: Sorry. Got to run.

Sean: The only explanation I can think of is somebody had to set me up.

Lily: Do you have a suspect?

Ava: Is something wrong with the doorbell?

Jonathan: I wanted to talk in private.

Ava: Well, you didn't have to bounce me from the house. Come on, I won't interrupt your special time with Lily. Oh, and don't worry, she's got you on the brain, too.

Jonathan: Ok. I came to see you.

Ava: And why is that?

Jonathan: I wanted to see how you're doing and to give you this.

Ava: What is this?

Jonathan: That is for whatever you want. I know that you need the money, so I want you to use that for whatever you need.

Ava: Thanks. Why are you doing this?

Annie: When a serial killer is on the loose, there is not a lot of time for games.

Greenlee: So you worked the crisis thing to your advantage with Kendall?

Annie: I earned her trust by stepping up when she needed me to.

Greenlee: Yeah, but you don't strike me as the vigilante type. So what did you do, bake cookies?

Annie: I do bake cookies, yes, with my daughter. It makes Emma happy, and I'm really proud to be able to do that. But Kendall and I became friends because of Spike.

Greenlee: Oh. So you cozied up to the mom by getting in with the kid. Nice.

Annie: Kendall was at the top of the Satin Slayer's hit list. It wasn't safe for Spike to be with her, so I watched him, kept him safe.

Greenlee: Yeah, but that makes sense. I mean, they needed a babysitter, and good help is hard to find.

Annie: And when Ryan went to Vegas to help save Kendall's life, I didn't get all dramatic. I didn't make life difficult for everybody by being selfish and irrational.

Greenlee: But when you watched Ryan's kid, did he pay you in cash or chocolate chips?

Babe: Oh.

Annie: You don't even know Spike. What does he eat for breakfast? What -- what lotion does he need after his bath?

Greenlee: These are all things that I can't wait to learn.

Annie: Ryan and I have a life together. Rituals, routines with each other and with our children.

Greenlee: You have one child together by sheer, dumb luck. And no matter how many times you baby-sit Spike, it's not going to make you his mother.

Annie: Never in a million years would I try to replace Kendall.

Greenlee: No, why would you? You've replaced me.

Annie: You asked me how I got to be a part of Kendall's family. You want in, find a way to be a part of Spike's life. Don't try to make him part of yours.

Erica: Does Sean's mother --

Jack: Oh.

Erica: Know about this?

Jack: Well, I've left plenty of messages for Barbara, but she hasn't returned any of them, so I'm going to presume not. It's probably for the best.

Erica: Oh, yes. Barbara certainly would play the outraged mother to the hilt.

Jack: Hmm.

Erica: I'm sure that she would use Sean's misfortune to try to get close to you.

Jack: Well, I'm not so sure about that, but I know it would start off being about Sean. And then before long, it'd be all about Barbara.

Erica: Ah, yes. Yeah, Barbara would throw a press conference. She'd say "Thank you so much. My name is Barbara Montgomery, and I want to thank you so much for turning out to report the outrageous attempt to railroad my beloved son, Sean."

Jack: Barbara -- Barbara, how is Sean holding up with all this?

Erica: "Well, I think we need to go back to your yacht to discuss this."

Jack: You know, sometimes, just every so often, I remember exactly why I married you.

Jonathan: I'm not going to ask you again what that guy at B.J.'s wanted. But I do believe you. I don't think you were pulling a trick. I just -- I don't want you to be forced to do anything that you don't want to do anymore.

Ava: Well, like what?

Jonathan: I'm not accusing you of anything, I'm trying to help you here.

Ava: Well, what's in it for you?

Jonathan: Nothing is in it for me. There's -- there's no strings here.

Ava: Oh, right. There's always strings. I mean, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but you're going to come back to collect someday.

Jonathan: You don't owe me anything, I swear. What's the problem here? Because it can't be that you're -- you're worried what I'm going to think of you, because you don't care, right?

Ava: Once a hustler, always a hustler. Later, sucker.

Sean: The pills are so small. I bet they were in my jacket the whole time.

Lily: Well, when did you last wear that tuxedo?

Sean: No, it's a rental. I mean, maybe the guy that had it before me is into drugs.

Lily: The tuxedo was most likely dry-cleaned in between rentals. The pills would have been destroyed.

Sean: Well, maybe the delivery guy stashed them in my pocket and then forgot?

Lily: Did you pick up the delivery yourself?

Sean: Yeah.

Lily: What time?

Sean: Late afternoon.

Lily: Did the jacket ever leave your sight?

Sean: No, I had it on the whole time, until I lent it to Colby.

Lily: What about before you put it on? Was it ever left unattended?

Sean: What, like -- you mean here at the house?

[Sean remembers talking to Ava before the prom and setting the jacket down.]

Sean: Not interested.

[Sean stares at Ava when she comes back in]

Jack: So, teenage drug bust -- quite an opportunity for you to score some footage for your show. I appreciate that you chose to protect Sean instead.

Erica: Well, of course.

Jack: I also appreciate your wisdom and your candor. Your wit, and your beauty. I really like the beauty.

[Jack bends down and kisses Erica]

Jack: Uh -- listen, there's no cameras here now. It's just you and me.

Ryan: Kendall, walking away is not the answer.

Kendall: Oh, and what you came up with is?

Ryan: It's common sense.

Kendall: Good-bye, Ryan.

Ryan: Kendall --

Kendall: No, Ryan -- Greenlee will not be a part of our family.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jack: What's the problem?

Zach: Your daughter. Greenlee's gone too far.

Greenlee: We clicked, right?

Kendall: Yeah, kind of like old times.

Annie: You still care about Greenlee.

Ryan: Yeah, I do.

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