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Adam: Colby?

Colby: Uh -- yeah, stay -- stay there! Don't come in. I'm not dressed.

Adam: Well, throw on a robe, honey, because I'm coming in!

Babe: That's the answer I was hoping for. I'm -- I'm looking forward to it. Bye-bye.

Di: Yeah!

Babe: Oh, my -- we did it, we did it, we got it!

Di: Oh, my God! Kendall is going to freak!

Babe: Oh, my God!

Kendall: You're a lucky little ducky, aren't you there, Spikey? You get to spend the whole day with Kathy and Emma.

Zach: Seriously?

Kendall: While -- yeah -- your mom and dad slave away at the office. Hmm.

Zach: You have fun at Wildwind, and you can use my blocks if you want, ok? No drooling on them.

Kendall: Yeah, really. You love those blocks.

[Spike fusses]

Kendall: Isn't he silly? Oh, I guess not. He isn't going to want to play with the blocks.

[Spike screams as Hannah spies on them]

Zach: Yeah, I need those back.

Greenlee: How do you feel? What am I saying? You feel great -- finally, truly free, like you thought you were the last year. I didn't want -- I've never been divorced.

Ryan: I think for everybody, it's sort of an individual thing. Not everybody feels exactly the same way.

Greenlee: I expected it to be so big, cataclysmic like being hit by lightning.

Annie: Ahem. If I'm butting in, I --

Greenlee: No. This is where you belong. And I have a flight to catch.

Ryan: Well, we have lots of time before the flight.

Greenlee: I thought you should fly home alone. I booked a seat on a commercial flight. You probably have a lot to talk about. If Annie gets another asthma attack, just rip open the bag, get your hand under the lining, and pull out that inhaler. So, safe flight, good life. See ya.

Annie: Are you all right?

Ryan: No. No, I'm -- I'm not, not yet. Everything has been so crazy since Greenlee has come back.

Annie: It's been interesting.

Ryan: I bet you wanted to strangle her, and me, too -- for not making sure the divorce was final.

Annie: It hasn't been that bad.

Ryan: No wonder you had an asthma attack. I mean, how could you possibly breathe normally under this much stress? I don't want to go back to Pine Valley like this.

Annie: What are you trying to tell me?

Ryan: Well, we've already had the ceremony, and we -- you know, we did it up big. We're supposed to be married, and now we're back to being engaged and I just -- I just -- I can't take it, you know, enough.

Ryan: I would like to marry you once and for all, right now.

Adam: I'm alone -- no paparazzi. Ok? Here I come, ready or not. Huh-huh.

Colby: Ha. I was just about to say "ready."

[Door closes]

Adam: Ah. Since when do you make your bed?

Colby: Uh -- with Winnie gone, somebody's got to do it, right?

Adam: I just didn't think that somebody would be you.

Colby: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah. Well, that looks good. You want to do mine?

Colby: No.

Adam: Ha -- just kidding. I'm hiring a new maid.

Colby: Um -- I didn't order room service.

Adam: Aha, you're seeing my new leaf. There we go. Spinach leaf, to be precise, in a fluffy egg-white omelet with whole wheat toast and some of that -- that buttery-tasting stuff that has none of the evils of cholesterol, and grapefruit juice and coffee.

Colby: Nice, but we have a dining room.

Adam: Yeah. I owe this new regimen to you, you know? It's your -- your enthusiasm about my health last night. I've decided to take care of myself.

Colby: Oh, that's great, Dad. Um -- so, go on, chow down. I'll catch you later.

Adam: Well, I made two omelets, one for each of us.

Colby: Um -- great. I'll -- I'll be right down.

Adam: Well, there's room here.

Colby: Uh -- yeah, but it's gorgeous out. I mean, look, it's sunny. Let's go eat out on the terrace.

Adam: Well, I know, but it's -- it's cooler than you think down there. These things will be stone cold by the time we get downstairs.

Colby: Yeah.

Adam: Oops -- darn napkin.

Colby: Oh, no, no! I got it, I got it!

[Colby quickly bends down to pick up the napkin and deftly flings Sean's briefs at him as he hides under her bed]

Kendall: Prepare for a day to remember. I am ready to rule the world.

Di: I want what you had for breakfast.

Kendall: Yes, yes, behold, take a look. You are looking at bionic mama.

Babe: Oh.

Di: Oh. "Bionic mama"?

Kendall: Yes, yes -- this is the phase in my pregnancy where I know that anything is possible. I am -- I am unstoppable.

Di: Huh. Is this normal?

Babe: Uh -- I remember the bionic phase. I just -- if only it would last. Pretty soon, it rolls into --

Kendall: Stop, stop. Please shut up, ok? I want to enjoy this, all right? I am -- I am Kendall the invincible. Yes! Ok, so let's work. Come on. You guys ready to work? Yes?

Di: You know what? First, you have to congratulate Babe.

Kendall: For what?

Babe: Hmm -- oh, nothing. We just sketched a deal with Zoe's label.

Di: She nailed it, with -- with Zoe's label.

Babe: Yes.

Kendall: Wait -- what?

Babe: Every -- we have all of Zoe's songs, any other artist on the label. Her people want to sign now, and -- and we'll have all the top songs playing under or featured in our commercials.

Di: Every radio spot, Kendall.

Kendall: Wait a minute, hold on. This -- but the -- the expenses.

Babe: Yeah. No problem. We have a tier deal. We start at the cheap -- no increase for a full year.

Kendall: What? Wait, hold it. You did all of this before lunch?

Babe: Oh, yeah.

Kendall: You guys, Fusion is going to rule the industry.

Babe: We know!

Kendall: No, no -- for real this time. I mean, I'm not playing.

Josh: Well, Hannah wouldn't find this suspicious -- her boss hacking into her files?

Zach: This equipment belongs to Cambias, and I can check it any time I want.

Josh: Well, I'm handling Hannah.

Zach: Uh-huh. Whatever Hannah's giving you is not helping me.

Josh: I told you, I'll find out what she's up to. It takes time.

Zach: You're out of time, Josh. Out of time.

[Using the keys she swiped, Hannah lets herself into the Slaters' empty condo]

Ryan: I'm Ryan Lavery.

Annie: Hi, I'm Annie. Hi.

Man: Hello. Nice to meet a happy couple who still believe in marriage.

Ryan: I, Ryan, take you, Annie, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, to love and to cherish from this day forward.

Annie: I, Annie, take you, Ryan, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, to love and to cherish from this day forward.

Man: Annie and Ryan, you have pledged your love and lives to each other. I now pronounce you husband and wife.

[Ryan and Annie kiss]

Julia: We're having a party, right? Yeah!

Jamie: With the best "Welcome Home" sign ever. Oh -- you know what we need?

Kathy: More glitter!

[Julia chuckles]

Jamie: No, I was thinking flowers, but --

Julia: Ooh! Hey, Rachael, do you think that you could take Spike and the girls out to pick some fresh flowers? That's so fun.

Rachael: I think we can do that.

Julia: Great!

Rachael: Come on, girls.

Julia: Thank you.

Jamie: Go with Rachael.

Julia: Here you go.

Rachael: Great. Come on, Emma.

Jamie: Ok, Emma.

Emma: I'll finish when I'm back.

Jamie: Ok.

Julia: Hmm.

Jamie: I'm going to miss spending so much time around here.

Julia: Jamie, you're just going to med school. It's not like you're going off to prison. Besides, we're all going to be here to help you. Oh -- Jonathan? Did you remember to put the champagne on ice?

Jonathan: Sure did.

Jamie: I got a question -- do you actually toast a divorce? Huh.

Julia: Hey, Greenlee's out of the way. I think that that's enough cause for a celebration, don't you? I'll be right back.

Jamie: Something wrong?

Jonathan: I wish I thought Greenlee wasn't going to cause any more trouble.

[Sitting on the plane, Greenlee recalls when Ryan gave her his childhood ring, then their last scene on the beach]

Greenlee: I already have my ring.

Ryan: But you don't have a "Dynamite Kiddo" decoder ring.

Greenlee: "Dynamite kiddo"?

Ryan: Truthfully, you are the only person worthy of wearing this ring. May I?

Greenlee: Please.

Ryan's voice: Signing those divorce papers killed me.

Adam: You haven't made a dent in that.

Colby: Mmm -- no, I'm -- I'm fine, Dad. I had a muffin earlier.

Adam: Where?

Colby: Uh -- in my purse, from yesterday. Oh, don't -- don't spoil your appetite tomorrow because Lucretia's making us breakfast frittatas.

Colby: Ah -- I'm not really a breakfast person.

Adam: Hmm. Your company, the fact that you came back to me -- you've rejuvenated me, Colby.

Colby: Dad, that's great. I really didn't do anything.

Adam: Oh, no, no -- yes, you did. Yes, you did, you did. You are -- you're here. You're here and -- and everyone else that I know has deserted me or abandoned me or betrayed me, but you -- no. Even J.R. But you, my darling, are here. You know, with you and Little Adam, I feel that I could do anything -- anything.

Colby: And we had a great breakfast. Now it's time to go exercise. Let's go for a hike -- watch, come here.

Adam: Oh.

[Adam chuckles]

Colby: Look at those flowers. Gosh, it is the most beautiful time of the year, Dad. We could walk around the gardens and then we can go down by the lake.

Adam: Oh, yeah. Poor old, old doddering Adam on his beautiful daughter's arm?

Colby: Oh, Dad, you're not some old man.

Adam: Ha-ha -- close enough.

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: You know -- you know, to me, um, tiptoeing through the tulips isn't exercise. To me, beating somebody that's 10 or 20 years younger than I am at squash --

Colby: Right.

Adam: That's exercise, that is exercise. Until -- till I'm well enough to do that heart-pounding, pulse-racing, sweat-fest, I'm just going to sit on my ass.

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: Uh -- speaking of asses, were you aware that Sean Montgomery hammered on our door last night?

Colby: Uh -- he did?

Adam: Oh, yes, he did, far later than any civilized person should hammer on someone's door. That was him. You were already in bed. Being raised by Barbara Montgomery is a little like being raised by wolves. No boundaries, no consideration for anyone else -- no, nothing.

[Adam chuckles]

[Hannah looks around the Slaters' condo, stopping at a family photo then sniffing the baby's laundry]

Josh: Why would Hannah resign?

Zach: That's another thing I need you to find out.

Josh: What did you say to her?

Zach: You know what, man? I don't think it was me. I don't think it was my charming, sparkling personality. She just came up to the house and said she was leaving.

Josh: You didn't argue it?

Zach: Told her to think about it, take a little time.

Josh: Well, why show up at Pine Valley, only get a job for a month or two?

Zach: Why show up in pine valley at all? Right? Now, she told me it was about Ethan. She wanted to be here where -- where he lived, where he walked, I don't know, get closer to his life.

Josh: Hmm. You don't buy it?

Zach: No. I don't know. I don't know. She's not a quitter. So now, she's trying to conjure up Ethan, and she can't, so it's goodbye? That's it?

Josh: Well, it doesn't fit, but it's possible.

Zach: Yeah, I don't know about that. I mean, think about it -- here's a woman who gives up her child when he's just a baby, and never, through all these years, never tries to find him, never tries to connect with him, be part of his life. Why?

Josh: Why don't you ask her?

Zach: Well, I did ask her. And what she said makes sense -- I guess. I mean, she -- she didn't want to lead my father to Ethan. I get that, I can -- I can understand that. What I can't wrap my brain around is that she didn't show up for the funeral.

Josh: You think she's up to something?

Zach: Curious, very curious.

Josh: Well, you don't think she's a threat to you, do you?

Zach: Let me tell you something. That woman has more resources than you give her credit for. She's an incredible businesswoman. That's another thing -- this incredible businesswoman just turned down the takeover of a lifetime. Why would she do that?

Josh: Maybe she's telling the truth. Maybe she came here looking for some sort of connection with Ethan -- didn't happen, so she's moving on.

Zach: Moving on, without a prize? How about that? How about this one -- how about she already got what she came for?

Josh: What, do you think she's pulled off some sort of corporate espionage, helped herself to a chunk of Cambias Industries?

Zach: I'm going to find out.

Josh: And then what?

Zach: Then I will decide whether to let her get away with it or not.

Kendall: Ok, we have the song list here. Can you download "Chameleons"?

Babe: Good call, that's perfect.

Kendall: Right? Ok, and then you can give us a whole little list. You can print it out, and we can have our choice by the end of the day.

Babe: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Wait --

Babe: Oh -- the -- the, um --

Kendall: "Seasons -- seasons of the Heart."

Babe: "Seasons of the Heart," yes, yes.

Kendall: I love that one. You know, the melody's good. I mean, the way it turns around.

Babe: It does that loop and then it's like a whole new song. I do like that one.

Di: It's my favorite song.

Kendall: Is it? All right. Well, then it's our anthem for the -- for the rest of our life!

Babe: Perfect!

Kendall: Right?

Di: Your bionic phase is contagious.

Babe: We are on fire, and it feels so good.

Kendall: Doesn't it?

Babe: It does.

Kendall: Ok, all right. Are you ready for the capper?

Babe: It can really get any better than this? Come on.

Kendall: I -- actually, I think it could. You be the judge, though. Come, follow me.

Di and Babe: Ok.

Babe: Now I'm curious.

Kendall: Something fun to show you. Um -- this is --

[Di and Babe gasp]

Kendall: My inspiration's latest picture.

Di: You can totally see fingers and toes!

Babe: She is perfect.

Di: Oh -- and the resemblance -- it's uncanny.

Babe: Totally a spitting image of Zach, I agree.

Kendall: Oh. You know, sometimes I -- I catch myself wondering, what did I do to deserve this happiness?

Greenlee: Goody! 20 questions -- can I play?

Babe: Ahem.

Di: How was the trip?

Greenlee: How the hell do you think? I feel great -- rested and ready to work.

Kendall: That's not your desk.

Greenlee: Well, as majority shareholder, I'll sit wherever I want.

Babe: Excuse me?

Greenlee: As of now, I'm chief in charge, so get with it or get on out.

All: Surprise!

Julia: Oh!

Annie: Hi!

Jonathan: Wow.

Annie: Did you make this sign for Mommy?

Ryan: Oh, my God.

Annie: Oh! Yay!

Jamie: Kathy and I helped.

Ryan: Oh, yeah?

Jamie: Yeah.

Julia: How was your trip? How was your trip?

Ryan: The trip was completely and totally successful.

Jonathan: All right. Who wants champagne? Champagne?

Julia: Oh, I do.

Jonathan: Champagne?

Annie: Hey, hey, I have a present for you and Kathy.

Julia: Present?

Annie: Come here, girls. Kathy, come here.

Julia: Oh, my gosh.

Annie: Come here.

[Julia laughs]

Annie: All right. Here -- here, here. Hey. Yeah. You like?

Emma: Ooh. Yes.

Annie: Yeah.

Jamie: Ooh.

Kathy: He's a monkey.

Jamie: Let me see those monkeys. Come here.

Emma: He's fat.

Jamie: He's fat? He is fat.

Julia: So how did everything go?

Annie: Perfect. We got married this morning.

Emma: But you're already married.

Annie: Yeah.

Kendall: Fusion's structure is already established.

Greenlee: I'm back. Things have changed.

Kendall: Maybe in your mind. We can add, Greenlee. You are not the majority shareholder.

Greenlee: Well, get out your calculator, because you work for me.

Babe: Don't do this, Greenlee.

Kendall: No, Babe, it's ok. She can't do anything.

Greenlee: You know.

Kendall: Know what?

Di: Babe has worked really hard for this company.

Greenlee: Well, she flunked the loyalty test.

Babe: You were testing me?

Greenlee: What do you think? If you would have shown a little gratitude, I wouldn't have to throw you out.

Kendall: You can't throw her out -- Babe owns interest in this company.

Greenlee: I gave her that interest. Make that "loaned."

Kendall: No, you signed over your shares to her. You can't take them back.

Di: Greenlee, take some time. Just think about this.

Greenlee: I gave Babe enough time. Now, someone clear out her desk.

Kendall: All right, let me see -- slap you silly or call the cops and have you escorted out of here?

Greenlee: From my own company? I have Simone's shares.

Kendall: Not a controlling interest.

Greenlee: But add Babe's -- I mean, mine.

Babe: I have put a lot of time and energy and heart into Fusion, Greenlee, please.

Kendall: Ok, listen, Babe -- Babe, listen to me. Don't talk like she's real. This is not for real.

Di: Yeah, I think it is.

Kendall: Did she blackmail you into giving you her shares?

Greenlee: No blackmail. It's the rescission clause. It's in the contract I gave Babe. Rider 3, page 64, subparagraph T -- "if Fusion should fall below its projected earnings of 25%, babe's stock reverses to me." And someone has had a very bad financial year. I'm back, loaded with stock, and you've been seriously demoted. Maybe B.J.'s needs a waitress.

Babe: You bitch.

Greenlee: Should I consider that your resignation?

Kendall: Is this on the level?

Greenlee: Tell her.

Kendall: You're not going anywhere.

Greenlee: It's not your call. Math-challenged Kendall, I'm the boss, and you answer to me.

Josh: That woman is not into sharing confidences. No pillow talk with her.

Zach: She's smart.

Josh: Yeah, she's all about her privacy, maintaining her personal space.

Zach: Mm-hmm. You couldn't crack her. You tried really hard, and you couldn't do it.

Josh: Well, given how cool and self-protective she is, why would she go to your place in person and resign? Why not just write the letter and throw it on your desk?

Zach: Why not tell you first? Hey, she said she was resigning, because of personal and private reasons. So she came to me, told me personally and privately in my home, not the office.

Josh: Well, you'd be surprised how personal she can get in the office.

Zach: Hannah's full of surprises. Keep opening files. Let's make sure she doesn't --

[Phone rings]

Zach: Leave us with one big surprise before she leaves, ok? Kendall?

Kendall: Zach, hey. I have a problem.

Zach: The baby?

Kendall: No, no, the baby's fine. There is something going down at Fusion. I need you.

Zach: I'm coming.

[Hannah takes her spying into the bedroom]

Adam: Well, it doesn't get much better than this.

Colby: Uh -- the -- the coffee?

Adam: No, no, no -- the quality time together. You and me in our home.

Colby: Yeah.

Adam: What more could we wish for?

Colby: A -- a new dress. I need something that will drop traffic -- I mean, stop traffic and drop jaws.

[Colby chuckles]

Adam: What's the occasion?

Colby: The prom. Dad, I have been looking for a dress, and nothing -- I can't find anything. Will you go shopping with me?

Adam: Is this a trick to get me to do a couple laps at the mall?

Colby: Oh, no, Dad, I am desperate, and I need your opinion.

Adam: Well, sweetheart, we'll just -- we'll just find you a -- a professional shopper, and -- and she can -- slash stylist -- what do I know about dresses?

Colby: But you'll come along?

Adam: Well, no, we don't even have to leave the house, sweetheart. You just -- you tell the shopper what you want, they tell the designer. They send the creations right to your front door. Now, most girls would love a private showing right there in their own home.

Colby: Yeah, but, Dad, I don't have time to mess around, ok? I don't want some flunky person just throwing some dresses together.

Adam: Well, these are professionals.

Colby: Yeah, but it would be nicer to go to the showrooms, actually see all the dresses. Maybe we can use the company jet. Do you think J.R. would loan it to us? I mean, he will if I ask.

Adam: What is this about? Is it --

Colby: It's nothing, Dad. I just need a dress, and don't you want me to look good and stand out?

Adam: Oh, you will be the prettiest girl there, I'm quite sure.

Colby: Hmm.

Adam: But this isn't about a dress, is it? It's about -- Sean, isn't it?

Colby: No, I don't think so.

Adam: Oh, yes, it is. Yes, it is. He is such an opportunist. With that mother of his. Do you really think that Sean cares what dress you're wearing? All he cares about is how fast he can get you out of it.

Colby: Dad, how did Sean get into this?

Adam: He's a user. He's a bad influence. He has no sense of responsibility. Sweetheart, I don't want to see you hurt.

Colby: Dad, I'm not an infant.

Adam: No, you're not, you're a very pretty young woman, and that's why he's sniffing around at your feet like a dog that he is.

[Colby sighs]

Adam: He doesn't deserve you. He never will. Honey, I was young once myself. I was his age.

Colby: Ok, Dad, no, I don't want to have this conversation, no.

Adam: Sean is -- if he doesn't get what he wants from you, then he's going to move right on to the next girl, that's all.

Colby: You know, so much for our fun father/daughter breakfast.

Adam: Sweetheart, this is important. You are important. Now, you gave into him once before. Did it make you feel happy? Did it feel good? Did you feel loved? Did you feel revered? No. He doesn't deserve you. He never will.

Colby: Ok, we are not having this conversation, Dad. I am not even here. I am in New York City with Vera Wang, and she is helping me pick out a dress. No, actually, she's giving me one.

Adam: Sweetheart, I hate to be the one to tell you this -- to have to -- but somebody has to. I have to. You -- you can't take a teenage boy seriously. And Sean? No. No, you give him an inch, and he'll break your heart.

[Sean sadly and silently listens to every word from under Colby's bed]

Greenlee: Tell -- Benjamin, right? -- Benjamin that if I want to see mud, I'll look at the bottom of his shoes. If these graphics aren't camera-ready, I don't want him wasting my time. Where was I?

Di: You were saying something --

Greenlee: Yes, I need the staff here first thing in the morning, 8:00.

Di: 8:00?

Kendall: Why didn't you tell me?

Babe: Well, I was kind of hoping that Greenlee, miss high and mighty --

Kendall: Would what? Grow a conscience?

Babe: You used to think that she had one.

Greenlee: You know what? Make that 7:00. I want to make sure we start the staff meeting first thing in the morning.

Di: By 7:00?

Greenlee: Yes, I need employees that are devoted and willing to make sacrifices. Zach? Going to take big mama to lunch?

Zach: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Greenlee: Me? I'm flattered.

Zach: Let's go on the roof.

Greenlee: Should I be worried? I'm really busy here. You can talk to me in front of my staff.

Zach: Well, Kendall's not staff, she's your partner -- equal partner.

Greenlee: You haven't heard. Fusion's basically mine now.

Zach: Yeah? Cambias owns shares in Fusion. I just sent them over to my wife. So you're partners. Equal partners. 50% each. See what I did? I did the math for you, so you wouldn't have to hurt your pretty head.

Greenlee: Private meeting?

Kendall: Lead the way.

Jonathan: Whoo! You need some help with some luggage?

Ryan: No, I'm good. Annie and -- and Emma are still packing, so --

Jonathan: It's really great, Ryan, about you and Annie.

Ryan: But?

Jonathan: Are you sure that Greenlee's cool?

Ryan: No, I'm -- I'm not exactly sure that Greenlee's cool, but what can she do?

Jonathan: You ought to know what Greenlee can do.

Ryan: She knows the score, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Yeah, I'm -- I'm concerned, Ry, about when Greenlee's going to try to even that score. Ok, the woman does not know the meaning of "surrender."

Ryan: There wasn't really a battle. There really wasn't. I love Annie, and I love only Annie, and I made that really clear.

Jonathan: So -- I mean -- wait, so Greenlee just, like, looked at you and said "Ok, never mind -- my bad"?

Ryan: The day that Annie and I got married here at Wildwind, there was a ring that was delivered.

Jonathan: The "Dynamite Kiddo" ring. I'm sorry. Listen, I -- I thought that was from Kendall, ok? And that's why I had it sent back.

Ryan: I -- I --

Jonathan: I --

Ryan: I understand that. I -- I honestly do, but you still should have told me, man.

Jonathan: I know. Agreed. I'm sorry. But -- I know, but she wanted you back, right before you walked down the aisle. She got you arrested, ok? Greenlee is not going to give this up.

Ryan: But you know what? Annie and I are married now. We're happy, we're married, and there's really nothing that Greenlee can do about it, so -- I'm going to go check on the girls.

Kendall: You flip off me and Ryan and the entire town of Pine Valley, and everyone you supposedly care about at Fusion. Then you come back trying to ruin Ryan's life and destroy the company. Don't even try to play the victim here, you raging maniac!

Greenlee: But you took over my life! I wanted Ryan's baby. But no, Kendall, you had to have him.

Kendall: Oh, my God -- do not try to rewrite history.

Greenlee: You decided to have Ryan's baby. You cut me out of the picture.

Kendall: No, I was having the baby for you!

Greenlee: Oh, and didn't it work out perfectly? Devoted husband, Ryan's baby. Now you're even having Zach's baby? Well, guess what. You can't have Fusion. It's the only baby I have left. I'm keeping it.

Kendall: You deserted Ryan and me. Where were you? Where were you when the Satin Slayer was going after us? When everyone was getting killed off one by one? Where were you?

Greenlee: I told you I wanted to come home. Jackson would not --

Kendall: Right, right, right. Ok, Jackson said it was dangerous -- too dangerous for you to come home. Forget the fact that your friends were dying. Don't blame your cowardice on Jack.

Greenlee: I would have given my life for Simone.

Kendall: Me, too. Well, it's too late now, isn't it? Why don't you just leave, Greenlee? Just go, ok? You don't belong here. You don't -- you don't belong here. You don't care about anyone or anything but yourself.

Greenlee: You know that isn't true. You know I loved you and Ryan so much. That's why I wanted his baby. That's why I was willing to let you carry our child. Well, damn you, Kendall. If you hadn't decided to steal Ryan's baby from me, we would be together right now -- with our child. You took my life from me. You took away the life Ryan and I were supposed to share.

Zach: Don't blame Kendall for that -- blame me.

Colby: I know you hate Sean.

Adam: No, I don't hate Sean. I understand Sean. All teenage boys -- I know. I get that. But please stop before I am warped for life.

Adam: All right, I won't say another word.

Colby: Good. My turn. Sean is nice and kind and what you'd even call a gentleman. He totally respects me.

Adam: Well, I'm glad he seems respectable.

Colby: He is.

Adam: Don't let him prove you wrong again.

[Sean's cell phone beeps and flashes the message, "I want ur naked body"]

[Colby sighs]

Adam: What's that?

Colby: What?

Adam: That sound.

Colby: Hmm, I'm not sure.

[Hannah is surprised to find Josh sitting on the Slaters' living room sofa waving at her]

Jonathan: Here.

Annie: All right.

Ryan: All right, come on out, troops.

Jamie: Hey, hold up! You got to take one of these with you.

[Ryan laughs]

Annie: It's not even 5:00 yet.

Ryan: Wow!

Julia: Oh, well, it's 5:00 somewhere, all right?

Annie: True.

Jamie: It's for later tonight.

Julia: Whoo-hoo!

Jamie: You know, like, before bed, or --

Ryan: Nice. I like it. Say yes and put it in the trunk. I'll be out there in a second.

Greenlee: So, you're taking the credit, Zach?

Zach: I wouldn't call it credit.

Greenlee: Responsibility, blame --

Zach: Whatever it is, it's all mine.

Greenlee: Ok, why the hell would I believe that you wanted Kendall to have Ryan's baby?

Zach: I didn't.

Kendall: Ok, Zach, don't say another word, please.

Greenlee: Ok. So you wanted Kendall to switch my -- it doesn't -- why are you protecting her? It makes no sense.

Zach: I didn't want Kendall to carry a baby for you.

Kendall: Ok, but it was my decision, not yours. Honey, why don't -- why don't you go outside?

Greenlee: Or at least make sense.

Kendall: I don't need protection.

Zach: The blackout destroyed all your eggs.

Greenlee: Right, and you factor in how?

Zach: The blackout was my idea. I made it happen.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Sean: Are you trying to hold me hostage or something?

Colby: Yes.

Sean: If we can't leave this room, what are we going to do?

Adam (to Krystal): I'm suing you for defrauding me on the grounds that you are a lying tramp.

[Greenlee slaps Zach]

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