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[Jonathan sits staring at a photo of Ava at the wedding disguised as Lily when Wildwind's front door slams]

Jonathan: Did it help -- the door? Maybe I'll try it.

Di: Are you going to go off on Ava, too? Jonathan, what is with you guys? She was just at the wedding to have a good time!

Jonathan: What's with you? This is -- that's not Ava. This is Lily. Wait -- what? Di? Was Ava at that wedding?

[Music plays at the yacht club]

Ava: You are freaking for nothing. I didn't break in. Sean said that I could check out his uncle's boat -- Sean! Please tell him that you gave me your permission.

Aidan: I don't care whose permission you got. All right? It's not Jack's boat anymore -- it belongs to Adam Chandler. You're lucky I don't call the police and get you arrested for trespassing.

Singer: I've been checking you

Ava: How did you even catch me anyway?

Singer: And I know that you want me to

Ava: Are you following me?

Aidan: Oh, yeah.

Ava: You know, it seems like every time I turn around, you are right on top of me.

Singer: Let's get it on tonight

J.R.: You've given your best years to Chandler Enterprises, Pine. I could never thank you enough for your tireless dedication. Please, open the box. It's a token of my appreciation for all your years of loyal service. Just too bad it had to end. You're no longer on this team, Pine. Pack your desk -- I want you gone.

Mr. Pine: But, Mr. Chandler --

J.R.: You broke my trust, you stabbed me in the back, and I don't do second chances.

[Pine walks out of the conference room]

J.R.: Any one of you double-cross me the way that he did, you'll be out just as fast, and you can forget about the parting gift.

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: You certainly are your father's son.

Kendall: Ah.

Zach: Hey --

Kendall: Hey.

Zach: What are you doing? Let me help you with that.

Kendall: Oh, no, no, I got it. I got -- I got -- I got it!

Zach: I thought pregnant women were supposed to sit on the couch and eat bonbons and let their husbands do all the work. Come on.

Kendall: No, no -- Zach, I said I can handle it. It's fine.

Zach: What are you doing?

Kendall: Would you please stop asking me questions? I have to do this alone.

Ryan: I realize it seems like a mistake, but actually, it's -- it's technically accurate. There are two Mrs. Laverys on this flight.

Greenlee: Well, divorce is hard, so we figured let's bring back bigamy.

[Greenlee laughs]

Greenlee: Who's flying this flight anyway?

Pilot: The co-pilot, Mrs. Lavery.

Greenlee and Annie: Oh! Oh!

Ryan: Oh. How long did you say this flight was?

Greenlee: Oh. I didn't realize. Thanks for breaking my fall --

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: And for your arm. Nothing like a strong, manly arm to make a girl feel safe. Does anyone else feel nauseous from that turbulence? Do we have crackers?

Pilot: I'll have to ask you all to stay in your seats with your belts on. The flight's expected to be a bumpy one.

Ryan: Yeah, no kidding.

Pilot: I'll do my best to navigate around those air pockets.

Ryan: Thank you.

Greenlee: Has anyone else been keeping up with my dad and Erica's maybe-maybe-not divorce? Juicy stuff.

Di: She wasn't there, Jonathan. Ava wanted to go to the wedding, but, I mean, I talked her out of it -- not that it would've mattered if she would have gone.

Jonathan: Oh, man. Yeah, she would've -- she would've showed up wearing a smile, and she would've sampled the cake and then just probably faded into the woodwork. You're right. Oh, Di -- huh. Oh, man. You know, it was bad enough that Greenlee had to ambush the reception. Now, you add an Ava to that madness and it --

[Jonathan laughs]

Jonathan: Oh.

Di: Tell me something. Why -- why does everyone always have to think the worst of Ava?

Jonathan: Because she pollutes everything she comes into contact with.

Di: Hmm?

Jonathan: Hmm, hmm? You don't believe me, do you? Ok. You saw how sweet Lily was to me at the wedding. All right, I went to Jack's house to see her again -- completely different woman. She could barely stand to look at me. Now, tell me that Ava isn't bad news.

Di: Try misunderstood, try lonely, try desperate, Jonathan -- for someone to like her for her. I mean, if you'd give her just half a chance, you'd see that. And you may not want to hear this, either, Jon, but Ava is a lot more like Lily than you want to believe.

[Music plays]

Ava: There's really no need to follow me, love -- although, I really do like having you close by.

Aidan: Hey, listen. I'll stop following you, I'll stop keeping an eye on you when you stop causing trouble. Can I explain it any more simply than that?

Ava: Fine. Trouble it is.

[Phone rings]

Sean: Hey, what's up?

Colby: Can you come over now, please?

Sean: Yeah. Be right there. Ahem -- guys, I'm taking off.

Ava: Ok. Have fun corsage shopping.

Singer: The girls are out tonight the girls are out tonight

Ava: Hey, can we finally cut the BS and call this what it really is? Come on, baby. I know that you love that I cause trouble --- not because it just gives you an excuse to be around me, maybe you want to get in trouble with me, too.

Aidan: Oh, yeah.

Ava: Come on, Aidan -- why can't you just admit it? I know you want me.

Aidan: You really want me to admit what it is that I want?

Ava: Yeah!

Aidan: I want to go back to that night I met you in that alley in Philadelphia, and if I had the chance to do it all over again --

Ava: What would you do?

Aidan: I would cross the street right when I ended that phone call, so it'd never give us the chance to meet. That way, you would never come to Pine Valley, that way, you would never even have got to know your half sister, Lily. You know, I hate myself that I'm the reason that you found Lily, and I would never forgive myself if you hurt her. So if I could go back, I would avoid you like the plague.

J.R.: Dad, Dad, Dad? You get a chair -- here. Give my father a chair. Here, please sit down.

Adam: This will do. Ah.

J.R.: Could you get him some water? Second thought, some hot tea. Would you like that, Dad -- some hot tea?

Adam: No, neither. I'm perfectly fine.

J.R.: Well, how can you say that? You just came from the hospital. He's about to give me a heart attack knowing darn well he should be at home resting.

Adam: Well, maybe you should get a jolt to the ticker, son -- get your competitive juices flowing. How many potential acquisitions have you lost lately? This company as it stands right now is in need of serious life support.

J.R.: Oh? How would you know that? Ah, your buddy Pine. He's history, so it's going to be pretty hard for you to tank any future Chandler deals with your insider on the unemployment line.

Adam: Are you accusing me of sabotaging my own company?

Zach: So what do you want to fight? Do you want to fight the bag or you want to fight me?

Kendall: Can I pick both?

Zach: Jeez. Whoa! Ah -- this weighs more than you do. What's in it?

Kendall: You know what? Have you ever seen so much junk in all of your life? I mean, look at this stuff. This is --

Zach: This is great --

Kendall: It's disgusting. No, it's gross.

Zach: How about this? This is my favorite mug -- why would you want to throw that out?

Kendall: I hate it now.

Zach: Huh. So what happens? Spring cleaning comes around and you grow two heads or is this some kind of a female thing that I don't know about?

Kendall: Ok, you know, I know we're moving into a big house and everything, but I have way too much clutter, and I can't -- I don't -- I don't need it. I -- I don't need this mess.

Zach: What happened? Hey.

Kendall: Greenlee.

Ryan: You ok?

Annie: Yeah -- ahem.

Ryan: You hungry?

Annie: Hmm, not so much.

Ryan: Now you know how I feel after a cup of your coffee.

Annie: Hey!

Ryan: No, I'm just saying that, you know -- oh, look at the view.

Annie: Oh. It's gorgeous.

Greenlee: So, Annie, whatever persuaded you to tag along with us?

Ryan: Actually, Greenlee, Annie's not tagging along. I want her here.

Greenlee: Well, no doubt, but I can think of a million better things for Annie to do than watch us sign divorce papers.

Ryan: Yeah, I bet you could.

Greenlee: I mean, don't get me wrong -- it's very sweet and --

Annie: No, I wasn't going for "sweet." Today is the first day of my honeymoon. Just so happens my husband has to go to a beautiful tropical island to get a quickie divorce. Hmm -- works for me.

Ryan: And it works for me, too.

Greenlee: Oh.

[Music plays]

Ava: What is wrong, "mate"? Afraid I'll blow your cover? Am I the only one in town that knows what a nasty little boy lurks inside? Come on, let him out, Aidan. I'll be sure to show him a really good time.

Aidan: That's really good, Ava, all right? What cheesy movie did you steal that line from? I'd bag the dream of going to Hollywood if I were you, because I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth.

Singer: La, la, la, la la, la la, la, la, la, la, la

Kendall: Um --

Zach: Whoa.

Kendall: Yeah. I -- I have the "spring" part down. I'm still working on the "cleaning."

Zach: Can you leave that for a second? I mean, I -- I understand Greenlee's behind the purging, but -- why? What happened here?

Kendall: After everything that she's done since she's been back, you have to ask why?

Zach: Yeah, I do because I -- I thought you were dealing with her coming back and crashing the wedding and everything, so I'm asking you -- did she say something, not say something? What?

Kendall: I was looking for a pair of shoes in the back of the closet, and I found this balled up in the corner. It's Greenlee's. She left it at work one day a few years ago, and I took it. This was back when I couldn't stand the sight of her face. So at first, I took it just to make her mad and freak her out. I mean, she loved this sweater more than anything. But then the longer I had it, the more I actually started to fall in love with it, too. For the longest time, I had to sneak around and wear it so she wouldn't find out that I took it. And of course, our friend Simone helped us with that. Anyway, fast-forward to Greenlee and Kendall and the best friend years. She came over here one day, and she was looking through my things, and she totally busted me. And at first, I expected her to bitch me out -- she did a little bit. Then she told me to keep it, said it brought out my eyes or something. God, Zach, I loved her. I would have given her anything. I tried to, but I went about it all wrong. I ended up taking a lot more from Greenlee than this stupid green sweater. I took her child, her dreams, her happiness. She has nothing, Zach, and I'm the reason why. And no matter how badly I want to make things better for her, there's no way I can. It's too late.

Annie: Ahem.

[Greenlee stares at a picture of a beach and imagines herself on it with Ryan as the surf crashes]

Greenlee: Water's freezing. I almost had a panic attack when my big toe hit the water. Where's Annie?

Ryan: She's sleeping. What the hell was I thinking? How could I have possibly let you go, Greenlee? I love you. I love you, and I tried to replace you -- hell, I even found somebody that looked like you. But Annie isn't you. There is no other you. You are it for me.

[Annie coughs]

Ryan: You want some water?

Annie: I -- I'm -- I'm just a little wheezy. I'm fine -- ahem. I'm just -- probably just allergic to something on the plane.

Ryan: You want me to get your inhaler?

Annie: Ahem, ahem.

Ryan: Your inhaler's not in the bag. You sure that you brought it here?

[Annie coughs]

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Thank you, Ellen. You're too kind.

J.R.: Way too kind, Ellen. Can you get that box from my office?

Adam: You didn't have to kick her out -- unless you don't want anyone to see how you treat the man you made you.

J.R.: Maybe I'm protecting you. Oh, what do you have left, Dad? You've lost your job, your family. And don't act like you don't care.

Adam: Nah. I have so little, and you have so much.

J.R.: Yes, I do. I have a son, which I love. I have -- hmm, let's see -- your company. And the staff is completely revamped, and their loyalty lies with me.

Adam: Yes, I've witnessed what you think of loyalty. You spit on it.

J.R.: Hmm.

Ellen: Here you are, sir.

J.R.: You could just put that next to my father.

Adam: Well, what is this?

J.R.: Oh, it's souvenirs, it's keepsakes, memories from the good old days. You remember -- back when you cared about people and people cared about you?

Adam: I should shove it down your throat.

J.R.: I'm my father's son -- isn't that what you just said? You survived that heart attack. But as far as this company's concerned, you're dead.

Adam: Like hell I am.

Sean: Oh, what'd you do -- call me over to help clean your room?

Colby: Yeah, you should. This is all your fault. The prom -- hello? I have been nonstop stressing about my dad and Jenny for way too long. And the prom was supposed to be a great escape.

Sean: And what's the problem?

Colby: Are you not looking? I went shopping for a dress. They all looked so cute on the rack and then I bring them home, try them on -- butt-ugly, Sean, every last one. No, I'm serious. It's not funny. I look wrong in all of them, I feel wrong in all of them. Everything's just wrong.

Sean: Colby, it doesn't matter what you wear. You're beautiful.

Sean: Uh, um -- I'm sorry. I -- I can't, not after --

Colby: "Not after" what?

[Ava walks in and slams the door]

Ava: Oh, whoa. Lily, I'm sorry.

Lily: No loud, no loud.

Ava: Dude, it was me. It's cool. Don't worry -- I'm sorry, it was an accident.

Lily: Your mouth is down and you used too much force for that to be an accident. What's wrong, Ava?

Ava: Aidan Devane, the royal pain. How annoying is he?

Lily: Is that a hypothetical question or are you actually asking me to quantify the amount of how annoying he is?

Ava: That guy totally hates me.

Lily: He told you that?

Ava: Pretty much. I mean, I was just chilling at the yacht club and then he, like, comes up all in my face and he's talking about how much trouble I am, how I'm going to hurt you and blah-blah-blah-blah. I mean, can't people just get off my back?

Lily: Well, maybe you should count in primes. It always makes me feel better.

Ava: I don't even know what primes are.

Lily: Then put my hat on. You said it made you feel better last time you dressed up like me.

Ava: Lily, that wedding was the best. People were so nice to me. I mean, of course, they all thought I was you, but, still, this is the first time since I've been in this stupid town that I felt like I belonged anywhere.

Lily: You do belong. You're my sister, and we should be together.

Ava: Lily, are you really glad I came to Pine Valley?

Lily: I'm extremely glad. Unfortunately, now I'm also 3 minutes and 26 seconds behind schedule. I came home to have dinner, but I must report back to the office. I'm putting in extra hours.

Ava: [As Lily] I'm 3 minutes and 26 seconds behind schedule. Is that a hypothetical question or should I quantify? Loud, loud! Aidan, hi. Your mouth is up. I like you, too, Aidan. I like you very much.

Aidan: Di -- hey.

Di: Hey.

Aidan: Before you say anything, I just want to say a couple of things. I know I ruined our lunch date today by arguing about Ava, and I know you've only got a few minutes to relax and grab something and go back to work. I'm sorry, all right? I just -- I want to see you smile again. I want to get back what we -- what we had before, which was great. We used to -- we used to be so adventurous and go sky-diving and -- and bungee jumping and -- we used to laugh, a lot. I want us back. I want you back.

Aidan: That's my girl.

[Knock on door]

Jonathan: Hi, Lily. Is it ok that I'm here? I don't want to upset you.

Ava: [As Lily] No, it's ok.

Zach: Do you remember having a conversation with me right before Greenlee took off?

Kendall: I was a mess then. I don't really remember anything.

Zach: Well, I was standing right over there, and I told you that I loved you. You were pregnant then, too, and you were blaming yourself for -- for Greenlee's life going up in flames then, too. So let me tell you what I told you back then -- you sacrificed everything for that woman. Offering her a baby for a gift, that's -- that's not betrayal.

Kendall: Right. Well, I let her think that I was carrying her child when I knew that Spike was my own.

Zach: And whose fault was that? And who forced you into that? You want to blame somebody, blame me.

Kendall: Hmm, uh-uh. This is not about blame, Zach. This is about me having everything, and Greenlee having nothing. I mean, look at my life, Zach. I -- I hit the jackpot when Greenlee left town. I did. I mean, I have you, I have the most amazing husband in the world. I have a baby on the way. I have Spike. I mean, the baby that I was supposed to create for Greenlee is now ours. And we're sharing it with the man that she loves. And -- and then Ryan -- I mean, Ryan -- he's finally -- he has a daughter of his own now, with a woman that he adores. Greenlee came back to -- to reclaim her life, and now, she has nothing. It's as if she never even existed. I mean, can you imagine how she must feel? And God knows what she could do.

Ryan: Did you try it?

[Annie coughs]

Pilot: You called, Mr. Lavery?

Ryan: Yeah -- my wife is having an asthma attack. We need to land -- we don't have the medicine, and we need to land the plane. We need to get her to a hospital.

Pilot: I'm sorry, sir -- we're over water. It'll take an hour.

Ryan: We don't -- we don't have an hour. We need to get help now! You don't understand. She could die. It's going to be all right.

Ryan: Look at me. Look at me. You're going to be fine. You're going -- you're going to be ok. All right? All right? I don't under-- I don't understand. What happened to the inhaler? It's -- it's not in here.

Greenlee: Hey let -- let me look at that. I have owned way too many purses in my life. If there is an inhaler in here, I'm going to find it.

Ryan: Greenlee, I -- I already emptied the bag.

Greenlee: I know, but sometimes, there's a hole. There is a hole.

Ryan: Are you kidding me? You're kidding.

Greenlee: If this works, I am so going to buy that --

Ryan: Please, please, please.

Greenlee: "Purse Whore" T-shirt I found online. Yes!

Ryan: You got it, you got it. Great. Great.

Greenlee: Yes, yes, yes.

Ryan: Ok, all right. You're just going to take it. That's it, that's it. Ok.

Kendall: Greenlee did react badly, but --

Zach: But nothing. You deserved a great life whether Greenlee stayed in town or not. You didn't take anything away from her. You gave her a gift, and she threw it back in your face. What about you? You were devastated, but you picked up the pieces, got on with your life. You turned out pretty good. You shouldn't feel guilty about anything.

Kendall: But I do. Zach, I feel very guilty. I loved Greenlee. And now, I love Spike. And aside from you, he is the center of my world.

Zach: Hmm.

Kendall: The thought of not having him and of not being his mom -- I can't imagine. If Greenlee hadn't left when she did, I wouldn't have my son. I was glad she disappeared.

Colby: Quit changing the subject, Sean. You said you couldn't be with me after what?

Sean: After what happened the night of your birthday. You know, I still feel like a total jerk for using you that way. Hey, no more random hookups, ok? I like you, and I like you way too much to disrespect you like that again. And as far as the dresses go, you're -- you're freaking out over nothing.

Colby: Huh. Yeah.

Sean: What? You'd look great in any of these.

Colby: I am so going to prove you wrong.

[While music plays, Colby models dress after dress in front of Sean]

Singer: Hey, girls, you know what I'm talking about. Don't you know you got it. Sitting in the closet but you still want it can't do without. Up to the minute got see me in it. It still fits. I got a passion for fashion and such good friends now I got to make that impression, so what? I got mine hooked all together. I just take on the world

Sean: Colby, come on!

Singer: You know what they say girls make it go

Singers: Yeah

Singer: Girls make it go

Singers: Yeah you know what they say

Singer: Girls make it go

Singers: Hey, girls

Singer: Girls make it go

Singers: Hey, girls

[Colby laughs as she and Sean dance around the room]

Adam: You remember this? You drew this when you were 6 years old right here in this office building. Six years old. You used to come to work with me on a fairly regular basis. You loved it. You'd sit behind my desk, play with the phone, the calculator, and draw me pictures. I had such great plans for you, son. I built this company from nothing. You know that, from nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I didn't do it for me, I did it for you and my children and my grandchildren, and I hoped that you would take over here one day. But not like this. I'm going to take back Chandler Enterprises, and when I do, you pack your bags and get out. You're the one who will be pitied.

Jonathan: Again, I'm very, very sorry about the last time I came over. How's Cambias?

Ava: [As Lily] I really like it. Sometimes, my sister, Ava, brings me lunch, and that's the best part.

Jonathan: Well -- I mean, I know that you have to be working with a lot of numbers, like you did at ConFusion. I bet you love that.

Ava: Yes. You know, my sister, Ava, is really misunderstood. She's been on her own for a long time now. So she's not the best at interacting with people, either. I just wish people would cut her some slack.

Jonathan: "Cut -- cut her some slack"? I've never heard you talk like that before.

Ava: Normally, I wouldn't use the term "cut her some slack," but you know my sister, Ava, has been teaching me some hip words to say, and phrases. Hip -- hip -- I mean, cool and modern. Not hip like the hip.

Jonathan: I love the way you talk. I think it's perfect. I wouldn't change that. And don't ever, ever act anything like Ava.

Ava: Why do you say that? What's your problem with her? Why is everyone so down on her?

Jonathan: Lily -- Lily --

[Without realizing it, Ava grabs Jonathan's arm then suddenly drops it]

Ava: Answer me. What's the prob -- in my Life Skills class, we've been practicing touching, but I still don't like it. No touch, no touch!

Kendall: What's the matter, Spikey Spike, huh? Can't sleep anymore? Yeah, he's not hungry.

Zach: Ah, maybe he just missed his dad.

Kendall: Hmm. You think that's it? Was it your dad? Or is it your mama? Is it your mama and Zach that you missed? Yeah, you little noodle.

[Spike babbles]

Kendall: Yeah, "Mama," exactly. See? I thought so. I thought so. Sweet boy.

Ryan: You know, when we land, I'm going to buy, like, 50 inhalers --

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: So you're never without one, all right?

Annie: Thank you, Greenlee.

Ryan: Yeah, thank you.

Greenlee: I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on purses in my lifetime. About time I got a return on my investment.

Annie: You didn't have to help me, and you did. And you just might have saved my life. I'll always be grateful to you, always.

Sean: What's wrong with that?

Colby: Wear this to the prom? Uh-uh. Are you high?

Sean: No, I'm dead serious. Look, wear this. You'd be the hottest girl there.

Colby: Oh.

Di: Don't forget the bottle opener, baby.

Aidan: I'm on my way.

Di: Ok.

Ava: [As Lily] I think you should go now. I'm tired, and I don't want company anymore.

Jonathan: The Life Skills class must be working wonders for you. You just reached out and touched me on your own.

Ava: I shouldn't have. I wasn't ready.

Jonathan: I'm just so surprised that your teacher even recommended it. I mean, knowing how much you hate to be touched yourself.

Ava: I guess they thought it would be good for me.

Jonathan: Well, when you and I took that class together, I remember how Julia always stressed the importance of personal boundaries.

Ava: I know, but she thinks that I've improved so much that --

Jonathan: Yeah, well, she doesn't teach that class anymore.

Ava: Well, I mean my new teacher. You're confusing me, Jonathan.

Adam: I gave J.R. fair warning. I told him that I was gearing up to take back Chandler Enterprises. He fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I am sure at the moment, he's prepping his team to ward off our attack. He'll never see it coming when Cambias makes its move. You've given my offer more thought, Slater? Are you going to move in on Chandler?

Zach: Yeah, I have. I will.

Adam: Excellent. You won't be sorry.

Ryan: Sorry about the scare.

Pilot: I'm just relieved you found your medication.

Ryan: Hmm.

Annie: Actually, Greenlee found it.

Greenlee: Um -- where's my luggage?

Pilot: Right this way.

Ryan: You ok? You got awfully quiet.

Annie: I can see it now.

Ryan: See what?

Annie: How you could fall in love with her.

Zach: Getting rid of that, too.

Kendall: When I first saw Greenlee and realized that she was back to stay, I wasn't just afraid for Ryan and for his wedding. I was afraid for me, for our family. And I still am. I won't risk losing any of it, not to her. I want Greenlee gone.

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Erica: Won't you join us?

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Barbara: What? Have you tried the bread, Erica?

Erica: Oh!

Ryan: Signing those divorce papers killed me.

Kendall: I want Greenlee out of my face and out of my life.

Zach: Done.

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