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All My Children Transcript Thursday 6/7/07


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Greenlee: You're not going to help me?

Ryan: It's too late, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You're going to let Zach get away with this? He took our child.

Ryan: I am not going to help you make Zach pay for the blackout. It happened almost two years ago. You got to let it go.

Greenlee: I'm not going to pretend that what he did was right. It's wrong, and I can't be the only one who thinks that.

Sean: No wonder they invented clip-ons.

Ava: Rites? I mean, why hassle with it? You'll be way more comfortable without it, and it'll save you time when you undress. So, you're not promming with little Colby. Which lucky little hottie gets to spend all night -- or at least part of the night with you?

Sean: Not you, that's for sure.

Colby: Well?

Adam: Oh -- you are exquisite. And very grown up.

Colby: Well, maybe you should think about that next time you want to ground me.

Adam: Well, you didn't tell me our dinner and DVD night was formal.

Colby: It's not. Um -- I'm sorry, Dad, but I changed my mind about the prom.

Adam: Who's taking you?

Colby: This is "the" event of high school, ok? And I shouldn't shut myself out of it. And I don't need to trail behind some guy. So I'm going to go all alone.

J.R.: Well, don't tell me I got all dressed up for nothing.

Ryan: You won't be able to put Zach in prison without any proof, Greenlee.

Greenlee: If you lie --

Ryan: No "if" about it. It's a guarantee.

Greenlee: Well, then I'll find a way to prove that you've perjured yourself.

Ryan: And you won't be able to.

Greenlee: You know, you're running a big risk yourself. You'll end up in jail.

Ryan: If it keeps you from ripping Spike and Kendall's life apart, it's worth it.

Greenlee: God -- unbelievable! Is Kendall the only person on this planet that matters? "Kendall's life, Kendall's happiness, Kendall's husband!"

Ryan: Wow, I am -- I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Annie: I'm not. You're really willing to risk everything to save Kendall's family?

Ryan: Damn right.

Annie: Even if it tears our family apart?

Jamie: Hey. Ah, Trevor's lucky coin. This is serious.

Amanda: Oh -- can't I have a thought to myself?

Jamie: All right, but it might help you to actually tell me.

Amanda: Don't people have lives anymore? They just creep around watching me, waiting for me to crack?

Jamie: Will you take it easy? Nobody's watching you --

Amanda: And don't treat me like I'm some delicate flower.

Jamie: Ok, you're steel, but everybody has a breaking point.

Amanda: Look, I'm fine, ok? Totally great. So you can tell everyone to stop tiptoeing around me. If you can't be normal around me, then just back off. Agh! Stop!

Jamie: There you go.

Amanda: You jerk.

Jamie: That used to be normal to us.

Amanda: We were kids.

Jamie: Very close kids. Some things never change, Amanda. Anytime, I'm here.

Amanda: Thanks. But for now, I just need to be on my own. Too many people asking me how I'm doing, what's wrong, and it's just stuff that I need to work out by myself.

[Amanda punches Jamie's arm]

Jamie: Oh. Hmm.

[Amanda chuckles]

J.R.: Too formal? I could go less. I could go sockless, tieless, shirtless.

Colby: Oh, no, but you're so sweet.

J.R.: Night of fun with my sister -- sign me up.

Adam: It's the perfect solution. Good thinking, J.R.

Colby: But he's my brother.

Adam: But he cares about you. I'm -- I'm very impressed. Yes, families should operate this way. We take care of each other. We look after each other.

J.R.: I just thought it would be fun.

Colby: No, you just thought that I'd be walking in all alone looking like a big honking loser.

Adam: Oh, not a chance.

J.R.: Looking like this, I don't think you'd be alone very long.

Colby: Well, we'll just have to see.

Adam: Hmm.

Colby: And I love you for caring, though.

J.R.: All right, well, have fun.

Adam: Oh, yes. Um -- if that punk Sean Montgomery starts dogging after you --

Colby: I can handle Sean.

Adam: Well, yes, but just don't acknowledge his presence. Don't speak to him. That way, you won't have to handle him.

Colby: Don't worry, Dad. Sean's dead to me.

Adam: Well, you have a cell phone. If you need it, use it.

Colby: Ok. But I don't think I'll have to. You know, maybe you should do dinner together, and DVD night. Bye.

Adam: Bye-bye.

J.R.: Well, isn't it interesting, us operating on the same side?

Adam: Huh. Dream away, Mr. Martin. You've already chosen your family. You want validation? You want strokes? Go see Tad and his tribe.

J.R.: Why the act?

Adam: Because that's what Colby wanted to hear.

J.R.: No. Colby doesn't want to hear lies.

Adam: Do you actually believe that I consider you a suitable escort for my daughter? You're worse than that deviant, Sean Montgomery.

Ava: Stag. Ouch. Lined up with all the losers, sizing up the couples, waiting for Miss Colby to come in. See if she's just as lonely as you are.

Sean: Ah, yes! Oh, I'm sorry. Were you saying something?

Ava: Hmm. Keep the tie, lose the rest of the outfit, and you won't be dateless for long.

[Sean chuckles]

Sean: You're on my jacket.

Ava: Oh, well, excuse me. Gosh, spare a few seconds for a friend, won't you?

Sean: Oh, you're not a friend.

Ava: Oh, you know I can be anything you want me to be. Especially now that you're camping back here again.

Sean: No, I'm not staying here. I just needed a place for the tux delivery.

Ava: Well, with little airhead out of the picture, you know how much fun we can have.

Sean: Take it someplace else. Ok? Not interested.

[Ava plants the drugs she bought in Sean's jacket]

Greenlee: Ugh!

[Greenlee sighs]

[Knock on door]

Greenlee: I'm not home!

Josh: Yeah, you are.

Greenlee: Go away!

Josh: I was downstairs. I heard a high-pitched sound, like a fire alarm or --

Greenlee: Yeah, well, look. Everything's under control.

Josh: Are you sure? You don't need any help?

Greenlee: Actually, I do. Can you go resurrect your father, Greg Madden, and have him testify that Zach Slater stole my life?

[File drawer slams shut]

Ryan: Greenlee is hysterical right now. You can't take anything that she says at all to the bank.

Annie: You're willing to lie for Zach? To a grand jury, to a judge -- whoever -- to get Zach off?

Ryan: Yes, but it will not hurt you or Emma.

Annie: It won't hurt us? What, we -- we won't care if you go to jail?

Ryan: I will not go to jail.

Annie: You hope.

Ryan: Greenlee will not take it that far, Annie.

Annie: Right. Right, right. Because Greenlee never goes over the top, right?

Ryan: Look, without me testifying, there's no case. Without a case, there's no trial, so this is over.

Annie: Oh -- "Greenlee" and "over" in the same breath -- does that count as some sort of oxymoron?

Ryan: She can't hurt us.

Annie: No, but you know what? She's getting an A for trying. Or you know, maybe she's not trying. I don't know -- after what Zach did to her --

Ryan: Ok, it's going to be ok. It's going to be ok. Listen to me. Listen, listen. You, Spike, and Emma are my family now, and so that means that Zach and Kendall are kind of included, too. I can't just ignore them.

Annie: I don't want you to, but, my God -- everyone in this town is so intertwined -- the history, marriages, relationships. Forget six degrees of separation. In Pine Valley, it's more like two, or one.

Ryan: It's not that bad, Annie.

Annie: Ryan, I -- we've both had so much of our own drama. I thought now finally, together, we -- we could just relax into our perfect life.

Ryan: We are and we will.

Annie: No, no, it's not "we." I thought it was, but it's not. I thought it was the two of us against all this craziness, but you're in it as deep as anybody.

Ryan: If you stay in one place long enough, you know, bonds do form.

Annie: I know. I know, and it's not that I'm jealous. I trust you.

Ryan: People, friends -- you depend on each other, you do things for each other.

Annie: And to each other.

Ryan: It's not all bad, Annie.

Annie: I know, I just -- after our wedding, I thought that things would be --

Ryan: Perfect?

Annie: Well, at least reasonably calm. I thought we could concentrate on us, and -- and Spike, and Emma.

Ryan: And then I got arrested for bigamy.

Annie: Yeah, and then every day since has been about somebody else.

Ryan: It's not the honeymoon I had in mind, either, Annie. I mean, who the hell knew that Greenlee would bust back on to the scene?

Greenlee: Don't tell me to calm down.

Josh: Like I want a wine glass through the heart. Life is full of screwed-up surprises, isn't it?

Greenlee: Hmm. Yes, it is.

Josh: Yeah, well, when I was a science experiment growing up with my fake mom and dad, I saw lots of women go through what you're --

Greenlee: Ok, if you're going to tell me that you feel my pain --

Josh: No.

Greenlee: Just don't.

Josh: There's no way, Greenlee, I could do that. But I get it. Wanting to have a baby and not being able to have one?

Greenlee: Yeah, but I was supposed to. I mean, it was happening. I was going to have a whole bunch -- four, five, ten. Zach pulled the plug.

Josh: Sorry doesn't even begin to cover it, but I am.

Greenlee: Really? Thanks. That's really nice. But I'm still so furious. I mean, I can think of a million things I would want to do to him! Horrible, painful things.

Josh: That's not healthy.

Greenlee: But my baby is supposed to be celebrating his first birthday. I mean, he's supposed to be toddling around, getting into things.

Josh: Greenlee --

Greenlee: Knocking things over.

Josh: You can still be a mother. Just because you don't give birth to a baby doesn't mean you love them any less.

Greenlee: But they wouldn't be Ryan's.

Annie: Maybe I'm not being fair.

Ryan: You're entitled to your feelings, Annie.

Annie: But if my expectations were completely unrealistic --

Ryan: The wedding of your dreams and a private, peaceful honeymoon?

Annie: A decent life with a wonderful man -- none of which I had the first time around. I just had this dream of starting off our life this wonderful way with you, and now I wake up every morning wondering what the hell Greenlee's going to throw our way.

Opal's voice: My guess is 10 to 1, you've got a bun in the oven.

Jamie: Julia, is that you?

Julia: Yeah, I'm home.

Jamie: Hey. Tough day at the office?

Julia: Yeah, well, same old same old, you know -- IVs, meds.

Jamie: Well, Kathy made another finger painting today. I think she called it "rabbit eating spaghetti," or something.

[Julia chuckles]

Jamie: I already called the Philadelphia Museum of Art, so --

Julia: Oh. Where is it?

Jamie: Sitting room.

Julia: Oh, I got to see this.

Jamie: Well, you look kind of tired. You want something to drink?

Julia: Ah, yes -- I would love a glass of cool water.

Jamie: Ok, I'll bring it to you.

Julia: Ok.

Di: Oh.

Jamie: You're going to ruin your teeth.

Di: Hmm. Ha, ha. I got a splinter refilling the bird feeder.

Jamie: I can take a look at it for you, if you want.

Di: Uh-uh. It's ok. I've got some tweezers in my purse, but I'll scream if I can't get it. Come save me. Huh.

Jamie: Uh -- Di, you forgot your --

[Jamie finds the pregnancy test Julia hid and assumes it's Di's]

Julia: Huh. Oh, this is so great. I'm going to frame this.

Jamie: Look what I just found.

Jamie: Did Di say anything to you? She grabbed her purse, and she left this behind. She's -- she's not trying to get pregnant, is she?

Julia: I -- I don't know.

Jamie: Oh, man. Aidan gets back tonight, this is a hell of a welcome home. Oh.

Julia: Well, how do you think Aidan will react if Di is pregnant?

Jamie: Um -- I'm just glad that we both know CPR, because God knows what he's going to do.

Julia: How would you react if you were Aidan?

[Doorbell rings]

Ava: Are you busy?

Di: Uh, no, come in.

Ava: You sure? Because I've got to talk to somebody -- just anybody.

Di: Sure. Sounds serious. What --

Ava: No, not serious, really. I just hate being blown off.

Di: By who? By people?

Ava: No, I mean, don't you just hate it? I mean, you can be hanging out with a guy or whoever, and then all of a sudden, he's, like, "later" because he thinks he's too good for you, and he's totally not.

Di: Ok, that happens to everyone.

Ava: I mean, you don't even really have to like the guy. It's just the shootdown that sucks. And he'll even let other people talk trash about you. I mean, where do they get off?

Di: You know what? You can't let that get to you. I know that's easy to say. I still remember the first time I let somebody really get to me like that. I wanted to claw that girl's eyes out.

Ava: But you called her a slut right back, and you walked happily home, right?

Di: Actually, she didn't call me a slut. She didn't really have to call me anything. She was this hostess at this restaurant where I was meeting an ex that I really wish I could forget about. And she was standing behind her little podium, dressed way better than I was, especially for this place. And I told her who I was meeting, and she puts this look of pity on her face and slaps on this condescending smile, and says "Oh, of course." Three words -- that's all she had to say. And I -- I knew I was -- I was just one in a long line of younger, underdressed dinner companions. At that moment, I had never felt cheaper in my life.

Ava: The bitch.

Di: Yeah. Yeah, she was. I just wanted to walk out of that restaurant -- run out. But I didn't have anywhere else to go. Ava, you do. I mean, if I -- God, if I had been able to -- to meet my sister then, you know --

Ava: Yeah, Lily's the best.

Di: Ok. So there's something -- something else? What's going on?

Ava: Is there always something else going on?

Di: You're in a pretty good place. The Montgomerys are good people. I know it's hard to trust that, coming from where we've been. Yeah. I bet you have thought about snatching Jack's wallet and running with it about five times, huh?

[Ava chuckles]

Di: Ok, yeah, don't do it. Bad idea. Give him a chance.

Ava: Look, I'll give people a chance that actually deserve it. But people that spit in my face -- they deserve what they get.

Jonathan: Are you following me?

Ava: Oh, yeah, because you are so irresistible.

Di: Ava is here to see me.

Ava: And look, I'm done talking about turning tricks at B.J.'s, ok?

Adam: Who's your tailor? That jacket -- if I didn't know better, I'd swear you had a spy.

J.R.: Ah -- sticks and stones. You know, your words are as meaningless as you. Must be tough, though.

Adam: Oh?

J.R.: You used to be so powerful. And now, you're just --

Adam: You smug little -- you never have been and never will be the son that I deserved. You're the worst mistake I ever made. Agh!

J.R.: Dad?

Adam: Oh.

J.R.: Dad?

Adam: Damn!

[Adam coughs as he pretends to have a heart attack]

J.R.: Look, I'm going to call 911 right now. All right? I'm calling 911.

Adam: You do care! "Daddy, Daddy, I'm going to call 911! Daddy!" I thought you were going to cry. You're a joke.

J.R.: Yeah. Well, prepare to laugh your ass off.

[Music plays]

Colby: Please -- prom is so much more fun solo, don't you agree?

Girl: I know.

Second Girl: So have you staked out any guys yet, because Carter was definitely watching him.

Colby: Ew.

Girl: He would totally lose Amber for you.

Colby: Oh, my gosh, you guys, check this out. Look at that waiter.

Girl: Oh. So hot.

Colby: Oh, my goodness.

Girl: I'll take whatever he's serving.

Colby: Oh, honey, you are handsome.

Girl: Uh-uh.

Colby: Oh.

Girl: Let's go back inside.

Sean: No, wait, Colby, hold up.

Girl: Colby?

Colby: I'll be just a minute. Please.

Sean: Thanks.

Colby: Sean, you can't ruin tonight, ok? Either you go, or I do. Your choice.

Sean: Ok, I'll go, but just give me two minutes, ok, please.

Colby: Hmm.

Sean: Colby, please, this is -- this -- this really matters.

Ryan: You come first, always.

Annie: Greenlee is unfinished business.

Ryan: She is finished. She just doesn't know it yet. You don't believe me.

Annie: I just -- I just wish I felt better about the Zach thing.

Ryan: I don't follow.

Annie: Well, Greenlee aside, what Zach did was awful. I mean, how many women -- how many mothers' and fathers' lives were messed up because Zach wanted to play God with Kendall and Greenlee?

Ryan: Wait, you're on Greenlee's side now?

Annie: I understand why she's so angry, yeah. And why she wanted to get back at Zach. Huh, I sound -- you know what? Maybe that's why I'm such a mess. I'm sitting here empathizing with the woman who wrecked my wedding and kissed my husband.

Josh: You'd make a great mom.

Greenlee: Huh. You haven't talked to Kendall lately, have you?

Josh: Well, she has to still love you. She's just really mad at you right now. Look, I still have connections with the new owners of the Madden Fertility Clinics.

Greenlee: So, what, you're offering to hook me up?

Josh: Well, I think any child would be lucky to be with you -- if you could get over this mess with Ryan and Zach.

Greenlee: And Kendall.

Josh: Well, whatever happened, Kendall did what she did for you.

Greenlee: Yes, and Kendall ended up with Ryan's baby. Me -- bitterness.

Josh: It was out of Kendall's control.

Greenlee: Well, she's crazy in love with the man who hurt me.

Josh: Well, we don't always choose who we fall in love with. Sometimes it just happens.

Greenlee: Well, it happened that Kendall got everything -- Zach, Ryan, Ryan's baby.

Josh: Ryan has his own life.

Greenlee: Yeah, it's an extended family heaven. The Laverys and the Slaters all connected by Spike.

Josh: Kendall did not go after any of this. She did all of this for you, Greenlee. She didn't even want that baby until way after you took off.

[Greenlee flashes back to the past]

Kendall: I'm -- no. No, no, no. We're pregnant.

[Greenlee gasps]

Greenlee: Oh, my God! For real?

Kendall: For real, yes. We are, we are. Greenlee, Ryan -- Ryan's not gone.

Greenlee: Oh.

Kendall: Ryan -- a part of him is safe right here with me.

Greenlee: Oh, Kendall --

[Greenlee laughs]

Greenlee: Yay!

Kendall: I told you, I told you. I have a baby in here.

[Back to the present]

Josh: You thought Ryan was dead, you wanted a part of him to live on, but he's still here.

Greenlee: Yeah -- here and happy without me.

Josh: Well, he's got his own life.

Greenlee: So, what, I should get one, too?

Josh: I didn't say that. Greenlee, you have so much going for you.

Greenlee: Oh -- yeah, right.

Josh: You do. Greenlee, you are strong, you're smart.

Greenlee: If I'm so smart, why aren't I happy?

Josh: You can be, you will be. You just have to get used to things.

Greenlee: Like Ryan being married to another woman, that woman being the mother of his child, Kendall being married to the man who prevented me from having Ryan's baby, so she had the baby instead -- the baby she didn't want, the baby that was supposed to be mine.

Ryan: Please try not to get caught up in Greenlee's drama, please.

Annie: Oh, how can I not, Ryan?

Ryan: Because this -- this is about Greenlee's need to have control over everything like when she stole -- "stole," which is a crime, too -- stole my sperm so that she could have my baby.

Annie: You can't equate what Zach did with that.

Ryan: Ok, um -- I'm trying to tell you that I know Greenlee pretty well, and I know that the worst crime that Zach committed against her was just wrecking her plans.

Annie: Well, to have your baby. Exactly!

Ryan: No, no, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that suddenly Greenlee wasn't in the position to call the shots anymore.

Annie: No, it's more than that. I'm a mother. I understand why --

Ryan: Don't, please don't. Don't let Greenlee drive a wedge between us, please. All right, just try to forget this, try to let it out of your mind, please.

Annie: Oh. Damn it, you are doing it again. This isn't a monster in the closet, Ryan -- Greenlee is real. You can't just wish her away.

Jamie: If I were Aidan and Di said she was having a baby -- I don't know. I would hope that some Special -- Special Ops training would kick in, like how to keep my sanity in an insane situation.

Julia: Having babies is pretty normal.

Jamie: At this stage in our lives? Hey, you can't tell me that they're actually trying. I don't even know if Di and Aidan are really that committed to each other.

Julia: I think they are.

Jamie: Oh, man, I'm just glad I am not in Aidan's shoes. We should actually go out so we don't have to witness the blowup. Hmm.

Aidan: Well, what do you know? Ava's up to her old tricks again, huh?

Di: Hi, no "missed you a whole bunch, good to see you?" Just come in and start attacking Ava?

Aidan: Were you soliciting at B.J.'s?

[Ava chuckles]

Ava: What a nice way to put it. Wow, he really likes you.

Aidan: Just answer the question, all right?

Jonathan: She doesn't owe you an answer, Aidan. You walked in on the middle of something here. You don't know what's going on.

Aidan: I'm trying to find out.

Jonathan: Well, that's between Ava and me, so stop it.

Aidan: You do know it wasn't Lily at Ryan's wedding.

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know -- Ava crashed the wedding and pretended to be Lily. We've all been through that.

Ava: Look, I swear, me and that guy at B.J.'s -- I wasn't turning tricks.

Jonathan: Ok. Good.

Aidan: I'm sorry -- are you just going to buy that, Jonny?

Di: Tsk.

Jonathan: Well, I was there, and were you? No, that's right -- you weren't. So, yeah, Aidan, I believe her, so stop it.

Di: Yeah -- ok? Let's go upstairs and do Aidan's homecoming, take two.

Aidan: Right.

Ava: Yeah, you really look like you could use a shower or something -- all that traveling.

Jonathan: Ahem.

Aidan: I'll get that. It's fine.

Di: No, just grab the rest.

Amanda: What? I can't hear you.

J.R.: You need to forget about everything -- stress, work -- just dance everything away.

Amanda: You want me to dance?

J.R.: Well, not alone. I know a rich guy who's cruising around in the back of a fully loaded limo.

Amanda: Sounds like a lot of guys I know. I'm not in the mood.

J.R.: Well, then it's a good thing I called, because there's only one thing that can get you out of this mood -- a club in Philly that I know that nobody can get into.

Amanda: Except for you?

J.R.: And the lucky lady that will be coming with me. Get dressed.

Amanda: Despite what you may be imagining, I am dressed.

J.R.: For clubbing. Listen, we'll think of it as an upscale gym. We'll work it out all night long on the dance floor till dawn. No strings attached. I cross my heart. Well?

Amanda: I'm trying to decide if you have a heart.

J.R.: Oh, come on. We're not going to see anybody from Pine Valley that we know. They're not going to know the big secret that you're into me.

Sean: Look, it's not like I went after Ava, ok? She slammed into me.

Colby: What, picked you up, whirled you around, and you weren't in Kansas anymore, Sean?

Sean: Look, I don't care about Ava, Colby.

Colby: What, you just lusted after her, and then on top of all that, you had sex with her?

Sean: I wasn't thinking.

Colby: Not with your head, anyway -- I know.

Sean: Look, it was never about hurting you, ok? I would never do that.

Colby: What, never again? Starting now? Because you did hurt me, Sean, and it wasn't the first time.

Sean: Hey, if your father had stayed out of it, it would be ok.

Colby: My father is not the one getting porn TMs from slut bag Ava.

Sean: Look, it was -- it was just a reflex with Ava, ok? It was like putting a -- a steak in front of a hungry dog.

Colby: Yeah, you are a dog. You know, when I saw you tonight, I wanted to leave. Now, I want to drown you!

J.R.: Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?

Amanda: I am not taking this off.

J.R.: Yet.

Amanda: How much longer is it to the club?

J.R.: I can ask the driver to take the scenic route. We've got plenty of time.

Amanda: Who ditched you tonight?

J.R.: No one.

Amanda: So you usually cruise around town, all dressed up in a limo?

J.R.: No, but maybe I should. It seems to be working.

Amanda: So who's the smart girl? Who ditched you?

J.R.: A beautiful blonde. But before it gets weird, it was Colby. I was taking her to her prom.

Amanda: Hmm, that's almost sweet, but you know, I stick with my original observation -- smart girl. Who takes her brother to the prom?

J.R.: Don't I get good-guy points?

Amanda: No, you know, because bad guys don't get good-guy points, especially when they're just trying to get into my pants.

J.R.: Then tell me how I can make that happen.

Amanda: You know, as much as I want to see you do a bunch of stupid human tricks, I'm going to have to pass.

J.R.: Well, you turned me down on the ConFusion rooftop and you showed up at my place ready for anything. So tell me how I scored so high then.

Amanda: You didn't. You weren't calling the shots that night -- I was. I was tired of being used, so I decided it was my turn to do some using.

J.R.: Oh, you used me good. Use me again. I'd use you in a second.

Jonathan: You and that guy at B.J.'s and all of that cash -- what was going on? Hey. You can trust me.

Ava: You're not the only guy that's ever said that to me.

Jonathan: Well, I mean it. Ava, listen, I'm not -- I'm not going to go tell anyone else. I'm not Aidan. I know you.

Sean: Look, I was an idiot, Colby. Slap me, kick me, I don't -- whatever. I don't care, I deserve it. But don't take away my one real friend. Ok, look, you -- you mean more to me than anyone I've ever met. And I know that might not mean anything to you, but it's huge to me. And I just -- I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't walk out on me, even though I deserve it. You know, I miss what we had. I miss you.

[Sean takes off his jacket and puts it over Colby's shoulders]

Sean: This ok?

Colby: Yeah.

Sean: Are we ok?

Colby: No, Sean, not yet.

Sean: Can we be? I mean, not -- not right away, but -- maybe, eventually, could we?

Colby: You know, I need time, ok? It's a lot to --

Man: Sean Montgomery?

Sean: Officer Casey, we're -- busy.

Ofc. Casey: Could be I'm just in time.

Sean: See, if there's trouble, it's inside.

Ofc. Casey: Yeah, right. Why don't you just tell me what you're trying to sell the lady.

Sean: Uh, we're talking.

Ofc. Casey: I think you're dealing.

Julia: So, you and Aidan are anti-kids?

Jamie: Come on, you know I love kids.

Julia: As long as they're other people's, right?

Jamie: Well, right now, yeah. Eventually, I want a whole herd of them. You'd better give this back to Di.

Julia: Well, don't have to worry about that, since it's mine.

Annie: You keep saying everything's fine. Greenlee's just a speed bump in the road of life, ignore her, let you handle it. This isn't beer spilled on the rug, Ryan. She thinks and acts all on her own.

Ryan: Right, and I know that a hell of a lot better than anybody else.

Annie: She -- she's not leaving until she's damn good and ready.

Ryan: And -- and you want to dwell on that?

Annie: Well, I can't ignore it.

Ryan: You've said that you want her out of our lives, but you just admitted that I can't make that happen, so I was trying to concentrate on other things. I'm -- are you saying that you want me to testify against Zach? You want me to put him in prison?

Annie: No, I didn't say that.

Ryan: But it sure sounded like you said that when you said you understand where Greenlee's coming from with the clinic and the blackout and Zach and everything, keeping in mind that I do know Greenlee very well and for a very long time.

Annie: Oh, oh, I know, I know. You're the expert.

Ryan: I'm just saying that prosecuting Zach, prosecuting him, putting him in prison is not going to make Greenlee happy or satisfied -- it won't. Nothing he can do will make Greenlee happy. That boat sailed a year and a half ago.

Annie: That's not what I'm talking about!

Ryan: But it was when you were getting all maternal.

Annie: About the situation, yes! Excuse me for being human!

Ryan: You got to tell me what you want from me, Annie, because I don't know. I'm not sure. When I try to downplay the whole Greenlee thing, I'm unfeeling, and if I give her my time and my attention, then all of a sudden you're threatened, and you want her out of our lives. What do you want me to do?

Josh: Are you hungry?

Greenlee: No, thank you. It's -- I'm not hungry.

Josh: All right. Well, promise me you'll get some rest.

Greenlee: Ok, I will. Hey. Thanks.

Josh: I didn't do anything.

Greenlee: You did more than you know.

Adam: Ah -- it's not a good time.

Ava: Hey! Poor Sean's about to go down, which means you owe me a lot more.

Ofc. Casey: Hands on the railing, feet apart.

Sean: What am I supposedly selling?

Ofc. Casey: Ecstasy.

Colby: Oh, this is wack!

Sean: Yeah -- see? Told you, your source is --

Ofc. Casey: Jacket?

Colby: Yeah, knock yourself out.

Ofc. Casey: Huh. Looks like I could. Mr. Montgomery, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you don't have one, one will be assigned to you by the courts.

J.R.: Hey, let's avoid the front door, the bouncers, and the crowd.

Amanda: Oh, you want to go to the back door, huh?

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

[Approaching them from behind, a couple of guys put while cloths over Amanda and J.R.'s faces, muffling their screams]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Man (wearing black ski mask holds a knife up to J.R.): Time's up, Chandler -- behave or die.

Sean (to the police): Do what you want with me, I'm the guilty one, but let her go.

Annie (to Ryan): If Greenlee hadn't left, you would still be madly in love with her. Greenlee knows that.

Greenlee: Spike is mine.

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