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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 6/6/07


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[Carrying a box, Sean crawls through Colby's bedroom window as Adam comes in]

Sean: Colby, you here?

Ryan: Whoo -- oh.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Oh. Come here. Come here. Come here, boo-babaloo. Boo-babaloo. Livia.

Livia: You are a man on the move!

Ryan: Just spending a little quality time with my man here. Come on in.

Livia: I'm glad I could pin you down.

Ryan: Yeah. And why did you need to?

[Ryan chuckles]

Livia: Well, I've been approached about the blackout that happened a year and a half ago. You remember it.

Ryan: Greenlee.

Livia: Yeah. She claims Zach Slater was behind it, that he confessed to it. But I mean, that's just words unless there's some proof. Is there any?

Annie: Not sugar substitute, not raw, just white. Plain old white sugar. The stuff that makes everything so good.

Di: It'd be nice if we could sprinkle about a ton of it over Greenlee and Kendall, huh?

[Di sighs]

Di: I'm with you -- the stress, the pressure -- it's -- I was wondering how long it would take for you not to be so focused and calm. We're working our tails off to save this company. And the owners -- they're going pro-wrestler on each other.

Annie: Yeah. And that's just part of it.

Di: I'd be freaked out, too, if Greenlee was going after my guy. That one goes "way" over the line to get what she wants.

Annie: There's a lot of that going around. At first, I was completely anti-Greenlee, but the more I learn -- Zach really did a number on her. I mean, he made Greenlee's fertilized eggs unusable. Her chance for Ryan's future -- for the future that she wanted. How -- how could he do that?

Zach: You were robbed of a great deal the night your eggs were lost.

Greenlee: "Lost"? Decimated, annihilated, obliterated!

Zach: All because of me. I understand that. And it must have been terrible for you.

Kendall: Zach wasn't out to hurt you.

Zach: I can't replace what I took from you, but I want to try and make it up to you. What do you want?

Greenlee: I don't know. Do the words "chain gang" mean anything to you?

Zach: I'm not leaving Spike, Kendall with a baby. I'll give you anything you need. But I'm not going to destroy my family. So what is it? What do you need?

Greenlee: You committed a crime. Criminals don't get to choose the rack, lethal injection, solitary, or hanging. And they certainly don't get to protect their family from the kind of pain you caused your victim.

Kendall: Zach is not a criminal.

Zach: Let her be.

Kendall: This is how you're dealing with Greenlee?

Zach: Let her be.

Kendall: Zach, you can't please a woman who's never been satisfied with anything in her entire life. I should know.

Zach: I want to talk to you.

Kendall: Zach, there's nothing to talk about. There's nothing to negotiate. She has nothing but hate and anger. Please, please, just walk away.

Zach: Let me talk to Greenlee alone.

Kendall: Zach, it's not a good idea. Zach?

Annie: How were you a part of the whole blackout thing?

Di: I heard about it afterwards.

Annie: What happened?

Di: Well, I worked at the casino with Zach, and there was another guy there that worked for him, as well, that I'd recognized from a New York club. He was some computer whiz.

Annie: Not when we were --

Di: No -- when I was dancing. And this -- Marty was his name -- he was a frequent customer.

Annie: And how did he help Zach?

Di: Zach hired Marty to take out the entire power grid.

Annie: Oh -- and with it, Greenlee's fertilized eggs.

Di: Yeah.

Annie: You could help her prove her case. You could testify.

Di: What? No, no, no --

Annie: You're a witness, Di.

Di: No, no, no. No, Zach is my friend, Annie. He -- he employed me when nobody else in this town would even give me a second glance.

Annie: So you just look the other way, even if people got hurt?

Di: I -- sometimes it's better to say nothing, Annie. I mean, it's -- it's not terrible advice. Just so many people have already been hurt by this already. Don't tell Greenlee about this. Just please, just let it go.

Annie: She has a right to know.

Zach: Excuse me. We'd like to use this room. Unless we're interrupting something.

Ryan: Wow, this is a new world, isn't it -- you being here on behalf of Greenlee. Usually she doesn't miss an opportunity to get in my face.

Livia: It's been very difficult for her.

Ryan: For all of us -- yeah, she's made sure of that.

Livia: Greenlee feels like her life was snatched out from underneath her. I can't entirely blame her for being upset.

Ryan: Yeah. So how'd you get involved?

Livia: Well, I'm not sure I am. I mean, there's not any grounds for a case yet.

Ryan: No, the reason I'm asking is because usually when Greenlee has legal problems, she goes to her dad, so -- I don't know. Maybe Jack realized she was just trying to stir up trouble any way she could and wanted to stay clear of it, you know?

Livia: That's possible. It's also possible she has a case.

Ryan: She doesn't.

Livia: You know, that bottle has more of your attention than I do. Can I get you back for a minute? This Zach-and-the-blackout theory is not so new. Erica accused him as much when she was on the witness stand when we were fighting for Kendall's life. And I don't think you even flinched at that bombshell. So you already knew Zach was behind it, huh?

Ryan: No, I was in Canada, actually. I was dead to the world.

Livia: But Zach was the only one who knew that. He was the only one who could reach you. A dead man is a really great confidant if you have something you need to confide.

Ryan: And what reason would I have to help Zach?

Livia: You're holding him.

[Music plays]

Babe: If you tell anyone about us, it's over.

Boy: Chill, already -- genius, remember? That means you don't have to tell me twice.

Babe: Good. Did you bring the stuff?

Singer:  No answers 

[Boy sighs]

Singer:  You I think you were sent to save me from myself to heal 

Ava: You got the stuff?

Man: You got the bank?

Ava: Yep. Three big ones. Bring you the rest later.

Man: Uh-uh. I don't do layaway.

Ava: Well, I'm good for it.

Man: Well, then prove it.

Ava: Ok, I can take my money elsewhere.

Man: No offense, but I don't know you. How can I trust you?

Ava: You can trust the Benjamins. Just give me what I want.

Man: How do we get to know each other first, and see where it goes?

[Ava sighs]

Man: Who the hell are you?

Jonathan: Why don't you take your money back and put it in your pocket. She's not for sale.

Ava: What are you doing here? Why are you always in my business?

Jonathan: You, a man, and cash -- that leads me to think one thing, that you're hustling again.

Ava: Yeah, you got a one-track mind.

Jonathan: What are you selling him -- besides what you used to sell in the street?

Ava: You're an idiot, ok? You're an idiot. What are you doing here anyway? You following me? You stalking me around? Is that how you get your kicks?

Jonathan: Hey, don't change the subject on me. You and that guy -- I want to know what's going on right now.

Ava: Fine. You want the truth? He's paying me to walk his "dogs" a couple laps around the park. Good, honest labor, right?

Singers:  'Cause when you love so much 

Jonathan: You, walking dogs, in this outfit, in those shoes?

Ava: Oh, you know I can do a lot in these shoes. Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?

Jonathan: "Hey, hey, hey," what? I'm just going to go talk to him. I just want to see what kind of dog he has -- if it's a purebred or mutts because I love mutts --

Ava: Oh, you're so annoying!

Jonathan: I just want the truth.

Singers:  Oh, I need you in my life and I need for you to see 

Ava: Ok. Fine. You want the truth, I'll give it to you. You busted me again. He is my business. But don't get angry. Outbid him. How much do you think I'm worth?

Sean: Uh -- nice day, huh?

Adam: Hmm. You're in the wrong house.

Sean: Look, I'm just here looking for Colby.

Adam: Yeah, we have a doorbell, and a door.

Sean: As if you'd have let me in.

Adam: Only to string you up by your thumbs.

Sean: Look, Mr. Chandler, this -- this is no big deal, ok? I was -- prom's tonight, and I just wanted to give -- I wanted to surprise Colby with a corsage.

Adam: Really? Colby doesn't like surprises. Neither do I. But imagine my surprise when I found out that you've been helping yourself to my little girl.

Sean: That's not what's happening.

Adam: Oh, really? You think yourself a pretty big man, don't you, pretty smart? You are a worm. And when I'm through with you, you're going to be sorry you ever laid eyes on my daughter.

Sean: Mr. Chandler, I swear I haven't touched your daughter.

Adam: Uh-huh, uh-huh. Is this yours? I found this under Colby's pillow. I was wondering if maybe you could tell me how it got there.

Sean: Ok, look --

Adam: No, no, no, never mind. I don't want any of your inane blather. I know everything.

Sean: Ok, ok, look, just -- don't go off on Colby, ok? She was just being a friend.

Adam: Is that what you call it these days?

Sean: Ok, look, Mr. Chandler, things are -- look, things are really messed up at home right now, ok? I needed a place to crash and she offered, but nothing else happened. Ok, you have to -- you have to cut Colby some slack on this, ok? It is my fault I stayed here, not hers.

Colby: Will you shut up?

Babe: Thank you.

Boy: Milk shake.

Babe: So I'll study hard, I'm not stupid.

Boy: Oh, brains and beauty -- definitely the whole package.

Babe: It's just that I moved around a lot when I was a kid, and I never got enough credits, and then when I finally did settle somewhere for a while, studying wasn't exactly on the top of my list -- especially Algebra.

Boy: Well, lucky you, it's one of my best subjects -- not that I have gotten anything ever less than an A.

Babe: Which is exactly why I hired you, Troy.

Troy: Ok.

Babe: So I want to pass this GED thing first time out of the gate, and 800 is a perfect score, and I want to be pretty darn near perfect.

Troy: You've already got that covered.

Babe: And I don't need this to be out in the open, I need it to be secret. It doesn't need to be front-page news, ok?

Troy: Ooh, no, no, not a problem, not a problem. Now, how about we pretend that I'm your boy toy, and we're dating, you're completely infatuated with my body?

Babe: And you know what? How about we get back to the work? What I was thinking is maybe we could meet twice a week, and you name the price, and I'll pay you per session?

Troy: I got a better idea -- you accompany me to my senior prom -- ahem -- senior prom, and -- and we're even.

Babe: I'm -- I'm not so sure this is going to work.

[Jamie is amused as he eavesdrops on the conversation]

Kendall: Ahem.

Di: If you want coffee, you might get it from here, because in there is kind of crowded.

Kendall: No, I was just -- actually, I think I lost a button, but I don't know for sure. It's probably -- probably over here, yeah.

Di: Thanks for not saying anything to Greenlee.

Annie: It wasn't the time.

Di: You mean you still might go to her?

Annie: Look, at least Greenlee and Zach are talking -- something positive in this whole mess. I don't want to drop a grenade into that.

Greenlee: You admit you caused the power failure -- so what? I should thank you for your honesty?

Zach: I don't expect you to do anything.

Greenlee: And now you want to buy me off, shut me up, so you can get back to your perfect, unscathed life.

Zach: I want to help you.

Greenlee: Well, do you have any spare embryos or can you pull another Ryan out of your hat? You cost me so much -- not just my child, but my husband. He wanted to die, and you, the big, fat expert, you helped him do it, and you kept it a secret!

Zach: Ryan came back to you.

Greenlee: Yeah -- but the damage was done, and it didn't end there! My friend Simone, Ryan's sister -- dead. You married Kendall, and your sicko daddy, to teach you a lesson, killed her friends -- my friends. I have lost so much, and it all seems to come back to you. I wish to God you had never come to Pine Valley.

Zach: That seems to be a majority opinion -- I've thought it myself.

Greenlee: Why are you doing this? Why are you agreeing with me and being nice?

Zach: I don't want to fight you, Greenlee. I'll help you any way I can, but I'm not going to prison.

Greenlee: You've changed since I've been away. What happened?

Zach: I became a father.

[Music plays]

Troy: Come on, you got to say yes. The prom would be so awesome, dude.

Babe: I -- you know, I'm going to have to say no, but thank you. But back to studying -- when --

Troy: You know what? I bet you are really hot on the dance floor, and not to brag, but I'm not so bad myself. Wait for it -- mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Babe: Troy? Troy, hi? Please snap out of it, please.

Jamie: Uh -- Troy, is it? Hey. Um, I give you an A for effort, because that was topnotch, dude. Um -- but this probably isn't going to work out, so you may want to leave.

Singer:  Have it all my way it's not easy 

Babe: Sorry, I --

Singer:  They told me if I'm late again don't bother even coming in 

[Troy sips loudly]

Singer:  It looks like the drinks are on me 

Troy: We would've been great together.

Singer:  I just wanna be happy I don't wanna be sad I just wanna be happy is it too much to ask? 

Babe: Oh, God -- ok, I -- I swear, that so wasn't what it looked like.

Jamie: Oh, that was so cute. It looked like a study date, with milk shakes and sweaty palms -- his, not yours.

Babe: It was my bright idea -- hire a high school brainiac to help prep me. I'm trying to get my GED.

Jamie: That's great.

Babe: Yeah, but --

Jamie: But just because you don't have the paper doesn't mean you don't have the brains. The work you did at Fusion, the business you have growing with Krystal --

Babe: What, the one without a roof?

Jamie: You'll make it work. You're as smart as they come, Babe. You don't need a diploma to prove it.

Babe: I want to prove it to myself -- that I'm finally disciplined enough to see it through. And I want to do it for my son.

Jamie: Most people in your position would blow this off. I'm impressed.

Babe: Yeah, the problem is I think I'm going to have to find a new way to prep, other than the geek squad.

Jamie: Oh, I think there is.

Singer:  I don't wanna be sad 

Jonathan: Listen to me, you don't have to hustle anymore. Ava, hooking up with these creeps, playing the game? You're smart, you have a great family, you have a place to live, you can make an honest living.

Ava: Ok, half the money and twice the time -- no, thank you.

Jonathan: Ok. Well, you know what? Jack took you in, and he didn't have to, so show some respect. If you go screwing around, that's going to reflect on him. He's a prominent lawyer in this town. His reputation is important to him. You want to blow that for him?

Ava: Yeah, ok -- it's Jack you're worried about? Huh -- no, it's Lily. You're afraid that someone's going to see Lily and think it's dirty little me.

Jonathan: Why do you "do" this? You take every little thing I say and you -- you twist it to make the worst out of it.

Ava: God, you're the one that's twisted.

Jonathan: I'm --

Ava: I mean, seriously. You're always there panting around me or breathing down my neck. Just step off.

Jonathan: "Step off"? I'm trying to help you, Ava.

Ava: You want to control me.

Jonathan: You're not on the streets anymore. Ok? No one's controlling you right now, no one's conning you, no one's hustling you. You shouldn't be messing around with scum like this, you're better than scum like that.

Singer:  I just wanna be happy I don't wanna be sad 

Ava: So, who would be good enough for me? Someone like you?

Singer:  I just wanna be 

Colby: Why did you tell my dad that you've been staying here?

Sean: Because he knew -- didn't you?

Adam: From your lips. If I'd known before, I would've thrown you out that window.

Sean: You said you knew -- everything.

Adam: Yes, I do know -- I know that you have the morals of a stoat, I know you used her. Sweetheart, you have been involved in this lie from the very beginning, haven't you? Working behind my back? We have been so close since I had my heart attack -- complete and total trust, I thought. Now --

Colby: I'm sorry, Dad.

Adam: I have worked my entire life to provide for my family, and for you, and this is the thanks I get -- letting this flea sleep under my roof.

Sean: Ok, don't blame Colby for this.

Adam: I don't, I blame you -- for using her, for -- for conning her into believing that you really cared for her. You just needed a place to sleep and a place to eat and a place in between your sex romps. He played you for a fool, sweetheart.

Sean: I didn't! Ok, look, Ava and I are over.

Adam: Wait a minute, "Ava and you"? Wait a minute, whoa, whoa, Ava? What is Ava? Do you and Ava actually sit around and laugh at the fool you've made of my daughter? This is Colby. Her innocence -- is that a joke to you?

Colby: Ok -- please, stop. I've had enough. How could you do this to me?

Zach: You've been hurt.

Greenlee: Wow. Sympathy, even? Well, I guess I should be glad you're the only person not telling me to move on. Being a father has done this to you?

Zach: What I do affects people.

Greenlee: Spike. Yeah, I saw the way he looked at you when you rocked him to sleep.

Zach: Greenlee? How can I help you move past this?

Ryan: Where you going with this, Livia?

Livia: Well, Zach didn't want Kendall pregnant with your child, and neither did you.

Ryan: I love my son.

Livia: Of course, you do -- now. But then? Wow -- that's a big job, taking out an entire power grid. It'd take a lot of planning, pinpointing of coordinates. I mean, nobody could do that alone -- you'd have to call in experts.

Ryan's voice: Zach knew exactly what he was doing, Kendall. He wanted to make sure that you couldn't carry Greenlee's and my child.

Livia: You with me?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm right here.

Livia: There's a lot to connect the dots -- Zach, you, Kendall, baby. From what I hear, not always so easy.

Ryan: Yeah, we made it work, though. It's over, Livia. It should stay buried for everyone.

Livia: Even Greenlee?

Ryan: There's a 1-year-old child now.

Livia: And there's a woman who should have a child now.

Ryan: Look, what happened -- it was a mess, and I am truly sorry that Greenlee got hurt, but I do not regret having my little boy.

Greenlee: "Past this" -- I love how you say it so easy. You've past it -- the wife, the son, the baby on the way, the dream life. Well, here's the problem -- I can't get "past it." Nothing you could offer me could possibly replace what you took -- unless you can think of another substitute for a child, a husband, a family that I've always dreamed of. Can you? Didn't think so. So that's why I jumped to justice. Putting you in prison is not the perfect substitute, but it's one that I can live with.

Zach: I won't let you punish me by hurting my family.

Greenlee: "Your family." That's what I want -- a family. I want to turn back the clock. I want to be with Ryan. I want to have Ryan's baby. Can you do that, Zach? Rescheduled -- Monday is good for you?

[With tears in her eyes, Kendall listens from the other side of the door]

Annie: Ryan wasn't around when the blackout happened, right?

Di: Uh, no, he was in Canada.

Annie: At least Greenlee can't hold that against him.

Di: Can we drop this? We have a company to save.

Annie: What if you were subpoenaed?

[Di sighs]

Di: Can we just get back to the R&D meeting? I --

Annie: If you didn't actually witness this guy causing this blackout for Zach, would your testimony even be -- even be usable or -- Di? There's more, isn't there?

Di: Please, Annie, please --

Annie: "Please" yourself! Please tell me.

Di: I was -- I was there when Marty confessed.

Annie: What? Well, how -- when? What happened?

Di: I helped to get Marty to spill his guts, to give a blackout -- demonstration.

Annie: Demonstration for whom?

Zach: You're right. I can't turn back the clock. Is there something I can do for you?

Greenlee: You want to bribe me -- to get me to shut up and go away.

Kendall: Why don't you go ahead, Zach? Go ahead and turn back the clock. Maybe if Greenlee time-traveled back to the good old days -- where we wrung ourselves inside out to make her happy -- she'd remember. No matter what we did, it was never enough.

Greenlee: Your husband's really changed. Apparently, you did that. Family -- all his concern, his generosity. Well, it smells like damage control. So, are you going to offer me anything? How desperate are you to save your man?

Kendall: As desperate as I was to save you when you needed it.

[Greenlee flashes back to the past]

Kendall: Greenlee? Do you remember last night? You were in trouble, and -- um -- Dr. Madden had to rush you here. Greenlee, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You had a miscarriage.

Greenlee: Ryan will never live on through his children, because I can't carry my own babies. Stop making me say it. You can't give me my baby back.

Kendall: No, Greenlee, not the baby you lost, another one. Your baby with Ryan -- I can carry it for you. Your baby, my belly. I give birth for you, and you have your child.

[Back to the present]

Zach: What do you think, Greenlee? Will sending me to prison get you what you want?

[Music plays]

Jamie: Well, I just happen to know a brilliant student.

Babe: Well, who?

Jamie: Top of his class, sense of humor, charming --

Babe: Uh -- no.

Jamie: And free?

Babe: Oh -- you have the whole doctor thing, the med-school track. Last thing you need is a high school dropout asking you what pi-r-squared is.

Jamie: Look, I have to study anyway. We might as well do it together. We can do it right here -- there's great coffee, Wi-Fi spot, mediocre people-watching. Come on, what do you say?

Jonathan: You know what? Do what you want. I'm done. You can go -- you can go lie, you can cheat, you can steal -- you can use your sister if you want. You can use every person in your little life that's helped you -- whatever gets you what you want, right? It's no big deal. You can even let losers like that put their hands all over you for money.

Ava: Look, you don't even know what's going down right now.

Jonathan: I do know what's going down, because every time you've had a chance to do the right thing, you've jacked it up, Ava. You hustle them, you sleep with them, and then you steal from them -- just another day in the life of Ava Benton.

Ava: At least I never killed anybody.

Jonathan: I'm not that person anymore.

Ava: Yeah, I know, right? Bad Jonny's all gone -- medical-freakin' miracle. Whoop-dee-doo!

Jonathan: I live with what I did, and I've made every effort I can possibly make to change it. You don't even "try." You have a chance at a good life and all you have to do is take it, but you can't stop hustling.

Ava: Why would you mess around with success?

Jonathan: There's nothing successful about what you're doing.

Ava: Ok, yeah, you hate me, but you want me so bad. Ask yourself why.

Jonathan: This is not about Lily.

Ava: Right. Then you have a serious problem.

Singers:  I don't need you I don't need you I don't want to mislead you I could take you I could leave you I don't need you I don't need 

Sean: I would never laugh at you.

Adam: But you'd lie. Do you deny sleeping with Ava?

Colby: I saw them together.

Sean: Look, I told you, Colby -- Ava doesn't mean anything to me.

Adam: Oh, meaningless sex -- that makes it all better.

Sean: Look, I messed up, ok? I'm sorry, but I would rather hang with you any time -- swimming, watching stars, playing video games.

Adam: Is that how he sweet-talks you? It doesn't work anymore.

Sean: Ok, I'm not trying to work you, Colby, I'm trying to make this right.

Colby: You totally played me, Sean. We were so close. I was so in -- it was real. And I believed every word out of your mouth. All that bull about me being too nice, too young, too good for you to touch?

[Phone rings]

Colby: You just wanted Ava.

Sean: Look, Ava is definitely not what I want.

Ava: Yo, Mr. Chandler, it's Ava. Give me a call back when you get this. I'm taking care of our problem, but, um, I'm going to get some expenses -- big ones -- so you're going to pay up. It's going down tonight, but it'll be totally worth it.

Sean: Look, Colby, I was wrong, and I was a jerk, ok, but don't write me off.

Adam: Don't listen to him.

Sean: Look, let me make it up to you. Let me take you to prom tonight.

Colby: Why don't you leave? My ice cream's melting, and I have things to do.

Sean: Look, I came here to give you this. I want you to wear it tonight -- with me.

Singer:  Oh, yeah 

Babe: You're adorable for offering, but no way do you get toe-tagged as my tutor.

Jamie: Why not?

Babe: Because it -- it just wouldn't be fair.

Jamie: Beats studying alone.

Babe: I'll -- you know, I'll just -- I'll figure out another way, it's no big deal.

Jamie: Is it me?

Babe: No! Please, no, no, of course not. It's just that -- um -- well, Greenlee -- she already publicly humiliated me as some dropout loser, and once is enough for me. If somebody sees you tutoring me, it's going to be all over town, then.

Jamie: That was absolutely pathetic --

Babe: What?

Jamie: And a lack of imagination, Babe. You and I together --

Singer:  Feel like I would 

Jamie: You and I have been friends for a very long time. No one's going to look twice.

Babe: Yeah -- except with a big stack of books on our table.

Jamie: I have an idea -- I'm studying Pediatrics. You have a son -- you're helping me, I'm helping you. Who's going to know?

Singer:  Yeah rocks my world and who I 

Babe: Are you sure that I won't cramp your study style?

Jamie: You can be very distracting. But lucky for you, I have excellent powers of concentration -- and I'm even better at study breaks.

Singer: I start to understand

Babe: Deal. I accept your offer.

Singer: You make me feel like I could

Kendall: You can't send Zach to prison.

Greenlee: He committed a crime.

Kendall: Spend all the money you want, Greenlee, hire a hundred lawyers -- it won't make a difference. You still don't have any proof.

Greenlee: Fine. He'd get off. And I'd be exactly where I am now.

Zach: You won't get your revenge, but you still have your future. Think about what you really want, and I'll help you get it. You have my word.

Greenlee: Ok. Well, I do need something.

Di: Can we get back to work?

Annie: If you do not tell me, I will find someone who will. I will turn this town upside down until I do.

Di: Fine. It was Kendall. Ok? You happy?

Annie: Kendall? Why?

Di: So that she would understand what kind of man Zach was before she married him.

Annie: So -- hold on, somebody had enough evidence to arrest Zach, but they went to Kendall instead? Who would -- Ryan.

Singer:  Maybe sinner or saint spirit I make if you will take to maybe it's me 

[Sitting at B.J.'s, the man slips Ava a packet of pills]

Ava: These the real thing, right?

Man: Word, girl. It's the best. Now, you owe me 100. Don't make me sorry, sweetheart.

Ava: Only one person's going to be sorry.

Sean: Take it, please?

Colby: It's beautiful. I can't believe I was going to pig out on ice cream and mope over a loser like you!

Sean: Colby -- Colby, wait!

Adam: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Date's off, buddy.

Sean: Don't look too happy about it.

Adam: My daughter is pure Chandler. That means she doesn't like being used. And now that she knows you're a manipulative maggot, she's done with you.

Sean: I will get her back.

Adam: No -- hey! Go out the way you came in.

Kendall: I think you might've actually done it, Zach. You got through to her, didn't you? And this whole thing might be over.

Zach: Whatever Greenlee decides, I still owe her.

Greenlee: Oh! What's this -- "take your husbands to work" day?

Ryan: I am not going to be part of your plan, Greenlee. No matter what I know, you can't use me against my son's stepfather.

Greenlee: What do you know?

Ryan: Forget it, Greenlee, because I have. I am going to keep this family together, even if I have to perjure myself to do that.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jamie (to Julia): Look what I just found.

[Jamie holds up a pregnancy test]

Colby (to Sean): Either you go or I do.

Sean: Just give me two minutes, please.

J.R. (to Amanda): You used me good. Use me again.

Annie (to Ryan): You're really willing to risk everything to save Kendall's family, even if it tears our family apart?

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